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Caskets On Parade ... Famous Animals

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Aldabra Giant Tortoise  Adwaitya   captured as a hatchling in the Seychelle Islands in around 1750; lived out it's life in a zoo
born 1750 in the Seychelle Islands
expired 3-22-2006 in Kolkata, India of liver failure age 255

 Benji   the dog; owned/trained by Frank Inn; appeared on Petticoat Junction and in a few movies
¤real name: Higgins 

born 12-12-1957
expired 11-11-1975 age 17
   Contest Selectors
1980 HF, RR12.5%

cocker spaniel  Checkers   Nixon daughter's pet, a gift from a political supporter (1952)
born April 1952 in Belton, Texas
expired 9-6-1964 in New York, New York age 12

bogus 'movie ape'  Cheeta   the Guinness Book had claimed him to be the world's oldest non-human primate ever; turns out, his history was mostly fraudulent — no movies, no Tarzan, no Bedtime for Bonzo, ...
born 1960
expired 12-24-2011 in Palm Harbor, Florida
cause: kidney failure

Finn Dorset ewe  Dolly the sheep   first cloned mammal, named for Dolly Parton; mother of three ("Bonnie" & two others)
born 7-5-1996 near Edinburgh, Scotland
expired 2-14-2003 near Edinburgh, Scotland cause euthanized; progressive lung disease; arthritis age 6

spokes-mutt  Gidget   the Taco Bell chihuahua; also appeared in Legally Blond 2
expired 7-21-2009 in Santa Clarita, California of a euthanized following massive stroke age 15

Harriet the turtle former oldest living animal  Harriet   the Galápagos Islands turtle; once owned by Darwin (1835-1853)
born 1830
expired 6-22-2006 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia of heart failure age 176

Keiko the Orca cetacean star of Free Willy movies  Keiko the killer whale
¤in Japanese "Keiko" means lucky one 

born 1977
expired 12-12-2003 in Taknes fjord, Norway of pneumonia age 27

subject of 20 Questions 'interview' in December 1986 `Playboy Magazine' female gorilla  Koko   supposedly has learned about 1,000 "words" in American sign language; according to a lawsuit has a nipple fetish
¤born: Hanabi-ko 

born 7-4-1971 San Francisco, California

 Laika   first animal into space (aboard Sputnik 2)
expired 11-3-1957 in outer space of hypoxia «or» barbequed alive in capsule when heat sheilding was shed age ??

loquatious palomino  Mister Ed   would only speak or sing to Wilbur on his tv show (at the behest of his trainer)
¤real name: Bamboo Harvester 

born 1949 in El Monte, California
expired 1968 in California age 19

Jack Russell terrier  Moose   played Martin Crane's pet Eddie on the Frasier tv series
born 12-25-1990 Florida
expired 6-22-2006 in Bakersfield, California age 16½

tv pitch-pussy  Morris the Cat   shilled for Nine Lives cat food; found in Hinsdale, Illinois shelter in 1960s
expired 1970s

Dave Garroway and J. Fred Today Show newschimp (1953-58)  J. Fred Muggs   the forerunner of Dan & Connie; co-anchored show with Dave Garroway; trained by Bud Mennella; still alive as of 3/15/2002; living with his "girlfriend" Phoebe B.Beebe, in Tampa
born 3-14-1952 French Cameroon

one butt-ugly mutt ugly dog contest winner  Sam   was a Chinese crested hairless; euthanized — suffering heart failure; was owned by Susan Lockheed
born 11-2?-1991
expired 11-18-2005 Santa Barbara, California age 14

race horse  Seabiscuit   beat War Admiral in a race (1938)
born 5-23-1933
expired 5-1-1947 age 13

1977 Triple Crown winner  Seattle Slew
expired 05-07-2002 near Lexington, Kentucky age 28

killer whale/entertainer  Shamu   currently splashin' tourists at the Texas Sea World theme park; first of his species to survive after being born in captivity
born 9-26-1985 in Orlando, Florida

Smokey ursine fire prevention advocate  Smokey Bear   as a badly singed cub rescued by conservation officer after 1950 forest fire; spent rest of life in the National Zoo; by the way, Smokey's zip code is 20252
¤originally named "Hot Foot Teddy" 

born 1950
expired 11-9-1976 in Washington, District of Columbia age 26

the beer besotted mutt Bud Light "Party Animal"  Spuds MacKenzie   debuted during 1987 Super Bowl; actually a female bull terrier
¤real name: Honey Tree Evil Eye 

expired 5-31-1993 in North Riverside, Illinois of kidney failure age 10

Madagascar radiated tortoise  Tu'i Malila   presented to the Royal Family of Tonga by explorer Capt. James Cook in 1773 or 1777
born 1770s
expired 5-14-1965 in Tonga age 188 or 192

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