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to next U.S. president: Abraham Lincolnto previous U.S. president: Franklin Pierce 15th U.S. president (1857-61)  James McGill Buchanan   failed to head off the Civil War; sent troops to capture John Brown
born on 4-23-1791 in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania
expired 6-1-1868 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania   age 77
AFL lineman  Junius "Buck" Buchanan
born on 9-10-1940 in Birmingham, Alabama
expired 7-16-1992   age 51
Zontar --- kept at bay by a blowtorch?! grade Z tv movie director  Larry Buchanan   made Mars Needs Women (1967) & Zontar, the Thing from Venus (a 1966 remake of It Conquered the World)
¤born: Marcus Larry Seale Jr. 
born on 1-31-1923 in Mexia, Texas
expired 12-2-2004 in Tucson, Airzona   age 81   cause: complications from collapsed lung
World War I military veteran  Russell A. Buchanan
born on 1-24-1900 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
expired 12-6-2006 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 106   cause: pneumonia; heart attack; stroke
actor  William Edgar Buchanan   dentist, head of Oral Surgery at Eugene Oregon Hospital (1929-1937); Petticoat Junction's Uncle Joe (1963-70)
¤real name: J.J. Jackson 
born on 3-20-1903 in Humansville, Missouri
expired 4-4-1979 in Palm Desert, California   age 76   cause: complications following brain surgery
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO, RR15.4%
   Scored 3 points

U.S.S. Pueblo commander  Lloyd Marvin Bucher   captain of ship seized in international waters by North Korean torpedo boat on 1-23-1968 during Vietnam War; held prisoner for 11 months (tortured severly), then threatened with a general courts-martial by Pentagon REMFs
¤born: Don (or Donald)   ?????  
nicknames: "Pete", "Mark" 
born on 9-1-1929 in Pocatello, Idaho
expired 1-28-2004 in Poway, California   age 74   cause: complications from injuries sustained during 1968 torture
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author  Lothar-Günther Buchheim   wrote Das Boot (1973)
born on 2-6-1918 in Weimar, Germany
expired 2-22-2007 in Stamberg, Bavaria, Germany   age 89   cause: heart failure
AKS: Guenther
actor  Horst Buchholz   played Chico in The Magnificent Seven (1960), Marius in Fanny (1961) & Otto Piffl in One, Two, Three (1961)
born on 12-4-1933 in Berlin, Germany
expired 3-3-2003 in Berlin, Germany   age 69   cause: complications from a broken thighbone
movie writer and producer  Sidney Buchman   wrote screenplays for Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) & Here Comes Mr. Jordan (1941); in 1953 got one year in the slammer for Contempt of Congress; Congress never got their due for Contempt of the Constitution
born on 3-27-1902 in Duluth, Minnesota
expired 8-23-1975 in Cannes, France   age 73
1907 Nobel prize winner in chemistry  Eduard Buchner   discoverer non-cellular fermentation
born on 5-20-1860 in München, Bavaria, Germany
expired 8-12-1917 in München, Bavaria, Germany   age 57   cause: combat wounds
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in April 1965 former Washington D.C.-based newspaper columnist  Arthur Buchwald   currently thumbing nose at death from the comfort of a Cape Code cottage; eventually death will always win; the phrase "bomb them back to the stone age" is attributed to a June 1967 column of his
born on 10-20-1925 in Mount Vernon, New York
expired 1-17-2007 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 81   cause: kidney failure
   Contest Selectors
2003RAVN, TAP11.1%
   Scored 4.4049 points

AKS: Buckwald
wild animal hunter  Frank Buck   he "brought 'em back alive"
born on 3-17-1884 in Gainesville, Texas
expired 3-25-1950 in Houston, Texas   age 66
Baseball Hall of Fame radio announcer  John Francis "Jack" Buck   did play-by-play for the St. Louis Cardinals (1954-2001)
born on 8-21-1924 in Holyoke, Massachusetts
expired 6-18-2002 in Saint Louis, Missouri   age 77   cause: lung cancer
   Contest Selectors
2002 DTM, JL18.2%
   Scored 6.0500 points

movie producer  Jules Buck
born on 7-30-1917 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 7-19-2001 in Paris, Île-de-France, France   age 83   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
1938 Nobel & 1931 Pulitzer prize-winning author  Pearl Comfort Sydenstricker Buck   wrote The Good Earth (1931)
¤surname at death: Walsh 
born on 6-26-1892 in Hillsboro, West Virginia
expired 3-6-1973 in Danby, Vermont   age 80
10,000 Maniacs guitarist  Robert N. Buck
born on 8-1-1958
expired 12-19-2000 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 42   cause: multiple organ failure; liver failure
former preschool worker  Peggy McMartin Buckey   victim of psycho-quackery & criminally-inept police work (1983)
born on 11-18-1926
expired 12-15-2000 in Torrance, California   age 74
last Doughboy (surviving World War I U.S. Army military veteran)  Frank Woodruff Buckles
born on 2-1-1901 in Bethany, Harrison County, Missouri, United State of America
expired 2-27-2011 in Charles Town, West Virginia   age 110
   Contest Selectors
2008DFFC, JCM, MORB, PCD, RIE, RR, 4GUE21.9%
2009DFFC, JCM, MORB, PCD, RIE, RR20.0%

