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author  Peter Maas   wrote The Valachi Papers (1969) & Serpico about former NYC cop
born on 6-27-1929 in New York, New York
expired 8-23-2001 in New York, New York   age 72
U of Nairobi professor Dr.  Wangari Muta Maathai   «The Green Belt Movement» author; winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize
born on 4-1-1940 in Ihithe village, Tetu division, Nyeri District, East Africa Protectorate (Kenya)
expired 9-26-2011 in Nairobi, Kenya   age 71   cause: cancer
raunchy vaudeville and nightclub comedienne  Jackie "Moms" Mabley
¤born: Loretta Mary Aiken 
born on 3-19-1894 in Brevard, North Carolina
expired 5-23-1975 in White Plains, New York   age 81   cause: complications from heart attack
playwright  Charles G. MacArthur   co-authored (with Ben Hecht) The Front Page (1928) and Twentieth Century (1932); husband of Helen Hayes; father of Mary; adoptive father of James; older brother of insurance magnate
born on 11-5-1895 in Scranton, Pennsylvania
expired 4-21-1956 in New York, New York   age 60
General  Douglas MacArthur Sr.   World War II Pacific theater commander; commander of troops in Korea until relieved of command by Truman
born on 1-26-1880 in Little Rock, Arkansas
expired 4-5-1964 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 84
former pro wrassler  George Arnold MacArthur
¤aka: "Man Mountain / Crybaby Cannon
born on 3-28-1932 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
expired 7-1-1994   age 62   cause: cancer
actor  James Gordon MacArthur   officer Danny Williams (Danno) on Hawaii Five-O tv series (1968-80); adopted son of Helen Hayes and Charles MacArthur; ex-husband of Joyce Bulifant (1958-67) & Melody Patterson (1970-75); widow: Helen Beth Duntz (1984-2010)
got tired of people saying Book'em, Danno! & stroked-out?

born on 12-8-1937 in Los Angeles, California
expired 10-26-2010 in Jacksonville, Florida   age 72   cause: "natural causes"
 Jean Maire Faircloth MacArthur   widow of General Douglas
born on 12-28-1898 in Nashville, Tennessee
expired 1-22-2000 in New York, New York   age 101
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2000 RR14%
   Scored 4.9000 solo points

billionaire insurance (Banker's Life and Casualty) & real estate mogul  John Donald MacArthur   created foundation that gives out so-called "genius" grants; younger brother of newspaperman Charles
born on 3-6-1897 in Pittston, Pennsylvania
expired 1-6-1978 in West Palm Beach, Florida   age 80   cause: complications from stomach cancer
actress  Mary MacArthur   daughter of Charles MacArthur and Helen Hayes
expired 9-22-1949 in New York, New York   age 19   cause: polio
actor  Charles Macaulay   played the judge in several 1990s Perry Mason tv movies; also played Landru in Return of the Archons and Prefect Jaris in Wolf in the Fold on original 1960s Star Trek tv series
born on 9-26-1927 in Louisville, Kentucky
expired 8-13-1999 in Healdsburg, California   age 71   cause: metastatic cancer
AKS: Macauley MacCaulay MacCauley McCaulay McCauley
lawyer  Roger Lea MacBride   as a 1972 Virginia Republican electoral college voter cast his vote for the Libertarian candidate instead of Nixon; was the Libertarian Party's 1976 presidential candidate
born on 8-6-1929 in New Orchelle, New York
expired 3-5-1995 in Miami Beach, Florida   age 65   cause: heart failure
Amnesty International co-founder  Seán MacBride   shared the 1974 Nobel peace prize
born on 1-26-1904 in Paris, France
expired 1-15-1988   age 83
AKS: Sean
singer/songwriter  Kristy MacColl
born on 10-10-1959 in Croydon, Surrey, England
expired 12-18-2000 in Cozumel, Mexico   age 41   cause: run over by speedboat while swimming
actor/director/producer  Simon Charles Penderend MacCorkindale   had title roll in dopey tv action series Manimal
¤Mr. Susan George
ex-Mr. Fiona Fullerton (1976-82) 
born on 2-12-1952 in Ely, Cambridgeshire, England
expired 10-14-2010 in London, England   age 58   cause: bowel & lung cancer
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2010NFG, WEP7.4%
   Scored 7.9500 points

aeronautical designer  Paul Beattie MacCready   designed the Gossamer Condor (1977) & Gossamer Albatross (1979) human-powered aircraft; winner of the Kremmer prize (1977)
born on 9-29-1925 in New Haven, Connecticut
expired 8-28-2007 in Pasadena, California   age 81
chemist  Alan Graham MacDiarmid   shared the 2000 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 4-24-1927 in Masterton, New Zealand
expired 2-7-2007 in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania   age 79   cause: fall down flight of stairs
cartoon voice  James Macdonald   voice of Mickey Mouse from 1946 to 1976
born on 5-19-1906 in Dundee, Scotland
expired 2-1-1991 in Glendale, California   age 84   cause: heart failure
percussionist & songwriter  Ralph MacDonald   wrote "Just the Two of Us", "Where is the Love?" & "Calypso Breakdown"
born on 3-15-1944 in Harlem, Manhattan, New York, New York
expired 12-18-2011 in Stamford, Connecticut   age 67   cause: lung cancer
author  Betty MacDonald   wrote The Egg and I (1945) - minor characters in that book/movie, Ma and Pa Kettle, got their own spin-off movie series
¤full name: Anne Elizabeth Campbell Bard Heskett MacDonald 
born on 3-26-1908 in Boulder, Colorado
expired 2-7-1958 in Seattle, Washington   age 49   cause: cancer
actress  Cordelia Howard MacDonald   originated stage role of Little Eva in Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin
expired 8-10-1941 in Belmont, Massachusetts   age 93
Spic & Span inventor  Elizabeth G. MacDonald
born on 2-24-1894
expired 5-11-1992 in Dunedin, Florida   age 98
Australian World War I veteran  Frank MacDonald
born on 6-26-1896 in Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia
expired 8-23-2003 in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia   age 107   cause: pneumonia; complications from broken hip
British Prime Minister (1924, 1929-35)  James MacDonald
born on 10-12-1866 in Lossiemouth, Scotland
expired 11-9-1937   age 71
artist  James MacDonald
born on 12-12-1873 in Durham, England
expired 11-26-1932 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 58
motion picture soprano  Jeanette Anna MacDonald   appeared in numerous 1930s films with Nelson Eddy (Rose Marie and Naughty Marietta); younger sister of Blossom Rock; wife of Gene Raymond
born on 6-18-1903 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 1-14-1965 in Houston, Texas   age 61   cause: heart attack
Canadian geezer  Rose MacDonald
born on 9-5-1890 in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada
expired 9-16-2000 in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada   age 110
author  Ross MacDonald
¤real name: Kenneth Millar 
born on 12-13-1915 in Los Gatos, California
expired 7-14-1983 in Santa Barbara, California   age 67
actress  Harriet E. MacGibbon   played Margaret Drysdale on The Beverly Hillbillies
born on 10-5-1905 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 2-8-1987 in Beverly Hills, California   age 81   cause: cardiac and pulmonary failure
actress  Leueen Emily MacGrath
born on 7-3-1914 in London, England
expired 3-27-1992   age 77
former CKLW radio newsman  Byron MacGregor   recorded narrative "The Americans"
¤aka: Mr. JoJo Shutty «or» Gary Mack 
born on 3-3-1948 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
expired 1-3-1995 in Detroit, Michigan   age 46   cause: pneumonia
AKS: McGregor
former Minnesota congressman (1961-70)  Clark MacGregor   Nixon's head CREEP (1972)
born on 7-12-1922 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
expired 2-10-2003 in Pompano Beach, Florida   age 80
physicist & ballistics researcher  Ernest Mach   determined the speed of sound, had unit of speed named after him (Mach 1 = speed of sound, Mach 2 = twice the speed of sound, etc.)
born on 2-18-1838 in Chirlitz-Turas, Moravia
expired 2-19-1916 in Haar, Germany   age 78
first president of Mozambique (1975-86)  Samora Moises Machel
born on 9-29-1933 in Chilembere, Mozambique
expired 10-19-1986 in Muzimi, South Africa   age 53   cause: plane crash
philosopher  Nicolo Machiavelli   wrote The Prince (1513)
born on 5-3-1469 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy
expired 6-22-1527 in Florence, Italy   age 58
retired restauranteur  Harris O. Machus   owner of the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Hills (last place Jimmy Hoffa was seen alive); restaurant (located at Telegraph & Maple) closed 2/4/1996
born on 7-10-1908 in East Lansing, Michigan
expired 1-16-2001 in Naples, Florida   age 92   cause: cancer
vaudeville comedian  Charles E. Mack   half of the Mack & Moran 2 Black Crows comedy team
born on 11-22-1887 in White Cloud, Kansas
expired 1-11-1934 in Mesa, Arizona   age 46
Philadelphia Athletics founder/manager  Connie Mack Sr.   managed team from 1901 to 1950; won nine pennants and five World Series
¤born: Cornelius Alexander McGillicuddy 
born on 12-22-1862 in East Brookfield, Massachusetts
expired 2-8-1956 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 93
Nevada death row inmate  Darryl Linnie Mack
¤number 1019 
born on 8-28-1958
expired 4-26-2002   age 43   cause: executed; lethal injection
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disgraced former Michigan state legislator  Joseph S. "Joe" Mack   plead no-contest to defrauding the State through his office-holder expense account; resigned position (July 1990)
born on 5-8-1919
expired 4-20-2005 in Wausau, Wisconsin   age 85   cause: heart attack
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1979 HFS, MM, MS, RR30.8%
1980 BD, DO, EK, MM, RR31.3%

Amatuer Hour host (1946-70)  Ted Mack
¤born: William Edward Maguiness 
born on 2-12-1904 in Greeley, Colorado
expired 7-12-1976 in North Tarrytown, New York   age 72   cause: complications from cancer
one-time Pepsi-Cola owner  Walter Mack
born on 10-19-1895
expired 3-18-1990   age 94
singer  Gisele MacKenzie   appeared on Your Hit Parade (1953-57)
¤born: Gisele Marie-Louise Marguerite LaFleche 
born on 1-10-1927 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
expired 9-5-2003 in Burbank, California   age 76   cause: colon cancer
retired English educator  Norman Hugh MacKenzie   conducted several Playboy interviews
born on 3-8-1915 in Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia (now Harare, Zimbabwe)
expired 3-1-2004 in Canada   age 88
orchestra/opera conductor Sir  Alan Charles Maclaurin Mackerras
born on 11-17-1925 in Schenectady, New York
expired 7-14-2010 in London, England   age 84   cause: cancer
original Ink Spots singer/guitarist  Bernard Mackey
born on 7-29-1909
expired 3-5-1980 in Miami, Florida   age 70   cause: cancer
news correspondent  Catherine Patricia "Cassie" Mackin
born on 8-28-1939 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 11-20-1982 in Towson, Maryland   age 43   cause: breast cancer
securities seller  Gordon Stanley Macklin Jr.   was president of the National Association of Securities Dealers (1970-87) and the first president of the NASDAQ (1975-87), which he helped co-found; later in life had to pay a butt-load of cash out-of-pocket when Worldcom crashed and burned — he was on the board of directors & a bunch of unhappy investors went after them for failing to adequately supervise the "management"
born on 5-13-1928 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 1-30-2007 in Delray Beach, Florida   age 78   cause: stroke
industrialist  John Farrell Macklin   football coach at Michigan State College (1911-15); football stadium was named after him
expired 10-10-1949 in Overbrook, Pennsylvania   age 65
"tough guy" actor  Barton MacLane
born on 12-25-1900 in Columbia, South Carolina
expired 1-1-1969 in Santa Monica, California   age 68
silent scree character actress  Mary MacLaren
born on 1-19-1896 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 11-9-1985 in Hollywood, California   age 89   cause: respiratory ailment
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1980 DR6.3%

Scottish adventurer and World War II hero Sir  Fitzroy MacLean   Ian Fleming patterned the James Bond character after his exploits
born on 3-11-1911 in Cairo, Egypt
expired 6-15-1996 in Hertford, England   age 85
AKS: McLean
author  Norman Fitzroy MacLean   wrote A River Runs Through It
born on 12-23-1902 in Clarinda, Iowa
expired 8-2-1990 in Chicago, Illinois   age 87
commentator  Archibald MacLeish
born on 5-7-1892 in Glencoe, Illinois
expired 4-20-1982 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 89
Great Lakes sailor  Gordon F. MacLellan   Wiper aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald
born on --1945
expired 11-10-1975 in Eastern Lake Superior, Canada   age 30   cause: drowned when ship foundered
microbiologist & medical researcher Dr.  Colin Munro Macleod   with Avery & McCarty published seminal 1944 research report in Experimental Medicine that identified DNA as the stuff that genes are made of
born on 1-28-1909 in Nova Scotia, Canada
expired 2-11-1972 in London, England   age 63
 John James Richard MacLeod   shared 1923 Nobel prize in Medicine for renting lab space to the guy that actually discovered insulin
born on 9-6-1876 in Cluny, Perthshire, Scotland
expired 3-16-1935 in Aberdeen, Scotland   age 58
voice actress  Norma MacMillan   voiced Casper the Friendly Ghost, Sweet Polly Purebred (Underdog's bitch) & Goo on the Gumby Show; mother of Alison & Stefan Arngrim
born on --1921 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
expired 3-16-2001 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada   age 79   cause: heart attack
to 1942 award winnerto 1940 award winner former NYU mile runner  T Leslie MacMitchell   won the 1941 Sullivan Award
born on 9-26-1920
expired 3-21-2006 in San Jose, California   age
Nobel-prize ignoree  Frederick Martin MacMurray   discoverer of Flubberium - would have shared award with his 3 sons; model for Captain Marvel; married to June Haver; star of My Three Sons tv series
born on 8-30-1908 in Kankakee, Illinois
expired 11-5-1991 in Santa Monica, California   age 83
   Contest Selectors
1979 SB7.7%

actress  Lillian La Monte MacMurray   wife of Fred
expired 6-22-1953 in Santa Monica, California   age 45
director  Ian MacNaughton   directed all but the first four episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus
born on 12-30-1925 in Glasgow, Scotland
expired 12-10-2002 in München, Germany   age 76   cause: complications from injuries sustained in 2001 car crash
AKS: Iain
1979 Reuben Award winner1978 Reuben Award winner Chicago Tribune editorial cartoonist  Jeffrey Kenneth MacNelly   also drew Shoe comic strip; won 3 Pulitzer prizes (1972, '78 & '85); illustrated Dave Berry's columns; a two-time recipient of the Reuben Award (1978 & 1979)
born on 9-17-1947 in New York, New York
expired 6-8-2000 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 52   cause: lymphoma
AKS: McNelly MacNeely McNeely
baseball executive  Leland Stanford "Larry" MacPhail   introduced night baseball; worked for New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds and Brooklyn Dodgers
born on 2-3-1890 in Cass City, Michigan
expired 10-1-1975 in Miami, Florida   age 85
tv sports executive  William Curtis "Bill" MacPhail   introduced instant replay while with CBS; created CNN/SI cable sports department; son of Larry
born on 3-25-1920
expired 9-4-1996 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 76   cause: complications following heart surgery
AKS: McPhail
knitting mill owner  Alexander MacRae   came up with design for a swimsuit that came to be known as a "Speedo"
expired 11-30-1938 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   age ??
singer  Gordon MacRae   ex-husband of Sheila MacRae; father of Meredith MacRae
born on 3-12-1921 in East Orange, New Jersey
expired 1-24-1986 in Lincoln, Nebraska   age 64   cause: cancer of the mouth and jaw
actress  Meredith MacRae   daughter of Gordon & Sheila MacRae; played Willimena Josephine "Billie Jo" Bradley on Petticoat Junction (1966-70), succeeding Gunilla Hutton in the role
born on 5-30-1945 in Houston, Texas
expired 7-14-2000 in Manhattan Beach, California   age 55   cause: brain cancer
movie villain  George Macready
born on 8-29-1909 in Providence, Rhode Island
expired 7-2-1973 in Los Angeles, California   age 63
NYC department store founder  Rowland Hussey Macy
born on --1822 in Nantucket, Massachusetts
expired 3-29-1877 in Paris, France   age 55
Science Master of Eton  Henry George Madan   suggested the names for the newly-discovered moons of Mars — Phobus ("fear") & Deimus ("flight"), with the "u's" being swapped for "o's" later on (Phobos & Deimos; 1878); his great-neice is credited for giving name to the ninth planet after it was discovered
born on --1838
expired ??-??-1901   age 63
retired Royal Navy admiral Sir  Charles Edward Madden
born on 6-15-1906
expired 4-23-2001 in Henley-upon-Thames, Oxfordshire, England   age 93
former Georgia governor (1967-71)  Lester Garfield Maddox   Jimmy Carter's Lt.Governor (1971-5); owned the Pickrick Restaraunt in Atlanta
born on 9-30-1915 in Atlanta, Georgia
expired 6-25-2003 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 87   cause: pneumonia; prostate cancer
   Contest Selectors
2002ANG, JAC, MORB, RR36.4%
2003ANG, PCD, RAVN16.7%
   Scored 4.4250 points

