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prominent NYC judge  Hortense W. Gabel
born on 12-16-1912
expired 12-7-1990   age 77
French actor  Jean Gabin   played Marechal in Le Grand Illusion (1937)
¤real name: Jean-Alexis Moncorge 
born on 5-17-1904 in Paris, France
expired 11-15-1976 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France   age 72
actor  William Clark Gable   played Fletcher Christian in Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) and Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind (1939)
born on 2-1-1901 in Cadiz, Ohio
expired 11-16-1960 in Hollywood, California   age 59
NYC Commodore Music Shop owner  Milton Gabler   founded Commodore Records independent jazz label in 1930s; produced numerous records, including Rock Around the Clock (1954); Billy Crystal's uncle
born on 5-20-1911 in New York, New York
expired 7-20-2001 in New York, New York   age 90
1971 Nobel physics laureate  Dennis Gabor   invented and developed holography (1947); coined the term hologram
¤born: Dénes Gábor 
born on 6-5-1900 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 2-8-1979 in London, England   age 78
Arnold Ziffel's former main squeeze  Eva Gabor
born on 2-11-1921 in Budapest, Hungary
expired 7-4-1995 in Los Angeles, California   age 74
family matriarch  Joli Gabor de Szigethy
¤born: Jancsi Tillerman 
born on 9-29-1900 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 4-1-1997 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 96   cause: cardiac arrest
 Magda Gabor
born on 7-10-1919 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 6-6-1997 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 77   cause: renal failure
Medellin drug cartel leader  Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha
expired 12-15-1989   age 42
women's major league baseball player  Rose M. Gacioch   pitched for the Rockford Peaches (1945-54)
born on 8-31-1915 in Wheeling, West Virginia
expired 9-9-2004 in Clinton Township, Michigan   age 89
Pogo the Clown serial killer  John Wayne Gacy Jr.   killed 33 males, mostly by suffocation, in and around his home at 8213 W. Summerdale, Norridge, Illinois; some of his victims: William "Billy" Carroll Jr., Gregory Godzik, John Butckovich, Michiael Bonnin, John Szyc, Robert Gilroy, Frank Wayne "Dale" Landingin, Tim McCoy, Darrell Sampson, Randall Reffett, Samuel Stapleton, Rick Johnston, John Prestige, Matthew Bowman, John Mowery, Russell Nelson, Robert Winch, Tommy Baling, David Talsma, William Kinred, James Mazzara, Timothy O'Rourke, Robert Piest; a number of other victims were never identified
¤aka: Pogo the Clown 
born on 3-17-1942 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 5-10-1994 in Joliet, Illinois   age 52   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO7.7%
1980 DO6.3%

philosopher  Hans-George Gadamer
born on 2-11-1900 in Marburg, Germany
expired 3-13-2002 in Heidelberg, Germany   age 102
author  William Thomas Gaddis
born on 12-29-1922 in New York, New York
expired 12-16-1998 in East Hampton, New York   age 75   cause: prostate cancer
Eddie at the plate St. Louis Browns "pinch-hitter"  Edward Carl "Eddie" Gaedel   sent to plate as a stunt by Browns owner Bill Veeck during the second game of an August 19, 1951 double-header with the Detroit Tigers; (uniform number "1/8"); between games Eddie had emerged from a "cake" celebrating the 50th anniversary of the American League; pitcher Bob Cain walked lead-off batter Eddie (all 3-foot 7-inch of him) on 4 straight pitches; Eddie was then replaced by a pinch-runner
born on 6-8-1925 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 6-18-1961 in Chicago, Illinois   age 36   cause: murdered; shot during mugging
AIDS-infected Marine  Martin F. Gaffney
born on 1-17-1949
expired 11-1-1991   age 42
Vostok 1 cosmonaut Colonel  Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin   first human to have orbited the Earth 4/12/1961
born on 3-9-1934 in Gzhatsk, Russia, USSR
expired 3-27-1968 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 34   cause: MiG-15 crash
Miss USA (1957) for a day  Mary Leona Gage   stripped of title the day after winning when it was learned that she was married and had two kids (plus, she was only 18 (not 21); replaced by Miss Argentina: Mónica Lamas; was married six times — ex-Mrs Edward Thacker, Gene Ennis, Nick Covacevich, Gunther Peter Collatz, ______ and _____ Kaminer.
