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L.A. Rams (1948-56) NFL Hall-of-famer  Thomas Jesse "Tom" Fears   set NFL receptions-in-a-game record (18) in 1950
born on 12-3-1922 in Guadalajara, Mexico
expired 1-4-2000 in Palm Desert, California   age 77   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
jazz critic & composer  Leonard Geoffrey Feather   first jazz editor of Playboy
born on 9-13-1914 in London, England
expired 9-22-1994   age 80
Rockabilly singer  Charles Arthur "Charlie" Feathers
born on 6-12-1932 in Holly Springs, Mississippi
expired 8-29-1998 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 66   cause: complications from stroke
 Gottfried Feder   wrote the 25-point program on which the Nazi Party was founded in 1922
born on 1-27-1883 in Wurzberg, Germany
expired 9-24-1941 in München, Germany   age 58
former Sky and Telescope publisher  Charles Anthony Federer Jr.
born on 1-1-1909 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 9-28-1999 in Mystic, Connecticut   age 90
musician  Daniel Paul "Danny" Federici   longtime organ, glockenspiel & accordian player in the E Street Band
¤aka: "Miami Dan" & "The Phantom" 
born on 1-23-1950 in Flemington, New Jersey
expired 4-17-2008 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 58   cause: melanoma
   Contest Selectors
2008RAVN, WEP6.3%
   Scored 7.9500 points

former KGB head (1982-6)  Vitaly Vasilyevich Fedorchuk
born on --1918 in Ukraine, Russian Empire
expired 2-29-2008 in Moscow, Russia   age 89
former National League president  Charles Stoneham "Chub" Feeney
born on 8-31-1921 in Orange, New Jersey
expired 1-10-1994   age 72
nudie photographer  Leon Richard Fegley   worked as a Playboy Playmate photographer (1971-2001)
born on 11-29-1936
expired 9-15-2001 in Northlake, Illinois   age 64
psychologist/thantologist Dr.  Herman Feifel   edited The Meaning of Death (1959)
born on 11-4-1915 in New York, New York
expired 1-18-2003 in Los Angeles, California   age 87   cause: "natural causes"
former New York Hearld Tribune photographer (1939-66)  Nathaniel Fein   won 1949 Pulitzer prize for photo of Babe Ruth's last appearance at Yankee Stadium
born on 8-7-1914 in New York, New York
expired 9-26-2000 in Westwood, New Jersey   age 86
physicist  Gerald Feinberg
born on 5-27-1933
expired 4-21-1992   age 58
retired Desilu property master  Irving A. Feinberg   worked on the original Star Trek series
born on 4-12-1909 in Illinois
expired 8-20-1991 in Los Angeles, California   age 82
movie director  Felix Ellison Feist   filmed Donovan's Brain (1953)
born on 2-28-1906 in New York, New York
expired 9-2-1965   age 59
actor  Fritz Feld
¤born: Fritz Feilchenfield 
born on 10-15-1900 in Berlin, Germany
expired 11-18-1993   age 93
Ringling Brothers's circus co-owner  Irvin Feld   circus president 1967-84; father of Kenneth Feld
born on 5-9-1918 in Hagerstown, Maryland
expired 9-6-1984 in Venice, California   age 66
Ringling Brothers's circus co-owner (1967-72)  Israel S. Feld
expired 12-15-1972 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 61   cause: heart attack
1932 German Parliament member  Josef Felder   last of group that voted against 1933 transfer of Parlimentary power to Hitler's cabinet; spent a year n Dachau Concentration Camp
born on 8-24-1900 in Augsburg, Germany
expired 10-28-2000 in München, Germany   age 100
talent agent and movie producer  Charles Kenneth Feldman   produced The Glass Menagerie (1950), A Streetcar Named Desire (1951) and The Seven Year Itch (1955); co-producer of Casino Royale; married to Jean Howard (1934-48)
born on 4-26-1904 in New York, New York
expired 5-25-1968 in Beverly Hills, California   age 64
 Hervey Feldman   founder of the Embassy Suites hotel chain
born on 8-25-1937
expired 9-7-2004 in Dallas, Texas   age 67
crosseyed comic  Marty Feldman   famous quote: Werewolf? There Wolf! (pointing; from Young Frankenstein, 1974)
born on 7-8-1933 in London, England
expired 12-2-1982   age 49
influential folk singer  Odetta Felious   ex-Mrs. Don GOrdon, Gary Shead & Iverson Minter ("Louisiana Red")
¤born: Odetta Holmes 
born on 12-31-1930 in Birmingham, Alabama
expired 12-2-2008 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 77   cause: kidney failure; heart disease; pulmonary fibrosis
   Contest Selectors
2002BOD, MORB18.2%
   Scored 7.3000 solo points

