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first Senegalese prime minister (1957-62)  Mamadou Moustapha Dia
born on 7-18-1910 in Kombolé, French Senegal
expired 1-25-2009 in Dakar, Senegal   age 88
tv writer/producer  William Allen "Bill" Dial   wrote the famous "Turkeys Away" episode of WKRP in Cincinnati (as well as playing engineer Bucky Dornster); also wrote Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes "Tribunal" & "The Alternate" and the Star Trek: Voyager episode teleplay "Eye of the Needle" (1995)
expired 6-2-2008 in Beaufort, South Carolina   age 66   cause: heart attack; congestive heart failure; edema
composer  David Leo Diamond   composed 11 symphonies & 10 string quartets
born on 7-9-1915 in Rochester, New York
expired 6-13-2005 in Rochester, New York   age 89   cause: congestive heart failure
1920s gangster  John Thomas "Jack" Diamond   got nickname because of his ability to "outrun" the law; rubbed out by rival Dutch Schultz
¤nickname: "Legs" 
born on --1896 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 12-18-1931   age 35
tv writer & actress  Selma Diamond   writer for many "golden age" tv comedy shows; played the bailiff Selma on Night Court
born on 8-5-1920 in London, Ontario, Canada
expired 5-13-1985   age 64   cause: cancer
Nicaraguan president (5/9/1911-12/31/1912 acting, 1/1/1913-1/1/1917 & 11/14/1926-1/1/1929)  Adolfo Diaz
born on --1877
expired 1-27-1964 in San José, Costa Rica   age 86
Florida death row inmate  Angel Nieves Diaz
born on 8-31-1951 in Puerto Rico
expired 12-31-2006 in Starke, Florida   age 55   cause: executed; lethal injection
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former Mexican president (1964-70)  Gustavo Díaz Ordaz
expired 7-15-1979 in Mexico City, Mexico   age 68
murder victim  José Díiaz   1942 Los Angeles "Sleepy Lagoon" reservoir murder victim
born on 12-9-1919 in Durango, Mexico
expired 8-12-1942 in Los Angeles, California   age 22   cause: skull fracture; severe concussion
Mexican dictator  Porfirio Diaz   overthrew government and ruled from 1876-1880 and 1884-1910; himself overthrown by Francisco Madero in 1910
¤born: Jose de la Cruz Porfirio 
born on 9-15-1830 in Oaxaca, Mexico
expired 7-2-1915 in Paris, France   age 84
pro wrassler  Michael "Mike" DiBiase
¤aka: "Iron Mike DiBiase
born on 12-24-1923
expired 7-2-1969   age 45   cause: heart attack
second `Sports Illustrated' with a woman in a swimsuit on cover  Betty di Bugnano   second woman to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated wearing a swimsuit (February 21, 1954 issue); again, the magazine also included a feature on swimwear
¤born: Betty Metcalf
ex-Mrs: Albert Glowe, Carlo di Bugnano & Marten Lamont 
born on 9-25-1917 in Seattle, Washington
expired 7-11-2010 in West Palm Beach, Florida   age
former CBS News correspondent (1962-81)  David B. Dick   covered the assassination attempt on George Wallace (1972) & the aftermath of the People's Temple cult suicides (1978)
born on 2-18-1930 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 7-16-2010 in Plum Lick, Bourbon County, Kentucky   age 80   cause: prostate cancer
science fiction writer  Philip Kindred Dick   his novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" was the basis of the movie Blade Runner (1982)
born on 12-16-1928 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-2-1982 in Santa Ana, California   age 53   cause: heart attack
AKS: Phillip
author  Charles John Huffam Dickens   wrote Great Expectations, The Pickwick Papers (1837), A Christmas Carol (1843) and A Tale of Two Cities (1859)
born on 2-7-1812 in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
expired 6-9-1870 in Godshill, England   age 58
newswoman  Nancy Dickerson
¤born: Nancy Conners Hanschman 
born on 1-27-1927 in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
expired 10-18-1997 in New York, New York   age 70   cause: complications from stroke
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in November 1973 poet  James Lafayette Dickey   wrote Deliverance
born on 2-2-1923 in Atlanta, Georgia
expired 1-19-1997   age 73
former N.Y. Yankee catcher  William Malcolm "Bill" Dickey
born on 6-6-1907 in Bastrop, Louisiana
expired 11-12-1993   age 86
one term Michigan governor (1939-1940)  Luren Dudley "Scrooge" Dickinson   puritanical foe of liquor, dancing, card playing and "high life"
born on 4-15-1859 in Niagra County, New York
expired 4-22-1943 in Charlotte, Michigan   age 84
American theater star  Dorothy Dickson
born on 7-25-1893 in Kansas City, Missouri
expired 9-25-1995 in New Brunswick, New Jersey   age 102
Johnson & Johnson vice president  Earle Ensign Dickson   invented the Band-Aid
born on 10-10-1892 in Grandview, Tennessee
expired 9-21-1961 in New Brunswick, New Jersey   age 68
science fiction writer  Gordon R. Dickson   won three Hugo Awards for: Soldier, Ask Not (1965), Last Dorsai (1981) & The Cloak and the Staff (1981); also won a 1966 Nebula Award for Call Him Lord
born on 11-1-1923 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
expired 1-31-2001 in Richfield, Minnesota   age 77   cause: complications from severe asthma
former Boston Symphony Orchestra first violinist  Harry Ellis Dickson   associate conductor of the Boston Pops; father of Kitty Dukakis
born on 11-1-1908 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
expired 3-29-2003 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 94
blues guitarist  Bo Diddley
¤born: Otha Ellas Bates
later adopted and renamed Ellas B. McDaniel
got stage name as a child 
born on 12-30-1928 in McComb, Mississippi
expired 6-2-2008 in heart failure   age 79   cause: Archer, Florida
   Contest Selectors
2006GHG, 4GUE6.7%
2008DGW, LMLD, RAVN, 4GUE12.5%
   Scored 4.9125 points