born on 4-13-1939 in Longview, Texas
expired 10-5-2010 in Sherman Oaks, California   age 71   cause: heart failure; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
World War II soldier  Rene A. Gagnon   on of the six marines who raised the flag on Mount Suribachi that was photographed by Joe Rosenthal
born on 3-27-1925 in Manchester, New Hampshire
expired 10-12-1979 in Hooksett, New Hampshire   age 54   cause: heart attack
economist  Yegor Timurovich Gaidar   former acting Russian prime minister under Yeltsin (June 15 - December 14, 1992); a Putin critic; at the end of November 2006 was poisoned in Ireland; he slowly recovered but it looks like they finally "got" him
¤Егор Тиmýрoвич Гaйдар 
born on 3-19-1956 in Moscow, Russia, USSR
expired 12-16-2009 in Odintsovo raison, Moscow oblast, Russia   age 53   cause: "blood clot"
Lynyrd Skynyrd backup singer  Cassie Gaines   a "Honkette"; sister of Steve
born on 1-9-1948
expired 10-20-1977 in McComb, Mississippi   age 29   cause: plane crash
former Division II basketball coach  George Edward "Big House" Gaines Sr.   coached at Winston-Salem State University; went 828 and 447
born on 5-21-1923 in Paducah, Kentucky
expired 4-18-2005 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina   age 81   cause: complications from stroke
Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist  Steven Earl Gaines
born on 9-14-1949 in Miami, Florida
expired 10-20-1977 in McComb, Mississippi   age 28   cause: plane crash
MAD Magazine co-founder (1952) & publisher  William Maxwell Gaines
born on 3-1-1922 in New York, New York
expired 6-3-1992   age 70
French singer  Serge Gainsbourg   had 1969 soft-porn hit Je t'aime, moi non plus with actress Jane Birkin
¤born: Lucien Ginsburg 
born on 4-2-1928 in Paris, France
expired 3-2-1991 in Paris, France   age 62
former Grenada Premier Sir  Eric Matthew Gairy   ousted in 1979 by Maurice Bishop
born on 2-19-1922 in Saint Andrew's, Grenada
expired 8-23-1997 in Grand Anse, Grenada   age 75   cause: complications from diabetes
inventor  Henry J. Gaison   founded the Auto-Strop Safety Razor Company (1906), sold it to Gillette Safety Razor Company (1930) and became its chairman (1930-38)
expired 8-6-1974 in White Plains, New York   age 104
virologist/pedophile Dr.  Daniel Carleton Gajdusek   shared the 1976 Nobel medicine prize; discovered the rare disease Kuru in the Fore Tribe of Papua, New Guinea (they eat their dead relatives); in their language Kuru means "shaking" or "shivering"; in 1997 plead guilty to child molestation — did his probation in Europe
born on 9-9-1923 in Yonkers, New York
expired 12-12-2008 in Tromso, Norway   age 85   cause: congestive heart failure
9mm submachine gun inventor (1950s)  Uziel Gal
born on 12-15-1923 in Germany
expired 9-7-2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 78   cause: cancer
musician  Manuel Galbán   was a guitarist in the Buena Vista Social Club ensemble
born on 1-14-1931 in Gibara, Holguin Province, Cuba
expired 7-7-2011 in Havana, Cuba   age 80   cause: heart attack
AKS: Galban
subject of 20 Questions interview in December 1981 `Playboy Magazine'interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in June 1968 economist  John Kenneth Galbraith
born on 10-15-1908 in Iona Station, Ontario, Canada
expired 4-29-2006 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 97
   Contest Selectors
2001DTM, KLS25%
2002DTM, JAC, MORB27.3%
2003ANG, COCO, DTM, KLS, PCD, TAP33.3%
2004ANG, DTM, KLS, PCD, RR, TAP33.3%
2005ANG, DTM, KLS, PCD, RR, TBC, WORM30.4%
2006ANG, DTM, KLS, PCD, RIE, RR, SPIT23.3%
   Scored 2.8391 points

former boxer & pro wrassler  Anthony "Two-Ton Tony" Galento   known for the phrase "I'll moider da bum"
born on 3-12-1910 in Orange, New Jersey
expired 7-22-1979 in Livingston, New Jersey   age 69   cause: heart attack
kid actor  Alice Mae Gallagher   appeared in the Our Gang movie shorts
¤née: Raetz 
born on 1-8-1926
expired 9-12-2008 in Ridgewood, New Jersey   age 82