former Army Air Corps Sgt.  Edward K. Buckley   radar operator aboard the Bockscar (B-29 that nuked Nagasaaki)
born on 8-16-1913 in Lisbon, Ohio
expired 6-??-1981   age 67   cause: throat cancer
Vietnam War army nurse (1969-70)  Lynda Van Devanter Buckley   served a the 71st Evacuation Hospital (Pleiku); her autobiography, Home Before Morning (1983), inspired the China Beach tv series
born on 5-27-1947 in Arlington, Virginia
expired 11-15-2002 in Hearndon, Virginia   age 55   cause: system collagen vascular disease
AKS: Linda
 Michael Buckley   had been the boyfriend of Lisa Shoemaker & another victim of Dr. Acer
¤aka: Patient F" 
born on 8-18-1962
expired 2-9-1994 in Port Saint Lucie, Florida   age 31   cause: AIDS
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in May 1970 conservative talker  William Frank Buckley Jr.   founded National Review
born on 11-24-1925 in New York, New York
expired 2-27-2008 in Stamford, Connecticut   age 82   cause: emphysema; diabetes
   Contest Selectors
2003JEDS, MJ11.1%
2007ANG, TFM6.5%
2008DGW, TFM6.3%
   Scored 5.5500 points

Colonel  Maurice James Buckmaster   head of the World War II British Special Operations Executive F Section
born on 1-11-1902
expired 4-17-1992   age 90
jazz keyboardist  Milt Buckner
born on 7-10-1915 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 7-27-1977 in Chicago, Illinois   age 62   cause: acute congestive heart failure
Baroness  Moura Budberg   mistress of Maxim Gorky and H.G. Wells
expired 11-1-1974 in London, England   age 82
old-time Cossak/Bolshevik cavalry officer Marshall  Semyon Mikhailovich Budenny   put down White Russian resistance to Lenin's Communist coup
born on 4-25-1883
expired 10-27-1973 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 90
longtime communist  Louis Francis Budenz   one-time editor of the U.S. Daily Worker & member of U.S. Communist Party Central Committee; denounced party in 1945, spent years denouncing everyone as one of Joe McCarthy's "mystery witnesses"
born on 7-17-1891 in Indianapolis, Indiana
expired 4-27-1972 in Newport, Rhode Island   age 80
to 1938 award winnerto 1936 award winner tennis great  John Donald Budge   won 1937 Sullivan Award; won tennis' Grand Slam in 1938
born on 6-13-1915 in Oakland, California
expired 1-26-2000 in Scranton, Pennsylvania   age 84   cause: cardiac arrest; complications from December 14, 1999 auto accident
   Contest Selectors
2000 IVY, RR29%
   Scored 5.3500 points

