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actress  Nina Foch   played Bithia, the pharaoh's daughter that found Moses in the bullrushes and raised him in The Ten Commandments (1956)
¤born: Nina Consuela Maud Fock 
born on 4-20-1924 in Leiden, The Netherlands
expired 12-5-2008 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: complications from myelodysplasia
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 6.6000 solo points

"Father of the Helicopter"  Heinrich Focke   built the VA-61, first to receive a certificate of airworthiness; his FW-61 rotary wing aircraft was first to make a free flight (1/26/1936)
expired 2-25-1979 in Bremen, Germany   age 88
travel guide author  Eugene Fodor
born on 10-5-1905 in Leva, Austria-Hungaria
expired 2-18-1991 in Litchfield, Connecticut   age 85
troubled classical violinist  Eugene Nicholas Fodor
born on 3-5-1950 in Denver, Colorado
expired 2-26-2011 in Arlington, Virginia   age 60   cause: cirrhosis of the liver; alcoholism; drug abuse
Amana Corp. co-founder & executive  George Foerstner
born on 11-8-1908 in Amana Colonies, Iowa
expired 1-17-2000 in Miami, Florida   age 91
singer  Daniel Grayling Fogelberg
born on 8-13-1951 in Peoria, Illinois
expired 12-16-2007 in Maine   age 56   cause: prostate cancer
   Contest Selectors
2006DTM, PCD, QKU10.0%
2007BOD, DTM, JCM, QKU12.9%
   Scored 7.2125 points

country singer  Clyde Julian "Red" Foley   Pat Boone's father-in-law
born on 6-17-1910 in Blue Lick, Kentucky
expired 9-19-1968 in Fort Wayne, Indiana   age 58   cause: heart attack
Universal Pictures movie sound editor  John Donovan "Jack" Foley   first to engage in the practice of "sweetening" the movie soundtrack so that things sound more "realistic"
born on 4-12-1891 in Yorkville, New York
expired 11-??-1967 in Los Angeles, California   age 76
coffee heiress  Abigail Anne Folger   murdered by the Manson Family during their Helter Skelter murder spree
born on 8-11-1943 in California
expired 8-9-1969 in Los Angeles, California   age 25   cause: stabbed 28 times
former L.A. Times "Biographical" (Obituaries) Editor (1979-93)  Burton A. Folkart
born on 7-11-1932 in Santa Monica, California
expired 12-7-2000 in Los Angeles, California   age 68   cause: heart attack or stroke
ponzi-scheme architect  Marion Bayard Folsom   chief drafter of the 1935 Social Security Act; blame him when your retirement income sucks, if you get to retire at all; Eisenhower HEW Secretary (1953-58)
born on 11-23-1893 in McRae, Georgia
expired 9-28-1976 in Rochester, New York   age 82
 Frances Seymour Brokaw Fonda   wife of Henry; Jane & Peter's mom; grandmother of Bridget
expired 4-14-1950 in Beacon, New York   age 42   cause: suicide; slit own throat with razor
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in December 1981 actor  Henry Fonda   won Oscar for On Golden Pond; father of Jane and Peter; grandfather of Bridget
born on 5-16-1905 in Grand Island, Nebraska
expired 8-12-1982 in Los Angeles, California   age 77
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO, DW, MM, SB, YJ38.5%
1980 BB,DW, EB, EK, HA, HP, MM, VA50.0%

former Hawaiian Senator (1959-76)  Hiram Leong Fong Sr.
¤born: Yau Leong Fong 
born on 10-15-1906 in Honolulu, Hawaiian Territory
expired 8-18-2004 in Honolulu, Hawaii   age 97   cause: kidney failure
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 5.3000 solo points

character actor & comedian  Frank Fontaine   played Crazy Guggenheim on Jackie Gleason's tv show; pretty good singer, too
born on 4-19-1920 in Haverhill, Massachusetts
expired 8-4-1978 in Spokane, Washington   age 58   cause: heart attack
"doodle-tonguing" jazz trombonist  Carl Fontana
born on 7-18-1928 in Monroe, Louisiana
expired 10-9-2003 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 75   cause: Alzheimer's disease
stage actress  Lynn Fontanne   wife of Alfred Lunt
born on 12-6-1887 in Woodford, Essex, England
expired 7-30-1983 in Genessee Depot, Wisconsin   age 95
Careole fiddler  Canray Fontenot   performed with "Bois Sec" Ardoin
born on 10-16-1922 in L'Anse aux Vachesla, Louisiana
expired 7-29-1995 in Welsh, Louisiana   age 72   cause: lung cancer; diabetes
ballerina Dame  Margot Fonteyn
¤born: Margaret Hookham 
born on 5-18-1919 in Reigate, England
expired 2-21-1991 in Panama City, Panama   age 71
   Contest Selectors
1980 HP6.3%

character actor  Ralph W. Foody   played the sneering, Tommie gun-happy gangster Johnny in the first two Home Alone movies (1990 & 1992)
born on 11-13-1928
expired 11-21-1999 in Lexington, Kentucky   age 71   cause: cancer
former British Labour Party head (1980-83)  Michael Mackintosh Foot   younger brother of Dingle Foot
born on 7-23-1913 in Plymouth, Devonshire, England
expired 3-3-2010 in London, England   age 96
   Contest Selectors
2006RIE, SPIT6.7%
2007DTM, RIE, SPIT9.7%
2008DTM, RIE, SPIT9.4%
2009DTM, RIE6.7%
2010DTM, RIE7.4%
   Scored 4.1500 points

playwright  Albert Horton Foote Jr.   a winner of the 1995 Pulitzer Prize in Drama for The Young Man From Atlanta; wrote The Trip to Bountiful; won two oscars for writing the screenplays to To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) & Tender Mercies (1983)
born on 3-14-1916 in Wharton, Texas
expired 3-4-2009 in Hartford, Connecticut   age 92
   Contest Selectors
2009GOHI, RIE6.7%
   Scored 4.5500 points

advertising executive  Emerson Foote   co-founded Foote, Cone & Belding (1942)
born on 12-13-1906 in Sheffield, Alabama
expired 7-5-1992 in Carmel, New York   age 85   cause: complications from appendicitis
Civil War historian/author  Shelby Dade Foote Jr.   appeared on a lot of PBS documentaries
born on 11-7-1916 in Greenville, Mississippi
expired 6-27-2005 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 88
character actor  Dick Foran
¤born: John Nicholas Foran 
born on 6-18-1910 in Flemington, New Jersey
expired 8-10-1979 in Panorama City, California   age 69
Chicago Seven prosecutor  Thomas Aquinas Foran
born on 1-11-1924 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 8-6-2000 in Lake Forest, Illinois   age 76   cause: cancer
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in April 1979 publishing executive  Malcolm Stevenson Forbes Sr.
born on 8-19-1919 in New York, New York
expired 2-24-1990 in Fort Hills, New Jersey   age 70
publisher  Robert Charles "Bertie" Forbes   founder of Forbes magazine
born on 5-14-1880 in Aberdeen, Scotland
expired 5-6-1954 in New York, New York   age 73   cause: heart attack
insane convicted murderer  Alvin Bernard Ford   was on Florida's death row but got a reprieve when the Supreme Court rules that the insane can't be executed (1986; Ford v. Wainwright)
born on --1953
expired 2-28-1991 in Starke, Florida   age 37   cause: "natural auses"
 Benson Ford   son of Edsel; grandson of Henry
born on 7-20-1919 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 7-27-1978 in Cheboygan, Michigan   age 59   cause: heart attack
Henry's widow  Clara Ford
expired 9-29-1950 in Detroit, Michigan   age 84
Ford Motor Company president (1919-43)  Edsel Bryant Ford   son & heir of Henry
born on 1-6-1893 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 5-26-1943 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan   age 50
Edsel's widow  Eleanor Clay Ford   mother of Henry II; niece of Department Store founder J.L. Hudson
born on 6-6-1896 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 10-19-1976 in Detroit, Michigan   age 80
former First Lady & Celebrity Clinic Maven  Elizabeth Anne Bloomer "Betty" Ford
born on 4-8-1918 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 7-8-2011 in Palm Springs, California   age 93
   Contest Selectors
1979 HA, JH, MM, SB, VM, YJ46.2%
1980DO, JH, JW, HA, HP, MM, VA43.8%
2000IVY, TEX29%
2002CMH, MORB, RAVN27.3%
2004CSI, KLS, RR16.7%
2005CSI, KLS, RR13.0%
2006CSI, DTH, KLS, RR, SPIT, 4GUE20.0%

