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to 1975 award winnerto 1973 award winner track star  Rick Wohlhuter   won 1974 Sullivan Award
born on 12-23-1948 in Geneva, Illinois
college student  Birhan Woldu   as a near-death famine toddler became the "Face of Famine" in the original Live Aide concert
born on ??-??-1981 in Tigray Province, Ethiopia
to March 2004 Playmate of Monthto January 2004 Playmate of Month Playboy February 2004 Playmate of Month  Aliya Wolf
born on 1-17-1975 in Stephenville, Texas
Shuttle STS-58, 86 & 89 astronaut  David Alan Wolf
born on 8-23-1956 in Indianapolis, Indiana
painter/animator  Fred Wolf   producer of oscar-winning animated short subject The Box (1967)
born on ??-??-19?? in New York, New York
author  Gary K. Wolf   wrote Who Censored Roger Rabbit? (1981)
born on ??-??-1951
author  Thomas Kennerly "Tom" Wolfe Jr.
born on 3-2-1931 in Richmond, Virginia
singer  Bobby Womack
born on 3-4-1944
country singer  Lee Ann Womack
born on 8-19-1966
songwriter, keyboard artist & singer  Stevie Wonder   he is the sunshine of our lives
¤born: Stevland Morris Judkins 
born on 5-13-1950 in Saginaw, Michigan
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1979 JH7.7%
1980 EB6.3%

cover of the January 1968 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with Playmate Gwen Wongto  1967 Playmate of Monthto March 1967 Playmate of Month Playboy April 1967 Playmate of Month  Gwen Wong
¤real name: Gwen Lipscomb 
born on 8-12-1942 in Manila, Luzon, The Philippines
Bambi animator  Tyrus Wong   also a painter, muralist, ceramicist, lithographer, kite maker, designer & wombat castrator
born on 10-25-1910 in Taishan, Guangdong, China
Pfizer researcher  Albert Wood   co-inventor of Viagra (1998)
born on ??-??-19??
cover of the September 1976 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Cindi Wood (in collage)cover of 'Playboy' with model Cyndi Woodcover of 'Playboy' with model Cyndi Woodcover of 'Playboy' with model Cyndi Woodcover of 'Playboy' with model Cyndi Woodcover of the August 1973 issue of 'Playboy' magazine playmate Cyndi Woodto March 1973 Playmate of Monthto January 1973 Playmate of
Month Playboy February 1973 Playmate of Month  Cynthia Lynn "Cyndi" Wood   played Playmate of the Year in Apocalypse Now (1979)
born on 9-25-1950 in Burbank, California
actor  Elijah Wood   played Frodo Bagins in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy
born on 1-28-1981
former NASCAR driver  Glen Wood
born on 7-18-1925 in Stuart, Virginia
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AKS: Glenn
Tally Ho actor  Jake Dylan Wood   currently provides the voice of the Geico Gecko (1999-present)
born on 7-12-1972 in London, England
Federal district court judge  Kimba Maureen Wood   while in school did some field work at the London Playboy Club as a bunny
born on 1-2-1944 in Port Townsend, Washington
"actress"  Lana Wood   Natalie's sister; Plenty O'Toole in Diamonds are Forever; did April 1971 Playboy pictorial
¤born: Svetlana Zacharenko Gurdin 
born on 3-1-1946 in Santa Monica, California
to April 1989 Playmate of Monthto February 1989 Playmate of Month Playboy March 1989 Playmate of Month  Laurie Jo Wood
born on 6-23-1967 in Orange, California
to May 1993 Playmate of Monthto March 1993 Playmate of Month Playboy April 1993 Playmate of Month  Nicole Wood
born on 2-4-1970 in Canton, Ohio
Rolling Stone musician  Ronald David Wood
born on 6-1-1947 in Hillingdon, England
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actress  Alfre Woodard
born on 11-8-1953
a page from the patent application, filed in 1949 retired IBM researcher  Norman Joseph Woodland   on October 7, 1952 shared the first patent for bar codes (#2,612,994); also worked on the Universal Product Code barcoding system
born on 9-6-1912 in Atlantic City, New Jersey
 Bambi Woods   had title role in Debbie Does Dallas (1978)
¤born: Debra DeSanto 
born on ??-??-1959 in Pierre, South Dakota
Tiger & his mate horny pro golfer  Eldrick Tiger Woods   crashed his Cadillac Escalade (November 27, 2009) "leaving the house" after wife found out that he'd been boinking bimbos on the tour; the GM brass is probably glad that they terminated their sponsorship of him in 2008; finished writing a divorce check with an oodle of zeroes ... now it's back on-tour (of Tiki Lounges near golf courses?)
born on 12-30-1975 in Cypress. California
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2010MORB, TWOS7.4%

