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prominent NYC judge  Hortense W. Gabel
born on 12-16-1912
expired 12-7-1990   age 77
French actor  Jean Gabin   played Marechal in Le Grand Illusion (1937)
¤real name: Jean-Alexis Moncorge 
born on 5-17-1904 in Paris, France
expired 11-15-1976 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France   age 72
actor  William Clark Gable   played Fletcher Christian in Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) and Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind (1939)
born on 2-1-1901 in Cadiz, Ohio
expired 11-16-1960 in Hollywood, California   age 59
NYC Commodore Music Shop owner  Milton Gabler   founded Commodore Records independent jazz label in 1930s; produced numerous records, including Rock Around the Clock (1954); Billy Crystal's uncle
born on 5-20-1911 in New York, New York
expired 7-20-2001 in New York, New York   age 90
1971 Nobel physics laureate  Dennis Gabor   invented and developed holography (1947); coined the term hologram
¤born: Dénes Gábor 
born on 6-5-1900 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 2-8-1979 in London, England   age 78
Arnold Ziffel's former main squeeze  Eva Gabor
born on 2-11-1921 in Budapest, Hungary
expired 7-4-1995 in Los Angeles, California   age 74
family matriarch  Joli Gabor de Szigethy
¤born: Jancsi Tillerman 
born on 9-29-1900 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 4-1-1997 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 96   cause: cardiac arrest
 Magda Gabor
born on 7-10-1919 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 6-6-1997 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 77   cause: renal failure
Medellin drug cartel leader  Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha
expired 12-15-1989   age 42
women's major league baseball player  Rose M. Gacioch   pitched for the Rockford Peaches (1945-54)
born on 8-31-1915 in Wheeling, West Virginia
expired 9-9-2004 in Clinton Township, Michigan   age 89
Pogo the Clown serial killer  John Wayne Gacy Jr.   killed 33 males, mostly by suffocation, in and around his home at 8213 W. Summerdale, Norridge, Illinois; some of his victims: William "Billy" Carroll Jr., Gregory Godzik, John Butckovich, Michiael Bonnin, John Szyc, Robert Gilroy, Frank Wayne "Dale" Landingin, Tim McCoy, Darrell Sampson, Randall Reffett, Samuel Stapleton, Rick Johnston, John Prestige, Matthew Bowman, John Mowery, Russell Nelson, Robert Winch, Tommy Baling, David Talsma, William Kinred, James Mazzara, Timothy O'Rourke, Robert Piest; a number of other victims were never identified
¤aka: Pogo the Clown 
born on 3-17-1942 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 5-10-1994 in Joliet, Illinois   age 52   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO7.7%
1980 DO6.3%

philosopher  Hans-George Gadamer
born on 2-11-1900 in Marburg, Germany
expired 3-13-2002 in Heidelberg, Germany   age 102
author  William Thomas Gaddis
born on 12-29-1922 in New York, New York
expired 12-16-1998 in East Hampton, New York   age 75   cause: prostate cancer
Eddie at the plate St. Louis Browns "pinch-hitter"  Edward Carl "Eddie" Gaedel   sent to plate as a stunt by Browns owner Bill Veeck during the second game of an August 19, 1951 double-header with the Detroit Tigers; (uniform number "1/8"); between games Eddie had emerged from a "cake" celebrating the 50th anniversary of the American League; pitcher Bob Cain walked lead-off batter Eddie (all 3-foot 7-inch of him) on 4 straight pitches; Eddie was then replaced by a pinch-runner
born on 6-8-1925 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 6-18-1961 in Chicago, Illinois   age 36   cause: murdered; shot during mugging
AIDS-infected Marine  Martin F. Gaffney
born on 1-17-1949
expired 11-1-1991   age 42
Vostok 1 cosmonaut Colonel  Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin   first human to have orbited the Earth 4/12/1961
born on 3-9-1934 in Gzhatsk, Russia, USSR
expired 3-27-1968 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 34   cause: MiG-15 crash
Miss USA (1957) for a day  Mary Leona Gage   stripped of title the day after winning when it was learned that she was married and had two kids (plus, she was only 18 (not 21); replaced by Miss Argentina: Mónica Lamas; was married six times — ex-Mrs Edward Thacker, Gene Ennis, Nick Covacevich, Gunther Peter Collatz, ______ and _____ Kaminer.
born on 4-13-1939 in Longview, Texas
expired 10-5-2010 in Sherman Oaks, California   age 71   cause: heart failure; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
World War II soldier  Rene A. Gagnon   on of the six marines who raised the flag on Mount Suribachi that was photographed by Joe Rosenthal
born on 3-27-1925 in Manchester, New Hampshire
expired 10-12-1979 in Hooksett, New Hampshire   age 54   cause: heart attack
economist  Yegor Timurovich Gaidar   former acting Russian prime minister under Yeltsin (June 15 - December 14, 1992); a Putin critic; at the end of November 2006 was poisoned in Ireland; he slowly recovered but it looks like they finally "got" him
¤Егор Тиmýрoвич Гaйдар 
born on 3-19-1956 in Moscow, Russia, USSR
expired 12-16-2009 in Odintsovo raison, Moscow oblast, Russia   age 53   cause: "blood clot"
Lynyrd Skynyrd backup singer  Cassie Gaines   a "Honkette"; sister of Steve
born on 1-9-1948
expired 10-20-1977 in McComb, Mississippi   age 29   cause: plane crash
former Division II basketball coach  George Edward "Big House" Gaines Sr.   coached at Winston-Salem State University; went 828 and 447
born on 5-21-1923 in Paducah, Kentucky
expired 4-18-2005 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina   age 81   cause: complications from stroke
Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist  Steven Earl Gaines
born on 9-14-1949 in Miami, Florida
expired 10-20-1977 in McComb, Mississippi   age 28   cause: plane crash
MAD Magazine co-founder (1952) & publisher  William Maxwell Gaines
born on 3-1-1922 in New York, New York
expired 6-3-1992   age 70
French singer  Serge Gainsbourg   had 1969 soft-porn hit Je t'aime, moi non plus with actress Jane Birkin
¤born: Lucien Ginsburg 
born on 4-2-1928 in Paris, France
expired 3-2-1991 in Paris, France   age 62
former Grenada Premier Sir  Eric Matthew Gairy   ousted in 1979 by Maurice Bishop
born on 2-19-1922 in Saint Andrew's, Grenada
expired 8-23-1997 in Grand Anse, Grenada   age 75   cause: complications from diabetes
inventor  Henry J. Gaison   founded the Auto-Strop Safety Razor Company (1906), sold it to Gillette Safety Razor Company (1930) and became its chairman (1930-38)
expired 8-6-1974 in White Plains, New York   age 104
virologist/pedophile Dr.  Daniel Carleton Gajdusek   shared the 1976 Nobel medicine prize; discovered the rare disease Kuru in the Fore Tribe of Papua, New Guinea (they eat their dead relatives); in their language Kuru means "shaking" or "shivering"; in 1997 plead guilty to child molestation — did his probation in Europe
born on 9-9-1923 in Yonkers, New York
expired 12-12-2008 in Tromso, Norway   age 85   cause: congestive heart failure
9mm submachine gun inventor (1950s)  Uziel Gal
born on 12-15-1923 in Germany
expired 9-7-2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 78   cause: cancer
musician  Manuel Galbán   was a guitarist in the Buena Vista Social Club ensemble
born on 1-14-1931 in Gibara, Holguin Province, Cuba
expired 7-7-2011 in Havana, Cuba   age 80   cause: heart attack
AKS: Galban
subject of 20 Questions interview in December 1981 `Playboy Magazine'interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in June 1968 economist  John Kenneth Galbraith
born on 10-15-1908 in Iona Station, Ontario, Canada
expired 4-29-2006 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 97
   Contest Selectors
2001DTM, KLS25%
2002DTM, JAC, MORB27.3%
2003ANG, COCO, DTM, KLS, PCD, TAP33.3%
2004ANG, DTM, KLS, PCD, RR, TAP33.3%
2005ANG, DTM, KLS, PCD, RR, TBC, WORM30.4%
2006ANG, DTM, KLS, PCD, RIE, RR, SPIT23.3%
   Scored 2.8391 points

former boxer & pro wrassler  Anthony "Two-Ton Tony" Galento   known for the phrase "I'll moider da bum"
born on 3-12-1910 in Orange, New Jersey
expired 7-22-1979 in Livingston, New Jersey   age 69   cause: heart attack
kid actor  Alice Mae Gallagher   appeared in the Our Gang movie shorts
¤née: Raetz 
born on 1-8-1926
expired 9-12-2008 in Ridgewood, New Jersey   age 82
cartoonist  George Gately Gallagher   created Heathcliff the cat (1973)
born on 12-21-1928
expired 9-30-2001 in Ridgewood, New Jersey   age 72   cause: heart attack
middle distance (800 meter) runner  Kimberly Ann Gallagher   two-time Olympic medalist: silver (1984) & bronze (1988)
born on 6-11-1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 11-18-2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 38   cause: strokes; stomach cancer
former Army Air Corps Sgt.  Raymond C. Gallagher   gunner/assistant flight engineer aboard Bockscar, the plane that nuked Nagasaki
born on 10-19-1921 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 5-2-1999   age 77
Texas death row inmate  Samuel Clark Gallamore
¤aka: number 999090 
born on 2-15-1971
expired 1-14-2003 in Huntsville, Texas   age 31   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2003DTM, RR, TMTX16.7%
   Scored 10.0250 points

Mexican geezer  Ezequiel Guzman Gallardo   claims to have rode with Pancho Villa
born on 4-11-1887
expired 2-??-2000 in Tampico, Mexico   age 112
astronomer  Johann Gottfried Galle   (with d'Arrest) was first to observe the planet Neptune (9-23-1846), based upon calculations of LeVerrier
born on 6-9-1812 in Grãfenhainichen, Prussia
expired 7-10-1910 in Potsdam, Germany   age 98
New Hampshire governor (1979-82)  Hugh J. Gallen
born on 7-30-1924 in Portland, Maine
expired 12-24-1982   age 58
former Whitesnake band guitarist  Mel Galley
born on 3-8-1948 in Cannock, Staffordshire, England
expired 7-1-2008 in Heath Hayes, Staffordshire, England   age 60   cause: cancer of the esophagus
   Contest Selectors

writer  Paul William Gallico   founded the Golden Gloves boxing tournaments; wrote The Snow Goose (1941) & The Poseidon Adventure (1969)
born on 7-26-1897 in New York, New York
expired 7-15-1976 in Monte Carlo, Monaco   age 78   cause: heart attack
wine company co-founder  Ernest Gallo   brother of Julio
born on 3-18-1909 in Jackson, Amador County, California
expired 3-6-2007 in Modesto, California   age 97
   Contest Selectors
2003DTM, KOHD, MJ16.7%
2004DTM, MJ11.1%
2005DTM, SLIM, SPIT13.0%
2006DTM, RIE, SPIT10.0%
2007DTH, DTM, RIE, SPIT12.9%
   Scored 3.1125 points

reputed New York Mafioso  Joseph Gallo
born on 4-6-1929
expired 4-7-1972 in New York, New York   age 43
wine company co-founder  Julio Gallo   brother of Ernest
born on 3-21-1910 in Modesto, California
expired 5-2-1993 in Modesto, California   age 83   cause: Jeep accident
actor & motivational speaker  Donald Galloway   appeared as Kip Rysdale on The Secret Storm (1962-63), officer Ed Brown on Ironside (1967-75) & Richard Bowins in The Big Chill (1983)
born on 7-27-1937 in Brooksville, Kentucky
expired 1-8-2009 in Reno, Nevada   age 71
pollster  George Horace Gallup II
born on 11-18-1901 in Jefferson, Iowa
expired 7-26-1984 in Tschingel, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland   age 82   cause: heart attack
pollster  George Horace Gallup III
born on 4-9-1930 in Evanston, Illinois
expired 11-21-2011 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 81   cause: liver cancer
1932 Nobel literature laureate  John Galsworthy   wrote series of books known as the Forsyte Saga: The Man of Power (1906), In Chancery (1920), To Let (1921), The White Monkey (1924), The Silver Spoon (1926) & Swan Song (1928)
¤psuedonym: John Sinjohn 
born on 8-14-1867 in Parkfield, Kingston Hill, Surrey, England
expired 1-31-1933 in Grove Lodge, Hampstead, England   age 65   cause: brain tumor
former Argentine general  Léopoldo Fortunato Galtieri   led junta that ruled Argentina in the 1980s; his seizure of the (Malvinas) Falkland Islands precipitated a disasterous war with Great Britain
born on 7-15-1926 in Casero, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
expired 1-12-2003 in Buenos Aires, Argentina   age 76   cause: heart failure; pancreatic cancer
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 7.4000 solo points

AKS: Leopoldo
physician & physicist  Luigi Galvani   studied effects of electricity on animal muscles (1771); the eponym galvanize is based upon his suties of electric current flow through liquids
born on 9-9-1737 in Bologna, Italy
expired 12-4-1798 in Bologna, Italy   age 61
industrialist  Joseph E. Galvin   co-founded Galvin Manufacturing Corp. (1928)
born on --1899
expired 3-7-1944 in Oak Park, Illinois   age 44   cause: heart disease
industrialist  Paul Vincent Galvin   co-founded Galvin Manufacturing Corp. (1928) ... it eventually became Motorola (after the car radio they manufactured)
born on 6-27-1895 in Harvard, Illinois
expired 11-5-1959 in Evanston, Illinois   age 64   cause: leukemia
former Motorola CEO (1959-86)  Robert William "Bob" Galvin   was son of the founder
born on 10-9-1922 in Marshfield, Wisconsin
expired 10-11-2011 in Chicago, Illinois   age 89
Mafia Don  Carlo Gambino   reputed to be the model for The Godfather
born on 9-1-1902 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy
expired 10-15-1976 in Massapequa, New York   age 74
Dutch Gold Honey Inc founder (1946)  W. Ralph Gambler   first to sell honey in bear-shaped plastic container (1957)
expired 9-15-2001 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania   age 89
surgeon Dr.  Joseph Sampson Gamgee   invented cotton-wool & Gamgee Tissue, a surgical dressing of absorbent cotten between layers of absorbent gauze; namesake of Rings character
born on --1828 in Warwick, England
expired ??-??-1886 in England   age 58
tenuous (Soviet) Georgian "President" Dr.  Zviad Gamsakhurdia
born on 3-31-1939 in Tbilisi, Georgia
expired 12-31-1993 in Tsalenjikha region, Western Georgia   age 54   cause: executed; shot by own supporters
pioneer french film director  Abel Eugène Alexander Gance   made the epic Napoleon (1927) featuring an early widescreen process (multi-vision)
born on 10-25-1889 in Paris, France
expired 11-10-1981 in Paris, France   age 92   cause: lung ailment
Indian Prime Minister  Indira Priyadarshini Nehru Gandhi
born on 11-19-1917 in Allahabad, India (now Uttar Pradesh)
expired 10-31-1984 in New Delhi, India   age 66
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO, HA, HFS, JW, MS, VM, YJ53.8%
1980 DO, HP, JH18.8%

Hindu spiritual leader (Mahatma)  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi   champion of non-violent protest
born on 10-2-1869 in Porbandar, India
expired 1-30-1948 in New Delhi, India   age 78   cause: assassinated; shot to death
former Indian premier  Rajiv Ratna Gandhi
born on 8-20-1944 in Bombay, India
expired 5-21-1991   age 46
 Sanjay Gandhi   son of Indira
born on 12-14-1946 in New Delhi, India
expired 6-23-1980 in New Delhi, India   age 33   cause: small plane crash
Black Sox first baseman  Charles Arnold "Chick" Gandil   worked as a plumber after lifetime ban from baseball
born on 1-19-1887 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
expired 12-13-1970 in Calistoga, California   age 83   cause: cardiac failure
anti-property tax crusader  Paul Gann   pushed California Proposition 13 (1978) with Howard Jarvis
born on 6-12-1912 in Clark County, Arkansas
expired 9-11-1989   age 77
media mogul  Frank Ernest Gannett   founded Gannett Co. (1945)
born on 9-15-1876 in Bristol, New York
expired 12-3-1957 in Rochester, New York   age 81
typeface designer  Claude Garamond   perfected the Roman typeface, which replaced Gothic as the predominant style in use around 1531; namesake of the Garamond font
born on --1499 in Paris, France
expired ??-??-1561 in Paris, France   age 62
Springfield (Mass.) Armory worker  John Cantius Garand   invented the M-1 rifle (1930)
born on 1-1-1883 in Saint Rémi, Quebec, Canada
expired 2-16-1974 in Springfield, Massachusetts   age 86
former child actor  Matthew Garber   played Michael Banks in Mary Poppins (1964)
born on 3-25-1956 in London, England
expired 6-13-1977 in Hampstead, England   age    cause: haemorrhagic narcotising pancreatitis
actress  Greta Garbo   "I vant to be (left) alone."
¤born: Greta Lovisa Gustafsson 
born on 9-18-1905 in Stockholm, Sweden
expired 4-15-1990   age 84
   Contest Selectors
1979 HA, JW, MS, VM30.8%
1980 BB, DH, EB, JW, VA31.3%

Mexican diplomat  Alfonso García Robles   shared the 1982 Nobel Peace prize
born on 3-20-1911 in Zamora, Michoacán State, Mexico
expired 9-2-1991 in Mexico City, Mexico   age 80
AKS: Garcia
former Philippine president (1957-61)  Carlos P. Garcia
born on 11-4-1896 in Talibon, Bohol, Philippines
expired 6-14-1971 in Quezon City, Philippines   age 74   cause: heart attack
Cannibal and the Headhunters bandleader  Francisco M. Garcia   had 1965 hit with Land of 1,000 Dances
born on 4-22-1946
expired 1-21-1996 in Los Angeles, California   age 49
Grateful Dead leader  Jerry Garcia
born on 8-1-1942 in San Francisco, California
expired 8-9-1995   age 53
last of the "Federales" soldier  Teodoro García   fought against Pancho Villa to keep Porfirio Diaz in power in Mexico
born on 1-7-1889 in Sacramento, Coahuila, Mexico
expired 4-24-1999 in Texas City, Texas   age 110
actor  Vincent Gardenia
born on 1-7-1922
expired 12-8-1992   age 70
character actor  William Reginald Gardiner
born on 2-27-1903 in Wimbledon, England
expired 7-7-1980 in Westwood, California   age 77   cause: heart attack; pneumonia
actress  Ava Lavinia Gardner   married to Mickey Rooney, Artie Shaw and Frank Sinatra
¤real name: Lucy Johnson 
born on 12-24-1922 in Grabton, North Carolina
expired 1-25-1990 in London, England   age 67   cause: pneumonia; complications from 1981 stroke
The Coasters leader  Carl Edward Gardner Sr.
born on 4-29-1928 in Tyler, Texas
expired 6-12-2011 in Port Saint Lucie, Florida   age 83   cause: congestive heart failure; vascular dementia; throat cancer
music teacher  Donald Yetter Gardner   wrote novelty song " All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" (1947)
born on 8-20-1913 in Portland, Pennsylvania
expired 9-15-2004 in Brockton, Massachusetts   age 91   cause: complications from operation; fall
oldster  Edna Parshall Jackson Gardner   her first husband Jesse died in Russia, part of the World War I Polar Bear Expedition; her second husband was Claude Jackson, Jesse's older brother; husband number three was Mirle Gardner
born on 4-25-1895 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 5-18-2003 in Fowlerville, Michigan   age 108
detective novelist  Erle Stanley Gardner   created lawyer Perry Mason and District Attorney Hamilton Burger
born on 7-17-1889 in Maldden, Massachusetts
expired 3-11-1970 in Temecula, California   age 80
AKS: Earl
playwright  Herbert George Gardner   wrote A Thousand Clowns (1962) & I'm Not Rappaport (1986)
born on 12-28-1934 in New York, New York
expired 9-24-2003 in New York, New York   age 68   cause: lung disease
 John Champlin Gardner Jr.
born on 7-21-1933 in Batavia, New York
expired 9-14-1982 in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania   age 49
former commando & Anglican priest (1953-58)  John Edmund Gardner   turned to writing — churned out 14 James Bond novels for the literary estate (Fleming only produced 12)
born on 11-20-1926 in Deaton Deleval, Northumberland, England
expired 8-3-2007 in Basingstoke, England   age 80   cause: heart failure
Johnson H.E.W. secretary (1965-68)  John William Gardner   founded Common Cause (8/18/1970)
born on 10-8-1912 in Los Angeles, California
expired 2-16-2002 in Palo Alto, California   age 89   cause: complications from prostate cancer
crooner  Kenneth A. "Kenny" Gardner   sang for Guy Lombardo's Royal Canadians (1940-78); married Guy's daughter Elaine
born on 3-20-1913 in Lakeview, Iowa
expired 7-26-2002 in Manhasset, New York   age 89   cause: heart attack following appendectomy
writer & puzzle-meister  Martin Gardner   used to write the "Mathematical Games" column in Scientific American
born on 10-21-1914 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
expired 5-22-2010 in Norman, Oklahoma   age 95
   Contest Selectors

to next U.S. president: Chester A. Arthurto previous U.S. president: Rutherford B. Hayes 20th U.S. president (March 4th thru September 19th, 1881)  James Abram Garfield   shot by Charles Guiteau on July 2nd, 1881, in Washington, D.C.
born on 11-19-1831 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
expired 9-19-1881 in Elberon, New Jersey   age 49   cause: gunshot wounds
General Foods chemical engineer (1971-85) Ms.  Torunn Atteraas "Teri" Garin   helped developed aspartame
born on 9-19-1947 in Bergen, Norway
expired 4-26-2002 in Bronxville, New York   age 54   cause: lung cancer
childrens story author  Howard Roger Garis   created Uncle Wiggily
born on 4-25-1873 in Binghamton, New York
expired 11-5-1962 in Northampton, Massachusetts   age 89
B-movie actress  Beverly Garland   widow of Fillmore Crank; appeared in DOA (1950), Swamp Women, Not of This Earth, It Conquered the World (1956), Naked Paradise (1957), The Alligator People (1959) & My Three Sons tv series
¤born: Beverly Fessenden 
born on 10-17-1926 in Santa Cruz, California
expired 12-5-2008 in Hollywood Hills, California   age 82
singer  Judy Garland   played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (1939); mother of Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft
¤born: Frances Ethel Gumm
Mrs. David Rose
Mrs. Vincente Minnelli
  • Mrs. Sid Luft
  • Mrs. Mark Herron
  • Mrs. Mickey Deans 
  • born on 6-10-1922 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota
    expired 6-22-1969 in London, England   age 47
    refrigeration expert  Milton Ward Garland
    ¤nickname: "Mr. Refrigeration" 
    born on 8-23-1895 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    expired 7-27-2000 in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania   age 104   cause: complications from heart attack
    industrialist  Robert Garland   the "father" of Daylight Saving Time
    expired 4-19-1949 in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania   age 86
    legendary county guitarist  Walter Louis "Hank" Garland   his career was cut short by a 1961 automobile accident that left him with significant neurological trauma
    ¤nickname: "Sugarfoot" 
    born on 11-11-1930 in Cowpens, South Carolina
    expired 12-28-2004 in Orange Park, Florida   age 74   cause: staph infection
    jazz pianist  Erroll Garner   wrote Misty
    born on 6-15-1921 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    expired 1-2-1977 in Los Angeles, California   age 55   cause: cardiac arrest; emphysema
    colorful FDR Vice President (1933-1941)  John Nance "Cactus Jack" Garner   Texas Rep. from 1903-1932; House Speaker 1931-1932; once said that the vice presidency "wasn't worth a bucket of spit."
    born on 11-22-1868 in Blossom Prairie, Texas
    expired 11-7-1967 in Uvalde, Texas   age 98
    vaudeville slapstick comedian  Paul "Mousie" Garner   last of Ted Healy's Stooges (as Shemp's replacement when he was on the road)
    born on 7-31-1909 in Washington, District of Columbia
    expired 8-8-2004 in Verdugo Hills, California   age 95
    AKS: Mousey Gardner
    film director  William Taylor Garnett   directed The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
    born on 6-13-1894 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 10-4-1977 in Sawtelle, California   age 83   cause: leukemia
    actress  Betty Garrett   widow of Larry Parks; played Irene Lorenzo on All In The Family (1973-75) & Edna Babish on Laverne & Shirley (1976-82)
    born on 5-23-1919 in Saint Joseph, Missouri
    expired 2-11-2011 in Westwood, California   age 91   cause: aortic aneurysm
       Contest Selectors
    2010ADWC, JCM, NFG11.1%

