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tennis pro  Virginia "Ginny" Wade
born on 7-10-1945 in Bournemouth, Dorcester, England
pro golfer  Lanny Wadkins
born on 12-5-1949 in Richmond, Virginia
comedian & penile implant "pusher"  Lyle Waggoner   on the Carol Burnett Show (1967-74) and Wonder Woman (1977-79)
born on 4-13-1935 in Kansas City, Kansas
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soap opera actor  Jack Peter Wagner   appears on General Hospital
born on 10-3-1959 in Washington, Missouri
to December 2007 Playmate of Monthto October 2007 Playmate of Month November 2007 Playboy Playmate of Month  Lindsay Elizabeth Wagner
born on 3-14-1988 in Omaha, Nebraska
actress  Lindsay J. Wagner   played the Bionic Woman on tv (1976-78)
born on 6-22-1949 in Los Angeles, California
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actress  Natasha Gregson Wagner
born on 9-29-1970
actor  Robert John Wagner Jr.   played half of the title role in Hart to Hart tv series; widower of Natalie Wood; husband of Jill St. John
¤aka: "R.J." 
born on 2-10-1930 in Detroit, Michigan
Penthouse model & pneumatic actress  Corinne Alphen Wahl
born on 10-??-1963 in Boston, Massachusetts
AKS: Corrine
actor  Ken Wahl   had title role on Wise Guy tv series (1987-90); likes 'em big up top — has been married to: Corinne Alphen Wahl (1984-91), Lorrie Vidal (1993-97) & Shane Barbi (1997-present)
¤nickname: Anthony Tony 
born on 10-31-1954 in Chicago, Illinois
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 Donnie Wahlberg
born on 8-17-1969 in Dorchester, Massachusetts
former singer, now actor  Mark Wahlberg   Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights (1997)
¤formerly: "Markie Mark" 
born on 6-5-1971 in Dorchester, Massachusetts
reggae musician  Bunny Wailer
born on 4-10-1947
folk singer  Loudon Wainwright III
born on 9-5-1947 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina
former Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections (1962-87)  Louie L. Wainwright   defendant-of-record in Supreme Court decision affording indigent defendants the right to appointed council in criminal cases (Gideon v. Wainwright; 1963); he replaced the previous Department Secretary (H.G. Cochran) between the trial and appeal; was also defendant-of-record in Ford v. Wainwright (1986) that prohibited the execution of the insane
born on 9-11-1923
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AKS: Wainright
cover of 'Playboy' with playmate Alison Waiteto June 2006 Playmate of Monthto April 2006 Playmate of Month former San Diego State University graduate student  Alison Waite   was the May 2006 Playboy Playmate of Month; now working as the Las Vegas correspondent for the Extra tv gossip show
born on 11-10-1981 in Los Altos, California
AKS: Allison Wait
The Waltons actor (1972-80)  Ralph Waite
born on 6-22-1928 in White Plains, New York
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Anglican church envoy  Terry Waite   held hostage in Lebanon (1987-91)
born on 5-31-1939 in Styal, England
subject of 20 Questions interview in March 1988 `Playboy Magazine' folk singer & actor  Tom Waits   they tried to kill Kenny in Cold Feet (1989), but kept failing
born on 12-7-1949 in Pomona, California
Japanese National Space Development Agency Shuttle STS-72 & 92 astronaut  Koichi Wakata
born on 8-1-1963 in Omiya, Saitama, Japan
cover of the November 1999 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Cara Wakelinto December 1999 Playmate of Monthto October 1999 Playmate of Month Playboy November 1999 Playmate of Month  Cara Wakelin
born on 2-8-1977 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Yes musician  Rick Wakeman
born on 5-18-1949
poet/playwright  Derek Alton Walcott   won the 1992 Nobel prize in literature
born on 1-23-1930 in Castries, Saint Lucia, Lessar Antilles
actor  Gregory Walcott   played Jeff Trent in Plan 9 From Outer Space (1958; one of the last surviving cast members); also appeared in Ed Wood (1994)
born on 1-13-1928 in Wendell, North Carolina
to September 2001 Playmate of Monthto July 2001 Playmate of Month Playboy August 2001 Playmate of Month  Jennifer Walcott
¤Mrs. Adam Archuleta 
born on 5-8-1977 in Youngstown, Ohio
cartoon voice  Janet Waldo   provided the voice of Judy Jetson, Josie (of Pussycat fame) & Penelope Pittstop
born on 2-4-1918 in Grandview, Washington
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 Gy Waldron   created The Dukes of Hazzard (1979)
born on ??-??-19?? in Lennoxburg, Kentucky
AKS: Guy
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in February 1982 former Polish leader  Leszek "Lech" Wałęsa   recipient of the 1983 Nobel Peace prize
born on 9-29-1943 in Popowo, Poland
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2009QKU, RIE6.7%
2010QKU, RIE7.4%