1940s country singer  Roselea Arbana Maddox
born on 12-15-1926 in Boaz, Alabama
expired 4-15-1998 in Ashland, Oregon   age 72   cause: kidney failure
murder victim  Helen "Holly" Maddux   murdered by Ira Einhorn
born on 5-26-1947
expired 9-10-1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 30   cause: crushed skull
music educator  Joseph Edgar Maddy   founded the Interlochen National Music Camp and Arts Academy
born on 10-14-1891
expired 4-18-1966 in Traverse City, Michigan   age 74
Mexican ruler (1911-13)  Francisco Indalecio Madero   overthrew dictator Porfirio Diaz; replaced by Huerta
born on 10-30-1873 in Parras, Mexico
expired 2-22-1913 in Mexico City, Mexico   age 39   cause: assassinated
author  Grazia Maria Cosima Damiana Madesani   under her maiden name (Deledda) won the Nobel prize in literature (1926)
born on 9-27-1871 in Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy
expired 8-15-1936 in Rome, Italy   age 64
Bush Agriculture Secretary (1991-93)  Edward R. Madigan
born on 1-13-1936 in Lincoln, Illinois
expired 12-7-1994 in Springfield, Illinois   age 58
retired broadcast journalist  John Joseph Madigan   father of actress Amy Madigan; was the first host of Face the Nation on CBS;former news director of WBBM tv in Chicago; helped design & transition it's AM station to all-news format
born on 1-11-1918 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-5-2012 in Lauderhill, Florida   age 94   cause: complications from stroke
donut maven  Dolly Payne Todd Madison   saved some of the artifacts from the White House before it was burned by British troops in the War of 1812
born on 5-20-1768 in Guilford County, North Carolina
expired 7-12-1849 in Orange County, Virginia   age 81
actor  Guy Madison   played Wild Bill Hickock on tv; married to Gail Russell (1949-54)
¤born: Robert Moseley 
born on 1-19-1921 in Pumpkin Center, California
expired 2-6-1996 in Palm Springs, California   age 74   cause: emphysema
to next U.S. president: James Monroeto previous U.S. president: Thomas Jefferson 4th U.S. president (1809-17)  James Madison   drafted the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights; president during the War of 1812
born on 3-16-1751 in Port Conway, Virginia
expired 6-28-1836 in Orange County, Virginia   age 85
doo-wop singer  Johnny Maestro   with The Crests sang "Sixteen Candles" (1959) & with The Brooklyn Bridge sang "The Worst That Could Happen (1969)
¤born: Johnny Mastrangelo 
born on 5-7-1939 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 3-24-2010 in Cape Coral, Florida   age 70   cause: cancer
Count  Marice Polidore Marie Bernhard Maeterlinck   was the 1911 Nobel literature laureate
born on 8-29-1862 in Ghent, Belgium
expired 5-6-1949 in Nice, France   age 86
AKS: Mooris Polydore Bernard
pianist  Nikita Magaloff
born on 2-8-1912 in Saint Petersberg, Russia
expired 12-26-1992 in Vevay, Switzerland   age 80
Philippine president (1953-57)  Ramon Magasaysay
born on 8-31-1907 in Iba, Philippines
expired 3-17-1957 in Cebu City, Philippines   age 49
extreme geezer  Sylvester Magee   ex-Mississippi slave who served with Union forces in the Civil War
born on 5-29-1841 in Carpet, North Carolina
expired 10-15-1971 in Columbia, Mississippi   age 130
Union Army bugler  William Allen Magee   also served in the Indian Wars and Spanish-American War
expired 1-23-1953 in Sawtelle, California   age 106
Portugese navigator  Ferdinand Magellan   died during round-the-world trip; discovered the Philippines (1521)
¤Fernando DeMagalhaes 
born on --1480 in Sabrosa, Portugal
expired 4-27-1521 in Mactan Island, The Philippines   age 40   cause: killed by natives
tv "news doctor"  Frank Newton Magid   gave us the happy-talk "Action News" format of info-tainment presentation; blame him for the burbling bimbo/himbo dolts you see on your local station's newscast ("Moron that at 11 ... back to you, Buffy.")
born on 9-1-1931 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 2-5-2010 in Santa Barbara, California   age 78   cause: lymphoma
French War minister  André-Louis-Rene Maginot   started construction of (ultimately) ineffectual defensive line along eastern border of France
born on 2-17-1877 in Paris, France
expired 1-7-1932 in Paris, France   age 54   cause: typhoid fever
AKS: Andre
former Haitian military dictator/president (1950-56)  Paul Eugène Magloire   the military overthrew him — the replacement: Papa Doc
born on 7-19-1907 in Haiti
expired 7-12-2001 in Haiti   age 93
actress  Anna Magnani   won 1955 Best Actress oscar for playing Serafina Delle Rose in The Rose Tattoo
born on 3-7-1908 in Rome, Italy
expired 9-26-1973 in Rome, Italy   age 65   cause: pancreatic tumor
TCI chairman  Robert John "Bob" Magness   founded Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI) in 1968
born on 6-3-1924 in Clinton, Oklahoma
expired 11-15-1996 in Charlottesville, Virginia   age 72   cause: lymphoma
former Washington senator (1944-81)  Warren Grant Magnuson
born on 4-12-1905 in Moorhead, Minnesota
expired 5-20-1989 in Seattle, Washington   age 84
former BBC game show host  Magnús Magnússon   for 25 years was host of Master Mind
born on 10-12-1929 in Reykjavik, Iceland
expired 1-7-2007 in Glasgow, Scotland   age 77   cause: pancreatic cancer
   Contest Selectors
2007OIE, RAVN6.5%
   Scored 6.0500 points

AKS: Magnus Magnusson
surrealistic painter  Rene Francois Ghislain Magritte
born on 11-21-1898 in Lessines, Belgium
expired 8-15-1967 in Brussels, Belgium   age 68
   Contest Selectors
1980 HP6.3%

U.S. Pacific Fleet chaplain  William Augustus Maguire   during Pearl Harbor attack (Sunday morning 12/7/1941) remarked "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition"
expired 9-13-1953 in London, England   age 62
retired Wayne State University professor of Social Work  Maryann Mahaffey   had served on Detroit's city council since from 1974 to 2005
¤Mrs. Herman Dooha 
born on 1-18-1925 in Burlington, Iowa
expired 7-27-2006 in Detroit, Michigan   age 81   cause: pneumonia; T-cell leukemia-lymphoma
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   Scored 6.9000 solo points

Cambodian monk  Samdach Vira Dharmawara Bellong Mahathera
expired 6-26-1999 in Stockton, California   age 110
Nepalese monarch (1956-72)  King Mahendra   father of King Birendra
expired 1-31-1972 in Katmandu, Nepal   age 51   cause: heart attack
Picture of the Yogi (no picture of Boo Boo available) transcendental meditator  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
¤born: Mahesh Prasad Varma 
born on 1-12-1917 in Jabalpur, Allahabad, India (now Uttar Pradesh)
expired 2-5-2008 in Vlodrop, The Netherlands   age 91
   Contest Selectors
2008DTM, TFM, WEP9.4%
   Scored 4.0250 points

former FBI agent  Robert Aime Maheu   was Howard Hughes' top aide until he was fired (1966-December 1970)
born on 10-30-1917 in Waterville, Maine
expired 8-4-2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 90   cause: congestive heart failure; cancer
writer  Naguib Mahfouz   1988 Nobel laureate in literature
born on 12-11-1911 in Cairo, Egypt
expired 8-30-2006 in Cairo, Egypt   age 94   cause: pneumonia; kidney failure
   Contest Selectors
2005SLIM, WORM8.7%
   Scored 5.6000 solo points

AKS: Najib Mahfuz
conductor & composer  Gustav Mahler
born on 7-7-1860 in Kalischt, Bohemia
expired 5-18-1911 in Vienna, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary   age 50
53-year president of the Amalgamated Association of Street, Electric Railway & Motor Coach Employees union  William D. Mahon   a co-founder of the American Federation of Labor
expired 10-31-1949 in Detroit, Michigan   age 88
aircraft builder  Benjamin Franklin Mahoney   built The Spirit of St. Louis for Charles Lindbergh in 1927
born on 2-8-1901 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
expired 7-31-1951 in Los Angeles, California   age 50
Tarzan actor  Jock Mahoney   was tv's Range Rider (1951) & Yancy Derringer (1958-9); Sally Field's step-father
¤born: James Jacques O'Mahoney 
born on 2-7-1919 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 12-14-1989 in Bremerton, Washington   age 70   cause: stroke
screen writer  Richard Maibaum   did 12 James Bond scripts
born on 5-26-1909 in New York, New York
expired 1-4-1991 in Santa Monica, California   age 81
elder Star Trek fan  Shirley S. Maiewski
¤aka: "Grandma Trek
born on 5-28-1920
expired 4-13-2004 in Hatfield, Massachusetts   age 83
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 1968 author  Norman Kingsley Mailer   wrote The Naked and the Dead (1948), The Armies of the Night (1968) & The Executioner's Song (1979) about Gary Gilmore
¤Hebrew: Nachem Malek 
born on 1-31-1923 in Long Branch, New Jersey
expired 11-10-2007 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 84   cause: acute renal failure
   Contest Selectors
1979 RR7.7%
1980 EK6.3%
2002 MORB9.1%
2003 ABRA5.6%

physicist  Theodore Harold Maiman   built the first working LASER on May 16, 1960 using a pink ruby
born on 7-11-1927 in Los Angeles, California
expired 5-5-2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada   age 79   cause: systemic mastocytosis
actress  Marjorie Main   played Ma Kettle in The Egg and I (1947) and a bunch of Ma and Pa Kettle... movies
¤born: Mary Tomlinson Krebs 
born on 2-24-1890 in Acton, Illinois
expired 4-10-1975 in Los Angeles, California   age 85
Niger "president"  Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara   in by coup...out by coup; done in by his own bodyguards — lasted from 1/28/1996 to 4/9/1999
born on 5-9-1949 in Maradi, Niger, French West Africa
expired 4-9-1999 in Niamey, Niger   age 49   cause: assassinated
AKS: Bare Mainassara
bluegrass singer & banjo picker  Wade Eckard Mainer   formed the Sons of The Mountaineers group
born on 4-21-1907 in Weaverville, Buncombe County, North Carolina
expired 9-12-2011 in Flint, Michigan   age 104   cause: congestive heart failure
AKS: Eckhart Eckhardt Ecord
Greek Orthodox archbishop  Makarios III   first president Republic of Cypress (1959-77)
¤born: Michael Christodouros Mouskos 
born on 8-13-1913 in Ano Panayia, Cyprus
expired 8-3-1977 in Nicosia, Cyprus   age 63   cause: heart attack
folk singer  Miriam Zenzi Makeba   had been married to Stokely Carmichael & Hugh Masekela; had modest hits with Pata Pata, Malaika & Qongqothwane ("The Click Song")
born on 3-4-1932 in Johannesburg, South Africa
expired 11-9-2008 in Castel Volturno, Italy   age 68
graphic & multimedia designer  Paul Scott Makela   chairman of 2-D Design Department at Cranbrook Academy
born on 2-6-1960
expired 5-7-1999 in Pontiac, Michigan   age 39
singer, songwriter, balladeer & banjo player  Thomas James "Tommy" Makem   performed with the Clancy Brothers (Paddy, Tom, Liam) 1961-9 and as a solo artist
born on 11-4-1932 in Keady, County Armaugh, Northern Ireland
expired 8-1-2007 in Dover, New Hampshire   age 74   cause: lung cancer
character actor  Mako   played Po-han in The Sand Pebbles (1966; Academy award nomination) & Akiro the Wizard in Conan the Barbarian (1982) and Conan the Destroyer (1984)
¤full name: Makoto Iwamatsu 
born on 12-10-1933 in Kobe, Japan
expired 7-21-2006 in Somis, California   age 72   cause: esophageal cancer
game bird breeder  Alphonsine "Therese" Makowsky   original breeder of the Rock Cornish Game Hen
¤née: Davalis 
born on 2-12-1913 in Trois Veveres, France
expired 10-30-2005 in Danville, California   age 92
actor  Karl Malden   possessor of a prodigious proboscis; 1951 oscar for A Streetcar Named Desire
¤born: Mladen Sekulovich 
born on 3-22-1912 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 7-1-2009 in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California   age 97
   Contest Selectors
2003JEDS KOHD, MJ, RAVN22.2%
2004ABRA, DTM, MJ, RIE22.2%
2005DTM, RIE, RR, SPIT, TMD21.7%
2006ANG, DTM, RIE, RR, SPIT, 4GUE20.0%
   Scored 2.8002 points

AKS: Carl
Soviet diplomat  Jacob Malik
¤Yakov Alexandrovich Malik 
born on 2-11-1906 in Kharkov, Ukraine, Russia
expired 2-11-1980 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 74
rocketry pioneer  Frank J. Malina   co-founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1944)
born on 10-2-1912 in Brenham, Texas
expired 11-9-1981 in Paris, France   age 69   cause: heart attack
long-ago baseball infielder  Anthony Francis "Tony" Malinoski   in 1937 played 35 games for the Brooklyn Dodgers; was a classmate of Nixon's at Whittier College
born on 10-7-1909 in Collinsville, Illinois
expired 2-8-2011 in Oxnard, California   age 101
"retired" porn actress  Anna Malle   star of Sleeping Booty; a passenger in a vehicle (not wearing seat belt) that tried a U-turn on Nevada route 160 — it was struck by an oncoming car; unbelievably the XXX team didn't have her on their list (but did have Slobodan Milosevic); no relation to director Louis
¤born: Anna Hotop
name at death: Anna Hotop-Stout
Mrs. Hank Armstrong 
born on 9-14-1967 in Havana, Illinois
expired 1-25-2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 38   cause: automobile accident
French director  Louis Malle   made Pretty Baby, Atlantic City, My Dinner with Andre (1982); husband of Candice Bergen
born on 10-30-1932 in Thumeries, France
expired 11-23-1995 in Los Angeles, California   age 63   cause: cancer
Mary, late in life un-hygenic cook  Mary Mallon   immune to typhoid fever but a prolific virus carrier that insisted upon continuing to handle food, even during New York City's 1904 & 1914 epidemics; tracked down by sanitary engineer George Soper she was institutionalized for the rest of her life as a public health precaution
¤dubbed "Typhoid Mary
born on 9-23-1869 in Cookstown, County Tyrone, Ireland
expired 11-11-1938 in North Brother Island, New York, New York   age 69   cause: pneumonia; stroke
kid actor  Robert "Bobby" Mallon   appeared in the Our Gang movie shorts (1926-32)
born on 4-7-1919
expired 9-10-2008 in Simi Valley, California   age 89
pathologist Dr.  Frank Burr Mallory   discovered /isolated the scarlet fever bacillus; discovered cause of cirrhosis of the liver
expired 9-27-1941 in Brookline, Massachusetts   age 78
mountaineer  George Herbert Leigh Mallory   attempted to become first person to reach the summit of Mount Everest (with Andrew Irvine in 1924); when asked in 1922 "Why do you want to climb Mt. Everest?" he replied "Because it is there."; his body was discovered in 1999
born on 6-18-1886 in Mobberley, Cheshire, England
expired 6-8-1924 in Mount Everest, Nepal   age 37   cause: injuries suffered in fall down side of mountain
archaeologist Sir  Max Edgar Lucien Mallowan   did extensive work in the Middle East; husband of Agatha Christie
born on 5-6-1904 in London, England
expired 8-19-1978 in Oxfordshire, England   age 74
 Helen Herrick Malsed   invented the Slinky Dog & Slinky Trains
born on 8-22-1910 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 11-13-1998 in Seattle, Washington   age 88
SSAN 375-01-8932 (issued in Mich) cartoon story writer  Michael Maltese   scripted such classics as: The Scarlett Pumpernickel (1950), Rabbit of Seville (1950), Duck Amuck (1953), Duck Dodgers in the 24½ Century (1953), One Froggy Evening (1955), What's Opera, Doc? (1957) & Robin Hood Daffy (1958); co-wrote the lyrics to "The Michigan Rag" (music by Milt Franklyn) for One Froggy Evening (in which he created the original American Idol: Michigan J. Frog)
born on 2-6-1908 in New York, New York
expired 2-22-1981 in Los Angeles, California   age 73
economist  Thomas Robert Malthus   wrote "Essays on the Principle of Population" (1798); source of eponym "Malthusian"
born on 2-17-1766 in Surrey, England
expired 12-23-1834 in Bath, Somerset, England   age 68
Albert's famous brew Hollywood Ten screen writer  Albert Maltz   wrote Destination Tokyo (1943) and The Naked City (1948; co-authored with Malvin Wald) & celebrity "brewmaster" for beverage advertising campaign (Schlitz Maltz Liquor); no relation to the Klingon crewman captured by Captain Kirk
born on 10-8-1908 in New York, New York
expired 4-26-1985 in Los Angeles, California   age 76
Hollywood stuntman & producer  Paul W. Malvern
born on 6-28-1902
expired 5-29-1993   age 90
character actor  Peter John Mamakos   played El Broho on The Adventures of Kit Carson tv series (1951-54), Jean Lafitte on The Adventures of Jim Bowie tv series & Absorba the Greek on My Mother the Car (1966)
born on 12-14-1918 in Somerville, Massachusetts
expired 4-27-2008 in Raso Robles, California   age 89
director  Rouben Mamoulian   directed Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932)
born on 10-8-1897 in Tiflis, Georgia, Russia (now Tbilisi, Georgia)
expired 12-4-1987 in Los Angeles, California   age 90
biographer/historian  William Manchester   best known for writing The Death of a President (1967)
born on 4-1-1922 in Attleboro, Massachusetts
expired 6-1-2004 in Middletown, Connecticut   age 82   cause: complications from strokes
tv & movie composer  Henry Mancini   wrote music for Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany's
born on 4-16-1924 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 6-14-1994 in Los Angeles, California   age 70
 Evelyn Ntoko Mandela   first wife of Nelson Mandela (1944-57)
¤née: Mase
Mrs. Simon Rakeepile 
born on --1922 in Engcobo, South Africa
expired 4-30-2004 in Johannesburg, South Africa   age 82   cause: respiratory failure
graph of the basic Mandelbrot set Yale mathematician  Benoît B. Mandelbrot   known for his work on Fractals & chaos, revisiting work done by Pierre Fatou & Gaston Julia; wrote Les Object Fractals: Formes, hasard, et Dimension (1975)
born on 11-20-1924 in Warsaw, Poland
expired 10-15-2010 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 85   cause: pancreatic cancer
   Contest Selectors
2005CSI, TBC8.7%
   Scored 6.5000 solo points