    actress  Joy Garrett
    born on 3-2-1946 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 2-11-1993   age 46
    heiress  Candace Mossler Garrison   acquitted of the June 30, 1964 murder of her husband Jacques Mossler at 1965 trial
    expired 10-26-1976 in Miami Beach, Florida   age 55
    tv producer/director  Greg Garrison   produced/directed the Dean Martin tv show & celebrity roasts
    ¤born: Harvin Ginsburg 
    born on 2-20-1924 in New York, New York
    expired 3-25-2005 in Thousand Oaks, California   age 81   cause: pneumonia
    interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in October 1967 1960's New Orleans District Attorney and JFK assassination-conspiracy theorist  Jim Garrison
    born on 11-20-1921 in Denison, Iowa
    expired 10-21-1992   age 70
    skiffle group leader  Frederick "Freddie" Garrity   lead singer of Freddie and the Dreamers; had 1960s hits with I'm Telling You Now & Do the Freddie
    born on 11-14-1936 in Manchester, England
    expired 5-19-2006 in Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales   age 69   cause: circulatory disease; ephysema
    Dave Garroway and J. Fred Muggs first Today Show host  David Cunningham "Dave" Garroway
    born on 7-13-1913 in Schenectady, New York
    expired 7-21-1982   age 69
    actress  Greer Garson   earned Best Actress oscar for playing title role in Mrs. Miniver
    born on 9-29-1903 in County Down, Northern Ireland
    expired 4-6-1996 in Dallas, Texas   age 92   cause: heart failure
    farmer  Roswell Garst   hosted Khruschchev in a 1959 visit to his Iowa farm
    born on 6-13-1898
    expired 11-5-1977 in Carroll, Iowa   age 79
    Back-to-Africa movement leader  Marcus Moziah Garvey   founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (1914); founder of Rastafarianism
    born on 8-17-1887 in Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica
    expired 6-10-1940 in London, England   age 52
    ballad singer  John Gary   co-invented Aqua-Lung diving aid
    ¤born: John Gary Strader 
    born on 11-29-1932 in Watertown, New York
    expired 1-4-1998 in Dallas, Texas   age 65   cause: cancer
    novelist & diplomat  Romain Gary   one-time husband of Jean Seberg (1963-70); accused FBI of smearing her character
    ¤born: Roman Kacew 
    born on 5-8-1914 in Vilna, Lithuania
    expired 12-2-1980 in Paris, France   age 66   cause: suicide; self inflicted gunshot to head
    pro wrassler  Richard J. "Dick" Garza
    ¤nom-de-headlock: "The Mighty Igor
    born on 7-16-1931
    expired 1-7-2002 in Detroit, Michigan   age 70
    Solomon Islands resident  Biuku Gasa   as a scout for the U.S. military made first contact with JFK (with partner Eroni Kumana) after the sinking of the PT-109 (August 1943)
    born on 7-27-1923 in Madou, Solomon Islands
    expired 11-23-2005 in Vavudu Village, Kauvi Island, Solomon Islands   age 82
    songwriter  Clarence L. Gaskill   wrote Minnie the Moocher and Prisoner of Love
    expired 4-29-1948 in New York, New York   age 56
    Frank Gasparro's design for the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin former chief sculptor & engraver of the U.S. Mint (1965-81)  Frank Gasparro   designed reverse of U.S. one-cent coin (Lincoln Memorial), obverse & reverse of the Eisenhower dollar & the Susan B. Anthony dollar
    born on 8-26-1909 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    expired 9-29-2001 in Haverford, Pennsylvania   age 92
     Patrick Gass   last survivor of the 1804 Lewis and Clark expedition (he was a sergeant)
    born on 6-12-1771 in Pennsylvania
    expired 4-2-1870 in Wellsburg, West Virginia   age 98
    Dr.  Herbert Spencer Gasser   shared the 1944 Nobel prize in medicine
    born on 7-5-1888 in Platteville, Wisconsin
    expired 5-11-1963 in New York, New York   age 74
    actor/director  Vittorio Gassman   once married to Shelley Winters (1952-54)
    born on 9-1-1922 in Genoa, Italy
    expired 6-29-2000 in Rome, Italy   age 77   cause: heart attack
    Alabama businessman  Arthur G. Gaston
    born on 7-4-1892
    expired 1-19-1996   age 103
    interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in August 1991 former Los Angeles Police chief (1978-92)  Daryl Francis Gates
    born on 8-30-1926 in Glendale, California
    expired 4-15-2010 in Dana Point, California   age 83   cause: cancer
    actor  Larry Gates   appeared on tv Guiding Light soap opera as H.B. Lewis, as well as the movies Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, In the Heat of the Night, Airport and Teahouse of the August Moon
    born on 9-24-1915 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
    expired 12-12-1996   age 81
     Mary M. Gates   wife of William Sr.; Bill's mom
    born on 7-25-1929
    expired 6-10-1994   age 64
    one time talent agency secretary  Phyllis L. Gates   was "married" to Rock Hudson (November 9, 1955 to April, 1958)
    born on 12-7-1925 in Dawson, Minnesota
    expired 1-4-2006 in Marina del Rey, California   age 80
    basketball Hall of Famer  William P. "Pop" Gates
    born on 8-30-1917 in Decatur, Illinois
    expired 12-1-1999 in New York, New York   age 82   cause: heart failure
    Greek lyricist  Nikos Gatsos
    born on 12-8-1914 in Hania, Arcadia, Greece
    expired 5-12-1992 in Athens, Greece   age 77
    pioneering French movie maker  Leon Gaumont
    expired 8-11-1946 in Sainte Maxime sur Mer, France   age 82
    religious icon  Siddhartha Gautama   founded Buddhism (528 B.C.)
    ¤aka: "Buddha" or "Bhagavat" 
    born on 4-8-563 BC in Kapilavastu, India
    expired 2-25-483 BC in Kusinagara, India   age 79
    AKS: Sidhartha Guatama
    former welterweight boxer (1943-58)  Kid Gavilan
    ¤born: Gerardo Gonzalez
     nickname: "The Hawk
    born on 1-6-1926 in Camaguey Province, Cuba
    expired 2-13-2003 in Miami, Florida   age 77   cause: heart attack
     George H. Gay Jr.   crashed pilot who witnessed the Battle of Midway from the water
    born on 3-8-1917
    expired 10-21-1994   age 77
    fundamentalist minister  Marvin Pentz Gay Sr.   father/slayer of singer
    born on 10-1-1914
    expired 10-10-1998 in Culver City, California   age 84   cause: pneumonia
    Motown singing star  Marvin Pentz Gaye Jr.   at one time paired with Tammi Terrell
    ¤born: Marvin Pentz Gay Jr. 
    born on 4-2-1939 in Washington, District of Columbia
    expired 4-1-1984 in Los Angeles, California   age 44   cause: shot to death by father
    third-banana comedian  Jackie Gayle   started in show biz as a drummer; appeared in Broadway Danny Rose (1984), Tin Men (1987) & Bulworth (1998) as well as a bunch of Dean Martin celebrity roasts
    ¤born: Jack Potovsky 
    born on 3-1-1926 in New York, New York
    expired 11-23-2002 in Miami Beach, Florida   age 76   cause: following open heart surgery
    AKS: Gale Gail Gael Gayel Gayl
    physician & chemist  Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac   isolated Boron (fifth on the Period Table of Elements; 1808); postulated a law of combined gases
    born on 12-6-1778 in Saint Léonard-de-Noblat, Haute-Vienne, Limoges, France
    expired 5-9-1850 in Paris, France   age 71
    actress  Janet Gaynor   won first Best Actress oscar for Seventh Heaven (1928)
    ¤born: Laura Gainor 
    born on 10-6-1906 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    expired 9-14-1984 in Palm Springs, California   age 77
    actor  Ben Gazzara   on Broadway played Brick in original production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955); had lead in They All Laughed & played a porn mogul in The Big Lebowski
    ¤born: Biagio Anthony Gazara 
    born on 8-28-1930 in Manhattan, New York, New York
    expired 2-3-2012 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 81   cause: pancreatic cancer
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    actor  Michael Vincente Gazzo   played Frankie Pentangeli in Godfather II
    born on 4-5-1923 in Hillside, New Jersey
    expired 2-14-1995 in Los Angeles, California   age 71   cause: stroke
    circus wild animal trainer  Gunther Gebel-Williams
    ¤real name: Gunther Gebel 
    born on 9-12-1934 in Schweidnitz, Germany
    expired 7-19-2001 in Venice, Florida   age 66   cause: cancer
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    2001 ROTS12½%
       Scored 8.4000 solo points

    actor  Will Auge Geer   played the sheriff in the only blacklisted U.S. movie Salt of the Earth (1954); also played Grandpa Zebulon Walton; married to Herta Ware in the 1930s; was also Harry Hay's lover
    born on 3-9-1902 in Frankfort, Indiana
    expired 4-22-1978 in Los Angeles, California   age 76   cause: respiratory ailment
       Contest Selectors
    1979 MM

    baseball iron man  Lou Gehrig   held record for consecutive games played (2,130) until 1997; batted fourth in Murderers' Row
    ¤full name: Ludwig Heinrich Gehrig
    nickname: "The Ironman" 
    born on 6-19-1903 in New York, New York
    expired 6-2-1941 in New York, New York   age 37   cause: ALS
    baseball great  Charles Leonard "Charlie" Gehringer   Detroit Tigers second baseman (1924-42)
    born on 5-11-1903 in Fowlerville, Michigan
    expired 1-21-1993 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan   age 89
    Hall-of-Fame former RAMS halfback (1940-49)  Clarence Fred Gehrke   came up with idea of painted ram horns on helmets (1947); later managed Denver Broncos
    born on 4-24-1918 in Salt Lake City, Utah
    expired 2-12-2002 in Palm Springs, California   age 83
    criminally insane grave robber/murderer  Edward Theodore "Ed" Gein   made clothing & lampshades from human body parts; gutted & dressed his murder victims; urban legend has it that Ed was the inspiration for Norman Bates (Psycho; 1959)
    born on 8-27-1906 in La Crosse, Wisconsin
    expired 7-26-1984 in Madison, Wisconsin   age 77   cause: renal failure; cancer
    book publisher  Bernard J. Geis   published Valley of the Dolls (1966) & Sex and the Single Girl
    born on 8-30-1909 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 1-8-2001 in New York, New York   age 91
    former Brazilian military dictator (1974-79)  Ernesto Geisel
    born on 8-3-1908 in Bento Goncalves, Brazil
    expired 9-12-1996 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   age 88
    children's book author  Theodor Seuss Geisel   suggested idea for Gerald McBoing-Boing; wrote The Five Thousand Fingers of Dr. T movie & How the Grinch Stole Christmas animated tv special (1966)
    ¤better known as Dr. Seuss 
    born on 3-2-1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts
    expired 9-24-1991 in La Jolla, California   age 87
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    1980 BD6.3%

    chemist & Clairol co-founder  Lawrence M. Gelb   during a 1931 visit to Paris discovered the hair coloring formula (owned by company called Mury) that became the company's first product
    born on 1-8-1898 in New York, New York
    expired 9-27-1980 in New York, New York   age 82
    screenwriter & tv producer  Larry Simon Gelbart   co-wrote Tootsie & The Wrong Box (1966); co-produced M*A*S*H tv series
    born on 2-25-1928 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 9-11-2009 in Beverly Hills, California   age 81   cause: cancer
    tv writer/producer  Bruce Geller   created Mission Impossible & Mannix tv series
    born on 10-13-1930 in New York, New York
    expired 5-21-1978 in Santa Barbara, California   age 47   cause: private plane crash
    war correspondent  Martha Gellhorn   third wife of Ernest Hemingway (1940-45)
    born on 11-8-1908 in Saint Louis, Missouri
    expired 2-15-1998 in London, England   age 89
    AKS: Gelhorn Gellhorne
    Lebanese president Sheikh  Pierre Gemayel
    born on 11-1-1905 in Lebanon
    expired 8-30-1984 in Bikfaya, Lebanon   age 78
    art critic  Emily Genauer   won 1974 Pulitzer prize for art criticism
    ¤Mrs. Frederick Gash 
    born on 7-19-1911 in New York, New York
    expired 8-23-2002 in New York, New York   age 91
    former International Telephone & Telegraph president (1959-77)  Harold S. Geneen
    born on 1-22-1910 in Bournemouth, Dorcester, England
    expired 11-21-1997 in New York, New York   age 87   cause: heart attack
    interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in April 1964 writer/dramatist/burglar  Jean Genét
    born on 12-19-1910 in Paris, France
    expired 4-15-1986 in Paris, France   age 75   cause: throat cancer
    AKS: Genet
    chanteuse  Geneviève   a regular guest on the Tonight Show when Jack Paar was hosting
    ¤real name: Ginette Marguérite Auger 
    born on 4-17-1920 in Paris, France
    expired 3-14-2004 in Los Angeles, California   age 83   cause: complications from stroke
    Mongol conquerer  Genghis Khan   grandfather of Kublai Khan; his tomb may have been discovered near Batshireet, Hentii Province, Mongolia
    ¤aka: Temujin 
    born on --1162 in Mongolia
    expired 8-18-1227 in Kharakhoto, Mongolia   age 65   cause: fall from horse and/or battle wounds
    former Yamaha president (1950-92)  Genichi Kawakami   son of company founder
    born on 1-30-1912 in Hama Kita, Japan
    expired 5-25-2002 in Hamamatsu, Japan   age 90
    lawyer turned stage and movie actor  Leo Genn   played first mate Starbuck in Moby Dick (1956)
    born on 8-9-1905 in London, England
    expired 1-26-1978 in London, England   age 72   cause: heart attack
    choreographer  Peter Gennaro   1977 Tony for choreography of Annie
    born on 11-23-1919 in Metairie, Louisiana
    expired 9-28-2000 in New York, New York   age 80
    murder victim  Kitty Genovese   her screams for help were ignored
    born on --1935
    expired 3-13-1964 in New York, New York   age 28   cause: stabbed to death
     John Anthony Genzale   member of the New York Dolls rock band
    ¤aka: "Johnny Thunder
    born on 7-15-1952
    expired 4-22-1991   age 38
    former Montreal hockey player (1950-68)  Bernard André Joseph "Bernie" Geoffrion   original slap shot specialist
    ¤aka: "Boom Boom
    born on 2-14-1931 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    expired 3-11-2006 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 75   cause: stomach cancer
    AKS: Andre Geoffrian
    defrocked pedophile priest  John J. Geoghan   accused of having molested over 100 boys
    born on 6-4-1935
    expired 8-23-2003 in Shirley, Massachusetts   age 68   cause: murdered ;strangled
    to next English ruler: George IIto previous English ruler: Anne English King (1714-1727)  George I   great-grandson of James I; first monarch of the House of Hannover
    born on 5-28-1660 in Hannover, Prussia
    expired 6-12-1727 in Osnabrück, Hannover, Prussia   age 67
    to next English ruler: George IIIto previous English ruler: George I English King (1727-1760)  George II   son of George I
    ¤born: George Augustus Hannover 
    born on 11-10-1683 in Herrenhausen Palace, Prussia
    expired 10-25-1760 in London, England   age 76
    to next English ruler: George IVto previous English ruler: George II mentally ill British king (1760-1820)  George III   grandson of George II; his repressive policies lost the American colonies
    ¤George William Frederick Hanover 
    born on 6-4-1738 in London, England
    expired 1-29-1820 in Windsor, England   age 81
    to next English ruler: William IVto previous English ruler: George III British king (1820-1830)  George IV   son of George III
    born on 8-12-1762 in London, England
    expired 6-25-1830 in Windsor, England   age 67
    to next English ruler: Edward VIIIto previous English ruler: Edward VII British King (1910-36)  George V   son of Edward VII; grandson of Queen Victoria; father of Edward VIII and George VI; name of house changed during World War I (1917) to disassociate the British monarchy from the German monarchy
    ¤full name: George Frederick Ernest Albert Saxe-Coburg/Windsor 
    born on 6-3-1865 in London, England
    expired 1-20-1936 in Sandringham, Norfolk, England   age 70
    to next English ruler: Elizabeth IIto previous English ruler: Edward VIII British monarch (1936-52)  King George VI   son of George V; husband of Elizabeth; father of Queen Elizabeth II
    ¤full name: Albert Frederick George Arthur Windsor 
    born on 12-14-1895 in Sandringham, Norfolk, England
    expired 2-6-1952 in Sandringham, Norfolk, England   age 56
    actor  Anthony George   played Agent Cam Allison on The Untouchables (1960) & Don Corey on Checkmate (1960-62)
    ¤born: Octavio Gabriel George 
    born on 1-29-1921 in Endicott, New York
    expired 3-16-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: complications from lung disease
    character actor Chief  Dan George   was chief of the Burrard tribe (1951-63); appeared in Little Big Man as Old Lodge Skins
    born on 6-24-1899 in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    expired 9-23-1981 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada   age 82
    film actor  Heinrich George   played worker foreman Grot in Metropolis (1927), Franz Biberkopf in Berlin Alexanderplatz (1931) & Bürgemeister Nettelbeck in Kolberg (1945); too chummy with Nazi filmmakers, arrest by Soviets after the war and interned in Sachsenhausen concentration camp
    ¤born: Georg August Friedrich Hermann Schulz 
    born on 10-9-1893 in Stettin, Pomerania, Germany
    expired 9-26-1946 in Oranienburg, Germany   age 52   cause: starvation; complications from appendicitis surgery
    Little Feat founder/leader  Lowell George
    born on 4-13-1945 in Hollywood, California
    expired 6-29-1979 in Arlington, Virginia   age 34   cause: heart attack
    writer  Peter Bryan George   wrote Two Hours to Doom (1958; U.S. title: Red Alert); it was the basis for Dr. Strangelove (1964; he co-authored the screenplay); received a 1966 Hugo Award
    ¤pen name: Peter Bryant 
    born on 3-26-1924 in Treorchy, Wales
    expired 6-1-1966 in Hastings, East Sussex, England   age 42   cause: suicide
    insult tv talk show host  Wally George   put his guests in the "Hot Seat"; father of Debecca DeMornay
    ¤born: George Walter Pearch 
    born on 12-4-1931 in Oakland, California
    expired 10-5-2003 in Fountain Valley, California   age 71   cause: pneumonia; cancer
    Grand Duchess  Georgievna Leonida Bagration-Moukhranskaya   widow of Grand Duke Vladimir Cyrillovich (titular Czar of Russia)
    born on 10-6-1914
    expired 5-23-2010 in Madrid, Spain   age 95
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       Scored 5.5000 solo points

    AKS: b.9/23/1914 old style
    pro baseball's first female umpire  Bernice Gera
    born on 6-15-1931 in Ernest, Pennsylvania
    expired 9-23-1992   age 61
    (briefly) Albanian  Queen Geraldine I   wife of Zog I; mother of Leka I
    ¤title: Countess Apponyi von Nagy-Appony 
    born on 8-6-1915 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
    expired 10-22-2002 in Tirana, Albania   age 87
    AKS: Geraldina
    to April 1967 Playmate of Monthto February 1967 Playmate of Month Playboy March 1967 Playmate of Month  Fran Gerard
    ¤born: Frances Anna Camuglia 
    born on 3-23-1948 in Staten Island, New York, New York
    expired 5-30-1985 in Fountain Valley, California   age 37
    company heir  Daniel F. Gerber   joined Freemont Canning Company (1912); started making baby food in 1920s; changed company name to Gerber Products Company (1943)
    born on 5-6-1898
    expired 3-16-1974 in Fremont, Michigan   age 75
    tv producer  David Gerber   was executive producer of programs such as Nanny and the Professor, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Police Story and it's spinoff Police Woman
    born on 7-25-1923 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
    expired 1-2-2010 in Los Angeles, California   age 86   cause: heart failure
    Freemont Canning Company founder  Frank Daniel Gerber
    born on 5-6-1873 in Freemont, Michigan
    expired 10-7-1952 in Fremont, Michigan   age 79
    Howard the Duck former Marvel cartoonist  Stephen Ross "Steve" Gerber   created Howard the Duck; wrote script for Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Contagion" (1989; the Ikonian computer virus nearly blows-up the Enterprise); died awaiting lung transplant
    born on 9-20-1947 in Saint Louis, Missouri
    expired 2-10-2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 60   cause: pneumonia; pulmonary fibrosis
    conductor & classical record producer  Charles Allan Gerhardt   conducted the definitive recording of Howard Hanson's Symphony No. 2 ("Romantic")
    born on 2-6-1927 in Detroit, Michigan
    expired 2-22-1999 in Redding, California   age 72   cause: complications from surgery; brain cancer
    politician  Manfred Gerlach   was the last head-of-state for East Germany (1989-90)
    born on 5-8-1928 in Leipzig, Germany
    expired 10-17-2011 in Berlin, Germany   age 83
    Thong bikini topless/thong bathing suit designer (1964)  Rudolfi "Rudi" Gernreich
    born on 8-8-1922 in Vienna, Austria
    expired 4-21-1985 in Los Angeles, California   age 62   cause: lung cancer
    author, editor, publisher  Hugo Gernsback   created the pulp magazine Amazing Stories (1926); coined the term "science fiction" (1929); described radar 35 years before its invention; namesake of the science fiction Hugo Awards
    born on 8-16-1884 in Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    expired 8-19-1967 in New York, New York   age 83
    Chiricahua Apache  Chief Geronimo   son of Chal-o-Row; surrendered in 1888
    born on 6-??-1829 in Arizona
    expired 2-17-1909 in Fort Sill, Oklahoma   age 79   cause: pneumonia
    Baylor U plastic surgery resident Dr.  Frank J. Gerow   co-inventor of the silicone gel breast implant; had a drinking problem; a highly fictionalized account of the implant story was told in the HBO movie Breast Men (1998)
    born on 11-5-1929 in Canada
    expired 7-15-1993   age 63   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
    Massachusetts political hack, Declaration of Independence signer & Madison 2nd term vice president (1813-14)  Elbridge Gerry   notorious for eponymous convoluted district boundary constructions --- when one particularly familiarly-shaped district was compared to a salamander a respondent said "That's not a salamander, its a Gerry-mander," and the term stuck
    born on 7-17-1744 in Marblehead, Massachusetts
    expired 11-23-1814 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 70
    lyricist/playwright  Leonard Gershe   wrote screenplays for Funny Face (1957) & Silk Stockings (1957); wrote Butterflies Are Free play & screenplay (1968/72) based upon the experiences of Harold Krents
    born on 6-10-1922 in New York, New York
    expired 3-9-2002 in Beverly Hills, California   age 79   cause: complications from stroke
    composer  Arthur Gershwin   brother of George, Ira & Frances
    born on 3-14-1900 in New York, New York
    expired 11-19-1981 in New York, New York   age 81
    famed Broadway and classical composer  George Gershwin   wrote Porgy and Bess (1935), Rhapsody in Blue (1924) and An American in Paris; received first Pulitzer prize in music for Of Thee I Sing (1931); brother of Arthur, Ira & Frances
    ¤born: Jacob Gershovitz 
    born on 9-26-1898 in New York, New York
    expired 7-11-1937 in Hollywood, California   age 38   cause: brain tumor
    composer  Ira Gershwin   brother of Arthur, George & Frances
    ¤born: Israel Gershovitz 
    born on 12-6-1896 in New York, New York
    expired 8-17-1983 in Beverly Hills, California   age 86
       Contest Selectors
    1979 DO, JW15.4%
    1980 DO, JW, RR18.8%