movie actress  María Félix
¤full name: Marí de los Angeles Félix Guereña 
born on 5-4-1914 in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico
expired 4-8-2002 in Mexico City, Mexico   age 87   cause: heart attack
actor  Norman Fell   played Mr. Roper on The Ropers & Three's Company
born on 3-24-1924 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 12-14-1998 in Woodland Hills, California   age 74   cause: cancer
hall of fame baseball pitcher  Robert William Andrew "Bob" Feller
born on 11-3-1918 in Van Meter, Iowa
expired 12-15-2010 in Cleveland, Ohio   age 92   cause: leukemia
   Contest Selectors
2004ADWC, CSI11.1%
2005ADWC, BYE, CSI13.0%
2006ADWC, BYE, CSI10.0%
2007ADWC, BYE, GOHI, SBAP, 4GUE16.1%
2009BYE, CSI, KLS, OED, SBAP16.7%
2010ADWC, BYE, CSI, DFFC, KLS18.5%
   Scored 3.4563 points

Peter Gowland's photo of Weegee & Vampira at the beach New York photographer  Arthur Fellig   some of his stranger nudes appeared in the May 1954 issue of Playboy; his voice and inflection was mimicked by Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove
¤better known as Weegee
born: Usher Fellig 
born on 6-12-1899 in Lemberg, Austria-Hungary (now Lviv, Ukraine)
expired 12-26-1968 in New York, New York   age 69   cause: heart attack
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in February 1966 film director  Federico Fellini   made La Dolce Vita (1960)
born on 1-20-1920 in Rimini, Romagna, Italy
expired 10-31-1993 in Rome, Italy   age 73   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
1979 HFS7.7%
1980 VA6.3%

former Chicago White Sox center fielder  Oscar Emil "Happy" Felsch   barred from baseball for life after the 1919 Black Sox scandal
born on 8-22-1891 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
expired 8-17-1964 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin   age 72
You want me to do WHAT to this microphone? former Associate Director of the FBI  William Mark Felt Sr.   ratted-out Tricky Dick on Watergate; convicted in the 1970s of having authorized illegal break-ins of homes of Weather Underground associates (pardoned in 1981 by the Gipper); now suffering from dementia
born on 8-17-1913 in Twin Falls, Idaho
expired 12-18-2008 in Santa Rosa, California   age 95   cause: congestive heart failure
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 3.0012 points

character/voice actress  Verna Felton   played Hilda Crocker on December Bride (1954-61) & Pete and Gladys (1961-62); provided the voice of Wilma's mother, Pearl Slaghoople on The Flintstones; had a long career providing voices for Disney animation: the Elephant Matriarch in Dumbo (1941), the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella (1950), the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland (1951), Aunt Sarah in Lady and the Tramp (1955), Flora in Sleeping Beauty (1959) & Winifred in The Jungle Book (1967)
born on 7-20-1890 in Salinas, California
expired 12-14-1966 in North Hollywood, California   age 76   cause: stroke
electric guitar pioneer  Clarence Leo Fender
born on 8-10-1909 in Anaheim, California
expired 3-21-1991 in Fullerton, California   age 81
singer  Freddie Fender
¤real name: Baldemar Huerta 
born on 6-4-1937 in San Benito, Texas
expired 10-14-2006 in Corpus Christi, Texas   age 69   cause: cancer
   Contest Selectors
2002RR, TMTX18.2%
2003MB, RAVN11.1%
   Scored 8.1000 solo points

former Bergen-Belsen inmate  Fania Fénelon   wrote Playing for Time (1977)
¤born: Fanny Goldstein 
born on 9-2-1918 in Paris, France
expired 12-20-1983 in Paris, France   age 65
Virginia Commonwealth University researcher Dr.  John Bennett Fenn   shared the 2002 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 6-15-1917 in New York, New York
expired 12-10-2010 in Richmond, Virginia   age 93
   Contest Selectors
2009CSI, GOHI6.7%
   Scored 5.7000 solo points

