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The American Civil War   1861 through 1865

The American Revolutionary War   1775 through 1783

The Bath School Bombing   May 18, 1927 school bombing that claimed 46 lives in Bath, Michigan
  • Arnold Victor Bauerle
  • Henry Bergan
  • Herman Bergan
  • Emilie Marian Bromundt (or "Bromund")
  • Robert F. Bromundt (or "Bromund")
  • Floyd Edwin Burnett
  • Russell J. Chapman
  • Guy Cleo Clayton
  • Forest Robert Cochran
  • Myrna (Gates) Coulter
  • Ralph Albert Cushman
  • Earl Edwin Ewing
  • Katherine Onalee Foote
  • Marjorie Fritz
  • Richard Fritz
  • Carlyle Walter Geisenhaver
  • Beatrice P. Gibbs
  • George P. Hall Jr.
  • Willa Marie Hall
  • Iola Irene Hart
  • Percy Eugene Hart
  • Vivian Oletta Hart
  • Blanche Elizabeth Harte (teacher)
  • Galen Lyle Harte
  • LaVerne Robert Harte
  • Stanley Horace Harte
  • Francis Otto Hoeppner
  • Cecial Lorn Hunter
  • Emory Eli Huyck (superintendant)
  • Doris Elaine Johns
  • Nellie Kehoe (bomber's wife)
  • Thelma Irene MacDonald
  • Clarence Wendell McFarren
  • Nelson McFarren (farmer)
  • James Emerson Medcoff
  • Emma Amelia Nickols
  • Richard Dibble Richardson
  • Elsie Mildred Robb
  • Pauline Mae Shirts
  • Glenn O. Smith (postmaster)
  • Hazel Iva Weatherby (teacher)
  • Elizabeth Jane Witchell
  • Lucile June Witchell
  • Harold LeMoyne Woodman
  • George Orval Zimmerman
  • Lloyd Zimmerman
  • Eva Babcock
  • George Babcock
  • Lloyd Babcock
  • Norris Babcock
  • Vera Babcock
  • Ruth M. Barnes
  • Anna Braska
  • Harold Burnett
  • Earl Chapman
  • Willis Cressman
  • M. Josephine Cushman
  • Arthur Delau
  • Ida Delau
  • Marcia Detloff
  • Adabelle Dolton
  • Iva Echstruth
  • Marian Eschtruth
  • Raymond Eschtruth
  • Josephine England
  • James Foster
  • Aletha Frederick
  • Dorothy Fulton
  • Mr. F.M. Fritz
  • Kenneth Geisenhaver
  • Miss Eva Gubbins (teacher)
  • Miss Leona Gutekunst (teacher)
  • Elva Hart
  • Neil Hart
  • Perry Hart
  • Helen E. Hobert
  • Ralph R. Hobert
  • Carlton E. Hollister
  • Donald J. Huffman
  • June Rose Huffman
  • Floyd C. Hugget
  • Florence Edith Hunter
  • Florence Komm
  • Helen Komm
  • Lester King
  • Miss Nina Matson (teacher)
  • Pauline Mae McCoy
  • Willis McCoy
  • AdaBelle McGonigal
  • Harold McKenzie
  • Lee Henry Mast
  • Thelma Medcoff
  • Ottelia Nickols
the Bath Consolidated School after explosion; half of the dynamite failed to detonate

Black Sox scandal   the 1919 plot by gamblers and some Chicago White Sox players to throw the World Series with Cincinnati; eight players were banned from baseball for life by the new commissioner; the basis for the movie Eight Men Out (1988)

World War II Bombing of Hiroshima, Japan   August 6, 1945; (Uranium) bomb name: "Little Boy", dropped from B-29 bomber #44-86292, nicknamed "Enola Gay"

A-Bomb known as 'Fatman' World War II Bombing of Nagasaki, Japan   August 9, 1945; (plutonium) bomb name: "Fat Man", dropped from plane nicknamed "Bockscar"; Kokura was the original target but clouds & smog obscured the city so Nagasaki got the nod

The Bombing of the Sixteenth Street Church   in Birmingham, Alabama on September 15, 1963

a can of tainted Vichyssoise United States Botulism Poisoning Incidents
"Cheese on salad" July 1914, Ocean Park California
2 dead: Eugene Lettig (d.7/30/14) & Mrs. Emma De Ford (d.7.31.1914)

Canned olives October 23, 1919, Detroit, Michigan
5 dead
2 incapacitated

Bottled olives January 1920, New York City
2 dead: Angelo & Joseph Delbene (d/1/17/1920)
several critically incapacitated: (including) Concetter & Joseph Delbene

