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Japanese film director  Masaki Kobayashi
born on 2-14-1916
expired 10-4-1996 in Tokyo, Japan   age 80   cause: cardiac arrest
Dr.  Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch   his investigations into tuberculosis earned him the 1905 Nobel prize in medicine; he discovered the anthrax bacillus (1877) and the tuberculosis bacillus (1882)
born on 12-11-1843 in Clausthal, Upper Harz Mountains, Germany
expired 5-27-1910 in Baden-Baden, Germany   age 66   cause: heart attack
Academy Award-winning screenwriter  Howard Koch   wrote War of the Worlds teleplay for Orson Welles; screenplays for Casablanca (with Epstein brothers), Sergeant York, The Best Years of Our Lives
born on 12-2-1902 in New York, New York
expired 8-17-1995 in Woodstock, New York   age 92   cause: pneumonia
movie producer  Howard Winchel Koch   executive producer of The Manchurian Candidate; won 1990 Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award
born on 4-11-1916 in New York, New York
expired 2-16-2001 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
Dr.  Emil Theodor Kocher   recipient of the 1909 Nobel prize in medicine for his work in physiology, pathology & surgery of the thyroid gland
born on 8-25-1841 in Berne, Switzerland
expired 7-27-1917 in Berne, Switzerland   age 75
Brownsville Station singer  Michael "Cub" Koda   wrote/performed Smokin' in the Boys' Room (1973)
born on 10-1-1948
expired 7-1-2000 in Chelsea, Michigan   age 51   cause: complications from kidney dialysis
Hungarian composer and music educator  Zoltán Kodály   referenced in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind
born on 12-16-1882 in Kecskemet, Austria-Hungary
expired 3-6-1967 in Budapest, Hungary   age 84
AKS: Zoltan Kodaly
actor  Joshua Andrew Koenig   son of Walter; played "Boner" on Growing Pains (1985-9) & Tumak in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode Sanctuary (1993)
born on 8-17-1968 in Los Angeles, California
expired 2-16-2010 in Vancouver, BRitish Columbia, Canada   age 41   cause: suicide
New York Yankees short stop  Mark Koenig   batted second in Murderers' Row
born on 7-19-1904 in San Francisco, California
expired 4-22-1993 in Willows, California   age 88
 Arthur Koestler
born on 9-5-1905 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 2-13-1983 in London, England   age 77
chamber & concert violinist  Robert Koff   co-founder of the Juilliard String Quartet (1946) with Robert Mann, Raphael Hillyer and Arthur Winograd
born on 2-12-1919 in Los Angeles, California
expired 2-22-2005 in Lexington, Massachusetts   age 86
jazz flutist  Morris "Moe" Koffman   had 1957 instrumental hit "Swinging Shepherd Blues"
born on 12-28-1928 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
expired 3-28-2001 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 72   cause: cancer
AKS: Kofman Koffmann Kofman Kauffman Kaufman Kaufmann Kaufmann
former Mazda president (1970-77)  Kohei Matsuda   grandson of Toyo Kogyo (later Mazda) founder; owned the Hiroshima Carp baseball team (1970-2002)
born on 1-28-1922
expired 7-10-2002 in Tokyo, Japan   age 80   cause: stomach cancer
 Georges Jean Franz Köhler   shared the 1984 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 4-17-1946 in München, Bavaria, Germany
expired 3-1-1995 in Freiburg in Breisgau, Germany   age 44
AKS: Kohler
author  Frederick Kohner   in 1957 wrote Gidget (patterned after his daughter Kathy)
born on 9-25-1905
expired 7-7-1986   age 80
former Michigan house member (1965-78)  Peter Kok   during World War II was a bombardier in the 488th Bomb Squad of the 340th Bomb Group; some of his World War II experiences were imcorporated into Catch-22
