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 Antonietta Iacocca   mother of Lee
born on 6-1-1904
expired 11-19-1994   age 90
Lee's wife  Mary Iacocca
born on 11-24-1925
expired 5-15-1983   age 57
pet food purveyor  Paul Falknor Iams Sr.   started his business in 1946
born on 8-11-1915 in Dayton, Ohio
expired 10-26-2004 in Chappaqua, New York   age 89   cause: complications from a broken hip
RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! one-time Navy Aviation petty officer  John Antonino Iannacone   member of ground crew when the Hindenburg Crashed (5/6/1937 at Lakehurst, New Jersey); also served aboard the Navy's ZR-3 airship (the USS Los Angeles) in the early 1930s
born on 3-7-1911 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts
expired 12-2-2005 in Lakehurst, New Jersey   age 94   cause: complications following heart attack
   Contest Selectors
2005CSI, MOT, RR13.0%
   Scored 3.7250 points

AKS: Iannaccone
legendary basketball coach  Henry Payne "Hank" Iba
born on 8-6-1904 in Easton, Missouri
expired 1-15-1993   age 88
Spanish communist leader  Dolores Gomez Ibarruri
born on 12-9-1895 in Gallarta, Spain
expired 11-12-1989   age 93
composer  Jacques Francois Antoine Ibert
born on 8-15-1890 in Paris, France
expired 2-5-1962 in Paris, France   age 71
Norwegian playwright  Henrik Johan Ibsen   works include Hedda Gabler, Peer Gynt and A Doll's House
born on 3-20-1828 in Skien, Norway
expired 5-23-1906 in Christiania, Norway   age 78
engineer and Sony co-founder (May 7, 1946)  Masaru Ibuka   original company name Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation), aka Totsuko; the name Sony came from a combination of the word "Sonus" and phrase "sonny boy"; it officially became the corporate name in January 1958
born on 4-11-1908 in Nikko, Japan
expired 12-19-1997 in Tokyo, Japan   age 89   cause: heart failure
computer expert  Jean David Ichbiah   lead the development team that created the Ada programming language (1977-83)
born on 3-25-1940
expired 1-26-2007 in Burlington, Massachusetts   age 66   cause: brain cancer
motion picture director  Kon Ichikawa
¤born: Uji Yamada 
born on 11-20-1915 in Mie, Japan
expired 2-13-2008 in Tokyo, Japan   age 92   cause: pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 5.8000 solo points

UCLA historian  Yuji Ichioka   coined term "Asian-American" (1969)
born on 6-23-1936 in San Francisco, California
expired 9-1-2002 in Los Angeles, California   age 66   cause: cancer
former Missouri congressman (1961-80)  Richard Howard Ichord Jr.   last chair of the House Un-American Activities Committee
born on 7-27-1926 in Licking, Missouri
expired 12-25-1992 in Houston, Texas   age 66   cause: complications from heart attack
FDR political operative  Harold LeClair Ickes Sr.   Interior Secretary from 1933 to 1946
born on 3-15-1874 in Blair City, Pennsylvania
expired 2-3-1952 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 77
Basque separatist  Jon Idígoras   a co-founder of the Herri Batasuna Party (1978)
born on 5-3-1936 in Zornotza, Spain
expired 6-3-2005 in Bilbao, Spain   age 69   cause: complications from respiratory infection
AKS: Idigoras
musician/tv writer  Ramez "Ramey" Idriss   co-wrote the Woody Woodpecker theme song (1947); was also a writer for My Three Sons
born on 9-12-1911 in New York, New York
expired 2-5-1971 in Los Angeles, California   age 59

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