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playwright  David Rabe
born on 3-10-1940
1976 A.M. Turing Award winner  Michael Oser Rabin   shared prize for work done on non-deterministic machines
born on 9-1-1931 in Breslau Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland)
Yale astronomical researcher  David Lincoln Rabinowitz   co-discoverer of the Kuiper Belt object 2003 UB313 (July 29, 2003), larger than Pluto, that got astronomers trying to come up for a formal definition of a "planet"
born on ??-??-1960
kid actor  Daniel Radcliffe   played Harry Potter in several mediocre movies (2001-2005)
born on 7-23-1989
No death penalty for me ... I killed 'em all before KS passed theirs in 1994 former Park City, KS municipal code enforcement supervisor  Dennis Lynn Rader   confessed psychopathic Wichita serial killer; in a letter he described how he likes to "Bind them, Torture them, Kill them" (in reference to his victims); was active since 1974; his known victims: Joseph, Julie, Joseph II & Josephine Otero (1-15-1974), Kathryn Bright (4-4-1974), Shirley Vian (3-17-1977), Nancy Fox (12-8-1977), Marine Hedge (1985) & Vicki Wegerle (9-16-86); the May 2, 2005 National Enquirer has him dying of colon cancer (his lawyer sez "no"); he plead guilt to all counts (6-27-2005)
¤better known as the "BTK Strangler"
aka: "Bill Thomas Killman" 
born on 3-9-1945 in Wichita, Kansas
to July 1957 Playmate of Monthto May 1957 Playmate of Month Playboy June 1957 Playmate of Month  Carrie Radison
born on 11-30-1938 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
subject of 20 Questions interview in the April 2011 issue of `Playboy Magazine' actor  Joshua Michael Radnor   plays Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother tv sitcom
born on 7-29-1974 in Columbus, Ohio
Hair co-author/lyricist  James Rado
¤real name: James Radomski
aka: "James Radomicki" 
born on 1-23-1932 in Venice, California
 Caroline Lee Bouvier Radziwill   sister of Jackie O; wife of Stanislas; mother of Anthony
born on 3-3-1933 in New York, New York
character actress  Charlotte Rae
¤born: Charlotte Rae Lubotsky 
born on 4-22-1926 in Milwaukee, WIsconsin
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to December 2003 co-Playmate of Monthto December 2003 co-Playmate of Monthto October 2003 Playmate of Month Playboy November 2003 Playmate of Month  Divini Rae   one of December 2000's "Girls of Australia"
¤real name: Divini Rae Sorenson
Mrs. Winston Fong 
born on 7-31-1977 in Tanana, Alaska
Coptic church leader  Nazeer Gayed Rafail   the 117th Pope of Alexandria, Patriarch of All Africa
¤Pope Shenouda III 
born on 8-3-1923 in Asyut, Egypt
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movie director  Robert "Bob" Rafelson   directed Five Easy Pieces (1970), Stay Hungry (1976) and Black Widow (1986); was a co-creator of The Monkees tv music group
born on 2-21-1933 in New York, New York
Reroy & Forrest Raffel with their original sandwich (imagine how much more they'll shrink by the year 2050) Cornell HRI graduate  Forrest Raffel   co-founded Arbys roast beef chain (1964); the name came from the initials R.B.'s (Raffel Brother's)
born on ??-??-19?? in New Castle, Pennsylvania
Reroy & Forrest Raffel with their original sandwich (imagine how much more they'll shrink by the year 2050) Wharton Business School graduate  Leroy Raffel   co-founded Arbys roast beef chain (July 23, 1964 in Boardman, Ohio)
born on ??-??-19?? in New Castle, Pennsylvania
musician  Gerald "Gerry" Rafferty
born on 4-16-1947 in Paisley, Scotland
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actress  Deborah Raffin
born on 3-13-1953
Miss America 1988  Kaye Lani Rae Rafko-Wilson
born on 8-26-1963 in Monroe, Michigan
actor  William Ragsdale
born on 1-19-1961 in El Dorado, Arkansas
president of Bangladesh  Mohammad Zillur Rahman
born on 3-4-1929 in Bhairab, British India
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Oakland, California litigant  Angel McClary Raich   suffers from scoliosis, a brain tumor, nausea, chronic nausea, etc. — the U.S. Federal Government won't let her toke a joint to relieve the symptoms
born on ??-??-1965
intense actor  Steve Railsback   played Charles Manson in Helter Skelter
born on 11-16-1945 in Dallas, Texas
movie producer/director  Samuel M. Raimi   made the Evil Dead movies, Army of Darkness (1993) & Dark Man
born on 10-23-1959 in Franklin, Michigan
actor  Douglas Rain   provided the voice of Hal 9000 in 2001 (1968) and 2010 as well as the evil computer in Sleeper (1973)
born on ??-??-1928 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Dow Corning chemist & amateur marathon runner  Dennis Rainear   on November 10, 1978 completed the Grand Valley Marathon after being shot in the head with a 22 caliber bullet at the 10 mile marker (he only thought he had a headache & nausea from the run)
born on ??-??-1950
actress  Luise Rainer   won Best Actress oscars for The Great Ziegfeld (1936) and The Good Earth (1937)
born on 1-12-1910 in Düsseldorf, Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany
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2004DTM, RIE11.1%
2005DTM, PCD, QKU, RIE, SPIT21.7%
2006DTM, PCD, QKU, RIE, SPIT, WEP20.0%
2012ADWC, {{DGW}}, DTM12.5%