physicist  Gersh Itskovich Budker
born on 5-1-1918
expired 7-4-1977 in Akademgorodok, Siberia, Russia, USSR   age 59   cause: heart attack
automotive designer  Gordon M. Buehrig   designed the Cord 810 (1935)
born on 6-18-1904 in Mason City, Illinois
expired 1-22-1990 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan   age 86   cause: heart failure
physician  Manuel Artime Buesa   leader of the 4/17/1961 Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba by "Exile Brigade 250"
expired 11-17-1977 in Miami, Florida   age 45   cause: liver & pancreatic cancer
retired teacher  Thelma Kaualulehuaoaiku Sproat Bugbee   became a songwriter; was one of the last native speakers of the Hawaiian language
¤nickname: "Auntie Thelma" 
born on 1-23-1911 in Territory of Hawaii
expired 7-26-2004 in Honolulu, Hawaii   age 93
auto company founder  David Dunbar Buick
born on 9-17-1854 in Arbroath, Scotland
expired 3-5-1929 in Detroit, Michigan   age 74   cause: colon cancer
Sorbonne professor  Ferdinand Édouard Buisson   his pacifism earned him a share of the 1927 Nobel peace prize
born on 12-20-1841 in Paris, Île-de-France, France
expired 2-16-1932 in Thieuloy-Saint-Antone, France   age 90   cause: heart disease
AKS: Edouard
conductor  Igor Buketoff
born on 5-29-1915 in Hartford, Connecticut
expired 9-7-2001 in New York, New York   age 86
street poet, novelist, screenwriter (Barfly)  Henry Charles Bukowski Jr.
born on 8-16-1920 in Andermach, Germany
expired 3-9-1994   age 73
former Soviet premier (1955-58)  Nikolai Aleksandrovich Bulganin
born on 6-11-1895 in Nizhni-Novgorod, Russia (now Gorky)
expired 2-24-1975 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 79
artillery deisgner  Gerald Vincent Bull   lead researcher on the High Altitude Research Project; at time of death building a supergun for Iraq
born on 3-9-1928 in North Bay, Ontario, Canada
expired 3-22-1990 in Brussels, Belgium   age 62   cause: assassinated
geophysicist Sir  Edward Bullard   pioneered theory of Pangea supercontinent
born on 9-21-1907 in Norwich, England
expired 4-3-1980 in La Jolla, California   age 72   cause: cancer
Texas political hack  Robert D. "Bob" Bullock
born on 7-10-1929 in Hillsboro, Texas
expired 6-18-1999 in Austin, Texas   age 69   cause: congestive heart failure
really bad author  Edward George Bulwer-Lytton   wrote The Last Days of Pompeii (1834); infamous for the opening sentence "It was a dark and stormy night"
¤title: 1st Baron Lytton 
born on 5-15-1803 in London, England
expired 1-18-1873 in Torquay, England   age 69
oceanographer (1937-79)  Dean Franklin Bumpus   as a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution researcher had hundreds of thousands of bottles dumped into the Atlantic Ocean to track the currents
born on 5-11-1912 in Newburyport, Massachusetts
expired 3-14-2002 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts   age 89
movie production designer  Lloyd Henry Bumstead   you saw his work in such movies as Vertigo (1958), To Kill A Mockingbird (1962), The Sting (1973), Slap Shot (1977), Mystic River, Unforgiven (1992), & Million Dollar Baby (2004)
born on 3-17-1915 in Ontario, California
expired 5-24-2006 in Pasadena, California   age 91   cause: prostate cancer
1950 Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr.  Ralph Johnson Bunche
born on 8-7-1904 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 12-9-1971 in New York, New York   age 67   cause: kidney failure; diabetes; heart disease
JFK & LBJ National Security Adviser  McGeorge Bundy   no relation to Ted or Al; played key role in Bay of Pigs invasion, Cuban Missle Crisis and Vietnam Buildup - what a jackass
born on 3-30-1919 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 9-16-1996 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 77   cause: heart attack
serial murderer  Theodore Robert "Ted" Bundy   " made me do it..."
born on 11-24-1946 in Burlington, Vermont
expired 1-24-1989 in Starke, Florida   age 42   cause: executed; "Old Sparky"
LBJ Assistant Secretary of State (1964-69)  William Putnam Bundy   older brother of McGeorge
born on 9-24-1917 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 10-6-2000 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 83   cause: heart ailment
novelist  Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin   received the 1933 Nobel prize in literature
born on 10-10-1870 in Voronezh, Russia
expired 11-8-1953 in Paris, Île-de-France, France   age 83   cause: heart attack
tv puppeteer  Morey Bunin   created the CBS kiddie show The Adventures of Lucky Pup in 1948; two characters on that show became so popular (inept magician Foodini & dumb assistant Pinhead) the show was eventually written around them and renamed Foodini the Great (puppets voiced by Bunin and Hope Shippee (Bunin's first wife), respectively)
born on 4-15-1910
expired 2-26-1997 in Woodstock, New York   age 86
"Siamese twin"  Chang Bunker
born on 5-11-1811 in Meklong, Thailand
expired 1-17-1874 in Mount Airy, North Carolina   age 62
U.S. ambassador to South Vietnam  Elsworth Bunker
born on 5-11-1894 in Yonkers, New York
expired 9-27-1984 in Brattleboro, Vermont   age 90
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO7.7%
1980 DO6.3%

"Siamese twin"  Eng Bunker
born on 5-11-1811 in Meklong, Thailand
expired 1-17-1874 in Mount Airy, North Carolina   age 62   cause: "fright," two hours after Chang
the Bunn-O-Matic coffee maker caffeine-o-phile  George Regan Bunn   Bunn-O-Matic coffee maker inventor (1957)
born on 8-5-1915
expired 12-7-2002 in Springfield, Illinois   age 87
 Luis Buñuel Portolés   directed Bell de Jour (1967)
born on 2-22-1900 in Calanda, Teruel, Aragón, Spain
expired 7-28-1983 in Mexico City, Mexico   age 83   cause: cirrhosis of the liver
AKS: Bunuel Portoles
to next Pope: Sixtus Vto previous Pope: Pius V Catholic Church leader (1572-1585)  Ugo Buoncampagni   elected 227th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church May 13, 1572; reformed the Julian Calendar with edict in 1578 (giving us the Gregorian Calendar): made centennial years NOT leap years, except for centennial years divisible by 400 ("unofficial" rule has centennial years divisible by 4,000 still not leap years); Thursday October 4, 1582 was followed by Friday October 15, 1582; Britain converted to Gregorian Calendar in 1752, dropping 11 days from September of that year
¤Pope Gregory XIII 
born on 1-7-1502 in Bologna, Italy
expired 4-10-1585 in Rome, Italy   age 83
auto upholsterer  Angelo Buono Jr.   half of L.A.'s Hillside Strangler serial murder team
born on 10-5-1934
expired 9-21-2002 in Calipatria State Penitentiary, California   age 67
character actor  Victor Charles Buono   Omnivore Rex; played tv Batman villain King Tut
born on 2-3-1938 in San Diego, California
expired 1-1-1982 in Apple Valley, California   age 43   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
1979 RR7.7%