born on 10-24-1919 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
expired 6-22-2003 in Grand Rapids, Michigan   age 83
composer  Jounas Kokkonen
born on 11-13-1921 in Iisalmi, Finland
expired 10-2-1996 in Jarvenpaa, Finland   age 74
physician & retired University of Utah professor  Willem Johan Kolff   invented the artificial kidney (dialysis machine) in 1943 and the membrane oxygenator
¤nickname: "Pim" 
born on 2-14-1911 in Leiden, Holland
expired 2-11-2009 in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania   age 97
   Contest Selectors
2006CSI, RR6.7%
2009CSI, RR6.7%
   Scored 4.0500 points

AKS: Leyden The Netherlands
Albanian Cardinal  Mikel Koliqi
born on 9-29-1902 in Shkodra, Albania, Austria-hungary
expired 1-28-1997   age 94
former Jerusalem mayor (1965-93)  Theodor Herzl "Teddy" Kollek   named for the founder of modern Zionism
born on 5-27-1911 in Nagyvaszony, Austria-Hungary
expired 1-2-2007 in Jerusalem, Israel   age 95
jazz tenor saxophonist  Hans Koller
born on 2-12-1921 in Vienna, Austria
expired 12-22-2003   age 82   cause: pneumonia
stage & radio actor  Richard Tompkins Kollmer   widower of Dorothy Kilgallen
born on 12-31-1910 in Ridgewood, New Jersey
expired 1-7-1971 in New York, New York   age 60   cause: heart attack
Voskhod 1 and Soyuz 1 cosmonaut cosmonaut  Vladimir Mikhailovich Komarov   definitely NOT a soft landing
born on 3-16-1927 in Moscow, Russia, USSR
expired 4-24-1967 in Orenburg, Russia, USSR   age 40   cause: capsule parachute failure
 Susan Goodman komen   her sister created a foundation named for her (1982)
born on 10-31-1943 in Peoria, Illinois
expired 8-??-1980 in Peoria, Illinois   age 36   cause: breast cancer
former CIA infocrat  Robert W. Komer   chief of "Pacification" during the Vietnam War: trying to win their "hearts and minds"
¤nickname: "Blowtorch Bob" 
born on 2-23-1922 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 4-9-2000 in Arlington, Virginia   age 78   cause: stroke
forner NFL quarterback  William "Jeff" Komlo   had played for the Lions (1979-81), Falcons (1982) & Buccaneers (1983); had absconded to Greece ahead of a bunch of warrants for his arrest (DUI, arson, ...)
born on 7-30-1956 in Cheverly, Maryland
expired 3-14-2009 in Athens, Greece   age 52   cause: automobile accident
Marianna during her bodybuilding days bodybuilder  Marianna Komlos   played Mrs. Cleavage (a WWE/F wrassler)
born on 9-3-1969 in Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada
expired 9-26-2004 in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada   age 35   cause: medical quackery; breast cancer
AKS: Marianne
orchestra conductor  Kiril Petrovich Kondrashin
born on 3-6-1914 in Moscow, Russia
expired 3-7-1981 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands   age 67   cause: heart attack
Soviet military tactician Marshall  Ivan Stepanovich Konev   founded the Warsaw Pact military alliance
born on 12-27-1897 in Ladeino, Russia
expired 5-21-1973 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 75
Cardinal  Franziskus König   Archbishop Emeritus of Vienna
born on 8-15-1905 in Rabenstein, Austria
expired 3-13-2004 in Vienna, Austria   age 98   cause: died in his sleep
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 5.2000 solo points

AKS: Konig Koenig
former waiter & jewelry engraver  Martin Konigsberg   Woody Allen's father
born on 12-25-1900
expired 1-8-2001 in New York, New York   age 100
Woody Allen's mother  Nettie Konigsberg   widow of Martin
¤née: Cherry 
born on 11-8-1906 in New York, New York