cartoonist  George Gately Gallagher   created Heathcliff the cat (1973)
born on 12-21-1928
expired 9-30-2001 in Ridgewood, New Jersey   age 72   cause: heart attack
middle distance (800 meter) runner  Kimberly Ann Gallagher   two-time Olympic medalist: silver (1984) & bronze (1988)
born on 6-11-1964 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 11-18-2002 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 38   cause: strokes; stomach cancer
former Army Air Corps Sgt.  Raymond C. Gallagher   gunner/assistant flight engineer aboard Bockscar, the plane that nuked Nagasaki
born on 10-19-1921 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 5-2-1999   age 77
Texas death row inmate  Samuel Clark Gallamore
¤aka: number 999090 
born on 2-15-1971
expired 1-14-2003 in Huntsville, Texas   age 31   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2003DTM, RR, TMTX16.7%
   Scored 10.0250 points

Mexican geezer  Ezequiel Guzman Gallardo   claims to have rode with Pancho Villa
born on 4-11-1887
expired 2-??-2000 in Tampico, Mexico   age 112
astronomer  Johann Gottfried Galle   (with d'Arrest) was first to observe the planet Neptune (9-23-1846), based upon calculations of LeVerrier
born on 6-9-1812 in Grãfenhainichen, Prussia
expired 7-10-1910 in Potsdam, Germany   age 98
New Hampshire governor (1979-82)  Hugh J. Gallen
born on 7-30-1924 in Portland, Maine
expired 12-24-1982   age 58
former Whitesnake band guitarist  Mel Galley
born on 3-8-1948 in Cannock, Staffordshire, England
expired 7-1-2008 in Heath Hayes, Staffordshire, England   age 60   cause: cancer of the esophagus
   Contest Selectors

writer  Paul William Gallico   founded the Golden Gloves boxing tournaments; wrote The Snow Goose (1941) & The Poseidon Adventure (1969)
born on 7-26-1897 in New York, New York
expired 7-15-1976 in Monte Carlo, Monaco   age 78   cause: heart attack
wine company co-founder  Ernest Gallo   brother of Julio
born on 3-18-1909 in Jackson, Amador County, California
expired 3-6-2007 in Modesto, California   age 97
   Contest Selectors
2003DTM, KOHD, MJ16.7%
2004DTM, MJ11.1%
2005DTM, SLIM, SPIT13.0%
2006DTM, RIE, SPIT10.0%
2007DTH, DTM, RIE, SPIT12.9%
   Scored 3.1125 points

reputed New York Mafioso  Joseph Gallo
born on 4-6-1929
expired 4-7-1972 in New York, New York   age 43
wine company co-founder  Julio Gallo   brother of Ernest
born on 3-21-1910 in Modesto, California
expired 5-2-1993 in Modesto, California   age 83   cause: Jeep accident
actor & motivational speaker  Donald Galloway   appeared as Kip Rysdale on The Secret Storm (1962-63), officer Ed Brown on Ironside (1967-75) & Richard Bowins in The Big Chill (1983)
born on 7-27-1937 in Brooksville, Kentucky
expired 1-8-2009 in Reno, Nevada   age 71
pollster  George Horace Gallup II
born on 11-18-1901 in Jefferson, Iowa
expired 7-26-1984 in Tschingel, Bernese Oberland, Switzerland   age 82   cause: heart attack
pollster  George Horace Gallup III
born on 4-9-1930 in Evanston, Illinois
expired 11-21-2011 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 81   cause: liver cancer
1932 Nobel literature laureate  John Galsworthy   wrote series of books known as the Forsyte Saga: The Man of Power (1906), In Chancery (1920), To Let (1921), The White Monkey (1924), The Silver Spoon (1926) & Swan Song (1928)
¤psuedonym: John Sinjohn 
born on 8-14-1867 in Parkfield, Kingston Hill, Surrey, England
expired 1-31-1933 in Grove Lodge, Hampstead, England   age 65   cause: brain tumor
former Argentine general  Léopoldo Fortunato Galtieri   led junta that ruled Argentina in the 1980s; his seizure of the (Malvinas) Falkland Islands precipitated a disasterous war with Great Britain
born on 7-15-1926 in Casero, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
expired 1-12-2003 in Buenos Aires, Argentina   age 76   cause: heart failure; pancreatic cancer
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 7.4000 solo points

AKS: Leopoldo
