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nurse  Li Shuxian   second wife of China's last emperor (married in 1962)
born on --1925
expired 6-9-1997 in Beijing, China   age 72   cause: lung cancer
1960 Nobel chemistry laureate Dr.  Willard Frank Libby   lead team that developed the carbon 14 dating technique for archaeological specimens
born on 12-17-1908 in Grand Valley, Colorado
expired 9-8-1980 in Los Angeles, California   age 71   cause: lung ailment
flamboyant pianist  Liberace   he'd like to thank his brother George (we have no idea why)
¤full name: Wladizu Valentino Liberace 
born on 5-16-1919 in West Allis, Wisconsin
expired 2-4-1987 in Palm Springs, California   age 67   cause: cardiac arrest; congestive heart failure; AIDS-related subacute encephalopathy
celebrity brother  George Liberace
born on 7-31-1911 in Menasha, Wisconsin
expired 10-16-1983 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 72   cause: leukemia
pop artist  Roy Lichtenstein
born on 10-27-1923 in New York, New York
expired 9-28-1997 in New York, New York   age 73
computer scientist  Joseph. Carl Robnett Licklider   he foresaw networks of inter-connected computers
¤nickname: "Lick" 
born on 3-11-1915 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 6-26-1990 in Arlington, Massachusetts   age 75   cause: asthma attack
AKS: J.C.R. J. C. R.
Alice Liddell, circa 1859, photographed by Lewis Carol  Alice Pleasance Liddell   inspiration for Lewis Carroll's books Alice In Wonderland (1865) and it's sequel Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There (1971)
¤Mrs. Reginald Hargreaves 
born on 5-4-1852 in Oxford, England
expired 11-15-1934 in Cuffnells, Hampshire, England   age 82
athlete and missionary  Eric Liddell   in 1924 Olympics he refused to run a 100m qualifying heat on a Sunday; later won a gold medal in the 400m; subject of the movie Chariots of Fire (1980); became a missionary to China
¤nickname: "The Flying Scot" 
born on --1902 in China
expired 2-21-1945 in Weifang, China   age 45   cause: brain tumor
gemologist  Richard Thomas Liddicoat Jr.   developed the standard for diamond grading
born on 3-2-1918 in Kearsarge, Michigan
expired 7-23-2002   age 84
former N.Y. Giants pitcher  Donald E. Liddle   threw pitch, hit by Vic Wertz, that became Willie Mays' famous catch
born on 5-25-1925 in Mount Carmel, Illinois
expired 6-15-2000 in Mount Carmel, Illinois   age 75   cause: cancer
N.Y. Yankees pitcher  Cory Fulton Lidle   crashed his small plane into an uptown high-rise
born on 3-22-1971 in Hollywood, California
expired 10-11-2006 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 35   cause: plane crash
to next U.N. Secretary General: Dag Hammarskjoldto previous U.N. Secretary General: Alger Hiss Norwegian diplomat  Trygve Halvdan Lie   first secretary general of the United Nations (1946-53)
born on 7-16-1896 in Oslo, Norway
expired 12-30-1968 in Geilo, Norway   age 72
coffee klutz  Stella Liebeck   spilled MacDonald's coffee in her lap; OUCH - its HOT!; sued and won
born on 12-14-1912
expired 8-5-2004 in Santa Fe, New Mexico   age 91
AKS: Leibeck
former Columbia Records president (1956-71 & 1973-75)  Goddard Lieberson   introduced Long Playing records; husband of Vera Zorina
born on 4-5-1911 in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England
expired 5-29-1977 in New York, New York   age 66   cause: cancer
DC Comics co-founder (1937)  Jacob S. "Jack" Liebowitz   DC started Detective Comics (March, 1937) that eventually introduced Batman (May, 1939); started Action Comics (June, 1938) that introduced Superman; bought out partner Donefeld; later sold concern to Warner Communications
born on 10-10-1900 in Proskurov, Ukraine
expired 12-11-2000 in Great Neck, New York   age 100
oilman  John Hugh Liedtke Sr.   a former business associate of George H. W. Bush in Zapata Petrolum Corp.; took over the South Penn Oil Company (1960s), renaming it Pennzoil after one of their products
born on 2-10-1922 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
expired 3-28-2003 in Houston, Texas   age 81   cause: "several maladies"
composer  Györgi Sándor Ligeti
born on 5-28-1923 in Dicsöszentmárton, Transylvania, Romania
expired 6-12-2006 in Vienna, Austria   age 83
AKS: Gyorgi Sandor
big band leader  Enoch Light   did early stereo recordings
born on 8-18-1907 in Canton, Ohio
expired 7-31-1978 in New York, New York   age 70
Titanic second officer  Charles Herbert Lightoller
born on 3-30-1874 in Chorley, England
expired 12-8-1952 in Twickenham, England   age 78
geezer  Maria Teresa Ligorio
¤née: Fumarola 
born on 12-2-1889 in San Marzano di Giuseppe, Puglia, Italy
expired 5-14-2003   age 113
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aged Lithuanian police officer accused of Nazi war crimes  Aleksandras Lileikis
born on 6-10-1907
expired 9-26-2000 in Vilnius, Lithuania   age 93   cause: heart attack
former TVA chairman  David Eli Lilienthal
born on 7-8-1899 in Morton, Illinois
expired 1-15-1981 in New York, New York   age 81   cause: heart attack
to previous Hawaiian ruler: David Kalakaua Hawaiian Queen (1891-1893)  Liliuokalani   last Hawaiian sovereign; overthrown by Dole Pineapple Co.