AKS: Ellis Didley Didlie Diddlie Diddie
pioneering computer technologist  John Theurer Diebold   author of Automation (1952); his company, Diebold Group, developed an electronic network for the Bowery Savings Bank that linked account records to teller terminals in real time (1961)
born on 6-8-1926 in Weehawken, New Jersey
expired 12-26-2005 in Bedford Hill, New York   age 79   cause: esophageal cancer
 Charles Diederich
born on 6-29-1895
expired 8-17-1993   age 98
   Contest Selectors
1979 RR, VM15.4%

Canadian prime minister (1957-63)  John George Diefenbaker
born on 9-18-1895 in Neustadt, Grey County, Ontario, Canada
expired 8-15-1979 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   age 83   cause: heart attack
 Otto Paul Hermann Diels   1950 Nobel chemistry laureate (shared award with his former student Kurt Alder)
born on 1-23-1876 in Hamburg, Germany
expired 3-7-1954 in Kiel, Germany   age
inventor  Walter E. Diemer   invented Dubble Bubble bubble gum while working as an accountant for Fleer Corp.
born on 1-8-1905
expired 1-8-1998 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania   age 93
singer/actress  Joan Diener   played kitchen wench Aldonza (Dulcinea) in original Broadway production of Man of La Mancha (1965)
¤Mrs. Albert Marre 
born on 2-24-1930 in Columbus, Ohio
expired 5-13-2006 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 76   cause: complications from cancer
Texas Rep. (1931-45, 1953-59)  Martin Dies Jr.   organized the House Un-American Activities Committee, one of the greatest constitutional abominations in the history of the republic; a pox on all of his constituents for re-electing this turkey over and over
born on 11-5-1900 in Colorado, Texas
expired 11-13-1972 in Lufkin, Texas   age 72
engine designer  Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel   designed engine to run on low-grade petroleum fuels
born on 3-18-1858 in Paris, France
expired 9-29-1913   age 55
movie director  William Dieterle   director of The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941) and Dark City (1950)
born on 7-15-1893 in Ludwigshafen-am-Rhein, Rhein-Palatinate, Germany
expired 12-8-1972 in Ottobrunn, Bavaria, Germany   age 79
actress  Maria Magdalena "Marlene" Dietrich
¤born: Maria Magdalena von Losch 
born on 12-27-1901 in Berlin, Germany
expired 5-6-1992 in Paris, France   age 90
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO, JW, VM23.1%
1980 DO, EB, JH, JW25.0%