    Ira's widow  Leonore S. Gershwin
    born on 10-3-1900
    expired 8-20-1991   age 90
    actress  Betty Lou Gerson   narrated Cinderella (1961); voiced Cruella DeVil in 101 Dalmatians (1961)
    ¤Mrs. Lou Lauria 
    born on 4-19-1914 in Chattanooga, Tennessee
    expired 1-12-1999 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: stroke
    oscar-winning film editor  Harry W. Gerstad   won two Academy Awards for Champion (1949) & High Noon (1952; shared); also edited The Five Thousand Fingers of Dr. T (1953), Adventures of Superman tv series (1953-54; also directed 1955-57), Highway Patrol (1955; also directing) & Batman tv series
    ¤born: Harry Donald Gerstad 
    born on 6-11-1909
    expired 7-17-2002 in Palm Springs, California   age 93
    Dr.  Charles W. Gerstenberg   co-founded Prentice-Hall publishing house
    expired 9-15-1948 in Setauket, New York   age 66
    former GM chairman/CEO (1972-74)  Richard C. Gerstenberg
    born on 11-24-1909 in Little Falls, New York
    expired 7-11-2002 in Paradise Valley, Arizona   age 92
    attorney  Elmer H. Gertz   got Nathan Leopold parole; sucessssfully defended Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer against obscenity charges
    born on 9-14-1906
    expired 4-27-2000 in Chicago, Illinois   age 93
    retired "composer"  Irving Gertz   scored such cinematic opuses as It Came From Outer Space (1953), The Creature Walks Among Us (1956), The Monolith Monsters (1957), The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957), The Deadly Mantis (1957), The Alligator People (1959), and tv episodes of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964) & Land of the Giants (1968)
    born on 5-19-1915 in Providence, Rhode Island
    expired 11-14-2008 in Los Angeles, California   age 93
    1970's tennis star  Vitas Gerulaitis
    born on 7-26-1954 in New York, New York
    expired 9-18-1994   age 40
    U.S. District judge  Gerhard Alden Gesell   issued several key Watergate rulings, tried the burglars of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office & the issued original Pentagon Papers ruling (affirmed by appeals court judge Gurfein)
    born on 6-16-1910 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 2-19-1993   age 82
    composer/lyracist  Clark Gesner   wrote music for You're A Good Man Charlie Brown off-broadway show (opened 3/7/1967); also wrote music for Captain Kangaroo show
    born on 3-27-1938 in Augusta, Maine
    expired 7-23-2002 in New York, New York   age 64   cause: heart attack
    Aerospace Corp. inventor Dr.  Ivan Alexander Getting   conceived of the Global Positioning System (GPS)
    born on 1-18-1912 in New York, New York
    expired 10-11-2003 in Coronado, California   age 91
    Golden Girls actress  Estelle Getty   widow of Arthur Gettleman
    ¤née: Scher 
    born on 7-25-1923 in Manhattan, New York, New York
    expired 7-22-2008 in Hollywood, California   age 84   cause: Lewy body disease
       Contest Selectors
    2004DTM, LMLD11.1%
    2005DTM, FA, MOT, PCD, WORM21.7%
    2006DTM, HH, LMLD, MOT, PCD, RIE, RR, TFM, WEP30.0%
       Scored 4.1002 points

    AKS: Estell Estele Estel
    oil billionaire  Jean Paul Getty Sr.   at one time considered the world's richest individual; wrote a series of articles for Playboy magazine (1961-63)
    born on 12-15-1892 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
    expired 6-6-1976 in Sutton Place, Surrey, England   age 83   cause: heart attack
     John Paul Getty Jr.
    born on 9-7-1932
    expired 4-17-2003 in London, England   age 70   cause: chest infection
     John Paul (Jean) Getty III   was kidnapped back in 1973 & held for ransom (lost an ear); father of Bathazar Getty; suffered stroke that left him paralyzed & blind (1981)
    born on 11-4-1956
    expired 2-6-2011 in Buckinghamshire, England   age 54
       Contest Selectors

    saxophone artist  Stan Getz
    ¤real name: Stanley Gayetzby 
    born on 2-2-1927 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    expired 6-6-1991   age 64
    Carrozzeria Ghia founder  Giacinto Ghia
    born on 9-18-1887 in Turin, Italy
    expired 2-21-1944 in Turin, Italy   age 56
    operatic bass  Nicolai Ghiarov
    born on 9-13-1929 in Velingrad, Bulgaria
    expired 6-2-2004 in Modena, Italy   age 74   cause: heart attack; kidney disease
    to next Pope: Gregory XIIIto previous Pope: Pius IV Sainted Catholic Church leader (1566-1572)  Michele Ghisleri   elected 226th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church January 7, 1566
    ¤Pope Pius V 
    born on 1-17-1504 in Bosco, Lombardi
    expired 5-1-1572 in Rome, Italy   age 68
    character actress  Alice Margaret Ghostley   won Tony Award as Best Feature Actress in The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window; played bumbling housekeeper Esmeralda on Bewitched (1966-72) & Bernice on Designing Women (1987-93)
    ¤Mrs. Felice Orlandi 
    born on 8-14-1923 in Eve, Misouri
    expired 9-21-2007 in Studio City, California   age 84   cause: colon cancer; strokes
       Contest Selectors
    2002 CMH9.1%

    AKS: Ghostly Ghostlie
    ex-Iranian foreign minister (1979-82)  Sadegh Ghotbzadeh   allegedly plotted to overthrow the Ayatollah
    born on 2-11-1936 in Tehran, Iran
    expired 9-15-1982 in Tehran, Iran   age 46   cause: executed; firing squad
       Contest Selectors
    1980 DW, EK, HA18.8%

    AKS: Goatbazadeh Goat's Bad Breath
    Detroit Mafia capo  Anthony Joseph "Tony Jack" Giacalone   reputed to have had Jimmy Hoffa wacked at the Machus Red Fox restaurant
    born on 1-19-1919 in Detroit, Michigan
    expired 2-23-2001 in Detroit, Michigan   age 82   cause: heart & kidney failure
    mobster  Vito William "Billy Jack" Giacalone   brother of Tony Jack; probably the last person to know what actually happened to Jimmy Hoffa
    born on 4-16-1923 in Detroit, Michigan
    expired 2-19-2012 in Clinton Township, Macomb County, Michigan   age 88
    to next Baseball Commissioner: Fay Vincentto previous Baseball Commissioner: Peter Ueberroth  Angelo Bartlett Giamatti   the last "great" Baseball Commissioner (April 1, 1989 to September 1, 1989)
    born on 4-4-1938 in Boston, Massachusetts
    expired 9-1-1989 in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts   age 51   cause: heart attack
    Bank of America founder  Amadeo Peter Giannini
    born on 5-6-1870 in San Jose, California
    expired 6-3-1949 in San Francisco, California   age 79   cause: heart attack
    Dr.  William Francis Giauque   1949 Nobel prize winner in chemistry
    born on 5-12-1895 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
    expired 3-28-1982 in Berkeley, California   age 86
    Bee Gee  Andy Gibb
    born on 3-5-1958 in Douglas, Isle of Man, England
    expired 3-10-1988   age 30   cause: cardiac viral infection
       Contest Selectors

    Bee Gees bass & keyboardist  Maurice Gibb   Robin's fraternal twin brother
    born on 12-22-1949 in Douglas, Isle of Man, England
    expired 1-12-2003 in Miami, Florida   age 53   cause: heart attack; pneumonia; twisted bowel (ischemic enteropathy)
       Contest Selectors

    the Oscar statuetteMGM studio logo MGM art department head (1924-56)  Austin Cedric Gibbons   won 11 Academy Awards; sketched out the design that George Stanley used to make the original "Oscar" statuettes for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science (of which he was a co-founder); married to Dolores Del Rio (1930-41)
    born on 3-23-1893 in New York, New York
    expired 7-26-1960 in Hollywood, California   age 67   cause: "a long illness"
    historian  Edward Gibbons   wrote The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1776-1788)
    born on 5-8-1737 in Putney, England
    expired 1-16-1794 in London, England   age 56
    natural food proponent  Euell Gibbons   wrote Stalking the Wild Asparagus (1962)
    born on 9-8-1910 in Clarksville, Texas
    expired 12-29-1975 in Beavertown, Pennsylvania   age 65   cause: bleeding ulcer
    composer  Albert A. "Andy" Gibson   co-wrote The Huckle-buck (with lyricist Roy Alfred)
    expired 2-10-1961 in Cincinnati, Ohio   age 47   cause: heart attack
    AKS: hucklebuck
    orchestra conductor Sir  Alexander Drummond Gibson
    born on 2-11-1926 in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland
    expired 1-14-1995   age 68
    tennis player  Althea Gibson   winner of 1957 Wimbledon & 1958 U.S. Open singles title
    born on 8-25-1927 in Silver, South Carolina
    expired 9-28-2003 in East Orange, New Jersey   age 76   cause: respiratory failure
       Contest Selectors
    2003ANG, JL11.1%
       Scored 6.1500 points

    illustrator  Charles Dana Gibson   creator of the Gibson Girl
    expired 12-23-1944 in New York, New York   age 77
    songwriter/singer  Donald Eugene Gibson   wrote I Can't Stop Loving You, Sweet Dreams & Oh Lonesome Me
    born on 4-3-1928 in Shelby, North Carolina
    expired 11-17-2003 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 75
    early cowboy movie star  Edmund Richard "Hoot" Gibson
    born on 8-6-1892 in Tememah, Nebraska
    expired 8-23-1962 in Woodland Hills, California   age 70
    comedian/character actor  Henry Gibson   given his stage name by friend Jon Voight, with whom he had a short-lived comedy routine; appeared on Laugh-In; on F Troupe as Wrongo Starr, in Nashville (1975) as Haven Hamilton & on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Nilva in the episode Profit and Lace (1998)
    ¤born: James Bateman 
    born on 9-21-1935 in Germantown, Pennsylvania
    expired 9-14-2009 in Malibu, California   age 73   cause: cancer
    "Gibson Girl" model  Irene Langhorne Gibson   made famous by illustrations of her (by her husband) in the early 1900s
    expired 4-20-1956 in Greenwood, Virginia   age 83
    Negro League ballplayer  Joshua "Josh" Gibson
    born on 12-21-1911 in Buena Vista, Georgia
    expired 1-20-1947 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 35
    Alabama geezer  Susie Elizabeth Gibson
    ¤née: Potts 
    born on 10-31-1890 in Corinth, Mississippi
    expired 2-16-2006 in Tuscumbia, Alabama   age 115   cause: heart failure
       Contest Selectors
       Scored 3.5000 solo points

    playwright  William Gibson   wrote The Miracle Worker for tv (1957), then as a Broadway play (1959) & Two for the See Saw (1958)
    born on 11-13-1914 in New York, New York
    expired 11-25-2008 in Stockbridge, Massachusetts   age 94
    radio/tv/screen writer  Nelson Roosevelt Gidding   wrote radio & tv scripts for Sergeant Preston of the Yukon; wrote screenplays for I Want To Live (1958), The Andromeda Strain (1971) & Hindenburg (1975)
    born on 9-15-1919 in New York, New York
    expired 5-1-2004 in Santa Monica, California   age 84   cause: congestive heart failure
    AKS: Giddings
     André Paul Guillaume Gide   the 1947 Nobel literature laureate
    born on 11-22-1869 in Paris, France
    expired 2-19-1951 in Paris, France   age 81   cause: pneumonia
    litigant  Clarence Earl Gideon   plaintiff in landmark Supreme Court decision affording indigent defendants the right to appointed council in criminal cases (Gideon v. Wainwright; 1963); his case before the court was argued by Abe Fortas
    ¤Florida Prison System Number 003826 
    born on 8-30-1910 in Hannibal, Missouri
    expired 1-18-1972 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida   age 61
     Prince Gideon   leader of Cornelius Bros. & Sister Rose pop group
    ¤real name: Carter Cornelius 
    born on --1948
    expired 11-7-1991 in Dania, Florida   age 43   cause: heart attack
    businessman  Gerald S. Gidwitz   co-founder of the Helene Curtis cosmetics company
    born on 7-17-1906 in Memphis, Tennessee
    expired 7-11-2006 in Chicago, Illinois   age 99   cause: congestive heart failure
    actor Sir  Arthur John Gielgud   won 1982 Best Supporting actor oscar for Arthur
    born on 4-14-1904 in London, England
    expired 5-21-2000 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England   age 96
       Contest Selectors
    1980 EB6.3%
    2000 KLS14%
       Scored 5.4000 solo points

     Edward Gierek   former Polish Communist Party leader (1970-80)
    born on 1-6-1913 in Porabka, Poland
    expired 7-29-2001 in Cieszyn, Poland   age 88   cause: lung infection related to work as coal miner
    quiet hero  Hermine "Miep" Gies   participated in the concealment of Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis; she retrieved Anne's diary after the raid, returning it to Anne's father after the war
    ¤née: Sanstrouschitz 
    born on 2-15-1909 in Vienna, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary
    expired 1-11-2010 in The Netherlands   age 100   cause: heart attack; complications from a fall
       Contest Selectors
    2005CSI, SPIT8.7%
    2006CSI, RR, SPIT10.0%
    2007DTM, RR, SPIT9.7%
    2008DTM, RIE, RR, SPIT12.5%
    2009CSI, DTM, GOHI, PCD, RIE, RR20.0%
    2010CSI, DTM, PCD, RIE, RR18.5%
       Scored 2.6563 points

    Dutch resistance member  Jan Gies   helped hide Anne Frank and family
    born on 10-18-1905
    expired 1-26-1993   age 87
    classical pianist  Walter Wilhelm Gieseking   made one of the first stereo tape-recorded performances in Berlin during WWII
    born on 11-5-1895 in Lyon, Rhône, Rhône-Alps, France
    expired 10-26-1956 in London, England   age 60
    former Genovese crime family Don  Vincent "the Chin" Gigante   tried to avoid prosecution by walking around in pajamas & a bathrob, muttering incoherently
    ¤aka: "the Oddfather
    born on 3-29-1928 in The Bronx, New York, New York
    expired 12-19-2005 in Springfield, Missouri   age 77   cause: heart disease
    toy maker  Alfred Carlton Gilbert Sr.   founder of the company that bore his name (it started as the Mysto Magic Company in 1909); invented the Erector Set (1913); Olympic athlete that at one time held the world pole vault record
    born on 2-15-1884 in Salem, Oregon
    expired 1-24-1961 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 76
    AKS: A. C. Gilbert Company
    comic actor  Billie Gilbert   his funny sneeze got him the gig of voicing Sneezy in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    born on 9-12-1894 in Louisville, Kentucky
    expired 9-23-1971 in Hollywood, California   age 77
    song writer  Ray Gilbert   won 1947 Best Song oscar for Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (from Song of the South); husband of Janis Paige
    born on 9-5-1912 in Hartford, Connecticut
    expired 3-3-1976 in Los Angeles, California   age 63   cause: complications from heart surgery
    spousal mercy killer  Roswell W. Gilbert
    born on 7-21-1909
    expired 9-3-1994   age 85
    actress  Ruth Gilbert   had title role in the 1931 production of Alice in Wonderland
    expired 10-12-1993   age 71   cause: cancer
     Tony Gilbert
    expired 7-24-1982   age 21
    operetta composer  William Schwenck Gilbert   half of the team Gilbert and Sullivan
    born on 11-18-1836 in London, England
    expired 5-29-1911   age 74
    efficiency expert  Frank Bunker Gilbreth Sr.   Lillian's horny husband (he should have stopped at 12 instead of going for a baker's dozen)
    born on 7-7-1868 in Fairfield, Maine
    expired 6-14-1924 in Montclair, New Jersey   age 55   cause: heart attack
     Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr.   co-wrote Cheaper By The Dozen (1948)
    born on 3-17-1911 in Plainfield, New Jersey
    expired 2-18-2001 in Charleston, South Carolina   age 89
    pioneering efficiency expert  Lillian Evelyn Moller Gilbreth   mother of 12 children; subject of the book Cheaper by the Dozen
    born on 5-24-1878 in Oakland, California
    expired 1-2-1972 in Phoenix, Arizona   age 93
    concert pianist  Emil Grigoyevich Gilels
    born on 10-19-1916 in Odessa, Ukraine
    expired 10-14-1985 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 68
       Contest Selectors
    1980 GP6.3%

    actor  Jack Gilford
    ¤born: Jacob Gellman 
    born on 7-25-1907 in New York, New York
    expired 6-4-1990 in New York, New York   age 82
       Contest Selectors
    1980 DO6.3%

    movie restoration expert  David Gill   partner of Kevin Brownlow; restored Gance's Napoleon
    born on 6-9-1928 in Papua, New Guinea
    expired 9-28-1997 in Huntington, Cambridgeshire, England   age 69   cause: heart attack
    prolific comic book writer  Joe Gill   worked for Timely Comics (later renamed Marvel) and then Charlton Comics; also did some work for DC Comics
    born on 7-13-1919 in Scranton, Pennsylvania
    expired 12-17-2006 in Ansonia, Connecticut   age 87   cause: complications from fall from stool
    mug shot of Axis Sally WWII radio propagandist  Mildred Elizabeth Gillars
    ¤née: Sisk
    aka: "Axis Sally
    born on 11-29-1900 in Portland, Maine
    expired 6-25-1988 in Columbus, Ohio   age 87
    jazz trumpeter  John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie
    born on 10-21-1917 in Cheraw, South Carolina
    expired 1-5-1993 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 75
       Contest Selectors
    1979 MM7.7%
    1980 MM6.3%

    inventor/animator  Edwin "Ted" Gillette   inventor of the Syncro-Vox device/process; creator of the Clutch Cargo tv cartoon
    born on 8-11-1909
    expired 9-30-2003 in Los Angeles, California   age 94
    Saftey Razor inventor  King Camp Gillette   "Look sharp, feel sharp!"
    born on 1-5-1855 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
    expired 7-9-1932 in Los Angeles, California   age 77
    former Pittsburgh quarterback  Joe W. Gilliam Jr.   won two Super Bowls in 1970s
    born on 12-29-1950
    expired 12-25-2000 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 49   cause: cocaine overdose
       Contest Selectors
    1979 HA7.7%
    1980 HA6.3%

    prolific tv writer  Jackson Clark Gillis   wrote for Lassie, The Adventures of Superman, Perry Mason, Columbo, Wonder Woman, Zorro, Tarzan, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Murder She Wrote, I Spy, The Adventures of Spin and Marty, The Hardy Boys, Racket Squad, Sugarfoot, The Fugitive, Lost In Space, Mission: Impossible, Mannix, Bonanza, Ironside, Hawaii Five-O, Starsky and Hutch, Police Woman, ...
    born on 8-21-1916 in Kalama, Washington
    expired 8-19-2010 in Moscow, Idaho   age 93   cause: pneumonia
    criminal  Lester M. Gillis
    ¤aka: "Baby Face Nelson
    born on 12-26-1901
    expired 9-27-1934   age 32
    former football coach  Sidney Gillman   coached the Rams (1955-59), Chargers (1960-69) & Oilers (1973-74)
    born on 10-26-1911 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
    expired 1-3-2003 in Century City, California   age 91
       Contest Selectors
       Scored 5.9000 solo points

    radio/tv announcer  Arthur Wells Gilmore
    born on 3-18-1912 in Tacoma, Washington
    expired 9-25-2010 in Irvine, California   age 98
    interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in April 1977 convicted murderer  Gary Mark Gilmore
    expired 1-17-1977 in Point of Mountain, Utah   age 36   cause: executed; firing squad
    character actress  Hermione Ferdinanda Gingold
    born on 12-9-1897 in London, England
    expired 5-24-1987   age 89   cause: pneumonia; cardiac problems
       Contest Selectors
    1979 DO7.7%
    1980 DO, RR12.5%