retired Ford Motor Company executive  Moyer MacClaren Bupp   as a child actor played Charles Foster Kane Jr. in Citizen Kane (1941)
¤childhood nickname: "Sonny"
adult nickname: "Mac" 
born on 1-10-1928 in New York, New York
expired 11-1-2007 in Henderson, Nevada   age 79
AKS: MacLaren
horticulturist  Luther Burbank   namesake of California city
born on 3-7-1849 in Lancaster, Massachusetts
expired 4-11-1926 in Santa Rosa, California   age 77
physicist, astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist  Geoffrey Ronald Burbidge   (with Hoyle, Fowler & wife Margaret) was the co-discoverer of how elements are synthesized within stars (1957)
born on 9-24-1925 in Chipping Norton, England
expired 1-26-2010 in San Diego, California   age 84
old peer Sir  Herbert Dudley Burbidge
born on 11-13-1904
expired 3-31-2001 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada   age 98
AKS: Burbridge
former FCC chairman  Dean Burch
born on 12-20-1927 in Enid, Oklahoma
expired 8-4-1991   age 63
etymologist  Robert William Burchfield   former editor of the Oxford English Dictionary (1971-84)
born on 1-27-1923 in Wanganui, New Zealand
expired 7-5-2004 in Abingdon, England   age 81   cause: Parkinson's disease
former CBS correspondent  Winston Burdett   one of "Murrow's Boys"
born on 12-12-1913 in Buffalo, New York
expired 5-19-1993 in Rome, Italy   age 79
former major league pitcher (1950-67)  Selva Lewis Burdette Jr.
born on 11-22-1926 in Nitro, West Virginia
expired 2-6-2007 in Winter Garden, Florida   age 80
   Contest Selectors
2002DTM, JL18.2%
2004ANG, DTM11.1%
2006DTM, SPIT6.7%
2007DTM, PCD, SPIT9.7%
   Scored 5.1250 points

author  Eugene Leonard Burdick   co-author of The Ugly American (1958) and Fail-Safe (1962)
born on 12-12-1918 in Sheldon, Iowa
expired 7-26-1965 in San Diego, California   age 46   cause: heart attack; diabetes
North Dakota Senator  Quentin Northrop Burdick
born on 6-19-1908 in Munich, North Dakota
expired 9-8-1992   age 84
Reagan's first EPA administrator (1981-2)  Anne Irene McGill Gorsuch Burford   got into trouble with congress and had to bail
born on 4-21-1942 in Casper, Wyoming
expired 7-18-2004 in Aurora, Colorado   age 62   cause: cancer
retired USC chemistry professor Dr.  Anton Behme Burg   expert on the element Boron's properties; during one experiment produced a byproduct molecule that later became known as Teflon when a duPont researcher discovered it
born on 10-18-1904 in Dallas City, Illinois
expired 11-19-2003 in Los Angeles, California   age 99
retired Chief Justice  Warren Earl Burger
born on 9-17-1907 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
expired 6-25-1995   age 87
   Contest Selectors
1980 BD, EK, JH18.8%

