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interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' for December 2008 issuesubject of 20 Questions interview in February 2002 `Playboy Magazine' actor  Hugh Michael Jackman   played Wolverine in several X-Men movies
born on 10-18-1968 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
actress  Anne Jackson
born on 9-3-1926
former pro athlete  Bo Jackson   "Bo knowns obituaries"
born on 11-30-1962
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in April 2004 rapper  Curtis James Jackson III
¤aka: "50 Cent
born on 7-6-1976 in New York, New York
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2004EOD, RIE11.1%
2007DGW, GOHI6.5%

1960s soul singer  Deon Jackson
born on 1-26-1946 in Ann Arbor, Michigan
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actress  Glenda Jackson   played title roll in BBC production of Elizabeth R (1971); now a member of British Parliment
born on 5-9-1936
radio personality  Harold Baron "Hal" Jackson   started out as an intern for Edwin Armstrong at WKRP-FM in Cincinnati
born on 11-3-1915 in Charleston, South Carolina
Jackson Five singer  Jackie Jackson
born on 5-4-1951
Janet, Justin and the offending gland singer  Janet Damita Jo Jackson   flashed the audience at the end of the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show (Justin Timberlake earned an assist) — the official ruling: "wardrobe malfunction"
born on 5-16-1966 in Gary, Indiana
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to April 1965 Playmate of Monthto February 1965 Playmate of Month Playboy March 1965 Playmate of Month  Jennifer Jackson   has twin sister Janis; Playboy's first black Playmate of Month; now retired as a Washington state Child Protective Services investigator
¤Mrs. Charles Green 
born on 2-6-1945 in Chicago, Illinois
actor  Jeremy Jackson   played Hobie Buchannon on Baywatch (1991-99)
born on 10-16-1980 in Newport Beach, California
Jackson family singer  Jermaine LaJuane Jackson   now he's calling himself "Jermaine Jacksun" — still LaToya's brother, though
born on 12-11-1954 in Gary, Indiana
 Jess Stonestreet Jackson Jr.   a horse owner & vintner
born on 2-18-1930
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interviewed again by `Playboy Magazine' in June 1984interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in November 1969 race hustling racketeer  Jesse Jackson   head of the Rainbow Coalition shakedown racket; father of at least one bastard child & one dimbulb child (Jr. & spouse plead guilty to a bunch of stupidity involving campaign funds and tax reporting failure)
¤born: Jesse Louis Burns 
born on 10-8-1941
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songwriter  Joe Jackson
born on 8-11-1954 in Burton-on-Trent, England
despotic clan patriarch  Joseph Walter Jackson
born on 7-26-1929 in Arkansas
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2005FA, TMD8.7%