band conductor  Frederick Fennell   for many years directed the Eastman Wind Ensemble
born on 7-2-1914 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 12-7-2004 in Siesta Key, Florida   age 90
Groucho's radio and tv sidekick  George Fenneman   the voice of Dragnet --- "The names have been changed..."; appeared in Howard Hawks' The Thing; also the recorded voice of the National Bureau of Standards Time & Frequency standards radio stations --- WWV & WWVH
born on 11-10-1919 in Beijing, China
expired 5-29-1997 in Los Angeles, California   age 77   cause: emphysema
stock brokerage founder  Charles E. Fenner   co-founded brokerage that was later consolidated into Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Beane
born on 9-4-1876 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 11-14-1963 in Slidell, Louisiana   age 87
lawyer  Bernard Fensterwald
born on 8-2-1921
expired 4-2-1991   age 69
former New Jersey rep. (1975-82)  Millicent Hammond Fenwick   basis for Doonesbury cartoon character Lacey Davenport
born on 2-25-1910 in New York, New York
expired 9-16-1992 in Bernardsville, New Jersey   age 82   cause: heart failure
Voskhod 1 cosmonaut  Konstantin Petrovich Feoktistov
born on 2-7-1926 in Voronezh, Russia
expired 11-21-2009 in Moscow, Russia   age 83
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 6.7000 solo points

Soviet weapons designer  Lev Feoktistov   went on to protest nukes
born on 2-14-1928
expired 2-14-2002 in Moscow, Russia   age 74   cause: heart attack
Pulitzer-prize winning author  Edna Ferber   wrote Cimarron, Show Boat (1926) and Giant (1952)
born on 8-15-1885 in Kalamazoo, Michigan
expired 4-16-1968 in New York, New York   age 82
King of Aragon (1479-1516)  Ferdinand V   husband of Isabella; father of Katherine of Aragon
born on 3-10-1452 in Sos, Spain
expired 1-23-1516 in Madrigalejo, Spain   age 63
heir to Austro-Hungarian Empire Archduke  Francis Ferdinand   with wife assassinated, starting World War I
born on 12-18-1863 in Graz, Austria-Hungary
expired 6-28-1914 in Sarejevo, Serbia, Austria-Hungary   age 50   cause: assassinated; shot
Enola Gay bombardier  Thomas Wilson Ferebee   World War II B-29 crewman on plane that nuked Hiroshima; released the bomb ("Little Boy"), aimed at the Aioi Bridge
born on 11-9-1918 in Mocksville, North Carolina
expired 3-16-2000 in Windermere, Florida   age 81   cause: pancreatic cancer
auto, aviation and farm equipment inventor  Harry George Ferguson   co-founded Massey-Ferguson farm equipment company
born on 11-4-1884 in Dromore, Northern Ireland
expired 10-25-1960 in Abbotswood, England   age 75
former Michigan senator (1943-54)  Homer Samuel Ferguson   introduced bill that inserted "under God" into the Pledge of Allegiance (1954)
born on 2-25-1889 in Harrison City, Pennsylvania
expired 12-17-1982 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan   age 93
Louisiana Parish judge  John Howard Ferguson   convicted Homer Plessy of violating Louisiana's railroad Separate Car Act; subsequently became defendant in noted Supreme Court civil rights case (Plessy v. Ferguson) (1896 #210)
born on 6-10-1838 in Chilmark, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
expired 11-12-1915 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 77
 Marian Louisa Montagu-Douglas-Scott Ferguson   Fergi's grandmother
born on 6-16-1908 in Bridgefoot, Barnet, England
expired 12-??-1996 in England   age 88
"new-age" author  Marilyn Louise Ferguson   wrote The Aquarian Conspiracy (1980)
¤née: Grasso
ex-Mrs. Michael Ferguson & Ray Gottlieb 
born on 4-15-1938 in Grand Junction, Colordo
expired 10-19-2008 in Banning, California   age 70   cause: heart attack
jazz trumpeter  Walter "Maynard" Ferguson
born on 5-4-1928 in Verdun, Quebec, Canada (now incorporated into Montreal)
expired 8-23-2006 in Ventura, California   age 78   cause: kidney & liver failure; infection
mathematician  Pierre de Fermat   his workbook indicates that he believed that he had "proven" a Theorem that said that xn + yn = zn is true only for n = 2; however, the proof has never been found, and mathematicians have labored for centuries trying to prove or disprove the Theorem
born on 8-17-1601 in Beaumont-de-Lomagne, France
expired 1-12-1665 in Castres, France   age 63
Nobel prize-winning physicist  Enrico Fermi   built the first successful "atomic pile" (on a squash court under Amos Alonzo Stagg field) at the University of Chicago
born on 9-29-1901 in Rome, Italy
expired 11-28-1954 in Chicago, Illinois   age 53   cause: cancer
French film comedian  Fernandel   played irascible Italian village priest in a series of movies
¤born: Fernand-Joseph-Desire Contandin 
born on 5-8-1903 in Marseilles, France
expired 2-26-1971 in Paris, France   age 67   cause: cancer
1980s/90s WWF/E wrassler  Raymond Fernandez
¤aka: "Hercules Hernandez" 
born on 5-7-1957 in Tampa, Florida
expired 3-6-2004 in Tampa, Florida   age 46   cause: heart attack
duo-pianist  Arthur Richard Ferrante   former partner of Louis Teicher
born on 9-7-1921 in New York, New York
expired 9-19-2009 in Longboat Key, Florida   age 88
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 6.2000 solo points