AKS: Benoit
former Field Marshall  Sam Hormusji Framji Jamshedji Manekshaw   World War II hero
¤aka: Sam Bahadur 
born on 4-3-1914 in Amritsar, Punjab, British India
expired 6-27-2008 in Wellington, Tamil Nadu, India   age 94   cause: pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 5.6000 solo points

actress  Silvana Mangano
born on 4-21-1930 in Rome, Italy
expired 12-16-1989 in Madrid, Spain   age 59
tv comedy writer  Allan S. Manings   wrote for Leave It To Beaver, Laugh-In, McHale's Navy & Petticoat Junction; co-created One Day at a Time dramedy with wife Whitney Blake; step-father of Meredith Baxter
born on 3-28-1924 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 5-12-2010 in Beverly Hills, California   age 86   cause: cardiac arrest; esophageal cancer
AKS: Mannings
former kosher food company executive  Bernard Manischewitz   grandson of company founder
born on 12-24-1913 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 9-20-2003 in Verona, New Jersey   age 89   cause: heart disease
screenwriter and producer  Herman J. Mankiewicz   produced a several Marx Brothers movies: Duck Soup (1933), Horse Feathers (1932) and Monkey Business (1931); co-wrote screenplay for Citizen Kane (1941) and Pride of the Yankees (1942); brother of Joseph L. Mankiewicz
born on 11-7-1897 in New York, New York
expired 3-5-1953 in Hollywood, California   age 55   cause: uremic poisoning
writer & director  Joseph Leo Mankiewicz   co-wrote Dipolmaniacs (1933); screenplay for Alice In Wonderland (1933); producer of Philadelphia Story (1940); wrote and directed All About Eve (1950; directing oscar); directed and wrote screenplay for Guys and Dolls (1955); directed A Letter to Three Wives (1949; directing oscar) & Cleopatra (1963)
born on 2-11-1909 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
expired 2-5-1993 in Bedford, New York   age 83   cause: heart failure
Indian chief  Wilma Pearl Mankiller   formerly Principle Chief of the Cherokee nation (1985-95)
born on 11-18-1945 in Tahlequah, Oklahoma
expired 4-6-2010 in Adair County, Oklahoma   age 64   cause: metastatic pancreatic cancer
   Contest Selectors
2003 MB5.6%

screenwriter  Cyril Wolf Mankowitz
born on 11-7-1924
expired 5-20-1998 in County Cork, Ireland   age 73   cause: cancer
former Jamaican Prime Minister (1972-80)  Michael Norman Manley   son of Norman
born on 12-10-1924 in Kingston, Jamaica
expired 3-6-1997 in Kingston, Jamaica   age 72   cause: prostate cancer
Jamaican Prime Minister (1955-62)  Norman Washington Manley   father of Michael
born on 7-4-1893 in Jamaica
expired 9-3-1969 in Kingston, Jamaica   age 76
incredibly hammy actor  Dudley Manlove   played saucer commander Eros in Plan 9 From Outer Space (1958)
born on 6-11-1914
expired 4-17-1996   age 81
screenwriter  Abby Mann   won Best adapted screnplay oscar for Judgement at Nuremberg (based upon his own 1959 original teleplay for Playhouse 90); also wrote The Marcus-Nelson Murders teleplay (1973) which became the basis for the Kojak tv series
¤born: Abraham Goodman 
born on 12-1-1924 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 3-25-2008 in Beverly Hills, California   age 83   cause: heart failure
film director  Daniel Mann   directed Teahouse of the August Moon (1956), BUtterfield 8 (1960), Our Man Flint (1965) & Willard (1971); father-in-law of Harold Ramis
¤born: Daniel Chugerman 
born on 8-8-1912 in New York, New York
expired 11-21-1991 in Los Angeles, California   age 79   cause: heart failure
tv/movie director  Delbert Martin Mann Jr.   won oscar for Marty (1955); former Directors Guild of America president (1967-71); directed the infamous made-for-tv movie Heidi (1968) — the one that pre-empted an exciting football game (Oakland beats the Jets in the final minute of play by scoring two touchdowns)
born on 1-30-1920 in Lawrence, Kansas
expired 11-11-2007 in Los Angeles, California   age 87   cause: pneumonia
 Ellergy W. Mann   founder of Tampax Inc.
expired 1-15-1956 in Mineola, New York   age 66
jazz musician  Herbie Mann
¤born: Herbert Jay Solomon 
born on 4-16-1930 in New York, New York
expired 7-1-2003 in Pecos, New Mexico   age 73   cause: prostate cancer
lyracist  Kal Mann   with Dave Appell & Bernie Lowe co-wrote The Twist (1960), Bristol Stomp and Limbo Rock
¤real name: Kalman Cohen 
born on 5-6-1917 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 11-28-2001 in Pompano Beach, Florida   age 84
novelist  Paul Thomas Mann   won the 1929 Nobel prize (literature); wrote Death In Venice
born on 6-6-1875 in Lübeck, Germany
expired 8-12-1955 in Kilchberg, Switzerland   age 80
movie producer/theater owner  Theodore "Ted" Mann   second owner of Hollywood's famous "Chinese Theater"; husband of Rhonda Fleming
born on 4-16-1916 in Wishick, North Dakota
expired 1-15-2001 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: stroke
former Little Rock, Arkansas, mayor (1956-57)  Woodrow Wilson Mann Sr.   called upon president Eisenhower to send federal troops to protect black students in the local high school (9/23/1957)
born on 11-13-1916 in Little Rock, Arkansas
expired 8-6-2002 in Houston, Texas   age 85
borscht-belt comedian  Charles "Charlie" Manna
born on 10-6-1920 in New York, New York
expired 11-9-1971 in New York, New York   age 51   cause: cancer
violinist & music educator  David Manners
born on 2-16-1866 in New York, New York
expired 4-25-1959 in New York, New York   age 83
actor  David J. Manners   appeared as Jonathan Harker in 1931 Dracula and as Katharine Hepburn's fiancé in A Bill of Divorcement (1932); ; also was in The Mummy (1932), The Black Cat (1934); gave up Hollywood in mid-1930's for life in the Mojave Desert
born on 4-30-1900 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
expired 12-23-1998 in Santa Barbara, California   age 98
singer/disc jocket  Zeke Manners   wrote The Pennsylvania Polka
¤born: Leo Ezekiel Mannes 
born on 10-10-1911 in San Francisco, California
expired 10-14-2000 in Los Angeles, California   age 89
pianist  Leopold Damrosch Mannes   co-inventor of Kodachrome slide film (1935); president of Walter W. Naumburg Foundation since 1961
born on 12-26-1899 in New York, New York
expired 8-11-1964 in Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts   age 64
Bernard Manning controversial UK "comedian"  Bernard John Manning Sr.   told lots of ethnic jokes — had lots of people riled-up
born on 8-13-1930 in Ancoats, Manchester, Lancashire, England
expired 6-18-2007 in Crumpsall, Manchester, Lancashire, England   age 76   cause: kidney failure; diabetes
actress  Rebecca Welles Manning   daughter of Rita Hayworth & Orson Welles
born on 12-17-1944 in Santa Monica, California
expired 10-17-2004 in Tacoma, Washington   age 59
film industry pioneer  Edgar J. "Eddie" Mannix   possibly-cuckolded husband of woman that George Reeves was "seeing" at the time of his mysterious death
born on --1891 in Fort Lee, New Jersey
expired 8-30-1963 in Beverly Hills, California   age 72
MASCO founder  Alex Manoogian   maked single-handled faucets
born on --1901 in Smyrna, Turkey (now Izmir)
expired 7-12-1996 in Detroit, Michigan   age 95
Sophia Loren checks-out the goodscover of the June 1963 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with model Jayne Mansfieldcover of 'Playboy' with playmate Jayne Mansfieldto April 1955 Playmate of
Monthto January 1955 Playmate of Month 1960's blond "bombshell"  Jayne Mansfield   Playboy February 1955 Playmate of Month; also appeared in February 1956, 1957 & 1958 pictorials; wife of Mickey Hargitay; mother of Jayne Marie Mansfield & Mariska Hargitay
¤born: Vera Jayne Palmer 
born on 4-19-1933 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
expired 6-29-1967 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 34   cause: trauma; mashed when auto rear-ended mosquito abatement fogging truck
former Montana Senator (1953-76) & ambassador to Japan (1977-88)  Michael Joseph "Mike" Mansfield
born on 3-16-1903 in New York, New York
expired 10-5-2001 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 98
   Contest Selectors
1980 VA6.3%
2000 ANG14%
2001 ANG12½%
   Scored 5.2000 solo points

sculptor  Paul Manship   made the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink statue Prometheus
born on 12-25-1885 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
expired 1-31-1966 in Massachusetts   age 80
harmonica player  Eddy Lawrence Manson   played the harmonica solo in Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffany's)
born on 5-9-1919
expired 7-12-1996 in Culver City, California   age 77
baseball star  Mickey Charles Mantle Sr.
born on 10-20-1931 in Spavinaw, Oklahoma
expired 8-13-1995 in Dallas, Texas   age 63
   Contest Selectors
1979 HP7.7%

baseball star  Mickey Charles Mantle Jr.   had played minor league baseball
born on 4-12-1953
expired 12-20-2000 in Dallas, Texas   age 47   cause: skin cancer
syrupy music-maker  Annunzio Paolo Mantovani
born on 11-5-1905 in Venice, Italy
expired 3-29-1980 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England   age 74
noted Turkish Madam  Matilde Manukyan   ran 32 brothels
expired 2-16-2001 in Istanbul, Turkey   age 87   cause: heart failure; complications from injuries sustained in car bomb explosion
AKS: Matild
yv producer  Martin Ellyot Manulis   was the producer of Playhouse 90 & executive producer of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis
born on 5-30-1915 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 9-28-2007 in Los Angeles, California   age 92
Washington Senators Hall-of-Fame player  Heinie Manush
born on 7-20-1901 in Tuscumbia, Alabama
expired 5-12-1971 in Sarasota, Florida   age 69   cause: cancer
Johns-Manville asbestos fortune heir  Thomas Franklyn "Tommy" Manville Jr.   married 11 women 13 times
born on 4-9-1894
expired 10-8-1967 in Chappaqua, New York   age 73
character actor  Ralph Manza   played Jay Drury, Banacek's chauffeur
born on 12-1-1921 in San Francisco, California
expired 1-31-2000 in Encinitas, California   age 78   cause: complications from heart attack
dictator of the People's Republic of China  Mao Tse-Tung   spent most of World War II running from Chinese Nationalist forces; led Communist forces in the Chinese Civil War following WWII; poured cannon fodder into the Korean War; made the Great Leap Forward in an ass-backward way, leading to mass starvation; really screwed the country with his Cultural Revolution; married to the shrewish, scheming and manipulative Jiang Qing; made life miserable for just about every country around China
born on 12-26-1893 in Shaoshan, Hunan Province, China
expired 9-9-1976 in Beijing, China   age 82   cause: complications from Parkinson's disease
photographer  Robert Mapplethorpe   produced pornography in the name of "art"
born on 11-4-1946 in New York, New York
expired 3-9-1989 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 42   cause: AIDS
 Ratu Sir Kapaiwai Tuimacilai Mara   first prime minister of Fiji (1966-87)
born on 5-6-1920 in Vanuabalavu, Lau Archipeligo, Fiji
expired 4-18-2004 in Suva, Fiji   age 83   cause: complications from stroke
legal bookie  Timothy James Mara   owner/founded New York Giants football team (1925-59)
born on 7-29-1887 in New York, New York
expired 2-16-1959 in New York, New York   age 71
NY Giants co-owner  Wellington Timothy Mara
born on 8-14-1916 in New York, New York
expired 10-25-2005 in Rye, New York   age 89   cause: cancer of the lymph nodes
Apartheid proponent  Jaap Marais   co-founded the South African Herstigte Nasionale Party (1969)
born on 11-2-1922
expired 8-8-2000 in Johannesburg, South Africa   age 77
pioneering audiophile  Saul Bernard Marantz   founded the electronics company that bears his name
born on 7-7-1911 in New York, New York
expired 1-16-1997 in Somerville, New Jersey   age 85
basketball player  Peter Press Maravich
¤nickname: "Pistol Pete
born on 6-28-1948 in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
expired 1-5-1988 in Pasadena, California   age 39
1930's tennis star  Alice Marble
born on 9-28-1913 in Plumas City, California
expired 12-13-1990 in Palm Springs, California   age 77
famous mime  Marcel Marceau   spawned legions of talentless but annoying imitators
¤born: Marcel Mangel 
born on 3-22-1923 in Strasbourg, France
expired 9-22-2007 in Cahors, France   age 84
   Contest Selectors
2005SLIM, SPIT8.7%
2007AUDC, SPIT6.5%
   Scored 5.3500 points

actor  Fredric March   Academy award-winning actor for roles in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932) and The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)
¤born: Frederick McIntyre Bickel 
born on 8-31-1897 in Racine, Wisconsin
expired 4-14-1975 in Los Angeles, California   age 77   cause: cancer
tv emcee  Hal March   hosted several game shows including The $64,000 Question
¤born: Harold Mendelson 
born on 4-22-1920 in San Francisco, California
expired 1-19-1970 in Los Angeles, California   age 49
actress  Nancy Marchand   played Marty's girlfriend Clara in tv production (1953), Mrs. Margaret Pinchon on Lou Grant tv series (won four Emmies for role) and family matriarch Livia Soprano on HBO cable series
born on 6-19-1928 in Buffalo, New York
expired 6-18-2000 in Stratford, Connecticut   age 71   cause: lung cancer; emphysema
   Contest Selectors
2000 TEX14%
   Scored 7.9000 solo points