expired 1-27-2002 in New York, New York   age 95
1975 Nobel economics laureate Dr.  Tjalling Charles Koopmans   shared prize with Leonid Kantorovich; cousin of 1984 physics laureate Simon van der Meer
born on 8-28-1910 in 's-Graveland, The Netherlands
expired 2-26-1985 in New Haven, Connecticut   age 74   cause: strokes
former Hungarian police officer  Sandor Kopacsi   a leader of the Hungarian revolt against Soviet rule in 1956; jailed "for life" but later pardoned
born on 3-5-1922 in Miskolc, Hungary
expired 3-2-2001 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 78
congressional staffer  Mary Jo Kopechne   abandoned by Teddy Kennedy to drown after car accident
born on 7-26-1940
expired 7-19-1969 in Chappaquiddick Island, Masschusetts   age 28   cause: drowned; trapped inside submerged car
former Pittsburgh Steelers color commentator  Myron Sidney Kopelman   in both the Pro Football Hall of Fame & National Radio Hall of Fame
¤aka: "Myron Cope" 
born on 1-23-1929 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 2-27-2008 in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania   age 79   cause: respiratory illness; heart failure
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 7.1000 solo points

AKS: Stanley
Miss America 1943  Rosemary LaPlanche Koplan   appeared in a number of RKO movies after her win
born on 10-11-1923 in Los Angeles, California
expired 5-6-1979 in Sherman Oaks, California   age 55
Alberto Korda's 1960 photo of Ché in Havana photographer  Alberto Korda   took famous 1960 photo of Ché Guevara
¤real name: Díaz Gutiérrez 
born on 9-14-1928 in Havana, Cuba
expired 5-25-2001 in Paris, France   age 72   cause: heart attack
AKS: Diaz Gutierrez
film producer Sir  Alexander Korda
¤born: Sandor Korda 
born on 9-16-1893 in Turkeve, Austria-Hungary
expired 1-23-1956 in London, England   age 62
movie art director  Vincent Korda   brother of Alexander & Zoltan; won 1941 oscar for Thief of Bagdad (1940)
born on --1897 in Turkeve, Austria-Hungary
expired 1-4-1979 in London, England   age 81
film director  Zoltan Korda   filmed The Jungle Book (1942)
born on 6-3-1895 in Turkeve, Austria-Hungary
expired 10-13-1961 in Hollywood, California   age 66
pinball designer/'wizard'  Steve Kordek   worked for Genco Pinball Co., Bally Manufacturing and Williams Manufacturing, retiring in 1999; introduced two flippers to games (1948), drop targets (1962) & multi-ball play (1963)
born on 12-26-1911 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 2-19-2012 in Park Ridge, Illinois   age 100   cause: complications from fall
civil rights pioneer  Fred Toyosaburo Korematsu   refused Roosevelt's unconstitutional executive order (#9066) to be interned during World War II; convicted of a felony & lost all of the way to the Supreme Court (Korematsu v. United States, December 1944) based upon the patently false assertions of General John L. DeWitt; when the "evidence" was declassified the jig was up — a federal judge issued a summary finding against the government vacating the conviction & finding that the government had suppressed the evidence that would have proven the assertions to be grossly bogus
born on 1-30-1919 in Oakland, California
expired 3-30-2005 in Larkspur, California   age 86   cause: respiratory illness
religious cult leader  David Koresh   headed the Branch Davidians
¤born: Vernon Wayne Howell 
born on 8-17-1959 in Houston, Texas
expired 4-19-1993 in Waco, Texas   age 33   cause: barbecued alive; fire caused by BATF tear gas canisters & tank
That's HEDLEY! comedian  Harvey Herschel Korman   close personal friend of Lily von Schtupp
¤"...that's HEDLEY!