Howard Hughes' aide  Noah Dietrich   co-wrote Howard, the Amazing Mr. Hughes
born on 2-28-1889 in Batavia, Wisconsin
expired 2-15-1982   age 92
disgraced Michigan rep. (1954-80)  Charles Coles Diggs Jr.   convicted of extorting kickbacks from his congressional staff
born on 12-2-1922 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 8-24-1998 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 75   cause: stroke
movie photography tech  Edmund M. DiGiulio   won the Motion Picture Academy's Engineering and Scientific Award; als received the 2001 Gordon Sawyer Award
born on 6-13-1927
expired 6-4-2004 in Malibu, California   age 76   cause: congestive heart failure
physicist  Edsger Wybe Dijkstra   known for his shortest-path algorithm for finding the shortest route on a graph or map; co-designer of Algol 60
born on 5-11-1930 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
expired 8-5-2002 in Nuenen, The Netherlands   age 72   cause: cancer
tubby Eddie Nash "bodyguard"  Gregory DeWitt Diles   300-pound martial arts thug; involved in the 1981 Wonderland Murders
expired 1-2-1995 in Lagos, Nigeria   age 48
AKS: Dials
songwriter  Horace Eldred "Danny" Dill   wrote "Long Black Veil" (with Marijohn Wilkin) & "Detroit City (I Wanna Go Home)" (1963)
born on 9-19-1924 in Clarksburg, Carroll County, Tennessee
expired 10-21-2008 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 83
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   Scored 6.7000 solo points

department store chain founder (1938)  William T. Dillard Sr.
born on 9-2-1914 in Mineral Springs, Arkansas
expired 2-8-2002 in Little Rock, Arkansas   age 87
"Public Enemy Number One"  John Herbert Dillinger   gunned down in Chicago outside the Biograph Theater, set up by the Woman in Red
born on 6-28-1902 in Indianapolis, Indiana
expired 7-22-1934 in Chicago, Illinois   age 32   cause: multiple bullet wounds
 Susan J. Dillingham   first wife of Tom Hanks (1978-85); mother of Colin Hanks
¤stage name: Samantha Lewes 
born on 11-29-1952
expired 3-13-2002   age 49   cause: bone cancer
JFK/Johnson Treasury secretary (1961-65)  Clarence Douglas Dillon
born on 8-21-1909 in Geneva, Switzerland
expired 1-10-2003 in New York, New York   age 93
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 5.7000 solo points

retired Boston Red Sox player  Dominic Paul "Dom" DiMaggio   brother of Joe
¤nickname: "The Little Professor" 
born on 2-12-1917 in San Francisco, California
expired 5-8-2009 in Marion, Massachusetts   age 92
   Contest Selectors
2005BYE, SLIM, TBC13.0%
2008BYE, PCD6.3%
2009BYE, PCD6.7%
   Scored 4.5500 points

baseball player and Mr. Coffee pitchman  Joseph Paul "Joe" DiMaggio Sr.   played for New York Yankees 1936-42,46-51; had Joe Jr. by first wife Dorothy Olson; briefly married to Marilyn Monroe; his last words we "I'll finally get to see Marilyn"
¤aka: "The Yankee Clipper", "Joltin' Joe" and "Mr. Coffee" 
born on 11-24-1914 in Martinez, California
expired 3-8-1999 in Hollywood, Florida   age 84   cause: lung cancer
   Contest Selectors
1979 JH7.7%

 Joseph Paul DiMaggio Jr.   only child of Joe Sr. (by first wife Dorothy Olson)
born on 10-23-1941 in Antioch, California
expired 8-6-1999 in Martinez, California   age 57
Serbian General Staff Intelligence Department head Colonel  Dragotin Dimitrijevic   headed the Black Hand secret terrorist organization that started World War I with the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
¤aka: "Apis
born on --1877
expired 6-24-1917   age 40   cause: executed; shot at dawn
Eastern Orthodox Patriarch  Dimitrios
born on 9-8-1914 in Istanbul, Ottoman Empire
expired 10-2-1991 in Istanbul, Turkey   age 77
Danish author  Isak Dinesen   author of Out of Africa
¤aka: Baroness Karen Christentze Blixen-Finecke 
born on 4-17-1885 in Rungsted, Denmark
expired 9-7-1962 in Rungsted, Denmark   age 77
Michigan representative (1933-55)  John David Dingell Sr.   succeeded by his son
born on 2-2-1894 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 9-19-1955 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 61
1936 Miss America  Rose Veronica Coyle Dingler
born on 7-20-1914
expired 2-??-1988 in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania   age 73
actress  Lydia Shum Din-ha   big in Hong Kong flix
born on 7-21-1945 in Shanghai, China
expired 2-29-2008 in Hong Kong, China   age 62   cause: liver cancer; diabetes; lypertension
   Contest Selectors
   Did Not Score - insufficient category citations (two to be exact)

