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actor  Stacy Keach Jr.
born on 6-2-1941 in Savannah, Georgia
Sir  Richard Michael Keane
born on 1-29-1909
Another SFBMoFo Lincoln Savings & Loan Director of Flummoxry  Charles H. Keating Jr.   corrupted five corruptable U.S. senators: Alan Cranston, Dennis DeConcini, John Glenn, John McCain & Donald Riegle
born on 12-4-1923 in Cincinnati, Ohio
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2006TWOS, XXX6.7%
2008TWOS, XXX6.3%
2009TWOS, XXX6.7%
2010TWOS, XXX3.7%

oscar-winning actress  Diane Keaton   former girlfriend of Woody Allen (pre-Mia/Soon Yi)
¤born: Diane Hall 
born on 1-5-1946 in Los Angeles, California
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in July 1992 actor  Michael Keaton   played Batman in Batman and Batman Returns (1992)
¤born: Michael B. Douglas 
born on 9-9-1951 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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inventor  Donald B. Keck   with Robert Maurer & Peter Schultz invented fiber optic cabling (1970)
born on 1-2-1941 in Lansing, Michigan
to October 2004 Playmate of Monthto August 2004 Playmate of Month Playboy September 2004 Playmate of Month  Scarlett Keegan
born on 5-18-1984 in Westlake Village, California
Mandie & Christine call girl  Christine Keeler   in 1963 had a "fling" with John Profumo; was also "dating" a Russian military attaché at the same time; her 1963 nudie pix appeared in a May 1989 Playboy pictorial
born on 2-2-1942 in Uxbridge, Middlesex, England
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sex surrogate  Barbara Keesling PhD.   did April 1995 Playboy pictorial
born on ??-??-1956 in Pasadena, California
to September 2013 Playmate of Monthto July 2013 Playmate of Month Playboy August 2013 Playmate of Month  Val KEil
born on 1-4-1991 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AKS: Kiel
public radio show host  Garrison Keillor   the Prairie Foam Companion is his hottest pledge incentive
born on 8-7-1942
AKS: Kiellor Kieller Keiller Keillur Keilor Keelor Keeler Kealer Kealor Keyler Keylor
psychoanalyst  Hans Keilson   wrote "The Death of the Adversary"
born on 12-12-1909
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in November 1995 actor  Harvey Keitel
born on 5-13-1939
actor  David Keith
born on 5-8-1954
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 2005 country singer  Toby Keith
¤real name: Toby Keith Covel 
born on 7-8-1961 in Clinton, Oklahoma
actress  Marthe Keller
born on 1-28-1945
actress  Mary Page Keller
born on 3-3-1961
"actress"  Suzanna Keller   best known as Swedish Bikini Team member "Karin Christensen"
¤Mrs. John Melendez 
born on ??-??-19??
actress  Sally Kellerman   Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan in M*A*S*H (1970)
born on 6-2-1937
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over-extended tv producer/writer  David E. Kelley
born on 4-4-1956
AKS: Kelly
Vandellas singer  Betty Kelly
born on 9-16-1944
Shuttle STS-102 & 114 astronaut  Jame McNeal Vegas Kelly
born on 5-14-1964 in Burlington, Iowa
former Buffalo Bills quarterback  Jim Kelly   now doing tv
born on 2-14-1960 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"poison pen" biographer  Kitty Kelly
born on 4-4-1942 in Spokane, Washington
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to May 2004 Playmate of Monthto March 2004 Playmate of Month Playboy April 2004 Playmate of Month  Krista Kelly
¤born: Krista Schulte 
born on 6-18-1977 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
troubled actress  Lisa Robin Kelly   played sister Laurie Forman/got booted off That 70s Show
born on 11-11-1975 in Southington, Connecticut
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121 Shuttle pilot  Mark Edward Kelly   twin brother of astronaut Scott J. Kelly
born on 2-21-1964 in Orange, New Jersey
actress  Moira Kelly
born on 3-6-1968
actress  Paula Kelly   did July 1972 Playboy pictorial
born on 10-21-1943 in Jacksonville, Florida
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in December 2013 NYC police chief  Raymond Walter Kelly
born on 9-4-1941 in Manhattan, New York, New York
Shuttle 103 & 118 astronaut  Scott Joseph Kelly   twin brother of astronaut Mark E. Kelly
born on 2-21-1964 in Orange, New Jersey
to June 1961 Playmate of Monthto April 1961 Playmate of Month Playboy May 1961 Playmate of Month  Susan Kelly   had several bit parts in movies: Lt. Calhoun in Dondi (1961)
born on 2-15-1938 in Oklahoma
AKS: had been living in the Netherlands (1998-2007)
former FDA drug reviewer  Frances Kathleen Oldham Kelsey   refused to authorize the usage of thalidomide in the U.S. &38212; saved a lot of people a lot of grief
born on 6-24-1914 in Cobble Hill, British Columbia, Canada
actress  Linda Kelsey   played a reporter on Lou Grant tv series
born on 7-28-1946
cover of October 1983 'Playboy' with playmate Charlotte Kempto January 1983 Playmate of Monthto November 1982 Playmate of Month Playboy December 1982 Playmate of Month  Charlotte Kemp   was the first Miss Budweiser
¤real name: Charlotte J. Helmkamp 
born on 1-27-1961 in Omaha, Nebraska
Idaho governor  Dirk Kempthorne
born on 10-29-1951
to October 1990 Playmate of Monthto August 1990 Playmate of Month Playboy September 1990 Playmate of Month  Kerri Kendall
born on 9-25-1970 in San Diego, California
broadcaster  Maryvonne Kendergi
born on 8-15-1915 in Aintab, Vilayet of Aleppo, Ottoman Empire
AKS: Kendergian
author  Thomas Keneally   wrote Schindler's Ark (1982)
born on 10-7-1935 in Kempsey, New South Wales, Australia
child actress  Joan Kenmore (Bernhoft)   a cousin of Jackie Cooper; appeared in the Wizard of Oz as a Munchkin (1939)
born on ??-??-1932
Supreme Court associate justice (1988-present)  Anthony McLeod Kennedy
born on 7-23-1936 in Sacramento, California
 Ethel Skakel Kennedy   widow of Bobby
born on 4-11-1928 in Greenwich, Connecticut
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2005TBC, TMD8.7%