born on 2-15-1927 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 5-29-2008 in Los Angeles, California   age 81   cause: complications from ruptured abdonimal aortic aneurysm
   Contest Selectors
2004RIE, SS11.1%
2006HH, RIE6.7%
   Scored 6.9000 solo points

AKS: Harvie Kormen Corman
biochemist  Arthur Kornberg   shared the 1959 Nobel prize in medicine for the discover y of the mechanisms in the biological synthesis of ribonucleaic acid and deoxyribonucleaic acid; father of the 2006 Chemistry laureate
born on 3-3-1918 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 10-26-2007 in Palo Alto, California   age 89   cause: respiratory failure
classical, opera and sound track composer  Erich Wolfgang Korngold   won two oscars
born on 5-29-1897 in Brunn, Austria-Hungary (now Brno)
expired 11-29-1957 in Hollywood, California   age 60
1920s Our Gang child actress  Mary Kornman
born on 12-28-1915 in Idaho Falls, Idaho
expired 6-1-1973 in Glendale, California   age 57   cause: cancer
storyteller  Kosan Yanagiya   declared a national treasure (1995)
born on 1-2-1915
expired 5-16-2002 in Tokyo, Japan   age 87   cause: heart failure
actress  Sylva Koscina   played Iole (Mrs. Hercules) in Hercules (1957) and Hercules Unchained (1959); did May 1967 Playboy pictorial
born on 8-22-1933 in Zagreb, Croatia
expired 12-26-1994 in Rome, Italy   age 61
Polish-born author  Jerzy Nikodem Kosinski
born on 6-14-1933 in Łódź, Poland
expired 5-3-1991   age 57
composer  Joseph Kosma   wrote music for Autumn Leaves (lyrics by Jacques Prévert)
¤born: Jozsef Kozma 
born on 10-22-1905 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 8-7-1969 in La Roche-Guyon, France   age 63
 Aaron Kosminski   suspect in Whitechapel prostitute murders; purported to have been identified in a police lineup after one of the murders; spent last 28 yeas of his life in mental institutions
expired ??-??-1919 in Leavesden Asylum, England   age ??   cause: gangrene of the leg
Cambodian Queen Mother  Sisowath Kossamak   daughter of King Monivong; mother of Sihanouk
born on 10--1903
expired 4-27-1975 in Beijing, China   age 71
Dr.  Ludwig Karl Martin Albrecht Kossel   received the 1910 Nobel prize in medicine for his work in cell chemistry
born on 9-16-1853 in Rostock, Germany
expired 7-5-1927 in Heidelberg, Germany   age 73
ochestrator & conductor  Irwin Kostal   won Academy Awards for his work on West Side Story and The Sound of Music, did 1990 rescoring of Fantasia, and worked on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Charlotte's Web
born on 10-1-1911 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 11-23-1994 in Studio City, California   age 83   cause: heart attack
orchestra conductor  Andre Kostelanetz   husband of Lily Pons
born on 12-22-1901 in Saint Petersburg, Russia
expired 1-13-1980 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti   age 78
painter turned movie director  Henry Koster   directed Harvey (1950), Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951), The Robe (1953), Flower Drum Song (1960) & The Singing Nun (1965)
¤born: Hermann Kösterlitz 
born on 5-1-1905 in Berlin, Germany
expired 9-21-1988 in Camarillo, California   age 83
AKS: Kosterlitz
retired U.S. Army Brigadier (1-star) General  Samuel William Koster Sr.   as a (2-star) Major General commanded the 23rd Infantry Division (Americal) in Vietnam; he was in charge during the My Lai massacre (3/16/1968); although initially charged, the charges were later dropped but he lost a star, a medal & gained a letter of censure in his personel file
born on 12-29-1919 in West Liberty, Iowa
expired 1-23-2006 in Annapolis, Maryland   age 86   cause: renal failure; renal cancer
Soviet President  Alexei Nikolaevich Kosygin
born on 2-20-1904 in Saint Petersburg, Russia
expired 12-18-1980 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 76
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO, DW, RR23.1%
1980 DH, DO, DR, DW, GP, JW, RR43.8%
   Scored 2.4000 points

former Skyway Luggage president  Henry L. Kotkins
born on 9-4-1911
expired 6-8-2002 in Portugal   age 90
pianist  Mischa Kottler
expired 6-23-1994   age 95
AKS: Kotler
retired Boston Symphony conductor  Serge Alexandrovich Koussevitzky
born on 7-26-1901 in Vyshni Volocheck, Russia
expired 6-4-1978 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 76
John's Hopkins electrical engineering professor Dr.  William Bennett Kouwenhoven   devised non-surgical methods of restarting a stopped heart: external cardiac massage & the defibrillator
born on 1-13-1886 in New York, New York
expired 11-10-1975 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 89
cigar-chomping tv comedian  Ernie Kovacs   husband of Edie Adams
born on 1-23-1919 in Trenton, New Jersey
expired 1-13-1962 in West Los Angeles, California   age 42
cinematographer  László Kovács   close friend of Vilmos Zsigmond (the two escaped from Hungary with lots of documentary film of the Soviet suppresion of the citizenry); lensed: Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, Ghostbusters, The Last Picture Show, Paper Moon, New York, New York, Shampoo, What's Up, Doc?, Miss Congeniality, My Best Friend's Wedding, Legal Eagles, Shattered, Little Nikita, The Toy, Slither, The King of Marvin Gardens, ...