former National Brewing Co. master brewer  Peter J. Marcher Jr.   came up with the formulation for Colt 45 Malt Liquor
born on 2-10-1918 in Fort Wayne, Indiana
expired 2-2-2011 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania   age 92   cause: pneumonia
This books tells it all! pioneering movie felatrix  Linda Boreman Marchiano   star of 1972 Watergate thriller Deep Throat; taught Monica everything she knows; did April 1973 & February 1975 Playboy pictorials
¤aka: Linda Lovelace
born: Linda Susan Boreman 
born on 1-10-1949 in New York, New York
expired 4-22-2002 in Denver, Colorado   age 53   cause: disconnected from life support; suffered brain death from injuries sustained in 4/3 car crash
 Italo Marchiony   claimed to have invented the ice cream cone in 1896
expired 7-27-1954 in Cliffside Park, New Jersey   age 86
heavyweight boxing champion (1952-56)  Rocky Marciano
¤born: Rocco Francis Marchegiano 
born on 9-1-1923 in Brockton, Massachusetts
expired 8-31-1969 in Des Moines, Iowa   age 45   cause: airplane crash
obscure character actor  Paul Marco   a Hollywood High School graduate; played Patrolman Kelton in Bride of the Monster (1955), Night of the Ghouls (1959) & Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959); also worked as a property master at Paramount; was founder & president of his own fan club
¤born: Angelo Inzalaco 
born on 6-10-1927 in Los Angeles, California
expired 5-14-2006 in Hollywood, California   age 78
1909 Nobel physics laureate  Guglielmo Marconi   invented spark-gap wireless telegraphy (1895)
born on 4-25-1874 in Bologna, Italy
expired 7-20-1937 in Rome, Italy   age 63
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in August 1987 former Philippine dictator  Ferdinand Edralin Marcos Sr.
born on 9-11-1917 in Sarrat, Philippines
expired 9-28-1989 in Honolulu, Hawaii   age 72
   Contest Selectors
1979 HFS, HP15.4%
1980 DW6.3%

actress  Beatrice Marcus   second person to do Life Call (now Response) commericals ("I've fallen and I can't get up")
born on 6-24-1912
expired 9-17-2000 in Portland, Oregon   age 88
Department store heir  Edward S. Marcus   son of Herbert; brother of Stanley & Lawrence
born on 10-13-1909 in Dallas, Texas
expired 4-4-1977 in Dallas, Texas   age 67
retailer  Harold Stanley Marcus   chairman of Neiman-Marcus (1977-2002); son of co-founder
born on 4-20-1905 in Dallas, Texas
expired 1-22-2002 in Dallas, Texas   age 96   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
2000 TEX14%
2001 TEX12½%
2002 TMTX9.1%
   Scored 5.4000 solo points

retailer  Herbert Marcus Sr.   co-founder and president of Neiman-Marcus Co.
expired 12-11-1950 in Dallas, Texas   age 72
rabid Marxist  Herbert Marcuse
born on 7-19-1898 in Berlin, Germany
expired 7-29-1979 in Starnberg, Germany   age 81   cause: stroke
Muscle Beach bodybuilder, gym owner & weight machine inventor  Walter Marcyan   developed the "Marcyan Machine" (1960s)
born on 8-21-1913 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 9-6-2007 in Escondido, California   age 94
former head of Justice Department's Internal Security Division (1970-72)  Robert Charles Mardian   blabbed confidential information about Daniel Ellsberg & Thomas Eagleton during 1973 Watergate hearings
born on 10-23-1923 in Pasadena, California
expired 7-17-2006 in San Clemente, California   age 82   cause: lung cancer
pro wrassler  Joseph "Joey" Marella   the son of "Gorilla Monsoon"
expired 7-4-1994 in Burlington, New Jersey   age 30   cause: car accident; fell asleep at wheel
former pro wrassler  Robert Marella
¤aka: "Gorilla Monsoon
born on 6-4-1937 in Rochester, New York
expired 10-5-1999 in Willingboro, New Jersey   age 62   cause: kidney failure, heart ailments, diabetes
 Princess Margaret Rose   sister of Queen Elizabeth II
born on 8-21-1930 in Glamis, Scotland
expired 2-9-2002 in London, England   age 71   cause: heart problems following a stroke
   Contest Selectors
2000 TEX14%
2001 BOD, DTM25%
2002 BOD, DTM, JL, TMTX36.4%
   Scored 5.7125 points

actress  Janet Margolin
born on 7-25-1943 in New York, New York
expired 12-18-1993   age 50
producer  Stan Margulies   produced Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines (1965); co-produced Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971), Roots (1977) & The Thorn Birds (1983)
born on 12-14-1920 in New York, New York
expired 2-27-2001 in Los Angeles, California   age 80   cause: throat cancer
former Italian  Queen Maria-José of Savoy   widow of Umberto II
born on 8-4-1906 in Belgium
expired 1-27-2001 in Geneva, Switzerland   age 94
movie director  Edwin L. Marin   directed A Christmas Carol (1938)
born on 2-21-1899 in Jersey City, New Jersey
expired 5-2-1951 in Los Angeles, California   age 52
pathologist  David Marine   discovered iodine treatment for non-inflatable goiters
born on 9-20-1880
expired 11-26-1976 in Lewes, Delaware   age 96
World War II soviet submarine commander  Alexander Ivanovich Marinesko   as captain of the S-13 caused two of the greatest maritime disasters in history when he torpedoed the Wilhelm Gustloff (1-31-1945 with a loss of 9,600+ lives) & the General von Steuben (2-10-1945 with a loss of 4,500+ lives)
born on 1-15-1913 in Ukraine, Russia
expired 11-25-1963   age 50   cause: cancer
media baron  Roberto Marinho   owner of Brazil's Organizaces Globo newspaper/radio//tv conglomerate
born on 12-3-1904 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
expired 8-6-2003 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   age 98
chemist  Jacob Akiba Marinsky   with Glendenin & Coryell discovered element 61 — Promethium (1944)
born on 4-11-1918 in Buffalo, New York
expired 9-1-2005 in Buffalo, New York   age 87   cause: multiple myeloma
AKS: Marinski
movie screen writer  Frances Marion   won two Academy awards (for The Big House (1930) and The Champ (1931)); also wrote Camille, Anna Christie, Dinner at Eight, Stella Dallas and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm
born on 11-18-1888 in San Francisco, California
expired 5-12-1973 in Los Angeles, California   age 86
N.Y. Yankees slugger  Roger Eugene Maris   held baseball single-season home run record from 1961 to 1998
born on 9-10-1934 in Hibbing, Minnesota
expired 12-14-1985 in Houston, Texas   age 51
polymer chemist  Herman Francis Mark
born on 5-3-1895 in Vienna, Austria
expired 4-6-1992 in Austin, Texas   age 96
talent agent  James Mark
born on 7-10-1908
expired 1-17-1992   age 83
newspaper man  Lester Markel   edited the Sunday New York Times for 41 years (1923-64)
born on 1-9-1894 in New York, New York
expired 10-23-1977 in New York, New York   age 83   cause: cancer
Syntex cofounder  Russell E. Marker   pioneered the use of progesterone in contraceptives
born on 3-12-1902
expired 3-3-1995   age 92
 Russell Markert   founded & choreographed the Radio City Music Hall's Rockettes (1925-64)
born on 8-8-1899 in Jersey City, New Jersey
expired 12-1-1990 in Waterbury, Connecticut   age 91
conductor  Igor Markevitch
born on 7-27-1912 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia
expired 3-9-1983 in Antibes, France   age 70
actress  Enid Markey   in 1918 was first to portray Jane in the movies (opposite Elmo Lincoln's Tarzan)
¤Mrs. George W. Cobb 
born on 2-22-1890 in Dillon, Colorado
expired 11-15-1981 in Bay Shore, New York   age 91   cause: heart attack
 Dewey M. "Pigmeat" Markham   originated the phrase "order in the court 'cuz here come da judge"
born on 4-18-1904 in Durham, North Carolina
expired 12-13-1981 in New York, New York   age 77   cause: stroke
Checker Cab Co. founder (1922) & president  Morris Markin
born on 7-15-1892
expired 7-7-1970 in Kalamazoo, Michigan   age 77   cause: heart attack
tv writer, director & producer  Fletcher Markle
born on 3-27-1921 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
expired 5-22-1991   age 70
exiled dissident  Georgi Ivanov Markov   target of successful Bulgarian State Security assassination plot — a ricin-laced pellet was shot into his leg from the tip of an umbrella
born on 3-1-1929 in Sofia, Bulgaria
expired 9-11-1978 in London, England   age 49   cause: poisoned
ballerina Dame  Alicia Markova
¤born: Lillian Alicia Marks 
born on 12-1-1910 in London, England
expired 12-2-2004 in Bath, Somerset, England   age 94
ex-Miss America honcho  Albert A. Marks Jr.
born on 12-19-1912
expired 9-24-1989   age 76
Tin Pan Alley composer  Gerald Marks   co-wrote All of Me (1931); epitaph on his urn reads "All of Me"
born on 10-13-1900 in Saginaw, Michigan
expired 1-27-1997 in New York, New York   age 96
character actor  Guy Marks   had 1960s novelty hit Loving You Has Made Me Bananas
¤born: Mario Scarpa 
born on 10-31-1923 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 11-15-1987 in Brigantine, New Jersey   age 64
songwriter & lyricist  John David "Johnny" Marks   wrote Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer
born on 11-10-1909 in Mount Vernon, New York
expired 9-3-1985 in New York, New York   age 75
World War II code designer  Leopold Samuel Marks
born on 9-24-1920 in London, England
expired 1-15-2001   age 80
inventor  Peter Markus   inventor-of-record of the inflatable life vest (1928)
born on --1885 in Minnesota
expired ??-??-1973   age 88
Tulsa World editorial cartoonist  Doug Marlette   won Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning (1988); wrote/drew the Kudzu comic strip (1981-2007)
born on 12-6-1949 in Greensboro, North Carolina
expired 7-10-2007 in Holly Springs, Marshall County, Mississippi   age 57   cause: car crash
reggae star  Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley   leader of The Wailers; Rastafarian who smoked way too much ganja
born on 2-6-1945 in Rhoden Hall, Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica
expired 5-11-1981 in Miami, Florida   age 36   cause: brain cancer
   Contest Selectors
1979 MM7.7%

actor  Hugh Marlowe   played Tom Stevens in Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) & Dr. Russel A. Marvin in Earth vs. the Flying Saucers
¤born: Hugh Herbert Hipple 
born on 1-30-1911 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 5-2-1982 in New York, New York   age 71   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
1979 RR7.7%

harpsichord virtuoso  Sylvia Marlowe
¤born: Sylvia Sapira
Mrs. Leonid Berman 
born on 9-26-1908 in New York, New York
expired 12-10-1981 in New York, New York   age 73   cause: emphysema
early Bebop pianist  Michael "Dodo" Marmarosa
born on 12-12-1925 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 9-17-2002 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 76   cause: heart attack
actor/director  Christian Marquand   played Antoine in And God Created Woman (1956); directed Candy (1968)
born on 3-15-1927 in Marseilles, France
expired 11-22-2000 in Paris, France   age 73
movie director  Richard Marquand   directed Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi (1983) and Jagged Edge (1985)
born on 9-22-1938 in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
expired 9-4-1987 in London, England   age 48
Hall-of-Fame pitcher  Richard "Rube" Marquard   had 19 consecutive victories for the N.Y. Giants (1912)
born on 10-9-1889 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 6-1-1980 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 90   cause: cancer
"Necessary Evil" B-29 pilot  George William Marquardt   flew plane that photographed Hiroshima bombing
born on 7-14-1919 in Princeton, Kentucky
expired 8-15-2003 in Murray, Utah   age 84   cause: complications from Parkinson's disease
father (Pere) & missionary  Jacques Marquette   first European man (along with Louis Jolliet) to travel down the Mississippi River (1672); founded several missions in the western Great Lakes region; cities and universities are named after him; the Pere Marquette historical site is at St. Ignace, Michigan
born on 6-1-1637 in Laon, L'Aisne, France
expired 5-18-1675 in Buttersville, Michigan   age 37
death row inmate  Mario Marquez
born on 8-22-1958
expired 1-17-1995   age 36
founder and early editor of Who's Who in America  Albert Nelson Marquis
born on 1-12-1854 in Brown County, Ohio
expired 12-21-1943 in Evanston, Illinois   age 89
former pro golfer and tv commentator  David F. "Dave" Marr
born on 12-27-1933 in Houston, Texas
expired 10-5-1997 in Houston, Texas   age 63   cause: cancer
actress  Sally Marr   Lenny Bruce's mom
¤born: Sadie Kitchenberg
aka: "Sally Marsalle," "Boots Malloy" 
born on 12-30-1906 in Jamaica, New York
expired 12-14-1997 in Los Angeles, California   age 90   cause: heart failure
AKS: Kitchenburg
 Alice Sheets Marriott   widow of J. Willard Sr.
born on 10-19-1907 in Salt Lake City, Utah
expired 4-17-2000 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 92
hotel chain founder  John Willard Marriott Sr.
born on 9-17-1900 in Marriott, Utah
expired 8-13-1985 in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire   age 84
rock musician  Stephen Peter "Steve" Marriott
born on 1-30-1947 in London, England
expired 4-20-1991   age 44
irascible candy magnate  Forest Edward Mars Sr.   invented M&Ms (named for a co-venture with Hershey Chocolate's president William F.R. Murrie --- Mars & Murrie); invented Uncle Ben's Rice
born on 3-21-1904
expired 7-1-1999 in Miami, Florida   age 95
Producers "playwright"  Kenneth Mars   was Franz Liebkind, author of the play-within-the-movie Springtime for Hitler (1968; in The Producers); also played Colyus on the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Shadowplay" (1994)
born on 4-4-1935 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 2-12-2011 in Granada Hills, California   age 75   cause: pancreatic cancer
mathematician  Henri Paul Marsac
born on 7-8-1904 in Nancy, France
expired 8-13-2008 in Paris, Île-de-France, France   age 104
family patriarch  Ellis L. Marsalis Sr.
born on 4-16-1907 in Summit, Mississippi
expired 9-19-2004 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 97
economic theorist  Jacob Marschak   helped develop the field of econometrics
born on 7-23-1898
expired 7-27-1977 in Los Angeles, California   age 79
astronomer & comet tracker  Brian Geoffrey Marsden   was the Director of the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (1968-2000) and the Minor Planet Center (1978-2006)
born on 8-5-1937 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
expired 11-18-2010 in Burlington, Massachusetts   age 73   cause: bone marrow disease
actress  Joan Marsh
¤born: Nancy Ann Rosher 
born on 7-10-1913 in Porterville, California
expired 8-10-2000 in Ojai, California   age 87
silent screen actress  Mae Marsh   played Flora in Birth of a Nation
born on 11-19-1895 in Madrid, New Mexico
expired 2-13-1968 in Hermosa Beach, California   age 72
The Defenders actor  Everett Gunnar Marshall
born on 6-18-1910 in Owatonna, Minnesota
expired 8-24-1998 in Bedford, New York   age 88
Anna Nicole arch-nemesis  Everett Pierce Marshall   his battle with the floozie is over; the estate's battle with her estate drags on, and on, and on, ...
born on 1-12-1939 in Dallas, Texas
expired 6-20-2006   age 67   cause: infection
U.S. Army World War II chief of staff  George Catlett Marshall   won the 1953 Nobel Peace prize for The Marshall Plan
born on 12-31-1880 in Uniontown, Pennsylvania
expired 10-16-1959 in Bethesda, Maryland   age 78
prolific film director  George E. Marshall   made over 400 films between 1913 and 1975, including you Can't Cheat an Honest Man (1939)
born on 12-29-1891 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 2-17-1975 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: pneumonia
movie actor  Herbert Marshall
born on 5-23-1890 in London, England
expired 1-22-1966 in Beverly Hills, California   age 75
drumer/drum teacher  James Charles "Jim" Marshall   inventor of the ubiquitous rock & roll amplifier
born on 7-29-1923 in Acton, West London, England
expired 4-5-2012 in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England   age 88
doddering sugar daddy  James Howard Marshall II   subject of much pre & post-mortum litigation
¤aka: Mr. Anna Nicole Smith 
born on 1-24-1905 in Germantown, Pennsylvania
expired 8-6-1995   age 90
industrialist  Laurence K. Marshall   Raytheon co-founder (with Vannevar Bush & C.G. Smith)
born on 5-18-1889 in Medford, Massachusetts
expired 11-5-1980 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 91
Titanic survivor  Robertha Josephine "Bertha" Marshall
¤née: Watt 
born on 9-11-1899 in Aberdeen, Scotland
expired 3-4-1993 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada   age 93
Wilson vice president (1913-21)  Thomas Riley Marshall   famous for quote "What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar."
born on 3-14-1854 in North Manchester, Indiana
expired 6-1-1925 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 71
retired Supreme Court Associate Justice (1967-91)  Thurgood Marshall
born on 7-2-1908 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 1-24-1993 in Bethesda, Maryland   age 84
   Contest Selectors
1980 DH, JH12.5%

