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comedy writer  Phoebe Wolkind Ephron   co-wrote Take Her, She's Mine; wife of Henry; mother of Nora
born on 1-26-1914 in New York, New York
expired 10-13-1971 in New York, New York   age 57
Beatles manager (1961-67)  Brian Epstein
born on 9-19-1934 in Liverpool, England
expired 8-27-1967 in London, England   age 32   cause: drowned in swimming pool
UC-San Francisco geneticist Dr.  Charles Joseph Epstein   helped unlock secrets of Down Syndrome; survived a June 1993 mail bomb attack by the Unabomber (lost 3 fingers)
born on 9-2-1933 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 2-15-2011 in Tiburon, California   age 77   cause: pancreatic cancer
former Heartbreakers bass player  Howie Epstein   booted from band in 2002
born on 7-21-1955 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
expired 2-23-2003 in Santa Fe, New Mexico   age 47   cause: heroin overdose
screenwriter  Julius J. Epstein   twin brother of Philip; co-wrote screenplayed for Casablanca (with brother Philip & Howard Koch); also co-wrote screenplay for Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)
born on 8-22-1909 in New York, New York
expired 12-30-2000 in Los Angeles, California   age 91
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2001 ANG

screenwriter  Philip G. Epstein   twin brother of Julius; co-wrote screenplayed for Casablanca (with brother Philip & Howard Koch); also co-wrote screenplay for Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)
born on 8-22-1909 in New York, New York
expired 2-7-1952 in Hollywood, California   age 42   cause: cancer
economist/author/convicted bank crasher  Paul Emil Erdman   wrote The Billion Dollar Sure Thing (1973) & The Crash of '79 (1976)
born on 5-19-1932 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada
expired 4-23-2007 in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California   age 74   cause: cancer
former West German chancellor (1963-1966)  Ludwig Erhard   also West German economics minister (1949-1963)
born on 2-4-1897 in Fuerth, Germany
expired 5-5-1977 in Bonn, Germany   age 80   cause: heart failure
 Charles F. Erhart   co-founded chemical/pharmaceutical firm (1849)
expired 12-27-1891 in Brooklyn, New York, New York   age 71
old ex-major league baseball player  Ralph Leif Erickson
born on 6-25-1902 in Dubois, Idaho
expired 6-27-2002 in Chandler, Arizona   age
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AKS: Ericson
actress  AnnaLisa Ericson
born on 9-14-1913 in Kunglinga, Djurgården, Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
expired 4-22-2011 in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden   age 97
AKS: Erricson Ericsson Ericsen Ericssen
sculptor  Edvard Eriksen   created The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen harbor
expired 1-12-1959 in Copenhagen, Denmark   age 82
Swedish geezer  Hanna Eriksson
born on 2-26-1891
expired 6-26-2001   age 110
former Turkish prime minister (1971-72)  Nihat Erim
born on --1912 in Kandira, Kocaeli Province, Turkey
expired 7-19-1980 in Kartal, Turkey   age 68   cause: assassinated
Dr.  Joseph Erlanger   shared the 1944 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 1-5-1874 in San Francisco, California
expired 12-15-1965 in Saint Louis, Missouri   age 91
comedian and dancer  Leon Errol   played Knobby Walsh in Joe Palooka movies and Uncle Matt in Mexican Spitfire movies
born on 7-3-1881 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
expired 10-12-1951 in Hollywood, California   age 70   cause: heart attack
movie director  Chester Erskine   made The Egg and I (1947)
born on 11-29-1905 in Hudson, New York
expired 4-7-1986 in Beverly Hills, California   age 80   cause: pneumonia
author  Laurie York Erskine   wrote 12 volume series of books about (Douglas) Renfew of the Royal Mounted
born on 6-23-1894 in England
expired 11-30-1976 in New Hope, Pennsylvania   age 82
 Ahmet Munir Ertegün   co-founder of Atlantic Records (1947)
born on 7-31-1923 in Istanbul, Turkey
expired 12-14-2006 in New York, New York   age 83   cause: complications from fall; coma
AKS: Ertegun
Nazi photographer  Hans Ertl
born on 2-21-1908 in München, Germany
expired 10-23-2000 in Chiquitania, Santa Cruz, Bolivia   age 92
former North Carolina Senator  Samuel James Ervin Jr.   chairman of House Impeachment Committee during Watergate scandal
born on 9-27-1896 in Morganton, North Carolina
expired 4-23-1985 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina   age 88
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1979 DO, DW, MM, YJ30.8%
1980 BD, DO, DW, HP, MM31.3%

US Court of Appeal (4th circuit) judge  Samuel James Ervin III   son of the senator
born on 3-2-1926 in Morganton, North Carolina
expired 9-18-1999 in Morganton, North Carolina   age 73
character actor  Stuart Erwin
born on 2-14-1902 in Squaw Valley, California
expired 12-21-1967 in Beverly Hills, California   age 65
character actor  William Lindsey "Bill" Erwin   played Arthur the bellman in Somewhere in Time (1980) & Dr. Dalen Quaice on Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Remember Me" (1990)
born on 12-2-1914 in Honey Grove, Texas
expired 12-29-2010 in Studio City, California   age 96
   Contest Selectors
2009BYE, GOHI6.7%
   Scored 5.4000 solo points