Canned Spinach 1921, Michigan
8 dead

Tainted seafood September 1921, Staten Island, New York
4 dead

Jar of potted food 1922, Loch Maree, Scotland
29 incapacitated

Preserved beans & beets 1935, Morristown, New Jersey
2 dead: Cosimo Orlando (d.3/2/1935 age 50) & Benjamin Longo (d.3/3/1935 age 67)
3 critically incapacitated: Mrs. Cosimo Orlando, daughters Mary & Beulah Orlando (ages 21 & 23)

Smoked Great Lakes Whitefish October 1963, Botulism E
7 deaths in Michigan, Tennessee & Alabama
23 incapacitated

Bon Vivant Vichyssoise June/July 1971, New York area
1 dead, 2 criticaly incapacitated, by Type A botulism
involved 6,444 tainted cans (Lots #V-141/USA-71, V-110-USA-71 & 072-V-USA-67)
The Bon Vivant Soup Company was located at 166 Abington Ave in Newark, New Jersey
almost a million cans were destroyed in 1975 by Chemical Control Corp. of Elizabeth, New Jersey
Bon Vivant Soups Inc. was "reorganized" in November 1972 and began operation as Moore & Co., Inc.

Trini & Carmen's Hot Sauce March/April 1977, Pontiac, Michigan
0 dead, 59 incapacitated, by Type B botulism
involved 146 jars of home-canned green peppers used in their nacho sauce

Advanced Integrated Medical Center 2004, Oak Park, Florida
0 dead, 4 incapacitated by minimally-diluted raw botulism toxin

Castleberry Products July 2007, Augusta, Georgia
0 dead, 5 hospitalized by bad Hot Dog Chili Sauce

New Era Canning Co. of New Era, Michigan, December 2007-January 2008
0 dead, unknown number hospitalized, by undercooked #10 (institutional 6 to 7 pound) cans of products: green beans, chili beans, dark red kidney beans, garbanzo beans

In addition to these incidents there were 7 other deaths in 1963, 8 in 1964, 8 in 1865 and 2 in 1967.

U.S. Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion   January 28, 1986; astronauts killed aboard spacecraft following catastrophic explosion of outboard liquid hydrogen/oxygen tank

U.S. Space Shuttle Columbia Re-Entry Disintegration   February 1, 2003; astronauts killed aboard spacecraft following catastrophic vehicle failure during re-entry, approximately 200,000 feet over north-central Texas

The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald   launched June 7, 1958; it sank in Lake Superior during a gale at 7:15 p.m. on November 10, 1975, 17 miles NNW of Whitefish Point, Michigan

Joe Rosenthal's photo of the flag raising on Iwo Jima World War II Iwo Jima Flag Raising on Mt. Suribachi   February 23th, 1945; photo of the second flag raising was the basis for Felix de Weldon's Marine Corps Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery; this was the second enactment of that event — earlier that day a small detachment of Marines raised a smaller flag, whose raising was photographed by Army combat photographer Sgt. Lou Lowery

the Helter Skelter Murders   Summer 1969 murders committed by Charles Manson's band of druggie/hippie psychos
Also known as the Tate-LaBianca Murders (August 9 & 10, 1969)
8/9/69 murders occurred at 10050 Cielo Drive

United States Hepatitis A Poisoning Incidents
Chi-Chi's Restaurant, Beaver Valley Mall (25 miles NW of Pittsburgh) October/November 2003
3 dead, almost 600 infected/sickend by Type A Hepatitis
Contaminated scallions (green onions)

Crash of the airship Hindenburg   (LZ-129) May 6, 1937 at Lakehurst, New Jersey; 39 Dead & 64 survivors
      Passenger Victims  
  • Ernst Rudolf Angers (Dresden)
  • Dr. Birge Brink (Stockholm)
  • Hermann Doehner (Mexico City)
  • Miss Irene Doehner (Mexico City)
  • Curtis Dolan (Chicago)
  • Edward H. Douglas (New York City)
  • Fritz Erimann (Halle, Germany)
  • Otto C. Ernest (Hamburg)
  • Moritz Feibusch (Lincoln, Nebraska)
  • Reikart Gruber
  • H. Jackson (Dusseldorf)
  • Erich Knoescher (Zeulenroda, Germany)
  • Emma Pannes (New York City)
  • John Pannes (New York City)
  • Otto Reichold (Vienna)