born on 5-14-1933 in Cece, Fejér County, Hungary
expired 7-21-2007 in Beverly Hills, California   age 74
AKS: Laszlo Kovacs
geographically-challenged tv/movie director  Bernard Louis Kowalski   made Krakatoa, East of Java (1969) & SSSSSSS (1973); directed the Mission: Impossible tv pilot
born on 8-2-1929 in Brownsville, Texas
expired 10-26-2007 in Los Angeles, California   age 78
"Classic-era" pro wrassler (1947-77)  (Wladek) Walter "Killer" Kowalski
¤born: Edward Walter Spulnik 
born on 10-13-1926 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada
expired 8-29-2008 in Malden, Massachusetts   age 81   cause: complications from heart attack
geezer  Ura Koyama
born on 8-30-1890 in Japan
expired 4-5-2005 in Iizuka City, Japan   age 114   cause: pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
2005KLS, RIE8.7%
   Scored 2.3500 points

Teledyne Inc. co-founder Dr.  George Kozmetsky   former Dean of the University of Texas Business School (1966-82)
born on 10-5-1917 in Seattle, Washington
expired 4-30-2003 in Austin, Texas   age 85   cause: heart attack
writer & actor  David Kozubei   created the concept for the first Border's Book Store & founded David's Book Store (1970s), both in Ann Arbor, Michigan
born on --1932 in London, England
expired 8-26-2006 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 73
cheese peddler  James Lewis Kraft   founded Kraft Foods --- the cheesiest operation in the world
born on 12-11-1874 in Stevensville, Ontario, Canada
expired 2-16-1953 in Chicago, Illinois   age 78
former Danish prime minister (1962-68 & 1971-72)  Jens Otto Krag
born on 9-15-1914 in Randers, Denmark
expired 6-22-1978 in Fredrikshaven, Denmark   age 63   cause: heart attack
hall of fame swimmer  Viola Hartman Cady Krahn
expired 6-1-2004 in Orange, California   age 102   cause: complications from stroke
professional tennis player  John Albert "Jack" Kramer   twice won the U.S. singles championship (1947 & 47) and Wimbledon (1947); had a popular line of tennis rackets in the 1950s
born on 8-1-1921 in Las Vegas, Nevada
expired 9-12-2009 in Los Angeles, California   age 88   cause: soft tissue cancer
former Iron Butterfly bass player  Philip Taylor Kramer   
wrecked minivan & body found at bottom of 200 foot-deep ravine in May 1999 by hiker)

born on 7-12-1952
expired 2-12-1995 in Malibu Canyon, California   age 42   cause: auto accident
oscar-winning movie producer and director  Stanley Earl Kramer   produced and/or directed High Noon (1952), The Caine Mutiny (1954), Inherit the Wind (1960), Judgement at Nuremberg (1961), Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963) and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)
born on 9-29-1913 in New York, New York
expired 2-19-2001 in Woodland Hills, California   age 87   cause: pneumonia; diabetes
   Contest Selectors
2000 RR14%
2001 RR12½%
   Scored 6.3000 solo points

"early music" expert  Bernard Kranis   New York Pro Musica Antiqua co-founder (1952)
born on 12-28-1924 in New Brunswick, New Jersey
expired 8-18-2000 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts   age 75   cause: cancer
KGB cold warrior  Rem Sergeivich Krasilnikov   responsible for rounding up CIA spies that were given up by Aldrich Ames, Robert Hansen and others
born on --1927
expired 3-??-2003 in Moscow, Russia   age 76
AKS: Krassilnikov
lyric tenor  Alfredo Kraus
born on 9-24-1927 in Las Palmas, Canary Islands
expired 9-8-1999 in Madrid, Spain   age 71   cause: pancreatic cancer
retired Ohio State U professor Dr.  John Daniel Kraus   a pioneering radio astronomer
born on 6-28-1910 in Ann Arbor, Michigan
expired 7-18-2004 in Delaware, Ohio   age 94
former Notre Dame athletic director  Edward "Moose" Krause
born on 2-2-1913 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 12-11-1992   age 79
British gangster  Charles David "Charlie" Kray   older brother of Reggie & Ronnie