Charlie's Angels & Scarecrow & Mrs. King actress  Kate Jackson
born on 10-29-1948 in Birmingham, Alabama
retired ABC sports announcer  Keith Jackson   "I'm listed in Caskets On Parade!? Whoa, Nellie!"
born on 10-18-1928 in Roopville, Georgia
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cover of November 1991 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with singer LaToya Jacksoncover of March 1989 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with singer LaToya Jackson erratic singer  LaToya Yvonne Jackson   did March 1989 & November 1991 Playboy pictorials
born on 5-29-1956 in Gary, Indiana
Jackson family singer  Marlon David Jackson
born on 3-12-1957 in Gary, Indiana
Reggie's dad  Martinez Reginald Jackson
born on ??-??-19??
Our Gang child actress  Mary Ann Jackson
born on 1-14-1923
Jackson family sibling  Maureen Reilette "Rebbie" Jackson
born on 5-29-1950 in Gary, Indiana
R&B singer  Millie Jackson
born on 7-15-1944
rapper  O'Shea Jackson
¤aka: "Ice Cube
born on 6-15-1969 in Los Angeles, California
movie director  Peter Jackson   directed the Lord of the Rings trilogy: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Two Towers (2002) & The Return of the King (2003); winner of multiple oscars (2003); also gave us 2005's King Kong remake
born on 10-31-1961 in Pukerua Bay, North Island, New Zealand
Balls/Lakers head coach  Philip Douglas Jackson
born on 9-17-1945 in Deer Lodge, Montana
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kid with unfortunate parentage  Prince Michael Jackson II   in addition to all of the other stuff, now he's an "orphan"
¤aka: "Blanket" 
born on 2-21-2002 in San Diego, California
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subject of 20 Questions interview in December 2009 `Playboy Magazine' "retired" mixed martial arts fighter  Quinton Ramone "Rampage" Jackson   will play B.A. Baracus in the A-Team movie (2010)
born on 6-20-1978 in Memphis, Tennessee
Hall of Fame baseball player  Reginald Martinez "Reggie" Jackson
born on 5-18-1946 in Wyncotte, Pennsylvania
Bob Jackson's photo of Ruby shooting Oswald
(left to right) Dallas police detective James Leavelle, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby
Photo ©Copyright 1963 Robert H. Jackson
former Dallas Times-Herald photographer  Robert H. "Bob" Jackson   took Pulitzer prize winning photograph of Jack Ruby assassinating Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas police department; currently living in Colorado
born on ??-??-1934 in Dallas, Texas
re-interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in October 2013subject of 20 Questions interview in December 2006 `Playboy Magazine'interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in June 1999subject of 20 Questions interview in April 1995 `Playboy
Magazine' actor  Samuel Leroy Jackson
born on 12-21-1948 in Washington, District of Columbia
Jackson family sibling  Sigmund Esco "Jackie" Jackson
born on 10-15-1953 in Gary, Indiana
singer  Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson
born on 10-29-1961 in Gary, Indiana
musician  Toriano Adaryll "Tito" Jackson
born on 10-15-1953 in Gary, Indiana
bathtub aquanaut Victor Jackson conquers Lake Michigan electronics repairman & pioneering aquanaut  Victor Jackson   on August 24, 1969 became first person to cross Lake Michigan in a bathtub (dubbed "Vic's Folly"), winning a $5 bet; he left Ludington, MI at 6:30 a.m. EST headed west and arrived in Manitowoc, WI at 8:58 p.m. CST
born on ??-??-1938
comedienne  Victoria Jackson
born on 8-2-1959
Auburn tailback  Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson   winner of the Heisman Trophy (1985); also played baseball with Kansas City (1986-91) & Chicago White Sox (1994-95)
born on 11-30-1962 in Bessemer, Alabama
Rockabilly pianist/guitarist/singer  Wanda Lavonne Jackson   once dated Elvis
¤Mrs. Wendell Goodman (1961-present
born on 10-20-1937 in Maud, Oklahoma
Pasteur Institute researcher  François Jacob   shared the 1965 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 6-17-1920 in Nancy, France
AKS: Francois
actor Sir  Derek George Jacobi   played title roles in BBC mini-series I, Claudius and Brother Cadfael mysteries
born on 10-22-1938 in London, England
clothing designer  Marc Jacobs
born on 4-9-1963 in New York, New York
 Victoria Jacobs   did February 1995 Playboy pictorial "Life Begins at Forty" (appeared on issue cover)
born on 8-19-1949
to November 1980 Playmate of Monthto September 1980 Playmate of Month Playboy October 1980 Playmate of Month  Mardi Jacquet
born on 11-2-1960 in Châteauroux, France
AKS: Marti Jacket
cover art from `The Perils of Gwendoline...' laserdisc movie director  Just Jaekin   made Emmanuelle (1974), The Story of O (1975), Lady Chatterly's Lover (1981) & The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak (1984)
born on 8-8-1940 in Vichy, Allier, France
AKS: Jaeklin
former teen tennis phenom  Andrea Jaeger
born on 6-4-1965
2007 Reuben Award winner prolific doodler  Abraham "Al" Jaffee   has been an artist for Mad Magazine since 1955 — does the back page fold-ins; was the 2007 Reuben Award winner
born on 3-13-1921 in Savannah, Georgia
 Bianca Jagger   ex-wife of Mick
born on 5-2-1945
cover of the June 2011 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with Mick's kid Lizzie Jagger Mick progeny  Elizabeth Scarlett "Lizzy" Jagger   stripped down for a June 2011 Playboy pictorial
born on 3-2-1984 in New York, New York
Mick progeny  Jade Jagger
born on 10-21-1971
Rolling Stone Sir  Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger
born on 7-26-1943 in Dartford, Kent, England
   Contest Selectors
1979DW, HP, YJ23.1%
1980BD, DW12.5%
2005FA, HH8.7%