    Esquire Magazine co-founder  Arnold Gingrich
    born on 12-5-1903 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
    expired 7-9-1976 in Ridgewood, New Jersey   age 72   cause: cancer
    Newt's mommie  Kathleen A. "Kit" Gingrich
    born on 11-20-1925 in Enola, Pennsylvania
    expired 9-23-2003 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania   age 77
    geezer  Gin Kanie   remaining half of world's oldest twins
    ¤in Japanese Gin means "silver" 
    born on 8-1-1892 in Japan
    expired 2-28-2001 in Nagoya, Japan   age 108
    psychologist Dr.  Haim Ginott   Today Show "resident psychologist"; author of Between Parent and Child
    born on 8-5-1922 in Tel Aviv, Palestine
    expired 11-4-1973 in New York, New York   age 51
    interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in April 1969 "beat generation" poet  Allen Ginsberg
    born on 6-3-1926 in Newark, New Jersey
    expired 4-5-1997 in New York, New York   age 70
       Contest Selectors
    1979 DW7.7%

    video tape/recording inventor  Charles P. Ginsburg   employed by AMPEX Corp.
    born on 7-27-1920
    expired 4-9-1992   age 71
    tv actor/director  Robert Withrop Ginty   played Lt. T.J. Wiley on Baa Baa Black SHeep (1976-78), Thomas Craig Anderson on The Paper Chase tv series (1978-9) & appeared in Coming Home (1978)
    born on 11-14-1948 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
    expired 9-21-2009 in Los Angeles, California   age 60   cause: cancer
    dissident poet  Aleksandr Ilich Ginzburg
    born on 11-21-1936 in Leningrad, Russia, USSR
    expired 7-19-2002 in Paris, France   age 65
       Contest Selectors
    1980 JH6.3%

    interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in July 1966 controversial erotica publisher  Ralph Ginzburg   busted for sending Eros through the U.S. mails
    born on 10-28-1929 in New York, New York
    expired 7-6-2006 in The Bronx, New York, New York   age 76   cause: multiple myeloma
    2003 Nobel physics co-laureate  Vitaly Lazarevich Ginzburg
    born on 10-4-1916 in Moscow, Russia
    expired 11-8-2009 in Moscow, Russia   age 93
    AKS: b.9/21/1916 old style calendar
    Charlton/DC comics artist & editor  Richard Joseph "Dick" Giordano
    born on 7-20-1932 in Manhattan, New York, New York
    expired 3-27-2010 in Ormond Beach, Florida   age 77   cause: leukemia
    former Bulgarian  Queen Giovanna   widow of Bulgarian King Boris III
    ¤aka: Ioanna 
    born on 11-13-1907
    expired 2-26-2000   age 92
    Notre Dame All-American football running back (1917-20)  George Gipp   portrayed in Knute Rockne, All American (1940) by Ronald Reagan
    ¤aka: "The Gipper"
    (as in "Win one for the Gipper") 
    born on 2-18-1895 in Laurium, Michigan
    expired 12-14-1920 in South Bend, Indiana   age 25   cause: pneumonia
    author  Frederick Benjamin Gipson   wrote Old Yeller
    born on 2-7-1908 in Mason, Texas
    expired 8-14-1973 in Mason, Texas   age 65
    cartoonist/illustrator  Jean Henri Gaston Giraud   provided the characters and situations for the Taarna segment of Heavy Metal (1981)
    ¤aka: "Moebius" «or» "Gir" 
    born on 5-8-1938 in Nogent-sur-Marne, Val-de-Marne, France
    expired 3-10-2012 in Paris, Île-de-France, France   age 73   cause: cancer
    L'Epress founding editor (1953)  Françoise Giroud
    ¤born: France Gourdji 
    born on 9-21-1916 in Geneva, Switzerland
    expired 1-19-2003 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France   age 86   cause: head injuries suffered in fall
    AKS: Francoise
    silent film actress  Dorothy Gish   sister of Lillian
    born on 3-11-1898 in Massilon, Ohio
    expired 6-4-1968 in Rapallo, Italy   age 70
    silent film star  Lillian Diana Gish
    born on 10-14-1893 in Springfield, Ohio
    expired 2-27-1993   age 99
       Contest Selectors
    1979 DO, DW, HA, HP, JH, MS46.2%
    1980 DO, DR, DW, HA, JH, RR37.5%

    jazz clarinetist/saxophonist/arranger/composer  James Peter "Jimmy" Giuffre
    born on 4-26-1921 in Dallas, Texas
    expired 4-24-2008 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts   age 86   cause: pneumonia; Parkinson's disease
    AKS: Joofrie Giufre Guiffre
    symphony & opera orchestra conductor  Carlo Maria Giulini
    born on 5-9-1914 in Barletta, Italy
    expired 6-14-2005 in Brescia, Italy   age 91
     Luciana Giussani   with sister Angela created Diabolik
    born on 4-19-1928
    expired 3-31-2001 in Milan, Italy   age 72
    get-rich-quick pitchman  Charles J. Givens Jr.   sleazy slug
    born on 2-5-1941 in Decatur, Illinois
    expired 7-12-1998 in Orlando, Florida   age 57   cause: prostate cancer
    Apollo astronaut  Edward Galen Givens   didn't live long enough to be assigned a flight
    born on 1-5-1930 in Quanah, Texas
    expired 6-6-1967 in Houston, Texas   age 37   cause: automobile accident
    former Greek Army General  Phaidon Gizikis   member of the military junta; followed Papadopolous as "president" (1973-74)
    born on 6-17-1917 in Arta, Greece
    expired 7-27-1999   age 82
     Karl Adolph Gjellerup   shared the 1917 Nobel prize in literature
    ¤pen name: Epigonos 
    born on 6-2-1857 in Roholte, Zealand, Denmark
    expired 10-11-1919 in Klotzsche, Germany   age 62
    Jethro Tull bassist  John Glascock
    born on 5-2-1951 in London, England
    expired 11-17-1979   age 28   cause: following heart surgery
       Contest Selectors
    1980 JW

     Elizabeth Glaser   wife of Paul Michael; mother of Jacob
    born on 11-11-1947 in New York, New York
    expired 12-3-1994 in Santa Monica, California   age 47   cause: complications from AIDS
    folk singer  Tom Glazer   had pop hit with On Top of Spaghetti (1963)
    born on 9-2-1914 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    expired 2-21-2003 in Rochester, New York   age 88   cause: complications from stroke
    The Producers producer  Sidney Glazier   won Best Documentary Feature oscar for his production of The Eleanor Roosevelt Story (1965)
    born on 5-29-1916 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    expired 12-14-2002 in Bennington, Vermont   age 86
    interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in August 1986interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in December 1962 comedian  Herbert John "Jackie" Gleason   original Chester A. Riley on The Life of Riley tv series (1949-50); Ralph Kramden on The Honeymooners
    born on 2-26-1916 in New York, New York
    expired 6-24-1987   age 71   cause: colon cancer
       Contest Selectors
    1979 DW, JW, MM, MS, YJ38.5%
    1980 DR, DW, MM, VA25.0%

    character actor  James Gleason   played the police Lt. in Aresenic and Old Lace
    born on 5-23-1886 in New York, New York
    expired 4-2-1959 in Woodland Hills, California   age 72
    bad/tough-guy character actor  Paul Xavier Gleason   a friend of Jack Kerouac; the two went to see Splendor in the Grass together (1961) — it convinced Gleason to become an actor; portrayed the corrupt private investigator Clarence Beeks in Trading Places (1983) & high school principal Richard Vernon in The Breakfast Club (1985)
    born on 5-4-1939 in Jersey City, New Jersey
    expired 5-27-2006 in Burbank, California   age 67   cause: mesothelioma
    Chiago White Sox manager (1919-23)  William J. "Kid" Gleason   managed the infamous "Black Sox" team
    born on 10-26-1866 in Camden, New Jersey
    expired 1-2-1933 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 76
    lawyer  William R. Glendon   argued the Pentagon Papers case before the Supreme Court on behalf of the Washington Post (won 6 to 3)
    born on 5-1-1919 in Medford, Massachusetts
    expired 12-25-2008 in White Plains, New York   age 89
    retired CBS Radio newscaster  Joseph Christopher Glenn
    born on 3-23-1938 in New York, New York
    expired 10-17-2006 in Norwalk, Connecticut   age 58   cause: heart attack; liver cancer
    big band jazz trombonist & vibraphonist  Tyree Glenn   performed with Louis Armstrong's All-Stars (1964-71)
    born on 11-23-1912 in Corsicana, Texas
    expired 5-18-1974 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 61
    sports broadcaster  Martin Irving "Marty" Glickman   track athlete pulled from 1936 Berlin Olympic 400 meter relay team because he was Jewish
    born on 8-14-1917 in New York, New York
    expired 1-3-2001 in New York, New York   age 83   cause: complications from heart bypass surgery
    Russian romantic composer  Reinhold Moritzovich Glière   wrote the ballet Red Poppy
    born on 1-11-1875 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia
    expired 6-25-1956 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 81
    AKS: Gliere
    cover of `The Bog People' archaeology professor  Peter Vilhelm Glob   co-discovered remains of Dilmun; wrote Mosefolket Fernalderens Mennesker bevart i 2000 År (The Bog People; 1965)
    born on --1911
    expired 7-20-1985   age 84
    Florida death row inmate  Robert Dewey Glock II
    ¤aka: number 093836 
    born on 5-22-1961
    expired 1-11-2001 in Starke, Florida   age 39   cause: executed; lethal injection
       Contest Selectors
    2001 TEX12½%
       Did  Not Score - insufficient category citations (only 2 of the minimum 3 needed)

    actress  Marie Glory
    ¤born: Raymonde Louise Marcelle Toully 
    born on 3-3-1905 in Mortagne-au-Perche, Orne, Normandy, France
    expired 1-24-2009 in Cannes, France   age 103
       Contest Selectors

    country music harmonica player  Lonnie Glosson
    born on 2-14-1908 in Judsonia, Arkansas
    expired 3-2-2001   age 93
    one-time Met Opera soprano (1909-12)  Alma Gluck   first wife of Efrem Zimbalist Sr.; mother of Jr. & Marcia Davenport; had hit record (2-million seller) with "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny"
    ¤born: Reba Fiersohn 
    born on 5-11-1884 in Bucharest, Roumania
    expired 10-27-1938 in New York, New York   age 54
    art gallery owner  Lewis L. Glucksman   was a former Lehman Brothers trader
    born on 12-22-1925
    expired 7-5-2006 in Cobh, County Cork, Ireland   age 80
     Charles Albert Gobat   shared the second Nobel prize in peace (1902)
    born on 5-21-1843 in Tramelan, Switzerland
    expired 3-16-1914 in Bern, Switzerland   age 70
    Nazi propaganda minister  Paul Josef Göbbels   killed the kids, dog, wife, then himself in the bunker along with his beloved Adolf
    born on 10-29-1897 in Rheydt, Germany
    expired 5-3-1945 in Berlin, Germany   age 47
    AKS: Gobbels Goebbels Gobels Goebels
    comedian  George Gobel
    born on 5-20-1919 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 2-24-1991 in Encino, California   age 71
       Contest Selectors
    1979 7.7%

    playwright  Charles William Goddard   principal author of The Perils of Pauline movie serials
    expired 1-11-1951 in Miami, Florida   age 71
    actress  Paulette Goddard   Mrs. Charlie Chaplin (1936-42) & MRs. Erich M. Remarque (1958-70)
    born on 6-3-1905 in Great Neck, New York
    expired 4-23-1990 in Porto Ronco, Switzerland   age 84
    pioneering rocket designer  Robert Hutchings Goddard   launched the first liquid-fueled rocket in 1926; namesake of Goddard Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama
    born on 10-5-1882 in Worcester, Massachusetts
    expired 8-10-1945 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 62
    actor  Trevor Goddard   former boxer; had a recurring role on J.A.G. tv series
    born on 10-14-1965 in Perth, Australia
    expired 6-7-2003 in North Hollywood, California   age 37   cause: suicide; prescription drug overdose
    Tour de France director (1947-87)  Jacques Jean François Goddet   founded sports newspaper L'Equipe (1944); his father was a co-founder of the Tour (1903)
    born on 6-21-1905 in Paris, France
    expired 12-15-2000 in Paris, France   age 95
    mathematical logician Dr.  Kurt Gödel   known for his 1931 theorem Gödel's Proof; one of the three subjects of the book Gödel, Escher, Bach
    born on 4-28-1906 in Brunn, Austria-Hungary (now Brno)
    expired 1-14-1978 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 71
    radio star  Arthur Michael Godfrey
    born on 8-31-1903 in New York, New York
    expired 3-16-1983 in New York, New York   age 79
       Contest Selectors
    1979 JW, SB, VM23.1%
    1980 DO, DR, JW, MM, VA31.3%

    silent screen "vamp"  Dagmar Godowsky   daughter of Leopold Sr.; brother of Leopold Jr.
    born on 11-24-1897
    expired 2-13-1975 in New York, New York   age 77
     Frances Gershwin Godowsky   George, Ira and Arthur's little sister; wife of Leopold
    born on 12-26-1906 in New York, New York
    expired 1-18-1999 in New York, New York   age 92
    concert pianist  Leopold Godowsky Sr.
    born on 2-13-1870 in Vilnius, Lithuania
    expired 11-21-1938 in New York, New York   age 68
    chemist  Leopold Godowsky Jr.   co-inventor of Kodak's Kodachrome slide film (1935)
    born on 5-27-1901 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 2-18-1983 in New York, New York   age 81
    assassin  Nathuram Vinayak Godse   killer of Gandhi
    born on 5-19-1910 in Baramati, Poona District, India
    expired 11-15-1949   age 39   cause: hanged
    emigre ballet dancer  Alexander Boris Godunov
    born on 11-28-1949 in Sakhalin, Russia, USSR
    expired 5-16-1995 in West Hollywood, California   age 45
    telecommunications mogul  John D. "Jack" Goeken   a co-founder of MCI (1963) & Airfone; his lawsuit lead to the breakup of AT&T (before SBC started reassembling it)
    born on 8-22-1930
    expired 9-16-2010 in Joliet, Illinois   age 80   cause: cancer
    retired Campbell's Soup Company executive  Donald Edward Goerke   creator of Spaghetti-Os & Chunky Soups
    born on 8-8-1926 in Waukesha, Wisconsin
    expired 1-10-2010 in Delran, Pennsylvania   age 83   cause: heart failure
    screenwriter & tv producer/director  Ivan C. Goff   co-created Charlie's Angels; co-produced Mannix (1967-75; with Ben Roberts)
    born on 4-17-1910 in Perth, Australia
    expired 9-23-1999 in Santa Monica, California   age 89
    radio comedian  Norris "Tuffy" Goff   played Abner on Lum & Abner
    born on 5-30-1906 in Cove, Polk County, Arkansas
    expired 6-7-1978 in Palm Desert, California   age 72   cause: complications from stroke
    Rosewood (Florida) massacre survivor  Arnett Turner Goins   survived 1923 murder/destruction rampage by white mob
    born on 4-18-1913
    expired 3-24-2002 in Saint Petersburg, Florida   age 88
    former Coca-Cola chairman  Robert Crispulo Goizueta   gave the world New Coke (blech)
    born on 11-18-1931 in Havana, Cuba
    expired 10-18-1997 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 65   cause: lung cancer
    duo pianist  Arthur Gold   partnered with Robert Fizdale (1944-82)
    born on 2-6-1917 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    expired 1-3-1990 in New York, New York   age 72   cause: lung cancer
    Academy Award-winning film composer  Ernest Gold   got oscar for Exodus (1960); also scored Its A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963), On The Beach (1959), Judgement at Nuremburg, Ship of Fools, Inherit the Wind and The Secret of Santa Vittoria (1969)
    born on 7-13-1921 in Vienna, Austria
    expired 3-17-1999 in Santa Monica, California   age 77   cause: stroke
    research chemist  Harry Gold   convicted of being a courier in 1950s atomic spying case
    born on 12-11-1911
    expired 8-28-1972 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 60   cause: heart failure during heart surgery
    Joe Gold when he was an active bodybuilder at Muscle Beach gym owner  Sidney "Joe" Gold   founded both Gold's Gym (1965) & World Gym (1977)
    born on 3-10-1922 in East Los Angeles, California
    expired 7-12-2004 in Marina del Rey, California   age 82   cause: congestive heart failure
    former Justice  Arthur Joseph Goldberg   Kennedy Labor Secretary (1961-62); Supreme Court justice (1962-65); UN ambassador (1965-68)
    born on 8-8-1908 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 1-18-1990 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 81   cause: cardiac arrest
    cartoonist  Reuben Lucius "Rube" Goldberg   zany cartoonist, synonymous with anything ludicrously complicated; drew the Boob McNuttReuben Award for cartooning; won 1948 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning
    born on 7-4-1883 in San Francisco, California
    expired 12-7-1970 in New York, New York   age 87
    surviving World War I military veteran  Samuel Goldberg   last surviving member of the U.S. Cavalry
    born on 3-19-1900 in Greenville, Rhode Island
    expired 12-10-2006 in Greenville, Rhode Island   age 106
    juice purveryor  Hyman Golden   co-founder of the Unadulterated Food Products Co. (1972; with Leonard Marsh and Arnold Greenberg); they introduced Snapple (1980) and eventually changed the name of the company to Snapple Beverage Corporation; sold the company in the 1990s
    born on 6-11-1923 in Passaic, New Jersey
    expired 9-14-2008 in Great Neck, New York   age 85   cause: complications from stroke
    William Golden's CBS Eye logo CBS art director  William Golden   designed the CBS Eye logo — it debuted October 20, 1951
    born on 3-31-1911 in New York, New York
    expired 10-23-1959 in Stony Pointe, New York   age 48
    former ABC president  Leonard Harry Goldenson
    born on 12-7-1905 in Scottdale, Pennsylvania
    expired 12-27-1999 in Longboat Key, Florida   age 94
    UCBerkeley particle physicist  Gerson Goldhaber   played a role in the discovery of the antiproton, psi & charmed quark particles; the discoverer of 'dark energy'
    born on 2-20-1924 in Chemnitz, Germany
    expired 7-19-2010 in Berkeley, California   age 86
    nuclear/particle physicist  Maurice Goldhaber   in 1957 established that neutrinos have negative helicity (with Grodzins & Sunyar); 1998 Fermi Award winner; brother of Gerson Goldhaber
    born on 4-18-1911 in Lemberg, Austria, Austro-Hungarian Empire
    expired 5-11-2011 in East Setauket, Long Island, New York   age 100
    author Sir  William Gerald Golding   wrote Lord of the Flies (1954); won 1983 Nobel literature prize
    born on 9-19-1911 in Saint Columb Minor, Cornwall, England
    expired 6-19-1993 in Perranarworthal, Wiltshire, England   age 81   cause: heart failure
    marching and concert band master  Edwin Franko Goldman
    born on 1-1-1878 in Louisville, Kentucky
    expired 2-21-1956 in New York, New York   age 78
    anarchist  Emma Goldman   founder of Mother Earth magazine
    born on 6-29-1869 in Kovno, Russia (now Kaunas, Lithuania)
    expired 5-14-1940 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 70   cause: complications from stroke
    physicist & businessman  Jacob E. "Jack" Goldman   as Xerox's chief scientist founded the Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) in 1970, hiring Dr. George Pake to run it — it came up with such innovations as ethernet, the laser printer, the Graphical User Interface (with the ubiquitous "mouse") & the ALTO personal computer; he was unable to convince the Xerox management to take advantage of everything that they had developed
    born on 7-18-1921 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
    expired 12-20-2011 in Westport, Connecticut   age 90   cause: congestive heart failure
    playwright  James Goldman   wrote The Lion in Winter, Follies and They Might Be Giants; brother of William
    born on 6-30-1927 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 10-28-1998 in New York, New York   age 71   cause: heart attack
    engineer  Phillip Y. Goldman   with steve Perlman & Bruce Leak founded WebTV (1995; sold to Microsoft in 1997)
    born on 7-17-1964
    expired 12-26-2003 in Los Altos Hills, California   age 39
    march bandleader  Richard Franko Goldman
    born on 12-7-1910 in New York, New York
    expired 1-22-1980 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 69
    classic wrong place, wrong time, murder victim, restaurant waiter  Ronald Lyle Goldman   killed by O.J. while trying to return Nicole Simpson's glasses
    born on 7-2-1968 in Illinois
    expired 6-12-1994 in Los Angeles, California   age 25   cause: stabbed to death
     Sylvan N. Goldman   invented the grocery shopping cart (1936)
    born on 11-15-1898
    expired 11-25-1984 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma   age 86
    test pattern from CBS field-sequential color television system CBS labs inventor Dr.  Peter Carl Goldmark   inventor of the 331/3 rpm long playing record (1948); developed the original U.S. color television system (Field-Sequential Scanning process) approved briefly by the FCC, then withdrawn (used later on U.S. moon shots)
    born on 12-2-1906 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
    expired 12-7-1977 in Port Chester, New York   age 71   cause: car crash
    Met Opera radio opera commentator (1943-90)  Boris Goldovsky
    born on 6-7-1908 in Moscow, Russia
    expired 2-15-2001 in Brookline, Massachusetts   age 92
     Clifford Goldsmith   created radio Aldrich Family (1938-54)
    born on 3-29-1899 in Aurora, New York
    expired 7-11-1971 in Tucson, Arizona   age 72
    movie music composer  Jerrald K. "Jerry" Goldsmith   scored a number of Star Trek movies & tv themes
    born on 2-10-1929 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 7-21-2004 in Beverly Hills, California   age 75   cause: cancer
    AKS: Jerrold Gerrold Gerrald
    writer  Olivia Goldsmith   author of First Wives Club (1992)
    ¤born: Randy Goldfield
    legal name: Justine Rendal 
    born on --1949 in Dumont, New Jersey
    expired 1-15-2004 in New York, New York   age 54   cause: heart attack; coma; elective surgery to remove loose skin under chin
    furniture polish mogul  Jerome Goldstein   in 1951 his mom (Ida) bought the formula (from chemist Lee Scott) for Scott's Liquid Gold for $350
    born on 9-23-1922 in Denver, Colorado
    expired 1-5-2000 in Denver, Colorado   age 77   cause: large-cell lymphoma
    former IBM mathematician (1958-69) Dr.  Herman Heine Goldstine   while in the U.S. Army during World War II supervised the construction of ENIAC; with von Neumann built EDVAC (1952); author of The Computer from Pascal to von Neumann (1972)
    born on 9-13-1913 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 6-16-2004 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania   age 90
    movie & tv director  James Goldstone   directed original Star Trek series second pilot Where No Man Has Gone Before; also directed The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight (1971)
    born on 6-8-1931 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 11-5-1999 in Shaftsbury, Vermont   age 68   cause: cancer
    ex-hockey player  William A. "Bill" Goldsworthy
    born on 8-24-1944 in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
    expired 3-29-1996 in Minneapolis, Minnesota   age 51
    retired Arizona senator (1953-87)  Barry M. Goldwater Sr.   1964 Republican presidential candidate; his Vice Presidental running mate was William Miller
    born on 1-1-1909 in Phoenix, Arizona
    expired 5-29-1998 in Paradise Valley, Arizona   age 89
       Contest Selectors
    1979 HFS, HP, MM, SB30.8%
    1980 DH, DR, DW, EB, MM31.3%
    2002 RAVN