singer  Ernest Jennings "Tennessee Ernie" Ford   had hit with Sixteen Tons
born on 2-13-1919 in Bristol, Tennessee
expired 10-17-1991 in Reston, Virginia   age 72
to next U.S. president: Jimmy Carterto previous U.S. president: Richard Nixon 38th U.S. president (1974-77)  Gerald Rudolph Ford   last surviving member of the Warren Commission; pardoned Richard Nixon in 1974 for his involvement in Watergate; withdrew last U.S. forces from Vietnam 1975, precipitating the collapse of South Vietnam to North Vietnamese army forces; twice in 1975 a target of assassins (Fromme & Moore)
¤born: Leslie Lynch King Jr. 
born on 7-14-1913 in Omaha, Nebraska
expired 12-26-2006 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 93
   Contest Selectors
2000KLS, RR, SPAM29%
2001DTM, KLS, ROTS, RR50%
2002CMH, DTM, JAC, RR36.4%
2003DTM, JEDS, KLS, MJ, OGGI, PCD33.3%
   Scored 3.2000 points

modeling agency co-founder  Gerard William "Jerry" Ford   with wife launched the runway modeling agency (1946)
born on 10-2-1924 in New Orleans, Louisana
expired 8-24-2008 in Morristown, New Jersey   age 83   cause: complications from Parkinson's disease
actor  Glenn Ford
¤born: Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford 
born on 5-1-1916 in Quebec, Canada
expired 8-30-2006 in Beverly Hills, California   age 90
   Contest Selectors
2003JEDS, PCD11.1%
2004NFG, PCD11.1%
2005NFG, PCD, TMD13.0%
2006ADWC, NFG, PCD, WEP, 4GUE16.7%
   Scored 3.6563 points

AKS: Glen
industrialist  Henry Ford
born on 7-30-1863 in Dearborn, Michigan
expired 4-7-1947 in Dearborn, Michigan   age 83   cause: stroke
industrialist  Henry Ford II   grandson of Henry I
¤aka: "Hank the Deuce" 
born on 9-4-1917 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 9-29-1987 in Detroit, Michigan   age 70   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
1979 JH, RR, VM23.1%
1980 HP6.3%

movie director  John Ford   winner of six Academy Awards, four for Best Director (The Informer (1935), The Grapes of Wrath (1940), How Green Was My Valley (1941) and The Quiet Man(1952))
¤born: Sean Aloysius O'Fearna
last name changed from: O'Feeney 
born on 2-1-1895 in Cape Elizabeth, Maine
expired 8-31-1973 in Palm Desert, California   age 78   cause: cancer
auto heiress  Josephine Clay Ford   daughter of Edsel; grandaughter of Henry
born on 7-7-1923
expired 6-1-2005 in Detroit, Michigan   age 81
actor  Larkin Ford   played Juror #12 in the original cast of Twelve Angry Men (1956)
¤real name: Larkin Shackleford
aka: Will West 
born on 1-30-1921 in California
expired 1-13-2007 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 85
Church of God in Christ Bishop  Louis Henry Ford   delivered the funeral sermon for Emmett Till; namesake of Chicago interstate highway
born on 5-23-1914 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-31-1995 in Chicago, Illinois   age 80
singer  Mary Ford   one-time wife of Les Paul (1945-63)
¤real name: Irene Colleen Summers 
born on 7-7-1924 in Waukesha, Wisconsin
expired 9-30-1977 in Los Angeles, California   age 53   cause: complications from diabetes
character actor  Paul Ford   one of the Bailey's of Balboa; in The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming (1966) & Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963)
¤real name: Paul Ford Weaver 
born on 11-2-1901 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 4-12-1976 in Mineola, New York   age 74
former Mississippi governor (1992-2000)  Daniel Kirkwood "Kirk" Fordice
born on 2-10-1934 in Memphis, Tennessee
expired 9-7-2004 in Jackson, Mississippi   age 70   cause: leukemia
real-life accident victim  Edith Fore   said "I've fallen and I can't get up" in a bunch of early 1990s Life Call commercials
born on 4-4-1916
expired 8-2-1997 in Camden, New Jersey   age 81
cartoonist  Jean-Claude Forest   created Barbarella (April 1962) and did set design for movie (1968)
born on 11-9-1930 in Perreux, France
expired 12-30-1998 in Paris, France   age 68   cause: respiratory illness
poet, biographer & novelist  Cecil Scott Forester   wrote The African Queen & Sink the Bismark!
born on 8-27-1899 in Cairo, Egypt
expired 4-2-1966 in Fullerton, California   age 66
Danish king (968-1014)  Sweyn Forkbeard   son of king Harold Bluetooth; father of king Canute
born on --960
expired ??-??-1014   age 54
 James Forman   an organizer of SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) in the early 1960s
¤name at birth: James Rufus 
born on 10-4-1928 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 1-10-2005 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 76   cause: colon cancer
English and speech teacher  Margaret C. Formby   founder of the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center (1975)
born on 7-12-1929
expired 4-10-2003 in Hereford, Texas   age 73   cause: head injuries from fall in bathroom
big band singer of 1930s and 40s  Helen Forrest
¤born: Helen Fogel 
born on 4-12-1918 in Atlantic City, New Jersey
expired 7-11-1999 in Woodland Hills, California   age 82   cause: congestive heart failure
Confederate army general  Nathan Bedford Forrest   co-founder and first head of the original Ku Klux Klan
born on 7-13-1821 in Chapel Hill, Tennessee
expired 10-29-1877 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 56
first television announcer  Raymond Forrest   did second television commercial on July 4, 1941, for Adam Hats (the first commercial, on July 1st, for Bulova watches, had no announcer); became first tv announcer to "break-in" on regular programming, announcing the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (he interrupted movie The Playboy)
¤born: Raymond Feuerstein 
born on 1-7-1916 in Germany
expired 3-11-1999 in Kinnelon, New Jersey   age 83
 Werner Theodor Otto Forssmann   shared the 1956 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 8-29-1904 in Berlin, Germany
expired 6-1-1979 in Schopfheim, Germany   age 74
British novelist  Edward Morgan Forster   wrote Howard's End (1919), A Passage to India (1924) and A Room With A View (1908)
born on 1-1-1879 in London, England
expired 6-7-1970 in Coventry, England   age 91
Stanford Computer Science Dept. chairman (1965-72)  George E. Forsythe   former president of the Association of Computing Machinery
born on 1-8-1917 in State College, Pennsylvania
expired 4-9-1972 in Palo Alto, California   age 55   cause: cancer
actor  John Forsythe   the voice of Charlie on Charlie's Angels; played title role (Bentley Gregg) on Bachelor Father and Blake Carrington on Dynasty
¤born: John Lincoln Freund 
born on 1-29-1918 in Penns Grove, New Jersey
expired 4-1-2010 in Santa Ynez, California   age 92   cause: pneumonia, cancer
   Contest Selectors
2009ANG, DGW, GOHI, MORB, QKU16.7%
   Scored 3.3781 points