three-decade stage actor  Tully Marshall   started doing movies in 1915, wound up doing over 100
¤real name: William Phillips 
born on 4-13-1864 in Nevada City, California
expired 3-10-1943 in Encino, California   age 78
imposing actor  William Marshall   portrayed Blackula on the big screen (1972) & Dr. Richard Daystrom on the small screen (1966; original Star Trek tv series episode The Ultimate Computer)
born on 8-19-1924 in Gary, Indiana
expired 6-11-2003 in Los Angeles, California   age 78   cause: heart attack; Alzheimer's disease
actress  Zena Moyra Marshall   played Miss Taro in Dr. No (1962) & Countess Sophia Ponticelli in Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965)
born on 1-1-1926 in Nairobi, Kenya
expired 7-10-2009 in London, England   age 83   cause: cancer
AKS: Xena
former Cleveland attorney  Homer H. Marshman   founded Cleveland Rams (1937; named after Jim CrowleyFordham team); sold team in 1941
born on 8-3-1898 in Ohio
expired 11-15-1989 in Palm Beach, Florida   age 91
former Pasadena (CA) orthodontist  James Carlyle Marsters   co-developer of the deaf teletype (TTY) service (1964)
born on 4-5-1924 in Norwich, New York
expired 7-28-2009 in Oakland, California   age 85
"Hole-in-the-Wall" bandit  Joe Marsters   last known survivor of Butch Cassidy's gang
born on 12-31-1894
expired 5-15-1978 in Doyle, California   age 83
B.S. "psychologist"  William Moulton Marston   invented one of the greatest frauds of the 20th century, the "lie detector", in 1915; created Wonder Woman comic character (first drawn by Harry G. Peter)
born on 3-9-1893 in Cliftondale, Massachusetts
expired 5-2-1947 in Rye, New York   age 54
Cuban Revolutionary Party founder (1892)  Jose Julian Marti y Perez
born on 1-28-1853 in Havana, Cuba
expired 5-19-1895 in Dos Rios, Cuba   age 42   cause: battle wounds
next-to-last Civil War veteran widow  Alberta Stewart Martin   her second husband was a private in the Confederate Army; married him 12-10-1927 when she was a 21 year old widow & he was an 81 year old coot (but he still managed to knock her up); after his death she married his grandson Charlie
born on 12-4-1906 in Danley's Crossroads, Alabama
expired 5-31-2004 in Enterprise, Alabama   age 97   cause: complications from heart attack
   Contest Selectors
2002JAC, JL18.2%
2003COCO, JL, KLS, PCD22.2%
2004KLS, PCD11.1%
   Scored 4.0500 points

baseball manager  Alfred Manuel "Billy" Martin
born on 5-16-1928 in Berkeley, California
expired 12-25-1989   age 61   cause: vehicle crash
   Contest Selectors
1979 JH7.7%

1952 Nobel chemistry laureate Dr.  Archer John Porter Martin   co-developed partition chromatography
born on 3-1-1910 in London, England
expired 7-28-2002 in Llangarron, Herefordshire, England   age 92   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
to May 1964 Playmate of Monthto March 1964 Playmate of Month Playboy April 1964 Playmate of Month  Ashlyn Martin   her first first magazine was in a July 1963 Bunnies of Chicago pictorial
¤real name: Laura Lynn Hale 
born on 3-20-1946 in London, England
expired 1-1-1989+   age 42   cause: suicide
former NYC cop  Barney Martin   became a character actor; played Herman Göring in The Producers (1968); was the third actor to play Morty Seinfeld on the Seinfeld tv sitcom
born on 3-3-1923 in New York, New York
expired 3-21-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 82   cause: cancer
transplant recipient  Cynthia R. "Cindy" Martin
born on 10-4-1963
expired 3-26-1990   age 26
former Matt Helm actor & celebrity lush  Dean Martin Sr.   once partnered with Jerry Lewis in 1940s & 50s comedy act
¤born: Dino Paul Crocetti 
born on 6-17-1917 in Steubenville, Ohio
expired 12-25-1995 in Beverly Hills, California   age 78
   Contest Selectors
1979 HFS7.7%
1980 VA6.3%

 Dean Paul Martin Jr.   in rock band Dino, Desi & Billy
born on 11-17-1951 in Santa Monica, California
expired 3-21-1987 in Mount San Gorgonio, California   age 35   cause: plane crash
former MAD Magazine cartoonist (1956-87)  Don E. Martin
born on 5-18-1931 in Passaic, New Jersey
expired 1-6-2000 in Miami, Florida   age 68   cause: cancer
journalist/author  Faith Trumbull McNulty Martin   wrote The Burning Bed (1980)
¤née: Corrigan 
born on 11-28-1918 in New York, New York
expired 4-10-2005 in Wakefield, Rhode Island   age 86   cause: complications from stroke
aviation pioneer  Glenn Luther Martin   founded company that is now part of Martin-Marietta
born on 1-17-1886 in Macksburg, Iowa
expired 12-4-1955 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 69
former Dallas Cowboy  Harvey O. Martin   Super Bowl XII co-MVP
born on 11-16-1950 in Dallas, Texas
expired 12-24-2001 in Grapevine, Texas   age 51   cause: pancreatic cancer
songwriter  Hugh Martin   wrote Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas & The Trolley Song; with Ralph Blaine wrote music for Meet Me in St. Louis
born on 8-11-1914 in Birmingham, Alabama
expired 3-11-2011 in Encinitas, California   age 96
bluegrass singer/guitarist  James Henry "Jimmy" Martin
born on 8-10-1927 in Sneedville, Tennessee
expired 5-14-2005 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 77   cause: congestive heart failure; bladder cancer
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 7.3000 solo points

legendary 1950s rockabilly singer  Janis Darlene Martin
¤Mrs. Wayne Whitt 
born on 3-27-1940 in Sutherlin, Virginia
expired 9-3-2007 in Durham, North Carolina   age 67   cause: cancer
baseball player  John Leonard Roosevelt "Pepper" Martin   played outfield and third base with the St. Louis Cardinals "Gashouse Gang" (1928-44)
born on 2-29-1904 in Temple, Oklahoma
expired 3-5-1965 in McAlester, Oklahoma   age 61
very tall person  Joseph Lockard "Lock" Martin Jr.   stood 7'7"; was the doorman at Grauman's Chinese Theater when "discovered"; played the role of the robot Gort in The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951)
born on 10-12-1916 in Pennsylvania
expired 1-19-1959 in Los Angeles, California   age 42
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in October 1983 with rest of the `Hill Street Blues' cast/crew actor  Kiel Martin
born on 7-26-1945 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 12-28-1990 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 45
country singer  Lecil Travis Martin
¤aka: "Boxcar Willie
born on 9-1-1931 in Sterrett, Texas
expired 4-12-1999 in Branson, Missouri   age 67   cause: leukemia
Dr.  Louis Martin   co-discoverer of diphtheria serum
expired 6-13-1956 in Paris, France   age 82
actress  Mary Martin   mother of Larry Hagman; played Maria von Trapp in Broadway production of The Sound of Music (1959)
born on 12-1-1913 in Weatherford, Texas
expired 11-3-1990 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 76
   Contest Selectors
1980 BD6.3%

tv producer  Quinn Martin   created The Fugitive tv series (1963-67), Barnaby Jones & Cannon
¤born: Martin Cohn 
born on 5-22-1922 in New York, New York
expired 8-6-1987 in Rancho Santa Fe, California   age 65
tv actor  Ross Martin   played Artemis Gordon on Wild, Wild West tv series
¤born: Martin Rosenblatt 
born on 3-22-1920 in Grodek, Poland
expired 7-3-1981 in Ramona, California   age 61   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
1980 HP6.3%

character actor  Strother Martin Jr.   played the prison warden in Cool Hand Luke (1967); "What we have here is a failure to communicate."
born on 3-26-1919 in Kokomo, Indiana
expired 8-1-1980 in Thousand Oaks, California   age 61   cause: heart attack
Dan, Dick & the (flying) Fickle Finger of Fate awardinterviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in October 1969 Laugh-In comedian (1968-73)  Thomas Richard "Dick" Martin Sr.   half of Rowan and Martin comedy team; lost a lung to tuberculosis as a teen; had been married to Dolly Read
born on 1-30-1922 in Battle Creek, Michigan
expired 5-24-2008 in Santa Monica, California   age 86   cause: respiratory failure
   Contest Selectors
2008DGW, 4GUE6.3%
   Scored 5.1500 points

Baptist minister  Warren Homer Martin   lead 1937 sit-down strikes as first president of the UAW
expired 1-22-1968 in Los Angeles, California   age 66
Confederate rebel  William Jasper Martin   a private in Company K, 4th Alabama Infantry Regiment; at 81 fathered a son by a 21 year old
born on --1845
expired 7-8-1931   age 86
former Federal Reserve chairman (1951-70)  William McChesney Martin
born on 12-17-1906 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 7-27-1998 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 91
Texas death row inmate  Alexander Rey Martinez
¤number 999438 
born on 6-16-1976
expired 6-7-2005 in Huntsville, Texas   age 28   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2005ADWC, BOD, DTM, PCD, QKU, RIE26.1%
   Scored 9.7781 points

former UC Berkeley student  Andrew Martinez   walked around campus naked until Berkeley banned nudity; not to be confused with the "naked fat guy" on Survivor; at time of death was in jail on felony battery & assault with a deadly weapon charges
¤aka: "the naked guy" 
born on 11-15-1972
expired 5-17-2006 in San Jose, California   age 33   cause: suicide; plastic bag over head
acting Nicaraguan president (10/1923-1/1/1925)  Bartolomé Martínez
born on --1860
expired ??-??-1936   age 76
purported supergeezer  Benito Martinez Abrogan   purported to have been oldest person in Cuba (emigrated in 1910)
born on 6-19-1880 in Cavaellon, Haiti
expired 10-11-2006 in Ciego de Avila, Cuba   age 126
Texas death row inmate  David Martinez
born on 5-9-1972
expired 2-4-2009 in Huntsville, Texas   age 36   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 9.0563 points

Texas death row inmate  James Edward Martinez
born on 6-9-1974
expired 3-10-2009 in Huntsville, Texas   age 34   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 9.2563 points

character actor  Jose A. "Tony" Martinez   played ranch hand Pepino García on the Real McCoys tv series (1957-63); did 2,245 performances as Sancho Panza in various productions of Man of La Mancha; directed The Brick Doll House exploitation flick (1967)
born on 1-27-1920 in Puerto Rico
expired 9-16-2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 82
Texas death row inmate  Virgil Euristi Martinez
born on 12-12-1967
expired 1-28-2009 in Huntsville, Texas   age 41   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 8.4391 points

singer  Al Martino   played Johnny Fontane in The Godfather Parts I & III (1972/1990)
¤born: "Jasper Cini" «or» "Alfred Cini" 
born on 10-7-1927 in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 10-13-2009 in Springfield, Delaware County, Pennsylvania   age 82
orchestra conductor  Jean Martinon
born on 1-10-1910 in Lyon, France
expired 3-1-1976 in Paris, France   age 66
1974 Nobel literature co-laureate  Harry Edmund Martinson
born on 5-6-1904 in Jämshög, Blekinge, Sweden
expired 2-11-1978 in Stockholm, Stockholms läns, Sweden   age 73   cause: complications from suicide attempt; botched seppuku (self-disembowelment)
Czech composer  Bohuslav Martinu
born on 12-8-1890 in Policka, Bohemia
expired 8-28-1959 in Liestal, Switzerland   age 68
Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta
Lúcia, Francisco & Jacinta (photographed July 13, 1917)
child shepherd  Francisco Marto   with sibling Jacinta & cousin Lúcia witnessed the 1917 "Fátima miracle"
born on 6-11-1908 in Aljustrel, Fatima Parish, Portugal
expired 4-4-1919 in Aljustrel, Fatima Parish, Portugal   age 10   cause: bronchial pneumonia; Spanish Influenza
AKS: Fatima Martos Francois François
Fátima witness  Jacinta Marto   witnessed the "miracle" with brother & cousin
born on 3-11-1910 in Aljustrel, Fatima Parish, Portugal
expired 2-20-1920 in Lisbon, Portugal   age 9   cause: pleurisy; pneumonia; Spanish Influenza
AKS: FatimaJacinto Jacinthe Martos
director  Andrew Marton   co-directed King Solomon's Mines (1950)
¤born: Endre Márton 
born on 1-26-1904 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 1-7-1992 in Santa Monica, California   age 87
animal wrangler  Robert "Bob" Martwick   discovered Morris the Cat & helped discover Spuds MacKenzie
expired 8-26-2001 in Lombard, Illinois   age 75   cause: pulmonary fibrosis
communist troublemaker  Andre Marty   insigated 1919 French sailor mutiny in Black Sea; served as military advisor to Russia during Russo-Finnish War
expired 11-23-1956 in Toulouse, France   age 70
Columbian terrorist/guerrilla leader  Manuel Marulanda Vélez   headed the "Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia" (Farc)
¤real name: Pedro Antonio Marín
aka: "Tirofijo" 
born on 5-12-1928 in Quindio, West-Central Columbia
expired 3-26-2008 in Columbia   age 79   cause: heart failure
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 1969 actor  Lee Marvin   got stung by the first "palimony" lawsuit when his live-in girlfriend got dumped — you play, you pay
born on 2-19-1924 in New York, New York
expired 8-29-1987 in Tucson, Arizona   age 63   cause: heart attack
 Michelle Triola Marvin   former live-in lover of Lee Marvin who sued for $1,800,000 in "palimony", was awarded $104,000 but lost that on appeal; since 1977 was "involved" with Dick Van Dyke (they had a contract)
born on 11-13-1933 in Los Angeles, California
expired 10-30-2009 in Malibu, California   age 75   cause: lung cancer
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   Scored 7.5000 solo points

"silent" brother  Adolph "Harpo" Marx   played the harp and piano; did wonderful pantomines
born on 11-23-1888 in New York, New York
expired 9-28-1964 in Hollywood, California   age 75
author, tv & movie writer  Arthur Julius Marx   was the son of Groucho
born on 7-21-1921 in Manhattan, New York, New York
expired 4-14-2011 in Los Angeles, California   age 89
 Herbert "Zeppo" Marx   the "who cares" member of the team; one-time husband of Barbara Blakey
born on 2-25-1901 in New York, New York
expired 12-13-1979 in Palm Springs, California   age 78
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1979 DO, MS15.4%
   Scored 3 points

interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in March 1974 master of the insult  Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx   starred in numerous film comedies: as Captain Geoffrey T. Spaulding in Cocoanuts ("Hooray"), Fredonia leader Rufus T. Firefly in Duck Soup and A Day at the Races; also starred on a popular radio and tv quiz show You Bet Your Life; given nickname by Art Fisher
born on 10-2-1890 in New York, New York
expired 8-19-1977 in Los Angeles, California   age 86
cause of much worldwide misery  Karl Heinrich Marx   wrote The Communist Manifesto (1848)
born on 5-5-1818 in Trier, Prussia
expired 3-14-1883 in London, England   age 64
 Leonard "Chico" Marx   usually played the trouble instigator
born on 3-21-1887 in New York, New York
expired 10-11-1961 in Hollywood, California   age 74
"forgotten" Marx brother  Milton "Gummo" Marx   original comedy team member who became business manager and agent in Hollywood
born on 10-23-1892 in New York, New York
expired 4-21-1977 in Palm Springs, California   age 84
lawyer  Robert S. Marx   founder and first commander of the Disabled American Veterans organization
expired 9-5-1960 in Charlevoix, Michigan   age 71
movie story editor  Samuel Marx
born on 1-26-1902 in New York, New York
expired 3-2-1992   age 90
1930s movie actress  Susan Fleming Marx   Harpo's widow
born on 2-19-1909 in New York, New York
expired 12-22-2002   age 93   cause: heart attack
to next English ruler: Elizabeth Ito previous English ruler: Lady Jane Grey English Queen (1553-1558)  Mary I   daughter of Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon; virulently anti-Protestant
¤aka: "Bloody Mary" 
born on 2-18-1516 in Greenwich, England
expired 11-17-1558 in London, England   age 42
to next English ruler: Anneto previous English ruler: James II joint English monarch (1689-1694)  Mary II   oldest daughter of James II; ruled with William III (1689-1694)
born on --1662
expired 12-28-1694   age 32   cause: smallpox
Scottish monarch  Mary Queen of Scots   assumed throne at age 6 (days); mother of James I; sentenced to execution by Elizabeth I
¤born: Mary Stuart 
born on 12-7-1542 in Linlithgow, Scotland
expired 2-8-1587 in Fotheringhay Castle, England   age 44   cause: beheaded
Japanese prime minister (1978-80)  Masayoshi Ohira
born on 3-12-1910 in Toyohama, Shikoku Island, Japan
expired 6-12-1980 in Tokyo, Japan   age 70   cause: heart attack
opera composer  Pietro Mascagni   wrote Cavalleria Rusticana
born on 12-7-1863 in Leghorn, Italy
expired 8-2-1945 in Rome, Italy   age 81
British poet laureate (1930-67)  John Masefield
born on 6-1-1878 in Ledbury, England
expired 5-12-1967 in Berkshire, England   age 88
auto firm founder  Ernesto Maserati   raced cars and designed luxury sports cars
born on --1898
expired 12-1-1975 in Bologna, Italy   age 77
 Ettore Maserati
born on --1894 in Voghera, Italy
expired 8-4-1990   age 96
Federico Fellini's widow  Giulietta Masina
¤born: Giulia Anna Masina 
born on 3-22-1921 in Bologna, Italy
expired 3-23-1994   age 73
pop-culture tv creator  Alfred Michael Masini   created Entertainment Tonight, Star Search, SOlid Gold & Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
born on 1-3-1930 in Jersey City, New Jersey
expired 11-30-2010 in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii   age 80   cause: cancer
AIDS panelist  Belinda A. Mason
born on 7-2-1958
expired 9-9-1991 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 33
 G. Grant Mason Jr.   co-founder of Pan American Airways (1927)
born on 1-2-1904 in Mason City, Iowa
expired 10-16-1970 in New York, New York   age 66
actor  James Neville Mason   played Humbert Humbert in Lolita
born on 5-15-1909 in Huddersfield, England
expired 7-25-1984   age 75   cause: heart attack
teacher/composer  Lowell Mason   arranged traditional melody used in hymn Nearer, My God, To Thee (lyrics by Sarah Adams)
born on 1-8-1792 in Medfield, Massachusetts
expired 8-11-1872 in Orange, New Jersey   age 80
 Max Mason   University of Chicago president (1925-28); Rockefeller Foundation president (1929-36); Mount Palomar telescope observatory council chairman (1936-48); developed submarine detection devices in his spare time
born on 10-26-1877 in Madison, Wisconsin
expired 3-22-1961 in Claremont, California   age 83
author & actress  Pamela Helen Mason   former wife of James Mason
¤born: Pamela Ostrer 
born on 3-10-1918 in Westgate-on-Sea, England
expired 6-29-1996 in Beverly Hills, California   age 78
author  Richard Mason   wrote The World of Suzi Wong (1957)
born on 5-16-1919 in Hale, England
expired 10-13-1997 in Rome, Italy   age 78   cause: throat cancer
chiropracter  Thomas Robert "Tom" Mason   filled-in for Bela Lugosi (after his death) in Plan 9 From Outer Space (1958); also appeared in Night of the Ghouls (1959)
born on 4-29-1920 in Illinois
expired 12-1-1980 in Orange, California   age 60
character actress  Anna Raymond Massey   daughter of actor Raymond Massey
born on 8-11-1937 in Thakeham, West Sussex, England
expired 7-2-2011 in London, England   age 73
Canadian governor-general  Charles Vincent Massey   brother of actor Raymond
born on 2-20-1887 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
expired 12-30-1967 in London, England   age 80
Petticoat Junction theme author  Curtis D. Massey
¤born: Dott Curtis Massey 
born on 5-3-1910 in Midland, Texas
expired 10-20-1991   age 81
actor  Daniel Massey   son of Raymond
born on 10-10-1933 in London, England
expired 3-25-1998 in London, England   age 64   cause: heart failure; Hodgkin's disease
very old U.S. geezer  Emma Lowery Massey   date of birth estimated by Social Security Admin.; she thought that her DOB might be 1/17/1879; because of lack of birth certificate Guinness Book people refused to certify her as current oldest person alive
born on 1-15-1881 in Louisiana
expired 6-14-1999 in Ralls, Texas   age 118
movie actress  Ilona Massey   played Baroness Elsa Frankenstein in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)
¤born: Ilona Hajmássy 
born on 6-16-1912 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 8-20-1974 in Bethesda, Maryland   age 62   cause: cancer
Texas death row inmate  Jason Eric Massey
¤aka: number 999121 
born on 1-7-1973 in Hopkins County, Texas
expired 4-3-2001 in Huntsville, Texas   age 28   cause: executed; lethal injection
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2001 BOD, DTM, RR, TEX37½%
   Scored 10.0125 points

actor  Raymond Hart Massey   gave memorable performances as Abraham Lincoln in Abe Lincoln in Illinois (1940), Jonathan Brewster (Cary Grant's homicidal brother) in Arsenic and Old Lace, John Cabal in Things to Come (1936) and abolitionist John Brown in Santa Fe Trail (1940; the film that featured Ronald Reagan as George Armstrong Custer)
born on 8-30-1896 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
expired 7-29-1983   age 86
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1980 HP, RR12.5%

original Four Seasons bass vocalist  Nick Massi   sang on Big Girls Don't Cry, Rag Doll & Walk Like a Man hits
¤real name: Nicholas E. Macioci 
born on 9-19-1927 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 12-24-2000 in Newark, New Jersey   age 73   cause: cancer
former Daily Telegraph obituaries editor (1986-94)  Hugh Massingberd   edited Burke's Landed Gentry, Voumes II & III (1969 & 1972); was a cousin of Ralph Vaughn Williams
¤born: Hugh John Montgomery 
born on 12-30-1946 in Cookham Dean, Berkshire, England
expired 12-25-2007 in London, England   age 60   cause: cancer
Talaban opponent  Ahmed Shah Massoud
born on 1-9-1953 in Bazarak, Panjshir, Afghanistan
expired 9-10-2001 in Tajikistan   age 48   cause: assassinated; bomb blast
to next Pope: Leo XIIIto previous Pope: Gregory XVI Catholic Church leader (1846-1878)  Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti   elected 256th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church June 16, 1846
¤Pope Pius IX 
born on 5-13-1792 in Sinigaglia, Italy
expired 2-7-1878 in Rome, Italy   age 85
Olympic swimmer  Hendrika Wilhelmina "Rie" Mastenbroek   won four medals at the 1936 Berlin games (3 gold, 1 silver)
born on 2-26-1919 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
expired 11-6-2003 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands   age 84   cause: heart failure
AKS: Wilhemina
Chicago lawyer  Edgar Lee Masters   wrote Spoon River Anthology (1915)
born on 8-23-1869 in Garnett, Kansas
expired 3-5-1950 in Melrose Park, Pennsylvania   age 80
interviewed again by `Playboy Magazine' in November 1979interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in May 1968 noted sex researcher Dr.  William Howell Masters   half of sex research team Masters and Johnson
born on 12-27-1915 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 2-16-2001 in Tucson, Arizona   age 85   cause: complications from Parkinson's disease
lawman, gunfighter, gambler  William Barclay "Bat" Masterson   spent his last 20 years as a sports reporter for the New York Morning Telegraph; inspired tv show
¤born: Bartholemew Masterson 
born on 11-24-1853 in Henryville, Quebec, Canada
expired 10-25-1921 in New York, New York   age 67
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in July 1965 actor  Marcello Mastroianni
born on 9-28-1924 in Fontana Lira, France
expired 12-19-1996 in Paris, France   age 72   cause: pancreatic cancer
Mata Hari in `uniform' World War I double-agent spy  Mata Hari   in Malay "Mata Hari" means "Eye of the Day"
¤born: Margaretha Geertruida Zelle 
born on 8-7-1876 in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands
expired 10-15-1917 in Vincennes, Frances   age 41   cause: executed; firing squad
actress & Princess  Norina Matchabelli   co-founder of perfume company (Prince Matchabelli)
expired 6-16-1957 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina   age 77
movie director  Rudolph Maté   directed When Worlds Collide (1951)
born on 1-21-1898 in Krakow, Austria-Hungary (now Poland)
expired 10-27-1964 in Hollywood, California   age 66   cause: heart attack
AKS: Mate
radio actor  John E. "Jack" Mather   starred in title role of The Cisco Kid from 1947 to 1959
born on 9-21-1907
expired 8-16-1966 in Wauconda, Illinois   age 58
Hall-of-Fame baseball player  Edwin Lee "Eddie" Mathews   with the Braves in Boston, Milwaukee & Atlanta (1952-66)
born on 10-13-1931 in Texarkana, Texas
expired 2-18-2001 in San Diego, California   age 69   cause: pneumonia; congestive heart failure
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2001 TEX12½%
   Scored 8.1000 solo points

former Lake Geneva, Wisconsin high school speech teacher-turned-actor  Kerwin Mathews   had memorable roles as Sinbad in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (1958), Lemuel Gulliver in The 3 Worlds of Gulliver (1960) & Father Perreau in The Devil at 4 O'Clock (1961); survived by his partner of 46 years (Tom Nicoll)
born on 1-8-1926 in Seattle, Washington
expired 7-5-2007 in San Francisco, California   age 81
AKS: Curwin Kurwin Kerwyn Kurwyn Matthews
hall-of-fame pitcher  Christopher "Christy" Mathewson   played in early 1900s; won 37 games (1908)
born on 8-12-1880 in Factoryville, Pennsylvania
expired 10-7-1925 in Saranac Lake, New York   age 45   cause: tuberculosis
to 1949 award winnerto 1947 award winner Olympic decathalon star  Robert Bruce "Bob" Mathias   won 1948 Sullivan Award; had been a California U.S. Representative (1967-75)
born on 11-17-1930 in Tulare, California
expired 9-2-2006 in Fresno, California   age 75   cause: throat cancer
fashion designer  Yves Henri Donat Mathieu-Saint-Laurent
born on 8-1-1936 in Oran, French Colonial Algeria
expired 6-1-2008 in Paris, Île-de-France, France   age 71   cause: brain cancer
AKS: Matthieu Sainte St. Laurent
soap opera actor  Lee Mathis
born on 3-10-1952 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 5-1-1996 in New York, New York   age 44   cause: AIDS
to next English ruler: Stephen Ito previous English ruler: Stephen I English queen (1141)  Matilda   daughter of Henry I; briefly replaced Stephen I
born on --1102
expired ??-??-1067 in Normandy, France   age 65
painter and sculptor  Henri Emile Benoit Matisse
born on 12-31-1869 in Le Cateau, France
expired 11-3-1954 in Nice, France   age 84
former tv newsman  William C. "Bill" Matney Jr.   with NBC (1963-72) & ABC (1972-73)
born on 9-2-1924
expired 6-13-2001 in La Plata, Maryland   age 76   cause: respiratory failure; hip replacement surgery
former California Rep.  Robert Takeo Matsui
born on 9-17-1941 in Sacramento, California
expired 1-1-2005 in Bethesda, Maryland   age 63   cause: pneumonia; myelodysplastic syndrome
Hawaiian Rep. (1963-76) & Senator (1977-90)  Masayuki "Spark" Matsunaga
born on 10-8-1916 in Kaua'i, Hawaiian Territory
expired 4-15-1990 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 73
industrialist  Konosuke Matsushita
born on 11-27-1894 in Wasa Village, Japan
expired 4-27-1989   age 94
surrealist painter  Roberto Antonio Sebastian Matta Echaurren
born on 11-11-1911 in Santiago, Chile
expired 11-22-2002 in Civitavecchia, Italy   age 91
Surrealist painter  Roberto Sebastián Antonio Matta Echaurren
born on 11-11-1911 in Chile
expired 11-23-2002 in Tarquinia, Italy   age 91
actor  Walter Matthau   his best-role was as Oscar Madison in The Odd Couple on Broadway (1965) & in the movie (1968); got Best Supporting Actor oscar for playing Willie Gingrich in The Fortune Cookie (1966)
¤born: Walter Matuschanskayasky 
born on 10-1-1920 in New York, New York
expired 7-1-2000 in Santa Monica, California   age 79   cause: heart attack
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1979 MM7.7%
1980 EK, MM12.5%

Charleston, Mississippi carpenter  Bishop G. Matthews   one of the jurors in the "trial" of J.W. Milam & Roy Bryant for the murder of Emmett Till
born on --1909
expired ??-??-1973   age 64
oil well firefighter  Edward Owen "Coots" Matthews   with Asger "Boots" Hansen founded Boots & Coots (1978) after falling out with Red Adair
born on 4-23-1923 in Porter, Texas
expired 3-31-2010 in Humble, Texas   age 86
voice mail creator (1970s)  Gordon H. Matthews
born on 7-26-1936 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
expired 2-23-2002 in Dallas, Texas   age 65   cause: complications from stroke
retired Army First Sergeant  Mark Matthews   last of the "Buffalo Soldiers"
born on 8-7-1894 in Greenville, Alabama
expired 9-6-2005 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 111   cause: pneumonia
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   Scored 3.9000 solo points

AKS: Mathews
Texas death row inmate  Ynobe Matthews
born on 4-14-1976
expired 1-3-2004 in Huntsville, Texas   age 27   cause: executed; lethal injection
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2004ADWC, BOD, DTM, PCD, RIE, RR33.3%
   Scored 9.8781 points

cover of January 1961 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Joni Mattisto December 1960 Playmate of Monthto October 1960 Playmate of Month Playboy November 1960 Playmate of Month  Joan E. "Joni" Mattis
¤Mrs. Joan E. Wesche 
born on 11-28-1938 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 9-4-1999   age 60   cause: complications from cancer
Häagen-Dazs co-founder  Reuben Mattus   sold the firm to Pillsbury in 1983
born on 1-8-1913 in Poland
expired 1-27-1994   age 81
AKS: Haagen-Dazs Daz
ice cream seller  Rose Mattus   with husband Reuben created Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream (1960) — the name was made-up
¤née: Vesel 
born on 11-23-1916 in Manchester, England
expired 11-28-2006 in Westwood, New Jersey   age 90
original Chris Steak House former New Orleans steak house owner (1927-1965)  Chris Matulich   sold restauraunt to Ruth Fertel (1965)
born on 5-9-1899
expired 12-??-1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 83
movie actor  Victor Mature   appeared as Tumak in One Million B.C. (1940), opposite Hedy Lamarr in Samson and Delilah (1949) and in the title role in Demetrius and the Gladiators (1954)
born on 1-29-1913 in Louisville, Kentucky
expired 8-4-1999 in Rancho Santa Fe, California   age 86   cause: cancer
   Contest Selectors
1979 MS7.7%