    Archie creator  John L. Goldwater   a distant relation to senator Barry Goldwater; also created Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie, et al.; artist Bob Montana drew the characters; helped form the Comics Magazine Association (president for 25 years), creator of the Comics Code Authority
    born on 2-14-1906 in New York, New York
    expired 2-20-1999 in New York, New York   age 93   cause: heart attack
    MGM studio logo pioneering Hollywood movie producer  Samuel Goldwyn   co-founder of Paramount Pictures with Jesse Lasky and Adolph Zukor (1913); the Goldwyn in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; famous for his malapropisms (aka: Goldwynisms)
    ¤born: Samuel Gelbfisch
    briefly renamed Samuel Goldfish
    settled upon Goldwyn 
    born on 8-27-1882 in Warsaw, Poland
    expired 1-31-1974 in Los Angeles, California   age 91
    radio producer  Dan Golenpaul   created/produced original radio version of Information Please (1938-52)
    born on --1900 in New York, New York
    expired 2-13-1974 in New York, New York   age 73
    Dr.  Camillo Golgi   his work on the structure of the nervous system garnered him a share of the 1906 Nobel prize in physiology
    born on 7-7-1843 in Corteno, Brescia, Italy
    expired 1-21-1926 in Pavia, Italy   age 82
    prolific movie art director  Alexander Golitzen   won oscars for Phantom of the Opera (1943), Spartacus (1960) & To Kill a Mockingbird (1962); he also was art director on one of our favorites: This Island Earth (1955)
    born on 2-28-1908 in Moscow, Russia
    expired 7-26-2005 in San Diego, California   age 97   cause: congestive heart failure
    Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra conductor (1931-57)  Vladimir Golschmann
    born on 12-26-1893 in Paris, France
    expired 3-1-1972 in New York, New York   age 78
    retired mathematician & Stanford professor  Gene Howard Golub   a co-founder of the university's computer science department (1965); did innovative work in the field of numerical analysis, specifically in matrix computations
    born on 2-29-1932 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 11-16-2007 in Palo Alto, California   age 75   cause: acute myeloid leukemia
    former Portugese president (1974-76)  Francisco da Costa Gomes
    born on 6-30-1919 in Chaves, Portugal
    expired 7-29-2001 in Lisbon, Portugal   age 81   cause: respiratory failure
    hapless baseball club manager  Pedro W. "Preston" Gómez Martinez   was the first manager of the San Diego Padres
    born on 4-20-1923 in Central Preston, Oriente Province, Cuba
    expired 1-13-2009 in Fullerton, California   age 85   cause: complications from being run over by truck
    AKS: Gomez
    baseball pitcher (1953-62)  Ruben Gomez
    born on 7-13-1927 in Arroyo, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
    expired 7-26-2004 in San Juan, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico   age 77   cause: complications from kidney ailment
    character actor  Thomas Gomez   played Abe Saperstein in The Harlem Globetrotters (1951), Wang Khan in The Conquerer (1956) & the minister in Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970)
    born on 7-10-1905 in New York, New York
    expired 6-18-1971 in Santa Monica, California   age 65   cause: injuries sustained in car crash
    former baseball player  Vernon Louis "Lefty" Gomez
    born on 11-26-1909 in Rodeo, California
    expired 2-17-1989   age 79
    AFL-CIO co-founder  Samuel L. Gompers   first president of AFL (1886-1924)
    born on 1-27-1850 in London, England
    expired 12-13-1924 in San Antonio, Texas   age 74
    dull, plodding political hack  Wladyslaw Gomulka   was the Polish Communist Party leader (1956-70) until he f**ked up one too many times & was shitcanned
    born on 2-6-1905 in Krosno, Poland
    expired 9-1-1982 in Otwock, Poland   age 77   cause: throat cancer
    character actor  Jose Gonzales-Gonzales   older brother of Pedro Gonzales-Gonzales
    born on 12-7-1922 in San Antonio, Texas
    expired 12-15-2000 in Los Angeles, California   age 78   cause: brain hemorrhage; myeloblastic anemia
    former Texas representative (1961-98)  Henry Barbosa Gonzalez
    born on 5-3-1916 in San Antonio, Texas
    expired 11-28-2000 in San Antonio, Texas   age 84
       Contest Selectors
    2000 TEX14%
       Scored 6.6000 solo points

    tennis great  Pancho Gonzalez
    ¤real name: Richard Alonzo Gonzales 
    born on 5-9-1928 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 7-3-1995 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 67
    comedic western movie actor  Ramiro "Pedro" Gonzalez Gonzalez   was "discovered" as a contestant on Groucho's game show You Bet Your Life (1953) & subsequently signed to a movie contract by John Wayne; appeared in Rio Lobo, McLintock, Chisum & Support Your Local Gunfighter
    born on 5-24-1925 in Aguilares, Texas
    expired 2-6-2006 in Culver City, California   age 80
    Buena Vista Social Club pianist  Rubén González
    born on 5-26-1919 in Santa Clara, Las Villas, Cuba
    expired 12-8-2003 in Havana, Cuba   age 84   cause: kidney & lung problems
    AKS: Ruben Gonzalez
    statistician Dr.  Jack Good   during World War II was a code breaker at Bletchley Park, working with Alan Turing; did developmental work in Bayesian statistics; advised Stanley Kubrick about computer sentience for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
    ¤born: Isidor Jacob Gudak 
    born on 12-9-1916 in London, England
    expired 4-5-2009   age 92
     Janet K. Good   had been a friend of Dr. Kevorkian
    born on 10-24-1923
    expired 8-15-1997 in Farmington, Michigan   age 73   cause: suicide; pancreatic cancer
    pediatrician, microbiologist & pathologist Dr.  Robert A. Good   a founder of modern immunology; performed first successful human bone marrow transplant (1968)
    born on 5-21-1922 in Crosby, Minnesota
    expired 6-13-2003 in Saint Petersburg, Florida   age 81   cause: esophageal cancer
    Gumby co-creator  Ruth H. Parklander Clokey Goodell   ex-wife of Art Clokey; produced the Davy and Goliath animated show; was also a literature professor at Augstana College (Illinois)
    born on 9-12-1923 in Hallock, Minnesota
    expired 12-28-2008 in Los Osos, California   age 85   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
    1964 CORE Freedom Summer campaigner  Andrew Goodman   murdered by Klan thugs along with James Chaney & Michael Schwerner
    born on 11-23-1943 in New York, New York
    expired 6-21-1964 in Neshoba County, Mississippi   age 20   cause: murdered; shot
    clarinetist and big band leader  Benjamin David "Benny" Goodman   big hit: Swing, Swing, Swing
    ¤nickname: "The King of Swing" 
    born on 5-30-1909 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 6-13-1986 in New York, New York   age 77
       Contest Selectors
    1979 MM, MS15.4%
    1980 DR, HP, MM18.8%

    psychologist Dr.  Carolyn Elizabeth Goodman   mother of a slain civil rights worker Andrew Goodman; in 2005 was able to testify at the trial of Edgar Ray Killen
    ¤née: Drucker 
    born on 10-6-1915 in Woodmere, New York
    expired 8-17-2007 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 91   cause: complications from strokes
    comedienne/character actress  Dolores "Dody" Goodman   played the ditzi mother of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
    born on 10-28-1914 in Columbus, Ohio
    expired 6-22-2008 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 93
    astrology author  Linda Goodman
    born on 4-9-1925 in Parkersburg, West Virginia
    expired 10-21-1995   age 70
    World War I veteran  Louis Goodman
    born on 1-18-1897 in Ukraine
    expired 9-16-2003 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 106   cause: cancer
    pharmacologist Dr.  Louis Sanford Goodman   a pioneer in ani-cancer chemotherapy
    born on 8-27-1906 in Portland, Oregon
    expired 11-19-2000 in Salt Lake City, Utah   age 94
    Marvel Comics founder & publisher  Martin Goodman
    born on 1-18-1908 in New York, New York
    expired 6-6-1992 in Palm Beach, Florida   age 84
    movie composer  Ronald Alfred Goodman   wrote scores for Village of the Damned (1960), Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines (1965) & Where Eagles Dare (1968)
    born on 2-17-1925 in Plymouth, Devon, England
    expired 1-8-2003   age 77   cause: asthma attack
    Texas death row inmate  Spencer Corey Goodman   broke the neck of Cecile Ham (7/2/91; age 39)
    born on 10-28-1968
    expired 1-18-2000 in Huntsville, Texas   age 31   cause: executed; lethal injection
       Contest Selectors
    2000 TEX14%
       Scored 11.9000 solo points

    singer/songwriter  Steven Benjamin Goodman   wrote City of New Orleans
    born on 7-25-1948 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 9-20-1984 in Seattle, Washington   age 36   cause: kidney & liver failure; leukemia
    gospel singer  Vestal Goodman   appeared (along with her husband "Happy") on the PTL Club show
    ¤née: Freeman 
    born on 12-13-1929 in Fyffe, Alabama
    expired 12-27-2003 in Celebration, Florida   age 74
    retired U.S. Army General  Andrew Jackson Goodpaster   served in World War II & Vietnam; lead NATO (1969-74); was commander of West Point (1977-81)
    born on 2-12-1915 in Granite City, Illinois
    expired 5-16-2005 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 90   cause: prostate cancer
    pathologist Dr.  Ernest William Goodpasture   developed the anti-mumps vaccine in 1931; lead to mass production of vaccines against typhus, influenza, smallpox and yellow fever
    born on 10-17-1886 in Montgomery County, Tennessee
    expired 9-20-1960 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 73
    first Mr. America  Bert M. Goodrich
    born on 12-26-1906
    expired 12-7-1991   age 84
    playwright  Frances Goodrich   co-wrote The Diary of Anne Frank with husband Albert Hackett; awarded 1955 Pulitzer Prize for play adaptation
    born on --1891 in Belleville, New Jersey
    expired 1-29-1984 in New York, New York   age 92
    Its a Wonderful Life screenwriter  Marcus Aurelius Goodrich
    born on 11-28-1897 in San Antonio, Texas
    expired 10-20-1991 in Richmond, Virginia   age 93   cause: heart attack
    game show creator/producer  Mark Goodson   partnered with Bill Todman
    born on 1-24-1915 in Sacramento, California
    expired 11-18-1992   age 77
    Texas death row inmate  Alvin Urial Goodwin III
    ¤aka: number 879 
    born on 12-27-1963
    expired 1-18-2001 in Huntsville, Texas   age 37   cause: executed; lethal injection
       Contest Selectors
    2001 BOD, DTM, RR, TEX50%
       Scored 9.1125 points

    British tv celebrity  Jade Cerisa Lorraine "Jady" Goody   has appeared on the Big Brother tv franchise in England and India
    born on 6-5-1981 in Bermondsey, London, England
    expired 3-22-2009 in Upshire, Essex, England   age 27   cause: cervical cancer
       Contest Selectors
    2009RAVN, RIE6.7%
       Scored 11.0500 points

    record retailer  Sam Goody
    born on 2-25-1904
    expired 8-8-1991   age 87
    rubber vulcanization process discoverer (1839)  Charles Goodyear
    born on 12-29-1800 in New Haven, Connecticut
    expired 7-1-1860 in New York, New York   age 59
    character actor  Howard Jacob Goorney   a co-founder of Theater Workshop; played Sloth (husband of Lust) in Bedazzled (1967)
    born on 5-11-1921 in Manchester, England
    expired 3-29-2007 in Bath, Somerset, England   age 85
    AKS: Gorney
    British conductor Sir  Eugene Goosens
    born on 5-26-1893 in London, England
    expired 6-13-1962 in Hillingdon, England   age 69
     Maria Gertrud Kate Göppert-Mayer   shared the 1963 Nobel physics prize
    born on 6-28-1906 in Kattowitz, Upper Silesia, Germany
    expired 2-20-1972 in San Diego, California   age 65
    AKS: Goeppert
    Mike's mom  Maria Gorbachev
    expired 4-15-1995   age 84
    Mikhail's wife  Raisa Maximovna Titorenko Gorbachov
    expired 9-20-1999 in Münster, Germany   age 67   cause: leukemia
    actor  Bernard Gorcey   created role of Isaac Cohen in Abie's Irish Rose in 1922; father of Leo
    born on 1-9-1886 in Russia
    expired 9-11-1955 in Hollywood, California   age 69   cause: automobile accident
    Dead End Kids and Bowery Boys actor  Leo Gorcey
    born on 6-3-1915 in New York, New York
    expired 6-2-1969 in Oakland, California   age 53
    songwriter  Alan Lee Gordon   (with Garry Bonner) wrote "Happy Together" (1967; hit for The Turtles) & "Celebrate" (1969; hit for Three Dog Night)
    born on 4-22-1944 in Natick, Massachusetts
    expired 11-22-2008 in Scottsdale, Arizona   age 64   cause: cancer
    former Kidder Peabody head  Albert Hamilton Gordon   headed up the Trollop Society at one time
    born on 7-21-1901 in North Scituate, Massachusetts
    expired 5-1-2009 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 107
       Contest Selectors
       Scored 4.3000 solo points

    one-time blacklisted screenwriter  Bernard Gordon   penned screenplays for Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956) Day of the Trifids (1962) & Krakatoa, East of Java (1969)
    born on 10-29-1918 in New Britain, Connecticut
    expired 5-11-2007 in Hollywood Hills, California   age 88   cause: bone cancer
    character actor  Bruce Gordon   played Frank Nitti on The Untouchables tv series
    born on 2-1-1916 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts
    expired 1-20-2011 in Santa Fe, New Mexico   age 94
    saxophonist  Dexter Keith Gordon
    born on 2-27-1923 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 4-25-1990 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 67
    actor  Gale Gordon
    ¤born: Charles T. Aldrich Jr. 
    born on 2-2-1906 in New York, New York
    expired 6-30-1995 in Escondido, California   age 89
    soap opera actor  Gerald Gordon   played Dr. Nick Bellini on The Doctors (1966-76) and Dr. Mark Dante on General Hospital (1976-78 & 1982-83)
    born on 7-12-1934 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 8-17-2001 in Los Angeles, California   age 67   cause: emphysema
    Chilean junta secret police head General  Humberto Gordon Rubio   under house arrest awaiting trial at time of death
    born on 9-21-1927 in Santiago, Chile
    expired 6-15-2000 in Santiago, Chile   age 72   cause: heart attack
    writer  Irving Gordon   wrote song Unforgettable; co-wrote (with his son) Abbott and Costello's Who's On First comedy sketch
    born on 2-14-1915 in New York, New York
    expired 12-1-1996 in Los Angeles, California   age 81
    tough-guy western movie actor  Leo V. Gordon   in 1940s did four years in San Quentin for robbery
    born on 12-2-1922 in New York, New York
    expired 12-26-2000 in Los Angeles, California   age 78
    Detroit tv yakker  Louis Gordon   hosted a syndicated tv talk show from WKBD-TV (1965-77); it was on that show that presidential candidate George Romney claimed that he had been "brainwashed" in Vietnam
    born on 5-17-1917
    expired 5-24-1977 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan   age 60   cause: heart failure
    character actor  Mark Gordon   played Chuckles the Clown in one episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show (1973) — an episode before the character was wearing a peanut costume & was shucked-to-death by an elephant
    born on 5-19-1926
    expired 8-12-2010 in New York, New York   age 84
    Broadway producer  Max Gordon   productions include Born Yesterday, My Sister Eileen, Junior Miss and The Solid Gold Cadillac
    born on 6-28-1892 in New York, New York
    expired 11-2-1978 in New York, New York   age 86   cause: heart attack
    film director  Michael Gordon   directed Cyrano de Bergerac (1950), I Can Get It For You Wholesale (1951), Pillow Talk (1959), Boys' Night Out (1962), Move Over, Darling (1963) & The Impossible Years (1968)
    born on 9-6-1909 in Baltimore, Maryland
    expired 4-29-1993 in Century City, California   age 83
    character actor  Phil Gordon   finished trying to live down having played Jasper "Jazzbo" Depew (Jethrine Beaudine's fiance) on The Beverly Hillbillies (1963)
    ¤real name: Phil H. Gulley 
    born on 5-5-1916 in Meridian, Mississippi
    expired 6-15-2010 in Mobile, Alabama   age 94
    AKS: Jazbo Jazboe Jazbow Jazzboe Jazzbow
    R&B singer/pianist  Rosco Gordon II
    born on 4-10-1928 in Memphis, Tennessee
    expired 7-11-2002 in New York, New York   age 74   cause: heart attack
    actress  Ruth Gordon   wife of Garson Kanin; starred in movie Harold & Maude (1971)
    born on 10-30-1896 in Wollaston, Massachusetts
    expired 8-28-1985 in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts   age 88
       Contest Selectors
    1979 DO, YJ15.4%
    1980 DH, DO, DR, DW, EB, RR37.5%

    engineer  William Edwin "Bill" Gordon Ph.D.   retired engineering professor of Cornell & Rice univeristies; designed the Arecibo radio telescope (1963), supervised it's construction and became it's first director
    born on 1-8-1918 in Paterson, New Jersey
    expired 2-16-2010 in Ithaca, New York   age 92
    former Tennessee senator (1953-70)  Albert Arnold Gore Sr.   father of Clinton Vice President Al
    born on 12-26-1907 in Granville, Tennessee
    expired 12-5-1998 in Carthage, Tennessee   age 90
     Genevieve W. Gore   co-founder of W.L. Gore and Associates (1958); her husband invented the water-resistant fabric Gore-Tex (1976)
    ¤née: Walton 
    born on 3-23-1913 in Salt Lake City, Utah
    expired 1-20-2005 in Newark, Delaware   age 91
     Pauline L. Gore   widow of Al Sr.; mother of former vice president
    ¤née: LaFon 
    born on 10-6-1912 in Palmersville, Tennesee
    expired 12-15-2004 in Carthage, Tennessee   age 92
    chemist  Wilbert L. Gore   co-founder of W.L. Gore and Associates (1958); inventor of Gore-Tex water-resistant fabric (1976)
    born on 1-25-1912 in Meridian, Idaho
    expired 7-25-1986 in Wind River Range, Wyoming   age 74   cause: heart attack
    composer  Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki   his Symphony No.3, Opus 36 is title "Symphony of Sorrowful Sons" (1922)
    born on 12-6-1933 in Czernica, Silesia, Poland
    expired 11-12-2010 in Katowice, Poland   age 76   cause: lung infection; cardiac issues
    contract bridge expert  Charles Henry Goren
    born on 3-4-1901 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    expired 4-3-1991 in Encino, California   age 90
    The Gashlycrumb Tinies
    A is for AMY who fell down the stairs
    B is for BASIL assaulted by bears
    C is for CLARA who wasted away
    D is for DESMOND thrown out of a sleigh
    E is for ERNEST who choked on a peach
    F is for FANNY sucked dry by a leech
    G is for GEORGE smothered under a rug
    H is for HECTOR done in by a thug
    I is for IDA who drowned in a lake
    J is for JAMES who took lye by mistake
    K is for KATE who was struck with an axe
    L is for LEO who swallowed some tacks
    M is for MAUD who was swept out to sea
    N is for NEVILLE who died of ennui
    O is for OLIVE run through with an awl
    P is for PRUE trampled flat in a brawl
    Q is for QUENTIN who sank in a mire
    R is for RHODA consumed by a fire
    S is for SUSAN who perished of fits
    T is for TITUS who flew into bits
    U is for UNA who slipped down a drain
    V is for VICTOR squashed under a train
    W is for WINNIE embedded in ice
    X is for XERXES devoured by mice
    Y is for YORICK whose head was knocked in
    Z is for ZILLAH who drank too much gin
    macabre artist & author  Edward St. John Gorey   drew artwork for the opening titles for PBS' Mystery tv series; wrote & illustrated The Gashlycrumb Tinies
    ¤nickname: "Ted" 
    born on 2-25-1925 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 4-15-2000 in Hyannis, Massachusetts   age 75   cause: complications following heart attack
    Italian film producer  Mario Cecchi Gori   made Mediterraneo
    born on --1920 in Brescia, Lombardi, Italy
    expired 11-5-1993 in Rome, Italy   age 73
     Lewis J. Gorin Jr.   founder of the Veterans of Future Wars (1936), a parody of the VFW
    born on 1-14-1914
    expired 1-1-1999 in Louisville, Kentucky   age 84
    Herman's widow  Emmy Göring
    ¤born: Emmy Sonnemann 
    expired 6-8-1973 in München, Germany   age 80
    Nazi air minister  Hermann Wilhelm Göring   Gestapo founder, Luftwaffe chief, Hitler confidant, War Criminal; committed suicide just before he was to be hanged
    born on 1-12-1893 in Rosenheim, Germany
    expired 10-15-1946 in Nuremburg, Germany   age 53   cause: suicide; poison
    actor  Marius Backman Goring   played Julian Craster in The Red Shoes (1948)
    born on 5-23-1912 in Newport, Isle of Wight, England
    expired 9-30-1998 in West Sussex, England   age 86   cause: cancer
    allegedly last Gallipoli veteran  Percy Goring
    born on 12-19-1894 in London, England
    expired 7-27-2001 in Bunbury, Australia   age 106
    Russian author  Maxim Gorky
    ¤born: Alekei Maksimovich Peshkov 
    born on 3-28-1868 in Nizhni-Novgorod, Russia
    expired 6-14-1935 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 67
    Broadway/film/tv character actor  Cliff Gorman   won Tony for portraying Lenny Bruce in Broadway play (1971)
    born on 10-13-1936 in New York, New York
    expired 9-5-2002 in New York, New York   age 65   cause: leukemia
    to next U.S. president: Arthur St.Clairto previous U.S. president: John Hancock Sixth U.S. president  Nathaniel Gorman   sixth president of the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederation (6/6/1786-2/1/1787)
    born on 5-27-1738 in Charlestown, Massachusetts
    expired 6-11-1796 in Charlestown, Massachusetts   age 58
    business technologist  William F. Gorog   in 1960s co-founded Data Corporation (it later bacame LexisNexis)
    born on 9-2-1925 in Warren, Ohio
    expired 7-14-2002 in Falls Church, Virginia   age 76   cause: lung cancer
    refrigeration pioneer Dr.  John Gorrie   received a patent for a mechanical ice-making machine May 6, 1851
    born on 10-3-1803 in Charleston, South Carolina
    expired 6-29-1855 in Apalachicola, Florida   age 51
    Riddler, comedian, impressionist, Classic Star Trek actor  Frank John Gorshin   played Cheron Commissioner Bele in Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (1969; Emmy nomination); although estranged from his wife she was at his side at the end; no word on the last whereabouts of his "paramour" (Haji)
    born on 4-5-1933 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    expired 5-17-2005 in Burbank, California   age 72   cause: pneumonia; lung cancer; emphysema
       Contest Selectors
       Scored 7.8000 solo points

