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ophthalmologist  Vincent "Ċensu" Tabone   was the president of Malta from 1989 to 1994
born on 3-30-1913 in Victoria, Island of Gozo, Malta
AKS: Censu Censinu Ċensinu
actor  Kristoffer Tabori   son of Don Siegel & Viveca Lindfors; stepson of George Tabori
¤born: Christopher Donald Siegel 
born on 8-4-1952 in Malibu, California
Another SFBMoFo dangerous wacko  William Emanuel Tager   thought the media was beaming stuff into his brain; in October 1986 attacked Dan Rather shouting "What's the frequency, Kenneth?"; murdered NBC Today Show stagehand (1994); currently incarcerated, serving a 12½ to 25 year sentence
born on 11-9-1947 in Charlotte, North Carolina
to fifth NFL Commissioner: Roger Goodellto third NFL Commissioner: Pete Rozelle  Paul John Tagliabue   fourth NFL Commissioner (1990-2006)
born on 11-24-1940 in Jersey City, New Jersey
singer  Taj Mahal
¤born: Henry Saint Clair Fredericks Williams 
born on 5-17-1942 in New York, New York
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prince  Mikasa Takahito   younger brother of Emperor Hirohito
born on 12-2-1915 in Tokyo, Japan
actor  George Takei   played Sulu in original series Star Trek tv shows and movies
born on 4-20-1937 in Los Angeles, California
Iraqi president (2005-present)  Jalal Talabani
born on 11-12-1933 in Kelkan, Iraq
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interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in May 1980 author  Gay Talese
born on 2-7-1932 in Ocean City, New Jersey
maker of movie merde  Gregg C. Tallas   directed Prehistoric Women (1950) & Bikini Paradise (1965)
¤born: Grigoris Thalassinos 
born on 1-25-1915 in Athens, Greece
ballerina  Maria Tallchief
born on 1-24-1925 in Fairfax, Oklahoma
Ronnettes singer  Nedra Talley   cousin of the other two bandmembers
born on 1-27-1946 in New York, New York
actress  Patricia Tallman   plays Lyta Alexander on Babylon Five
born on 9-4-1957
to July 2012 Playmate of Monthto May 2012 Playmate of Month Playboy June 2012 Playmate of Month  Amelia Talon
born on 1-5-1990 in Port Angeles, Washington
troubled filmmaker  Warren Lee Tamahori   was 1st assistant director of The Quiet Earth (1985); directed Mulholland Falls (1996), Along Came a Spider (2001) & Die Another Day (2002); on January 8, 2006 was busted while cruising Santa Monica Blvd wearing a wig & dress — he offered to perform a "sex act" upon an undercover officer for money
born on 6-17-1950 in Wellington, New Zealand
55 year Soviet P.O.W.  Andras Andreyevich Tamas   Hungarian soldier taken prisoner in 1944 & dumped in Kotelnich Psychiatric Hospital February 19, 1947; now going under the surnam Toma
born on ??-??-1920 in Bodrogkisfalud, Hungary
elusive petty criminal  Rollo Tamasi   a suspect in hundreds of unsolved criminal events; his heyday was in 1940s & 1950s Los Angeles; thought to have retired to Miami Beach in the 1980s
born on ??-??-1927 in Los Angeles, California
AKS: Rolo Tamassi Tomassi
dancer/actor  Russ Tamblyn   played Riff in West Side Story (1961), Chocki in Cabin Boy (1994) and gas station attendant in Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold (1995); father of Amber Tamblyn
born on 12-30-1934 in Los Angeles, California
author  Amy Tan   wrote The Joy Luck Club
born on 2-19-1952
ex-Niger president  Mamadou Tandja   got increasingly autocratic so the military decided he had to go ... "arrested" in coup (2/18/2010)
born on ??-??-1938 in Maine-Soroa, Niger
Shuttle STS-120 astronaut  Daniel Michio Tani
born on 2-1-1961 in Ridley, Pennsylvania
Shuttle STS-66, 82, 97 & 115 astronaut  Joseph Richard Tanner
born on 1-21-1950 in Danville, Illinois
former tennis pro  Roscoe Tanner
born on 10-15-1951
 Dorothea Tanning   painter, print maker, sculptress
born on 8-25-1910 in Galesburg, Illinois
film director  Danis Tanovic   directed 2001 Best Foreign film Oscar No Man's Land
born on 2-20-1969 in Zenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Yugoslavia
interviewed again by `Playboy Magazine' in December 2012interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in November 2003subject of 20 Questions interview in November 1994 `Playboy Magazine' video store clerk-turned-movie director  Quentin Jerome Tarantino   made Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown & Inglorious Basterds (2009)
born on 3-27-1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee
AKS: Tarentino
engineer & Olympic water polo player  Sándor G. (Alexander) Tarics   on the gold medal team in the 1936 games
born on 9-23-1913 in Budapest, Austro-Hungarian Empire
AKS: Sandor
 Robert Endre Tarjan   shared the 1986 A.M. Turing Award
born on 4-30-1948 in Pomona, California
basketball coach  Jerry Tarkanian
born on 8-8-1930 in Euclid, Ohio
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football hall-of-fame quarter  Francis Asbury Tarkenton
born on 2-3-1940 in Richmond, Virginia
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troubled former basketball player  Roy James Tarpley Jr.   kicked out of the NBA for violating it's drug use policy
born on 11-28-1964 in New York, New York
games show host  Christopher John "Chris" Tarrant   host of the British (original) incarnation of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
born on 10-10-1946 in Reading, Berkshire, England
World War II "love child" actress  Viktoriya Fyorodova Tate   daughter of Zoya Fyodorova and Jackson Tate; conceived on VE Day in Moscow
¤Mrs. Frederick Richard Pouy 
born on 1-18-1946 in Moscow, Russia, USSR
song writer & Elton John friend  Bernie Taupin
born on 5-22-1950 in Sleaford, England
former Latvian refugee  Ilse Taurins   while she was the girlfriend of Victor Lownes designed the very first Playboy Bunny costume (sewn by her mother in 1960) — it looked really good on the first model (the 5'2" 37-23-32 Suzy Leigh) so Hef bought into the concept & went ahead with his new club; she appeared in a few mid-1960s tv roles
born on ??-??-19??
