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High Energy Accelerator Research Organisation researcher  Makoto Kobayashi   shared the 2008 Nobel prize in physics
born on 4-7-1944 in Nagoya, Japan
presidential daughter/brother  Dorothy Bush Koch
¤nickname: "Doro" 
born on 8-18-1959
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in April 1982 former NYC mayor (1978-89)  Edward Irwin Koch
born on 12-12-1924 in New York, New York
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Star Trekactor  Walter Koenig   played Chekov on original Star Trek tv series & Bester on Babylon 5
born on 9-14-1936 in Chicago, Illinois
former German chancellor (West only: 1982-91; reunited: 1991-98)  Helmut Josef Michael Kohl
born on 4-3-1930 in Ludwigshafen-am-Rhein, Rhein-Palatinate, Germany
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physicist  Walter Kohn   shared 1998 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 3-9-1923 in Vienna, Austria
astronomer  Luboš Kohoutek   1973 discoverer of comet that bears his name
born on 1-29-1935 in Zábřeh, Moravia, Czechoslovakia
AKS: Lubos
Shimadzu Corp researcher  Koichi Tanaka   shared 2002 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 8-3-1959 in Toyama, Japan
former Montreal Canadiens center  Saku Koivu
born on 11-23-1974 in Turku, Finland
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2003 MB5.6%

restauranteur  Steven M. Kolow   co-founded the Newton, Massachusetts "Boston Chicken" restaurant that became the "Boston Market" chain (1985)
born on ??-??-1961
kreepy kompooter konsultant  Kim Komando   has weekly radio show yapping about personal komputers; she sorta reminds us of Dr. Laura (just before the topless pix hit the 'net)
born on 7-1-1967 in New Jersey
Russian Space Agency Shuttle STS-84 astronaut  Yelena Vladimirovna Kondakova
born on 3-30-1957 in Komsomolsk-na-Amure, USSR
to October 1985 Playmate of Monthto August 1985 Playmate of Month Playboy September 1985 Playmate of Month  Venice Kong   last centerfold with a staple in the navel
born on 12-17-1961 in Saint Mary, Jamaica
to September 1987 Playmate of Monthto July 1987 Playmate of Month Playboy August 1987 Playmate of Month  Sharry Konopski   after a 1995 auto accident left her a paraplegic she did a March 1997 pictorial
born on 12-2-1967 in Longview, Washington
AKS: Sherry Sharrie Sherrie
author  Dean Koontz
born on 7-9-1945
former Surgeon General (1982-89)  Charles Everett Koop
born on 10-14-1916 in New York, New York
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2005GHG, SPAM, WORM13.0%
2006ANG, GHG, HH, 4GUE13.3%
2007ANG, 4GUE6.5%
2010ADWC, GAS7.4%
2012ADWC, GAS, {{LMLD}}12.5%

Golden Earring guitarist  George Jan Kooymans
born on 3-11-1948 in The Hague, The Netherlands
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actor  Bernie Kopell   played Dr. Adam Bricker on The Love Boat tv series
born on 6-21-1933
former ABC newsman  Edward James "Ted" Koppel
born on 2-8-1940 in Lancashire, England
ex-Olympic gymnast  Olga Korbut
born on 5-16-1955 in Grodno, USSR
to April 1970 Playmate of Monthto February 1970 Playmate of Month Playboy March 1970 Playmate of Month  Christine Koren
born on 8-8-1947 in Cleveland, Ohio
Stanford university researcher  Roger David Kornberg   son of Arthur Kornberg; awarded his own Nobel prize (in chemistry) for his documentation of eukaryotic transcription (2006)
born on 4-24-1947 in Saint Louis, Missouri
former child actor  Charlie Korsmo   appeared in Dick Tracey
born on 7-20-1978
former pro football player  Bernie Kosar
born on 11-25-1963
University of Tokyo researcher Dr.  Masatoshi Koshiba   shared the 2002 Nobel prize in physics
born on 9-19-1926 in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
audio equipment maker  John C. Koss Sr.   founder of firm that bears his name (1958); co-designed the first stereo headphones for audiophiles
born on 2-20-1930 in Milwaukee, Wisonsin
movie director  Will Theodore "Ted" Kotcheff   made The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1974), Rambo: First Blood (1982) & Weekend at Bernie's (1989)
born on 4-7-1931 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"actress"  Patricia "Apollonia" Kotero   former L.A. RAMS Embraceable Ewe; appeared in January 1985 Girls of Rock'n'Roll Playboy pictorial
born on 8-2-1959 in Santa Monica, California
writer  William Kotzwinkle   wrote novelization of E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial; co-author of Walter the Farting Dog
born on 11-22-1938 in Scranton, Pennsylvania
Hall of Fame pitcher  Sanford "Sandy" Koufax
born on 12-30-1935 in New York, New York
pro tennis player  Anna Kournikova   better known for sex appeal than athletic talent; briefly married to Sergei Fedorov
born on 6-7-1981
AKS: Kornikova Cornikova Cournikova
really old NFL player  John Paul "Johnny" Kovatch
born on 6-24-1912 in South Bend, Indiana
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World War I soldier  Józef Kowalski   last surviving Polish army member from that war; he fought against the Bolsheviks; resides in Tursk, Poland?
born on 2-2-1900 in Wicyn, Poland (now Ukraine)
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2010DFFC, WEP7.4%