jazz artist  Ahmad Jamal
born on 7-2-1930
Salt-n-Pepa singer  Cheryl James
born on 3-28-1964 in New York, New York
former Washington football coach (1971-92)  Don James
born on 12-31-1932 in Masillon, Ohio
blues singer  Etta James
¤born: Jamesetta Hawkins
Mrs. Artis Mills 
born on 1-25-1938 in Los Angeles, California
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 Kevin James   star of The King of Queens tv sitcom
born on 4-26-1965 in Stony Brook, New York
cover of the August 1969 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with model Penny Jamescover of the March 1969 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with model Penny Jamescover of the October 1966 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with model Penny Jamescover of the July 1966 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with model Penny James and otherscover of the October 1965 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with model Penny James whatever happened to  Penny James   a five-time Playboy cover model
born on ??-??-19??
author Lady  Phyllis Dorothy James
¤title: Baroness of Holland Park 
born on 8-3-1920 in Oxford, England
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to June 2007 Playmate of Monthto April 2007 Playmate of Month May 2007 Playboy Playmate of Month  Shannon James
born on 2-5-1987 in Holland, Pennsylvania
former tv actress  Sheila James   played Zelda Gilroy on Dobie Gillis tv series; now a California state senator from Santa Monica
¤full name: Sheila James Kuehl 
born on 2-9-1941 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
country singer  "Sonny" James
born on 5-1-1929
to July 2003 Playmate of Monthto May 2003 Playmate of Month Playboy June 2003 Playmate of Month  Tailor James
¤born: Earlene Samuels 
born on 7-21-1980 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
porn starlet  Jenna Jameson
¤born: Jenna Marie Massoli 
born on 4-9-1974 in Las Vegas, Nevada
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cover of July 1989 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with tv news bimbette Shelly Jamison former KTSP tv reporter  Shelly Jamison   did July 1989 Playboy pictorial
born on ??-??-1962
cover of the January 1958 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Jean Janito August 1957 Playmate of Monthto June 1957 Playmate of Month Playboy July 1957 Playmate of Month  Jean Jani
born on 10-31-1931 in Dayton, Ohio
actress  Allison Janney
born on 11-19-1960
to 1995 award winnerto 1993 award winner former Olympic speed skater  Dan Jansen   won 1994 Sullivan Award
born on 6-17-1965
to August 2003 Playmate of Monthto June 2003 Playmate of Month Playboy July 2003 Playmate of Month  Markéta Jãnskã
born on 5-24-1981 in Most, Czechoslovakia
AKS: Marketa Janska
model/actress  Famke Janssen   played Kamala in Star Trek: Next Generation episode The Perfect Mate (1992), Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye (1995) & Jean Grey in X-Men (2000) & X-2 (2003)
born on 1-1-1965 in The Netherlands
to  1982 Playmate of Monthto October 1982 Playmate of Month Playboy November 1982 Playmate of Month  Marlene Janssen
born on 9-2-1958 in Rock Island, Illinois
last surviving original "headhunter"  Robert Mata "Rabbit" Jaramillo
born on ??-??-1947 in California
Beach Boys singer  Al Jardine
born on 9-3-1942
former child actor  Claude Jarman Jr.   played Jody Baxter in The Yearling (1946); the IMDB sez he has been an AMWAY executive
born on 9-27-1934 in Nashville, Tennessee
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singer  Alwin Lopez Jarreau
born on 3-12-1940 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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pianist/composer  Keith Jarrett   works in the fields of jazz, jazz fusion and classical music
born on 5-8-1945 in Allentown, Pennsylvania
former Polish prime minister (1981-90)  Wojciech Witold A. Jaruzelski   was president 1989-90
born on 7-6-1923 in Kuréw, Powiat Pułwski, Lublin, Poland
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artist  Christo Vladimirov Javacheff   with wife Jeanne-Claude did a bunch of weird-ass shit
born on 6-13-1935 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria
AKS: Javashev
Another SFBMoFo former Michigan State senator  David Jaye   a drunken, abusive white-trash lout; now teaching English in S. Korea
born on 2-4-1958 in Detroit, Michigan
Miss America 1967  Jane Anne Jayroe
¤Mrs. Gerald Gamble 
born on 10-30-1947 in Clinton, Oklahoma
Luxembourg's  Grand Duke Jean I   was Grand Duke from 1964 to 2000
¤full name: Jean Benoit Guillaume Robert Antoin Louis Marie Adolphe Marc d'Aviano 
born on 1-5-1921 in Schloss Berg, Colmar-Berg, Mersch, Luxemburg
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subject of 20 Questions interview in September 1987 `Playboy Magazine' movie composer  Wyclef Jean   was singer for the Fugees
born on 10-17-1972
AKS: Wyclif Wycleff Wycliff
1987 Miss USA  Michelle Renee Jefferson
¤née: Royer 
born on ??-??-1965 in Texas
corrupt former Louisiana representative (1991-2008)  William Jennings Jefferson   replaced Lindy Boggs in the House of Representatives; indicted for soliciting bribes, wire fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice & conspiracy; sentenced to 13 years in the Federal pen
born on 3-14-1947 in Lake Providence, Louisiana
UK lottery winner  Iris Jeffrey   in July 2004 won £20,100,00
born on ??-??-1946
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actress  Anne Jeffreys   played Irene Buchannon (Mitch's mom) on Baywatch tv series; widow of Robert Sterling
¤born: Anne Carmichael 
born on 1-26-1923 in Goldsboro, North Carolina
AKS: Jeffries
singer  Fran Jeffries   did September 1982 Playboy pictorial
¤born: Frances Makris 
born on 5-18-1937 in San Jose, California
jazz singer/actor  Herbert Jeffries   appeared in a number of "B" westerns
¤nickname: "The Bronze Buckaroo" 
born on 9-24-1913 in Detroit, Michigan
 Warren Jeffs   a "leader" in the Mormon church
born on ??-??-19??
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to June 1993 Playmate of Monthto April 1993 Playmate of Month Playboy May 1993 Playmate of Month  Elka Erica Jeinsen   had previously been the October 1986 Playmate of Month in the German edition of Playboy
born on 7-25-1965 in Hannover, Prussia, Germany
AKS: Jiensen Jensen
poet/novelist/playwright  Elfriede Jelinek   winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Literature
born on 10-20-1946 in Mürzzuschlag, Styria, Austria
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Shuttle STS-47 astronaut Dr.  Mae Carol Jemison   appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation tv series as a transporter operator
born on 10-17-1956 in Decatur, Alabama
Hall of Fame baseball player  Ferguson arthur Jenkins
born on 12-13-1943 in Chatham, Ontario, Canada
model, reality tv personality & frequent "tool"  Sam Brody Jenner   is the son of Bruce; has canoodled with a bunch of female reality tv personalities as well as a Playboy Playmate of the Year
born on 8-21-1983 in Los Angeles, California
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in July 1980to 1977 award winnerto 1975 award winner Olympic decathalon gold medalist  William Bruce Jenner   won 1976 Sullivan Award
born on 10-28-1949 in Tarrytown, New York
   Contest Selectors
1980 EK6.3%