former Supreme Court justice (1966-69)  Abe Fortas   argued Gideon v. Wainwright (1963)
born on 6-19-1910 in Memphis, Tennessee
expired 4-5-1982 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 71
tv sports director  Fulvio Chester "Chet" Forte
born on 8-7-1935 in Hackensack, New Jersey
expired 5-18-1996 in San Diego, California   age 60   cause: heart attack
character actor  Robert R. Fortier   a friend of Robert Altman — he appeared in a number of the director's movies, including McCabe & Mrs. Miller (as the town drunk; 1971), Popeye (as ; 1980) and O.C. and Stiggs (as wino Jim; 1987); portrayed Rojan's henchman Tomar in the original Star Trek series episode By Any Other Name (February 1968)
born on 11-5-1926
expired 1-1-2005   age 78
physicist  Robert Lull Forward   former Hughes Aircraft research labs employee; after retirement wrote science fiction novels, starting with Dragon's Egg (1980)
born on 8-15-1932 in Geneva, New York
expired 9-21-2002 in Seattle, Washington   age 70   cause: brain cancer
recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor former South Dakota governor (1955-59)  Joseph Jacob Foss   World War II Marine ace & Medal of Honor recipient; first Commissioner of the AFL (1960); president of the NRA (1988-90)
born on 4-17-1915 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota
expired 1-1-2003 in Arizona   age 87   cause: complications from coma; aneurysm
pianist/conductor/composer  Lukas Foss
¤born: Lukas Fuchs 
born on 8-15-1922 in Berlin, Germany
expired 2-1-2009 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 86   cause: complications from Parkinson's disease
dancer/choreographer  Robert Louis "Bob" Fosse   directed Cabaret (1972; Best Director oscar), All That Jazz (1979) & Star 80 (1983)
born on 6-23-1927 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 9-23-1987 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 60   cause: heart attack
hot air balloonist  James Stephen "Steve" Fossett   during his August 1998 attempt to circumnavigate the globe a thunderstorm ripped apart the balloon's envelope; Fossett and the now flaming balloon plunged 29,000 feet into the Coral Sea; Fossett escaped the capsule moments before it sank; on November 26, 2007 his wife petitioned to have him declared dead; on September 29, 2008 a hiker west of Mammoth Lake, California found his pilot license & a grand in $100 bills; the plane wreckage was found on October 2nd, 2008
born on 4-22-1944 in Jackson, Tennessee
expired 9-3-2007 in Inyo National Forest, Mammoth Lakes, Madera County, California (near)   age 63   cause: plane crash
AKS: Faucet Fawset
gorilla expert  Dian Fossey   author of Gorillas in the Mist
born on 1-16-1932 in Fairfax, California
expired 12-26-1985 in Ruhengeri Province, Rwanda   age 53   cause: murdered; hacked to death
AKS: Diane Dieann Fossee Fossie Fossy Fosey Fosee Fosie Fosy
World War II escape artist  Eric Foster   shot down in 1940 he managed to escape from German POW camps seven times; he liked to claim that his exploits were the basis of the character Hilts (the "Cooler King") in The Great Escape (1963) — the novel's author had cited John D. Lewis as the basis of the character ... what could he know
expired 3-27-2006 in Bishop's Cleeve, Gloucesershire, England   age 102
1957 Reuben Award winner illustrator  Harold Rudolf "Hal" Foster   first artist to draw the Tarzan newspaper comic strip (November 1928); created the Prince Valiant strip (1937) & drew it through 1971 (succeeded by John Cullen Murphy); 1957 Reuben Award winner
born on 8-18-1892 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
expired 7-25-1982 in Spring Hill, Florida   age 89
Oakland, California school superintendent Dr.  Marcus A. Foster   assassinated by the Symbionese Liberation Army
born on 3-31-1923
expired 11-6-1973 in Oakland, California   age 50   cause: cyanide-tipped bullets
bandleader & actor  Phil Foster   played Laverne's father on Laverne and Shirley tv series (1976-82)
¤born: Fivel Feldman 
born on 3-29-1914 in New York, New York
expired 7-8-1985 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 71
movie actor  Preston S. Foster
born on 8-24-1900 in Ocean City, New Jersey
expired 7-14-1970 in La Jolla, California   age 69
multiple organ transplant recipient  Tabatha Foster
born on 6-10-1984 in Madisonville, Kentucky
expired 5-11-1988 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 3   cause: multiple organ failure
blues harmonica player  Willie Foster
born on 9-19-1921 in Leland, Mississippi (outside town)
expired 5-20-2001 in Jackson, Mississippi   age 79   cause: heart attack
personal secretary to V.I. Lenin  Lidiya Fotiyeva   she knew where all of the skeletons were buried (not just figuratively)
expired 8-25-1975 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 93
prolific character actor  Byron Foulger   in the last two years of the run of Petticoat Junction played train conductor Wendall Gibbs of the C&FW Railroad
born on 8-27-1899 in Ogden, Utah
expired 4-4-1970 in Hollywood, California   age 70   cause: heart condition
mathematician  Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier   discovered theorem of periodic oscillation (1822)
born on 3-21-1768 in Auxerre, Bourgogne, France
expired 5-16-1830 in Paris, France   age 62
Johnson Treasury Secretary (1965-68)  Henry H. Fowler
born on 9-5-1908 in Roanoke, Virginia
expired 1-3-2000 in Alexandria, Virginia   age 94
Oklahoma death row inmate  Mark Andrew Fowler
born on 5-6-1965
expired 1-23-2001 in McAlester, Oklahoma   age 35   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2001 TEX12½%
   Did  Not Score - insufficient category citations (only 2 of the minimum 3 needed)

 William Alfred Fowler   shared the 1983 Nobel physics prize
born on 8-9-1911 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 3-14-1995 in Pasadena, California   age 83
former Los Angeles Examiner reporter  William R. Fowler   first on the scene (ahead of the police) of the discovered Black Dahlia corpse
born on 8-29-1922 in Jamaica, New York
expired 4-13-2004 in Burbank, California   age 81   cause: prostate cancer
AKS: Will
author  John Robert Fowles   author of The Collector (1963), The Magus (1966) & The French Lieutenant's Woman
born on 3-31-1926 in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, England
expired 11-5-2005 in Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire, England   age 79   cause: heart failure
character actor  Douglas Vincent Fowley
¤born: Daniel Vincent Fowley 
born on 5-30-1911 in New York, New York
expired 5-21-1998 in Woodland Hills, California   age 86
Oklahoma death row inmate  Billy Rae Fox
born on 10-24-1965
expired 1-25-2001 in McAlester, Oklahoma   age 35   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2001 TEX12½%
   Did  Not Score - insufficient category citations (only 2 of the minimum 3 needed)

former S.F. Giants manager  Charles Francis "Charlie" Fox
born on 10-7-1921 in New York, New York
expired 2-16-2004 in Stanford, California   age 82   cause: complications from pneumonia
cartoonist  Fontaine Talbot Fox Jr.   creator of the Toonerville Trolley comic strip
born on 3-3-1884 in Louisville, Kentucky
expired 8-9-1964 in Greenwich, Connecticut   age 80
comics writer  Gardner Fox   co-creator of The Flash for DC Comics (1940)
born on 5-20-1911 in New York, New York
expired 12-24-1986 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 75
cartoonist  Gilbert T. "Gill" Fox   edited Jack Cole's Plastic Man while at Quality Comics (1940-43); penciled/inked Bill Ward's Torchy
born on 11-19-1915 in New York, New York
expired 5-15-2004 in Redding Ridge, Connecticut   age 88
Chicago clothier  Harold C. Fox   credited with creating the Zoot Suit
born on 7-9-1910
expired 7-28-1996 in Siesta Key, Florida   age 86
former White Sox second baseman  Jacob Nelson "Nellie" Fox   coached Washington Senators from 1967 to 1973
born on 12-25-1927 in Saint Thomas, Pennsylvania
expired 12-1-1975 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 47   cause: skin cancer
 John Michael Fox   co-founder of Florida Foods Inc. (1946); the company changed its name to Minute Maid Corp. (1947) and was purchased by the Coca-Cola Co. in 1960
born on 12-26-1912 in Esher, England
expired 1-9-2003 in Winter Park, Florida   age 90
actor  Michael Fox
born on 2-27-1921
expired 6-1-1996   age 75
retired Federal judge (1962-87)  Noel Peter Fox
born on 8-30-1910 in Kalamazoo, Michigan
expired 6-3-1987 in Grand Rapids, Michigan   age 76
   Contest Selectors
1980 BB6.3%