physician & physicist  Luigi Galvani   studied effects of electricity on animal muscles (1771); the eponym galvanize is based upon his suties of electric current flow through liquids
born on 9-9-1737 in Bologna, Italy
expired 12-4-1798 in Bologna, Italy   age 61
industrialist  Joseph E. Galvin   co-founded Galvin Manufacturing Corp. (1928)
born on --1899
expired 3-7-1944 in Oak Park, Illinois   age 44   cause: heart disease
industrialist  Paul Vincent Galvin   co-founded Galvin Manufacturing Corp. (1928) ... it eventually became Motorola (after the car radio they manufactured)
born on 6-27-1895 in Harvard, Illinois
expired 11-5-1959 in Evanston, Illinois   age 64   cause: leukemia
former Motorola CEO (1959-86)  Robert William "Bob" Galvin   was son of the founder
born on 10-9-1922 in Marshfield, Wisconsin
expired 10-11-2011 in Chicago, Illinois   age 89
Mafia Don  Carlo Gambino   reputed to be the model for The Godfather
born on 9-1-1902 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy
expired 10-15-1976 in Massapequa, New York   age 74
Dutch Gold Honey Inc founder (1946)  W. Ralph Gambler   first to sell honey in bear-shaped plastic container (1957)
expired 9-15-2001 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania   age 89
surgeon Dr.  Joseph Sampson Gamgee   invented cotton-wool & Gamgee Tissue, a surgical dressing of absorbent cotten between layers of absorbent gauze; namesake of Rings character
born on --1828 in Warwick, England
expired ??-??-1886 in England   age 58
tenuous (Soviet) Georgian "President" Dr.  Zviad Gamsakhurdia
born on 3-31-1939 in Tbilisi, Georgia
expired 12-31-1993 in Tsalenjikha region, Western Georgia   age 54   cause: executed; shot by own supporters
pioneer french film director  Abel Eugène Alexander Gance   made the epic Napoleon (1927) featuring an early widescreen process (multi-vision)
born on 10-25-1889 in Paris, France
expired 11-10-1981 in Paris, France   age 92   cause: lung ailment
Indian Prime Minister  Indira Priyadarshini Nehru Gandhi
born on 11-19-1917 in Allahabad, India (now Uttar Pradesh)
expired 10-31-1984 in New Delhi, India   age 66
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO, HA, HFS, JW, MS, VM, YJ53.8%
1980 DO, HP, JH18.8%

Hindu spiritual leader (Mahatma)  Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi   champion of non-violent protest
born on 10-2-1869 in Porbandar, India
expired 1-30-1948 in New Delhi, India   age 78   cause: assassinated; shot to death
former Indian premier  Rajiv Ratna Gandhi
born on 8-20-1944 in Bombay, India
expired 5-21-1991   age 46
 Sanjay Gandhi   son of Indira
born on 12-14-1946 in New Delhi, India
expired 6-23-1980 in New Delhi, India   age 33   cause: small plane crash
Black Sox first baseman  Charles Arnold "Chick" Gandil   worked as a plumber after lifetime ban from baseball
born on 1-19-1887 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
expired 12-13-1970 in Calistoga, California   age 83   cause: cardiac failure
anti-property tax crusader  Paul Gann   pushed California Proposition 13 (1978) with Howard Jarvis
born on 6-12-1912 in Clark County, Arkansas
expired 9-11-1989   age 77
media mogul  Frank Ernest Gannett   founded Gannett Co. (1945)
born on 9-15-1876 in Bristol, New York
expired 12-3-1957 in Rochester, New York   age 81
typeface designer  Claude Garamond   perfected the Roman typeface, which replaced Gothic as the predominant style in use around 1531; namesake of the Garamond font
born on --1499 in Paris, France
expired ??-??-1561 in Paris, France   age 62
Springfield (Mass.) Armory worker  John Cantius Garand   invented the M-1 rifle (1930)
born on 1-1-1883 in Saint Rémi, Quebec, Canada
expired 2-16-1974 in Springfield, Massachusetts   age 86
former child actor  Matthew Garber   played Michael Banks in Mary Poppins (1964)
born on 3-25-1956 in London, England
expired 6-13-1977 in Hampstead, England   age    cause: haemorrhagic narcotising pancreatitis
actress  Greta Garbo   "I vant to be (left) alone."