Shaker Sister  Mary Frances Burgess   joined the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearance in 1939; her death left only six remaining members of the sect
born on 2-10-1920
expired 6-18-2001 in New Gloucester, Maine   age 81
author  Thornton Waldo Burgess   wrote the Peter Rabbit stories
born on 1-14-1874 in Sandwich, Massachusetts
expired 6-5-1965 in Hampden, Massachusetts   age 91
retired Admiral  Arleigh Albert Burke
born on 10-19-1901 in Boulder, Colorado
expired 1-1-1996   age 94
actress  Billie Burke   played Glinda, the Good Witch of the North in The Wizard of Oz (1939); wife of Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
¤born: Mary William Elthelbert Appleton Burke 
born on 8-6-1886 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 5-14-1970 in Los Angeles, California   age 83
Miss America 1940  Frances Marie Burke
¤Mrs. Lawrence Kenney 
born on 4-29-1921 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 11-13-2005   age 84
AKS: Francis
ex-baseball player  Glenn Lawrence Burke
born on 11-16-1952 in Oakland, California
expired 5-30-1995 in San Leandro, California   age 42   cause: AIDS
composer  Joseph "Joe" Burke   co-wrote Tip-Toe Through the Tulips for Gold Diggers of Broadway (1929)
born on --1884 in Philadelphia, New York
expired 12-17-1942 in New York, New York   age 58
actor  Paul R. Burke   played detective Adam Flint on The Naked City tv police drama (1960-63)
born on 7-21-1926 in New Orleans, Louisiana, United State of America
expired 9-12-2009 in Palm Springs, California   age 83   cause: leukemia; non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
Trek Bicycle Corp. co-founder (1976)  Richard Alexander Burke Jr.
born on 6-4-1934 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-10-2008 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin   age 73   cause: complications from heart surgery
soul singer  Solomon M. Burke
¤born: James Solomon McDonald
aka: "The King of Rock 'N Soul" 
born on 3-21-1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 10-10-2010 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands   age 70
Melvin clearing up his sinus congestion circus sideshow geek  Clarence Melvin Burkhart   pounded nails into his head
¤aka: "The Human Blockhead
born on 2-16-1907 in Atlanta, Georgia
expired 11-8-2001 in Sun City, Florida   age 94
philosopher & computing pioneer  Arthur Walter Burks   worked on the team that built the Eniac; collaberator with John von Neumann; spent 4 decades teaching at the University of Michigan
born on 10-13-1915 in Duluth, Minnesota
expired 5-14-2008 in Ann Arbor, Michigan   age 92   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
virologist Sir  Frank Macfarlane Burnet   shared the 1960 for the discovery of acquired immunological tolerance
born on 9-3-1899 in Traralgon, Victoria, Australia
8-31-1985 in Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia   age 85   cause: colorectal cancer
Delta blues singer/guitarist  Chester Arthur Burnett
¤aka: "Howlin' Wolf" 
born on 6-20-1910 in West Point, Mississippi
expired 1-10-1976 in Chicago, Illinois   age 65   cause: complications from kidney disease
ad agency founder  Leo Burnett
born on 10-21-1891 in Saint Johns, Michigan
expired 6-7-1971 in Lake Zurich, Illinois   age 79
high school teacher  Murray Burnett   co-wrote 1938 unproduced play Everybody Comes to Rick's; it became the 1942 movie Casablanca; because he really liked the song, he specified in the plot that Rick & Ilsa's "song" was As Time Goes By
born on 12-28-1910 in New York, New York
expired 9-15-1997 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 86   cause: heart failure
actor & songwriter  Lester Alvin "Smiley" Burnette   Gene Autry's sidekick; played Charley Pratt, engineer of the C&FW railroad's Hooterville Cannonball on Petticoat Junction
born on 3-18-1911 in Summum, Illinois
expired 2-16-1967 in Encino, California   age 55
Eisenhower Surgeon General Dr.  Leroy Edgar Burney   first Federal official to identifiy smoking as a cause of lung cancer
born on 12-31-1906 in Burney, Indiana
expired 7-31-1998 in Park Ridge, Illinois   age 91
securities firm founder  Isaac Wolf Burnham II   headed Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc. - later wrecked by junk bond trader Michael Milken
born on 1-7-1909 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 6-24-2002 in Norfolk, Virginia   age 93   cause: heart attack
economist  Arthur Frank Burns   former chairman of the Federal Reserve Board (1970-78)
born on 4-27-1904 in Stanislau, Austria-Hungary
expired 6-26-1987 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 83
   Contest Selectors
1980 DH6.3%

interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in June 1978 centenarian actor/comedian  George Burns   husband of Gracie Allen
¤born: Nathan Birnbaum 
born on 1-20-1896 in New York, New York
expired 3-9-1996 in Beverly Hills, California   age 100
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO, HA, JH, MM, MS, RR, SB, YJ61.5%
1980 BB, DH, DO, DR, DW, EB, EK, HA, HP, JH, MM, RR, VA81.3%

former Hawaiian governor (1963-74)  John Anthony Burns
born on 3-30-1909 in Fort Assinneboine, Montana
expired 4-5-1975 in Kaiwi, Oahu, Hawaii   age 66   cause: colon cancer
comedian  Kenneth C. Burns   better known as Jethro in the Homer and Jethro country music comedy team
born on 3-10-1920 in Conasauga, Tennessee
expired 2-4-1989 in Evanston, Illinois   age 68   cause: prostate cancer
Klansman & FBI informant  Mitchell A. Burns   tape recorded conversations with Thomas Blanton Jr. (1960s); testified against him & Bobby Frank Cherry at their trials for the murders of four girls in a 1963 church bombing
born on 5-30-1927
expired 11-19-2002 in Birmingham, Alabama   age 75   cause: heart attack
former NHL coach (1988-2004)  Patrick Burns   coached the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins & New Jersey Devils; 3-time winner of the Jack Adams Trophy for coaching excellence
born on 4-4-1952 in Saint Henri, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
expired 11-19-2010 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada   age 58   cause: lung cancer; liver cancer; colon cancer; puck cancer
   Contest Selectors
2010DTM, LMLD, RAVN11.1%
   Scored 7.3250 points

comedy writer  Stanley Burns   won 1972 Emmy for writing on the Carol Burnett Show
born on 9-4-1923
expired 11-5-2002 in San Fernando Valley, California   age 79   cause: heart failure
Civil War Army of the Potomac commander (1862) General  Ambrose Everett Burnside   known for his style of letting his hair grow down beside his ears ... that growth became known as "side-burns"
born on 5-23-1824 in Liberty, Indiana
expired 9-13-1881 in Bristor, Rhode Island   age 57
former West Virginia rep. (1949-53 & 1955-57)  Maurice Gwinn Burnside
born on 8-23-1902 in near Columbia, South Carolina
expired 2-12-1991   age 88
bluesman  Robert Lee "Rural" Burnside
born on 11-23-1926 in Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi
expired 9-1-2005 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 78
mail order seed merchant  David Burpee   head of W. Atlee Burpee Co. (1915-70); son of company founder
born on 4-5-1893 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 6-24-1980 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania   age 87
seed company founder (1876)  Washington Atlee Burpee
born on 4-5-1858 in Sheffield, New Brunswick, Canada
expired 11-26-1915 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania   age 57
New York senator (1791-97) & Jefferson 1st term vice president (1801-05)  Aaron Burr   shot/fatally wounded Alexander Hamilton in July 11, 1804 duel at Weehawken on the Hudson (New Jersey); tried (and acquitted) of treason (1807)
born on 2-6-1756 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 9-14-1836 in Staten Island, New York   age 80   cause: strokes
actor  Raymond William Stacy Burr   played Perry Mason and Ironsides on tv
born on 5-21-1917 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
expired 9-12-1993   age 79
   Contest Selectors
1980 VA6.3%

