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actress  Kelly Hu
born on 2-13-1968
former Notre Dame quarterback  John Gregory Huarte   winner of the Heisman Trophy (1964)
born on 4-6-1944 in Anaheim, California
to April 2004 Playmate of Monthto February 2004 Playmate of Month Playboy March 2004 Playmate of Month  Sandra Hubby
born on 11-23-1978 in Norton, Ohio
AKS: Hobby
neurobiologist  David Hunter Hubel   shared the 1981 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 2-27-1926 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
biochemist  Robert Huber   shared the 1988 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 2-20-1937 in München, Bavaria, Germany
actress  Season Hubley
born on 5-14-1951
actor  David Huddleston   played The Big Lebowski (1998); also appeared in Blazing Saddles and Capricorn One
born on 7-17-1930 in Vinton, Virginia
character actor  Ernie Hudson   mostly remembered as Winston Zedimore in the Ghostbusters movies
born on 12-17-1945
subject of 20 Questions interview in August 2005 `Playboy Magazine' actress  Kate Garry Hudson   daughter of Goldie Hawn & Bill Hudson
born on 4-19-1979 in Los Angeles, California
former Guns N' Roses drummer  Saul Hudson
¤aka: "Slash" 
born on 7-23-1965 in Stoke-on-Trent, England
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former football player  Robert E. Lee Samuel Huff
born on 10-4-1934 in Morgantown, West Virginia
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interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' for November 2006 issue tv talking head  Arianna Huffington   ex-Mrs. Michael Huffington (1986-97); came in 5th in California recall/replacement election
¤née: Stassinopolous 
born on 7-15-1950 in Athens, Greece
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actress  Catherine Elizabeth "Cady" Huffman   won 2001 Tony as "Best Featured Actress" in a Musical for portraying Ulla in the Broadway production of The Producers
born on 2-2-1965 in Santa Barbara, California
temporarily insane battered woman  Francine Moran Hughes   subject of book/tv movie The Burning Bed after acquital for burning ex-husband to death
born on 8-??-1947 in Stockbridge, Michigan
actor  Geoffrey Hughes
born on 2-2-1944 in Wallasey, Cheshire, England
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2012ANG, BOD8.33%

original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer  Linda Hughes   appeared on series as Linda in its third season (1957-58)
born on 10-22-1946 in San Diego, California
to 2003 award winnerto 2001 award winner Olympic ice skater  Sarah Elizabeth Hughes   winner of the 2002 Sullivan Award
born on 5-2-1985 in Great Neck, New York
Shuttle STS-40 astronaut  Millie Hughes-Fulford
born on 12-21-1945 in Mineral Wells, Texas
actor  Darryl Lynn Hughley
born on 3-6-1964 in Los Angeles, California
Chinese president (2003-present)  Hu Jintao
born on 12-21-1942 in Jiangyan, Taizhou, Jiangso Privince, China
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actor  Tom Hulce   played Delta house pledge Pinto in Animal House & Mozart in Amadeus
born on 12-6-1953
retired hockey player  Bobby Hull
born on 1-3-1939
1993 Nobel physics co-laureate  Russell Alan Hulse   co-discoverer of the binary pulsar
born on 11-28-1950 in New York, New York
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 2002 tv news correspondent  Brit Hume
born on 6-22-1943
UK member of parliament  John Hume   shared the 1998 Nobel prize in peace
born on 1-18-1937 in Derry, Northern Ireland
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Welsh singer  Engelbert Humperdinck
¤born: Arnold George Dorsey 
born on 5-3-1936 in Madras, India
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in August 1992 making his Final Exit author  Derek Humphrey
born on 4-29-1930 in Bath, Somerset, England
actor  Barry Humphries   played Envy in Bedazzled (1967)
¤aka: "Dame Edna Everidge
born on 2-17-1934 in Kew, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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actor  Sammo Hung
born on 1-7-1952
comedienne & actress  Bonnie Hunt
born on 9-22-1964
Mad About You actress  Helen Hunt   won 1997 Best Actress oscar for As Good As It Gets; ex-wife of Hank Azaria
born on 6-15-1963
Another SFBMoFo convicted murderer  Kenneth Dean Hunt   raped/strangled Myra Davis & Jean Orloff
born on ??-??-1966
actress  Linda Hunt
born on 4-2-1945
1950s blacklisted actress  Marsha Hunt
born on 8-10-1918
 Richard Timothy "Tim" Hunt   a co-recipient of the 2001 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 2-19-1943 in Neston, Cheshire, England
original MTV vj (1981-87)  Alan Hunter
born on 2-14-1957 in Birmingham, Alabama
to September 1954 Playmate of Monthto July 1954 Playmate of Month Playboy August 1954 Playmate of Month  Arline Hunter   played a nurse in Sex Kittens Go To College (1960) & was Joan in Angry Red Planet (1960); appeared in the 1950s nudie short The Apple-Knockers and the Coke
born on 12-16-1931 in Caldwell, Idaho
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AKS: Arlene Arlean
to December 1954 Playmate of Monthto October 1954 Playmate of Month Playboy November 1954 Playmate of Month  Diane Hunter
¤aka: "Donna Hunter"
real name: Gale Rita Morin 
born on 7-14-1937 in Tacoma, Washington
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mystery writer  Evan Hunter
¤born: Salvatore A. Lombino
Pseudonyms: Ed McBain, Curt Hannon, Hunt Collins, Richard Marstens 
born on 10-15-1926 in New York, New York
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actress  Holly Hunter
born on 3-20-1958 in Conyers, Georgia
Mott The Hoople singer  Ian Hunter
born on 6-3-1946
ex-porn star  Nicki Hunter   after starring in Take it Like a Man & Big Wet Tits 3 developed lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma
born on 7-12-1979
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2009DTM, PCD6.7%