to December 2002 Playmate of Monthto October 2002 Playmate of Month Playboy November 2002 Playmate of Month  Serria Tawan
born on 9-4-1978 in Chicago, Illinois
AKS: Twain Tawain
Duran Duran musician  Andy Taylor   NOT the Mayberry Sheriff
born on 2-16-1961
jazz musician  Cecil Taylor
born on 3-15-1933
confetti-throwing comedian  Charles Elmer "Rip" Taylor
born on 1-13-1934 in Washington, District of Columbia
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Another SFBMoFo exiled 21st Liberian president (1996-2003)  Charles McArthur Ghankay Taylor   wanted for war crimes in Sierra Leone
born on 1-28-1948 in Arthington, Liberia
former Crosby, Stills & Nash drummer  Dallas Woodrow Taylor Jr.
born on 4-7-1948 in Denver, Colorado
cinematographer  GIlbert Taylor   shot Dr. Strangelove (1964), A Hard Day's Night & Star Wars IV: A New Hope (1977)
born on 4-12-1914 in Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, England
Holland in the 'Moose Murders' Broadway morgue "bitchy" actress  Holland Taylor   appeared as Hedda Holloway in the only Broadway performance of Moose Murders (2-22-1983); currently playing the mother (Evelyn Harper) on Two and a Half Men tv sitcom
born on 1-14-1943 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
singer  James Vernon Taylor
born on 3-12-1948 in Boston, Massachusetts
to February 1970 Playmate of Monthto December 1969 Playmate of Month Playboy January 1970 Playmate of Month  Jill Taylor
¤real surname: «unknown» 
born on 10-14-1951 in Van Nuys, California
1993 Nobel physics laureate  Joseph Hooton Taylor Jr.   shared prize for the discovery of the binary pulsar
born on 3-29-1941 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
to July 1996 Playmate of Monthto May 1996 Playmate of Month Playboy June 1996 Playmate of Month  Karin Taylor
born on 11-28-1971 in Kingston, Jamaica
former NFL linebacker  Lawrence Taylor
born on 2-4-1959 in Williamsburg, Virginia
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model  Niki Taylor   suffered liver damage in auto accident
born on 3-5-1975 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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former NFL player  Otis Taylor
born on 8-11-1942 in Houston, Texas
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to April 1996 Playmate of Monthto February 1996 Playmate of Month Playboy March 1996 Playmate of Month  Priscilla Lee Taylor
born on 8-15-1971 in Miami, Florida
actress  Renée Taylor   played Eva Braun in The Producers (1968) & Fran's mother on The Nanny tv series
¤born: Renee Wexler 
born on 3-19-1933 in New York, New York
AKS: Rene Renee
1990 Nobel laureate physicist  Richard Edward Taylor   shared prize (with Jerome I. Friedman and ) for confirmation of the existence of the quark, the whimsically-named particle theorized in the early 1960s by Drs. Murray Gel-Mann and George Zweig (the word "quark" was borrowed from a phrase in James Joyce's Finnegan's Wake - "three quarks for Muster Mark")
born on 11-2-1929 in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
Rod, facing down a chainsaw-wielding goon in `Dark of the Sun' actor  Rod Taylor   has transitioned from action/adventure roles to playing Churchill in Ingloroius Basterds (2009)
born on 1-11-1929
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Duran Duran musician  Roger Taylor
born on 4-26-1960
"model"/"actress"  Sandra Taylor   as "Sandi" was March 1991 Penthouse Pet of the Month & later did a July 1995 Playboy pictorial
¤aka: Sandi Korn 
born on 12-26-1966 in Westchester, New York
to December 1998 co-Playmate of Monthto December 1998 co-Playmate of Monthto December 1998 co-Playmate of Monthto October 1998 Playmate of Month Playboy November 1998 Playmate of Month  Tiffany Taylor
¤aka: "Summer Hanson" 
born on 7-17-1977 in Leesburg, Virginia
21st century "furniture"  Leigh Taylor-Young
born on 1-25-1944
 Julie Taymor   directed Frida (2002)
born on 12-15-1952 in Newton, Massachusetts

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