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     This web page is the gateway to the Caskets On Parade Book of the Dead obituary listings. The usual method of arriving at this page is through a search for the phrase "book of the dead".

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  •      If you are looking for one of the various documents from antiquity that are said to be a Book of the Dead select one of the other pages from the search engine list that brought you to this page.

         Caskets on Parade is a Dead Pool contest that has been run since 1978. We have kept a compilation of deaths since the beginning of the contest and have been published that listing, originally annually on paper, since the early 1980s. We titled that compilation the Book of the Dead. Since 1996 that document has been published electronically via computer bulletin board and the on the Internet

         More recently the database has also included a listing of people that are still alive but might be considered as a selection by an entrant in our contest. That listing is found here & is referred to as Grim Reaper Targets of Opportunity.

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