AKS: formerly E. Tont W.
subject of 20 Questions interview in April 1982 `Playboy Magazine' actor  James Howard Woods
born on 4-18-1947 in Vernal, Utah
former University of Michigan cornerback  Charles Woodson   winner of the Heisman Trophy (1997)
born on 10-7-1976 in Fremont, Ohio
to May 1973 Playmate of Monthto March 1973 Playmate of Month Playboy April 1973 Playmate of Month  Julie Woodson
born on 7-11-1950 in Hutchinson, Kansas
actress  Joanne Gignilliat Trimmer Woodward   widow of Paul Newman
born on 2-27-1930 in Thomasville, Georgia
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2009GAS, TFM6.7%

interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in February 1989 former Washington Post reporter  Robert Upshur "Bob" Woodward   wrote numerous Watergate scandal articles with Carl Bernstein; co-authored All The President's Men 1974
born on 3-26-1943 in Geneva, Illinois
rescued by the Maid of the Mist Huntsville (Alabama) real estate agent  Roger Woodward   as a 7-year old kid was swept over Niagara Falls when the boat he was riding in capsized (July 9, 1960); he was only wearing a swimsuit & life vest
born on ??-??-1953
ex-Love Connection host  Chuck Woolery   original host of Wheel of Fortune gameshow; also hosted Greed game show (2000); ex-husband of Jo Ann Pflug
born on 3-16-1941 in Kentucky
Earth, Wind and Fire musician  Andrew Woolfolk
born on 10-11-1950
actor  Tom Wopat   Luke Duke on The Dukes of Hazzard
born on 9-9-1951 in Lodi, Wisconsin
Apollo 15 astronaut  Alfred Merrill Worden
born on 2-7-1932 in Jackson, Michigan
comedienne  JoAnne Worley
born on 9-6-1937
actress  Mary Woronov   co-starred in Eating Raoul (1982)
born on 12-8-1943
former pro basketball player  James Worthy
born on 2-27-1961
Caine Mutiny author  Herman Wouk   would fans of his writings be "Woukies"?
born on 5-27-1915 in New York, New York
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2009GOHI, TBC6.7%
2012DTM, MKJr, {{OIE}}12.5%

AKS: Woulk
Apple computer co-founder  Stephen Gary "Steven" Wozniak
born on 8-11-1950 in San Jose, California
 David S. Wright   last surviving child of Frank Lloyd Wright
born on ??-??-19??
former fugitive from justice  George Edward Wright   escaped from jail (1970 - murdered gas station owner Walter Patterson in 1962); fled to Detroit where he joined the Black Liberation Army, subsequently hijacking a Detroit-to-Miami flight, eventually winding up in Algeria; hid-out in Portugal
¤aka: "Jose Luis Jorge dos Santos" 
born on 3-29-1943
former House Speaker (1987-89)  James Claude "Jim" Wright Jr.
born on 12-22-1922 in Fort Worth, Texas
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2003OGGI, TMTX11.1%
2005ADWC, ANG, HH13.0%
2006ADWC, ANG6.7%
2008ADWC, TWOS6.3%

actor/writer/director/producer  John Robert Wright Jr.   son of Kitty Wells & Johnny Wright; directed a few episodes of McHale's Navy
born on 3-30-1942 in Charleston, West Virginia
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LPGA golfer  Mary Kathryn "Mickey" Wright
born on 2-14-1935 in San Diego, California
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2007DFFC, DTM6.5%

to April 1966 Playmate of Monthto February 1966 Playmate of Month Playboy March 1966 Playmate of Month  Priscilla "Pat" Wright
born on 11-20-1943 in Santa Barbara, California
retired pipe fitter  Simeon Wright   son of Mose Wright; as a youth witnessed the kidnapping of his cousin Emmett Till; claims to have heard a female voice identify Emmett
born on ??-??-1942
former Easybeats vocalist  Steven "Stevie" Wright   has battled drug & alcohol problems
born on 12-20-1948 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England
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deadpan comedian  Steven Wright
born on 12-6-1955

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