¤born: Lydia Kamakaaeha 
born on 9-2-1838 in Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawaii
expired 11-11-1917 in Honolulu, Hawaiian Territory   age 79
actress  Beatrice Gladys Lillie
born on 5-29-1894 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
expired 1-20-1989 in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England   age 94
Wild West showman Major  Gordon William Lillie   one-time partner with Buffalo Bill Cody
¤better known as "Pawnee Bill
born on 2-14-1860 in Bloomingdale, Illinois
expired 2-3-1942 in Pawnee, Oklahoma   age 81
drug company heiress  Ruth E. Lilly   made big splashy philanthropic gifts
born on 8-2-1915 in Indianapolis, Indiana
expired 12-30-2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana   age 94   cause: complications from old age; dementia
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AKS: Lily
mother of the conservative phenomena  Mildred C. "Millie" Limbaugh
born on 10-13-1925
expired 3-2-2000 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri   age 74   cause: cancer
grandpa of the windbag...  Rush Hudson Limbaugh I
born on 9-27-1891 in Segewickville, Missouri
expired 4-8-1996   age 104
father of the windbag, lawyer  Rush Hudson Limbaugh II
born on 2-26-1918
expired 12-8-1990   age 72
Chinese Defense Minister (1959-71)  Lin Piao   Red Guards alleged that he tried to assassinate Mao; more likely, he ran like hell one step ahead of a lethal purge
born on 12-5-1907 in Huangang, China
expired 12-13-1971 in Mongolia   age 64   cause: plane crash
Alexander Gardner's photo of Lincoln, taken April 9, 1865to next U.S. president: Andrew Johnsonto previous U.S. president: James Buchanan 16th U.S. president  Abraham Lincoln   president during U.S. Civil War (1861-1865); issued Emancipation Proclamation; most famous speech: The Gettysberg Address; assassinated at Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C. by John Wilkes Booth
born on 2-12-1809 in Hodgenville, Kentucky
expired 4-14-1865 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 56   cause: bullet to brain
movie actor  Elmo Lincoln   first movie Tarzan (1918)
¤real name: Otto Elmo Linkenhelt --- D.W. Griffith had him change his name 
born on 6-14-1889 in Rochester, Indiana
expired 6-27-1952 in Hollywood, California   age 63
JFK secretary  Evelyn Maurine Lincoln
¤born: Evelyn Maurine Norton 
born on 6-25-1909 in Polk County, Nebraska
expired 5-11-1995 in Georgetown, Maryland   age 85
industrialist  John Cromwell Lincoln   founded Lincoln Electric Co. in 1895; founded Reliance Electric Manufacturing Co. in 1904; developer of the variable-speed electric motor
expired 5-24-1959 in Phoenix, Arizona   age 92
presidential widow  Mary Todd Lincoln   was institutionalized for madness in her later years
born on 12-13-1818 in Lexington, Kentucky
expired 7-16-1882 in Springfield, Illinois   age 63
presidential son  Robert Todd Lincoln   Garfield/Arthur Secretary of War (1881-85)
born on 8-1-1843 in Springfield, Illinois
expired 7-26-1926 in Manchester, New Hampshire   age 82
Another SFBMoFo biker/small time crook  David C. Lind   part of gang that robbed L.A. hoodlum Eddie Nash; was away from the house where he was staying when Nash retaliated; later claimed that John Holmes set up the murders
born on 10-24-1938
