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singer  Patti LaBelle
born on 5-24-1944
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interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' for June 2009 issue actor  Shia Saide Labeouf
born on 6-11-1986 in Los Angeles, California
New Orleans songwriter  Dorothy La Bostrie   co-wrote Tutti Fruiti (1955); now living in New York City
born on 5-28-1928 in Rayland, Kentucky
AKS: Labostrie
subject of 20 Questions interview in November 2000 `Playboy Magazine' filmmaker  Neil Labute   made Nurse Betty (2000) & the Death At A Funeral remake (2010)
born on 3-19-1963 in Detroit, Michigan
AKS: Niel Neal Labutt Labootie
former 98 Degrees boy band singer  Nicholas Scott "Nick" Lachey   was Jessica Simpsons "first" (dumped 11/2005)
born on 11-9-1973 in Harlan, Kentucky
AKS: Lache Lashey Lechey Leche Lechay Lushay
actor  Jerry Lacy   his main claim to fame is as a Humphrey Bogart impersonator (like in the movie Play It Again Sam)
born on 3-27-1936 in Sioux City, Iowa
movie producer  Alan Walbridge Ladd Jr.
born on 10-22-1937 in Los Angeles, California
actress  Cheryl Ladd   played Kris Monroe on Charlie's Angels (1977-81)
¤born: Cheryl Stoppelmoor 
born on 7-12-1951 in Huron, South Dakota
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actress  Diane Ladd   mother of Laura Dern
born on 11-29-1943
pro wrassler  Ernie Ladd   made his moves from the 1960s to the 1980s
¤nickname: "The Big Cat" 
born on 11-28-1938 in Orange, Texas
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Texas death row inmate  Robert Charles Ladd   execution stayed
¤aka: number 999237 
born on 3-19-1957
   Contest Selectors
2003DTM, RR, TMTX16.7%

relationship "expert"  Ellen Ladowsky Ph.D.   here degree is in clinical psychology; "the voice of reason" on Rendez-View tv dating show; got much less air time than her co-host
born on ??-??-1967
silent movie bit-part actress  Carla Laemmle   niece of Universal Studios co-founder Carl Laemmle; cousin of director William Wyler
¤born: Rebecca Isabelle Laemmle 
born on 10-20-1909 in Chicago, Illinois
   Contest Selectors
2006CSI, RR, WEP10.0%
2008RR, SPAM6.3%
2010CSI, RR7.4%

retired hockey star  Guy LaFleur
born on 9-20-1951
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in February 1999 celebrity chef  Emeril Lagasse   when he goes, it'll be quick — BAM!
born on 10-15-1959
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French designer  Karl Lagerfeld
born on 9-10-1938 in Hamburg, Germany
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priest father  Matteo La Grua    does exorcisms
born on 2-14-1914
 Timothy LaHaye   author of the Left Behind series of books
born on 4-27-1926 in Detroit, Michigan
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2008OED, SPAM6.3%

AKS: LeHaye
actress  Christine Lahti
born on 4-4-1950
cover of the January 1959 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Lari Lainecover of 'Playboy' with playmate Lari Laineto June 1958 Playmate of Monthto April 1958 Playmate of Month Playboy May 1958 Playmate of Month  Lari Laine   widow of George Sidney
¤born: Corinne Cole
Mrs.: Jack Entratter, Roger Heffron & George Sidney 
born on 4-13-1937 in Brentwood, California
Nixon & Ford Defense Secretary (1969-73)  Melvin Robert Laird
born on 9-1-1922 in Omaha, Nebraska
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rock musician  Greg Lake   of Emerson, Lake and Palmer rock group
born on 11-10-1948
talk show hostess  Ricki Lake
born on 9-21-1968
subject of 20 Questions interview in the December 2012 issue of `Playboy Magazine' model, cookbook author, tv show hostess  Padma Parvati Lakshmi
¤er-Mrs. Salman Rushdie 
born on 9-1-1970 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
archaeologist Dr.  Braj Basi Lal   did the first post-Independence excavations of important cultural sites (1947)
born on ??-??-1921 in Jhansi, India
circus performer-made good  Guy Laliberté   founder of the Cirque de Soleil show; spend $35,000,000 to become the seventh space tourist (September 30th-October 11th, 2009)
born on 9-2-1959 in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
AKS: Laliberte Lalaberte Laliburte Lalibertay
to May 2011 Playmate of Month Playboy June 2011 Playmate of Month  Mei-Ling Lam
born on 1-26-1984 in Waterville, Maine
actress  Lydia Lamaison
born on 8-5-1914 in Mendoza, Argentina
actor  Lorenzo Lamas
born on 1-20-1958 in Santa Monica, California
actor  Christopher Lambert
born on 3-29-1957
noted pugilist  Giacobe "Jake" LaMotta   the original Raging Bull
born on 7-10-1921 in New York, New York
   Contest Selectors
2005ADWC, BYE8.7%
2006ADWC, BYE, DTM10.0%
2007ADWC, BYE, DGW, DTM12.9%
2008ADWC, ANG, BYE, DGW, SPIT15.6%
2009ANG, BYE, DGW10.0%
2010BYE, DGW7.4%
2012ANG, BYE, {{DGW}}, DTM16.7%