AKS: Louise Reiner
bimbette "actress"  Natalie Raitano   flounced around on V.I.P. syndicated tv series for several seasons
born on 10-3-1966 in Charleroi, Pennsylvania
subject of 20 Questions interview in November 1989 `Playboy Magazine' folk singer  Bonnie Raitt   John's daughter
born on 11-8-1949
mega-spammer  Alan Murray Ralsky   in 1992 served 50 days for selling unregistered securities; in 1995 plead guilty to felony bank fraud in Ohio; in 1996 had his Michigan & Illinois insurance licenses revoked; in 1999 plead guilty to misprison of felony in Michigan; in January, 2008 slammed with a 41-count indictment for all manner of stuff (something about a "pump-and-dump" stock scam); and oh by the way, lives at 6747 Minnow Pond Dr, West Bloomfield, MI 48322-2663 (in case you've got court papers that need to be served)
born on 5-29-1945
Another SFBMoFo 1960s cult guru baba  Ram Dass   his father founded Brandeis University; was a Harvard professor before he got heavily into LSD usage
¤real name: Richard Alpert 
born on 4-6-1931 in Boston, Massachusetts
Cambridge MCR Laboratory of Molecular Biology chemist/pyhsicist  Venkatraman "Venki" Ramakrishnan   shared the 2009 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his studies of the structure & function of the ribosome
born on ??-??-1952 in Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu, India
cover of the January 1972 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Claire Rambeauto November 1971 Playmate of Monthto September 1971 Playmate of Month Playboy October 1971 Playmate of Month  Claire Rambeau
born on 5-8-1951 in Santa Barbara, California
pistol-packin' Miss America 1944  Venus Ramey   currently living in Kentucky; shot out the tires on an intruder's truck
born on 9-26-1924 in Ashland, Kentucky
Another SFBMoFo serial killer  Richard Ramierz
¤born: Ricardo Leyva Ramirez 
born on 2-29-1960 in El Paso, Texas
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1983 poet  Sergio Ramirez Mercado   former Vice President in the Sandinista government (1984-1990)
born on 8-5-1942 in Masatepe, Nicaragua
writer/actor/director  Harold Allen Ramis   co-wrote Animal House, Caddyshack & a bunch more silliness
born on 11-21-1944
engineer/business executive  Simon Ramo   co-founded Ramo-Wooldridge Corp. (1953); merged with Thompson Products to become TRW (1958); also a co-founder of Bunker-Ramo Corp. (1964)
born on 5-13-1913 in Salt Lake City, Utah
rock musician  C. J. Ramone
¤real name: Christopher John Ward 
born on 10-8-1965
former Ramones drummer  Tommy Ramone
¤real name: Tom Erdelyi 
born on 1-29-1959 in Budapest, Hungary
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Philippine president (1992-present)  Fidel V. Ramos
born on 3-18-1928 in Lingayen, Philippines
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2003 MB5.6%

Another SFBMoFo convicted child molester  Juan Antonio Ramos   suspected of having abducted & murdered Etan Patz
born on ??-??-1945
to February 2003 Playmate of Monthto December 2002 Playmate of Month Playboy January 2003 Playmate of Month  Rebecca Anne Ramos   grand-daughter of former rep. Henry Gonzalez; oldest centerfold in Playboy history
born on 8-26-1967
East Timor politician  José Ramos-Horta   shared the 1996 Nobel Peace prize
born on 12-26-1949 in Dili, Portugese Timor
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actress  Charlotte Rampling   daughter of Olympian Godfrey Rampling
born on 2-5-1946
ESPN basketball analyst Dr.  Jack Ramsay
born on 2-21-1925 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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2002 JEDS9.1%

AKS: Ramsey
subject of 20 Questions interview in the October 2011 issue of `Playboy Magazine' tyranical cook  Gordon James Ramsay   thundered-about the Hell's Kitchen
born on 11-18-1966 in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Scotland
 John Bennett Ramsey   father of murdered child (JonBenét)
born on 12-7-1943 in Lincoln, Nebraska
infotainment host  Guiliana Maria Rancic   co-hosts the E! Entertainment News show; facing a double mastectomy after a failed double lumpectomy
¤né3: DePandi 
born on 8-17-1974 in Naples, Province of Naples, Campania region, Italy
cover of the November 1973 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Anne Randallto June 1967 Playmate of Monthto April 1967 Playmate of Month Playboy May 1967 Playmate of Month  Anne Randall
¤born: Barbara Burrus
Mrs. Dick Stewart 
born on 9-23-1944 in Alameda, California
"The Amazing"  James Randi   stage magician & fraud debunker; recipient of a 1986 MacArthur Fellowship
¤born: Randall James Hamilton Zwinge 
born on 8-7-1928 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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2010ADWC, TTM7.4%
2012ADWC, KLS8.33%

