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"actress"  Shari Eubank   one of the Supervixens (1975)
born on 6-12-1947 in Albuquerque, New Mexico
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former Newlywed Game host  Bob Eubanks
born on 1-8-1937 in Flint, Michigan
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1979 SB7.7%

former Tonight Show bandleader  Kevin Tyrone Eubanks
born on 11-15-1957 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
fashion model  Linda Evangelista
born on 5-10-1965 in Saint Catherines, Ontario, Canada
comic book writer & tv writer/producer  Mark Stephen Evanier   currently works on the Garfield cartoon show; has a blog titled News From M.E.
born on 3-2-1952
subject of 20 Questions interview in the May 2012 issue of `Playboy Magazine' tv/movie actor  Christopher Robert Evans
born on 6-13-1981 in Boston, Massachusetts
 Ernest Evans   had big hit with The Twist (1959)
¤aka: Chubby Checker 
born on 10-3-1941 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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1979 SB7.7%

2003 Reuben Award winner cartoonist  Greg Evans   created the Luann strip; received the 2003 Reuben Award
born on 11-13-1947 in Los Angeles, California
to 1990 award winnerto 1988 award winner Olympic swimmer  Janet Elizabeth Evans   won 1989 Sullivan Award
born on 8-28-1971 in Placentia, California
Illinois congressman (1983-2007)  Lane Allen Evans   has Parkinson's disease
born on 8-4-1951 in Rock Island, Illinois
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actress  Linda Evans   played Audra Barkley on The Big Valley and Crystal Carrington on Dynasty; was married to John Derek (he took feelthy peektures of her for a July 1971 Playboy pictorial); more recently shacked-up with Yanni
¤born: Linda Evanstad 
born on 11-18-1942 in Hartford, Connecticut
to November 2009 Playmate of Monthto September 2009 Playmate of Month former Miss Teen USA  Lindsey Gayle Evans   Playboy October 2009 Playmate of Month
¤aka: "Elle Evans" 
born on 12-9-1989 in Paris,Texas
Cardiff University researcher Sir  Martin John Evans   shared the 2007 Nobel prize in medicine ("knockout mice")
born on 1-1-1941 in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
 Richard G. Evans   principal respondent in the Romer v. Evans homosexual rights case (ruling in 1996); the other respondents included: Angela Romero, Linda Fowler, Paul Brown, Priscilla Inkpen, John Miller, the Boulder (CO) Valley School District, the City and County of Denver, the City of Boulder, the City of Aspen & the City Council of Aspen
born on ??-??-19??
movie producer  Robert Evans
¤born: Robert J. Shapera 
born on 6-29-1930 in New York, New York
1923 Rosewood massacre survivor  Willie Evans
born on 12-28-1906 in Sanford, Florida
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2006BYE, MOT6.7%
2007BYE, MOT6.5%
2008BYE, CSI, MORB9.4%
2009BYE, CSI, MORB10.0%
2010BYE, CSI, MORB11.1%
2012BYE, CSI8.33%

to October 1984 Playmate of Monthto August 1984 Playmate of Month Playboy September 1984 Playmate of Month  Kimberly Evenson
born on 11-3-1962 in Bremerhaven, Germany
actor  Chad Everett
¤born: Raymond Cramton 
born on 6-11-1936 in South Bend, Indiana
subject of 20 Questions interview in January 2000 `Playboy Magazine' actor  Rupert James Hector Everett
born on 5-29-1959 in Norfolk, England
model  Angela Kay "Angie" Everhart   did February 2000 Playboy swimwear pictorial
born on 9-7-1969 in Akron, Ohio
singing brother  Isaac Donald Everly
born on 2-1-1937 in Powderly, Kentucky
singing brother  Phillip Everly
born on 1-19-1939 in Chicago, Illinois
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in October 1971 civil rights activist  James Charles Evers   older brother of Medgar; former mayor of Fayette, Mississippi
born on 9-11-1922 in Decatur, Mississippi
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6-time Ms. Olympia (1984-89) bodybuilder  Corinna "Cory" Everson   did June 1990 Playboy swimwear pictorial
¤born: Corinna Kneuer 
born on 1-4-1959 in Racine, Wisconsin
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civil rights activist  Myrlie Evers-Williams   widow of Medgar Evers
¤née: Beasley 
born on 3-17-1933 in Vicksburg, Mississippi
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former tennis pro  Christine Marie Evert
born on 12-21-1954 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
AKS: Everett Evret Everet
"Stripper for God"  Kellie Everts   former Miss Nude Universe; Placed 20th in 1980 Ms. Olympia; did May 1977 & July 1978 Playboy pictorials
¤born: Rosa Sofia Jakstas 
born on 7-16-1945 in Kalv Wurtenberg, Germany
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actor  Gregory Ralph Evigan   played Billy Joe (B.J.) McKay opposite "the Bear" on tv
born on 10-14-1953 in South Amboy, New Jersey
cover of October 1990 'Playboy' with playmate Melissa Evridgeto September 1990 Playmate of Monthto July 1990 Playmate of Month Playboy August 1990 Playmate of Month  Melissa Evridge
born on 11-2-1968 in Lexington, Kentucky
Droxine & Plasus (Diana Ewing and Jeff Corey) actress  Diana Ewing   played Spock love interest Droxine in original Star Trek tv episode The Cloud Minders (1969)
born on ??-??-?? in Honolulu, Hawaiian Territory
basketball player  Patrick Aloysius Ewing Sr.
born on 8-5-1962 in Kingston, Jamaica
movie director Sir  Richard Eyre   made Iris (2001)
born on 3-28-1943 in Barnstaple, Devon, England

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