AKS: Irwin
retired math teacher  Jaime Escalante   he Stood and Delivered
born on 12-31-1930 in La Paz, Bolivia
expired 3-30-2010 in Roseville, California   age 79   cause: bladder cancer
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Dutch illustrator  Maurits Cornelius Escher   a master of tessellation
born on 6-17-1898 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
expired 3-27-1972 in Hilversum, The Netherlands   age 73
retired Bath (MI) Public Schools employee  Raymond W. Eschtruth   survivor of the Bath School Bombing
born on 7-26-1917 in Marion, Michigan
expired 9-7-2001 in Bath, Michigan   age 84
Medellin drug cartel el-numero uno  Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria
born on 1-12-1949 in Medellín, Columbia
expired 12-2-1993 in Medellin, Columbia   age 44   cause: bullet wounds; shootout with police
zydeco bandleader  Andrus Espre   formed the Zydeco Hi-Rollers band in 1991
¤stage name: Beau Jocque 
born on --1954 in Duralde, Louisiana
expired 9-10-1999 in Kinder, Louisiana   age 45   cause: heart failure
sniper  Mark James Robert Essex   shot a bunch of white people (he hated them) from the New Orleans downtown Howard Johnson Motor Lodge
born on 8-12-1949 in Emporia, Kansas
expired 1-9-1973 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 23   cause: shot by police
theater critic & former BBC radio producer (1940-77)  Martin Julius Esslin   coined phrase "theater of the absurd" in book of same name (1961)
¤born: Julius Pereszlenyi 
born on 6-6-1918 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 2-24-2002 in London, England   age 83   cause: Parkinson's disease
early bodybuilder  Roalnd J. Essmaker   was the first AAU Mr. America (declared on July 4, 1939)
born on 3-24-1916 in Richmond, Indiana
expired 10-3-2002 in San Marcos, California   age 86
Academy Award-winning screen writer (Cimarron)  Howard Estabrook
born on 7-11-1884 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 7-16-1978 in Woodland Hills, California   age 94
four-time Bolivian president  Víctor Paz Estenssoro
born on 10-2-1907 in Tarija, Bolivia
expired 6-7-2001 in Tarija, Bolivia   age 93   cause: complications from leg amputation; circulatory failure
M.C. Escher former IBM Entry Level Systems manager  Philip Donald Estridge   headed original Boca Raton (Florida) engineering team that developed the IBM PC (1981); on 12/8/2004 IBM announced that it was selling it's PC division to a Chinese company
born on 6-23-1937 in Jacksonville, Florida
expired 8-2-1985 in Dallas, Texas   age 48   cause: plane crash
to next English ruler: Ethelbertto previous English ruler: Ethelwulf English King (858-860)  Ethelbald   son of Ethelwulf
¤Old English spelling: Æthelbald 
born on --820
expired ??-??-860 in Sherborne, Sussex, England   age 40
King of Kent, England (580-618)  Ethelbert   son of Iurminric; granted lands at Canterbury to Augustine after his conversion to Christianity
¤Old English spelling: Æthelberht 
born on --555
expired ??-??-618   age 63
to next English ruler: Ethelred Ito previous English ruler: Ethelbald English King (860-865)  Ethelbert I   son of Ethelwulf; first Christian King of Anglo-Saxon England (converted by Saint Augustine)
¤Old English spelling: Æthelberht 
born on --822?
expired ??-??-865   age
to next English ruler: Alfred the Greatto previous English ruler: Ethelbert English King (865-871)  Ethelred I   son of Ethelwulf
¤Old English spelling: Æthelred 
born on --844?
expired 3-28-871 in Wimborne, Dorset, England   age 27
to next English ruler: Edmund II Ironsideto previous English ruler: Edward the Martyr English King (978-1016)  Ethelred II the Unready   son of Edgar the Peaceful; inept ruler
¤Old English spelling: Æthelred II the Unræd 
born on --968
expired 4-23-1016 in London, England   age 48
queen & Abbey foundress  Ethelreda   source of the word "tawdry," a corruption of "St. Audrey" --- the Fair of St. Audrey on the Isle of Ely featured gaudy, cheap, tastless lace (St. Audrey's Lace); daughter of Anna, King of East Anglia; married to Efrith, King of Northumbria; became nun at Coldingham (672), then founded monastery on Ely (673); her feast day is June 23rd;
¤better known as St. Audrey of Ely 
born on --642 in Exning (near Newmarket), Suffolk, England
expired 6-23-680 in Isle of Ely, England   age 38   cause: neck tumor
to next English ruler: Ethelbaldto previous English ruler: Egbert English King (839-858)  Ethelwulf   Lord of Kent; son of Egbert
¤Old English spelling: Æthelwulf 
born on --800
expired 1-13-858 in Steyning, Sussex, England   age 58
former Louisville Courier-Journal and Times general manager (1936-63)  Mark Foster Ethridge
born on 4-22-1896 in Meridian, Mississippi
expired 4-5-1981 in Moncure, North Carolina   age 84
 Richard Prentice Ettiner   co-founded Prentice-Hall publishing house
born on 9-26-1893 in New York, New York
expired 2-24-1971 in Miami, Florida   age 77

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