    AKS: Gorshen
    former Australian prime minister (1968-71) Sir  John Grey Gorton
    born on 9-9-1911 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    expired 5-19-2002 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   age 90   cause: pneumonia; respiratory failure
    French cartoonist  René Goscinny   co-created Asterix the Gaul (with Alberto Udezro; 1959)
    born on 8-4-1926 in Paris, France
    expired 11-5-1977 in Paris, France   age 51   cause: heart attack
    radio actor  Freeman Fisher Gosden   Amos Jones on Amos 'n' Andy
    born on 5-5-1899 in Richmond, Virginia
    expired 12-1-1982 in Los Angeles, California   age 83
    country singer  Vernon Gosdin
    born on 8-5-1934 in Woodland, Alabama
    expired 4-28-2009 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 74   cause: complications from stroke; cancer
    character actor  Maurice Gosfield   played Pvt. Doberman on the Sgt. Bilko tv series (1955-9)
    born on 1-28-1913 in New York, New York
    expired 10-19-1964 in Saranac Lake, New York   age 51   cause: heart failure; diabetes
    Hall-of-Fame ball player  Leon Allen "Goose" Goslin
    born on 10-16-1900 in Salem, New Jersey
    expired 5-15-1971 in Bridgeton, New Jersey   age 70
    Texas death row inmate  Cornelius Alan Goss
    born on 5-24-1961
    expired 2-23-2000 in Huntsville, Texas   age 38   cause: executed; lethal injection
       Contest Selectors
    2000 TEX14%
       Scored 11.2000 solo points

    sadistic Nazi concentration camp commandant  Amon Leopold Goth   ran the Plaszów camp in Poland where he ran into Oskar Schindler (when he wasn't 'duck hunting' the inmates)
    born on 12-11-1908 in Vienna, Austro-Hungarian Empire
    expired 9-13-1946 in Krakáu, Poland   age 37   cause: executed; hanged
    AKS: Goeth
    philosopher & writer  Johann Wolfgang von Göthe
    born on 8-28-1749 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
    expired 3-22-1832 in Weimar, Germany   age 82
    AKS: Gothe Goethe
    former "Teflon Don"  John Joseph Gotti Jr.
    born on 10-27-1940 in New York, New York
    expired 6-10-2002 in Springfield, Missouri   age 61   cause: throat & brain cancer
       Contest Selectors
    2000 TEX14%
    2001 DTM, RR25%
    2002 DTM, JL, RAVN, RR, TMTX45.5%
       Scored 6.5563 points

    U.S. government bureaucrat/criminal Dr.  Sidney Gottlieb   ran the CIA's MKUltra program (1951-73), experimenting upon unwitting/unknowing victims for years with LSD and other toxic substances, knowingly violating the standards established by the United States under which Nazi doctors had been executed after the Nuremburg war crimes trials
    born on 8-3-1918 in New York, New York
    expired 3-7-1999 in Washington, Virginia   age 80
    monologist  "Brother" Theodore Gottlieb   interned in Dachau Concentration camp (1938) until he signed over family fortune for 1 Mark; Albert Einstein arranged to get him out of Germany
    born on 11-11-1906 in Düsseldorf, Germany
    expired 4-5-2001 in New York, New York   age 94
    19th-century composer  Louis Moreau Gottschalk
    born on 5-8-1829 in New Orleans, Louisiana
    expired 12-18-1869 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   age 40
    physicist Dr.  Samuel Abraham Goudsmit   co-discoverer of the electron's spin (1925)
    born on 7-11-1902 in The Hague, The Netherlands
    expired 12-4-1978 in Reno, Nevada   age 76   cause: heart attack
    much-honored typographer  Frederic William Goudy   created over 100 typefaces, including the ones bearing his name
    born on 3-8-1865 in Bloomington, Illinois
    expired 5-11-1947 in Marlboro, New York   age 82
    stately character actor  Michael Roland Gough   played Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's butler in the Batman movies (1992, 1995 & 1997) and the Celestial Toymaker on Dr. Who series
    born on 11-23-1915 in Kuala Lumpur, British Malaya
    expired 3-17-2011 in England   age 95
       Contest Selectors

    1977 Reuben Award winner1959 Reuben Award winner Dick Tracy creator  Chester Gould   a two-time recipient of the Reuben Award (1959 & 1977)
    born on 11-20-1900 in Pawnee, Oklahoma
    expired 5-11-1985 in Woodstock, Illinois   age 84
    pianist  Glenn Herbert Gould
    born on 9-25-1932 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    expired 10-5-1982 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 50
    physicist Dr.  Gordon Gould   grad student of Dr. Polycarp Kusch; coined term LASER in 1957 (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation)
    born on 7-19-1920 in New York, New York
    expired 9-16-2005 in New York, New York   age 85
    actor  Harold Gould   played Rhoda's father on tv; played foaming-at-mouth studio executive in Silent Movie
    ¤born: Harold Vernon Goldstein 
    born on 12-10-1923 in Schenectady, New York
    expired 9-11-2010 in Woodland Hills, California   age 86   cause: prostate cancer
    composer  Morton Gould
    born on 12-10-1913 in Richmond Hill, New York
    expired 2-21-1996 in Orlando, Florida   age 82
    actress  Sandra Gould   second Gladys Kravitz on Bewitched (1966-72); replaced Alice Pearce in role after her death
    born on 7-23-1916 in New York, New York
    expired 7-20-1999 in Burbank, California   age 82   cause: stroke
    Harvard biologist/evolutionist Dr.  Stephen Jay Gould
    born on 9-10-1941 in New York, New York
    expired 5-20-2002 in New York, New York   age 60   cause: cancer
    film director & song writer  Edmund Goulding   directed Grand Hotel (1932), Dark Victory (1939), The Razor's Edge (1946), Nightmare Alley (1947) & Everybody Does It (1949)
    born on 3-20-1891 in Feltham, Middlesex, England
    expired 12-24-1959 in Los Angeles, California   age 68   cause: suicide
    half of the Bob and Ray comedy duo  Raymond Walter Goulding
    born on 3-20-1922 in Lowell, Massachusetts
    expired 3-24-1990 in Long Island, New York   age 68
    actor, singer  Robert Gerard Goulet
    born on 11-26-1933 in Lawrence, Massachusetts
    expired 10-30-2007 in Los Angeles, California   age 73   cause: interstitial pulmonary fibrosis
       Contest Selectors

    singer/bandleader  John Fred Gourrier   front man of John Fred and His Playboy Band
    born on 5-8-1941 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
    expired 4-15-2005 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 63   cause: complications following kidney transplant
       Contest Selectors
       Scored 8.7000 solo points

    AKS: Gourier Gorier Gorrier Goarier Goarrier
    afflicted teen  Maria Alicia Gowans   suffered from progeria
    born on 2-20-1970
    expired 4-14-1985   age 15   cause: diseases of old age
    sportscaster  Curtis Gowdy Sr.   did play-by-play for the first Super Bowl (1967) & called the famous "Heidi" game 11/12/1968 (Oakland beats the Jets with two touchdowns in the last minute of play after the network had cut away to show the kiddie movie)
    born on 7-31-1919 in Green River, Wyoming
    expired 2-20-2006 in Palm Beach, Florida   age 86   cause: leukemia
       Contest Selectors
    2002 RAVN9.1%
    2003 RAVN5.6%

    Peter Gowland with his dual-lense camera system glamour photographer  Peter Andrew Gibson Gowland   had a number of uncredited roles in major movies including Citizen Kane (1941) & Joan of Arc (1948) ; photographed a number of Playboy centerfolds
    born on 4-3-1916 in Hollywood, California
    expired 3-17-2010 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 93   cause: complications from surgery for broken hip
       Contest Selectors
    2006CSI, XXX6.7%
    2009CSI, XXX6.7%
       Scored 5.7000 solo points

    film starlet  Ruth Elizabeth "Betty" Grable   famous World War II pinup girl; married to Jackie Coogan (1937-40) & Harry James (1943-65); sang for Ted Fio Rito's big band; chain-smoked herself to death
    born on 12-18-1916 in South Saint Louis, Missouri
    expired 7-2-1973 in Santa Monica, California   age 56   cause: lung cancer
    W.R. Grace Co. president (1942-92)  Joseph Peter Grace Jr.
    born on 5-25-1913 in Manhasset, New York
    expired 4-19-1995 in New York, New York   age 81
    Doyle Dane Bernbach art director  Roy Grace   worked on memorable commercials for Alka-Seltzer ("Mamma Mia! That's a Spicy Meatball."), American Tourister (gorilla beating up bag) & Volkswagon
    born on 12-5-1936 in New York, New York
    expired 2-26-2003 in New York, New York   age 66   cause: prostate cancer
    W.R. Grace Co. co-founder (1865)  William Russell Grace   NYC mayor (1880s)
    born on 5-10-1832 in Queenstown, Ireland
    expired 3-21-1904 in New York, New York   age 71
    British media mogul Lord  Lew Grade
    ¤born: Louis Winogradsky 
    born on 12-25-1906 in Tokmak, Ukraine
    expired 12-13-1998 in London, England   age 91
       Contest Selectors
    1980 HP6.3%

    original Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer  Don Grady   appeared on series as Don in its third season (1957-58); later appeared on My Three Sons tv series; brother of Lani O'Grady
    ¤born: Don Agrati 
    born on 6-8-1944 in San Diego, California
    expired 6-27-2012 in Thousand Oaks, California   age 68   cause: cancer
    character actor  David Graf   played heavily-armed Officer Tackleberry in the Police Academy movies & Earhart navigator Fred Noonan on Star Trek: Voyager (1995)
    born on 4-16-1950 in Lancaster, Ohio
    expired 4-7-2001 in Phoenix, Arizona   age 50   cause: heart attack
    obstetrician & gynecologist Dr.  Ernst Gräfenberg   his research lead to the discovery of the "urethral sponge," a zone of erogenous feeling located along the suburethral surface of the anterior vaginal wall (1944); subsequently Dr. John Perry & Beverly Whipple resurrected his work, relabeling the "sponge" as the G-Spot in his honor (1981)
    born on 9-26-1881 in Adelebsen, Germany
    expired 10-28-1957 in New York, New York   age 76   cause: complications from Parkinson's disease
    AKS: Ernest Grafenberg Graffenberg Grafenburg Graffenburg Grafinberg Graffinberg Grafinburg Graffinburg Gee G Spot Spaat
    lyricist  George Graff   co-wrote When Irish Eyes Are Smiling (1912)
    born on 8-5-1886 in New York, New York
    expired 1-24-1973 in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania   age 86
    Archibald 'Moonlight' Graham former Chisholm, Minnesota physician (1912-59)  Archibald Wright "Moonlight" Graham   described as "quick as a flash of moonlight"; on June 29, 1905, as a 28-year old New York Giants rookie, he replaced George Browne in right field for the last two innnings of a game with the New York Superbas; he was on deck when the game ended, his only appearance in a major league baseball game — he left the team to finish medical school 7/4/1905; brother of Frank P. Graham
    ¤aka: 'Doc Graham' 
    born on 11-9-1876 in Fayetteville, North Carolina
    expired 8-25-1965 in Chisholm, Minnesota   age 88
    convicted murderess  Barbara Graham   subject of I Want to Live (1958)
    born on --1923 in Oakland, California
    expired 6-3-1955 in San Quentin, California   age 32   cause: executed; potassium cyanide
    Michael Nesmith's mom  Bette Clair Graham   Mrs. Warren Nesmith (1941-46) & Mrs. Robert Graham (1962-75); invented Liquid Paper (1956; originally called "Mistake Out")
    ¤born: Bette Clair McMurry 
    born on 3-23-1924 in San Antonio, Texas
    expired 5-12-1980   age 56
    rock promoter/Rolling Stones producer  Bill Graham
    ¤real name: Wolfgang Grajonca 
    born on 1-8-1931 in Berlin, Germany
    expired 10-25-1991 in Vallejo, California   age 60
    Repertory Theater of St. Louis publicist  Bradford L. Graham   on September 10, 1999 he coined the term blogosphere in his web log
    born on 11-25-1968 in New London, Missouri
    expired 1-1-2010 in Saint Louis, Missouri   age 41
    architect  Bruce John Graham   while with the firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill designed Chicago's John Hancock Center (1970) & Sears (now Willis) Tower (1974)
    born on 12-1-1925 in La Cumbre, Columbia
    expired 3-6-2010 in Hobe Sound, FLorida   age 84   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
    one-time University of North Carolina president (1930-49)  Frank Porter Graham   was appointed to fill out a term in the U.S. Senate (1949-50); brother of the 'mythical' baseball player
    born on 10-14-1886 in Fayetteville, North Carolina
    expired 2-16-1972 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina   age 85
    NBC Peacock logo graphic artist  John J. Graham   creator of the NBC peacock logo (1956)
    born on 5-8-1908 in Seattle,Washington
    expired 6-12-1994   age 86
    former Washington Post publisher (1973-93)  Katharine Meyer Graham
    born on 6-16-1917 in New York, New York
    expired 7-17-2001 in Boise, Idaho   age 84   cause: injuries suffered in fall
    choreographer  Martha Graham
    born on 5-11-1893 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    expired 4-1-1991   age 97
       Contest Selectors
    1979 MM7.7%
    1980 EB, HP, MM18.8%

    American Gothic model  Nan R. Wood Graham   sister of the artist
    born on 7-19-1899
    expired 12-14-1990 in Menlo Park, California   age 91
    gridiron great  Otto Everett Graham Jr.   Hall-of-Fame quarterback for the Cleveland Browns (1946-55)
    born on 12-6-1921 in Waukegan, Illinois
    expired 12-17-2003 in Sarasota, Florida   age 82   cause: aortic aneurysm; Alzheimer's disease
    comedian & writer  Ronny Graham   won a 1952 Tony for writing on show New Faces of 1952; colleague of Mel Brooks
    ¤real name: Ronald Montcrief Stringer 
    born on 8-26-1919 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    expired 7-4-1999 in Los Angeles, California   age 79   cause: complications from liver disease
    evangelist  Ruth McCue Graham   wife of Billy Jr.
    ¤née: Bell 
    born on 6-10-1920 in Quingjiang, China
    expired 6-14-2007 in Montreat, North Carolina   age 87
       Contest Selectors
    2006LMLD, MOT, QKU10.0%
    2007AUDC, KLS, LMLD, MOT, QKU, TFM19.4%
       Scored 3.8781 points

    gossip columnist  Sheilah Graham   once had an affair with F. Scott Fitzgerald
    ¤born: Lily Shiel
    ex-Mrs. Trevor Westbrook 
    born on 9-15-1904 in Leeds, England
    expired 11-17-1988 in Palm Beach, Florida   age 84   cause: congestive heart failure
    early American health nut  Sylvester Graham   invented the cracker that is named after him
    born on 7-5-1794 in West Suffield, Connecticut
    expired 9-11-1851 in Northampton, Massachusetts   age 57
    ex-talk show host  Virginia Graham
    ¤born: Virginia Komiss 
    born on 7-4-1912 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 12-22-1998 in New York, New York   age 86   cause: cardiac arrest
    evangelist  William Franklin Graham I   father of the well-known evangelist (Jr.)
    expired ??-??-1950s   age ??
       Contest Selectors

    jazz drummer  William James "Billy" Graham   performed with Charlie Parker
    born on 11-10-1928 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    expired 6-6-2003 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 74
    novelist  Winston Mawdsley Graham   wrote Ross Poldark (1945), Demelza (1946), Jeremy Poldark (1950) and 9 others; the books were the basis of a 1970 tv miniseries; author of Marnie
    born on 6-30-1910 in Manchester, England
    expired 7-9-2003 in Buxted, Sussex, England   age 93
    movie actress  Gloria Grahame   played good-time girl Violet Bick in It's a Wonderful Life (1947)
    ¤born: Gloria Hallward 
    born on 11-28-1925 in Pasadena, California
    expired 10-12-1981 in New York, New York   age 55   cause: breast cancer
    AKS: Graham
    childrens book author  Kenneth Grahame   wrote The Wind in the Willows (1908)
    born on 3-8-1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland
    expired 7-6-1932 in Pangbourne, England   age 73
    Australian-born composer and pianist  Percy Aldrich Grainger
    born on 7-8-1882 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    expired 2-20-1961 in White Plains, New York   age 78
    Texas death row inmate  Carlos Alberto Granados
    ¤number 999307 
    born on 9-18-1970
    expired 1-10-2007 in Huntsville, Texas   age 36   cause: executed; lethal injection
       Contest Selectors
       Scored 8.9006 points

    former U.S. Treasurer  Kathryn O'Hay Granahan   representative from Pennsylvania (1956-62)
    born on 12-7-1895 in Easton, Pennsylvania
    expired 7-10-1979 in Norristown, Pennsylvania   age 83
    musician  John A. "Johnny" Grande   with Bill Haley & Billy Williamson formed the Saddlemen group (1949); that group became the core of The Comets for which he was pianist, accordionist & arranger
    born on 1-14-1930 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    expired 6-2-2006 in Clarkesville, Tennessee   age 76
    comics artist  Charles J. "Jerry" Grandenetti   started out as an assistant to Will Eisner
    born on 4-15-1926
    expired 2-19-2010 in Bellport, New York   age 83
    harpist  Marcel Georges Lucien Grandjany
    born on 9-3-1891 in Paris, France
    expired 2-24-1975 in New York, New York   age 83
    movie/tv writer/producer  Bert Granet   produced Berlin Express (1948); a writer/producer of The Untouchables; as producer of Desilu Playhouse got Rod Serling script The Time Element produced - it became the "pilot" for the Twighlight Zone
    born on 7-10-1910 in New York, New York
    expired 11-15-2002 in Santa Monica, California   age 92   cause: injuries suffered in fall
    football legend  Harold Edward "Red" Grange
    ¤nickname: "The Galloping Ghost
    born on 6-13-1903 in Forksville, Pennsylvania
    expired 1-28-1991   age 87
    2003 Nobel economics co-laureate  Clive William John Granger
    born on 9-4-1934 in Swansea, Wales
    expired 5-27-2009 in La Jolla, California   age 74
    actor  Farley Granger
    born on 7-1-1925 in San Jose, California
    expired 3-27-2011 in New York, New York   age 85
    former (3rd) Urban League executive director  Lester Blackwell Granger
    born on 9-16-1896 in Newport News, Virginia
    expired 1-8-1976 in Alexandria, Virginia   age 79
    "swashbuckling" actor  Stewart Granger
    ¤born: James Lablanche Stewart 
    born on 5-6-1913 in London, England
    expired 8-16-2008 in Santa Monica, California   age 95   cause: cancer
    Dr.  Ragnar Arthur Granit   shared the 1967 Nobel prize in physiology for discoveries concerning physiological & chamical visual processes in the eye
    born on 10-30-1900 in Helsinki, Helsinge, Finland
    expired 3-12-1991 in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden   age 90
    retired PacBel switchboard installer  LeRoy Grannis   took up surfing at age 14, becoming a Manhattan Beach Surf Club member in 1932; was a co-founder of the Palos Verdes Surf Club (1935); became a surf photographer in 1960; a co-founder of International Surfing Magazine (1964; it later changed it's title to "Surfing"); last surfed in 2001
    born on 8-12-1917 in Hermosa Beach, California
    expired 2-3-2011 in Torrance, California   age 93
    AKS: Granis Grannus Granus
    political activist  Granny D
    ¤born: Ethel Doris Rollins
    Mrs. Jim Haddock 
    born on 1-24-1910 in Laconia, New Hampshire
    expired 3-9-2010 in Dublin, New Hampshire   age 100   cause: complications from emphysema
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       Scored 5.0000 solo points

    tv producer & syndicator  Bernard Granoff   created Treasure Hunt; associated with Chuck Barris as president of Barris Industries
    born on 7-10-1918
    expired 4-28-1996 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 77   cause: heart attack
    Life magazine photographer  Allan Grant   did last photo shoot of Marilyn Monroe (August 3, 1962) & took first pix of Marina Oswald after the JFK assassination (November 22, 1963)
    born on 10-23-1919 in New York, New York
    expired 2-1-2008 in Los Angeles, California   age 88   cause: pneumonia; Parkinson's disease
    actor  Cary Grant   father of Jennifer; ex-husband of Betsy Drake & Dyan Cannon
    ¤born: Archibald Alexander Leach 
    born on 1-18-1904 in Bristol, Avon, England
    expired 4-17-1986   age 76
       Contest Selectors
    1979 DO, HFS, HP, SB30.8%
    1980 EB, HP12.5%

    hydraulic systems engineer  David Grant   Howard Hughes' co-pilot aboard the Spruce Goose (11/2/1947)
    born on 5-5-1917 in Detroit, Michigan
    expired 9-20-2001 in Calabasas, California   age 84
    journalist  Jane Grant   co-founded The New Yorker magazine (1925)
    ¤real name: Jeanette Cole Grant 
    born on 5-29-1892 in Joplin, Missouri
    expired 3-16-1972 in Litchfield, Connecticut   age 79   cause: cancer
    Disney artist/story writer  Joe Grant   designed the queen/Wicked Witch in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1933); led story development for Fantasia (1940); co-wrote Dumbo (1941); recipient of the 1996 National Cartoonist's Society Rube Award
    born on 5-15-1908 in New York, New York
    expired 5-6-2005 in Glendale, California   age 96   cause: heart attack
    L.A. media personality  John W. "Johnny" Grant Jr.   the Chamber of Commerce named him the honorary "mayor" of Hollywood, presiding over Walk of Fame ceremonies & drug store openings; he once dated Mamie Van Doren (back when she was still a nubile teenage Joan Olander)
    born on 5-9-1923 in Goldsboro, North Carolina
    expired 1-8-2008 in Hollywood, California   age 84
    porno actress  Shauna Grant
    ¤real name: Colleen Applegate
    aka: "Callie Ames" 
    born on 5-24-1963 in Bellflower, California
    expired 3-23-1984 in Palm Springs, California   age 20   cause: suicide; gunshot
    to next U.S. president: Rutherford B. Hayesto previous U.S. president: Andrew Johnson Union general and 18th U.S. president (1869-1877)  Ulysses Simpson Grant
    ¤born: Hiram Ulysses Grant 
    born on 4-27-1822 in Point Pleasant, Ohio
    expired 7-23-1885 in Mount McGregor, New York   age 63   cause: cancer
    department store founder  William Thomas Grant
    born on 6-27-1876 in Stevensville, Pennsylvania
    expired 8-6-1972 in Greenwich, Connecticut   age 96   cause: heart disease
    jazz impressario  Norman Granz   started the Clef, Norgran, Verve (1955) & Pablo (1974) record labels
    born on 8-6-1918 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 11-22-2001 in Geneva, Switzerland   age 83   cause: complications from cancer
    character actor  Charles Grapewin   played Uncle Henry in The Wizard of Oz; also in The Grapes of Wrath (1940) and Jeeter Lester in Tobacco Road (1941)
    born on 12-20-1869 in Xenia, Ohio
    expired 2-2-1956 in Corona, California   age 86
    jazz violinist  Stéphane Grappelli   member of the Hot Club Quintet
    born on 1-26-1908 in Paris, France
    expired 12-1-1997 in Paris, France   age 89   cause: complications after surgery
    radio announcer  Earle W. Graser   second radio voice of The Lone Ranger for WXYZ in Detroit (1st; 3rd)
    expired 4-8-1941 in Farmington, Michigan   age 32   cause: automobile accident
    Rite-Aid founder (1962)  Alexander Grass   started company as Thrif-D-Discount Center in Scranton, Pennsylvania (name changed in 1968)
    born on 8-3-1927
    expired 8-27-2009 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania   age 82   cause: lung cancer
    ex-Connecticut governor (1975-80)  Ella Grasso
    ¤born: Ella Rosa Giovianna Olivia Tambussi 
    born on 5-10-1919 in Windsor Locks, Connecticut
    expired 2-5-1981 in Hartford, Connecticut   age 61   cause: cancer
    cartoonist  Fremont David "Dave" Graue   wrote/drew Alley Opp (1973-2001), taking over from strip's creator
    born on 9-6-1926 in Oak Park, Illinois
    expired 12-10-2001 in Flat Rock, North Carolina   age 75   cause: head injuries sustained in car crash
    NBC radio & tv reporter (1930-73)  Benjamin Franklin Grauer   famous for covering the Times Square New Year's Eve ball drop
    born on 6-2-1908 in New York, New York
    expired 5-31-1977 in New York, New York   age 68   cause: heart ailment
    showman  Sidney Patrick "Sid" Grauman   builder of the "Chinese Theater" that bore his name (sold it to Ted Mann); started the practice of movie stars putting their foot & hand prints in cement
    born on 3-17-1879 in Indianapolis, Indiana
    expired 3-5-1950 in Hollywood, California   age 70   cause: heart ailment
    poet's muse  Beryl Antoinette Graves   widow of Robert Graves
    ¤née: Pritchard 
    born on 2-22-1915 in London, England
    expired 10-27-2003 in Deya, Majorca, Spain   age 88
    former Lansing (MI) mayor (1969-81)  Gerald William Graves
    born on 7-28-1923 in Alpena, Michigan
    expired 4-4-2006   age 82   cause: Alzheimer's disease
       Contest Selectors
    1979 YJ7.7%