Ohio death row inmate  Richard E. Fox   kidnapped/strangled//stabbed 18 year old Leslie Renae Keckler (1989)
¤aka: number 227307 
born on 2-3-1956 in Tontogany
expired 2-12-2003 in Lucasville, Ohio   age 47   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
   Did  Not Score - insufficient category citations (only 1 of the minimum 3 needed)

long distance runner  Terrence Stanley "Terry" Fox   lost right leg to bone cancer; started a run across Canada to raise money for cancer research (had to stop in Thundar Bay, Ontario when the lung cancer was diagnosed)
born on 7-28-1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
expired 6-27-1981 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada   age 22   cause: pneumonia; bone & lung cancer
organist  Virgil Keel Fox
born on 5-3-1912 in Princeton, Illinois
expired 10-25-1980 in West Palm Beach, Florida   age 68   cause: cancer
movie pioneer  William Fox   founded Fox Film Corp. (1915), the successor to his Greater New York Film Rental Company (1904); bought rights to Movietone sound-on-film process from Case & Sponable; in 1929 bought Loews, Inc. (MGM owner) but was forced to relinquish ownership by government (under prodding from Louis B. Mayer); forced out of Fox studio (1930); studio merged with Twentieth Century Pictures (1935)
¤born: Wilhelm Fuchs 
born on 1-1-1879 in Tulchva, Hungary
expired 5-8-1952 in New York, New York   age 73
Karen, back in her 'Ample' days one-time stripper & big-boob model  Karen Ann Foxx   quit the biz in 1992 & had her 44DDs removed
¤born: Karen Ann Bell
aka: "Edith Holtzman" & "Annie Ample
born on 10-30-1950 in San Diego, California
expired 1-1-2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 57   cause: heart failure; multiple sclerosis
comedian  Redd Foxx   starred in Sanford and Son tv series
¤born: John Elroy Sanford 
born on 12-9-1922 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 10-11-1991 in Hollywood, California   age 68
   Contest Selectors
1979 HFS7.7%
1980 BB, DR, HP18.8%

movie producer/director  Bryan W. Foy   one of the Seven Little Foys; directed The Lights of New York (1928) and produced PT-109 (1963) & the 3-D opus House of Wax (1953)
born on 12-8-1894 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 4-20-1977 in Los Angeles, California   age 82   cause: heart failure
The Seven Little Foys kid performer  Charles "Charley" Foy
born on 6-12-1898 in Illinois
expired 8-22-1984 in Los Angeles, California   age 86
vaudevillian  Edward Fitzgerald "Eddie" Foy Sr.   father of The Seven Little Foys vaudeville act
born on 3-9-1856 in Greenwich Village, New York
expired 2-16-1928 in Kansas City, Missouri   age 71   cause: heart attack
vaudevillian  Edward Fitzgerald "Eddie" Foy Jr.   member of The Seven Little Foys vaudeville act
born on 2-4-1905 in New Rochelle, New York
expired 7-15-1983 in Woodland Hills, California   age 78   cause: pancreatic cancer
WXYZ/ABC radio/tv announcer  Frederick William Foy   voiced the introduction to "The Lone Ranger" on radio (1948-54) & tv (1949-57) — "A firey horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty 'Hi! Yo! Silver! ..."; also annouced "The Green Hornet" and "Challenge of the North" ("Sergeant Preston of the Yukon") as well as the Dick Cavett tv show
born on 3-27-1921 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 12-22-2010 in Woburn, Massachusetts   age 89
kid vaudeville performer  Irving L. Foy   last of the The Seven Little Foys troupe
born on 8-26-1908
expired 4-20-2003 in Albuquerque, New Mexico   age 94   cause: complications from broken collarbone
theater manager  Richard "Dick" Foy   another one of those pesky The Seven Little Foys
expired 4-4-1947 in Dallas, Texas   age 42   cause: heart attack
former Copper League (baseball) bat boy  Thomas P. "Tommy" Foy Sr.   worked with disgraced Chicago White(/"Black") Sox players Eddie Cicotte, Chick Gandil, Buck Weaver, Lefty Williams; was a survivor of the World War II Bataan death march
born on 10-19-1914 in Silver City, New Mexico
expired 10-8-2011 in Bayard, New Mexico   age 96
pianist  Malcolm Frager
born on 1-15-1935 in Sait Louis, Missouri
expired 6-20-1991   age 56
cinematographer  William Ashman Fraker   also directed The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981)
born on 9-29-1923 in Los Angeles, California
expired 5-31-2010 in Los Angeles, California   age 86
former UPI reporter  Oscar Fraley   co-wrote The Untouchables about the exploits of Eliot Ness
born on 8-2-1914
expired 1-6-1994   age 79
author  Janet Paterson Frame
¤surname changed to Clotha (1973) 
born on 8-28-1924 in Dunedin, New Zealand
expired 1-29-2004 in Dunedin, New Zealand   age 79   cause: acute leukemia
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   Scored 7.1000 solo points

former NASCAR president (1972-2003)  William Clifton "Bill" France   his father founded NASCAR in 1947
¤aka: "Junior" 
born on 4-4-1933 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 6-4-2007 in Daytona Beach, Florida   age 74   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
   Contest Selectors
2003OGGI, PCD11.1%
   Scored 7.6000 solo points

NASCAR founder (1947)  William Henry Getty France   built the Daytona & Taladega speedways
born on 9-26-1909
expired 6-7-1992   age 82
violinist  Zino Rene Francescatti
born on 8-9-1902 in Marseilles, France
expired 9-17-1991 in La Ciotat, France   age 89
singer  Sergio Franchi
born on 4-6-1926 in Cremona, Italy
expired 5-1-1990 in Stonington, Connecticut   age 64   cause: brain cancer
actor  Anthony "Tony" Franciosa   had once been married to Shelley Winters (1957-60)
¤born: Anthony Papaleo 
born on 10-25-1928 in New York, New York
expired 1-19-2006 in Los Angeles, California   age 77   cause: stroke
Monarch of Bermuda ship captain  Albert R. Francis   rescued 78 passengers from the burning Morro Castle cruise ship (9/8/1934)
expired 10-11-1972 in Tucker's Town, Bermuda   age 83
actress  Anne Lloyd Francis   played Altera in Forbidden Planet (1956) and Honey West on tv (196566)
born on 9-16-1930 in Ossining, New York
expired 1-2-2011 in Santa Barbara, California   age 80   cause: pancreatic cancer
   Contest Selectors

game show panelist  Arlene Francis
¤born: Arlene Francis Kazanjian 
born on 10-20-1908 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 5-31-2001 in San Francisco, California   age 92   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
   Contest Selectors
2000 KLS14%
2001 KLS, ROTS25%
   Scored 4.5500 points

drummer  David "Panama" Francis
born on 12-21-1918 in Miami, Florida
expired 11-11-2001 in Orlando, Florida   age 82   cause: stroke
cinematographer & horror film director  Frederick "Freddie" Francis   won cinematography oscars for Sons and Lovers (1960) & Glory (1989)
born on 12-22-1917 in Islington, London, England
expired 3-17-2007 in Isleworth, Middlesex, England   age 89
super-geezer  George R. Francis   had been the oldest man in America
born on 6-6-1897 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 11-27-2008 in Sacramento, California   age 111   cause: congestive heart failure
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   Scored 3.8000 solo points

ex-jockey  Richard Stanley "Dick" Francis   became a respected crime/mystery writer
born on 10-31-1920 in Lawrenny, Pembrokeshire, Wales
expired 2-14-2010 in Grand Cayman Island   age 89
   Contest Selectors
2005FA, WORM8.7%

movie director  Pietro Francisci   made Hercules (1957) & Hercules Unchained (1959)
born on 9-9-1906 in Rome, Italy
expired ??-??-1977 in Rome, Italy   age 70
actor  James Grover Franciscus
born on 1-31-1934 in Clayton, Missouri
expired 7-8-1991 in North Hollywood, California   age 57
 James Franck   shared the 1925 Nobel prize in physics
born on 8-26-1882 in Hamburg, Germany
expired 5-21-1962 in Göttingen, Germany   age 79
former Fordham Rams football guard  Edmund J. Franco   member of the Seven Blocks of Granite (1936-37)
born on 4-24-1915
expired 11-18-1992 in Bayonne, New Jersey   age 77   cause: heart attack
Generalissimo  Francisco Franco   according to SNL Weekend Update "he's still dead" - namesake of one of our Contest Awards
¤full name: Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teódulo Franco y Bahamonde 
born on 12-4-1892 in El Ferrol, Spain
expired 11-20-1975 in Madrid, Spain   age 82   cause: toxic shock; peritonitis, heart disease, kidney failure
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1979 YJ