Florida death row inmate  Brandy Bain Jennings   facing a needle for 3 counts of 1st degree murder
¤number 721097 
born on 6-30-1969
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Nancy Zerg with Ken Jennings Jeopardy! king  Kenneth William Jennings III   won 74 consecutive games (6-2-2004 thru 11-29-2004) and $2,520,700 (knocked-off by one-day champion Nancy Zerg); clobbered by Watson in a February 2011 Jeopardy! match
born on 5-23-1974 in Edmonds, Washington
Another SFBMoFo former South Carolina congressman (1975-80)  John Wilson Jenrette Jr.   convicted of bribery & conspiracy in the 1980 ABSCAM sting; former husband of Rita
born on 5-19-1936 in Conway, Horry County, South Carolina
cover of May 1984 'Playboy' with ex-congressional wife Rita Jenrette former congressional wife  Rita Jenrette   did April 1981 Playboy pictorial; played Sandy in Zombie Island Massacre (1984) & Aunt Ida in Malibu Bikini Shop (1985)
e: Carpenter 
born on 11-25-1949 in San Antonio, Texas
actress  Salome Jens   appeared on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman; played the Dominion's Head Shapeshifter on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
born on 5-8-1955 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
cover of 'Playboy' with model Debra Jensencover of 'Playboy' with model Debra Jensento February 1978 Playmate of Monthto December 1977
Playmate of Month Playboy January 1978 Playmate of Month  Debra Jensen
¤born: Debra Svensk 
born on 3-12-1958 in Buena Park, Orange County, California
prolific porn performer  Ron Jeremy   has done 800+ skin flicks since 1979; star of San Fernando Jones & the Temple of Poon (2001); currently serving as Commissioner of Internet Pornography (appointed by Clinton)
¤real name: Ronald Jeremy Hyatt
nickname: "The Hedgehog" 
born on 3-12-1953 in Long Island, New York
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AKS: Jeremey
horse trainer  Allen H. Jerkens
born on 4-21-1929 in Islip, New York
   Contest Selectors
2001 BOD12½%

AKS: Jerkins
Shuttle STS-40, 52, 67, 80 & 96 astronaut  Tamara Elizabeth "Tammy" Jernigan
born on 5-7-1959 in Chattanooga, Tennessee
artist  Georgia Mills Jessup
born on ??-??-1926 in Washington, District of Columbia
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in June 2004 baseball player  Derek Sanderson Jeter
born on 6-26-1974 in Pequannock, New Jersey
AKS: Jeeter
Shuttle STS-72, 81, 97 & 115 astronaut  Brent Ward Jett Jr.
born on 10-5-1958 in Pontiac, Michigan
rock singer  Joan Jett
born on 9-22-1960
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movie director  Norman Jewison   directed The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming (1966) & In the Heat of the Night (1967)
born on 7-21-1926
screenwriter  Ruth Prawer Jhabvala   won oscar for adapted screenplay for the Merchant/Ivory production of Room With A View (1986)
born on 5-7-1927 in Köln, Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany
Divine Light Mission "guru"  Maharaj Ji
¤born: Prem Pal Singh Rawat 
born on 12-10-1957 in Hardwar, India
subject of 20 Questions interview in September 1987 `Playboy Magazine' wacky magician  Penn Jillette   partnered with Teller; has a thing for Uma Thurman; named first child "Moxie Crimefighter"
born on 3-5-1955 in Greenfield, Massachusetts
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AKS: Gillette
actress  Ann Jillian
¤born: Ann Jura Nauseda 
born on 1-29-1951 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
to April 2003 Playmate of Monthto February 2003 Playmate of Month Playboy March 2003 Playmate of Month  Pennelope Manriquez Jimenez
born on 7-26-1978 in San Diego, California
AKS: Penelope
Shenzhou VII taikonaut  Jing Haipeng
born on 10-24-1966 in Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, China
artist  Yan Jiyuan   a master of calligraphy
born on ??-??-1901 in Neijiang, Sichuan Province, China
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Cover of 1978 `Sports Illustrated' swimsuit editionto 1979 `Sports Illustrated' cover modelto 1977 `Sports Illustrated' cover model former model  Maria João Luis   1978 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model; mother of Jordana Brewster
¤Mrs. Alden Brewster 
born on ??-??-19?? in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
AKS: Joao
competative sailor  Gary Jobson
born on ??-??-19??
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troubled celebrity offspring  Alexa Ray Joel   daughter of Billy Joel & Christie Brinkley; made suicide attempt in late 2009
born on 12-29-1985 in The Bronx, New York, New York
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interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in May 1982 singer/songwriter  William Martin "Billy" Joel   ex-husband of Uptown Girl Christie Brinkley
born on 5-9-1949 in Hicksville, New York
   Contest Selectors
2003 GHG5.6%