rotund actor  George Harris Kennedy Jr.   received 1967 oscar for Cool Hand Luke (1967)
born on 2-18-1925 in New York, New York
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2004DTM, RAVN11.1%

former beauty contest winner & NFL "commentator"  Jayne Kennedy   did July 1981 Playboy pictorial
¤born: Jayne Harrison 
born on 11-27-1951 in Washington, District of Columbia
Ted's ex-wife  Joan Bennett Kennedy   presumbaly she got tired of his drinking & fornicating and dumped his pasty ass; she's been hitting the bottle kind of hard as of late
born on 9-5-1936 in New York, New York
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1980BD, EK, HP18.8%
2006LMLD, MOT6.7%
2007LMLD, MOT6.5%
2008LMLD, MORB, OED9.4%
2009MORB, OED, TBC10.0%

former rep.  Joseph Patrick Kennedy III   son of Bobby
born on 9-24-1952 in Boston, Massachusetts
 Kara Kennedy   daughter of Joan & Teddy
¤Mrs. Michael Allen 
born on 2-27-1960 in Bronxville, New York
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U.S. Iranian Embassy hostage  Moorhead Cowell "Mike" Kennedy Jr.   was the embassy's Economic & Commerical Officer; held until just before Reagan was inaugurated (1981)
born on ??-??-19??
Rhode Island rep. (1995-present)  Patrick Joseph Kennedy   son ofTeddy
born on 7-14-1967 in Brighton, Massachusetts
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game show host  Tom Kennedy   brother of Jack Narz
¤real name: James Narz 
born on 2-26-1927 in Louisville, Kentucky
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to March 1988 Playmate of Monthto January 1988 Playmate of Month Playboy February 1988 Playmate of Month  Kari Kennell
¤full name: Kari Kennell Whitman 
born on 6-21-1964 in Colorado Springs, Colorado
character actor  Sean David Kenney   appeared on original Star Trek tv series as Lt. DePaul & the wheelchair-bound Captain Pike
born on ??-??-19??
Scud Stud tv journalist  Arthur Kent
born on 12-27-1953
Dallas actor  Ken Kercheval   also sells gourmet popcorn
born on 7-15-1935 in Wolcottville, Tennessee
former NFL running back  Ralph G. Kercheval   played for the 1934-40 Brooklyn Dodgers
born on 12-1-1911 in Lexington, Kentucky
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2010DFFC, DTM7.4%