Covers of 1994 & 2006 `Sports Illustrated' swimsuit editionsto 2007 `Sports Illustrated' cover modelto 2006 `Sports Illustrated' co-cover modelto 2006 `Sports Illustrated' co-cover modelto 2006 `Sports Illustrated' co-cover modelto 2006 `Sports Illustrated' co-cover modelto 2006 `Sports Illustrated'
co-cover modelto 2006 `Sports Illustrated' co-cover modelto 2006 `Sports Illustrated' co-cover modelto 1995 `Sports Illustrated' cover modelto 1994 `Sports Illustrated' co-cover modelto 1994 `Sports Illustrated' co-cover modelto 1993 `Sports Illustrated' cover model model  Rachel Hunter   two-time Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model: 1994 (shared with Ireland & Macpherson) & 2006 (shared with Veronica Varekova, Elle Macpherson,cover of April 2004 'Playboy' with model Rachel Hunter Rebecca Romijn, Daniela Pestova, Elsa Benitez, Carolyn Murphy & Yamila Diaz-Rahi); did April 2004 Playboy pictorial
born on 9-9-1969 in Auckland, New Zealand
actor  Tab Hunter   appeared in Damn Yankees (1958)
¤real name: Arthur Gelien 
born on 7-11-1931 in New York, New York
tv journalist  Charlayne Hunter-Gault   first black woman admitted to the University of Georgia (1961)
born on 2-27-1942 in Due West, South Carolina
actress  Isabelle Huppert
born on 3-16-1955
model/actress  Elizabeth Hurley
born on 6-10-1965 in Hampshire, England
Resistance is futi.....<kaboom> tv writer  Maurice Edward Hurley   created The Borg for Star Trek: The Next Generation (1988)
born on 8-16-1939 in Boston, Massachusetts
actor  John Hurt   played Caligula in I, Claudius (1976); was the first "victim" in Alien; played The Elephant Man (1980)
born on 1-22-1940 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
actress  Mary Beth Hurt
born on 9-26-1952
actor  William Hurt
born on 3-20-1950
painter  Maqbool Fida Husain
born on 9-17-1915 in Pandharpur, Maharashtra, British India
to November 1986 Playmate of Monthto September 1986 Playmate of Month Playboy October 1986 Playmate of Month  Katherine Hushaw
born on 10-23-1963 in Anaheim, California
Another SFBMoFo traitor  Alaa Hussein   served as Iraq's puppet Kuwaiti prime minister (1990); sentence to death in absential; sought asylum in Norway (1998)
born on ??-??-1959
actress  Olivia Hussey
born on 4-17-1951
actress  Anjelica Huston   daughter of John & ballerina Rikki Soma; granddaughter of Walter
born on 7-8-1951 in California
Tennessee dath row inmate  Olen Hutchinson
born on ??-??-19??
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2004BOD, PCD11.1%

AKS: Hutchison
movie director  Brian G. Hutton   made Where Eagles Dare (1968) & Kelly's Heroes (1970)
born on 1-1-1935 in New York, New York
Three Dog Night singer  Danny Hutton
born on 9-10-1942
actress  Gunilla Hutton   played Willimena Josephine "Billie Jo" Bradley on Petticoat Junction (1965-66), succeeding Jeannine Riley in the role; was followed by Meredith MacRae in role; was one of the Hee-Haw Honeys (1969-91)
¤ex-Mrs. Jerry Schafer 
born on 5-15-1944 in Goteborg, Sweden
subject of 20 Questions interview in March 1981 `Playboy Magazine' model/actress  Lauren Hutton
born on 11-17-1944
actor  Timothy Hutton   son of Jim
born on 8-16-1960
1963 Nobel medicine co-laureate  Andrew Fielding Huxley   grandson of Thomas Huxley & half-brother of Julian & Aldous Huxley
born on 11-22-1917 in London, England
movie director  Peter Hyams   made 2010, the sequel to 2001
born on 7-26-1943
subject of 20 Questions interview in April 1985 `Playboy Magazine' discount mouthpiece  Joel Z. Hyatt   son-in-law of Howard Metzenbaum
¤born: Joel Hyatt Zylberberg 
born on ??-??-1950
St. Cloud State University Communication Studies professor  R. Bruce Hyde   before gaining academic respectibility he appeared in a number of 1966 tv series episodes, including the role of Lt. Kevin Riley in two original series Star Trek episodes
born on 9-14-1941 in Dallas, Texas
60s novelty rock singer  Brian Hyland   crooned about an Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
born on 11-12-1943
rock vocalist  Chrissie Hynde
born on 9-7-1951
movie director  Nicholas Hytner   made The Madness of King George (1994)
born on 5-7-1956 in Manchester, England

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