AKS: Sum
lawyer  Edmund Dinis   in 1969 was District Attorney for Cape Cod and the offshore islands — went into the tank for Teddy after his Chappaquiddick driving episode ... let him plead guilty to leaving the scene of an accident (having failed to report it for 10 hours); the penalty: a 2-month suspended sentence and 1-year driving license suspension; when he was up for re-election in 1970 he lost
born on 10-4-1924 in Saint Michaels Island, The Azores, Portugal
expired 3-14-2010 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts   age 85
Texas death row inmate  Richard Eugene Dinkins   its "lights out" on January 29, 2003
¤aka: number 999022 
born on 9-29-1962
expired 1-29-2003 in Huntsville, Texas   age 40   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2003DTM, RR, TMTX16.7%
   Scored 9.1250 points

one-time Dinning Sisters singer  Jean Dinning   with husband Red Surrey wrote "Teen Angel" (1959)
¤born: Eugenia Dinning 
born on 3-29-1924 in Grant County, Oklahoma
expired 2-22-2011 in Garden Grove, California   age 86
heavy metal vocalist/songwriter  Ronnie James Dio
¤born: Ronald James Padavona 
born on 7-10-1942 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
expired 5-16-2010   age 67   cause: stomach cancer
   Contest Selectors
2010OIE, RAVN7.4%
   Scored 7.0500 points

 Elzine Oina Legros Dionne   mother of the famous quintuplets + nine other children: Ernest (b. 12/23/1926), Rose (b. 4/13/1928), Therese (b. 5/15/1929), Leo (b. 1930; died of pneumonia age 1 month), Daniel (b. 4/22/1932), Pauline (b. 6/29/1933), Oliva Jr. (b. 7/9/1936), Victor (b. 4/4/1938) & Claude
born on 5-8-1909 in Corbeil, Ontario, Canada
expired 11-22-1986   age 77
quintuplet  Émilie Dionne
born on 5-28-1934 in Corbeil, Ontario, Canada
expired 8-6-1954 in Sainte Agathe, Canada   age 20   cause: suffocation during epileptic seizure
quintuplet  Marie Dionne
born on 5-28-1934 in Corbeil, Ontario, Canada
expired 2-27-1970 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada   age 35   cause: blood clot in brain
 Oliva Eduoard Dionne   father of the famous quintuplets
born on 8-17-1903
expired 11-15-1979 in North Bay, Ontario, Canada   age 76
quintuplet  Yvonne Dionne
born on 5-28-1934 in Corbeil, Ontario, Canada
expired 6-23-2001 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada   age 67   cause: cancer
   Contest Selectors
2000 RR14%

fashion designer  Christian Dior
born on 1-21-1905 in Granville, France
expired 10-24-1957 in Montacatini, Italy   age 52
cinematographer  Carlo Di Palma   photographed Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) & Blowup (1966)
born on 4-17-1925 in Rome, Italy
expired 7-9-2004 in Rome, Italy   age 79
brain-dead 2-day Nepalese "head of state"  "King" Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev   the Nepalese state council named him "king" after he assassinated mom & dad and the rest of the royal family; a later story coming out of Katmandu claimed that the incident was a horrible "accident" (with automatic weapons, at dinner, while wearing combat fatigues, ...)
¤nickname: "Dippy" (no shit!) 
born on 6-27-1971 in Katmandu, Nepal
expired 6-4-2001 in Katmandu, Nepal   age 29   cause: suicide; self-inflicted gunshot wound
mathematician  Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac   shared the 1933 Nobel prize in Physics
born on 8-8-1902 in Bristol, Avon, England
expired 10-20-1984 in Tallahassee, Florida   age 82
cartoonist  Rudolph Dirks   created the Katzenjammer Kids comic strip (1897)
born on 2-26-1877 in Heinde, Germany
expired 4-20-1968 in New York, New York   age 91
Illinois Senator  Evertt McKinley Dirksen
born on 1-4-1896 in Pekin, Illinois
expired 9-7-1969 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 73
Krupp engineer  Oswald Dirmoser   during World War I constructed the Big Bertha cannon used to shell Paris from 76 miles distance
expired 2-7-1938 in Baden, Austria   age 63
Walt's widow  Lillian B. Disney
born on 2-15-1899
expired 12-16-1997 in Los Angeles, California   age 98   cause: stroke
Walt's nephew  Roy Edward Disney   son of Roy O.
born on 1-10-1930 in Los Angeles, California
expired 12-16-2009 in Newport Beach, California   age 79   cause: stomach cancer
Walt Disney Company co-founder (1923)  Roy Oliver Disney   Walt's younger brother; father of Roy E.
born on 6-24-1893 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 12-20-1971 in Burbank, California   age 78   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
Mickey Mouse as `Steamboat Willie', the first sound cartoon animator, producer, corporate founder  Walter Elias Disney   created Mickey Mouse; built Disneyland with money borrowed from ABC; eventually Disney bought ABC; urban legend has him "on ice" somewhere, awaiting to be thawed out and healed
born on 12-5-1901 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 12-15-1966 in Los Angeles, California   age 65   cause: cancer
British Prime Minister (1868, 1874-80)  Benjamin Disraeli
¤title: Earl of Beaconsfield
nickname: "Dizzy" 
born on 12-21-1804 in London, England
expired 4-18-1881 in London, England   age 76
operatic tenor  Giuseppe di Stefano
¤nickname: "Pippo" 
born on 7-24-1921 in Motta Sant'Anastasia, Sicily, Italy
expired 3-3-2008 in Santa Maria Hoe, Lombardy, Italy   age 86   cause: complications from head injury
   Contest Selectors