former L.A. County Sheriff's deputy  Roy J. "Rusty" Burrell   baliff at trials of Caryl Chessman, Charles Manson & Patty Hearst; later acted as baliff on The People's Court tv series
born on 11-17-1925 in Metropolis, Illinois
expired 4-15-2002 in Rosemead, California   age 76   cause: lung cancer
author  Edgar Rice Burroughs   created Tarzan; wrote The Land That Time Forgot and At The Earth's Core; just happened to be visiting Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, stayed on in Hawaii as a war correspondent
born on 9-1-1875 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-19-1950 in Encino, California   age 74
machinist  Louis "Lou" Burroughs   co-founded Electro-Voice Inc. (1927)
born on 7-29-1903
expired 1-??-1986 in Lake Havasu, Arizona   age 82
AKS: Borroughs
inventor  William Seward Burroughs   received first U.S. patent for an adding machine (8/21/1888)
born on 1-28-1855 in Auburn, New York
expired 9-14-1898 in Citronelle, Alabama   age 43
Bohemian writer  William Seward Burroughs   in 1951 he "accidentally" killed his wife while trying to shoot a glass off her head; wrote The Naked Lunch
born on 2-5-1914 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 8-2-1997 in Lawrence, Kansas   age 83   cause: heart attack
humorist/author  Abraham Solman "Abe" Burrows
born on 12-18-1910 in New York, New York
expired 5-17-1985   age 74
Tornadoes bass guitarist  Heinz Burt   performed on 1962 hit Telstar
born on 7-24-1942 in Hargin, Germany
expired 4-7-2000   age 57   cause: complications from neuromuscular disease
character actor  Norman Burton   played Felix Leiter in Diamonds are Forever (1971)
born on 12-5-1923
expired 11-29-2003 in on the California/Arizona border   age 79   cause: car crash
AKS: Normann
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1963 actor  Richard Burton   twice husband of Elizabeth Taylor
¤born: Richard Walter Jenkins Jr. 
born on 11-10-1925 in Pontrhydyfen, Wales, U.K.
expired 8-5-1984 in Geneva, Switzerland   age 58
   Contest Selectors
1979 DW, JH, VM23.1%
1980 DW6.3%

coma victim  Christine L. Busalacchi
born on 3-20-1970
expired 3-7-1993   age 22
author Dr.  Felice Leonardo Buscaglia
born on 3-31-1925 in Los Angeles, California
expired 6-12-1998 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada   age 73   cause: heart attack
comic book artist  John Buscema Sr.   drew the Silver Surfer & Conan the Barbarian
born on 12-11-1927 in New York, New York
expired 1-10-2002 in Port Jefferson, New York   age 74   cause: stomach cancer
beer baron  August Anheuser "Gussie" Busch Jr.
born on 3-28-1899 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 9-29-1989 in Saint Louis County, Missouri   age 90   cause: pneumonia
silent film star  Mae Busch
born on 1-20-1897 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
expired 4-19-1946 in Woodland Hills, California   age 49
presidential mom  Dorothy Walker Bush
born on 7-1-1901
expired 11-19-1992   age 91
former Connecticut senator (1952-62)  Prescott Sheldon Bush Sr.   Dorothy's husband; father of former president George Bush & grandfather of Dubyuh
born on 5-15-1895 in Columbus, Ohio
expired 10-8-1972 in New York, New York   age 77
 Prescott Sheldon Bush Jr.   brother of George Herbert Walker Bush
born on 8-10-1922 in Portland, Maine, United State of America
expired 6-23-2010 in Hingham, Massachusetts   age 87
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 Robin Bush   daughter/sister of future presidents
born on --1950
expired ??-??-1953   age 3   cause: leukemia
founder of the National Defense Research Committee  Vannevar Bush   in a 1945 Atlantic Monthly article titled As We Think he described a device called a memex (sort of like a personal web server), a foreshadowing of hypertext/media concepts and the World Wide Web; a co-founder of Raytheon
born on 3-11-1890 in Everett, Massachusetts
expired 6-28-1974 in Belmont, Massachusetts   age 84   cause: pneumonia; complications from stroke
murder victim  Wendy R. Bush   last seen outside of MSU dormitory (Case Hall)
born on --1957 in Saint Louis, Michigan
expired 6-??-1979 in Michigan   age 22   cause: murdered
silent screen actor  Francis Xavier Bushman
born on 1-10-1883 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 8-23-1966 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 83
1976 Reuben Award winner Nancy cartoonist  Ernest Paul "Ernie" Bushmiller Jr.   received the 1976 Reuben Award
born on 8-23-1905 in the Bronx, New York, New York
expired 8-15-1982 in Stamford, Connecticut   age 76   cause: heart attack; Parkinson's disease
   Contest Selectors
1979 JH7.7%