¤born: Greta Lovisa Gustafsson 
born on 9-18-1905 in Stockholm, Sweden
expired 4-15-1990   age 84
   Contest Selectors
1979 HA, JW, MS, VM30.8%
1980 BB, DH, EB, JW, VA31.3%

Mexican diplomat  Alfonso García Robles   shared the 1982 Nobel Peace prize
born on 3-20-1911 in Zamora, Michoacán State, Mexico
expired 9-2-1991 in Mexico City, Mexico   age 80
AKS: Garcia
former Philippine president (1957-61)  Carlos P. Garcia
born on 11-4-1896 in Talibon, Bohol, Philippines
expired 6-14-1971 in Quezon City, Philippines   age 74   cause: heart attack
Cannibal and the Headhunters bandleader  Francisco M. Garcia   had 1965 hit with Land of 1,000 Dances
born on 4-22-1946
expired 1-21-1996 in Los Angeles, California   age 49
Grateful Dead leader  Jerry Garcia
born on 8-1-1942 in San Francisco, California
expired 8-9-1995   age 53
last of the "Federales" soldier  Teodoro García   fought against Pancho Villa to keep Porfirio Diaz in power in Mexico
born on 1-7-1889 in Sacramento, Coahuila, Mexico
expired 4-24-1999 in Texas City, Texas   age 110
actor  Vincent Gardenia
born on 1-7-1922
expired 12-8-1992   age 70
character actor  William Reginald Gardiner
born on 2-27-1903 in Wimbledon, England
expired 7-7-1980 in Westwood, California   age 77   cause: heart attack; pneumonia
actress  Ava Lavinia Gardner   married to Mickey Rooney, Artie Shaw and Frank Sinatra
¤real name: Lucy Johnson 
born on 12-24-1922 in Grabton, North Carolina
expired 1-25-1990 in London, England   age 67   cause: pneumonia; complications from 1981 stroke
The Coasters leader  Carl Edward Gardner Sr.
born on 4-29-1928 in Tyler, Texas
expired 6-12-2011 in Port Saint Lucie, Florida   age 83   cause: congestive heart failure; vascular dementia; throat cancer
music teacher  Donald Yetter Gardner   wrote novelty song " All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth" (1947)
born on 8-20-1913 in Portland, Pennsylvania
expired 9-15-2004 in Brockton, Massachusetts   age 91   cause: complications from operation; fall
oldster  Edna Parshall Jackson Gardner   her first husband Jesse died in Russia, part of the World War I Polar Bear Expedition; her second husband was Claude Jackson, Jesse's older brother; husband number three was Mirle Gardner
born on 4-25-1895 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 5-18-2003 in Fowlerville, Michigan   age 108
detective novelist  Erle Stanley Gardner   created lawyer Perry Mason and District Attorney Hamilton Burger
born on 7-17-1889 in Maldden, Massachusetts
expired 3-11-1970 in Temecula, California   age 80
AKS: Earl
playwright  Herbert George Gardner   wrote A Thousand Clowns (1962) & I'm Not Rappaport (1986)
born on 12-28-1934 in New York, New York
expired 9-24-2003 in New York, New York   age 68   cause: lung disease
 John Champlin Gardner Jr.