born on --1926 in London, England
expired 4-4-2000 in Isle of Wight, England   age 73
1960s London East End gangster  Reginald "Reggie" Kray
born on 10-24-1933 in London, England
expired 10-1-2000 in Norwich, Norwalk, England   age 66   cause: bladder cancer
gangster  Ronald "Ronnie" Kray   twin brother of Reggie
born on 10-24-1933 in London, England
expired 3-17-1995 in Slough, England   age 61   cause: heart attack
former New York Times obituary writer (1966-2002)  Albin Joseph Krebs
born on 3-5-1929 in Pascagoula, Mississippi
expired 5-31-2002 in Key West, Florida   age 73   cause: cancer
biochemist  Edwin Gerhard Krebs   shared the 1992 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 6-6-1918 in Lansing, Iowa
expired 12-21-2009 in Seattle, Washington   age 91
1953 Nobel medicine laureate Sir  Hans Adolf Krebs   discovered basic pathways by which food is converted into energy in the body (Urea & Citiric acid cycles; 1932 & 1938)
born on 8-25-1900 in Hildesheim, Germany
expired 11-22-1981 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England   age 81
air-crash lawyer  Lee S. Kreindler
born on 3-11-1924
expired 2-18-2003 in New York, New York   age 78   cause: complications of a cerebral hemorrhage
former Austrian Chancellor  Bruno Kreisky
born on 1-22-1911 in Vienna, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary
expired 7-29-1990 in Vienna, Austria   age 79
violinist & composer  Fritz Kreisler
born on 2-2-1875 in Vienna, Austria
expired 1-29-1962 in New York, New York   age 86
Harvey Comics cartoonist  Warren Kremer   drew Richie Rich & Casper the Friendly Ghost
born on 6-26-1921 in New York, New York
expired 7-24-2003 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey   age 82
blind lawyer  Harold Eliot Krents   his life was basis for Butterflies are Free play & movie; his autobiography was titled To Race the Wind (1972)
born on 11-5-1944 in New York, New York
expired 1-12-1987 in New York, New York   age 42   cause: brain tumor
Carter Commerce secretary (1977-79)  Juanita Morris Kreps   had been a Duke University economist
¤born: Blair Juanita Morris 
born on 1-11-1921 in Lynch, Kentucky
expired 7-5-2010 in Durham, North Carolina   age 89
former Kmart director of Public Relations (1970s)  Harvey A. Kresge Jr.   joined firm founded by his father's cousin in 1930s
born on 12-27-1915
expired 4-26-2003 in Tequestra, Florida   age 87   cause: pneumonia
merchandiser  Sebastian Spering Kresge   founded S.S. Kresge Co. (later renamed Kmart Corp.)
born on 7-31-1867 in Bald Mount, Pennsylvania
expired 10-18-1966 in Mountainhome, Pennsylvania   age 99
cover of 'Playboy' with playmate of year  Connie Kreskito February 1968 Playmate of Monthto December 1967 Playmate of Month Playboy January 1968 Playmate of Month & 1969 Playmate of Year  Connie Kreski   played Mercy Humppe in Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? (1969)
born on 9-19-1946 in Wyandotte, Michigan
expired 3-21-1995 in Beverly Hills, California   age 48   cause: clogged carotid artery; high cholesterol
character actor  Kurt Kreuger   played lots of Nazis in the 1940s; his most notable role was in Sahara (1943)
born on 7-23-1916 in Michenberg, Germany
expired 7-12-2006 in Los Angeles, California   age 89   cause: stroke
AKS: Krueger Kruger
21 Club restauranteur (1938-85)  H. Peter Kriendler   took over as host following founding brother's death
born on 7-8-1905 in New York, New York
expired 12-21-2001 in New York, New York   age 96
NYC 21 Club co-founder  John Carl "Jack" Kriendler
born on --1899 in New York, New York
expired 8-13-1947 in New York, New York   age 48   cause: heart attack
former United Artists head  Arthur B. Krim
born on 4-4-1910
expired 9-21-1994   age 84
conductor  Josef Krips
born on 4-8-1902 in Vienna, Austria
expired 10-12-1974 in Geneva, Switzerland   age 72
