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About our contest

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Caskets On Parade is the name of our little Ghoul/Death/Dead Pool-type contest. The object of the game is to identify (up to) 75 notable individuals who will die during the contest year. Points are awarded based upon the age and uniqueness of selection of individual Victims of the Grim Reaper.

The contest runs annually (we missed 1986-1987, 1997-99 and are taking 2011 off). Since 1978 our entrants have been making their lists, checking them twice, hopin' to figure out who's sickly, or foolish, or just plain unlucky.

Unlike many of the other contests that you run across on the internet, we accept a fairly large list of potential Victims of the Grim Reaper (75). Also, our contest is scored in four different categories —

  • Total Points Scored
  • Total Kills Scored
  • Solo Kills Scored
  • Quality of Kills
  • We also offer several other "honorary" awards to entrants who:
  • Give a Good Rookie Performance
  • Produce a totally "null" list of potential Grim Reaper victims
  • Have failed to notice the most obvious of prior deaths
  • Like most of the other contests, our's runs for the (Gregorian) calendar year - January 1st through December 31st. For the sake of brevity we employ mnemonic identifiers as a shorthand notation in our various listings & databases to identify the contest entrants.

    During January we compile the accepted entries and post all of the projected Grim Reaper Victims and their selectors on this website. On a regular basis an Update of Standings is published / updated in the relevant contest year subsite; we've finally gotten out of the printing & mailing business.

    Entry submission takes place in the week before New Year's Eve. No 2011 Contest was held.

    We receive occasional queries about why we have a bunch of Playboy-related pages as part of our "Book of the Dead" databases? Well, it all started when one of our entrant teams added Rebekka Armstrong (a Playmate of the Month with AIDS) to their selection list a number of years back (along with Magic Johnson and a few other AIDS-afflicted individuals). At the time, AIDS was considered a virtual death sentence, so the selection of people with that disease seemed logical. However, treatments have improved dramatically over the years so those selections now seem to have been wasted picks.

    Since we have a complete collection of the magazine's issues we decided to do a sweep through each issue and build databases of the information & incorporating that info directly into our Book of the Dead databases. A listing of those databases may be found by CLICKING HERE; those pages cover not only the various biographical attributes of the Playmates themselves but also include the magazine's photographers, the covers and the interview subjects. We will continue to maintain those databases as long as the magazine continues to be published «or» we kick-off ourselves (at which point we won't care!)

    If you'd like to read more dead-poolish blather, click on through to our collection of FAQ pages (Frequently Asked Questions).

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