born on 7-21-1933 in Batavia, New York
expired 9-14-1982 in Susquehanna, Pennsylvania   age 49
former commando & Anglican priest (1953-58)  John Edmund Gardner   turned to writing — churned out 14 James Bond novels for the literary estate (Fleming only produced 12)
born on 11-20-1926 in Deaton Deleval, Northumberland, England
expired 8-3-2007 in Basingstoke, England   age 80   cause: heart failure
Johnson H.E.W. secretary (1965-68)  John William Gardner   founded Common Cause (8/18/1970)
born on 10-8-1912 in Los Angeles, California
expired 2-16-2002 in Palo Alto, California   age 89   cause: complications from prostate cancer
crooner  Kenneth A. "Kenny" Gardner   sang for Guy Lombardo's Royal Canadians (1940-78); married Guy's daughter Elaine
born on 3-20-1913 in Lakeview, Iowa
expired 7-26-2002 in Manhasset, New York   age 89   cause: heart attack following appendectomy
writer & puzzle-meister  Martin Gardner   used to write the "Mathematical Games" column in Scientific American
born on 10-21-1914 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
expired 5-22-2010 in Norman, Oklahoma   age 95
   Contest Selectors

to next U.S. president: Chester A. Arthurto previous U.S. president: Rutherford B. Hayes 20th U.S. president (March 4th thru September 19th, 1881)  James Abram Garfield   shot by Charles Guiteau on July 2nd, 1881, in Washington, D.C.
born on 11-19-1831 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio
expired 9-19-1881 in Elberon, New Jersey   age 49   cause: gunshot wounds
General Foods chemical engineer (1971-85) Ms.  Torunn Atteraas "Teri" Garin   helped developed aspartame
born on 9-19-1947 in Bergen, Norway
expired 4-26-2002 in Bronxville, New York   age 54   cause: lung cancer
childrens story author  Howard Roger Garis   created Uncle Wiggily
born on 4-25-1873 in Binghamton, New York
expired 11-5-1962 in Northampton, Massachusetts   age 89
B-movie actress  Beverly Garland   widow of Fillmore Crank; appeared in DOA (1950), Swamp Women, Not of This Earth, It Conquered the World (1956), Naked Paradise (1957), The Alligator People (1959) & My Three Sons tv series
¤born: Beverly Fessenden 
born on 10-17-1926 in Santa Cruz, California
expired 12-5-2008 in Hollywood Hills, California   age 82
singer  Judy Garland   played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (1939); mother of Liza Minnelli and Lorna Luft
¤born: Frances Ethel Gumm
Mrs. David Rose
Mrs. Vincente Minnelli
  • Mrs. Sid Luft
  • Mrs. Mark Herron
  • Mrs. Mickey Deans 
  • born on 6-10-1922 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota
    expired 6-22-1969 in London, England   age 47
    refrigeration expert  Milton Ward Garland
    ¤nickname: "Mr. Refrigeration" 
    born on 8-23-1895 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    expired 7-27-2000 in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania   age 104   cause: complications from heart attack
    industrialist  Robert Garland   the "father" of Daylight Saving Time
    expired 4-19-1949 in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania   age 86
    legendary county guitarist  Walter Louis "Hank" Garland   his career was cut short by a 1961 automobile accident that left him with significant neurological trauma
    ¤nickname: "Sugarfoot" 
    born on 11-11-1930 in Cowpens, South Carolina
    expired 12-28-2004 in Orange Park, Florida   age 74   cause: staph infection
    jazz pianist  Erroll Garner   wrote Misty
    born on 6-15-1921 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    expired 1-2-1977 in Los Angeles, California   age 55   cause: cardiac arrest; emphysema
    colorful FDR Vice President (1933-1941)  John Nance "Cactus Jack" Garner   Texas Rep. from 1903-1932; House Speaker 1931-1932; once said that the vice presidency "wasn't worth a bucket of spit."
