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soap opera actor  Anthony Geary
born on 5-29-1947
11th Panchen Lama of Tibet  Gedhun Choekyi Nyima   in May of 1995 was kidnapped by the Chinese Communist government and is being held as a political prisoner in Peking; the Chi-Coms installed their own Running-Dog Lackey Lama in his place (and not a very spirtual dude, either)
born on 4-25-1989 in Lhari County, Tibet
AKS: Choeky
actress  Judy Geeson
born on 9-10-1948
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1994 "vain" record & movie executive  David Geffen   co-founder of Dreamworks SKG film studio
born on 2-21-1943 in New York, New York
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in the January 2011 issue architect  Frank Owen Gehry
¤born: Frank Owen Goldberg 
born on 2-28-1929 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
University of Manchester researcher  Andre Konstantinovich Geim   shared the 2010 nobel physics prize for discoveries relating to the graphene molecule
born on 10-21-1958 in Sochi, Russia, USSR
former Boomtown Rats leader  Robert Frederick Xenon "Bob" Geldof   ex-husband of Paul Yates and father of Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches & Pixie
born on 10-5-1954 in Dublin, Ireland
actress  Sarah Michelle Geller
born on 4-14-1977
Another SFBMoFo bogus "psychic"  Uri Geller   his claim to fame: bending spoons with his "psycho-kinetic powers"
born on 12-20-1946 in Tel Aviv, Palestine
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physicist Dr.  Murray Gell-Mann   won the 1969 Nobel physics prize for his theory of elemental particles
born on 9-15-1929 in New York, New York
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Shuttle STS-38, 48 & 62 astronaut  Charles Donald "Sam" Gemar
born on 8-4-1955 in Yankton, South Dakota
Ode to Billie Jo singer  Bobbie Gentry
¤born: Roberta Lee Streeter 
born on 7-27-1944 in Chicasaw County, Mississippi
U-Wisconsin hockey center  Blake Geoffrion   grandson of Boom-Boom Geoffrion; received the 2010 Hobey Baker Award
born on 2-3-1988 in Plantation, Florida
Ohio State tailback  Edward Nathan George Jr.   winner of the Heisman Trophy (1995)
born on 9-24-1973 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
archbishop of Chicago Cardinal  Francis Eugene George
born on 1-16-1937 in Chicago, Illinois
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2008LMLD, QKU6.3%
2009LMLD, QKU6.7%
2010LMLD, QKU7.4%

actress  Lynda Day George
born on 12-11-1946
Miss America 1971  Phyllis George   ex-Mrs. Robert Evans (1977-78) & John Y. Brown (1979-98)
born on 6-25-1949 in Denton, Texas
actress  Susan George   widow of the Manimal
born on 7-26-1950
actor  Gil Gerard   played Buck Rogers in tv series; had blimped-up to 350 pounds but is now in the 200 pound range after stomach surgery
born on 1-23-1943
Heartland Trucking CEO  Russell A. Gerdin
born on ??-??-1941 in Princeton, Minnesota
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actor  Richard Gere
born on 8-31-1949 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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2002 RAVN9.1%

really old Catholic Church bishop  Peter Leo Gerety   also a church historian
born on 7-19-1912 in Helton, Connecticut
political operative  David Richmond Gergen   Ford White House writing/research team chief (1971-74); White House Office of Communications director (1975-77); Clinton advisor (199395)
born on 5-9-1942 in Durham, North Carolina
freak-show "vocaliser"  Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta   her stage show is a visual melange of drech; fortunately, she sings better than William Gargan (barely)
¤aka: "Lady Gaga
born on 3-28-1986 in New York, New York
Shuttle STS-69, 83, 94 & 104 astronaut  Michael Landon Gernhardt
born on 5-4-1956 in Mansfield, Ohio
science fiction writer  David Gerrold   wrote The Trouble With Tribbles and More Tribbles, More Troubles for the original Star Trek series (live action and cartoons)
¤born: Jerrold David Friedman 
born on 1-24-1944
 Peggy Sue Gerron   inspired 1957 Buddy Holly hit Peggy Sue
¤call sign: K5PSG
P.S. Gerron-Rackham 
born on 6-15-1940 in Olton, Texas
subject of 20 Questions interview in December 1999 `Playboy Magazine' Showgirls actress  Gina Gershon   appeared in October 1995 Playboy Showgirls pictorial
born on 6-10-1962 in Los Angeles, California
AIDS-stricken oil heiress  Aileen Getty   ex-daughter-in-law of Liz Taylor
born on 7-14-1957 in Italy
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2002JAC, JL18.2%
2003KLS, OGGI, PCD, KLS22.2%

Another SFBMoFo former Al-Kut District regional commander of the Iraqi Ba'ath Party  Hammud al-Obeidi Ghazi   has stomach cancer
¤aka: the "Two of Hearts" 
born on ??-??-1940
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