      Crew Victims  

  • Walter Bahnholzer (mechanic)
  • Alfred Bernhardt (helmsman)
  • Rudy Biallas (mechanic)
  • Wilhelm Dimmler (engineer)
  • Herbert Dowe (radio operator)
  • Franz Eichelmann (radio operator)
  • Ludwig Feldber (elevatorman)
  • Fritz Flackus (cook)
  • Albert Holderried (mechanic)
  • Ernst Huchel (elevatorman)
  • Frau Imhoff (stewardess)
  • Ludwig Knorr (chief rigger)
  • Captain Ernst Lehmann
  • Robert Moser (mechanic)
  • Richard Mueller (cook)
  • Alois Reisacher (mechanic)
  • Willy Scheef (mechanic)
  • Ernest Schlapp (electrician)
  • Joseph Schreibmueller (mechanic)
  • Max Schulze (steward)
  • Willy Speck (chief radio operator)
  • Erich Spehl (rigger)
  • Alfred Stoeckle (mechanic)

      Other Victims  

  • Allen Hagaman (ground crew)
      Surviving Passengers  
  • Gertrude Adelt (Berlin)
  • Leonhard Adelt (Berlin)
  • Ferdinand Lammot Belin Jr. (Washington D.C.)
  • Pierre Belin (Washington D.C.)
  • Karl Otto Clemens (Bonn)
  • Mrs. Mathielde Doehner (Mexico City)
  • Walter Doehner (Mexico City, age 12)
  • Werner Doehner (Mexico City; age 8)
  • Elsa Ernest (Hamburg)
  • George Grant (London)
  • Frank Herzog
  • Rudolf von Hiedenstamm (Stockholm)
  • Capt. Allen Charles Higgins (London)
  • Klaus Hinkelbein (Schwaebisch Hall)
  • George W. Hirschfeld (Bremen)
  • Mrs. Maria Kleemann (Bad Homberg, Germany)
  • Joseph Lebrecht
  • William Leuchtenberg (Larchmont, N.Y.)
  • Philip Mather Mangone (New York City)
  • Mrs. Margaret G. Mather
  • Col. Nelson Morris (Chicago)
  • Herbert James O'Laughlin (Chicago)
  • Clifford Osburn (Park Ridge, Illinois)
  • Theodore Ritter
  • Joseph Spaeh (Douglaston, N.Y.)
  • Ray Fields Stahler
  • William Stett
  • Emil Stockle (Frankfurt-am-Main)
  • Hans Vinholt (Copenhagen)
  • Hans Hugo Witt (Barth, Germany)
  • James Young
      Surviving Crew  
  • Wilhelm Balla (steward)
  • Heinrich Bauer (watch officer)
  • Kurt Bauer (navigator)
  • Eugen Bentele (mechanic)
  • Eduard Boetius (elevatorman)
  • Fritz Deeg (steward)
  • August Deutschle (mechanic)
  • Jonny Doerflein (mechanic)
  • Adolf Fischer (mechanic)
  • Werner Franz (cabin boy)
  • Hans Freund (rigger)
  • Alfred Groezinger (cook)
  • Max Henneberg (steward)
  • Franz Herzog (navigator)
  • Severin Klein (steward)
  • Richard Kolmer (mechanic)
  • Heinrich Kubis (steward)
  • Helmut Lau (helsman)
  • Joseph Leibrecht (electrician)
  • Philip Lentz (chief electrician)
  • Xavier Maier (chief cook)
  • Christian Nielsen (navigator)
  • Egon Nunnenmacher (steward)
  • Captain Max Preuss
  • Theodore Ritter (mechanic)
  • Dr. Ruediger (ship's physician)
  • Albert Sammt (watch officer)
  • Rudolf Sauter (chief engineer)
  • Raphael Schaedler (mechanic)
  • Eugen Schaeuble (engineer)
  • Kurt Schoenherr (4th officer)
  • Egon Schweikard (radio operator)
  • Wilhelm Steeb (mechanic)
  • Albert Stoeffler (cook)
  • Captain Anton Wittemann (observer)
  • Walter Zeigler (watch officer)
  • Max Zabel (navigator)
  • German Zettel (mechanic)
Hindenburg crash

The Korean War   1950 through 1953

Kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby   1932

May 28, 1963 Lunch Counter Sit-In Protest   at the F.W. Woolworth store in Jackson, Mississippi
Group of

Group of


  • James Beard
  • Lois Chaffee
  • Perlena Lewis
  • Memphis Norman
  • George Raymond
  • Walter Williams

World War II Manhattan Project   to build an Atomic Bomb
`Little Boy' and `Fat Man'