movie director  Roland Joffé   made The Killing Fields (1984)
born on 11-17-1945 in London, England
AKS: Joffe
original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer  Dallas D. Johann   fired before he ever made it on tv (1955)
born on 6-15-1944 in Wisconsin
original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer  John Lee Johann   appeared on series as Johnny replacing his brother Dallas in the first season (1956)
born on 12-23-1942 in Madison, Wisconsin
former New York Dolls lead singer (1971-75)  David Johansen   his big solo hit: Hot Hot Hot (1987); appeared as The Ghost of Christmas Past in Scrooged
¤aka: "Buster Poindexter
born on 1-9-1950 in New York, New York
to November 1972 Playmate of Monthto September 1972 Playmate of Month Playboy October 1972 Playmate of Month  Sharon Johansen
born on 10-11-1948 in Norway
AKS: Johanson
subject of 20 Questions interview in July 2005 `Playboy Magazine' actress  Scarlett Johansson
born on 11-22-1984 in New York, New York
AKS: Johanson Johanssen Johansen
to July 1975 Playmate of Monthto July 1975 Playmate of Month Playboy June 1975 Playmate of Month  Azizi Johari
born on 8-24-1948 in New York, New York
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 1976 rock personality Sir  Elton John   was pianist in Long John Baldry's blues band Bluesology; when he informed them that he was leaving the decided that he neede a new name — Elton from the band's saxophonist Elton Dean & John from the band's founder
¤born: Reginald Kenneth Dwight 
born on 3-25-1947 in Pinner, England
   Contest Selectors

to April 1992 Playmate of Monthto February 1992 Playmate of Month Playboy March 1992 Playmate of Month  Tylyn John   is said to suffer from scleroderma
¤married surname: John-Aviles 
born on 7-31-1966 in Encino, California
   Contest Selectors

retired auto racer  Gordon Johncock   now owns Johncock Forestry in West Branch, MI
born on 8-5-1936 in Hastings, Michigan
actress  Glynis Johns   won 1973 Tony for A Little Night Music; daughter of Mervyn Johns
born on 10-5-1923 in Pretoria, South Africa
   Contest Selectors

artist  Jasper Johns Jr.
born on 5-15-1930 in Augusta, Georgia
 Anthony Godby Johnson   subject of book A Rock and a Hard Place
born on ??-??-1978
comedian  Arte Johnson
¤born: Arthur Stanton Eric Johnson 
born on 1-20-1934 in Benton Harbor, Michigan
   Contest Selectors
2001 ROTS12.5%

Another SFBMoFo steroid-slurping Seoul sprinter  Ben Johnson   busted & banned
born on 12-30-1961
model  Beverly Johnson
born on 10-13-1952
 Bob Johnson   retired coach of the Emory & Henry basketball team
born on ??-??-19??
   Contest Selectors

Federal death row inmate  Corey Johnson
¤number 27852-054 
born on 11-5-1968
   Contest Selectors
2006OIE, PCD6.7%

AKS: Cory
to November 1984 Playmate of Monthto September 1984 Playmate of Month Playboy October 1984 Playmate of Month  Deborah Nicolle "Debi" Johnson
born on 3-13-1958 in Torrance, California
former brick mason  Dennis "Denny" Johnson   Hooters co-founder (October 1983)
born on ??-??-19?? in Waverly, Iowa
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 1987subject of 20 Questions interview in November 1985 `Playboy Magazine' actor & Melanie Griffith's occasional hubby  Donald Wayne Johnson   appeared in recycled January 1986 Playboy pictorial with Melanie
born on 12-15-1949 in Flat Creek, Missouri
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in March 2005 wrassler/actor  Dwayne Johnson   played the Scorpion King in a couple of Mummy movies
¤aka: "The Rock
born on 5-3-1972
 Earleatha "Cookie" Kelly Johnson
¤Mrs. Magic 
born on ??-??-19??
former MSU & L.A. Lakers basketball star  Earvin Effay "Magic" Johnson Jr.   inducted into basketball hall of fame September 2002
born on 8-14-1959 in Lansing, Michigan
   Contest Selectors
2001DTM, KLS25%
2006BONY, DFFC6.7%

to February 1993 Playmate of Monthto December 1992 Playmate of Month Playboy January 1993 Playmate of Month  Echo Leta Johnson   was the German Playboy's Miss October 1992
born on 1-11-1974 in Austin, Texas
sailor  Gary Johnson
born on ??-??-19??
   Contest Selectors

lead singer of Frankie Goes to Hollywood  Holly Johnson   is HIV+
¤born: William Johnson 
born on 2-19-1960 in Khartoum, Sudan
   Contest Selectors
2004LMLD, RAVN11.1%

former pro football coach  James William "Jimmy" Johnson   won two Super Bowls with Dallas Cowboys (1992 & 93); got tired of doing game analysis on Fox NFL Sunday show — appearing on Survivor: Geezers vs. Space Cadets (aka Survivor: Nicaragua) as one of the contestants (2010)
born on 7-16-1943 in Port Arthur, Texas
to March 2011 Playmate of Monthto January 2011 Playmate of Month Playboy February 2011 Playmate of Month  Kylie Johnson
born on 11-30-1990 in Fort Ord, California
ice skater and actress  Lynn-Holly Johnson   played Bibi Doll in For Your Eyes Only (1981)
born on 12-13-1958 in Chicago, Illinois
to 1997 award winnerto 1995 award winnersubject of 20 Questions interview in October 2000 `Playboy Magazine' Olympic sprinter  Michael Duane Johnson   won 1996 Sullivan Award; 5-time gold medalist at the 400m distance in the 1992, 1996 & 2000 games
¤nickname: "The Duck" 
born on 9-13-1967 in Dallas, Texas
Miss America 1999  Nicole Johnson   has Type I diabetes
¤ex-Mrs. Scott Baker 
born on 1-9-1974 in Seminole, Florida
Florida death row inmate  Paul Beasley Johnson
¤number 019513 
born on 7-8-1949
   Contest Selectors

actress  Penny Johnson   played Kasidy Yates on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & Sherry Palmer on 24
¤Mrs. Gralin Jerald 
born on 3-14-1961
AKS: Cassidy
former Liberian dictator  Prince Yormie Johnson   now just in the Liberian Senate
born on 7-6-1959 in Nimba County, Liberia
to 1961 award winnerto 1959 award winner 1960 Olympic decathalon gold medalist  Rafer Johnson   won 1960 Sullivan Award
born on 8-18-1935 in Hillsboro, Texas
   Contest Selectors