candy maker  Nello V. Ferraro   son of the company founder (1908); came up with Lemon Heads (1962), Atomic Fireballs (1954) & Boston Baked Beans
born on 11-28-1918 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 2-3-2012 in River Forest, California   age 93
automaker  Enzo Ferrari
born on 2-18-1898 in Modena, Italy
expired 8-14-1988 in Modena, Italy   age 90
   Contest Selectors
1979 DW7.7%
1980 DW6.3%

Lolo displaying the two newest blimps in the Goodyear fleet French porn star  Lolo Ferrari   claimed to have world's largest breasts (71-inch silicone-enhanced hooters); 1999 Guinness Book credited her with the World's Heaviest breasts (at 6 pounds 2 ounces each); hosted 1998/99 tv series Eurotrash; may have been aflicted by dysmorphophobia (revolted by own body); husband recently arrested under suspicion of having murdered her
¤born: Eve Valois 
born on 3-4-1962 in la Baule, Clermont-Ferrand, France
expired 3-4-2000 in Grasse, France   age 38   cause: prescription drug overdose
 Antonetta Ferraro   mother of Geraldine
born on 4-4-1905
expired 2-2-1990   age 84
former Vice Presidential running mate (1980)  Geraldine Anne Ferraro
¤Mrs. John Zaccaro 
born on 8-26-1935 in Newburgh, New York
expired 3-26-2011 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 75   cause: multiple myeloma
   Contest Selectors
2002ANG, JL18.2%
2003ANG, MB11.1%
2004ANG, LMLD5.6%
2008QKU, SBAP6.3%

former NYC burlesque stripper  Margaret "Margie" Hart Ferraro
born on 9-28-1913 in Edgerton, Missouri
expired 1-19-2000 in Los Angeles, California   age 86   cause: "a long illness"
 Christian Ferras
expired 9-16-1982   age 49
baseball Hall-of-Famer  Richard Benjamin "Rick" Ferrell
born on 8-12-1905 in Durham, North Carolina
expired 6-22-1995   age 89
vocalist  Ibrahim Ferrer   he was the last surviving member of the original Buena Vista Social Club
born on 2-20-1927 in San Luis, Cuba (near Santiago)
expired 8-6-2005 in Havana, Cuba   age 78   cause: multiple organ failure; gastroenteritis; emphysema
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 7.2000 solo points

actor  José Ferrer   father of actor Miguel
¤born: José Vincente Ferrer de Otero y Cintron 
born on 1-8-1912 in Santurce, Puerto Rico
expired 1-26-1992 in Coral Gables, Florida   age 80
actor  Mel Ferrer
¤born: Melchior Gaston Ferrer 
born on 8-25-1917 in Elberon, New Jersey
expired 6-2-2008 in Santa Barbara, California   age 90
   Contest Selectors
2007ANG, DTH6.5%
   Scored 6.0000 solo points

 David Ferrie   considered a "person of interest" by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in the assassination of JFK
born on 3-18-1915 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 2-21-1967 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 51   cause: suicide?
original Chris Steak House purveyor of properly brazed bovine flesh  Ruth Udstad Fertel   mortgaged her house to buy Chris Steak House (1965); later changed name to Ruth's Chris Steak House
¤maiden name: Ruth Ann Usted 
born on 2-5-1927 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 4-16-2002 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 75   cause: lung cancer
G.E. engineer Dr.  Reginald Aubrey Fessenden   made world's first radio voice broadcast (12/24/1906)
born on 10-6-1866 in Milton, Quebec, Canada
expired 6-22-1932 in Hamilton, Bermuda   age 65   cause: heart disease
broadcast pioneer, former owner of Detroit Tigers  John Earl Fetzer
born on 3-25-1901 in Decatur, Indiana
expired 2-21-1991   age 89
   Contest Selectors
1979 7.7%
1980 RR6.3%

stage/movie musical director/producer  Cyrus Feuer
¤born: Seymour Arnold Feuer 
born on 1-15-1911 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 5-17-2006 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 95   cause: bladder cancer
   Contest Selectors
2006DTM, RIE6.7%
   Scored 4.2500 points

AKS: Fueur
physicist & author  Richard Phillips Feynman   shared the 1965 Nobel prize in physics for his work in quantum electrodynamics
born on 5-11-1918 in New York, New York
expired 2-15-1988 in Los Angeles, California   age 69   cause: stomach cancer

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