AKS: Walesa
drugstore chain CEO (1976-present)  Charles Rudolph Walgreen III
born on 11-11-1935 in Chicago, Illinois
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1997 actor  Christopher Walken   won 1978 Best Supporting actor oscar for his role in The Deer Hunter; played department store owner/villain Max Schreck in Batman Returns (1992); played the exterminator in Mouse Hunt (1998) — one of a number of memorably quirky character roles has has done
¤born: Ronald Walken 
born on 3-31-1943 in New York, New York
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1953 Reuben Award winner cartoonist  Addison Mortimer Walker   created Beetle Bailey (1950) and Hi and Lois (1954); 1953 Reuben Award winner
born on 9-3-1923 in El Dorado, Kansas
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2009DGW, TFM6.7%

author  Alice Walker   wrote Pulitzer prize-winning book The Color Purple (1982)
born on 2-9-1944 in Eatonton, Georgia
Shuttle STS-41-D, 51-D & 61-B astronaut  Charles David Walker
born on 8-29-1948 in Bedford, Indiana
country singer  Charlie Walker
born on 11-2-1926
cover of the January 1958 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Gloria Walkercover of the June 1956 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Gloria Walkerto July 1956 Playmate of Monthto May 1956 Playmate of Month Playboy June 1956 Playmate of Month  Gloria Walker
born on 7-16-1937 in The Bronx, New York, New York
subject of 20 Questions interview in January 1983 `Playboy Magazine' Georgia halfback  Herschel Junior Walker   winner of the Heisman Trophy (1982)
born on 3-3-1962 in Augusta, Georgia
comedian/actor  James Carter Walker   on Good Times tv series (197478); known for using phrase "Dy-no-mite"
¤aka: "J.J." 
born on 6-25-1947 in New York, New York
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chemist  John Ernest Walker   shared the 1997 Nobel Prize in chemistry
born on 1-7-1941 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England
square-jawed actor  Norman Eugene "Clint" Walker   played Cheyenne Bodie on tv (1955-63)
born on 5-30-1927 in Hartford, Illinois
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pro golfer  Arthur Jonathan Wall Jr.   won 1959 Masters tournament
born on 11-25-1923 in Honesdale, Pennsylvania
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in the January/February 2012 issue former NBC newsman  Christopher Wallace   son of Mike; now plying his trade on cable
born on 10-12-1947 in Chicago, Illinois
actress  Marcia Wallace   played receptionist Carol Kester Bondurant on Bob Newhart Show (1972-78)
born on 11-1-1942 in Creston, Iowa
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in December 1996interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in March 1985 with `60 Minutes' staff retired CBS 60 Minutes correspondent (1968-2006)  Myron Leon "Mike" Wallace   Chris' dad
born on 5-9-1918 in Brookline, Massachusetts
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2000IVY, RR14%
2006BONY, DFFC, TFM10.0%
2010GAS, JCM, RIE, RPRM, RR18.5%
2012ANG, MKJr, {{OIE}}12.5%

how we imagine this guy will look after he spends a week floating in a stagnant canal full of sewage and bloats up real good computer scourge  Sanford Wallace   headed Cyber Promotions, the email spam operation; now he is into vandalware; in May 2008 was ordered to pay (along with Walter Rines) $225,000,000 to for setting up bogus accounts & hacking others to launch spam attacks against "the community"; in October 2009 got socked with another judgement ($711,000,000) for doing it again
¤aka: "Spamford Wallace" 
born on ??-??-1968
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AKS: Stanford
actor  Eli Herschel Wallach   (finally) received a Lifetime Achievement Oscar (2010)
born on 12-7-1915 in New York, New York
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2005QKU, SLIM, TBC, TMD17.4%
2006QKU, WEP6.7%
2007QKU, RIE, WEP9.7%
2008ANG, BYE, PCD, QKU, RIE, SPIT18.8%
2012ADWC, ANG, BYE, {{DGW}}, DTM, MKJr25.0%