    Dallas police detective  L. C. Graves   one of Lee Harvey Oswald's escorts in the basement of the Dallas police headquarters; he wrestled the gun away from Jack Ruby after the assassination
    born on 10-8-1918
    expired 2-11-1995   age 76
    actor  Peter Graves   brother of James Arness
    ¤born: Peter Aurness 
    born on 3-18-1926 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
    expired 3-14-2010 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 83   cause: heart attack
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    interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in December 1970 poet  Robert von Ranke Graves   author of I, Claudius and Claudius the God
    born on 7-26-1895 in London, England
    expired 12-7-1985 in Deya, Majorca, Spain   age 90
    actress  Teresa Graves   started career as a singer with the Doodletown Pipers; appeared on Turn-On (1969) & Laugh-In (1969-70); starred on Get Christie Love (1974-5)
    born on 1-10-1949 in Houston, Texas
    expired 10-10-2002 in Hyde Park, California   age 54   cause: apartment fire
    Belgian actor  Fernand Gravey   neither "lumpy" or "wavey"
    ¤stage name: "Gravet" 
    expired 11-2-1970 in Paris, France   age 65
    1950s and 60s radio talk show pioneer  Barry Gray
    ¤born: Bernard Yaroslaw 
    born on 7-2-1916 in Red Lion, New Jersey
    expired 12-21-1996 in New York, New York   age 80
    actor  Charles Gray   played Ernst Stavro Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever (1971)
    born on 8-29-1928 in Bournemouth, Dorcester, England
    expired 3-7-2000 in London, England   age 71
    singer  Dobie Gray   had hits with "The 'In' Crowd" (1965) & "Drift Away" (1973)
    ¤born: Laurence Darrow Brown «or» Leonard Victor Ainsworth 
    born on 7-26-1940 in Simonton, Texas
    expired 12-6-2011 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 71   cause: cancer
    stage/movie musical actress  Dolores Gray
    born on 6-7-1924 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 6-26-2002 in New York, New York   age 78   cause: heart attack
    cartoonist  Harold Lincoln Gray   created the Little Orphan Annie comic strip (1924)
    born on 1-20-1894 in Kankakee, Illinois
    expired 5-9-1968 in La Jolla, California   age 74
    computer scientist  James Nicholas Gray   received the 1998 A.M. Turing Award; disappeared while sailing between San Francisco & the Farallon Islands
    born on 1-12-1944 in San Francisco, California
    expired 1-28-2007 in near the Farallon Islands, eastern Pacific Ocean   age 63   cause: disappeared while boating
    AKS: Jim
    bandleader  Jerry Gray   wrote PEnnsylvania 6-5000 (with Carl Sigman) and String of Pearls
    born on 7-3-1915 in East Boston, Massachusetts
    expired 8-10-1976 in Dallas, Texas   age 61   cause: heart attack
    former acting FBI head (May 1972 - April 1973)  Louis Patrick Gray
    born on 7-18-1916 in Saint Louis, Missouri
    expired 7-6-2005 in Atlantic Beach, Florida   age 89   cause: pancreatic cancer
    one-armed St. Louis Browns outfielder (1945)  Peter Gray
    ¤real name: Peter Wyshner 
    born on 3-7-1915 in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
    expired 6-30-2002 in Sheatown, Pennsylvania   age 87
    actor & monologist  Spalding Gray   best known for Swimming to Cambodia; had history of depression & suicide attempts (jumping off the Staten Island Ferry)
    born on 6-5-1941 in Providence, Rhode Island
    expired 1-10-2004 in East River, New York   age 62   cause: suicide; drowned
    AKS: Spaulding Grey
    singer/actress  Kathryn Grayson
    ¤born: Zelma Kathryn Elisabeth Hedrick 
    born on 2-9-1922 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
    expired 2-17-2010 in Los Angeles, California   age 88
       Contest Selectors
       Scored 6.2000 solo points

    boxer  "Rocky" Graziano
    ¤real name: Thomas Rocco Barbella 
    born on 6-7-1922 in New York, New York
    expired 5-22-1990   age 69
    electrical engineer  Wilson Greatbatch   with Chardack & Gage was a co-developer of one of the first implantable heart pacemakers (1960)
    born on 9-6-1919 in Buffalo, New York
    expired 9-27-2011 in Amherst, New York   age 92
    Soviet Defense minister (1973-76) Marshall  Andrei Antonovich Grechko   became Politburo member in 1973
    born on 10-17-1903 in Golodaevka, Ukraine, Russia (now Kuibyshevo)
    expired 4-26-1976 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 72
    dancer  José Greco I
    born on 12-23-1918 in Montorio nei Frentani, Italy
    expired 12-31-2000 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania   age 82   cause: heart failure
    playwright  Adolph Green   collaborated with Betty Comden; winner of 5 Tony awards
    born on 12-2-1914 in New York, New York
    expired 10-23-2002 in New York, New York   age 87
    lyracist  Bud Green   co-wrote Sentimental Journey (with Homer & Brown); also wrote The Flat Foot Floogee with the Floy Floy
    born on 11-19-1897 in Austria
    expired 1-2-1981 in Yonkers, New York   age 83
    Texas Instruments co-founder  Cecil Howard Green
    born on 8-6-1900 in Manchester, England
    expired 4-12-2003 in La Jolla, California   age 102
       Contest Selectors
       Scored 4.8000 solo points

    former All-American Girl's Professional Baseball League catcher  Dorothy M. "Dottie" Green   played for the Rockford Peaches (1943-47); the character Dottie Hinson in A League of Their Own (1992) was partly based upon her
    born on 4-30-1921 in Natick, Massachusetts
    expired 10-29-1992 in Natick, Massachusetts   age 71
    former Michigan governor (1927-31)  Fred Warren Green   assisted in rescue efforts following the Bath School bombing
    born on 10-19-1871 in Manistee, Michigan
    expired 11-30-1936 in Munising, Michigan   age 65   cause: heart attack
    film cinematographer & director  Guy Green   won cinematography oscar for Great Expectations (1946); a co-founder of the British Society of Cinematographers (1949); directed A Patch of Blue (1965)
    born on 11-5-1913 in Frome, Somerset, England
    expired 9-15-2005 in Beverly Hills, California   age 91   cause: heart & kidney failure
     Irving "Irvin" Green   a co-founder of Mercury Records (1944) and the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America; 1952)
    born on 2-6-1916 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
    expired 7-1-2006 in Palm Springs, California   age 90
    actress/writer  Mary Green
    born on 4-4-1910
    expired 12-16-1992   age 82
    former slave  Nancy Green   portrayed first living trademark, Aunt Jemima (1893-1923)
    born on --1834 in Montgomery County, Kentucky
    expired 9-24-1923 in Chicago, Illinois   age 89   cause: struck by automobile
    pinup model  Phyllis Pamela Green   played Milly the model in Peeping Tom (1960) and Paula in Naked as Nature Intended (1961)
    ¤called "The British Bettie Page
    born on 3-28-1929 in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, England
    expired 5-7-2010   age 81
       Contest Selectors

    former Detroit Tiger great  Henry Benjamin "Hank" Greenberg
    born on 1-1-1911 in New York, New York
    expired 9-14-1994   age 83
    New York Pro Musica Antiqua co-founder (1952)  Noah Greenberg   his mother died when informed of his death
    born on 4-9-1919 in New York, New York
    expired 1-9-1966 in New York, New York   age 46   cause: heart attack
    screenwriter  Stanley R. Greenberg   for tv wrote The Missles of October & Pueblo (1973); shared a Nebula Award for his screenplay of Soylent Green (1973)
    born on 9-3-1927 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 8-25-2002 in Kensington, California   age 74   cause: brain cancer
    Emmy-winning tv director  David Greene   directed Rich Man, Poor Man & 1st the episode of Roots
    ¤born: David Brian Green 
    born on 2-28-1921 in Manchester, England
    expired 4-7-2003 in Ojai, California   age 82   cause: pancreatic cancer
    Guinness Book geezer  Ettie Mae Greene
    born on 9-8-1877
    expired 2-26-1992   age 114
    novelist  Graham Greene   wrote The Third Man
    born on 10-2-1904 in Berkhampstead, England
    expired 4-3-1991 in Vevay, Switzerland   age 86
       Contest Selectors
    1980 GP6.3%

    pinheaded Federal judge  Harold H. Greene   forced the breakup of the Bell System (AT&T) in 1984 under the premise that it would foster "competition" and lower prices .... yeah, right; this guy's headed for the seventh circle of hell
    ¤born: Heinz Gruenhaus 
    born on 2-6-1923 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
    expired 1-29-2000 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 76   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
    actor  Lorne Greene   played Ben Cartright on Bonanza
    born on 2-12-1915 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    expired 9-11-1987 in Santa Monica, California   age 72
       Contest Selectors
    1979 MM7.7%
    1980 MM6.3%

    actor  Richard Greene   had title role in 1950s Adventures of Robin Hood tv series
    born on 8-25-1918 in Plymouth, Devon, England
    expired 6-1-1985 in Norfolk, England   age 66   cause: cardiac arrest
    announcer  David Greenspan   offscreen narrator of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
    ¤aka: David Perry 
    born on 4-4-1923
    expired 12-28-1991   age 68
    astrophysicist  Jesse Leonard Greenstein   did pioneering work on quasars
    born on 10-15-1909 in New York, New York
    expired 10-21-2002 in Arcadia, California   age 93
     Joseph L. Greenstein   5-foot 4-inch vaudeville strong man
    ¤aka: "The Mighty Atom
    born on 7-15-1892 in Suvalk, Poland
    expired 10-8-1977 in New York, New York   age 85
    portly character actor  Sydney Greenstreet   played Kasper Guttman in The Maltese Falcon (1941) and Señor Ferrari in Casablanca
    born on 12-27-1879 in Sandwich, Kent, England
    expired 1-8-1954 in Hollywood, California   age 74
    songwriter/record producer  Eleanor Louise "Ellie" Greenwich   with ex-husband co-wrote many rock hits, including "Da Doo Ron Ron", "River Deep, Mountain High", "Chapel of Love" & "Be My Baby"
    born on 10-23-1940 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
    expired 8-26-2009 in New York, New York   age 68   cause: heart attack; pneumonia
    film noir actress  Jane Greer   played Kathie Moffatt in Out of the Past (1947) & Joan Graham in The Big Steal (1949)
    ¤born: Bettejane Greer 
    born on 9-9-1924 in Washington, District of Columbia
    expired 8-24-2001 in Bel Air, California   age 76   cause: cancer
     William Greer   driver of the limousine in which JFK was assassinated
    born on 9-22-1909 in County Tyrone, Ireland
    expired 2-23-1985 in Waynesville, North Carolina   age 75   cause: colon cancer
    character actor  William Robert "Dabbs" Greer   played Rev. Robert Alden on Little House on the Prairie; "Dabbs" was his mother's maiden name — he took it as his stage name
    born on 4-2-1917 in Fairview, Missouri
    expired 4-28-2007 in Pasadena, California   age 90   cause: kidney and heart disease
       Contest Selectors
       Scored 6.0000 solo points

    AKS: Dabs
     John Robert Gregg   invented the shorthand system that bears his name
    born on 6-17-1867 in Rockcorry, Ireland
    expired 2-23-1948 in New York, New York   age 80
    former Ford auto designer (1931-43)  Eugene T. Gregorie   designed the Lincoln Zephyr (1936), the Lincoln Continental (1939) & the 1949 Mercury
    born on 10-12-1908
    expired 12-1-2002 in Saint Augustine, Florida   age 94
    character actor  James Gregory   played Senator Iselin in The Manchiurian Candidate (1962) & inspector Lugar on Barney Miller tv series
    born on 12-23-1911 in New York, New York
    expired 9-16-2002 in Sedona, Arizona   age 90   cause: "natural causes"
    one-term Iowa congressman (1965-66)  Stanley Lloyd Greigg   as a Democratic National Committee deputy chairman signed the criminal complaint in the Watergate breakin (6-17-1972)
    born on 5-7-1931 in Ireton, Iowa
    expired 6-13-2002 in Salem, Virginia   age 71   cause: heart attack
    AKS: Greig
    outdoorsman  Claude Hamilton "Grits" Gresham Jr.   was a field producer & host for The American Sportsman on ABC; for 26 years was the shooting editor of Sports Afield magazine; appeared in a number of Miller Lite beer commercials
    born on 6-21-1922 in Spartanburg County, South Carolina
    expired 2-18-2008 in Natchitoches, Louisiana   age 86   cause: pneumonia; Alzheimer's disease
    western author  Pearl "Zane" Grey   titles include: West of the Pecos and Riders of the Purple Sage
    born on 1-31-1872 in Zanesville, Ohio
    expired 10-23-1939 in Altadena, California   age 67
    actress  Virginia Grey   a young Gloria Swanson was one of her babysitters; her big role: Evangeline "Little Eva" St, Claire in Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927)
    born on 3-22-1917 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 7-31-2004 in Woodland Hills, California   age 87   cause: heart failure
    Texas death row inmate  Timothy Lane Gribble   raped, robbed & strangled Elizabeth Jones
    born on 8-27-1963
    expired 3-15-2000 in Huntsville, Texas   age 36   cause: executed; lethal injection
       Contest Selectors
    2000 TEX14%
       Scored 11.4000 solo points

    Ringling Brothers circus clown  Otto Griebling
    born on 4-28-1896 in Germany
    expired 4-19-1972 in New York, New York   age 75
    pioneering film maker  John Grierson   coined the word "documentary"; helped create Canada's National Film Board
    born on 2-26-1898 in Kilmadock, England
    expired 2-19-1972 in Bath, Somerset, England   age 73
    tv/movie writer/director  Thomas S. Gries   wrote/directed Will Penny (1968); directed EarthII (1971) & Helter Skelter (1976); produced Donovan's Brain (1953); father of actor Jonathan Gries
    born on 12-20-1922 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 1-3-1977 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 54   cause: heart attack
    to next U.S. president: George Washingtonto previous U.S. president: Arthur St.Clair Eighth U.S. president  Cyrus Griffin   eighth (and last) president of the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederation (1/22/1788-4/30/1789)
    born on 7-16-1748 in Farnham, Virginia
    expired 12-14-1810 in Yorktown, Virginia   age 62
    screenwriter  Eleanore Griffin   co-wrote screenplay for 1938's Boys Town
    born on 4-29-1904 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
    expired 7-25-1995 in Woodland Hills, California   age 91
    jazz tenor-saxophonist  John Arnold "Johhny Griffin III
    born on 4-24-1928 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 7-25-2008 in Availles-Limouzine, France   age 80
    author  John Howard Griffin Sr.   wrote Black Like Me (1961)
    born on 6-16-1920 in Dallas, Texas
    expired 9-9-1980 in Fort Worth, Texas   age 60   cause: complications from diabetes
    game show creator & resort owner  Mervyn Edward Griffin   had hit singing I've Got A Love-a-lee Bunch of Coconuts; created Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!
    born on 7-6-1925 in San Mateo, California
    expired 8-12-2007   age 82   cause: prostate cancer
       Contest Selectors
       Scored 6.8000 solo points

    former Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins owner  Calvin Griffith   at end of 1960 season moved the Senators from Washington D.C. to Minneapolis
    ¤born: Calvin Robertson 
    born on 12-1-1911 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    expired 10-20-1999 in Melbourne, Florida   age 87   cause: kidney infection/renal failure
    screenwriter  Charles B. Griffith   wrote a lot of scripts for Roger Corman: Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957), A Bucket of Blood, Wild Angels & Little Shop of Horrors (1960)
    born on 9-23-1930 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 9-28-2007 in San Diego, California   age 77
    legendary film producer and director  David Lewelyn Wark Griffith   made Birth of A Nation, Intolerance, America and others; in 1920 co-founded United Artists studio with Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and William S. Hart
    born on 1-22-1875 in Floydsfork, Kentucky
    expired 7-23-1948 in Hollywood, California   age 73   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
    character actor  Hugh Griffith   played Sheik Ilderim in Ben Hur (1959; Best Supporting actor oscar) & Squire Western in Tom Jones (1963)
    ¤born: Marian Gilas 
    born on 5-30-1912 in Anglesey, North Wales, United Kingdom
    expired 5-14-1980 in London, England   age 67
    actor & documentarian  Kenneth Griffith   appeared in the final episode of The Prisoner as The President
    ¤born: Kenneth Griffiths 
    born on 10-12-1921 in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, England
    expired 6-25-2006 in London. England   age 84
    The Quarrymen - from left: Colin Hanton, Paul McCartney, Len Garry, John Lennon && Eric Griffiths (10/14/1957) former rock/skiffle band guitarist  Eric Griffiths   was a founding member of The Quarrymen, a band that featured Griffiths, Colin Hanton, Paul McCartney, Len Garry, John Lennon and others; the band eventually evolved into The Beatles several years after Griffiths left the group; he went on to the Merchant Marine, then the British prison system as a service manager & finally ran a dry cleaning establishment
    born on 10-31-1940 in Denbigh, Wales
    expired 1-29-2005 in Edinburgh, Scotland   age 64   cause: pancreatic cancer
    former Congresswoman (1955-74), Judge & Michigan Lt. Governor (1983-90)  Martha Edna Griffiths   dumped from re-election ticket by James Blanchard
    ¤née: Wright 
    born on 1-29-1912 in Pierce City, Missouri
    expired 4-22-2003 in Armada, Michigan   age 91
    soda pop inventor  Charles Leiper Griggs   formulated the Howdy orange drink and something that he initially called "Bib-label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda" (in October 1929); eventually the name got shortened to a more manageable "7Up"
    born on --1868 in Prince's Branch, Missouri
    expired ??-??-19??   age ??
    Shuttle STS-51--D astronaut  Stanley David Griggs
    born on 9-7-1939 in Portland, Oregon
    expired 6-17-1989 in Earle, Arkansas   age 49   cause: training mission plane crash
    chemist  François Auguste Victor Grignard   shared the 1912 Nobel Chemistry prize
    born on 5-6-1871 in Cherbourg, France
    expired 12-13-1935 in Lyon, France   age 64
    AKS: Francois
    quack psychiatrist Dr.  James P. Grigson Jr.   testified over 150 times on behalf of the State of Texas in capital murder cases; expelled from the American Psychiatric Association for predicting the future behavior of individuals without ever having examined them; filmmaker Errol Morris was going to include him in a film & stumbled across one of Grigson's victims — death row inmate Randal Adams; Morris made the film about him instead (The Thin Blue Line; 1988)
    ¤aka: "Dr. Death" 
    born on 1-30-1932
    expired 6-13-2004   age 72   cause: lung cancer
    former Grass Roots lead singer  Robert Frank Grill   performed on "Midnight Confessions", "The River is Wide" & "Temptation Eyes" (amongst others)
    born on 11-30-1943 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 7-11-2011 in Orlando, Florida   age 67   cause: coma; a fall; stroke
    Princess  Antoinette Louise Alberte Suzanne de Grimaldi   sister of Prince Rainier III
    ¤Baroness of Massy 
    born on 12-28-1920 in Paris, Île-de-France, France
    expired 3-18-2011 in Monte Carlo, Monaco   age 90
       Contest Selectors

