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Audit Committee FAQ

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What is the purpose of the Audit Committee?
They exist to scour the Media Notability list publications/broadcasters for evidence of a death notice for an individual that has been selected by one or more contest entrants. They also formulate the rules for the upcoming year's contest and issue rulings on disputed obituaries & other questions of contention.

When do they hold their regular meetings?
There are no "regular meetings" ... they are an ongoing body through the contest year, communicating primarily by E-mail, but also by phone, fax, snail-mail and the occasional face-to-face gabfest.

How is the Committee constituted?
It is made up of three members: two associate members and one permanent member (Refram Refrignuq).

Who can join the Audit Committee and how do they get onto it?
Associate membership is (potentially) open to all entrants of a given year's contest. Individuals nominate themselves after submitting their contest entry in late December and then have one other entrant second their nomination. From that pool of potential associate members the permanent member selects two associates based upon their ability to cover the largest groups of Notability media.

What is the term of appointment of Audit Committee members?
Approximately 14 months, from January 1st of the contest year to February 28th of the year after the contest year.

Who are the current Audit Committee members?

Do the Audit Committee members receive any compensation for their efforts?
No. If anything, it is a "negative compensation" position.

How do I go about contacting the Audit Committee?
Currently, the standard method of contacting the Audit Committee is by E-mail; under certain circumstances the Audit Committee may receive faxes and snail mail.

What is to prevent the people on the Audit Committee that compile the entry lists from seeing all of the great solos on my list, then use them on their lists?
You may have noticed that we sorta "go dark" starting in mid-December ... we're not downloading any Email because some people go on vacation and send in their entries before they leave snow/slush-bound Michigan. On December 27th before 7:00 a.m. EST the Audit Committee's compilation crew submits their entries. Only then do we do an Email download. If you were wondering why we had not responded with a "receipt of entry" Email, now you know.

This necessity of submitting entries 4 days early also reinforces the late submission penalty rule ... those 96 extra hours regular entrants have to hone their lists & pull late deaths is quite significant (just ask the people who almost listed Artie Shaw on their 2005 lists but waited until the after the evening newscasts on the 30th to submit). We do have lists being submitted as late as 06:59:59 a.m. EST on the 31st (and we pull an all-nighter to respond to their Emails, going to bed around 8 a.m. on the 31st)!

How come the late submission penalty is so sever?
Well, in addition to the benefit you get from having 96 extra hours to research & verify your lists of selections, you also have the whole internet worth of news sources to draw on right up to the last minute (think "Google News"). Starting at 7 a.m. EST on the 31st, it is actually the new year out at the International Date Line. If we let you submit lists right up until midnight local (Eastern) time you'd have an additional 17 hours worth of potentially-qualifying deaths to add to your list ... way too much of a "fish-in-a-barrel" scenario. And, since the compilation committee stays up all night responding to questions before the submission deadline we think that a "draconian" penalty is fully justified given the loss of sleep (not to mention the loss of opportunity to purify our essence through the expenditure of precious bodily fluids).

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