McCarthy flunky  Harvey Marshall Matusow   testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee against 244 "commies" (1952) but got caught lying about them; spent 4 years in a Federal penitentary for perjury
born on 10-3-1926 in New York, New York
expired 1-17-2002 in Claremont, New Hampshire   age 75   cause: injuries suffered in car crash
subject of 20 Questions interview in January 1982 `Playboy Magazine' ex-football player turned actor  John Daniel Matuszak   his steriod use wrecked his body
born on 10-25-1950 in Oak Creek, Wisconsin
expired 6-17-1989 in Hollywood, California   age 38   cause: heart failure
Grammy/Emmy winner  Peter Matz   worked as a tv composer & musical director
born on 11-6-1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 8-9-2002 in Los Angeles, California   age 73   cause: lung cancer
former baseball manager (1962-88)  Gene William Mauch   played for 14 seasons (1944-57)
born on 11-18-1925 in Salina, Kansas
expired 8-8-2005 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 79   cause: cancer
professional ice skater  Hansreudi Rudolf Mauch   second half of the skating duo "Frick and Frack" (with Werner Groebli; 1939-53)
born on 5-4-1919 in Basel, Switzerland
expired 6-4-1979 in Long Beach, California   age 60   cause: complications from osteomyelitis
ENIAC co-inventor Dr.  John William Mauchly
born on 8-30-1907 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 1-8-1980 in Ambler, Pennsylvania   age 72   cause: commplications during heart surgery
English writer  William Somerset Maugham   wrote Of Human Bondage and The Moon and Sixpence
born on 1-25-1874 in Paris, France
expired 12-16-1965 in Nice, France   age 91
1961 Reuben Award winner editorial cartoonist  William Henry "Bill" Mauldin   created the characters of Willie & Joe; won two Pulitzer prizes for editorial cartooning (1949 & 1959) + the 1961 Reuben Award
born on 10-29-1921 in Mountain Park, New Mexico
expired 1-22-2003 in Newport Beach, California   age 81   cause: pneumonia; complications from Alzheimer's disease
Asian politician  Maung Maung   Burma's only civilian "president" (August 18 - September 18, 1988)
born on 1-31-1925 in Mandalay, Burma
expired 7-2-1994 in Rangoon, Burma   age 69   cause: heart attck
short story author  Henry René Albert Guy de Maupassant   author of Bel-Ami (1885)
born on 8-5-1850 in Dieppe, Normandy, France
expired 7-6-1893 in Paris, France   age 42
 Linda Collins Maurer   first person to wear a Medic Alert bracelet (the foundation was started by her parents in 1956)
born on 3-10-1939 in Turlock, California
expired 10-13-2004 in Turlock, California   age 65   cause: breast cancer
author  François Charles Mauriac   1952 Nobel literature laureate
born on 10-11-1885 in Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitane, France
expired 9-1-1970 in Paris, France   age 84
AKS: Francois
orchestra leader  Paul Mauriat   had 1968 instrumental hit with Love Is Blue
born on 3-4-1925 in Marseilles, France
expired 11-3-2006 in Perpiganan, France   age 81
AKS: Muriat
former race car driver  John B. "Johnny" Mauro   finished 8th in 1948 Indianapolis 500 (raced under name "Jack Morris"); founder of U.S. Truck Driving School
born on 10-25-1910
expired 1-23-2003 in Golden, Colorado   age 92   cause: head-on car crash
Easy Company combatant  Edward A. Mauser   one of the Band of Brothers
born on 12-18-1916 in LaSalle, Illinois
expired 1-22-2011 in Omaha, Nebraska   age 94
artwork that accompanied the article lawyer  Fontaine Maury Maverick Sr.   great-grandson of rancher; was a former mayor of San Antonio and a U.S. rep. (1935-38); coined term "gobbledygook" in a letter in the New York Times Magazine (published May 21, 1944) titled "The Case Against 'Gobbledygook'"
born on 10-23-1895 in San Antonio, Texas
expired 6-7-1954 in San Antonio, Texas   age 58
rancher  Samuel Augustus Maverick   a co-founder of the Republic of Texas (1836); had lots of unbranded cattle running around the range
born on 7-25-1803 in Pendelton, South Carolina
expired 9-2-1870 in San Antonio, Texas   age 67
Antarctic explorer Sir  Douglas Mawson   a geology professor at the University of Adelaide from 1920-54; subject of book Mawson's Will
born on 5-5-1882 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England
expired 10-14-1958 in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia   age 76
former Olympic-caliber marathon runner  Brian Maxwell   with wife founded PowerBar (1986)
born on 3-14-1953 in London, England
expired 3-19-2004 in San Anselmo, California   age 51   cause: heart attack
noted NYC party giver  Else Maxwell
born on 5-24-1883 in Keokuk, Iowa
expired 11-1-1963 in New York, New York   age 80
Texas death row inmate  Joshua Maxwell
born on 5-17-1978
expired 3-11-2010 in Huntsville, Texas   age 31   cause: executed; lethal injection
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   Scored 9.4391 points

character actress  Lois Maxwell   received 1947 Golden Globe Award for "Most Promising Newcomer"; played Miss Moneypenny in many James Bond films (1962-85)
¤born: Lois Ruth Hooker 
born on 2-14-1927 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
expired 9-29-2007 in Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia   age 80   cause: cancer
actress  Marilyn Maxwell
born on 8-3-1921 in Clarinda, Iowa
expired 3-20-1972 in Beverly Hills, California   age 50   cause: pulmonary failure
tv producer  Robert Maxwell   produced Superman tv series; developed & produced Lassie tv series
born on 1-31-1908
expired 2-3-1971 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 63
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in October 1991 media tycoon  Robert Ian Charles Maxwell
¤born: Ján Ludvik Hoch 
born on 6-10-1923 in Slatinské Dôly, Slovakia (now Velyky Bychkiv, Ukraine)
expired 11-5-1991 in Islas Canarias (Canary Islands)   age 68   cause: drowned; suicide/murder???
former New Yorker editor  William Keepers Maxwell Jr.
born on 8-16-1908 in Lincoln, Nebraska
expired 7-31-2000 in New York, New York   age 91
former Cal Poly-Pomona women's basketball coach (1974-94)  Darlene May
born on 10-28-1940
expired 11-15-1996 in Placentia, California   age 56   cause: cancer
music arranger  Edward William "Billy" May Jr.   worked with Frank Sinatra, Charlie Barnet, Glenn Miller, Les Brown, Peggy Lee, Nat King Cole, Stan Freberg, ...; wrote themes for The Naked City, The Mod Squad & Emergency
born on 11-10-1916 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 1-22-2004 in San Juan Capistrano, California   age 87
industrialist  Henry May   a co-founder of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Corp.
expired 10-15-1944 in Buffalo, New York   age 83
philanthropist  Irene Sophie du Pont May   daughter of Irénée & Irene Sophie Du Pont (mom b.4/17/1877 d.11/281961); had a number of siblings: Margaretta (b.1902), Constance Simmons (b.1904), Eleanor Francis (b.1907), Mariana (b.1911), Octavia Mary (b.1913), Lucile Evelina (b.1915) & Irénée Jr. (b.1920)
born on 12-2-1900
expired 4-29-2001 in Wilmington, Delaware   age 100
former Saint Louis archbishop  John L. May
born on 3-31-1922 in Evanston, Illinois
expired 3-24-1994 in Saint Louis, Missouri   age 71
Bill Mumy pops the hood on the robot to find ... a guy inside actor-in-a-can  Robert "Bob" May   grandson of Chic Johnson (of Olsen & Johnson vaudeville act); was inside of the Environmental Control Robot on Lost In Space tv show, flapping his arms about (voice provided by Dick Tufeld)
born on 9-4-1939 in New York, New York
expired 1-18-2009 in Lancaster, California   age 69   cause: congestive heart failure; stroke
World War I flying ace  Wilford R. May   formerly credited with shooting down The Red Baron; Canadian Pacific Airlines executive
expired 6-21-1952 in Salt Lake City, Utah   age 57   cause: exercising (hiking)
film writer & producer  Carl Mayer   produced The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) and The Last Laugh (1924)
born on 11-20-1894 in Graz, Austria-Hungary
expired 7-1-1944 in London, England   age 49   cause: cancer
children's author  Helen Aberson Mayer   wrote Dumbo, the Flying Elephant (1939) which became the Disney movie Dumbo (1941)
born on 6-16-1907 in Syracuse, New York
expired 4-3-1999 in New York, New York   age 91   cause: Parkinson's disease
MGM studio logo movie pioneer, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio head  Louis Burt Mayer   co-founded the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (1927)
born on 7-4-1885 in Minsk, Russia
expired 10-29-1957 in Hollywood, California   age 72
physicist  Maria Goeppert Mayer   won Nobel prize for explanation of atomic nucleus structure
born on 6-28-1906 in Kattai Vitz, Germany
expired 2-20-1972 in San Diego, California   age 65
meat packer  Oscar Ferdinand Mayer   founder (1883) and chairman of the firm (1883-1955); father of Oscar G. Sr.; "My tombstone has a first name, its O-S-C-A-R, my tombstone has a second name, its M-A-Y-E-R, ..."
born on 3-29-1859 in Kaesingen, Wurtemberg
expired 3-11-1955 in Chicago, Illinois   age 95
bologna-grinder  Oscar Gottfried Mayer Sr.   meat packing firm president (1928-55) & chairman (1955-65); son of company founder; father of Jr.
born on 3-10-1888 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-5-1965 in Chicago, Illinois   age 76
third generation bologna-grinder  Oscar Gottfried Mayer Jr.   meat packing firm president (1955-66) & chairman (1966-77); grandson of company founder & son of Oscar G. Sr.
born on 3-16-1914 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 7-6-2009 in Fitchburg, Wisconsin   age 95
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Cardinal  Paul Augustin Mayer   at time of death had been the oldest living Cardinal
born on 5-23-1911 in Altötting, Bavaria, German Empire
expired 4-30-2010 in Rome, Italy   age 98
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   Did Not Score - insufficient category citations (only two: in alt.obituaries newsgroup & AP)

guitarist  Curtis Lee Mayfield   known for his soundtrack to Superfly
born on 6-3-1942 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 12-26-1999 in Roswell, Georgia   age 57   cause: complications from diabetes
cowboy movie hero  Ken Maynard   haad a horse named "Tarzan"
born on 7-21-1895 in Mission, Texas
expired 3-23-1973 in Woodland Hills, California   age 77
pro wrassler  Ronald "Moondog" Mayne
born on 9-12-1943
expired 8-13-1978   age 34   cause: auto accident
actress  Virginia Mayo   widow of actor Michael O'Shea
¤real name: Virginia Clara Jones 
born on 11-30-1920 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 1-17-2005 in Thousand Oaks, California   age    cause: pneumonia; heart failure
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2004ADWC, LMLD11.1%
   Did Not Score - selector under late submission penalty 

actor  Whitman Mayo   played Grady Wilson on Sanford & Son (1973-77), Grady (1975) and Sanford Arms (1977)
born on 11-15-1930 in New York, New York
expired 5-22-2001 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 70
"actress"  Karen Mayo-Chandler   one-time love of Jack Nicholson; played Victor Maitland's receptionist in Beverly Hills Cop & Dr. Gotbottom in Hamburger: The Movie (1986); did December 1989 Playboy pictorial
born on 4-18-1958 in Sutton, Surrey, England
expired 7-11-2006 in Long Beach, California   age 48   cause: breast cancer
record-setting free diver  Jacques Mayol   set world record at 347 feet (1983); subject of movie The Big Blue (1988)
born on 4-1-1927 in Shanghai, China
expired 12-22-2001 in Elba, Italy   age 74   cause: suicide; depression
evolutionary biologist  Ernst Walter Mayr   also an accomplished ornithologist
born on 7-5-1904 in Kempten, Germany
expired 2-3-2005 in Bedford, Massachusetts   age 100
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tv informercial huckster  William D. "Billy" Mays Jr.   sold crap like Oxyclean, Chloroclen, Bromoclean, Plutonioclean, ... ; co-hosted a Discovery Channel show - Pitchman
born on 7-20-1958 in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
expired 6-28-2009 in Clearwater, Florida   age 50   cause: heart attack; cocaine use; hypertensive heart disease
AKS: Billie
documentary filmmaker  David P. Maysles   co-directed Grey Gardens (1975)
born on 1-10-1931 in Brookline, Massachusetts
expired 1-3-1987 in New York, New York   age 55   cause: stroke
Great Lakes sailor  Joseph William Mazes   Special Maintenance Man aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald
born on 2-13-1916
expired 11-10-1975 in Eastern Lake Superior, Canada   age 59   cause: drowned when ship foundered
actor  Mike Mazurki
¤born: Mikhail Mazurwski 
born on 12-25-1909 in Tarnopal, Austria
expired 12-9-1990 in Glendale, California   age 80
3M research chemist  Joseph A. Mazzitello   developed videotape
born on 7-1-1908
expired 1-21-1992   age 83
Gabon president (1961-67)  Leon Mba
expired 11-28-1967 in Paris, France   age 65
civil engineer  John Loudon McAdam   devised method of street paving using tar and fine stone eponymously known as Macadam (1815)
born on 9-21-1756 in Ayrshire, Scotland
expired 11-26-1836 in Moffat, Dumfrieshire, Scotland   age 80
car culture architect  Wayne McAllister   designed early Bob's Big Boy drive-ins & Las Vegas' Sands Hotel (1952-96)
born on 11-17-1907 in San Diego, California
expired 3-22-2000 in Arcadia, California   age 92   cause: complications from head injury
Battle of the Bulge U.S. Army General  Anthony Clement McAuliffe   his reply to a German demand for his surrender - "Nuts!"
¤nickname: "Old Crock" 
born on 7-2-1898 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 8-11-1975 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 77   cause: leukemia
Shuttle STS-51--L astronaut  Sharon Christa Corrigan McAuliffe
born on 9-2-1948 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 1-28-1986 in Cape Canaveral, Florida   age 37   cause: Shuttle Challenger explosion
(All American Conference) Cleveland Browns founder (1946)  Arthur McBride   hired Paul Brown as first coach; he had extra players on the payroll of his cab company & called them up when needed, leading to the phrase "taxi squad"
born on 3-20-1887 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 11-10-1972 in Cleveland, Ohio   age 85   cause: heart attack
Texas death row inmate  Michael Lee McBride
born on 1-3-1962
expired 5-11-2000 in Huntsville, Texas   age 38   cause: executed; lethal injection
former Watergate associated special prosecutor  Thomas Frederick McBride
born on 2-8-1929 in Elgin, Illinois
expired 10-31-2003 in Portland, Oregon   age 74   cause: injuries suffered in a fall
pioneering retailer  Edwin Merton McBrier   partnered with Frank W. and Charles S. Woolworth in their original 5 & 10-cent store in Lockport New York in 1887; became a missionary to China
expired 9-19-1956 in Montclair, New Jersey   age 91
U.S. Army Signal Corps engineer  David Galen McCaa   did pioneering work in the development of radiotelephony, which eventually led to cellular telephony
expired 6-22-1954 in Long Branch, New Jersey   age 72
former Newsweek publisher  Gibson McCabe
born on 3-11-1911 in New York, New York
expired 8-5-2000 in Jacksonville Beach, Florida   age 89   cause: complications from a fall
Super Bowl-winning coach  Don McCafferty   was with the Baltimore Colts and Detroit Lions
born on 3-12-1921 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 7-28-1974 in Pontiac, Michigan   age 53   cause: heart attack
sci-fi/fantasy novelist  Anne Inez McCaffrey   creator of the Dragonriders of Perm series; recipient of the 1968 Hugo & 1969 Nebula awards
born on 4-1-1926 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
expired 11-21-2011 in Dragonhold-Underhill, County Wicklow, Ireland   age 85   cause: stroke
oldest Canadian geezer  Zelda McCague
¤born: Zelda Viola Strongman 
born on 3-20-1888 in Tecumseth, Ontario, Canada
expired 8-6-2001   age 113
Maple Leaf Foods executive  George Wallace Ferguson McCain   co-founder of french fry processors McCain Foods (1956)
born on 4-9-1930 in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada
expired 5-13-2011 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 81   cause: pancreatic cancer
king of the frozen spud  Harrison McCain   co-founded McCain Foods (1956); company produces 1/3 of the world's frozen french fries
born on 11-3-1927 in Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada
expired 3-18-2004 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 76   cause: kidney failure
retired Admiral  John Sidney McCain Jr.   a World War II submarine commander; father of Arizona senator
born on 1-17-1911
expired 3-22-1981 in aboard aircraft returning from Europe   age 70   cause: heart attack
lowdown varmint  John "Jack" McCall   murdered (shot in back of head without warning) Wild Bill Hickock August 2, 1876 in Deadwood's Saloon No.10
born on --1852 in Jefferson City, Kentucky
expired 3-1-1877 in Yankton, Dakota Territory (now South Dakota)   age 24   cause: hanged
former Oregon governor (1967-74)  Thomas Lawson "Tom" McCall
born on 3-22-1913 in Egypt, Massachusetts
expired 1-8-1983 in Portland, Oregon   age 69
actress  Irish Elizabeth McCalla   played title role in Sheena, Queen of the Jungle tv series (1955-56); her only nude photo session, done as a set of "reference" shots for artist Alberto Vargas when she was about 21, was published as a pictorial in the February 2008 Playboy
born on 12-25-1928 in Pawnee City, Nebraska
expired 2-1-2002 in Tucson, Arizona   age 73   cause: complications from brain tumor & stroke
actor  Herbert Alonzo "Lon" McCallister Jr.
born on 4-17-1923 in Los Angeles, California
expired 6-11-2005 in South Lake Tahoe, California   age 82   cause: heart failure
actress  Charlotte Mercedes Agnes McCambridge   won Best Supporting Actress oscar for her role as reporter Sadie Burke in All The Kings Men (1949); also portrayed Luz Benedict in Giant (1956), the lesbian biker gang leader in Touch of Evil (1958), the voice of Pazuzu in The Exorcist (1973) & Sybilla on Lost In Space (1966)
born on 3-16-1916 in Joliet, Illinois
expired 3-2-2004 in La Jolla, California   age 87
film director  Raymond B. McCarey   brother of Leo; won three Academy awards
born on --1898 in Los Angeles, California
expired 12-1-1948 in Hollywood, California   age 50   cause: suicide; sleeping pill overdose
screen writer and director  Thomas Leo McCarey   created the comedy team of Laurel and Hardy in the 1920s; won oscars for The Awful Truth (1937) & Going My Way (1944)
born on 10-3-1898 in Los Angeles, California
expired 7-5-1969 in Santa Monica, California   age 70
Nevada senator (1932-54)  Patrick Anthony McCarran   the Las Vegas airport is named after him
expired 9-28-1954 in Hawthorne, Nevada   age 78
artificial intelligence pioneer  John McCarthy   invented the LISP computer programming language (1960); received the 1971 A.M. Turing Award; developed the concept of computer time-sharing
born on 9-4-1927 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 10-23-2011 in Palo Alto, California   age 84
Blue Bonnet Margarine packaging cover artwork former model & dancer  Betty J. Carlson McCarthy   model for Blue Bonnet Margarine package art
born on 1-8-1924
expired 9-27-2001 in Erie, Pennsylvania   age 77
former Minnesota Senator (1958-70) & presidential candidate (1968 & 72)  Eugene Joseph McCarthy
born on 3-29-1916 in Watkins, Minnesota
expired 12-10-2005 in Georgetown, Maryland   age 89
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AKS: MacCarthy
Great Lakes sailor  John Henkle McCarthy   First Mate of the Edmund Fitzgerald
born on 7-14-1913
expired 11-10-1975 in Eastern Lake Superior, Canada   age 62   cause: drowned when ship foundered
lyricist  Joseph McCarthy   wrote words to You Made Me Love You
born on --1885 in Somerville, Massachusetts
expired 12-18-1943 in New York, New York   age 58
Detroit radio personality  Joseph Priestly "J.P." McCarthy   one of the Great Voices of the Great Lakes at WJR
born on 3-22-1933 in New York, New York
expired 8-16-1995 in New York, New York   age 62   cause: cancer
despicable Wisconsin senator  Joseph Raymond McCarthy   deliberately smeared countless individuals using anonymous (made-up/non-existant) "sources"; responsible for a lot of the 1950s blacklisting; his activities were a greater threat to the republic than the combined efforts of Hitler, Joe Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung; died a drunken disgrace; rot in hell, Joe
¤aka: "tail-gunner Joe", "shit-for-brains Joe", "scum-sucking booze-hound" & "crypto-facist egomaniac" 
born on 11-14-1908 in Grand Chute, Wisconsin
expired 5-2-1957 in Bethesda, Maryland   age 48   cause: acute hypotrophic epididymal infarction
legendary New York Yankees manager (1931-46)  Joseph Vincent "Joe" McCarthy   led team to eight pennants and seven World Series victories
born on 4-21-1887 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 1-13-1978 in Buffalo, New York   age 90   cause: pneumonia
actor  Kevin McCarthy   played Dr. Miles J. Bennell in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956); a cousin of Senator Eugene McCarthy
born on 2-15-1914 in Seattle, Washington
expired 9-11-2010 in Hyanns, Massachusetts   age 96
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2007DGW, NFG6.5%
2008DGW, NFG, PCD9.4%
2009DGW, NFG, PCD10.0%
2010DGW, NFG, PCD11.1%
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AKS: McCartney
novelist  Mary McCarthy
born on 6-21-1912 in Seattle, Washington
expired 10-25-1989 in New York, New York   age 77
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1980 BD6.3%