AKS: Jozef
to February 1998 Playmate of Monthto December 1997 Playmate of Month Playboy January 1998 Playmate of Month & 1999 Playmate of the Year  Heather Kozar
¤Mrs. Tim Couch 
born on 5-4-1976 in Akron, Ohio
Another SFBMoFo former Tyco Corp. CEO  Leo Dennis Kozlowski   convicted of grand larceny
born on 11-16-1940 in Newark, New Jersey
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in April 1992 author  Jonathan Kozol
born on 9-5-1936 in Boston, Massachusetts
actress  Jane Krakowski   played Betty Rubble in The Flintstones: Viva Rock Vegas (2000)
born on 10-11-1968
Mersey Beat singer  Billy J. Kramer
¤real name: William Howard Ashton 
born on 8-19-1943 in Liverpool, England
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1993 playwright, ACTUP founder  Larry Kramer
born on 6-25-1935 in Bridgeport, Connecticut
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former athletic coach/administrator  Roy Kramer   coached football at East Lansing High School (1958-66) & Central Michigan University (1967-77); became the athletic director at Vanderbilt (1978-90) then commissioner of the Southeast Conference (1990-2002); spearheaded the creation of the BCS championship
born on ??-??-1931
actress/singer  Stepfanie Kramer   played detective Dee Dee McCall on Hunter tv series
¤born: Stephanie Kramer 
born on 8-6-1956 in Los Angeles, California
AKS: Stephanie Stefanie
author  Judith Krantz
born on 1-9-1928
writer  Paul Krassner   a co-founder of the Youth International Party (the YIPPIES) in 1967 (he came up with the name); was, for a brief time, the publisher of Hustler magazine; editor of The Realist
born on 4-9-1932 in New York, New York
AKS: Krasner
subject of 20 Questions interview in September 2002 `Playboy Magazine' singer  Lenny Kravitz
born on 5-26-1964
Shuttle STS-70, 78, 87 & 99 astronaut  Kevin Richard Kregel
born on 9-16-1956 in Amityville, New York
The Doors guitarist  Robby Krieger
born on 1-8-1946
Another SFBMoFo Manson "family" murderer  Patricia Krenwinkel   keeps being denied parole (for her 7 life sentences) — most recently in January 2011
born on 12-3-1947 in Los Angeles, California
former East German leader (1989)  Egon Krenz
born on 3-19-1937 in Kolberg, Germany
"Amazing" psychic  George Kreskin   is not the leader of a jugg band (at least, as far as we know)
born on 1-12-1935 in Montclair, New Jersey
 Arthur Kretchmer   former Playboy editorial director (1972-2002)
born on ??-??-1941
actress  Alice Krige   played the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact & Voyager
born on 6-28-1954 in Upington, South Africa
Russian Space Agency Shuttle STS-60, 88, 102 & International Space Station Expedition 1 astronaut  Sergei Konstantinovich Krikalev   also flew on Soyuz 7, 12, 60 & 88 missions
born on 8-27-1958 in Leningrad, Russia, USSR
former Indian Supreme Court justice (1973-80)  Vaidyanathapuram Rama Krishna
born on 11-15-1915 in Malabar region, Kerala, British India
AKS: Ayiar
actress  Sylvia Kristel   had title role in Emmanuelle (1974); did February 1982 Playboy pictorial; said to be have had a stroke & be suffering from liver and throat cancer
born on 9-28-1952 in Utrecht, The Netherlands
singer/actor  Kris Kristofferson
born on 6-22-1936
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interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' for April 2008 issue rocker  Chad Kroeger   head of the band Nickelback
¤born: Chad Robert Turton 
born on 11-15-1974 in Hanna, Alberta, Canada
former New Hampshire center  Jason Krog   winner of 1999 Hobey Baker Award
born on 10-9-1975 in Fernie, British Columbia, Canada
Another SFBMoFo former Nixon Whitehouse aide  Egil E. Krogh Jr.   authorized the break-in of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office (1971); plead guilty to violating the psychiatrist's civil rights
born on 8-3-1939 in Chicago, Illinois
UC Santa Barbara physicist  Herbert Krömer   shared the 2000 Nobel physics prize
born on 8-25-1928 in Weimar, Germany
AKS: Kroemer
chemist Sir  Harold Walter Kroto   shared 1996 Nobel chemistry prize for discovery of fullerenes ("buckyballs")
¤born: Harold W. Krotoschiner 
born on 10-7-1939 in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England
subject of 20 Questions interview in September 2009 `Playboy Magazine' ballet dancer-turned-actress  Diane Kruger   appeared in Troy as bootie-prize Helen & as Abigail _________ in several National Treasure movies
¤born: Diane Heidkrüger 
born on 7-15-1976 in Algermissen, Germany
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in the March 2012 issue Princeton University economist  Paul Robin Krugman   also writes columns for the New York Times; awarded the 2008 Nobel prize in economics
born on 2-28-1953 in Albany, New York
cover of December 2009 issue of 'Playboy' magazine featuring Joanna Krupacover of the July 2005 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with bikini model Joanna Krupa bikini model  Joanna Krupa   did pictorials for the July 2005 & December 2009 issues of Playboy magazine
born on 4-23-1979 in Warsaw, Poland

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