 Vivian Dorraine Liberto Cash Distin   first wife of Johnny Cash (he had pledged to remain faithful in the song "I Walk the Line")
born on 4-23-1934 in San Antonio, Texas
expired 5-24-2005 in Ventura, California   age 71   cause: complications from lung cancer surgery
orchestra conductor  Dean Dixon
born on 1-10-1915 in New York, New York
expired 11-3-1976 in Zürich, Switzerland   age 61   cause: stroke; heart attaack
 Fitz Eugene Dixon Jr.   former owner of the Philadelphia 76ers basketball team; paid to keep the "LOVE" sculpture in a local park
born on 8-14-1923 in Winter Harbor, Maine
expired 8-2-2006 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 82   cause: melanoma
Confederate States army Lt.  George A. Dixon   commanded C.S.S. Hunley in first successful submarine attack, against the Union vessel Housatonick, sinking it outside Charleston harbor; the vessel was raised in August, 2000
expired 2-17-1864 in Charleston, South Carolina   age ??   cause: drowned when submarine was swamped/damaged by blast wave
actor/tv director  Ivan Nathaniel Dixon III   played Sgt. James Kinchloe on Hogan's Heroes (1965-70)
born on 4-6-1931 in Harlem, Manhattan, New York, New York
expired 3-16-2008 in Charlotte, North Carolina   age 76   cause: hemorrhage; kidney disease
   Contest Selectors
1979 JH7.7%

psychic/astrologer/crackpot  Jeane Dixon   she didn't see it coming
¤born: Jeane L. Pinckert 
born on 1-5-1918 in Medford, Wisconsin
expired 1-25-1997 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 79   cause: heart failure
   Contest Selectors
1979 DW, MS15.4%
1980 DW, JH12.5%

California rep. (1979-2000)  Julian C. Dixon
born on 8-8-1934 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 12-8-2000 in Los Angeles, California   age 66   cause: heart attack
former WJIM-tv cooking show maven  Martha Dixon   hosted the Copper Kettle cooking show & The Martha Dixon Show
¤real name: Madeline F. VerPlanck 
born on 1-15-1921
expired 7-9-2009 in Scottsdale, Arizona   age 88   cause: blood cancer
lyracist  Mort Dixon   co-wrote Bye, Bye Blackbird, I'm Lookin' Over A Four Leaf Clover (1927; with Harry Woods) & The Lady in Red (1935)
born on 3-2-1892 in New York, New York
expired 3-23-1956 in Bronxville, New York   age 64
bluesman "Big"  Willie James Dixon
born on 7-1-1915 in Vicksburg, Mississippi
expired 1-29-1992   age 76
songwriter  Julius Dixson Sr.   co-wrote Lollipop — recorded by Ronald and Ruby and the Chordettes (1958)
born on 5-20-1912 in Barnwell, South Carolina
expired 1-30-2004 in New York, New York   age 91
AKS: Dixon
convicted torturer/murderer  Hamida Djandoubi   last person to die by the guillotine
expired 9-10-1977 in Marseilles, France   age 28   cause: executed; guillotine
Serbian prime minister  Zoran Djindjic   helped oust Slobodan Milosevic from power
born on 8-1-1952 in Bosanski Samac, Bosnia, Yugoslavia
expired 3-12-2003 in Belgrade, Serbia   age 50   cause: assassinated; bullet wounds
Hollywood Ten director  Edward Dmytryk   directed The Caine Mutiny (1954)
born on 9-4-1908 in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada
expired 7-1-1999 in Encino, California   age 90
AKS: Dimytryk Dymytryk Dmitrick

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