expired 11-16-1995 in Eureka, California   age 57   cause: heroin overdose
Zulu musician, composer, singer  Solomon Popoli Linda   composer of the song "Mbube" (1939), a recording of which reached Alan Lomax, who passed it along to friend Pete Seeger, who arranged it for his group, The Weavers under the title of "Wimoweh" (1952), then later re-worded by George David Weiss and again retitled "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" & recorded by The Tokens (1961), which found it's way into the Disney stage musical "The Lion King"; by South African law the copyright reverted back to his family 25 years after his death (1987), which started a whole new round of legal wrangling over royalities & licensing
born on --1909 in Pomeroy, Zululand, South Africa
expired 10-8-1962 in Johannesberg, South Africa   age 53   cause: renal failure
former World War II Marine corporal  Charles Willard "Chuck" Lindberg   was the last living survivor of the first group of soldiers that raised the U.S. flag atop Iwo Jima's Mt. Suribachi (February 23, 1945)
born on 6-26-1920 in Grand Forks, North Dakota
expired 6-24-2007 in Edina, Minnesota   age 86
widow of Charles  Anne Spencer Morrow Lindbergh   infant son kidnapped and murdered by Bruno Hauptmann in 1932
born on 6-22-1906 in Englewood, New Jersey
expired 2-7-2001 in Passumpsic, Vermont   age 94
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pioneering aviator  Charles Augustus Lindbergh Jr.   made first solo flight across Atlantic in 1927, winning the $25,000 Orteiga Prize; infant son was kidnapped & murdered in 1932; opposed U.S. participation in World War II
born on 2-4-1902 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 8-26-1974 in Kipahulu, Hawaii   age 72   cause: lymphatic cancer
infant son of Lucky Lindy  Charles Augustus Lindbergh III   kidnapped and murdered by Bruno Hauptmann
born on 6-22-1930 in Hopewell, New Jersey
expired 3-1-1932 in Hopewell, New Jersey   age 1   cause: murdered
actress  Viveca Lindfors
¤full name: Elsa Viveca Torstensdotter Lindfors 
born on 12-29-1920 in Uppsala, Uppsala län, Sweden
expired 10-25-1995 in Uppsala, Uppsala län, Sweden   age 74   cause: complications from rheumatoid arthritis
Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstocking) creator  Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren   married Mr. Sture Lindgren (1931); created character for her daughter (who named it)
¤born: Astrid Anna Emilia Ericsson 
born on 11-14-1907 in Näs, Småland, Sweden (near Vimmerby)
expired 1-28-2002 in Stockholm, Sweden   age 94
Swedish Foreign Minister (1998-2003)  Anna Maria Lindh
born on 6-19-1957 in Stockholm, Sweden
expired 9-11-2003 in Stockholm, Sweden   age 46   cause: injuries sustained in stabbing
actress  Audra Lindley   played Mrs. Roper on Three's Company
born on 9-24-1918 in Los Angeles, California
expired 10-16-1997 in Los Angeles, California   age 79
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1967 former NYC mayor (1966-74)  John Vliet Lindsay   103rd mayor of the Big Apple
born on 11-24-1921 in New York, New York
expired 12-19-2000 in Hilton Head, South Carolina   age 79   cause: pneumonia; complications from heart attack & strokes; Parkinson's disease
baseball Hall-of-Fame third baseman  Fred Charles Linstrom Sr.