1992 A.M. Turing Award recipient  Butler Wright Lampson   was a founding member of the Xerox PARC (1970)
born on 12-23-1943 in Washington, District of Columbia
actor  Martin Landau   won 1994 Best Supporting Actor oscar for playing Béla Lugosi in Ed Wood
born on 6-20-1931 in New York, New York
   Contest Selectors
2005HH, SPAM, SPIT13.0%
2008JCM, SPAM6.3%

Happy Days' Squiggy actor  David L. Lander   has multiple sclerosis
born on 6-22-1947 in New York, New York
   Contest Selectors
2004ADWC, LMLD11.1%
2005ADWC, SPIT8.7%
2006ADWC, SPIT6.7%
2007ADWC, JCM6.5%
2008ADWC, JCM6.3%

actress  Audrey Landers   played Angie on Vega$ and one of J.R. Ewing's mistresses on Dallas (Afton Cooper); did January 1983 Playboy pictorial with sister Judy
born on 7-18-1959 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
actress  Judy Landers   played Stacks B.J. and the Bear; did January 1983 Playboy pictorial with sister Audrey
born on 10-7-1961
defrocked Tour-de-France "winner"  Floyd Landis   his appeals have been for naught ... he's officially considered a cheater
born on 10-14-1975 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
director  John Landis   made Kentucky Fried Movie & Animal House
born on 8-3-1949
singer  Abbe Lane   ex-wife of Xavier Cugat
born on 12-14-1932 in New York, New York
subject of 20 Questions interview in January 1985 `Playboy Magazine' actress  Diane Lane   daughter of Playboy Miss October 1957
born on 1-22-1965 in New York, New York
costume jewelry designer  Kenneth Jay Lane
born on 4-22-1930 in Detroit, Michigan
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interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in February 1967 lawyer  Mark Lane   JFK assassination "researcher"; Warren Commission critic; author of Rush to Judgement
born on 2-24-1927 in New York, New York
boxing/tv judge  Mills Lane
born on 11-12-1936
   Contest Selectors

Mouse Hunting actor  Nathan Lane   also played Max Bialystock in the Broadway production of The Producer
born on 2-3-1956
cover of the April 1962 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Roberta Laneto May 1962 Playmate of Monthto March 1962 Playmate of Month Playboy April 1962 Playmate of Month  Roberta Lane
¤nickname: "Bobbie" 
born on 3-14-1943
to November 1973 Playmate of Monthto September 1973 Playmate of Month Playboy October 1973 Playmate of Month  Valerie Lane   now working as a barber
born on 8-4-1949 in Long Beach, California
singer  kathryn dawn lang
born on 11-2-1961 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
actor  Stephen Lang
born on 7-11-1952
actress  Sue Ane Langdon   did July 1966 Playboy pictorial
¤aka: Sue Ann Langdon 
born on 3-8-1936 in Paterson, New Jersey
Artie, passed-out in the studio during the show Belushi-esque comedian/gambler/drunkard  Arthur Steven "Artie" Lange Jr.   was on Mad TV (1995-97); now one of the sidekicks on Howard Stern's satellite smut-fest; a former heroine addict that has ballooned to over 300 pounds; "resigned" from the Stern show (again) in April, 2008 after an on-air altercation with staff members; made a suicide attempt 1/2/2010 (multiple stab wounds)
born on 10-11-1967 in Union, Union County, New Jersey
   Contest Selectors
2003 ABRA5.6%
2009ANG, LMLD, RAVN10.0%
2010BYE, LMLD, PCD, RAVN14.8%
2012BYE, GAS8.33%