"professorial" actor  Russell Johnson   played Professor Roy Hinkley on Gilligan's Island; also in It Came From Outer Space (1953), This Island Earth (1955), Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957) and Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki (1955)
born on 11-10-1924 in Ashley, Pennsylvania
   Contest Selectors

to July 1974 Playmate of Monthto May 1974 Playmate of Month Playboy June 1974 Playmate of Month  Sandy Johnson
born on 7-7-1954 in San Antonio, Texas
to 2009 award winnerto 2007 award winner gymnast  Shawn Machel Johnson   won gold medal on balance beam & silver medal overall at 2008 Olympic games; winner of the 2008 Sullivan Award; did Dancing With the Stars reality tv show (2009)
born on 1-19-1992 in Des Moines, Iowa
AIDS-infected patient of Dr. Acer  Sherry Johnson   currently living in Alabama
¤aka: "Patient I" 
born on ??-??-19??
Suzen's `Playboy' cover homewrecking former flight attendant  Suzen Johnson   was paid by The Globe tabloid to have a secretly video-taped April 1997 tryst with Frank Gifford in a NYC hotel room; did November 1997 Playboy pictorial
born on 2-??-1951 in Washington, District of Columbia
Malcolm X co-assassin  Thomas "15x" Johnson   initiated the murder with blasts from his mighty shotgun; now going under the name Khalil Islam; disavows participation in murder but did 22 years (paroled in 1987)
born on ??-??-1935
South Dakota senator (1997-present)  Timothy Peter Johnson   had a stroke at Christmas time, 2006
born on 12-28-1946 in Canton, South Dakota
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2008ANG, GREB, LMLD, SPIT12.5%
2009ANG, GREB6.7%

choreographer  Virginia Alma Fairfax Johnson
born on 1-25-1950 in Washington, District of Columbia
interviewed again by `Playboy Magazine' in November 1979interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in May 1968 psychologist Dr.  Virginia Eshelman Johnson   half of sex research team Masters and Johnson
born on 2-11-1925 in Springfield, Missouri
president of Liberia (2006-present)  Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
born on 10-29-1938 in Liberia
Beach Boys singer  Bruce Johnston
born on 6-27-1942
Florida death row inmate  David E. Johnston
¤number 084761 
born on 3-11-1960
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actress  Kristen Johnston   a Third Rock from the Sun alien (Sally)
born on 9-20-1967
1985 Reuben Award winner cartoonist  Lynn Johnston   drew the For Better or For Worse strip (1979-2007); received the 1985 Reuben Award
¤née: Ridgway 
born on 5-28-1947 in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
Anji as Grendel's (computer-rendered) mother actress  Angelina Jolie   daughter of Jon Voight & Marcheline Bertrand; now canoodling with Brad Pitt; played Lara Croft in Tomb Raider movie; more recently seen sporting a computer-enhanced rack in Beowulf (2007); gonna need the computer enhancements in the future — had a double mastectomy in 2013 to pre-emptively avoid 87.5% likelyhood of breast cancer
¤born: Angelina Jolie Voight
dropped "Voight" Sept. 2002
; ex-wife of: Jonny Lee Miller & Billie Bob Thornton 
born on 6-4-1975 in Los Angeles, California
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Brangelina spawn  Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt   twin brother of Vivienne Marcheline
born on 7-12-2008 in Nice, France
adoptive son  Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt
born on 8-5-2001 in Rath Vibol, Cambodia
ex-orphan  Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt
¤born: Pham Quang Sang 
born on 11-29-2003 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
full-term zygote of a Brangelina coupling  Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt
born on 5-27-2006 in Swakopmund, Erongo Region, Namibia
   Contest Selectors

Brangelina spawn  Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt   twin sister of Knox Leon
born on 7-12-2008 in Nice, France
adoptive daughter  Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt
¤born: Tena Adam 
born on 1-8-2005 in Ethiopia
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Aussie broadcaster  Alan Belford Jones
born on 4-13-1941 in Oakey, Queensland, Australia
   Contest Selectors