    born on 11-22-1868 in Blossom Prairie, Texas
    expired 11-7-1967 in Uvalde, Texas   age 98
    vaudeville slapstick comedian  Paul "Mousie" Garner   last of Ted Healy's Stooges (as Shemp's replacement when he was on the road)
    born on 7-31-1909 in Washington, District of Columbia
    expired 8-8-2004 in Verdugo Hills, California   age 95
    AKS: Mousey Gardner
    film director  William Taylor Garnett   directed The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)
    born on 6-13-1894 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 10-4-1977 in Sawtelle, California   age 83   cause: leukemia
    actress  Betty Garrett   widow of Larry Parks; played Irene Lorenzo on All In The Family (1973-75) & Edna Babish on Laverne & Shirley (1976-82)
    born on 5-23-1919 in Saint Joseph, Missouri
    expired 2-11-2011 in Westwood, California   age 91   cause: aortic aneurysm
       Contest Selectors
    2010ADWC, JCM, NFG11.1%

    actress  Joy Garrett
    born on 3-2-1946 in Los Angeles, California
    expired 2-11-1993   age 46
    heiress  Candace Mossler Garrison   acquitted of the June 30, 1964 murder of her husband Jacques Mossler at 1965 trial
    expired 10-26-1976 in Miami Beach, Florida   age 55
    tv producer/director  Greg Garrison   produced/directed the Dean Martin tv show & celebrity roasts
    ¤born: Harvin Ginsburg 
    born on 2-20-1924 in New York, New York
    expired 3-25-2005 in Thousand Oaks, California   age 81   cause: pneumonia
    interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in October 1967 1960's New Orleans District Attorney and JFK assassination-conspiracy theorist  Jim Garrison
    born on 11-20-1921 in Denison, Iowa
    expired 10-21-1992   age 70
    skiffle group leader  Frederick "Freddie" Garrity   lead singer of Freddie and the Dreamers; had 1960s hits with I'm Telling You Now & Do the Freddie
    born on 11-14-1936 in Manchester, England
    expired 5-19-2006 in Bangor, Gwynedd, Wales   age 69   cause: circulatory disease; ephysema
    Dave Garroway and J. Fred Muggs first Today Show host  David Cunningham "Dave" Garroway
    born on 7-13-1913 in Schenectady, New York
    expired 7-21-1982   age 69
    actress  Greer Garson   earned Best Actress oscar for playing title role in Mrs. Miniver
    born on 9-29-1903 in County Down, Northern Ireland
    expired 4-6-1996 in Dallas, Texas   age 92   cause: heart failure
    farmer  Roswell Garst   hosted Khruschchev in a 1959 visit to his Iowa farm
    born on 6-13-1898
    expired 11-5-1977 in Carroll, Iowa   age 79
    Back-to-Africa movement leader  Marcus Moziah Garvey   founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association (1914); founder of Rastafarianism
    born on 8-17-1887 in Saint Ann's Bay, Jamaica
    expired 6-10-1940 in London, England   age 52
    ballad singer  John Gary   co-invented Aqua-Lung diving aid
    ¤born: John Gary Strader 
    born on 11-29-1932 in Watertown, New York
    expired 1-4-1998 in Dallas, Texas   age 65   cause: cancer
    novelist & diplomat  Romain Gary   one-time husband of Jean Seberg (1963-70); accused FBI of smearing her character
    ¤born: Roman Kacew 
    born on 5-8-1914 in Vilna, Lithuania
    expired 12-2-1980 in Paris, France   age 66   cause: suicide; self inflicted gunshot to head
    pro wrassler  Richard J. "Dick" Garza
    ¤nom-de-headlock: "The Mighty Igor
    born on 7-16-1931
    expired 1-7-2002 in Detroit, Michigan   age 70
    Solomon Islands resident  Biuku Gasa   as a scout for the U.S. military made first contact with JFK (with partner Eroni Kumana) after the sinking of the PT-109 (August 1943)
    born on 7-27-1923 in Madou, Solomon Islands
    expired 11-23-2005 in Vavudu Village, Kauvi Island, Solomon Islands   age 82
    songwriter  Clarence L. Gaskill   wrote Minnie the Moocher and Prisoner of Love
    expired 4-29-1948 in New York, New York   age 56
    Frank Gasparro's design for the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin former chief sculptor & engraver of the U.S. Mint (1965-81)  Frank Gasparro   designed reverse of U.S. one-cent coin (Lincoln Memorial), obverse & reverse of the Eisenhower dollar & the Susan B. Anthony dollar
    born on 8-26-1909 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    expired 9-29-2001 in Haverford, Pennsylvania   age 92
     Patrick Gass   last survivor of the 1804 Lewis and Clark expedition (he was a sergeant)
    born on 6-12-1771 in Pennsylvania