former 3rd baseman  Donald Charles Lange
born on 3-15-1915
   Contest Selectors

actress  Jessica Lange
born on 4-20-1949 in Cloquet, Minnesota
cover of 'Playboy' with model Marilyn Langeto June 1974 Playmate of Monthto April 1974 Playmate of Month Playboy May 1974 Playmate of Month  Marilyn Jane Lange
born on 1-12-1952 in Westfield, New Jersey
Miss America 1961  Nancy Ann Fleming Lange   had been Miss White Lake, then Miss Michigan prior to winning it all
born on 5-20-1942 in Montague, Michigan
actor  Ted Lange   was Issac the bartender on The Love Boat
born on 1-5-1947
former L.A. homicide detective  Tom Lange   an investigator on the Tate-LaBianca & Wonderland murders; was lead detective on the Simpson/Goldman murders
born on ??-??-19??
to July 1984 Playmate of Monthto May 1984 Playmate of Month Playboy June 1984 Playmate of Month  Tricia Lange
born on 4-24-1957 in Hollywood, California
subject of 20 Questions interview in August 1979 `Playboy Magazine' actor  Frank Langella
born on 1-1-1940
Miss America 1953  Neva Jane Langley
¤Mrs. William A. Fickling Jr. 
born on 1-25-1935 in Lakeland, Florida
The Unknown centerfold anonymous comedian  Murray Langston
¤aka: "The Unknown Comic
born on ??-??-1945 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Colorado real estate broker  Carlotta Walls LaNier   as a high school student was a member of the Little Rock Nine
born on 12-18-1942
AKS: Charlotta Lanier Lanear
technologist/musician/composer  Jaron Lanier   coined term "virtual reality" (1985)
born on 5-3-1960
actress and North Korean master spy  Angela Brigid Lansbury   played Jessica Fletcher on Murder, She Wrote
born on 10-16-1925 in London, England
   Contest Selectors
2002JEDS, RAVN18.2%

to March 1972 Playmate of Monthto January 1972 Playmate of Month Playboy February 1972 Playmate of Month  P. J. Lansing
born on 10-13-1949 in Frankford, Missouri
Fabio with bleeding honker Helium-headed male model  Fabio Lanzoni   on March 30, 1999 got clobbered on the honker by a goose while riding the Busch Gardens Williamsburg "Apollo's Chariot" rollercoaster
born on 3-15-1961 in Milan, Italy
   Contest Selectors
2008SBAP, XXX6.3%

pancake purveyor  Jerry Lapin   co-founder of the International House of Pancakes — IHOP — in Toluca Lake (1958)
born on ??-??-19??
Commodores musician  Ronald LaPread
born on 9-4-1950
to April 1973 Playmate of Monthto February 1973 Playmate of Month Playboy March 1973 Playmate of Month  Bonnie Large
born on 9-9-1952 in Glendale, California
to July 2006 Playmate of Monthto May 2006 Playmate of Month June 2006 Playboy Playmate of Month  Stephanie Eve Larimore
born on 4-21-1981 in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Baseball Hall-of-Famer  Barry Louis Larkin   played his college ball at the University of Michigan; played shortstop with the Cincinnati Res (1986-2004)
born on 4-28-1964 in Cincinnati, Ohio
singer  Julius Larosa   had insufficient "humility" for Arthur Godfrey — was fired from his show
born on 1-2-1930 in New York, New York
   Contest Selectors

Islamo-facist  Colleen Renee LaRose   dropped out of junior high school, got married at age 16 (hubby was 32) in 1980; on March 10, 2010 a 4-count indictment was unsealed ... she was part of a plot to kill cartoonist Lars Vilks
¤aka: "JihadJane" «or» "Fatima Rose"
ex-Mrs. Sheldon "Buddy" Barnum 
born on ??-??-1963 in Michigan
AKS: Jihad Jane
Another SFBMoFo felonious fundraiser  Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr.   putative presidential candidate; definite nutcase (did the "New World Order" happen when Ferdinand & Isabel sent Columbus out for a can of corn?)
¤aka: "Lyn Marcus" 
born on 9-8-1922 in Rochester, New Hampshire
   Contest Selectors
2006BONY, XXX6.7%

subject of 20 Questions interview in April 1990 `Playboy Magazine' actor  John Larroquette   played Dan Fielding on Night Court & the Klingon crewman Maltz in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
born on 11-25-1947 in New Orleans, Louisiana
   Contest Selectors