Texas death row inmate  Anzel Jones
¤aka: number 999193 
born on 2-4-1978
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actor/politician  Ben Jones   played mechanic Cooter Davenport on The Dukes of Hazzard tv show (1979-85); two-term Georgia representative (1989-92)
born on 8-30-1941 in Tarboro, North Carolina
choreographer  Bill T. Jones
born on 2-15-1952 in Bunnell, Florida
MGs leader  Booker T. Jones
born on 11-12-1944
Piccard & Jones receiving the Budweiser Cup hot air balloonist  Brian Jones   co-pilot of first hot air balloon to circumnavigate the Earth (the Breitling Orbiter 3), March 1-21, 1999, thus winning the Budweiser Cup & $1,000,000 (with no assistance from Regis Philbin)
born on 3-27-1947 in Bristol, Avon, England
NASCAR driver  "Buckshot" Jones
born on 7-23-1970 in Monticello, Georgia
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2002 JEDS9.1%

former Amite County (Mississippi) Sheriff  Daniel Jones   implicated in the 1964 murder of Louis Allen
born on ??-??-19??
actor  Dean Jones
born on 1-25-1931
 Dickie Jones   voice of Pinnochio in the 1940 movie; played Dick West, the sidekick on tv's Range Rider series
born on 2-25-1926 in Snyder, Texas
"spiritual advisor"/cult leader  Franklin Albert Jones
¤aka: "Bubba Free John", "Adi daSamraj" 
born on 11-3-1939 in Jamaica, New York
actor  Freddie Jones
born on 9-12-1927
Texas death row inmate  George Alarick Jones
¤number 999147 
born on 4-10-1974
   Contest Selectors
2006RIE, TWOS6.7%

subject of 20 Questions interview in November 1999 `Playboy Magazine' C&W singer  George Glenn Jones
born on 9-12-1931 in Saratoga, Texas
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2008ADWC, GOHI, OIE9.4%

actress/singer  Grace Jones   played May Day in A View To A Kill (1985); did July 1985 Playboy pictorial with Dolph Lundgren
¤born: Grace Mendoza 
born on 5-19-1948 in Spanishtown, Jamaica
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sick kid  Hannah Jones   has cancer; declined a heart transplant
born on 7-7-1995 in Marden, England
   Contest Selectors

singer  Jack Jones   sang theme of original tv Love Boat series; son of Allan Jones and Irene Harvey
born on 11-11-1938 in Los Angeles, California
   Contest Selectors
1979 YJ7.7%

future celebrity telephone spokesperson - `Luke, dial 1 800 Death Star ...' mellifluous actor  James Earl Jones   played boxer Jack Johnson in The Great White Hope (on stage and screen; won Tony for role) and provided the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars
born on 1-17-1931 in Arkabutla, Mississippi
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2006DFFC, DTH6.7%

cover of 'Playboy' with pre-Gretzky actress Janet Jones actress  Janet Marie Jones   did March 1987 Playboy pictorial; appears to have a bit of a gambling problem (Feb. 2006)
¤aka: Mrs. Wayne Gretzky 
born on 1-10-1961 in Bridgeton, Missouri
Jeff Jones' mugshot actor  Jeffrey Duncan Jones   busted for possession of kiddie porn (Nov. 2002)
born on 9-28-1946
trashy tv talk show hostess  Jenny Jones
¤born: Janina Stranski 
born on 6-7-1946 in London, Ontario, Canada
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interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in October 1994 Dallas Cowboys owner  Gerral Wayne "Jerry" Jones
born on 10-13-1942 in Los Angeles, California
former athlete  John Wesley "Johnny Lam" Jones   had been a track star (took a gold medal in the 400-meter relay at the 1976 Olympics) and football wide receiver; has osteomyeloma
born on 4-4-1958 in Lawton, Oklahoma
   Contest Selectors
2006LMLD, RAVN6.7%
2012DTM, PCD8.33%

The Who musician  Kenney Jones
born on 9-16-1948
Certified Sex Instructor and convicted purjuror raunchy rapper  Kimberly Denise Jones   once the protegé/mistress of the Notorious B.I.G.
¤aka: "Lil' Kim
born on 7-11-1975 in New York, New York
Another SFBMoFo Canton Township, MI dimbulb  Kirk Jones   sixteenth person to go over Niagara Falls as a stunt (October 20, 2003); he was the first to do it sans protective gear; what's next — first man on the Sun??
born on ??-??-1963
admitted felon  Marion Lois Jones   plead guilty to lying to Federal agents about her steroid use; now all of those Olympic medals are null & void
born on 10-12-1975 in Los Angeles, California
singer  Mick Jones
born on 6-26-1955
Arkansas "flashing" victim  Paula Rosalee Jones
¤née: Corbin 
born on 9-17-1966 in Lonoke, Arkansas
CBS tv reporter  Phil Jones
born on 4-27-1937
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in July 1990 musician/composer/producer  Quincy Delightt Jones Jr.
born on 3-14-1933 in Chicago, Illinois
original Village People "cowboy"  Randy Jones
born on 9-13-1952 in Raleigh, North Carolina
subject of 20 Questions interview in the November 2011 issue of `Playboy Magazine' actress/singer/comic book author  Rashida Leah Jones   daughter of Quincy Jones & Peggy Lipton
born on 2-25-1976 in Los Angeles, California
actress  Shirley Mae Jones   the Partridge Family's mom
born on 3-31-1934
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1979 SB7.7%