investor  Kirk Kerkorian   has owned MGM several times; has owned a number of Las Vegas hotels; had a major stake in GM (through his company Tracinda)
born on 6-6-1917 in Fresno, California
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original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer  Bonnie Lou Kern   appeared on series as Bonnie in its first season (1955-56)
born on 7-2-1942 in Los Angeles, California
computerist  Brian Wilson Kernighan   wrote an early book on the C programming language (with Richie)
born on 1-??-1942 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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AKS: kernigan
documentary film director  Sarah M. Kernochan   shared 2001 Documentary short subject oscar for Thoth
born on 12-30-1947 in New York, New York
actress  Joanna Kerns   sister of Donna de Varona
born on 2-12-1953
"Galloping" Gourmand  Graham Kerr
born on 1-22-1934 in London, England
"actress"  Linda Kerridge   did December 1980 Playboy pictorial
born on ??-??-1954 in Wagga Wagga, Australia
Olympic silver medal skater  Nancy Kerrigan   Tonya Harding's favorite skater (got whacked on her knee at Tonya's behest)
born on 10-13-1969
Separated at birth??? Massachusetts senator  John Forbes Kerry   ran against Dubya for president in 2004 — lost (big surprise)
born on 12-11-1943 in Denver, Colorado
Nebraska senator (1989-2000)  Joseph Robert "Bob" Kerry
born on 8-27-1943 in Lincoln, Nebraska
writer  Imre Kertész   survivor of Auschwitz & Buchenwald concentration camps; won 2002 Nobel prize in literature
born on 11-9-1929 in Budapest, Hungary
AKS: Kertesz
rogue futures trader  Jérôme Kerviel   cost the Banque Société Générale at least $7,100,000,000 (on over $73,000,000,000 in "positions")
born on 1-11-1977 in Pont-L'Abbé, Brittany, France
AKS: Jerome
actor  Brian Kerwin
born on 10-25-1949
Skylab 2 astronaut  Joseph Peter Kerwin
born on 2-19-1932 in Oak Park, Illinois
actor  Lance Kerwin
born on 11-6-1960
juvenile "menace"  Dennis Lloyd Ketcham   inspired father's comic strip' served in 'nam; came back with post-traumatic stress disorder; has had a rough life since then
born on ??-??-1941 in Carmel, California
 Wolfgang Ketterle   shared the 2001 Nobel prize in physics
born on 10-21-1957 in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Another SFBMoFo politician  Alan Lee Keyes   1996 presidential candidate; became the loosing 2004 Illinois senatorial candidate (after Jeri Ryan's ex-hubby's/original candidate's interest in sex clubs was revealed & Ditka turned the Republicans down)
born on 8-7-1950 in New York, New York
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terrorist  Leila Khaled Mouammar   involved in failed September 2, 1970 attempted hijacking of an El Al flight at London's Heathrow airport
born on 4-9-1944 in Haifa, Palestine
former Iranian president (1981-89) Hojatolislam  Sayed Ali Khamenei   an Ayatollah in his own right; succeeded Ayatollah Khomenei as supreme religious leader of Iran (1989)
born on 7-17-1939 in Meshal, Persia
   Contest Selectors
2007ANG, RAVN6.5%

AKS: Sayyid Khamanei
Another SFBMoFo nuclear weapons technology proliferator Dr.  Abdul Qadeer Khan   formerly head of Pakistan's nuclear weapons program; sold out to just about anyone with a wad of cash; currently under "house arrest" & suffering from prostate cancer
born on 4-1-1936 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, British India
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singer  Chaka Khan
born on 3-23-1953
Princess  Yasmin Aga Khan   daughter of Prince Aly Khan & Rita Hayworth
born on 12-28-1949 in Lausane, Switzerland
former Iranian president (1997-2005)  Hojjatoleslam Seyed Mohammad Khatami
born on 9-29-1943 in Ardakan, Yazd Province, Iran
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2003 ANG5.6%

civil rights demonstrator  Jibreel Khazan   a member of the Greensboro Four
¤born: Ezell Blair Jr. 
born on 10-18-1941 in Greensboro, North Carolina
Another SFBMoFo former Cambodian president/head of state (1976-79)  Khieu Samphan   one more Khmer Rouge goon; on trial for genocide
born on 7-27-1931 in Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia
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the Yukos logo embattled Yukos CEO  Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky   has been in a Kremlin prison since he decided to challenge Putin for the presidency — supposed "back taxes" and a whole lot more
born on 6-26-1963 in Moscow, Russia, USSR
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purported super-geezer  Antisa Khvichava   lives in a Caucasus Mountain village
born on 7-8-1880 in Georgia, Russian Empire
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