AKS: Walach
romance author  Robert James Waller   wrote The Bridges of Madison County (1991)
born on 8-1-1939 in Rockford, Iowa
Gwynyth in spandex actress  Gwynyth M. Walsh   played Duras sister B'Etor (the one with the Klingon Kleavage) on Star Trek: Next Gen tv series and Generations movie
born on 10-??-1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
crime kvetch  John Walsh   former hotel management firm partner; following the kidnapping/murder of his son got involved in the hunt for missing children; creator/host of Fox tv's America's Most Wanted
born on 12-26-1945 in Auburn, New York
Iran-Contra Special Prosecutor  Lawrence Edward Walsh
born on 1-8-1912 in Port Maitland, Nova Scotia, Canada
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character actor  Michael Emmet Walsh
born on 3-22-1935 in Ogdensburg, New York
Kansas singer  Steve Walsh
born on 6-15-1951
former FBI agent  Walter Rudolph Walsh   was an Olympic shooter (1948 games)
born on 5-4-1907 in Union City, New Jersey
actress  Jessica Walter   played a murderous loon in Play Misty for Me (1971)
born on 1-31-1944 in New York, New York
Shuttle STS-55 astronaut  Ulrich Walter
born on 2-9-1954 in Iserlohn, Germany
retired 20/20 anchor  Barbara Jill Walters
¤aka: "BabaWawa
born on 9-25-1931 in Boston, Massachusetts
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1979HP, SB15.4%

Walmart billionairess  Alice Louise Walton
born on 10-7-1949
Walmart billionaire  James Carr "Jim" Walton
born on 6-7-1948
Walmart billionaire  Samuel Robson Walton
born on 10-28-1944 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
to 1974 award winnerto 1972 award winner former college/pro basketball player  William Theodore "Bill" Walton III   won 1973 Sullivan Award
born on 11-5-1952 in San Diego, California
Another SFBMoFo South African secret police operative  Janusz Waluś   murdered Chris Hani
born on ??-??-1953 in Zakopane, Poland
AKS: Walus Waluz
Shuttle STS-51, 65, 79 & International Space Station Expedition 4 astronaut  Carl Erwin Walz
born on 9-6-1955 in Cleveland, Ohio
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in July 1979 ex-cop novelist  Joseph Aloysius Wambaugh   wrote The New Centurians (1972), The Blue Knight (1973) & The Choir Boys (1977)
born on 1-22-1937 in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Shuttle STS-51-B astronaut  Taylor Gun-Jin Wang
born on 6-16-1940 in Shanghai, China
Dr.  Mansukh C. Wani   co-discoverer of anti-cancer tumor drugs Taxol (paclitaxel) & camptothecin
born on ??-??-19??
former People's Court presiding "judge"  Joseph A. Wapner
born on 11-15-1919 in Los Angeles, California
   Contest Selectors
2005FA, SPIT8.7%
2006ADWC, DTH, SPIT, TFM13.3%
2009DGW, TFM6.7%
2012ANG, {{DGW}}4.17%

actor  John Warburton   played Puddy on Seinfeld & the title character The Tick
born on 11-14-1964
R&B musician  Billy Ward
born on 9-19-1921
tv Batman's Robin actor  Burt Ward
¤born: Bert John Gervais Jr. 
born on 7-6-1946 in Los Angeles, California
to 1994 award winnerto 1992 award winner former Florida State football quarterback & basketball player  Charlie Ward Jr.   winner of the 1993 Heisman Trophy & Sullivan Award
born on 10-12-1970 in Thomasville, Georgia
subject of 20 Questions interview in June 1994 `Playboy Magazine' gruff character actor  Fred Ward
born on 12-30-1942 in San Diego, California
Thorn Birds actress  Rachel Ward
born on 9-12-1957
subject of 20 Questions interview in February 2001 `Playboy Magazine' actress  Sela Ward
born on 7-11-1956 in Meridian, Mississippi
Black Sabbath drummer  William "Bill" Ward
born on 3-5-1948 in Birmingham, West Midlands, England
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2003 JEDS5.6%