illustrator  André François
¤born: André Farkas 
born on 11-9-1915 in Timisoara, Roumania
expired 4-11-2005 in Grisy-les-Plâtres, France   age 89   cause: heart & kidney failure
AKS: Andre Francois
French diplomat  André François-Poncet   was ambassador to Germany from 1930 to 1938; his warnings of Hitler's intentions went unheeded by the pre-war French government
born on 6-13-1887 in Provins, France
expired 1-8-1978 in Paris, France   age 90
AKS: Andre Francois-Poncet
60-Minute Gourmet  Pierre Franey
born on 1-13-1921 in Saint-Vinnemer, Burgundy, France
expired 10-15-1996 in Southampton, England   age 75   cause: stroke
former Lebanese President  Suleiman Kabalan Franjieh
born on 6-15-1910 in Zgharta, Lebanon
expired 7-23-1992 in Beirut, Lebanon   age 82
dentist  Aldred Louis Frank   invented the "modern" root canal (1963)
born on 7-17-1922
expired 1-16-2008 in Los Angeles, California   age 85   cause: Alzheimer's disease
Anne Frank, center, with family diarist  Anneliese Marie Frank
born on 6-12-1929 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
expired 3-29-1945 in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Germany   age 15   cause: typhus; starvation
Yale halfback (1935-37)  Clinton Edward Frank   winner of the Heisman Trophy (1937)
born on 9-13-1915 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 7-7-1992 in Evanston, Illinois   age 76
 Edith Holländer Frank   Anne's mother
born on 1-16-1900 in Aachen, Germany
expired 1-6-1945 in Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland   age 44   cause: Zyklon-G poison gas
 Il'ja Mikhailovich Frank   shared the 1958 Nobel physics prize
born on 10-23-1908 in Saint Petersberg, Russia
expired 6-22-1990   age 81
AKS: Ilja Ilya b.10/10/1908 old style calendar
former NBC News producer/president  Israel Reuven Frank
born on 12-7-1920 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
expired 2-5-2006 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 85   cause: complications from pneumonia
attorney  John P. Frank   Ernesto Miranda's mouthpiece (1963-66); got the perp off without a warning; in 1992 was Anita Hill's legal advisor
born on 11-10-1917 in Appleton, Wisconsin
expired 9-7-2002 in Scottsdale, Arizona   age 84
National Pencil Company manager  Leo Max Frank   convicted & sentenced to death for the 1913 slaying of Mary Phagan; sentence commuted to life without parole by Georgia governor John Slaton; lynch mob (calling itself the Knights of Mary Phagan) stormed the Georgia State Prison at Milledgeville, took him to a place near Mary's birthplace and lynched him; this incident prompted the formation of the Anti-Defamation League of the B'nai Brith
born on 4-17-1884 in Cuero, Texas
expired 8-17-1915 in Frey's Grove, Georgia (near Marietta)   age 31   cause: murdered; lynched
 Margot Betti Frank   Anne's sister
born on 2-16-1926 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
expired 3-27-1945 in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, Germany   age 19   cause: typhus; starvation
writer/producer/director  Melvin Frank   directed Li'l Aber (1959) & A Touch of Class (1973)
born on 8-13-1913 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 10-14-1988 in Los Angeles, California   age 75
 Otto Heinrich Frank   Anne's father
born on 5-12-1889 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
expired 8-19-1980 in Basel, Switzerland   age 91
cartoonist  Philip N. Frank Sr.   a 1968 MSU graduate — while there did editorial trips for the State News student newspaper; creator of the Farley & Elderberries strips
born on 3-27-1943 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 9-12-2007 in Bolinas, California   age 64   cause: brain tumor
movie director  John Frankenheimer   made Manchurian Candidate (1962), Seven Days in May (1964), Black Sunday (1977) & Ronin (1998)
born on 2-19-1930 in New York, New York
expired 7-6-2002   age 72   cause: stroke; complications following spinal surgery
former Supreme Court justice (1939-62)  Felix Frankfurter   co-founder of the ACLU (1920)
born on 11-15-1882 in Vienna, Austria
expired 2-22-1965 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 82
publisher, inventor, revolutionary  Benjamin Franklin   first U.S. Postmaster General; invented the lightning rod and bi-focal eyeglasses; came up with "Daylight Saving Time" to save candles
¤wrote under the pen name of Richard Saunders
aka: "Poor Richard" 
born on 1-17-1706 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 4-17-1790 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 84
Rev.  Clarence LeVaughn Franklin   Aretha's father; spent last five years of :life" in a coma after June 10, 1979 home invasion that resulted in two gunshot wounds
born on 1-22-1915 in Sunflower County, Mississippi
expired 7-27-1984 in Detroit, Michigan   age 69   cause: heart failure
   Contest Selectors
1980 DH, JW12.5%