born on 11-21-1905 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 10-4-1981 in Chicago, Illinois   age 75
dentist-turned-neurosurgeon Dr.  Poeter A. Lindstrom   first husband of Ingrid Bergman (1937-50); cuckolded by Roberto Rosellini
¤alternate spellings: "Peter", "Petter" 
born on 3-1-1907 in Stode, Sweden
expired 5-24-2000 in Sonoma, California   age 93
AKS: Peter
former Restaurants Unlimited CEO (1979-96)  Raymond W. Lindstrom   helped create the Cinnabon store concept
born on 5-23-1943 in Honolulu, Hawiian Territory
expired 8-15-2006 in Bellevue, Washington   age 63   cause: early-onset Alzheimer's disease
corporate hustler  James Joseph Ling   cobbled together the shaky comglomerate LTV (Ling-Temco-Vought) then lost control to the bankers that loaned him the money to build it
born on 12-31-1922 in Hugo, Oklahoma
expired 12-17-2004 in Dallas, Texas   age 81   cause: esophageal cancer
former SS officer  Heinz Linge   was Hitler's valet; got to cremate Der Fuhrer after the suicide
born on 3-23-1913 in Bremen, German
expired 3-9-1980 in Bremen, Germany   age 66
Anglican priest Rev.  Walter Lini   former prime minister of Vanuatu (1980-91)
expired 2-21-1999   age 57
flight simulator inventor (1929)  Edwin Albert Link
born on 7-26-1904 in Huntington, Indiana
expired 9-7-1981 in Binghampton, New York   age 77   cause: cancer
contour chair shill  Arthur Gordon Linkletter   hosted radio/tv shows People Are Funny & House Party
¤born: Arthur Gordon Kelly 
born on 7-17-1912 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
expired 5-26-2010 in Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California   age 97
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tv actress  Diane Linkletter   daughter of Art; last person to see her alive: Edward Durston
expired 10-4-1969 in West Hollywood, California   age 19   cause: fatal "fall" from a 6th floor window/balcony while on LSD
former Xerox chairman (1960-66)  Sol Myron Linowitz   with Ellsworth Bunker negotiated the treaty that gave away the Panama Canal
born on 12-7-1913 in Trenton, New Jersey
expired 3-18-2005 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 91
Speed Fastener Corporation founder (1925)  Jack Linsky   his company later became Swingline
born on 1-1-1897 in Russia
expired 6-3-1980 in West Palm Beach, Florida   age 83
advertising icon  Margaret "Peg" Linstroth   her dad founded the Creamettes Macaroni Company & put her picture on the box
¤née: Williams 
born on 5-21-1915 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
expired 11-7-2004 in Minneapolis, Minnesota   age 89
actor  Larry Lavon Linville   played Major Frank Burns on M*A*S*H tv series
¤aka: "Ferret Face" 
born on 9-29-1939 in Ojai, California
expired 4-10-2000 in New York, New York   age 60   cause: pneumonia; cancer
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 Fritz Albert Lipmann   shared the 1953 Nobel prize in medicine for the discovery of co-enzyme A & it's importance for intermediary metabolism
born on 6-12-1899 in Königsberg, Germany
expired 7-24-1986 in Poughkeepsie, New York   age 87
AKS: Lipman Lippmann Lippman
Weight Watchers co-founder  Albert Lippert
born on 4-23-1925 in New York, New York
expired 2-28-1998 in Johannesburg, South Africa   age 72   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
Weight Watchers co-founder (1963)  Felice Marks Lippert
born on 2-9-1930 in New York, New York
expired 2-22-2003 in Manhasset, New York   age 73   cause: lung cancer
design consultant  Joshua Gordon Lippincott   helped design: the Tucker automobile, the interior of the Nautilus submarine, the Campbell's Soup label, the FTD (Mercury) logo, the Betty Crocker "spoon" logo, the General Mills "G" logo, the Coca-Cola "wave" logo
born on 3-28-1909
expired 4-29-1998 in North Haven, Connecticut   age 89   cause: heart failure
aircraft designer  Alexander Martin Lippisch   developed the ME 163B rocket-powered fighter plane for Messerschmitt
born on 11-2-1894 in München, Germany
expired 2-11-1976 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa   age 81
political journalist  Walter Lippman   winner of two Pulitzer prizes
born on 9-23-1889 in New York, New York
expired 12-14-1974 in New York, New York   age 85   cause: heart attack
physicist  Gabriel Jonas Lippman   recieved the 1908 Nobel prize in physics for reproducing colors photographically using the phenomenon of interference
born on 8-16-1845 in Hollerich, Luxembourg
expired 7-13-1921 in North Atlantic Ocean   age 75
researcher  William Nunn Lipscomb Jr.   received the 1976 Nobel prize in chemistry