"Monty Python" funster  Terance Graham Perry "Terry" Jones   in addition to acting in their tv shows & movies directed M.P. and the Holy Grail (1975; with Terry Gilliam), The Life of Brian (1979) & M.P. and the Meaning of Life (1983); diagnosed with bowel cancer in October of 2006)
born on 2-1-1942 in Colwyn Bay, Wales
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Shuttle STS-59, 68, 80 & 98 astronaut  Thomas David Jones
born on 1-22-1955 in Baltimore, Maryland
singer  Thomas Woodward "Tom" Jones
born on 6-7-1940 in Pontypridd, Wales
playwright  Tom Jones   co-author of The Fantasticks (1959)
born on 2-17-1928 in Littlefield, Texas
actor  Tommy Lee Jones   played title role in movies about Ty Cobb & Howard Hughes; Al Gore Jr.'s college roommate; never married to Pam Anderson
born on 9-15-1946 in San Saba, Texas
   Contest Selectors

interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1975 poet, author  Erica Jong   wrote Fear of Flying (1973)
¤born: Erica Mann 
born on 3-26-1942 in New York, New York
movie director  Spike Jonze   director of Being John Malkovich (1999) & Adaptation (2002)
¤born: Adam Spiegel 
born on 10-22-1969 in Rockville, Maryland
character actress  Kathryn Joosten   played Dolores Landingham on The West Wing & Karen McCluskey on Desparate Housewives
born on 12-20-1939 in Eustis, Florida
   Contest Selectors
2010LMLD, QKU, RAVN, RIE14.8%
2012{{LMLD}}, PCD8.33%

cover of the July 1966 issue of 'Playboy' magazine featuring Elizabeth Jordan as 'Joey Thorpe'cover of the July 1965 issue of 'Playboy' magazine featuring Elizabeth Jordan as 'Joey Thorpe'cover of the September 1963 issue of 'Playboy' magazine featuring Elizabeth Jordan as 'Joey Thorpe'to June 1968 Playmate of Monthto April 1968 Playmate of Month Playboy May 1968 Playmate of Month  Elizabeth Jordan
¤aka: "Joey Thorpe" 
born on 1-11-1945 in Fort Meyers, Florida
subject of 20 Questions interview in March 1997 `Playboy Magazine'interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in May 1992 shameless sneaker shill  Michael Jeffrey Jordan   former pro basketball player & Space Jam actor
born on 2-17-1963
to January 2012 Playmate of Monthto November 2011 Playmate of Month Playboy December 2011 Playmate of Month  Rainy Day Jordan
born on 4-8-1991 in Abilene, Texas
to April 2002 Playmate of Monthto February 2002 Playmate of Month Playboy March 2002 Playmate of Month  Tina Marie Jordan
born on 8-21-1972
 Vernon Jordan
born on 8-15-1935
to March 2014 Playmate of Month Playboy April 2014 Playmate of Month  Shanice Jordyn   first Playboy appearance was in the October 2013 Girls of the PAC 12 pictorial
born on 4-8-1992 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
physicist  Brian David Josephson   1973 Nobel physics co-laureate
born on 1-4-1940 in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
suave actor  Louis Jourdan
¤born: Louis Gendre 
born on 6-19-1919 in Marseille, Province-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
   Contest Selectors
2007BYE, DGW, WEP9.7%
2008BYE, DGW6.3%
2009BYE, DGW6.7%
2010BYE, DGW7.4%

AKS: Jordan
Ministry lead singer  Alain Jourgensen
¤aka: Hypo Luxa 
born on 10-8-1958 in Havana, Cuba
AKS: Jourgenson
model/actress/demi-god  Slavitza Jovan   was Gozer the Gozerian in Ghostbusters (1984)
born on 12-28-1954 in Serbia, Yugoslavia
subject of 20 Questions interview in May 2002 `Playboy Magazine' model-turned-actress  Milla Natasha Jovovich   made Return to the Blue Lagoon & The Fifth Element
born on 12-17-1975 in Kiev, Ukraine, USSR
AKS: Mila Yovovich
Sun Microsystems co-founder (1982)  William Nelson "Bill" Joy   principal designer of Berkeley Unix (BSD)
born on 11-8-1955 in Detroit, Michigan
actress/game show panelist  Elaine Joyce   widow of Bobby Van; now Mrs. Neil Simon
¤born: Elaine Joyce Pinchot 
born on 12-19-1944 in Cleveland, Ohio
Tim Hortons donut partner  Ronald Vaughn Joyce   bought out Tim's widow (1974); merge firm with Wendy's International (1995); was it's biggest individual stockholder until company was sold and broken up
born on ??-??-1930 in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, Canada
to 1987 award winnerto 1985 award winner Olympic track gold medalist  Jackie Joyner-Kersee   won 1986 Sullivan Award
born on 3-3-1962
Spanish King (1975-present)  Juan Carlos Borbon y Borbon   son of Maria
born on 1-5-1938 in Rome, Italy
   Contest Selectors
1979HFS, HP15.4%

subject of 20 Questions interview in May 1999 `Playboy Magazine' actress  Ashely Judd
born on 4-19-1968
country singer  Naomi Judd   mother of Ashley and Wynonna
¤born: Diane «or» Dianna Ellen Judd 
born on 1-11-1946 in Ashland, Kentucky
   Contest Selectors

country singer  Wynonna Judd
¤born: Christina Ciminella Judd 
born on 5-30-1964
subject of 20 Questions interview in January 1997 `Playboy Magazine' crapanimation producer  Mike Judge   created Bevis & Butthead and King of the Hill tv series
born on 10-17-1962 in Guayaquil, Ecuador
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in July 1984 Lebanese Druze sect leader  Walid Jumblat   son of Kamal
born on 8-7-1949 in Beirut, Lebanon
character actor  Richard Jury   played Lt. Plowright on a couple of episodes of McHale's Navy
born on ??-??-19??
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