former University of Houston quarterback  Andre Ware   winner of the Heisman Trophy (1989)
born on 7-31-1968 in Dickinson, Texas
actress  Marsha Warfield   bailiff Roz on Night Court tv series
born on 3-5-1954
former University of Minnesota football coach (1954-71)  Murray Warmath
born on 12-26-1912 in Humboldt, Tennessee
actor  David Warner   played Jack the Ripper in Time After Time (1979), desolute Federation representative St. John Talbot in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier & Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
born on 7-29-1941 in Manchester, England
Virginia senator (1979-present)  John William Warner   once married to Elizabeth Taylor; no relation to Yacko, Wacko & Dot
born on 2-18-1927 in Washington, District of Columbia
   Contest Selectors
1979 SB7.7%

actor  Malcolm-Jamal Warner   played Theo Huxtable on the Cosby Show and Malcolm McGee on Malcolm & Eddie
born on 8-18-1970 in Jersey City, New Jersey
singer  Jennifer Warnes
born on 3-3-1947
outspoken Vietnam War dove  Paul Culliton Warnke
born on 1-31-1920 in Webster, Massachusetts
 John Edward Warnock   Adobe Systems founder
born on 10-6-1940 in Salt Lake City, Utah
model/actress  Estella Warren
born on 12-23-1978
actress  Jennifer Warren
born on 8-12-1941
retired Royal Perth Hospital pathologist  John Robin Warren   shared 2005 Nobel Medicine/Physiology prize for discovering that stomach ulcers are mostly caused by bacteria (1982)
born on 6-11-1937 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
actress  Lesley Ann Warren
born on 8-16-1946
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in October 1983 with rest of the `Hill Street Blues' cast/crew actor  Michael Warren   played officer Bobby Hill on Hill Street Blues
born on 3-5-1946 in South Bend, Indiana
be careful what you think is controversial', reality may make a fool of you The Coup DJ  Pam "the Funkstress" Warren   co-winner of the 2001 Andrew "Dice" Clay Bad Taste Award for the August 2001 cover art of their upcoming November release ... OOOPS! Never mind.
born on ??-??-19??
AKS: Funktress
fraudulent businessman  Steven Warshak   ran Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, Inc. until the Feds convicted him — had to forfeit $33 million in assets (even his mom was convicted); Berkeley was most famous for Enzyte, the supposed boner-building herbal supplement that mostly made your wallet go limp
born on ??-??-1965
Another SFBMoFo pornographer  Seth Warshavsky   known mainly for the Internet Entertainment Group (IEG) — the people that released the Pam & Tommy Lee tape; fled to Thailand ahead of the Feds
born on ??-??-1973
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singer  Dione Warwick   former Psychic Friends Network hustler (she didn't see the bankruptcy coming...); cousin of Whitney Houston
born on 12-12-1940
record producer  Don Was
born on 9-13-1952
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in December 2002 actor  Denzel Washington   won Best Actor oscar for playing Detective Alonzo Harris in Training Day (2001)
born on 12-28-1954 in Mount Vernon, New York
beauty pageant contestant and crime victim  Desire Washington
born on ??-??-19??
former Paraguayan president (1993-98)  Juan Carlos Wasmosy Monti
born on 12-15-1938 in Asunción, Paraguay
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actor  Gedde Watanabe
born on 6-26-1955
piano teacher Dame  Fanny Waterman   founded the Leeds International Pianoforte Competition
born on 3-22-1920 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England
   Contest Selectors

weirdo movie maker  John Waters   made Mondo Trasho (1969), Hairspray (1988), Pink Flamingos and other divine comedies
born on 4-22-1946
actor  Samuel Atkinson Waterston   played Sydney Schanberg in The Killing Fields; appears on Law and Order tv series
born on 11-15-1940 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
TLC group singer  Tionne Tenese Watkins   4
¤better known as: "T-Boz
born on 26-1970-Des Moines, Iowa
   Contest Selectors