born on 12-9-1919 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 4-14-2011 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 91   cause: pneumonia; complications from fall
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sociologist  Seymour Martin Lipset
born on 3-18-1922 in Manhattan, New York, New York
expired 12-31-2006 in Arlington, Virginia   age 84   cause: stroke
tv personality  Luba Lisa
¤born: Luba Gootnick 
expired 12-15-1972 in Colchester, Vermont   age 31   cause: plane crash
Chicago Daily News D.C. bureau chief (1959-76)  Peter Irvin Lisagor   made numerous appearances on Meet the Press
born on 8-5-1915 in Keystone, West Virginia
expired 12-10-1976 in Arlington, Virginia   age 61   cause: cancer
music historian  Robert Lissauer   author of the "Encyclopedia of Popular Music of America" (1991)
born on 5-1-1917 in New York, New York
expired 10-14-2004 in New York, New York   age 87
German Field Marshall  Sigmund Wilhelm Walther List   perfected the "blitzkrieg"; he "broke" the Maginot Line" (May, 1940); relieved by Hitler after refusing to squander troops at the Russian front
expired 8-17-1971 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany   age 91
heavyweight boxer  Charles "Sonny" Liston   lost his title to Muhammad Ali in a two-minute bout
born on 5-8-1926 in Saint Francis County, Arkansas
expired 12-31-1970 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 44   cause: heart attack
AKS: Sonnie Suny Sunnie Sunny Listen Listun
pianist & composer  Franz Liszt   father of Cosima
¤Liszt Ferenc 
born on 10-22-1811 in Doborján, Kingdom of Hungary
expired 7-31-1886 in Bayreuth, Germany   age 74   cause: pneumonia; heart disease
character actor  John Litel
born on 12-30-1892
expired 2-3-1972 in Woodland Hills, California   age 79
Soviet Foreign Minister (1929-39)  Maxim Maximovich Litinov
expired 12-31-1951 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 75
Blazing Saddles actor  Cleavon Jake Little
born on 6-1-1939 in Chickasha, Oklahoma
expired 10-22-1992 in Sherman Oaks, California   age 53
Baptist minister  Earl Little   married to Daisy Mason (3 kids) and Louise Little and father of Mary, Earl, Ella Collins, Wilfred, Malcolm X, Philbert, Hilda, Yvonne, Wesley, and Reginald; organizer for Marcus Garvey's organization: thrown under Lansing-to-East Lansing electric trolley at Detroit Street on East Michigan Avenue (at the time east of the city limits) — torso nearly bisected by trolley's wheels
born on --1894 in Reynolds, Georgia
expired 9-28-1931 in Lansing, Michigan   age 37   cause: murdered
housewife  Louise Langdon Little   second wife of Earl Little; mother of seven children including Wilfred, Malcolm X, Philbert, Hilda, Yvonne, Wesley & Reginald; was institutionalized in the Kalamazoo State Hospital from 1939 to 1963
¤née: Norton 
born on --1897 in Grenada, West Indies
expired ??-??-1991   age 94
Malcolm X's little brother  Reginald Little
born on 8-23-1927 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
expired 7-13-2001 in Grand Rapids, Michigan   age 73
social worker  Robert Langdon Little   related to Malcolm X
born on 8-31-1938 in Lansing, Michigan
expired 11-23-1999 in Lansing, Michigan   age    cause: complications from lymphoma
to 1936 award winnerto 1934 award winner noted golfer  W. Lawson Little   won 1935 Sullivan Award; won 1940 U.S. Open
born on 6-23-1910 in Newport, Rhode Island
expired 2-1-1968   age 57
Malcolm X's older brother  Wilfred Little   introduced him to the Nation of Islam
born on 2-20-1920 in Lansing, Michigan
expired 5-19-1998 in Detroit, Michigan   age 78
early tv news executive  Francis Newton "Fritz" Littlejohn   was an AP news editor (1937-45), then a news writer/supervisor for NBC radio (1945-52); moving to CBS-TV News was a managing editor (1952-54) then on to ABC News where he was Director of News and Special Events (1954-69) — in that capacity he had the network air the all 36 days of the Army-McCarthy Hearings live (along with the DuMont Network); ended his career at the Voice of America (1967-73)
born on 7-20-1908 in Paculet, South Carolina
expired 11-24-2005 in New York, New York   age 97
author/producer/director  Joan Maud Littlewood   wrote Oh What a Lovely War
born on 10-6-1914 in London, England
expired 9-20-2002 in London, England   age 87
Litton Industries founder (1932)  Charles Litton   started out manufacturing microwave tubes (magnetrons)
born on 3-13-1904
expired 11-14-1972 in Carson City, Nevada   age 69   cause: heart ailment