That's All, Folks! lyricist  David "Dave" Franklin   co-wrote the merry melody The Merry-go-Round Broke Down for Guy Lombardo (1937) — you know it better as the Looney Tunes theme
expired 2-2-1970 in Los Angeles, California   age 70
Temptations signer  Melvin Franklin
¤real name: David English 
born on 10-12-1942 in Montgomery, Alabama
expired 2-22-1995 in Los Angeles, California   age 52
molecular biologist  Rosalind Elsie Franklin   an expert X-ray crystallographer; working with Maurice Wilkins made the images that Watson & Crick used (without her permission or knowledge) to demonstrate DNA's helical structure; she was the only one of the group to not share the 1962 Nobel Prize
born on 7-25-1920 in London, England
expired 4-16-1958 in London, England   age 37   cause: ovarian cancer; X-ray exposure
producer & director  Sidney Arnold Franklin   producer of Mrs. Miniver (1942); oscar winner); won 1943 Irving Thalberg Memorial Award
born on 3-21-1893 in San Francisco, California
expired 5-18-1972 in Santa Monica, California   age 79
Warner Brothers cartoon music composer  Milton J. Franklyn   wrote the music to "The Michigan Rag," sung by Michigan J. Frog, in One Froggy Evening cartoon (1955; lyrics by Michael Maltese & Chuck Jones)
born on 9-16-1897 in New York, New York
expired 4-2-1962 in Hollywood, California   age 64   cause: heart attack
murder victim  Robert "Bobby" Franks   Leopold & Loeb's "thrill-kill" victim
expired 5-21-1924 in Chicago, Illinois   age 14   cause: suffocation
actress  Mary Frann   played Bob's wife Joanna Loudon on Newhart (1982-90)
born on 2-27-1943 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 9-23-1998 in Los Angeles, California   age 55
Pipco co-founder  Warren Franscioni   eventually re-enlisted in the Air Force after their "Flying Saucer" was licensed to Wham-O
born on 4-7-1917
expired 5-??-1974   age
character actor  Arthur Franz   did a lot of lame sci-fi pix: he played Dr. Stuart Kelston in the original Invaders From Mars (1953)
born on 2-29-1920 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey
expired 6-17-2006 in Oxnard, California   age 86   cause: heart failure; emphysema
Prince of Liechtenstein  Franz Josef II
born on 8-16-1906 in Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein
expired 11-13-1989   age 83
last Austro-Hungarian Emperor (1848-1916 Austria; 1867-1916 Hungary)  Franz Joseph I
¤Full Name: Charles Francis Joseph Hapsburg 
born on 8-18-1830 in Vienna, Austria
expired 11-21-1916 in Vienna, Austria   age 86
Miss America pageant executive director (1941-67)  Lenora S. Slaughter Frapart   created the "talent" competition
born on 10-23-1906
expired 12-4-2000 in Ventnor City, New Jersey   age 94
AKS: Leonora Fraport
former UAW president (1977-83)  Douglas Andrew Fraser   was involved in the bail-out of Chrysler in the early 1980s
born on 12-18-1916 in Glasgow, Scotland
expired 2-23-2008 in Southfield, Michigan   age 91   cause: empysema
old soldier  James Fraser   one of last dozen surviving Canadian World War I soldiers
expired 12-7-2002 in Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada   age 104
Buffalo nickel (reverse); click to see obverse sculptor  James Earle Fraser   designed the U.S. "Buffalo" nickel; in 1912 used models: Northern Cheyenne Black Hills war leader Justin Two Moons (present at Little Big Horn), Sitting Bull (Sioux) aide Iron Tail (also at Little Big Horn), Kiowa Indian Adoeett and John Big Tree
born on 11-4-1876 in Winona, Minnesota
expired 10-11-1953 in Westport, Connecticut   age 76
character actress  Shelagh Fraser   played Aunt Beru in Star Wars IV
born on 11-25-1922 in Purley, Surrey, England
expired 8-29-2000   age 79
 Charles Fraser-Smith   Ian Fleming's inspiration for the James Bond character Q
expired 11-9-1992   age 88
Albanian political leader  Mehdi Frasheri   Albanian premier 1935-36; governor of Palestine
expired 5-25-1963 in Rome, Italy   age 88
wiseguy  Aladena James Fratianno   mob boss turned rat fink
¤aka: "Jimmy the Weasel" 
born on --1913
expired 6-30-1993   age 79
geezer  Giovanni Frau
born on 12-29-1890 in Orroli, Sardinia, Italy
expired 6-19-2003 in Orroli, Sardinia, Italy   age 112
vaudevillian & character actor  William Frawley   landlord Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy; stoggie-smoking "political advisor" in original Miracle on 34th Street
born on 2-26-1893 in Burlington, Iowa
expired 3-3-1966 in Hollywood, California   age 73
industrialist  Joseph Frazer   co-founder of Kaiser-Frazer Corp.; co-developed the original Jeep as president of Willys-Overland Motors (1939-43)
born on 3-4-1892 in Nashville, Tennessee
expired 8-7-1971 in Newport, Rhode Island   age 79   cause: cancer
Frank Frazetta's rendering of Conan the Barbarian Hugo-award winning fantasy artist  Frank Frazetta   illustrated Conan the Barbarian, Tarzan and John Carter of Mars stories & was published in numerous magazines (including Playboy)
¤born: Frank Frazzetta 
born on 2-9-1928 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 5-10-2010 in Fort Myers, Florida   age 82   cause: stroke
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in March 1973 former heavyweight boxer  Joseph William "Joe" Frazier
born on 1-12-1944 in Beaufort, South Carolina
expired 11-7-2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 67   cause: liver cancer
What, Me Worry? illustrator  Frank Kelly Freas   winner of 11 Hugo Awards; of his sci-fi work one of the most famous appeared on the cover of the October 1953 Astounding Science Fiction depicting a giant robot holding the body of a dead man in it's hand (the picture was later adapted for a rock band's album cover); was a cover artist for Mad Magazine (1958-62) drawing numerous depictions of magazine mascot Alfred E. Neuman
born on 8-27-1922 in Hornell, New York
expired 1-2-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 82
gangster's moll  Evelyn "Billie" Frechette   John Dillinger's "great love"; did 2 years in Milan (MI) pen for harboring him
¤1st marriage: Mrs. Welton Spark
3rd marriage: Mrs. Art Tic 
born on 9-15-1907 in Neopit, Wisconsin
expired 1-13-1969 in Shawano, Wisconsin   age 61   cause: cancer
 Mark Frechette   lead actor in Zabriskie Point (1970)
born on 12-4-1947
expired 9-27-1975 in Norfolk, Massachusetts   age 27   cause: suffocation while weight lifting
to next Danish ruler: Margrethe II Danish monarch (1947-72)  King Frederick IX   head of the House of Glucksburg; husband of Queen Ingrid; father of Danish Queen Margrethe II
born on 3-11-1899
expired 1-14-1972 in Copenhagen, Denmark   age 72   cause: heart attack; pneumonia; influenza
cinematographer  Neal L. Fredericks   shot The Blair Witch Project (1999)
born on 7-24-1969
expired 8-14-2004 in Dry Tortugas, Florida   age 35   cause: drowned; plane crash
exiled Greek  Queen Mother Frederika   consort of Paul I; mother of Spanish Queen Sofia & Greek King Constantine XII
¤titles: Princess of Hanover, Duchess of Braunschweig-Lüneburg
full name: Louise Thyra Victoria Margarita Sophia Olga Cecilia Isabella Christina 
born on 4-18-1917 in Blankenburg, Germany
expired 2-6-1981 in Madrid, Spain   age 63   cause: heart failure
to the third President of the IOCto the first President of the IOC reviver of the Olympic Games  Pierre de Frédy   first Secretary-General of the Olympics; second head of the International Olympic Committee (1896-1925)
¤aka: Le Baron Pierre de Coubertin 
born on 1-1-1863 in Paris, France
expired 9-2-1937 in Geneva, Switzerland   age 74   cause: heart attack
advertising executive  Forrest William Free   came up with National Airlines suggestive ad campaign "I'm Cheryl — Fly Me"
born on 8-28-1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 1-1-2003 in Poughkeepsie, New York   age 74   cause: complications from lung cancer
radio disc jockey  Alan Freed   coined term "Rock and Roll"; got caught with hand out during the 1960s payola scandal
born on 12-5-1922 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
expired 1-20-1965 in Palm Springs, California   age 42
movie musical producer  Arthur Freed   won two Academy Awards; wrote Singin' in the Rain (1929); produced The Wizard of Oz (1939), An American in Paris (1951) and Gigi (1958)
born on 9-9-1894 in Charleston, South Carolina
expired 4-12-1973 in Hollywood, California   age 78   cause: heart attack
songwriter  Max C. Freedman   co-wrote Rock Around the Clock (1953)
born on 1-8-1893 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 10-8-1962 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 69
 Rose Freedman   last survior of the Triangle Shirtwaist Co. fire (March 25, 1911) in New York
¤born: Rose Rosenfeld 
born on 3-27-1893 in Vienna, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary
expired 2-15-2001 in Beverly Hills, California   age 107
   Contest Selectors
2000 RR14%
2001 RR12½%
   Scored 4.3000 solo points

movie director  Thornton Freeland   made Whoopee! (1930) & Flying Down to Rio (1933)
born on 2-10-1898 in Hope, North Dakota
expired 5-22-1987 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida   age 89
Dr.  David Guthrie Freeman   won 1949 All-England badminton championship; seven-time U.S. champion
born on 9-6-1920 in Pasadena, California
expired 6-28-2001 in San Diego, California   age 80   cause: Merkle cell carcinoma
tv animal trainer  Elias Franklin Freeman   trainer of Cleo the Basset Hound (on 1950s People's Choice), Higgins (aka: Benji) on Petticoat Junction (rescued from Burbank animal shelter in 1960), Arnold Ziffel from Green Acres & Tramp on My Three Sons
¤aka: Frank Inn 
born on 5-8-1916 in Camby, Indiana
expired 7-27-2002 in Sylmar, California   age 86   cause: complications from fall; diabetes
anthropologist Dr.  John Derek Freeman   debunker of Margaret Mead's claptrap hooie
born on 8-16-1916 in Wellington, New Zealand
expired 7-6-2001 in Canberra, Australia   age 84
ubiquitous character actress  Kathleen Freeman   played General Burkhalter's husband-seeking sister Gertrude Linkmeier on Hogan's Heroes; appeared on Broadway in The Full Monty
born on 2-17-1919 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 8-23-2001 in New York, New York   age 82   cause: lung cancer
tenor sax player  Lawrence "Bud" Freeman
born on 4-13-1906 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-15-1991 in Chicago, Illinois   age 84
tv actor/writer/producer  Leonard Freeman   created the Hawaii Five-O tv crime series (1968)
born on 10-31-1920 in Sonoma County, California
expired 1-20-1974 in Palo Alto, California   age 53   cause: complications from heart surgery
former Minnesota governor (1954-61)  Orville Lothrup Freeman   Kennedy/Johnson agriculture secretary (1961-69)
born on 5-9-1918 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
expired 2-20-2003 in Minneapolis, Minnesota   age 84   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
former actress  Rose Marie Freeman   appeared in Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956) & 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957); widow of Hawaii Five-O creator Leonard Freeman — oversaw the series reboot (2010)
¤née: Emma
nom-de-cinema: Joan Taylor 
born on 8-18-1929 in Lake Forest, Illinois
expired 3-4-2012 in Santa Monica, California   age 82
Gemini astronaut  Theodore C. Freeman   killed in T-38 trainer crash
born on 2-18-1930 in Haverford, Pennsylvania
expired 10-31-1964 in Houston, Texas   age 34   cause: plane crash
British Nazi proponent  David Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford   father of Deborah, Diana, Unity, Pamela and Nancy Freeman-Mitford
¤title: Lord Redesdale 
expired 3-17-1958 in Northumberland, England   age 80
 Nancy Freeman-Mitford   sister of Deborah, Diana, Jessica, Pamela and Unity
born on 11-28-1904 in Chelsea, England
expired 6-30-1973 in Versailles, France   age 68
1930s "perfect Aryan beauty"  Unity Valkyrie Freeman-Mittford   daughter of Baron Redesdale; sister-in-law of British Facist Sir Oswald Mosley; disciple of Adolf Hitler; attempted suicide in 1939 after Germany invaded Poland (shot self in head with pistol); spent last nine years as a veggie in a nursing home
expired 5-29-1948 in Oban, Scotland   age 33   cause: meningitis
George Fenneman and Paul Frees in `The Thing' actor & narrator  Paul Frees   played Dr. Vorhees in The Thing From Outer Space (1951); provided the voice of John Beresford Tipton on The Millionaire tv series (1955-60), the "voice" of the aliens in Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956), the voice of Colossus in Colossus: The Forbin Project (1969) and the cartoon character voices of Inspector Fenwick on Dudley Dooright and Boris Badenov on Rocky and Bulwinkle; original voice of Pillsbury icon Poppin' Fresh
¤born: Solomon Hersh Frees
nickname: the man of a thousand voices 
born on 6-22-1920 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 11-2-1986 in Tiborn, California   age 66
former cotton & alfalfa farmer  George Elston Freestone   oldest Boy Scout, joining L.A. troup in 1910
born on 7-28-1898 in Safford, Arizona
expired 2-8-2003 in Mesa, Arizona   age 104
Illinois death row inmate  James Frei Jr.
expired 3-22-1995   age 41   cause: executed; lethal injection
AKS: Free
tv producer  Fred Freiberger   worked on Ben CaseyWild, Wild West & original Star Trek series (3rd season; 1968-69)
born on 2-19-1915 in New York, New York
expired 3-2-2003 in Bel Air, California   age 88
 Ella Wieder Freilich   Senator Joe Lieberman's mother-in-law
born on 1-17-1918
expired 8-6-2004 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 86
   Contest Selectors
2001 TEX12½%