20th Century Maritime Disasters
Andrea Doria
on July 25, 1956 was t-boned in the fog by the Stockholm when both captains turned the wrong way to avoid collision; sank the next day
Cap Arcona
In late April 1945 the SS packed the ship with prisoners from the Neuengamme concentration camp; on May 3, 1945 the RAF, thinking they were bombing a troop transport, sank the ship with 4,000 to 6,000 casualties
Edmund Fitzgerald
On the night of November 10, 1975 went down in Lake Superior storm; 29 casualties
Eastland disaster
On July 27, 1915 the Great Lakes excursion vessel Eastland rolled over while still moored at its dock in the Chicago River; 844 died. The vessel was raised & refitted as a Naval vessel (U.S.S. Wilmette)
RMS Empress of Ireland
Early in the morning of May 29, 1914 the passenger liner was t-boned by the Norwegian collier Storstad in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence; it sank in 14 minutes with 1,014 casualties
General Slocum
June 15, 1904 excursion boat fire in New York City's East River that claimed 1,021 St. Mark's Lutheran Church Sunday School cruise passengers. Vessel owned by the Knickerbocker Steamboat Company. Also See: Captain William van Schaick
General von Steuben
Former luxury liner used to evacuate wounded soldiers & civilians from East Prussia, early in the morning hours of February 10, 1945 Captain Alexander Marinesko of the Soviet submarine S-13 torpedoed the ship in the Baltic Sea; around 4,500+ wounded soldiers, women and children drowned or froze to death in the ice-choked water (out of 10,500+ aboard)
Sunk in the Baltic in April 1945 by a soviet submarine with a loss of life in the 6,000 to 7,000 range
Lancastria (original name: Tyrrhenia) Oh the humanity ... the beached S.S. Minnow
On June 17, 1940 the ship was being used to evacuate British troops from France; ignoring capacity limits, the purser stopped counting after loading over 6,000; the ship was bombed by German planes with 3,500 to more than 5,500 casualties; the file on the episode is sealed until 2040
RMS Lusitania
On May 7, 1915 Kapitanleutnant Walther Schwieger of the submarine U-20 put his last torpedo into the side of the liner 11 miles off the coast of Ireland (Old Head of Kinsale); the coal dust in an empty fuel bunker ignited, causing a massive explosion; she went down by the head in 20 minutes with a loss of 1,198 lives
S.S. Minnow
It left port for a three hour tour ... the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was toss't, if not for the courage of the fearless crew, the Minnow would be lost ... 
Mont Blanc & Imo
On the morning of December 6, 1917 the steamship Imo t-boned the steamship Mont Blanc in the Halifax, Nova Scotia harbor. The Mont Blanc, ablaze with 35 tons of benzol on deck, drifted into the docks, setting some on fire. The shipboard fire finally got to the rest of the cargo (200 tons of TNT, 10 tons of guncotton & 2300 tons of picric acid) and the ship disintegrated in the resulting blast (equiv. to 2.9 kilotons), killing between 1600 and 1900 people outright and injuring thousands more.
Morro Castle
on night of September 8, 1934 caught fire off New Jersey coast; 137 casualties
RMS Titanic
Late on the night of April 14, 1912 the passenger liner side-swiped an iceberg, sinking several hours later; over 1,500 people died
Wilhelm Gustloff
Former cruise ship used to evacuate wounded military & civilians from East Prussia, early in the morning hours of January 31, 1945 Captain Alexander Marinesko of the Soviet submarine S-13 torpedoed the ship in the Baltic Sea; around 9,600+ wounded soldiers, women and children drowned or froze to death in the ice-choked water

First Moon Landing   Apollo 11 mission, July 20, 1969

Atlantic, Gulf and West Indies Steamship Corp. cruise vessel Morro Castle   caught fire September 8, 1934 off New Jersey shore resulting in 137 casualties; the burned-out hulk went aground 50 yards off Asbury Park

The 1917 Russian Revolution   events surrounding the overthrow of the Russian monarchy, civil war, and formation of the Soviet Union

Scopes "Monkey Trial"   1925; subject of the movie Inherit the Wind (1960)

Teapot Dome scandal   established in 1915 as a naval oil reserve near Casper, Wyoming, it was transferred to the Interior Department in 1921 and then leased in a sweetheart deal; congress caught on in 1922 and blew the whistle

Sinking of the Titanic   April 14 & 15, 1912, 06:47 UTC (01:47 EST) [visit the Encyclopedia Titanica comprehensive website]
    artists rendering of Titanic sinking (from `A Night To Remember' cover)
picture of iceberg alleged to have sunk the Titanic
The Iceberg

The Vietnam War   1954 through April 30, 1975 (the fall of Saigon)

The War of 1812   1812 through 1814

Watergate   Started with a breakin at Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office (9/3/71) followed by breakin at Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate Complex (6/17/1972) and the subsequent Coverup (1972-74)

revenge "hit" popularly known as the Wonderland Murders   Named the "Four on the Floor Murders" by L.A. Police Authorities
July 1, 1981 bludgeoning attack at 8736 Wonderland Avenue in L.A.'s Laurel Canyon that left four dead & one near death
The crime was featured in the movies Boogie Nights & Wonderland

World War I   1914 through 1919

World War II   1936 through 1945

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