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actor  René Murat Auberjonois   played Clayton Endicott III on Benson (1980-86) and Constable Odo on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1992-99) tv series
born on 6-1-1940 in New York, New York
AKS: Rene
World War II resistance fighter  Raymond Aubrac
¤born: Raymond Samuel 
born on 7-31-1914 in Vesoul, Haute-Saône, France
actress  Claudine Auger   played Domino Derval in Thunderball (1965)
¤real name: Claudine Oger 
born on 4-26-1942 in Paris, Île-de-France, France
temper-prone  Ernest Augustus   current spouse of Princess Caroline of Monaco
¤title: Ernst Augustus, Prince of Hanover 
born on 2-26-1954 in Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany
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"actress"  Ewa Aulin   had title role in soft-porn movie Candy (1968)
born on 2-13-1950 in Landskrona, Skåne, Sweden
Hebrew University mathematician  Yisrael Robert John Aumann   shared 2005 Nobel economics prize for development/use of game theory
born on 6-8-1930 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
1991 Nobel prize winner  Aung San Suu Kyi   daughter of independence hero Gen. Aung San (assasinated in 1947); wife of Michael Aris; mother of Alexander and Kim; currently under house arrest, a political prisoner of the junta
born on 6-19-1945 in Rangoon, Burma
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to August 1986 Playmate of Monthto June 1986 Playmate of Month original Hooters girl (1983)  Lynne Austin   Playboy July 1986 Playmate of Month; one of the radio "Sport Chix" on WBZZ-AM
born on 4-15-1961 in Plant City, Florida
swimsuit model  Nicole Natalie Austin   wife of rapper Ice-T; has big-time gluteus maximus; did March 2008 Playboy pictorial
¤nickname: "Coco" 
born on 3-17-1979 in Palos Verdes, California
singer  Patti Austin
born on 8-10-1948 in Harlem, Manhattan, New York, New York
actress  Teresa "Teri" Austin
born on 4-17-1959 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
tennis pro  Tracy Ann Austin
¤Mrs. Scott Holt 
born on 12-2-1962 in Palos Verdes, California
teen idol  Frankie Avalon   did a bunch of 1960s Beach pictures with Annette Funicello (as in Frankie & Annette)
¤real name: Francis Thomas Avalone 
born on 9-18-1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
actor  James L. Avery Sr.   played uncle Phil on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitcom
born on 11-27-1948 in Atlantic City, New Jersey
former Kansas governor (1965-7)  William Henry Avery
born on 8-11-1911 in Wakefield, Clay County, Kansas (near)
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2008DTM, SPAM6.3%

movie director  John Gilbert Avildsen   directed Save the Tiger (1973), Rocky (1976; Best Director oscar) & The Karate Kid
born on 12-21-1935 in Oak Park, Illinois
Ohio death row inmate  Abdul Hamin Awkal   execution scheduled for June 6, 2012
¤number A267-328 
born on 3-10-1959
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2012ADWC, DFFC8.33%

Dr.  Richard Axel   shared 2004 Nobel Physiology Prize for discovering how people recognize & remember odors (1991)
born on 7-2-1946 in New York, New York
Miss America 1964  Donna Axum
¤ex-Mrs. Michael Buckley & Gus F. Mutscher
Mrs. J. Bryan Whitworth 
born on ??-??-1942 in El Dorado, Union County, Arkansas
vibrophon artist  Roy E. Ayres Jr.
born on 9-10-1940 in Los Angeles, California
1960s radical  Williams Charles Ayers
born on 12-26-1944 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in August 1993interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in May 1977 as part of SNL cast comedian, screenwriter & actor  Daniel Edward Aykroyd   one of the Blues Brothers (with John Belushi); on Saturday Night Live (1975-79); played Dr. Detroit; married to Donna Dixon; with Pam Anderson appeared on cover of August 1993 Playboy as Beldar Conehead
born on 7-1-1952 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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actor  Henry Albert "Hank" Azaria   ex-husband of Helen Hunt
born on 4-25-1964 in Forest Hills, Queens, New York, New York
Islamic cleric  Maulana Masood Azhar
born on 7-10-1968 in Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan
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pro golfer  Paul William Azinger
born on 1-6-1960 in Holyoke, Massachusetts
Another SFBMoFo former Iraqi deputy prime minister  Tariq Aziz   Saddam's mouthpiece to the world; now facing trial but may not live long enough — is purported to be dying of lung disease - recently had a stroke; sentenced to be hanged (October 2010)
¤born: Michael Yuhanna 
born on ??-??-1936 in Mosul, Iraq
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2009TBC, TWOS6.7%
2012ANG, DTM8.33%

AKS: Tareq
singer  Charles Aznavour
¤born: Shahnour Vaghenag Aznavourian 
born on 5-22-1924 in Paris, Île-de-France, France
actress  Candice "Candy" Azzara
born on 5-18-1949 in Brooklyn, New York, New York

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