Looney Toones & Merry Melodies director  Isadore "Friz" Freleng   created Yosemite Sam; drew first Warner Brothers cartoon Sinkin' in the Bathtub
born on 8-21-1906 in Kansas City, Missouri
expired 5-26-1995 in Los Angeles, California   age 88
character actress  Susan French   played the elder Elise McKenna in Somewhere in Time (1980) & Sev Maylore in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Man of the People (1992)
¤Susan Frances Moultrie 
born on 1-23-1912
expired 4-6-2004 in Santa Monica, California   age 91
actor  Victor French   appeared on Highway to Heaven
born on 12-4-1934 in Los Angeles, California
expired 6-15-1989   age 54
Luftwaffe photographer  Walter Frentz   worked on Triumph of the Will (1934) & Olympia (1936); took lots of pictures of Hitler
born on 8-21-1907 in Heilbrunn, Germany
expired 7-6-2004 in Uberlingen-am-Badersee, Germany   age 96
stage/movie actor  Pierre Fresnay   played Marius Olivier in Marcel Pagnol's trilogy Marius (1931), Fanny (1932) & César (1936); played Captain Boieldieu in Le Grande Illusion (1937)
¤born: Pierre-Jules Laudenbach 
born on 4-4-1897 in Paris, France
expired 1-9-1975 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France   age 77   cause: respiratory ailment
pioneer psychoanalyst  Sigmund Freud   sometimes a death is just a death
born on 5-6-1856 in Freiberg, Moravia
expired 9-23-1939 in London, England   age 83   cause: suicide; morphine overdose; oral cancer
psychologist  Herbert Freudenberger   in 1974 coined term burnout ("the extinction of motivation or incentive, especially where one's devotion to a cause or relationship fails to produce the desired results")
born on 11-26-1926 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
expired 11-29-1999 in New York, New York   age 73   cause: cardiac failure
cinematographer  Karl Freund   filmed Metropolis (1927); also long-time photographer of the I Love Lucy tv show
born on 1-16-1890 in Königinhof, Bavaria, Austria-Hungary
expired 5-3-1969 in Santa Monica, California   age 79
former Ford design engineer  Donald Nelson Frey   lead the team that designed the Mustang auotomobile (introduced at the New York Worlds Fair on April 17, 1964); was also the Chairman & CEO of Bell & Howell
born on 3-13-1923 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 3-5-2010 in Evanston, Illinois   age 86   cause: stroke
Rev.  Marvin V. Frey   wrote Kum Ba Yah
born on 12-19-1918
expired 11-28-1992   age 73
Brazalian media baron  Octavio Frias de Oliveira
born on 8-5-2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
expired 4-24-2007 in São Paulo, Brazil   age 94   cause: kidney failure
fomer Continental Grain chairman  Michel Fribourg
born on 8-11-1913 in Antwerp, Belgium
expired 4-10-2001 in New York, New York   age 87
to next Baseball Commissioner: William Eckertto previous Baseball Commissioner: Happy Chandler former Baseball Commissioner (September 20, 1951 to November 16, 1965)  Ford Christopher Frick   National League president (1934-51); founded the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1938
born on 12-19-1894 in Wawaka, Indiana
expired 4-8-1978 in Bronxville, New York   age 83   cause: complications from strokes
actress  Florida Friebus   played Dobie Gillis' mom on tv
born on 10-10-1909 in Auburndale, Massachusetts
expired 5-27-1988 in Laguna Niguel, California   age 79
journalist  Alfred Hermann Fried   influenced by Bertha von Suttner became a leader in the peace movement; shared the 1911 Nobel peace prize
born on 11-11-1864 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary
expired 5-5-1921 in Vienna, Austria   age 56   cause: lung infection
director & Actors' Studio teacher  Martin Fried
born on 10-12-1927 in New York, New York
expired 3-28-2000 in New York, New York   age 72   cause: aneurism
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1992 feminist crone  Betty Naomi Friedan   wrote The Feminine Mystique (1963); co-founder of NOW — The National Organization for Women (1966)
¤born: Bettye Naomi Goldstein
the former Mrs. Carl Friedan 
born on 2-4-1921 in Peoria, Illinois
expired 2-4-2006 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 85   cause: congestive heart failure
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2000 ANG14%
2005BYE, GHG8.7%
2006BYE, TFM6.7%
   Scored 5.2500 points

AKS: Freidan Freedan
movie composer  Hugo Friedhofer   received oscar for scoring Best Years of Our Lives (1946)
born on 5-3-1901 in San Francisco, California
expired 5-17-1981 in Hollywood, California   age 80   cause: complications from injuries sustained in fall
el-schlocko movie producer  David Frank "Dave" Friendman   made Blood Feast (1963) & Ilsa: She-Wolf of the S.S.; purportedly sat next to Kurt Vonnegut in a college calculus class
born on 12-24-1923 in Birmingham, Alabama
expired 2-14-2011 in Aniston, Alabama   age 87   cause: heart failure
former stripper/junkie  Honey Bruce Friedman   one-time wife of Lenny Bruce (1951-57); mother of Kitty Bruce (b.1955)
¤born: Harriett Jolliff
aka: "Hot Honey Harlow"
Mrs. Jeffrey Friedman 
born on 8-15-1927 in Manila, Arkansas
expired 9-12-2005 in Honolulu, Hawaii   age 78   cause: complications from colitis
 Maurice H. Friedman   developed the "rabbit test" for pregnancy
born on 10-27-1903
expired 3-8-1991   age 87
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in February 1973 1976 Nobel prize-winning economist  Milton Friedman   taught at the University of Chicago (1946-76)
born on 7-31-1912 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 11-16-2006 in San Francisco, California   age 94   cause: heart failure
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2006ANG, SPIT6.7%
   Scored 4.3500 points