original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer  Larry Larsen   appeared on series as Larry in its second season (1956-57)
born on 9-3-1939
1994 Reuben Award winner1990 Reuben Award winner retired Far Side cartoonist  Gary Larson   drew the strip from 1980-1995; received two Reuben Awards for it (in 1990 & 1994)
born on 8-14-1950 in Tacoma, Washington
actor-turned-writer  Jack Larson   played Jimmy Olsen on the early tv Superman series (1952-58); was the "life partner" of writer/director James Bridges
born on 2-8-1933 in Los Angeles, California
AKS: Larsen
Thumper & Bambi make their move one-shot actress  Lola Larson   was Thumper's playmate Bambi in Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
born on ??-??-19??
subject of 20 Questions interview in October 2007 `Playboy Magazine' (another) model-turned-actress (yawn)  Aliison Elizabeth Larter   she's current doing some tv show about a cheerleader (probably not a swinging cheerleader — too entertaining for prime time)
born on 2-28-1976 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Fifth Dimension singer  Florence LaRue
born on 2-4-1944 in Plainsfield, New Jersey
actor  Eriq LaSalle
born on 7-23-1962
graphic artist & printmakers  Mauricio Lasansky
born on 10-12-1914 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hall of Fame baseball manager  Thomas Charles "Tommy" Lasorda
born on 9-22-1927 in Norristown, Pennsylvania
   Contest Selectors

actress  Louise Lasser   played title role in tv series Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman; once married to Woody Allen
born on 4-11-1939 in New York, New York
   Contest Selectors
1979 HFS, JH15.4%

Pixar moviemaker  John Lasseter
born on 1-12-1957 in Hollywood, California
AKS: Lassetter Lassiter Lassitter
to March 1981 Playmate of Monthto January 1981 Playmate of Month Playboy February 1981 Playmate of Month  Vicki Lynn Lasseter
born on 2-19-1960 in Iola, Kansas
AKS: Lassiter
to September 2004 Playmate of Monthto July 2004 Playmate of Month Playboy August 2004 Playmate of Month  Pilar Montserrat Lastra
born on 1-15-1981 in Monterey Park, California
rapper  Queen Latifah
¤real name: Dana Owens 
born on 3-18-1970
siger  Kenny Lattimore
born on 4-10-1970
country singer  Stacy Lattisaw
born on 11-25-1966
former Notre Dame halfback  John Joseph Lattner   winner of the Heisman Trophy (1953)
born on 10-24-1932 in Chicago, Illinois
race car driver  Niki Lauda
born on 2-22-1949 in Vienna, Austria
   Contest Selectors
1979 DW, HA, MM23.1%
1980 DW, MM12.5%

Today Show co-host  Matt Lauer   soon to be co-hosting with Meredith Vieiria
born on 12-30-1957 in New York, New York
 Robert Betts Laughlin   shared the 1998 Nobel prize in physics
born on 11-1-1950 in Visalia, California
Billy Jack actor  Thomas Robert "Tom" Laughlin   his tongue cancer is in remission
born on 8-10-1931 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
   Contest Selectors
2003MB, RAVN, RR16.7%
2004LMLD, RAVN, RR16.7%
2005RAVN, RR8.7%

marked woman  Susan Launius   sole survivor on the Wonderland Murders (1981); suffered substantial head trauma in that incident; current whereabouts unknown
born on ??-??-19??
singer  Cyndi Lauper
born on 6-20-1953
actress  Carole Laure   played Solange in Préparez vos mouchoirs (1978; Get Out Your Hankerchiefs)
born on 8-5-1951 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
AKS: Carol
to November 2013 Playmate of Monthto September 2013 Playmate of Month Playboy October 2013 Playmate of Month  Carly Lauren
born on 7-3-1990 in West Hills, California
designer  Ralph J. Lauren
¤born: Ralph Lifshitz 
born on 10-14-1939 in The Bronx, New York, New York
   Contest Selectors

actress  Tammy Lauren
born on 11-16-1969
magazine publisher  Michael Marshall Laurence
born on 5-22-1940 in New York, New York
super-geezer  Cicilia Laurent   after here home was destroyed moved to Laval, Ontario, Canada to live with a daughter
born on 1-31-1896 in Haiti
   Contest Selectors

