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Imperial Japanese Navy commander  Mitsuo Fuchida   led the attack on Pearl Harbor; radioed back the coded success message Tora, Tora, Tora; spent postwar period as a Christian missionary
born on 12-3-1903 in Nago, Japan
expired 5-30-1976 in Kashihara, Japan   age 72
commie spy physicist  Emil Klaus Julius Fuchs   provided Stalin with the designs to build an A-bomb
born on 12-29-1911 in Russelsheim, Germany
expired 1-28-1988 in Berlin, Germany   age 76
Antarctic explorer Sir  Vivian Fuchs   first person to make a surface crossing of the continent (1957-58)
born on 2-11-1908 in Isle of Wight, England
expired 11-11-1999 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   age 91
Sir  Vivian Ernest Fuchs
born on 2-11-1908 in Freshwater, Isle of Wight, England
expired 11-11-1999 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   age 91
character actor  Alan Fudge
born on 2-27-1944 in Witchita, Kansas
expired 10-10-2011 in Los Angeles, California   age 67   cause: lung & liver cancer
David Hume Kennerly's 1978 photo of Gregorio with Margaux Hemingway noted Cuban fisherman  Gregorio Fuentes   captain of Hemingway's boat El Pilar; inspiration for title character in The Old Man and the Sea (1952)
born on 7-11-1897 in Lanzarote, Canary Islands
expired 1-13-2002 in Cojimar, Cuba   age 104   cause: cancer
Japanese aviator  Nobuo Fujita   only pilot to bomb mainland U.S. during World War II; used a modular plane (delivered by submarine) to make two bombing runs (September 9 & 23) in the Brookings, Oregon area
expired 9-30-1997 in Tokyo, Japan   age 85   cause: lung cancer
University of Chicago meteorologist Dr.  Tetsuya Theodore "Ted" Fujita   first to describe downbursts & microbursts --- straight-line winds of up to 150 miles-per-hour; inventor of the eponymous Tornado Rating Scale (along with Allen Pearson)
born on 10-23-1920 in Kitakyushu City, Japan
expired 11-19-1998 in Chicago, Illinois   age 78
movie director  Kinji Fukasaku   did a bunch of yakuza movies & co-directed Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)
born on 7-3-1930 in Mito, Japan
expired 1-12-2003 in Tokyo, Japan   age 72   cause: prostate cancer
former Japanese prime minister (1976-78)  Takeo Fukuda
born on 1-14-1905
expired 7-5-1995 in Tokyo, Japan   age 90
   Contest Selectors
1979 HFS7.7%

 Kenichi Fukui   shared the 1981 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 10-4-1918 in Nara, Japan
expired 1-9-1988 in Kyoto, Japan   age 69
former Arkansas senator (1945-74)  James William Fulbright
born on 4-9-1905 in Sumner, Missouri
expired 2-9-1995 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 89
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO7.7%
1980 DO6.3%

brush company founder (1910)  Alfred Carl Fuller
born on 1-13-1885 in Berwick, Kings County, Nova Scotia, Canada
expired 12-4-1973 in Hartford, Connecticut   age 88   cause: bone marrow disease
singer  Bobby Fuller   had 1966 hit with I Fought The Law
born on 10-22-1943 in Goose Creek, Texas
expired 7-18-1966 in Los Angeles, California   age 22   cause: gasoline ingestion
actress & one-time Ed Wood girlfriend  Dolores Fuller   appeared in Glen of Glenda (1953), Jail Bait (1954) & Bride of the Monster (1955); had to share her angora sweaters with Eddie; she later wrote songs for Elvis movies (with Ben Weisman)
¤born: Dolores Eble
Mrs. Philip Chamberlin 
born on 3-10-1923 in South Bend, Indiana
expired 5-9-2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 88   cause: complications from strokes
former AP president (1976-85)  Edwin Keith Fuller
born on 1-19-1923 in Arlington, Kansas
expired 6-7-2002 in Chevy Chase, Maryland   age 79   cause: Alzheimer's disease
old biddy  Ida Fuller   received first Social Security check, issued 1/31/1940, for $22.54 (she had contributed a total of $22 in payroll taxes & received more than $20,000); a classmate of Calvin Coolidge at Blade River Academy
born on 9-6-1874 in Ludlow, Vermont
expired 1-27-1975 in Brattleboro, Vermont   age 100
blues musician  Jesse "Lone Cat" Fuller   one-man-band musician playing the 12-string guitar, kazoo, harmonica, washboard & cymbal
born on 3-12-1896 in Jonesboro, Georgia
expired 1-28-1976 in Oakland, California   age 79
Lance Fuller as Braack (Exeter's assistant) receiving instructions from the Monitor of Metaluna via Interociter bit-part actor  Lance Fuller   played Braack (Exeter's weasel assistant) in This Island Earth (1955); briefly married to Joi Lansing (1951-53)
born on 12-6-1928 in Somerset, Kentucky
expired 12-22-2001 in Los Angeles, California   age 73
former lawyer  Millard Dean Fuller   after law school co-founded big bux marketing firm with Morris Dees; with wife Linda (b.1941) co-founded Habitat for Humanity (1976); was booted out of it for harrassing the females
born on 1-3-1935 in Lanett, Alabama
expired 2-3-2009 in Americus, Georgia   age 74
biochemist  Ray W. Fuller   co-discoverer of Prozac (with Dr. Brian Mulloy & Dr. David Wong)
born on 12-16-1935 in Dongola, Illinois
expired 8-11-1996 in Greenwood, Indiana   age 60   cause: leukemia
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in February 1972 (2nd) geodesic dome architect  Richard Buckminster Fuller   namesake of chemical compounds known as Buckminsterfullerenes (aka "Buckyballs")
born on 7-12-1895 in Milton, Massachusetts
expired 7-1-1983 in Los Angeles, California   age 87
   Contest Selectors
1979 DW, MM, MS, RR30.8%
1980 DR, MM, RR, VA25.0%