economist  Rose Director Friedman   widow of Milton Friedman
born on 12-25-1910 in Charterosk, Ukraine, Russian Empire
expired 8-18-2009 in Davis, California   age 98   cause: heart ailment
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movie producer  Stephen Friedman   produced The Last Picture Show, Slap Shot and The Big Easy
born on 3-15-1937 in New York, New York
expired 10-4-1996 in Brentwood, California   age 59   cause: multiple myeloma
German rocket developer  Hans R. Friedrich   co-developed the V-2 rocket and the Atlas ICBM
expired 12-6-1958 in San Diego, California   age 47
former pro wrassler  Robert H. Friedrich
¤aka: "Ed `Strangler' Lewis
born on 6-30-1891 in Nekoosa, Wisconsin
expired 8-7-1966 in Muskogee, Oklahoma   age 75
song writer  Cliff Friend   co-wrote The Merry-go-Round Broke Down for Guy Lombardo (1937 ; the Looney Tunes theme)
born on 10-1-1893 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 6-27-1974 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 80
tv producer  Edwin S. Friendly Jr.   co-created Laugh-In (with George Schlatter) & Little House on the Prairie
born on 4-8-1922 in New York, New York
expired 6-17-2007 in Rancho Santa Fe, California   age 85   cause: cancer
former CBS news president (1964-66)  Fred W. Friendly   one of "Murrow's Boys"; producer of CBS Reports documentary Harvest of Shame
¤born: Ferdinand Friendly Wachenheimer 
born on 10-30-1915 in New York, New York
expired 3-3-1998 in New York, New York   age 82
British photographer and inventor  William Edward Friese-Greene   built first "practical" motion picture camera (1889)
born on 9-7-1855 in Bristol, Avon, England
expired 5-5-1921 in London, England   age 65
 Gordon Friesen   with wife co-founded the folk song journal Broadside (1962)
born on 3-3-1909 in Weatherford, Oklahoma
expired 10-15-1996 in New York, New York   age 87
operetta composer  Rudolf Friml   wrote Indian Love Call (from his operetta The Firefly; 1912) and Rose Marie
born on 12-7-1879 in Prague, Bohemia
expired 11-12-1972 in Hollywood, California   age 92
"Fordham Flash" & N.Y. Giants second baseman  Frank Francis "Frankie" Frisch   managed the Saint Louis Cardinals "Gashouse Gang"
born on 9-9-1898 in New York, New York
expired 3-12-1972 in Wilmington, Delaware   age 73   cause: cardiac arrest; complications from car crash
Swiss novelist  Max Frisch
born on 5-15-1911 in Zürich, Switzerland
expired 4-4-1991 in Zürich, Switzerland   age 79
economist  Ragnar Anton Kittil Frisch   shared the first Nobel Prize in economics
born on 3-3-1895 in Oslo, Norway
expired 1-31-1973 in Oslo, Norway   age 77
country singer  William Orville "Lefty" Frizzell   had hit song Saginaw Michigan (1964)
born on 3-31-1928 in Corsicana, Texas
expired 7-19-1975 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 47   cause: stroke
He Loves Gold! actor  Gerd Fröbe   played James Bond villain Auric Goldfinger
¤real name: Karl-Gerhart Fröber 
born on 2-25-1912 in Planitz, Germany
expired 9-5-1988 in München, Germany   age 76   cause: heart attack
AKS: Frobe
tutonic educator  Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel   created the Kindergarten system (1936)
born on 4-21-1782 in Oberweissbach, Germany
expired 6-21-1852 in Marienthal, Germany   age 70
the Alvin (submerged) former General Mills engineer  Harold Edward "Bud" Froehlich   designed and built the Alvin submersible — it found the submerged H-bomb in the Mediterranean Sea off Palomares, Spain (1966) & was used by Robert Ballard to explore the wreck of the Titanic (it was named after Woods Hole engineer Allyn Vine, not the cartoon chipmunk)
born on 7-13-1922 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
expired 5-19-2007 in Maplewood, Minnesota   age 84
actor  Gustav Fröhlich   had male lead in Metropolis (1927) playing Freder; marriage to actress Lída Baarová (1935-38) came to an end when he walked in on her boffing Nazi propaganda minister Göbbels (his mistress since 1935)
born on 3-21-1902 in Hannover, Prussia, Germany
expired 12-22-1987 in Lugano, Switzerland   age 85
AKS: Frohlich
diminutive character actor  Siegfried "Sig" Frohlich   played one of the Flying Monkeys in The Wizard of Oz 1939) — he's the one that swooped down and grabbed Toto in the forest
born on 1-8-1910 in Kozova, Galicia, Russian Empire (now Ukraine)
expired 9-30-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 95   cause: pneumonia
Broadway producer  Charles Frohman   brother of Daniel
born on 6-17-1860 in Sandusky, Ohio
expired 5-7-1915 in Old Head of Kinsale, Ireland   age 54   cause: drowned aboard Lusitania
Broadway producer  Daniel Frohman   co-founded Famous Players Film Co. (1912); brother of Charles
born on 8-22-1851 in Sandusky, Ohio
expired 12-26-1940 in New York, New York   age 89
architect  Philip Hubert Frohman   took over design & construction of the Washington National Cathedral in 1921; full name: Episcopal Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
born on 11-16-1887 in New York, New York
expired 10-30-1972 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 84   cause: injuries sustained on 8/7 when struck by automobile
character actor  David W. Froman   had recurring role of Lt. Bob Brooks on Matlock lawyer/crime drama (1986-94); was Captain K'Nera on Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Heart of Glory (1988)
born on 12-31-1938 in Miami, Oklahoma
expired 2-8-2010 in Miami, Oklahoma   age 71   cause: cancer
comedian  Milton Frome
born on 2-24-1908
expired 3-21-1989 in Woodland Hills, California   age 81   cause: heart failure
psychoanalyst Dr.  Erich Fromm
born on 3-23-1900 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
expired 3-18-1980 in Muralto, Switzerland   age 79   cause: heart attack
oft-married football Rams owner  Georgia Irwin Geiger Johnson Wyler Hayes Rosenbloom Frontiere   inherited team from deceased hubby; moved it to St. Louis (1995)
born on 11-21-1927 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 1-18-2008 in Los Angeles, California   age 80   cause: breast cancer
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2008RAVN, XXX6.3%
   Scored 5.7500 points

poet  Robert Lee Frost   won four Pulitzer prizes
born on 3-26-1874 in San Francisco, California
expired 1-29-1963 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 88
"pioneering" break dancer  Wayne A. Frost   appeared in Flashdance (1983)
¤aka: "Frosty Freeze
born on 12-4-1963
expired 4-3-2008 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 44
AKS: b-boying
big rig trailer manufacturer  Harvey Charles Fruehauf   co-founder of Fruehauf Trailer Co.
born on 12-15-1893 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan
expired 10-14-1968 in Detroit, Michigan   age 74
supergeezer  Bertha Fry   had been the third-oldest person in the world
born on 12-1-1893 in Madison, Switzerland County, Indiana
expired 11-14-2007 in Muncie, Indiana   age 113   cause: pneumonia
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   Scored 3.7000 solo points

AKS: Frey
British playwright  Christopher Fry
born on 12-18-1907 in Bristol, Avon, England
expired 6-30-2005 in Chichester, West Sussex, England   age 97
   Contest Selectors
2003 JL5.6%

album cover of Frye's 'Radio Free Nixon' disc impressionist  David Frye   did a spot-on Nixon; also did lots of 1960s politicians & pop-culture icons
¤real name: David Shapiro 
born on 11-21-1933 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 1-24-2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 77   cause: cardiopulmonary arrest
AKS: Fry Frey Freigh
terminally typecast actor  Dwight Iliff Frye   Renfield in Dracula (1931), Fritz in Frankenstein (1931), Karl in Bride of Frankenstein (1935), "villager" in Son of Frankenstein (1939), another "villager" in Ghost of Frankenstein (1942) and Rudi in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)
born on 2-22-1899 in Salina, Kansas
expired 11-7-1943   age 44   cause: heart attack
3-time Tony winning Broadway producer  Robert Fryer   produced Wonderful Town, Auntie Mame, Mame, Sweet Charity, Sweeney Todd, Chiago & Noises Off; also produced The Shining (1980)
born on 11-18-1917 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 5-28-2000 in Los Angeles, California   age 82   cause: complications from Parkinson's disease
 Voytek Frykowski
born on 12-22-1936 in Poland
expired 8-9-1969 in Los Angeles, California   age 32   cause: murdered; shot twice, struck over head 13 times, stabbed 51 times
AKS: Wojciech Voytak Wojicieck Wojtek Voityck

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