former KGB spy  Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko   became a staunch critic of Vladimir Putin; at time of death had been investigating the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya; presumed to have been poisoned by the FSB (KGB successor)
born on 8-30-1962 in Voronezh, Russia, USSR
expired 11-23-2006 in London, England   age 44   cause: poisoned; radiation from Polonium 210
former major league outfielder  Daniel Webster "Danny" Litwhiler   played for the Philadelphia Phillies (1940-3), St. Louis Cardinals (1943-6), Boston Braves (1946-8) & Cincinnati Reds (1048-51); coached college baseball at Florida State (1955-63) & Michigan State University; first to use radar gun to clock a pitcher's ball speed
born on 8-31-1916 in Ringtown, Pennsylvania
expired 9-23-2011 in Clearwater, Florida   age 95
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2009CSI, RR6.7%
2010CSI, RR7.4%

AKS: Litwiler Litwyler
former Chinese Chief of State (1959-66)  Liu Shao-chi   purged during the Cultural Revolution
born on --1898 in Ningsiang County, Hunan Province, China
expired 11-13-1969 in Kaifeng, China   age 71   cause: cancer of the nose
Detroit housewife  Viola Fauver Gregg Liuzzo   went to Alabama to participate in a voting rights march; subject of the documentary Home of the Brave (2003)
born on 4-11-1925 in California, Pennsylvania
expired 3-25-1965 in US-80, Lowndes County, Alabama (1 mile from Lowndesboro)   age 39   cause: murdered; shot to death by Klansmen
former Capitol Records executive  Alan Wendell Livingston   brother of movie composer Jay Livingston; created the Bozo the Clown character for a book/record that his firm was going to release (1946); convinced EMI executives that The Beatles could sell records in the U.S.
born on 10-15-1917 in McDonald, Pennsylvania
expired 3-13-2009 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California   age 91
3-time oscar winning composer  Jay Livingston   co-wrote Que Sera Sera (from The Man Who Knew Too Much; 1956), Mona Lisa (from Captain Carey, USA; 1950), Buttons & Bows (from The Paleface; 1948) and Silver Bells (from The Lemon Drop Kid; 1951), as well as the Bonanza, Bugs Bunny Show and Mr. Ed themes
born on 3-28-1915 in McDonald, Pennsylvania
expired 10-17-2001 in Los Angeles, California   age 86   cause: pneumonia
Jack Benny's wife  Mary Livingstone
¤born: Sadye Marks 
born on 6-22-1906 in Seattle, Washington
expired 6-30-1983 in Holmby Hills, California   age 77
former Chinese president (1983-88)  Li Xiannian
born on 6-23-1909 in Hubei Province, China
expired 6-21-1992 in Beijing, China   age 82
last of the Imperial Chinese concubines  Li Yuquin   briefly spent time with Emperor Pu Yi as Empress of the Manchukuo puppet regime until she was dumped at the end of World War II
expired 4-20-2001 in Changchun, China   age 73   cause: cirrhosis
Mao's doctor  Li Zhisui
expired 2-13-1995   age 75
former Columbian president (1945-46 & 1958-62)  Alberto Lleras Camargo   first Secretary General of the Organization of American States (1948-54)
born on 7-3-1906 in Bogatá, Columbia
expired 1-4-1990 in Bogotá, Columbia   age 83
author  Richard David Vyvyan Llewellyn   wrote How Green Was My Valley (1940)
¤born: Richard David Vyvyan Llewellyn Lloyd 
born on 12-8-1906 in Saint David's, Wales
expired 11-30-1983 in Dublin, Ireland   age 76
actor  Desmond Llewelyn   known for playing Q (Major Quentin Boothroyd) in the James Bond films
born on 9-12-1914 in South Wales, United Kingdom
expired 12-19-1999 in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England   age 85   cause: injuries sustained in head-on car crash after possible heart attack
tv writer  David Gibbs Lloyd   most famously wrote the Chuckles Bites the Dust episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1975)
born on 7-7-1934 in Bronxville, New York
expired 11-10-2009 in Beverly Hills, California   age 75   cause: prostate cancer
film director  Frank Lloyd   directed Mutiny on the Bounty 1935); co-founder of the Directors Guild of America and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; won oscars for The Devine Lady (1929) & Cavalcade (1933)
born on 2-2-1888 in Glasgow, Scotland
expired 8-10-1960 in Santa Monica, California   age 72
silent screen star  Harold Clayton Lloyd   performed many "impossible" movie stunts
born on 4-20-1893 in Burchard, Nebraska
expired 3-8-1971 in Hollywood, California   age 77   cause: cancer
World War I British prime minister  David Lloyd George   54-year member of Parliament
¤title: Earl of Dwyfor 
born on 1-7-1863 in Manchester, England
expired 3-26-1945 in Llanystumdwy, Wales   age 82

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