adventurer, inventor  Robert Edison Fulton Jr.   built a flying car (the "Airphibian") in 1947; his "Skyhook" aerial rescure system was seen in Thunderball; was present at the opening of King Tut's tomb
born on 4-15-1909 in New York, New York
expired 5-7-2004 in Newtown, Connecticut   age 95
last survivor of Bonnie & Clyde's gang  Ralph Smith Fults
born on 1-23-1911 in Anna, Texas
expired 3-15-1993 in Dallas, Texas   age 82
reference work publisher  Isaac Kauffman Funk   co-founded Funk and Wagnalls (1890)
born on 9-10-1839 in Clifton, Ohio
expired 4-4-1912 in Montclair, New Jersey   age 72
Candid Cameraman  Allen Funt
born on 9-16-1914 in New York, New York
expired 9-5-1999 in Pebble Beach, California   age 84   cause: complications from 1993 stroke
Motown singer/songwriter/producer  Harvey Fuqua
born on 7-27-1929 in Lexington, Kentucky
expired 7-6-2010 in Detroit, Michigan   age 80   cause: heart attack
politician/businessman  John Brooks Fuqua   raised by maternal grandparents after mother's death (he changed his surname to theirs); lead Fuqua Industries conglomerate from its founding until 1988
¤born: John Brooks Elam Jr. 
born on 6-26-1918 in Prospect, Prince Edward County, Virginia
expired 4-12-2006 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 87   cause: complications from bronchitis
pharmacologist  Robert Francis Furchgott   shared the 1998 Nobel prize in medicine for his work with the gas nitric oxide (not the same as nitrous oxide)
born on 6-4-1916 in Charleston, South Carolina
expired 5-19-2009 in Seattle, Washington   age 92
Utah Jazz pro basketball player  Terry Furlow
born on 10-18-1954
expired 5-23-1980 in Linndale, Ohio   age 25   cause: freeway car crash (fell asleep at wheel?)
consumer advocate  Elizabeth Mary "Betty" Furness
born on 1-3-1916 in New York, New York
expired 4-2-1994   age 78
former Pittsburgh Steelers tackle (1972-80)  Stephen R. "Steve" Furness   coached at the college & pro levels
born on 12-5-1950
expired 2-9-2000 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 49   cause: heart attack
oscar-winning art director  Anton Furst   did visual design for Batman (based upon the art & set design of the movie Metropolis (1926)), Alien, Moonraker and Full Metal Jacket
¤born: Anthony Francis Furst 
born on 5-6-1944 in London, England
expired 11-24-1991 in Los Angeles, California   age 47   cause: suicide
actor/playwright  George Furth   writer of "Company" (1970; 1971 Tony for Best Book-Musical); played railway agent Woodcock in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), Charlie Flagler in Myra Breckinridge (1971) & Van Johnson in Blazing Saddles (1974)
¤born: George Schweinfurth 
born on 12-14-1932 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 8-11-2008 in Santa Monica, California   age 75   cause: lung infection
astrophysicist  Harold P. Furth   originator of the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (1983-97)
born on 1-13-1930 in Vienna, Austria
expired 2-21-2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 72   cause: heart ailment
Berlin Philharmonic conductor  Wilhelm Furtwaengler   led orchestra during most of Nazi era
born on 1-25-1886 in Berlin, Germany
expired 11-30-1954 in Baden-Baden, Germany   age 68
writer  Gertrud Anna Fussenegger   grande dame of Austrian literature
¤aka: Dorn-Fussenegger 
born on 5-8-1912 in Pilsen, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary
expired 3-19-2009 in Linz, Upper Austria, Austria   age 96
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   Did Not Score - insufficient category citations (two to be exact)

Soviet film actress  Zoya Alexyevna Fyodorova   had child (Viktoriya, conceived on VE Day) by then U.S. Captain & Naval attaché Jackson Tate during WWII; shipped to labor camp by Stalin for 8 years following child's birth
born on 12-21-1912 in Saint Petersburg, Russia
expired 12-13-1981 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 68   cause: shot to death during robbery of apartment

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