former Rock Springs, Wyoming teen  Dana Randolph   in July of 1937, while listening to the short wave radio, picked up what is thought to be Amelia Earhart's next-to-last distress call claiming that she had landed on a reef
born on ??-??-1921
character actress  Joyce Randolph   played Trixie Norton on The Honeymooners
¤born: Joyce Sirola
Mrs. Richard Charles 
born on 10-21-1925 in Detroit, Michigan
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composer  Bernard Rands   winner of the Pulitzer prize in music
born on 3-2-1934 in Sheffield, England
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subject of 20 Questions interview in August 2003 `Playboy Magazine' New York Rep.  Charles Bernard Rangel   replaced Adam Clayton Powell in congress
born on 6-11-1930 in New York, New York
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retired service station owner  William "Uncle Billy" Ranieri   Hooters co-founder
born on ??-??-19??
former talk show host  Sally Jessy Raphael   a low-rent version of Oprah
born on 2-25-1943
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Sledge Hammer actor  David Rasche
born on 8-7-1944
sportscaster  Ahmad Rashad
born on 11-19-1949
actress  Phylicia Rashad   played Claire Huxtable on The Cosby Show
born on 6-19-1948 in Houston, Texas
writer  David Raskin
born on ??-??-19??
Another SFBMoFo freelance photographer  Charles Rathbun   raped & strangled Linda Sobek
born on ??-??-1957
Gunga Dan, embedded with the Talibaninterviewed again by `Playboy Magazine' in March 1985 with `60 Minutes' staffinterviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 1984subject of 20 Questions interview in May 1979 `Playboy Magazine' former CBS news anchor/reporter  Dan Irvin Rather Jr.   infamous for the phrase "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" (shouted at him during October 1986 attack)
born on 10-31-1931 in Wharton, Texas
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2009MoFa, SBAP, XXX10.0%

 Stephen Wade Rathke   a co-founder of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN; 1970) — was it's chief organizer (1970-2008); also was founder of the SEIU Local 100 in New Orleans
born on 8-5-1948
former Madagascar president (1975-93; 1997-2002)  Didier Ratsiraka
born on 11-4-1936
actor  John Ratzenberg   Cliff Clavin on Cheers tv series
born on 4-6-1947 in Bridgeport, Connecticut
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priest & church musician  Georg Ratzinger   brother of Benedict XVI
born on 1-15-1924 in Pleiskirchen, Bavaria, Germany
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to previous Pope: John Paul II Catholic Church leader (2005-2013)  Joseph Aloysius Ratzinger   elected 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church on April 19, 2005; resigned February 28, 2013 (first Pope to resign since Gregory XII in 1415)
¤Pope Benedict XVI 
born on 4-16-1927 in Marktl am Inn, Bavaria, Germany
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2006BONY, CSI, RAVN, SSH, WEP16.7%
2007ABRA, KLS, RAVN7.9%
2009CSI, KLS6.7%
2010CSI, KLS7.4%
2012BOD, BYE, CSI, KLS16.7%

composer  Einojuhani Rautavaara
born on 10-9-1928 in Helsinki, Finland
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president of Madagascar (2001-present)  Marc Ravalomanana
born on 12-12-1949 in Imerinkasinina, Antananarivo Province, Madagascar
Indigo Girls singer  Amy Ray
born on 4-12-1964
Her singing career sucks (much like her career as a congressional staffer) floozie/congressional "staffer"  Elizabeth L. Ray   was Rep. Wayne Hays' "secretary"; "penned" The Washington Fringe Benefit (June 1976); appeared in September 1976 Playboy magazine
born on 5-14-1943 in Marshall, North Carolina
actress/model  Lisa Ray   a stem cell transplant has "cured" her of multiple myeloma (as of April 2010)
born on 4-4-1972 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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2010LMLD, RAVN, RR11.1%

to July 1980 Playmate of Monthto May 1980 Playmate of Month Playboy June 1980 Playmate of Month  Ola Ray
born on 8-26-1960 in Saint Louis, Missouri
hemophiliac AIDS victim  Randy Ray
born on ??-??-1979
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2001BOD, KLS25%
2002BOD, JAC18.2%
2003KLS, PCD11.1%
2004BOD, KLS, PCD16.7%
2005KLS, PCD8.7%

to January 1975 Playmate of Monthto November 1974 Playmate of Month Playboy December 1974 Playmate of Month  Janice Raymond
born on 3-25-1951 in England
character actor  Martin Rayner   played Dr. Chaotica in Star Trek: Voyager "Captain Proton" parodies
born on ??-??-19?? in Isle of Wight

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