    expired 4-2-1870 in Wellsburg, West Virginia   age 98
    Dr.  Herbert Spencer Gasser   shared the 1944 Nobel prize in medicine
    born on 7-5-1888 in Platteville, Wisconsin
    expired 5-11-1963 in New York, New York   age 74
    actor/director  Vittorio Gassman   once married to Shelley Winters (1952-54)
    born on 9-1-1922 in Genoa, Italy
    expired 6-29-2000 in Rome, Italy   age 77   cause: heart attack
    Alabama businessman  Arthur G. Gaston
    born on 7-4-1892
    expired 1-19-1996   age 103
    interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in August 1991 former Los Angeles Police chief (1978-92)  Daryl Francis Gates
    born on 8-30-1926 in Glendale, California
    expired 4-15-2010 in Dana Point, California   age 83   cause: cancer
    actor  Larry Gates   appeared on tv Guiding Light soap opera as H.B. Lewis, as well as the movies Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, In the Heat of the Night, Airport and Teahouse of the August Moon
    born on 9-24-1915 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
    expired 12-12-1996   age 81
     Mary M. Gates   wife of William Sr.; Bill's mom
    born on 7-25-1929
    expired 6-10-1994   age 64
    one time talent agency secretary  Phyllis L. Gates   was "married" to Rock Hudson (November 9, 1955 to April, 1958)
    born on 12-7-1925 in Dawson, Minnesota
    expired 1-4-2006 in Marina del Rey, California   age 80
    basketball Hall of Famer  William P. "Pop" Gates
    born on 8-30-1917 in Decatur, Illinois
    expired 12-1-1999 in New York, New York   age 82   cause: heart failure
    Greek lyricist  Nikos Gatsos
    born on 12-8-1914 in Hania, Arcadia, Greece
    expired 5-12-1992 in Athens, Greece   age 77
    pioneering French movie maker  Leon Gaumont
    expired 8-11-1946 in Sainte Maxime sur Mer, France   age 82
    religious icon  Siddhartha Gautama   founded Buddhism (528 B.C.)
    ¤aka: "Buddha" or "Bhagavat" 
    born on 4-8-563 BC in Kapilavastu, India
    expired 2-25-483 BC in Kusinagara, India   age 79
    AKS: Sidhartha Guatama
    former welterweight boxer (1943-58)  Kid Gavilan
    ¤born: Gerardo Gonzalez
     nickname: "The Hawk
    born on 1-6-1926 in Camaguey Province, Cuba
    expired 2-13-2003 in Miami, Florida   age 77   cause: heart attack
     George H. Gay Jr.   crashed pilot who witnessed the Battle of Midway from the water
    born on 3-8-1917
    expired 10-21-1994   age 77
    fundamentalist minister  Marvin Pentz Gay Sr.   father/slayer of singer
    born on 10-1-1914
    expired 10-10-1998 in Culver City, California   age 84   cause: pneumonia
    Motown singing star  Marvin Pentz Gaye Jr.   at one time paired with Tammi Terrell
    ¤born: Marvin Pentz Gay Jr. 
    born on 4-2-1939 in Washington, District of Columbia
    expired 4-1-1984 in Los Angeles, California   age 44   cause: shot to death by father
    third-banana comedian  Jackie Gayle   started in show biz as a drummer; appeared in Broadway Danny Rose (1984), Tin Men (1987) & Bulworth (1998) as well as a bunch of Dean Martin celebrity roasts
    ¤born: Jack Potovsky 
    born on 3-1-1926 in New York, New York
    expired 11-23-2002 in Miami Beach, Florida   age 76   cause: following open heart surgery
    AKS: Gale Gail Gael Gayel Gayl
    physician & chemist  Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac   isolated Boron (fifth on the Period Table of Elements; 1808); postulated a law of combined gases
    born on 12-6-1778 in Saint Léonard-de-Noblat, Haute-Vienne, Limoges, France
    expired 5-9-1850 in Paris, France   age 71
    actress  Janet Gaynor   won first Best Actress oscar for Seventh Heaven (1928)
    ¤born: Laura Gainor 
    born on 10-6-1906 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    expired 9-14-1984 in Palm Springs, California   age 77
    actor  Ben Gazzara   on Broadway played Brick in original production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955); had lead in They All Laughed & played a porn mogul in The Big Lebowski
    ¤born: Biagio Anthony Gazara 
    born on 8-28-1930 in Manhattan, New York, New York
    expired 2-3-2012 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 81   cause: pancreatic cancer
       Contest Selectors

    actor  Michael Vincente Gazzo   played Frankie Pentangeli in Godfather II
    born on 4-5-1923 in Hillside, New Jersey
    expired 2-14-1995 in Los Angeles, California   age 71   cause: stroke

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