inventor  David Bushnell   during the Revolutionary War created The Turtle, and early submarine; moved to Georgia and became a professor under the name "David Bush"
born on --1740 in West Saybrook, Connecticut
expired ??-??-1826 in Georgia   age 86
binocular seller  David Pearsall Bushnell   founded Bushnell Optical Corp.; a distant relative of the Revolutionary War submarine maker
born on 3-31-1913 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
expired 3-24-2005 in Laguna Beach, California   age 91   cause: non-Hodgkins lymphoma
What you lookin' at, fool? super-geezer  Anitica Butariu
born on 6-17-1882
expired 11-21-1997   age 115
musher  Susan Howlet Butcher   four-time winner of the Iditarod (1986, 1987, 1988, 1990)
born on 12-26-1954 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 8-5-2006 in Seattle, Washington   age 51   cause: leukemia
   Contest Selectors
2006LMLD, QKU, TBC10.0%
   Scored 8.0250 points

 Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt   shared the 1939 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 3-24-1903 in Bremerhaven-Wesermünde, Germany
expired 1-18-1955 in München, Bavaria, Germany   age 51
tenor saxophonist  Samuel Butera
born on 8-17-1927 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 6-3-2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 81   cause: pneumonia; Alzheimer's disease
AKS: Sam Butera
 Mary Butina   survivor of Christmas Eve 1913 panic stampede that killed 74 mostly women & children in Calumet Michigan's Italian Hall
born on 2-26-1905
expired 12-??-1983 in Braddock, Pennsylvania   age 78
 Charles Dawson "Daws" Butler   voice of Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw, Elroy Jetson, Captain Crunch, ...
born on 11-16-1916 in Toledo, Ohio
expired 5-18-1988 in Beverly Hills, California   age 71   cause: heart attack; pneumonia; stroke
physicist  Clifford Charles Butler   co-discovered the K-meson (kaon) (1946/7)
born on 5-20-1922
expired 6-30-1999   age 77
movie director  David W. Butler   directed futuristic Just Imagine (1930), The Littlest Rebel (1935), Captain January (1936), White Fang (1936), The Little Colonel (1936), Kentucky (1938) & The Road to Morocco (1942) & Camp Runamuck tv episodes (1965)
born on 12-17-1894 in San Francisco, California
expired 6-14-1979 in Arcadia, California   age 84   cause: heart failure
radio pioneer  Frank E. Butler   co-inventor, with Lee DeForest, of the Audion tube
expired 1-6-1948 in Toledo, Ohio   age 70
San Diego Chargers general manager  John Butler   former G.M. of Buffalo Bills (1993-2000)
born on 8-13-1946 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 4-11-2003 in San Diego, California   age 56   cause: lymphoma; lung cancer
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   Scored 9.4000 solo points

Tenessee state senator  John Washington Butler   clerk of the Round Lick Association of Primitive Baptists; wrote anti-evolution law in early 1925 that was the basis for the "Monkey Trial"
expired 9-24-1952 in Lafayette, Tennessee   age 76   cause: complications from injuries sustained in fall
Marion changes her first disposable diaper — the "boater" frustrated baby-changer  Marion O'Brien Donovan Butler   invented the disposable diaper (1946)
born on 10-15-1917 in South Bend, Indiana
expired 11-4-1998 in New York, New York   age 81
Columbia University president  Nicholas Murray Butler   was the losing Republican 1912 vice-presidential candidate; shared the 1931 Nobel peace prize
born on 4-2-1862 in Elizabeth, New Jersey
expired 12-7-1947 in New York, New York   age 85
science fiction author  Octavia Estelle Butler   recipient of two Hugo Awards, two Nebula Awards & a 1995 MacArthur Foundation grant
born on 6-22-1947 in Pasadena, California
expired 2-24-2006 in Lake Forest Park, Washington   age 58   cause: complications from fall; hypertension
former aerospace engineer  Richard Girnt Butler   founder of the Aryan Nations neo-Nazi sect
born on 2-23-1918 in Bennett, Colorado
expired 9-8-2004 in Hayden, Idaho   age 86   cause: congestive heart failure
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 6.4000 solo points