singer  Jody Watley   did April 1998 Playboy pictorial
born on 1-30-1959
former U. of Minnesota-Duluth forward  Bill Watson   winner of 1985 Hobey Baker Award
born on 3-30-1964 in Pine Falls, Manitoba, Canada
Another SFBMoFo Manson family sicko  Charles "Tex" Watson   involved in all of the Helter Skelter murders
born on 12-2-1945 in Coppeville, Texas
actress  Emily Watson   played title roll in Educating Rita
born on 1-14-1967
country singer  Gene Watson
born on 10-11-1943
co-discoverer of DNA's structure Dr.  James Dewey Watson   co-discoverer of DNA's structure in 1953; shared 1962 Nobel prize with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins
born on 4-6-1928 in Chicago, Illinois
   Contest Selectors

operatic tenor  Russell Watson
born on 11-24-1966 in Salford, Lancashire, England
   Contest Selectors
2008DFFC, LMLD, RAVN, RIE12.5%
2009DTM, RIE6.7%
2010DTM, RIE7.4%

subject of 20 Questions interview in June 1985 `Playboy Magazine' golfer  Tom Watson
born on 9-4-1949
controversial Reagan Interior Secretary (1981-83)  James Gaius Watt
born on 1-31-1938 in Lusk, Wyoming
second Stooges bass guitarist  Michael David Watt   replaced Dave Alexander
born on 12-20-1957 in Portsmouth, Virginia
author  Ben J. Wattenberg
born on 8-26-1933
1988 Reuben Award winner1986 Reuben Award winner Calvin & Hobbes cartoonist (1985-95)  William B. "Bill" Watterson II   a two-time winner of the Reuben Award (in 1986 & 1988)
born on 7-5-1958 in Washington, District of Columbia
Rolling Stones drummer  Charles Robert "Charlie" Watts   being treated for throat cancer
born on 6-2-1941 in Islington, London, England
   Contest Selectors
2006DFFC, MOT6.7%
2007MOT, SPIT6.5%
2008MORB, SPIT6.3%

former rep. (1995-2002)  Julius Caesar Watts Jr.
born on 11-18-1957 in Eufaula, Oklahoma
   Contest Selectors

A computer-generated Anne Darrow in the clutches of a computer-generated King Kong, atop the Empire State Building, watching the sunrise actress  Naomi Watts   played Ann Darrow in Peter Jackson's 2005 remake of King Kong
born on 9-28-1968 in Shoreham, Kent, England
California rep.  Henry Arnold Waxman
born on 9-12-1939 in Los Angeles, California
   Contest Selectors

Lance, throbbing with excitement, admires his prototype mucous viscosity research subject, intellectual titan & Muskegon Shaft Foundry millwright/grinder/polisher  Lance Waxman   inventor of the extruded-aluminum anodized dildo; while in attendance at the Institute for Primate Discipline became certified in Gluteal Impact Conditioning (colloquially: monkey spanking); as an adjunct interlocutor at the Canterbury Debate Society would frequently best his opponents, including beating the Bishop; has endured numerous strokes
¤nickname: "Cuffy" 
born on 2-14-1969 in Climax, Michigan
   Contest Selectors

 Damon Wayans Sr.
born on 9-4-1960 in New York, New York
comedian  Keenan Ivory Wayans
born on 6-8-1958 in New York, New York
 Kim Wayans
born on 10-??-1961 in New York, New York
 Marlon Wayans
born on 7-23-1972 in New York, New York
 Shawn Wayans
born on 1-19-1971 in New York, New York
Playboy photographer  Stephen Wayda   formerly married to Playmate Diana Lee (1988-94)
born on ??-??-19?? in Los Angeles, California
actress  Nina Rae Wayne   played Caprice on Camp Runamuck tv series (1965); sister of Carol Wayne
born on 9-18-1943 in Chicago, Illinois
actor  Patrick Wayne   son of the Duke
born on 7-15-1939
   Contest Selectors

former Atari employee  Ronald Gerald Wayne   was the little-known third co-founder of Apple Computer (1976; has a 10% share that he sold out after 3 weeks for $800); was the "adult supervision" & drew the first corporate logo
born on 5-17-1934 in Cleveland, Ohio

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