the basic Universal Product Code glyphs retired IBM researcher  George Joseph Laurer   inspired by the work of Woodland & Silver created the ubiquitous bar code design that we now know as the Universal Product Code (UPC; adopted in April 1973)
born on 9-23-1925 in New York, New York
former pro wrassler  Joanie Laurer   did November 2000 & January 2002 Playboy pictorials
¤WWF ring name: "Chyna
born on 12-27-1970 in Rochester, New York
   Contest Selectors

interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' for February 2009 issuesubject of 20 Questions interview in February 2006 `Playboy Magazine' actor  James Hugh Calum Laurie   plays Dr. Gregory House on Fox tv doctor show; did a bunch of Blackadder shows on British tv
born on 6-11-1959 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
actress  Piper Laurie
born on 1-22-1932
New Jersey senator (1982-2001; 2003-present)  Frank Raleigh Lautenberg   diagnosed with stomach cancer (Feb. 2010)
born on 1-23-1924 in Paterson, New Jersey
blithering ninny  Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.   runs an internet gossip site that is less credible than the former Weekly World News or Caskets on Parade (and, we've been around longer than he has ... maybe we can outlast him)
¤aka: "Perez Hilton
born on 3-23-1978 in Miami, Florida
   Contest Selectors

musician  Don Lavery
born on 6-11-1969
actress  Linda Lavin   star of Alice tv series
born on 10-15-1937
to September 1993 Playmate of Monthto July 1993 Playmate of Month Playboy August 1993 Playmate of Month  Jennifer J. Lavoie
born on 2-25-1971 in Nashua, New Hampshire
former archbishop of Boston  Bernard Francis Law   got out of town just ahead of the lawyers following priest-diddling-alter boy scandal
born on 11-4-1931 in Torreón, Mexico
   Contest Selectors
2008LMLD, RPRM6.3%

subject of 20 Questions interview in June 2004 `Playboy Magazine' actor  David Jude Law   got caught boinking the nanny
born on 12-29-1972 in London, England
cover of the September 1961 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Barbara Ann Lawfordcover of the February 1961 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Barbara Ann Lawfordto March 1961 Playmate of Monthto January 1961 Playmate of Month Playboy February 1961 Playmate of Month  Barbara Ann Lawford
¤nickname: "Barby" 
born on 10-7-1942
cover of the February 1956 issuer of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Pat Lawlerto September 1955 Playmate of Monthto July 1955 Playmate of Month Playboy August 1955 Playmate of Month  Pat Lawler   had a brief acting career: as Wang Khan's wife in The Conquerer (1956; the A-bomb fallout movie) & played Irene in Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957)
born on 12-29-1929
AKS: lawlor
Snack timesubject of 20 Questions interview in May 1997 `Playboy Magazine' actress  Lucy Lawless   star of former syndicated tv hit Xena: Warrior Princess
¤born: Lucille Francis Ryan 
born on 3-29-1968 in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand
singer/actress  Carol Lawrence   originated the role of Maria in original Broadway production of West Side Story
¤born: Carolina Maria Laraia
ex-Mrs. Cosmo Allegretti, Robert Goulet & John Guydus 
born on 9-5-1932 in Melrose Park, Illinois
former teen "heart-throb" actor  Joey Lawrence
born on 4-20-1976
comedian  Martin Lawrence
born on 4-16-1965
actress  Sharon Lawrence
born on 6-29-1961
singer  Steve Lawrence   Mr. Eydie Gormé
¤born: Sidney Leibowitz 
born on 7-8-1935 in New York, New York
actress  Vicki Lawrence   starred in Mama's Family
born on 3-26-1949
Shuttle STS-67, 86, 91 & 114 astronaut  Wendy Barrien Lawrence
born on 7-2-1959 in Jacksonville, Florida
jazz musician  Ronnie Laws
born on 10-3-1950
former Nevada senator (1974-87)  Paul Dominique Laxalt
born on 8-2-1922 in Reno, Nevada
   Contest Selectors

Another SFBMoFo People's Temple hit-man  Laurence John "Larry" Layton   did time in Guyana for murdering congressman Leo Ryan & three journalists; released in April 2002
born on 1-??-1946 in Maryland
1981 Reuben Award winner cartoonist  Mell Lazarus   drew the Miss Peach strip (1957-2002) & Momma strip (1970-present); received the 1981 Reuben Award
¤born: Melvin Fulton 
born on 5-3-1927 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
AKS: Mel
one-time-only James Bond actor  George Lazenby   did On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969); also played Jerod's father on Pretender tv series
born on 9-9-1939 in Australia

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