writer/satirist  Samuel Butler   author of The Way of All Flesh (posthumously; 1903) which contained the famous statement It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all & a collection of his writings Notebooks (published in 1912)
born on 12-4-1835 in Langar, Nottinghamshire, England
expired 6-18-1902 in London, England   age 66   cause: consumption
jazz guitarist  William "Billy" Butler
born on 12-15-1924 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 3-20-1991   age 66
actor  Merritt Butrick   played Jim Kirk's son David Marcus in two Star Trek movies
born on 9-3-1959 in Gainesville, Florida
expired 3-12-1989 in Los Angeles, California   age 29   cause: brain cancer; AIDS
AKS: Merrit Meritt Merit Buttrick
 Jack Butt   inventor of automobile luggage rack
expired ??-??-19??   age
actor  Red Buttons   was the act on stage when the NYPD raided (and closed) the last Minsky burlesque house; won 1957 Best Supporting Actor oscar for Sayonara; had novelty hit with The Ho Ho Song (not about Hostess cake rolls)
¤born: Aaron Chwatt 
born on 2-5-1919 in New York, New York
expired 7-13-2006 in Los Angeles, California   age 87   cause: vascular disease
   Contest Selectors
2001KLS, NFG25%
2003JEDS, KLS11.1%
   Scored 3.8098 points

Gene Autry sidekick & close personal friend of Arnold Ziffel, actor  Maxwell Emmett "Pat" Buttram   played Eustace Haney on Green Acres
born on 6-19-1915 in Addison, Alabama
expired 1-8-1994 in Los Angeles, California   age 78   cause: kidney failure
architect  Alfred Mosher Butts   inventor of Scrabble
born on 4-13-1899 in Poughkeepsie, New York
expired 4-4-1993 in Rhinebeck, New York   age 93
seamstress  Evelyn T. Butts   early 1960's challenger to poll tax; won in Supreme Court
born on 5-22-1924
expired 3-11-1993   age 68
former University of Gerogia football coach (1939-60)  James Wallace "Wally Butts
born on 2-7-1905 in Milledgeville, Georgia
expired 12-17-1973 in Athens, Georgia   age 68   cause: heart attack while jogging
Nixon Agriculture Secretary  Earl Lauer Butz   got sacked for telling "offensive" jokes
born on 7-3-1909 in Albion, Indiana
expired 2-2-2008 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 98
   Contest Selectors
1979JH, MM15.4%
1980HA, JH, MM18.8%
2004CSI, MJ, RR16.7%
2005ANG, CSI, RR13.0%
2006ANG, CSI, RR10.0%
2007ANG, RR6.5%
2008OIE, RPRM, RR9.4%
   Scored 3.3250 points

AKS: Buttz Buts Butts
physicist & Vietnamese  Prince Buu Hoi   did cancer research; cousin of Bao Dai
expired 1-28-1972 in Paris, Île-de-France, France   age 55   cause: cancer
smokable cocaine expert Dr.  Robert Byck   did research on the chemical effects of THC, freebased coca paste & MSG on the human body
born on 4-26-1933 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 8-9-1999 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 66   cause: stroke
an example of Mr. Byers handiwork barn painter  Clark Byers   traveled the countryside painting SEE ROCK CITY on the side of barns (1937-67)
born on 1-25-1915 in Flat Rock, Alabama
expired 2-17-2004 in Trenton, Georgia   age 89   cause: complications following heart attack
actress  Spring Byington
born on 10-17-1893 in Colorado Springs, Colorado
expired 9-7-1971 in Hollywood, California   age 77   cause: cancer
jazz guitarist  Charlie Byrd
born on 9-16-1925 in Chuckatuck, Virginia
expired 12-1-1999 in Annapolis, Maryland   age 74   cause: cancer
jazz bassist  Gene Herbert "Joe" Byrd   performed with his brother Charlie
born on 5-21-1933 in Chuckatuck, Suffolk County, Virginia
expired 3-6-2012 in Edgewater, Maryland   age 78   cause: car crash
aviator, polar explorer, Rear Admiral  Richard Evelyn Byrd   first to fly over the North Pole (with Floyd Bennett) on 5/9/1926
born on 10-25-1888 in Winchester, Virginia
expired 3-11-1957 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 68
Bob, wearing his official U.S. Senate/KKK uniform West Virginia senator (1959-2010)  Robert Carlyle Byrd   was proclaimed a KKK "Exalted Cyclops" (perhaps for his masterful manipulation of the wriggling one-eyed trouser trout)
¤born: Cornelius Calvin Sale Jr. 
born on 11-20-1917 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, United State of America
expired 6-28-2010 in Fairfax, Virginia   age 92
   Contest Selectors
2006BONY, TFM6.7%
   Scored 3.3001 points

AKS: Bird Berd Burd
former U-D Mercy & Northwestern U college basketball coach  Ricky A. Byrdsong
born on 6-24-1956
expired 7-2-1999 in Skokie, Illinois   age 43   cause: shot to death in drive-by shooting
AKS: Birdsong
Federal district judge  William Matthew Byrne Jr.   presided over the Pentagon Papers trial of Ellsberg & Russo
born on 9-3-1930 in Los Angeles, California
expired 1-12-2006 in Los Angeles, California   age 75   cause: pulmonary fibrosis
actress  Kathleen Elizabeth Byron   starred in Black Narcissus as Sister Ruth (1947) & played Private Ryan's mother in Saving Private Ryan (1998)
¤born: Kathleen Elizabeth Fell 
born on 1-11-1921 in London, England
expired 1-18-2009   age 88

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