    AKS: Alberta
    interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 1966 Princess  Grace Patricia (Kelly) Grimaldi   wife of Prince Rainier of Monacco; mother of Princesses Caroline and Stephanie
    born on 11-12-1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    expired 9-14-1982 in Monte Carlo, Monaco   age 52   cause: removal from life support; brain death; strokes
    Rainier and Grace on their wedding day Prince  Rainier Louis Henri Maxence Bertrand de Grimaldi III   ruler of Monacco since 1949; widower of Princess Grace; father of Prince Albert & Princesses Caroline and Stephanie
    born on 5-31-1923 in Monte Carlo, Monaco
    expired 4-6-2005 in Monte Carlo, Monaco   age 81   cause: heart, lung & kidney failure
       Contest Selectors
    2000 KLS14%
    2001DTM, KLS25%
    2002 JAC9.1%
    2003KLS, MB, PCD, RAVN, TMTX27.8%
    2004KLS, LMLD, PCD, RAVN, RR27.8%
    2005KLS, PCD, RAVN, WORM17.4%
       Scored 4.7125 points

    philologist & folklorist  Jakob Ludwig Grimm   co-published the story collection Children's and Household Tales (1812)
    ¤one of the Brothers Grimm 
    born on 1-4-1785 in Hanau, Hesse, Germany
    expired 9-20-1863 in Berlin, Germany   age 78
    philologist & folklorist  Wilhelm Karl Grimm   co-published the story collection Children's and Household Tales (1812)
    ¤one of the Brothers Grimm 
    born on 2-24-1786 in Hanau, Hesse, Germany
    expired 12-16-1859 in Berlin, Germany   age 73   cause: infection
    Sussex University electrical engineering professor  Richard Lawrence Grimsdale   built world's first transistorized computer
    born on 9-18-1929 in Australia
    expired 12-6-2005 in Brighton, Sussex, England   age 76   cause: heart infection
    electronics engineer  Victor H. Grinich   after leaving Shockley Semiconductor Labs co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor (1957) with Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, Jean Hoerni, Eugene Kleiner, Jay Last & Sheldon Roberts (the "Traitorous Eight")
    ¤born: Victor Grgurinovich 
    born on 11-26-1924
    expired 11-4-2000 in Mountain View, California   age 75   cause: prostate cancer
    Russian Olympic skating medalist  Sergei Grinkov
    born on 2-4-1967 in Moscow, Russia, USSR
    expired 11-20-1995 in Lake Placid, New York   age 28   cause: heart attack
    Liberty Bell 7, Gemini 3 and Apollo 1 astronaut  Virgil Ivan "Gus" Grissom   second American in space; died on launching pad during a systems test
    born on 4-3-1926 in Mitchell, Indiana
    expired 1-27-1967 in Cape Canaveral, Florida   age 40   cause: flash fire in capsule
    Connecticut Planned Parenthood League director  Estelle T. Griswold   convicted of violating 1879 law against use of contraceptives; in Griswold v. Connecticut the Supreme Court struck down the law (7-2; June 7, 1965), establishing a "right of privacy" for married couples
    born on 6-8-1900
    expired 8-13-1981 in Fort Myers, Florida   age 81
    AKS: Griswald
    retired University of Arizona professor  Ralph E. Griswold   co-creator of the SNOBOL computer programming language (1963)
    born on 5-19-1934 in Modesto, California
    expired 10-4-2006 in Tucson, Arizona   age 72   cause: pancreatic cancer
    actor  George Cooper Grizzard Jr.
    born on 4-1-1928 in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina
    expired 10-2-2007 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 79   cause: complications from lung cancer
    author  Lewis M. Grizzard Jr.
    born on 10-20-1946 in Columbus, Ohio
    expired 3-20-1994 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 47
    professional ice skater  Werner Fritz Groebli   first half of the skating duo "Frick and Frack" (with Hans Mauch; 1939-53)
    born on 4-21-1915 in Basel, Switzerland
    expired 4-14-2008 in Zollikerberg, Zurich, Switzerland   age 92   cause: complications from broken leg
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       Scored 5.8000 solo points

    filmmaker, ad man, father of Matt  Homer P. Groening   eponymous inspiration for Homer Simpson
    born on 12-30-1919
    expired 3-15-1996   age 76
    classical/jazz composer  Ferdinand Rudolf "Ferde" von Grofe   colaborated with Paul Whiteman (1919-33); arranged and orchestrated Rhapsody in Blue for George Gershwin; wrote Grand Canyon Suite (1931) and Mississippi Suite
    born on 3-27-1892 in New York, New York
    expired 4-3-1972 in Santa Monica, California   age 80   cause: strokes
    actor  David Lawrence Groh   played Rhoda Morgenstern's husband Joe Gerard on the Rhoda spinoff sitcom
    born on 5-21-1939 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
    expired 2-12-2008 in Los Angeles, California   age 68   cause: kidney cancer
    Soviet foreign minister  Andre Gromyko
    expired 7-2-1989   age 79
       Contest Selectors
    1979 MM7.7%
    1980 MM6.3%

    modern architect and designer  Walter Adolf Gropius   founded the Bauhaus school of design and architecture
    born on 5-18-1883 in Berlin, Germany
    expired 7-5-1969 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 86
    current oldest ex-major league baseball player  Howard Hoffman "Howdy" Groskloss   took the field in 44 games as a second baseman for the Pittsburgh Pirates (6/23/1930-9/25/1932)
    born on 4-9-1906 in Sheradan, Pennsylvania
    expired 7-15-2006 in Vero Beach, Florida   age 100
       Contest Selectors
    2006OIE, WEP6.7%
       Scored 3.7500 points

    AKS: Grosskloss Grossklos Grosklos
    radio-frequency transmission inventor  Al Gross   invented the walkie-talkie (1938); Chester Gould used his concepts to create Dick Tracey's wrist radio; in 1958 received FCC type approval for 27MHz Citizens Band radio tramission/reception equipment
    ¤ham call sign: F8PAL
    CB Handle: Phineas Thaddeus Veeblefetzer 
    born on 2-22-1918 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    expired 12-21-2000 in Sun City, Arizona   age 82
    Gross Telecasting founder  Harold F. "Hal" Gross
    born on 7-15-1901
    expired 4-7-2002 in Pleasant Valley, Arizona   age 100
       Contest Selectors
    1980 MM, RR12.5%

    Austrian Nazi doctor  Heinrich Gross   eugenecist who was responsible for the murder of hundreds of children during World War II while at the Am Spiegelgrund Clinic, extracting their brains in the name of "research" ; subject of a 2004 documentary Gray Matter
    born on --1914
    expired 12-15-2005 in Vienna, Austria   age 91   cause: dementia
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       Scored 5.9000 solo points

    former SNL comedienne  Marjorie Gross
    born on 4-18-1956
    expired 6-7-1996 in Los Angeles, California   age 40   cause: cancer
    Catskill Mountain hotel and country club co-founder  Jennie Grossinger
    born on 6-16-1892 in Galicia, Austria
    expired 11-20-1972 in Sullivan County, New York   age 80
    Catskill Mountain hotel and country club co-founder (1914)  Malka Grossinger
    expired 8-16-1952 in Grossinger, New York   age 81
    Historical Marker commemorating first pro football game (click marker for closeup view) former Clinton County (MI) farm boy  Leo J. Grove   organized what turned out to be the first professional football game in the U.S., played in Shepardsville, Michigan, on July 4, 1895 (the second being played in Latrobe, PA almost two months later).
    expired ??-??-19??   age ??
    1920's star Philadelphia Athletics pitcher  Robert Moses "Lefty" Grove   winner of 300 games
    born on 3-6-1900 in Lonaconing, Maryland
    expired 5-22-1975 in Norwalk, Ohio   age 75   cause: heart attack
    Lt.General  Leslie Richard Groves   head of the Manhattan District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; built the Pentagon; directed the World War II A-bomb project (Manhattan Project)
    born on 8-17-1896 in Albany, New York
    expired 7-13-1970 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 73   cause: heart attack
    Cleveland Browns lineman & placekicker (1946-67)  Louis R. "the toe" Groza
    born on 1-25-1924 in Martin's Ferry, Ohio
    expired 11-29-2000 in Middleburgh Heights, Ohio   age 76   cause: heart attack; Parkinson's disease
    Hindenburg survivor  Alfred Groezinger   cook aboard the Hindenburg
    born on 1-21-1916
    expired 12-24-2002 in Friedrichshafen, Germany   age 85
    fireworks manufacturer  Felix Grucci Sr.
    born on 5-28-1905 in New York, New York
    expired 1-8-1993   age 87   cause: Alzheimer's disease
    cloying cartoonist  John Barton "Johnny" Gruelle   created Ragedy Ann (1918) & Ragedy Andy (1920)
    born on 12-24-1880 in Arcola, Illinois
    expired 1-9-1938 in Miami Beach, Florida   age 57
    former Alaska senator (1958-68)  Ernest Gruening   Alaska territorial governor (1939-53); one of two senators to vote against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (they contended that it was unconstitutional) 8/8/1964
    born on 2-6-1887 in New York, New York
    expired 6-26-1974 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 87   cause: cancer
    Another SFBMoFo war criminal  Radislav P. Grujičić
    ¤aka: Marko Jankovic 
    born on --1911 in Serbia
    expired ??-??-19??   age ??
    AKS: Grujicic
    Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. co-founder (1930)  Leroy Randle Grumman   aircraft designer
    born on 1-14-1895 in Huntington, New York
    expired 10-4-1982 in Manhasset, New York   age 87
    former Time Magazine editor  Henry Anatole Grunwald
    born on 12-3-1922 in Vienna, Austria
    expired 2-26-2005 in New York, New York   age 82   cause: heart failure
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       Scored 6.8000 solo points

    Kingston Trio co-founder  Dave Guard   left the group in 1961 & was replaced by John Stewart
    born on 10-19-1934 in San Francisco, California
    expired 3-22-1991 in Rollingsford, New Hampshire   age 56   cause: lymphatic cancer
    actor  Harry Guardino
    born on 12-23-1925 in New York, New York
    expired 7-28-1995 in Palm Springs, California   age 69
     Aldo Gucci   son of Florentine saddlemaker Guccio Gucci
    born on 5-26-1904 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy
    expired 1-19-1990 in Rome, Italy   age 84   cause: coma; prostate cancer
    Penthouse magazine co-founder  Kathy Keeton Guccione   at one time a very successful stripper; co-founded Omni magazine
    born on --1939 in South Africa
    expired 9-19-1997 in New York, New York   age 58   cause: complications from surgery; breast cancer
    low rent smut-monger  Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini "Bob" Guccione   former publisher of the smut-rag called Penthouse magazine (1969-2004); he was to Hefner what Value City is to Saks; went through 4 wives: Lilyann Becker, Muriel Hudson, Kathy Keeton, April Dawn Warren (the widow)
    born on 12-17-1930 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
    expired 10-20-2010 in Plano, Texas   age 79   cause: lung cancer; esophageal cancer
       Contest Selectors
    2004CSI, LMLD, RR11.1%
    2005CSI, TMD8.7%
    2006CSI, TBC, TWOS10.0%
    2008CSI, OIE, TWOS9.4%
    2009CSI, LMLD, TWOS10.0%
    2010LMLD, TWOS7.4%
       Scored 5.8500 points

    Groucho & the `Secret Word' Duck radio/tv producer  John Guedel   created (or co-created) People Are Funny (1941), House Party (1945), the Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1944), You Bet Your Life & Earn Your Vacation; came up with the idea for the Duck with $100 in its beak that would come down and reward contestants when they "say the secret word"; no relation to the pinch-hitting midget
    born on 10-9-1913 in Portland, Indiana
    expired 12-17-2001 in Los Angeles, California   age 88   cause: heart failure
    former Ivory Coast military ruler General  Robert Gueï   in by coup (12-24-1999); lasted until October 2000
    born on 7-18-1944 in Nidrou, Côte d'Ivoire
    expired 9-19-2002 in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire   age 58   cause: killed during mutiny/civil war
    AKS: Guei Guehi
    newspaperman and poet  Edgar Albert Guest   for many years his writings appeared in the Detroit Free Press
    born on 8-20-1881 in Birmingham, West Midlands, England
    expired 8-5-1959 in Detroit, Michigan   age 77

    Dr.  George Howell Guest   organist & choirmaster of St. John's College, Cambridge (1948-93)
    born on 2-9-1924 in Bangor, North Wales, United Kingdom
    expired 11-20-2002 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   age 78
    director  Valmond Maurice Guest   made Casino Royale (1967), When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970) & The Day the Earth Caught Fire
    born on 12-11-1911 in London, England
    expired 5-10-2006 in Palm Springs, California   age 94   cause: prostate cancer
    Alberto Korda's 1960 photo of Ché in Havana revolutionary "martyr"  Ernesto "Ché" Guevara de la Serna
    born on 5-14-1928 in Rosario, Argentina
    expired 10-9-1967 in La Higuera, Bolivia   age 39   cause: executed; shot
    cinematographer  Burnett Guffey   won oscar for Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
    born on 5-26-1905 in Del Rio, Tennessee
    expired 5-30-1983 in Goleta, California   age 78
    4-time oscar-winning feature documentary filmmaker  Charles Eli Guggenheim   won award for Nine From Little Rock (1964), Robert Kennedy Remembered (1968), The Johnstown Flood (1989) & A Time for Justice (1994)
    born on 3-31-1924 in Cincinnati, Ohio
    expired 10-9-2002 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 78   cause: pancreatic cancer
    Newsday co-founder  Harry Frank Guggenheim
    born on 8-23-1890 in West End, New Jersey
    expired 1-22-1971 in Sands Point, New York   age 80
    hair stylist  Sydney Guilaroff   did Judy Garland's braids for The Wizard of Oz; made Lucille Ball a redhead; first hair stylist to receive onscreen credit for his work
    born on 11-2-1907 in England
    expired 5-28-1997 in Beverly Hills, California   age 89   cause: pneumonia
    physicist  Charles-Édouard Guillaume
    born on 2-15-1861 in Fleurier, Swiss-Jura, Switzerland
    expired 5-13-1938 in Sèvres, France   age 77
    AKS: Edouard
    physician  Joseph Ignace Guillotine   sought a "more humane" method of capital punishment; came up with eponymous device to behead the perps (it was a big hit with the rabble during the French Revolution)
    born on 5-28-1738 in Saintes, France
    expired 3-26-1814 in Paris, France   age 75
    actress & brothel owner  Mary Louise Cecilia "Texas" Guinan   greeted customers with "Hello, Sucker"
    ¤"First Lady of the Speakeasies" 
    born on --1889 in Waco, Texas
    expired 11-5-1933 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada   age 44
    conga (drum) master  Tata Güines
    ¤real name: Federico Atistides Soto Alejo 
    born on 6-30-1930 in Güines, Cuba
    expired 2-4-2008 in Havana, Cuba   age 77   cause: kidney infection
    AKS: Guines
    former millionaire playboy  Jorge Guinle   at one point his family owned Brazil's largest port (Santos) & built the Compacabana Palace Hotel (where he died)
    ¤nickname: Jorginho 
    born on 2-5-1916 in Botofogo, Brazil
    expired 3-5-2004 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   age 88   cause: aortic aneurysm
    actor Sir  Alec Guinness   received 1958 best actor oscar for Bridge on the River Kwai; also known for playing Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episodes IV through VI
    ¤born: Alec Guinness de Cuffe 
    born on 4-2-1914 in London, England
    expired 8-5-2000 in Midhurst, Sussex, England   age 86   cause: liver cancer
       Contest Selectors
    1979 DW7.7%
    1980 EB6.3%
    2000 KLS14%
       Scored 6.4000 solo points

     Arthur Francis Benjamin Guinness
    ¤title: 3rd Lord Iveagh 
    born on 5-20-1937 in London, England
    expired 6-18-1992   age 55
    assassin  Charles Julius Guiteau   shot president James Garfield July 2nd, 1881 in Washington, District of Columbia
    born on 9-8-1844 in Freeport, Illinois
    expired 6-30-1882 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 37   cause: executed; hanged
    financier and art collector  Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian   was a major stockholder in the merger of the Royal Dutch and Shell oil companies; started the Foundation that bears his name
    born on --1869 in Turkey
    expired 7-20-1955 in Lisbon, Portugal   age 86
    playboy  Nubar Sarkis Gulbenkian   son of Calouste
    born on 6-2-1896 in Kadi Keui, Turkey
    expired 1-10-1972 in Cannes, France   age 75   cause: heart failure
    eccentric classical pianist  Friedrich Gulda
    born on 5-16-1930 in Vienna, Austria
    expired 1-27-2000 in Weissenbach, Austria   age 69   cause: heart failure
    tennis coach  Timothy Edward "Tim" Gullickson
    born on 9-8-1951 in La Crosse, Wisconsin
    expired 5-3-1996 in Wheaton, Illinois   age 44   cause: brain cancer
    opthalmologist  Allvar Gullstrand   his work on the dioptrics of the eye earned him the 1911 Nobel prize in physiology
    born on 6-5-1862 in Landskrona, Sweden
    expired 7-28-1930 in Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden   age 68
    circus acrobat and showman  Samuel W. Gumpertz   gave Florenz Ziegfeld his first theatrical job as a vaudeville troupe manager; later was Harry Houdini's manager
    expired 6-22-1952 in Sarasota, Florida   age 84
    one-time U-Texas electrical engineering student  David H. Gunby   last fatality of 1966 clock tower murder rampage - was shot in his only good kidney; endured failed transplant & decades of dialysis
    born on 4-14-1943
    expired 11-12-2001 in Fort Worth, Texas   age 58   cause: complications from wound
    actor  Moses Gunn
    born on 10-2-1929 in Saint Louis, Missouri
    expired 12-16-1993   age 64
    former S.S. major  Otto Günsche   one of Hitler's aides in the bunker; got to toss the burning rag onto the gasoline-soaked corpses of Adolf & Eva (ooh ... we're so jealous)
    born on 9-24-1917
    expired 10-2-2003 in Lohmar, Germany   age 86   cause: heart failure
    AKS: Gunsche Guensche Gunshe Guenshe
    tenor & The Coasters lead singer (Jan. 1958-May 1961)  Cornelius Gunter   had hits with Charlie Brown and Poison Ivy (1959)
    ¤born: Cornell Gunter 
    born on 11-14-1936 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 2-26-1990 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 53   cause: shot dead
    former LSU women's basketball coach  Sue Gunter   a 2005 inductee into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame
    born on 5-22-1939 in Walnut Grove, Leake County, Mississippi
    expired 8-4-2005 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana   age 66   cause: respiratory failure; emphysema
       Contest Selectors
       Scored 8.4000 solo points

    radio electronics inventor  Frank A. Gunther   devised the two-way radio; gave first demonstration of FM Radio (with Edwin Armstrong) (1935); designed LORAN navigation system for the Coast Guard (1939)
    born on 2-3-1908 in New York, New York
    expired 5-24-1999 in Venice, Florida   age 91
    Stanford U. law professor emeritus  Gerald Gunther   wrote textbook Constitutional Law
    born on 5-26-1927 in Usingen, Taunus, Germany
    expired 7-20-2002 in Palo Alto, California   age 75   cause: lung cancer
    writer  John Joseph Gunther   author of a number of Inside ... books
    born on 8-30-1901 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 5-29-1970 in New York, New York   age 68
    former 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals judge  Murray Irwin Gurfien   affirmed Judge Gesell's ruling to permit the New York Times to publish the Pentagon Papers (1971)
    born on 11-17-1907 in New York, New York
    expired 12-16-1979 in New York, New York   age 72   cause: heart attack
    former Florida senator (1969-75)  Edward Gurney
    born on 1-12-1914 in Portland, Maine
    expired 5-14-1996 in Winter Park, Florida   age 82
    actress  Rachel Gurney   played Lady Bellamy on BBC costume drama Upstairs, Downstairs (1971-73; her character exited the series via the Titanic)
    ¤born: Rachel Gurney Lubbock 
    born on 3-5-1920 in Eton, Berkshire, England
    expired 11-28-2001   age 81
    well-publicized child cancer victim  Carl Einar Gustafson   namesake of the "Jimmy Fund"
    born on 8-18-1935 in New Sweden, Maine
    expired 1-21-2001 in Caribou, Maine   age 65   cause: stroke
    Swedish king  Gustav V   lasted almost 43 years on the throne
    expired 10-29-1950 in Stockholm, Sweden   age 92
    Swedish king  Gustav VI Adolf   reigned 1950-73; father of Danish Queen Ingrid
    ¤full name: Oscar Frederik Wilhelm Olaf Gustaf Adolf 
    born on 11-11-1882 in Stockholm, Sweden
    expired 9-15-1973 in Helsingbard, Sweden   age 90   cause: internal bleeding
    novelist  Alfred Bertram Guthrie Jr.
    born on 1-13-1901 in Bedford, Indiana
    expired 4-26-1991 in Choteau, Montanay   age 90
       Contest Selectors
    1980 GP6.3%

    one-time Martha Graham troupe dancer  Marjorie Greenblatt Guthrie   was Woody's 2nd ex-wife; mother of Cathy Ann, Arlo, Joady & Nora Lee Guthrie
    ¤1st marital surname: Mazia 
    born on 6-10-1917 in Atlantic City, New Jersey
    expired 3-13-1983 in New York, New York   age 66
    famed folk singer and composer  Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Guthrie   wrote "This Land is Your Land..." folk song; a founder of the Almanac Singers; father of Arlo
    born on 7-14-1912 in Okemah, Oklahoma
    expired 10-3-1967 in Queens, New York, New York   age 55   cause: complications from Huntington's disease
    Texas death row inmate  Vincent Gutierrez
    ¤number 999262 
    born on 10-1-1978
    expired 3-28-2007 in Huntsville, Texas   age 28   cause: executed; lethal injection
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       Scored 9.7049 points

    Planned Parenthood president (1962-74)  Alan Frank Guttmacher
    born on 5-19-1898 in Baltimore, Maryland
    expired 3-18-1974 in New York, New York   age 75   cause: leukemia
    original Coasters tenor  Billy Guy
    ¤born: Frank William Phillips 
    born on 6-20-1936 in Itasca, Texas
    expired 11-5-2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 66   cause: heart attack
    former Chilean military junta member  Gustavo Leigh Guzmán   as head of Chilean Air Force ordered bombing of presidential palace during September 1973 coup that overthrew Salvadore Allende
    born on 9-19-1920 in Santiago, Chile
    expired 9-29-1999 in Santiago, Chile   age 79   cause: circulatory problems
    former Guatemalan president (1951-54) Col.  Jacobo Arbenz Guzman   overthrown in 1954 U.S.-backed coup
    expired 1-27-1971 in Mexico City, Mexico   age 57   cause: drowned in bathtub after heart attack
    noted film character actor  Edmund Gwenn   played Kris Kringle in the original Miracle on 34th Street (1947; for which he received a Best Supporting Actor oscar) and Dr. Harold Medford ("the world's foremost Myrmecologist") in Them!
    born on 9-26-1875 in Glamorgan, Wales
    expired 9-6-1959 in Woodland Hills, California   age 83
    AKS: Gwen
    Declaration of Independence signer  Button Gwinnett   has an extremely rare & valuable signature; died following a duel with Georgia General Lachlan McIntosh
    born on 4-18-1735 in Down Hatherly, Gloucestershire, England
    expired 5-16-1777 in Saint Catherine's Island, Georgia   age 42   cause: gangrenous leg infection from bullet wounds
    character actress  Anne Gwynne   appeared in Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940)
    ¤born: Marguerite Gwynne Trice 
    born on 12-10-1918 in Waco, Texas
    expired 3-31-2003 in Woodland Hills, California   age 84   cause: stroke
    versatile actor  Frederick Hubbard Gwynne   played Officer Francis Muldoon on Car 54, Where Are You? & Herman Munster on The Munsters
    born on 7-10-1926 in New York, New York
    expired 7-2-1993   age 66
    former Tibetan temporal leader  Bainqen Erdini Qoigyu Gyaincain   collaborated with the Chinese after the 1950 takeover
    ¤aka: the 10th Panchen Lama; "Kum-bu-tze-den" 
    born on 2-19-1938 in Xunhua Saler Autonomous County of Qinghai
    expired 1-28-1989 in Shigatse, Tibet   age 50   cause: heart attack
    AKS: Lobsang Trinley Lhundrub Chokyi Gyaltsen
     Lobsang Samden Gyatso   brother of the Dali Lama
    born on 1-1-1932 in Tibet
    expired 5-6-1998 in Pacific Grove, California   age
    role playing game pioneer  Ernest Gary Gygax   was co-creator of the Dungeons & Dragons game (1974)
    born on 7-27-1938 in Chicago, Illinois
    expired 3-4-2008 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin   age 69   cause: complications from abdominal aneurysm
    former CBC Morningside radio host (1982-97)  Peter Gzowski
    born on 7-13-1934 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    expired 1-24-2002 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 67   cause: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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