Nehru Defense minister (1956-62)  Vengali Krishnan Krishna Menon   he had assured Nehru that the Chinese Army wouldn't advance beyond Tibet; was sacked when the Chinese Army attacked northern India
born on 5-3-1896 in Calicut, Kerula State, India
expired 10-6-1974 in New Delhi, India   age 77   cause: heart attack
NYC music venue founder  Hillel "Hilly" Kristal   founder of the CBGB & OMFUG Club in the Bowery (Country, Bluegrass, Blues and Other Music for Uplifting Gourmandizers)
born on 9-23-1931 in Manhattan, New York, New York
expired 8-28-2007 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 75   cause: complications from lung cancer
AIDS-stricken tv veterinarian  Stephen M. "Steve" Kritsick
born on 11-2-1951
expired 1-16-1994   age 42
burger mogul widow  Joan Beverly Kroc
¤née: Mansfield 
born on 8-27-1928 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
expired 10-12-2003 in Rancho Santa Fe, California   age 75   cause: glioblastoma
McDonald's mogul  Raymond Albert Kroc   bought chain from founders in 1961 for $2,700,000
born on 10-5-1902 in Oak Park, Illinois
expired 1-14-1984 in San Diego, California   age 81   cause: heart failure; diabetes
   Contest Selectors
1979 MS, SB15.4%
1980 VA6.3%

Dr.  Schack August Steenberg Krogh   received the 1920 Nobel prize in physiology for discoveries relating to the capillary motor regulary mechanism
born on 11-15-1874 in Grenaa, Jutland, Denmark
expired 9-13-1949 in Copenhagen, Denmark   age 74
Philadelphia Cardinal  John Joseph Krol
born on 10-26-1910 in Cleveland, Illinois
expired 3-3-1996 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 85
violinist  Boris Kroyt   member of the Budapest String quartet for 37 years
born on 6-10-1897
expired 11-15-1969 in New York, New York   age 72
Science Fiction aficionado  Kenneth J. Krueger   attended the first World Science Fiction Conference (1939); was chairman of the first San Diego Golden State Comic-Con (1970) — it morphed into the Comic-Con International exposition; died 2½ weeks after Comic Con co-founder Shel Dorf
born on 10-7-1926 in Buffalo, New York
expired 11-21-2009 in Lockport, New York   age 83   cause: heart attack; pneumonia; a fall; renal failure
actor  Otto Kruger   a vice-president of the Motion Picture Home since 1955; grand nephew of Paul Kruger
born on 9-6-1885 in Toledo, Ohio
expired 9-6-1974 in Woodland Hills, California   age 89   cause: stroke
 "Oom" Paul Kruger   president of South Africa's Transvaal Republic during Boer War (1883-1902)
¤born: Stephanus Johannes Pauls Kruger 
born on 10-10-1825 in Colesburg, South Africa
expired 7-14-1904 in Clarens, Switzerland   age 78
retired plumber  Verlen Emmet Kruger   took up canoe building & went on a number of expeditions; co-author of "One Incredible Journey"
born on 6-30-1922 in Francesville, Indiana
expired 8-2-2004 in Lansing, Michigan   age 82
jazz drummer  Gene Krupa
born on 1-15-1909 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 10-16-1973 in Yonkers, New York   age 64
granddaughter of Krupp Co. founder  Bertha Krupp von Bohien und Halbach   namesake of World War I cannon "Big Bertha", not 1990s golf ball driver
born on 3-29-1886 in Essen, Germany
expired 9-21-1957 in Essen, Germany   age 71
Bolshevik crone  Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya   wife of Lenin
born on 2-26-1869 in Saint Petersburg, Russia
expired 2-27-1939 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 70
actor  Jack Kruschen
born on 3-20-1922 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
expired 4-2-2002   age 80   cause: natural causes
former KGB head (1988-99)  Vladimir Alexandrovich Kryuchkov   part of the failed coup against Gorby (1999)
born on 2-29-1924 in Tsaritsyn, Russia, USSR (now Volgograd)
expired 11-23-2007 in Moscow, Russia   age 83

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