former Teamster leader  William J. McCarthy
born on 7-2-1919 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 11-19-1998 in Arlington, Virginia   age 79
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in December 1984 with husband Paul  Linda Louise Eastman McCartney   wife of Paul
born on 9-24-1941 in New York, New York
expired 4-17-1998 in Santa Barbara, California   age 56   cause: breast cancer
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1979 DW7.7%

medical researcher Dr.  Maclyn McCarty   with Avery & Macleod published seminal 1944 research report in Experimental Medicine that identified DNA as the stuff that genes are made of
born on 6-9-1911 in South Bend, Indiana
expired 1-2-2005 in New York, New York   age 93   cause: congestive heart failure
former Gibson Guitar president (1948-66)  Theodore M. McCarty   pushed development of solid-bodied electric guitars (the Les Paul, Flying V, Explorer, Firebird...)
born on 10-10-1909
expired 4-1-2001 in Twin Falls, Idaho   age 91
cellular company co-founder  Keith McCaw
born on 11-17-1953 in Seattle, Washington
expired 12-15-2002 in Seattle, Washington   age 49   cause: hot tub accident
actress  Rue McClanahan   she dropped the "Eddi" after she was drafted
¤born: Eddi-Rue McClanahan 
born on 2-21-1934 in Healdton, Oklahoma
expired 6-3-2010 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 76   cause: stroke
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2010JCM, LMLD7.4%
   Scored 6.1500 points

AKS: Rhue McCallahan
former Arkansas senator (1943-77)  John Little McClellan
born on 2-25-1896 in Sheridan, Arkansas
expired 11-27-1977 in Little Rock, Arkansas   age 81
former LSU football coach (1962-79)  Charles Y. "Charley" McClendon
born on 10-17-1923 in Lewisville, Arkansas
expired 12-6-2001 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana   age 78   cause: cancer of the fatty tissue
former White House reporter  Sarah Newcomb McClendon
born on 7-8-1910 in Tyler, Texas
expired 1-7-2003 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 92
theater producer  Guthrie McClintic   produced 90 plays; husband of Katharine Cornell; winner of 1935 Pulizer Prize
born on 8-6-1893 in Seattle, Washington
expired 10-29-1961 in Sneden's Landing, New York   age 68
botanist/geneticist  Barbara McClintock   winner of the 1981 Lasker Award, 1983 Nobel Prize in medicine/physiology & a MacArthur Foundation Fellow (1981)
¤born: Eleanor McClintock 
born on 6-16-1902 in Hartford, Connecticut
expired 9-2-1992 in Huntington, New York   age 90
movie character actor  Kevin O'Donovan McClory   was co-author of Thunderball; remade the movie as Never Say Never Again (1983)
born on 6-8-1926 in Dublin, Ireland
expired 11-20-2006 in London, England   age 80
writer/actor/producer  Sean McClory   co-wrote Thunderball; remade the movie as Never Say Never Again (1983)
born on 3-8-1924 in Dublin, Ireland
expired 12-10-2003 in Hollywood Hills, California   age 79   cause: heart condition
writer/illustrator  Robert McCloskey   author of Make Way for Ducklings children's book (1941); two-time winner of the Caldecott Medal
born on 9-15-1914 in Hamilton, Ohio
expired 6-30-2003 in Deer Isle, Maine   age 88
lawyer  John Jay McCloy   former Assistant Secretary of War (1941-45); member of Warren Commission
born on 3-31-1895 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 3-11-1989 in Stamford, Connecticut   age 93
Virginian actor  Douglas McClure
born on 5-11-1935 in Glendale, California
expired 2-5-1995 in Sherman Oaks, California   age 59
John Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab rocket/missile authority Dr.  Frank T. McClure   invented the Navy's Transit satellite navigation system, forerunner of today's Global Positioning System (GPS)
born on 8-21-1916 in Canada
expired 10-19-1973 in Silver Spring, Maryland   age 57   cause: heart attack
former Idaho senator (1973-91)  James Albertus "Jim" McClure
born on 12-27-1924 in Payette, Idaho
expired 2-26-2011 in Garden City, Idaho   age 86   cause: complications from strokes
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 Vashti Ruth McCollum   her 1948 lawsuit put an end to religious instruction on school property — in fifth grade son James refused to attend the "voluntary" religious instruction classes
¤née: Cromwell 
born on 11-6-1912 in Lyons, New York
expired 8-20-2006 in Champaign, Illinois   age 93
former Xerox CEO (1968-82)  Charles Peter McColough   in 1970 created the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)
born on 8-1-1922 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
expired 12-13-2006 in Rye Brook, New York   age 84   cause: cardiac arrest
AKS: McCollough McCulough NcCullough Park
1920s Our Gang child actor  Kendall McComas
¤aka: "Breezy
born on 10-29-1916 in Holton, Kansas
expired 10-15-1981 in Lake Isabella, California   age 64   cause: suicide
baseball pitcher  George McConnell   said to have invented the curve ball
expired 10-10-1948 in Los Angeles, California   age 93
jazz valve trombonist  Robert Murray Gordon "Rob" McConnell
born on 2-14-1935 in London, Ontario, Canada
expired 5-1-2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 75   cause: cancer
World War II B-25 bomber crewman  Harry C. McCool   one of Jimmie Doolittle's raiders (4/12/1942)
born on 4-19-1918
expired 2-1-2003 in San Antonio, Texas   age 84   cause: prostate cancer
Shuttle STS-105astronaut  William Cameron "Willie" McCool
born on 9-23-1961 in San Diego, California
expired 2-1-2003 in over north-central Texas   age 41   cause: disintegration of Shuttle Columbia during re-entry
former Negro Leagues baseball player  Clinton Hill "Butch" McCord Jr.
born on 11-2-1925 in Nashville, Tennessee
expired 1-27-2011 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 85
jazz singer  Susannah McCorkle
born on 1-4-1946 in Berkeley, California
expired 5-19-2001 in New York, New York   age 55   cause: suicide; jumped from apartment window
former house speaker  John William McCormack
born on 12-21-1891 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 11-22-1980   age 88
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1980 DH6.3%
   Scored 3.2000 solo points

sports agent  Mark Hume McCormack   owner & CEO of IMG (International Management Group)
born on 11-6-1930 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 5-16-2003 in New York, New York   age 72   cause: coma; complications from heart attack
first president of International Harvester (1902-1918)  Cyrus Hall McCormick Sr.   son of Cyrus McCormick
born on 5-16-1859 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 6-2-1936 in Lake Forest, Illinois   age 77   cause: coronary thrombosis
industrialist  Cyrus Hall McCormick Jr.   grandson of International Harvester founder
born on 9-22-1890 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-20-1970 in Hartford, Connecticut   age 79
inventor  Cyrus Hall McCormick   invented mechanical reaping machine (1834); founded International Harvester Corp.
born on 2-15-1809 in Rockbridge County, Virginia
expired 5-13-1884 in Chicago, Illinois   age 75
agricultural industrialist  Harold Fowler McCormick   chairman of International Harvester; son of company founder Cyrus McCormick
expired 10-16-1941 in Beverly Hills, California   age 69   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
comedy writer/comic  Pat McCormick   a regular panelist on The Gong Show; played Big Enos Burdette in three Smokey and the Bandit movies (1977, '80 & '83)
born on 6-30-1927 in Lakewood, Ohio
expired 7-29-2005 in Woodland Hills, California   age 78   cause: complications from stroke
retired school teacher  Francis "Frank" McCourt   wrote Angela's Ashes
born on 8-19-1930 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 7-19-2009 in New York, New York   age 78   cause: meningitis; metastatic melanoma
1930s broadcaster  George Braidwood McCoy   pioneered the radio talk show
born on 1-14-1904
expired 12-22-1976 in New York, New York   age 72
 Jasper McCoy   last member of the feuding McCoy clan
expired 8-16-1951 in Zebulon, Kentucky   age 84
cowboy movie actor  Timothy John Fitzgerald McCoy   got his start in 1924
born on 4-10-1891 in Saginaw, Michigan
expired 1-29-1978 in Nogales, Arizona   age 86
disco songster  Van McCoy   he got you to Do The Hustle in 1975
born on 1-6-1941 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 7-6-1979 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 38   cause: cardiac arrest
prohibition-era "king of the rum runners"  William McCoy   coined the phrase "the real McCoy" for unadulterated liquor
expired 12-30-1948 in Stuart, Florida   age 71
tubby twin  Benny McCrary   brother of Billy; once half of "world's heaviest twins" duo
born on 12-7-1946 in Henderson, North Carolina
expired 3-26-2001 in North Carolina   age 54   cause: heart failure
 Billy McCrary   half of Guinness Book set of heaviest twins
born on 12-7-1946 in Henderson, North Carolina
expired 7-13-1979 in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada   age 32   cause: car crash
naval aviation pioneer Captain  Frank Robert McCrary   developed dirigibles for the U.S. Navy
expired 6-10-1952 in Oakland, California   age 72
raconteur, radio host, publicist  John Reagan "Tex" McCrary
born on 10-13-1910 in Calvert, Texas
expired 7-29-2003 in New York, New York   age 92
actor  Joel McCrea   father of Jody McCrea; died on his 57th wedding anniversary
born on 11-5-1905 in South Pasadena, California
expired 10-20-1990 in Woodland Hills, California   age 84
actor-turned-cattle rancher  Joel Dee "Jody" McCrea   son of Joel McCrea & Francis Dee; did a whole bunch of "bikini beach" movies, playing such characters as Deadhead, Big Lunk or Bonehead: Operation Bikini (1963), Beach Party (1963), Muscle Beach Party (1964), Bikini Beach (1964), Pajama Party (1964), Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) & How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965)
born on 9-6-1934 in Los Angeles, California
expired 4-4-2009 in Roswell, New Mexico   age 74   cause: cardiac arrest
jockey  Conn McCreary   two-time winner of the Kentucky Derby: in 1944 aboard Pensive & 1951 aboard Count Fleet
born on 6-17-1921 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 6-28-1979 in Ocala, Florida   age 58   cause: heart attack
chemicalanalyst  Walter Cox McCrone   a pioneer in chemical microscopy: debunked the Shroud of Turin, Yale's Vinland Map & Napoleon's death by arsenic
born on 6-9-1916 in Wilmington, Delaware
expired 7-10-2002 in Chicago, Illinois   age 86
retailer  John Graham McCrory   founded a national chain of 5 and 10-cent stores
expired 11-20-1943 in Brush Valley, Pennsylvania   age 83
author  Carson Smith McCullers   wrote The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and Reflections in a Golden Eye
born on 2-19-1917 in Columbus, Georgia
expired 9-29-1967 in Nyack, New York   age 50
former Desilu/Paramount sound engineer  Cameron McCulloch   worked on original Star Trek series (1966-69)
born on 1-3-1909
expired 1-26-2004   age 95
McCulloch Oil president  Robert Paxton McCulloch   invented gas-powered chain saw; made outboard motors; moved the London Bridge to Lake Havasu City, Arizona (1968)
born on 5-11-1911 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 2-25-1977 in Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California   age 65   cause: heart attack
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in December 2004 comedian/actor  Bernard Jeffery McCullough   had his own tv show; has appeared in such movies as Booty Call (1997) & Bad Santa (2003)
¤aka: "Bernie Mac
born on 10-5-1957 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 8-9-2008 in Chicago, Illinois   age 50   cause: pneumonia; sarcoidosis
AKS: MacCullough
civil rights protester  Robert Louis McCullough   informal leader of the Friendship Nine, a group of college students who were arrested for a lunch counter sit-in at the local McCrory's on January 31, 1961; they were arrested but refused to post bail & upon conviction for "trespassing" did their time on the county chain gang instead of paying a monetary fine
born on 3-16-1942 in Rock Hill, South Carolina
expired 8-7-2006 in Rock Hill, South Carolina   age 64
Arnold Hardy's Pultizer prize-winning photo of Daisy McCumber's desperation leap from the 11th floor of Atlanta's burining Winecoff Hotel Atlanta secretary  Daisy B. McCumber   subject of December 7, 1946 Pultizer prize-winning photo — her in mid-air, plunging from the 11th floor of the blazing Winecoff Hotel; she survived the fall, but suffered for the rest of her life from the many broken bones and surgeries
born on 10-9-1905 in Georgia
expired 8-12-1992 in Jacksonville, Florida   age 86
movie special effects artist  Grant Lee McCune   received an oscar for his work on Star Wars (1977) — creator of R2D2; also worked on Spaceballs, Ghostbusters II, Jaws (created 'Bruce' the shark), Die Hard, Caddyshack, Never Say Never Again, Speed, U-571 & Star Trek: The Motion Picture
born on 3-27-1943 in Los Angeles, California
expired 12-27-2010 in Hidden Hills, California   age 67   cause: pancreatic cancer
1950s folk songwriter/singer  Edward P. McCurdy   recorded album of bawdy English songs When Dalliance Was in Flower and Maidens Lost Their Heads
born on 1-11-1919 in Willow Hill, Pennsylvania
expired 3-23-2000 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada   age 81
character actor  William "Bill" McCutcheon   won Best Featured Actor Tony Award for playing Moonface Martin in the 1988 revival of Anything Goes; played Uncle Wally on Sesame Street (1984-92)
born on 5-23-1924 in Russell, Kentucky
expired 1-9-2002 in Ridgewood, New Jersey   age 77
Cornell physicist  Boyce D. McDaniel   gave the Trinity Test bomb its last checkup before kablooie
born on 6-11-1917 in Brevard, North Carolina
expired 5-8-2002 in Ithaca, New York   age 84   cause: heart attack
former Miami Dolphin player (1960-68)  Edward "Wahoo" McDaniel   became a pro wrassler
born on 6-19-1938 in Bernice, Louisiana
expired 4-18-2002 in Houston, Texas   age 63   cause: stroke
   Contest Selectors
2002 JAC9.1%
   Scored 8.7000 solo points

jazz and r&b guitarist and vocalist  Floyd McDaniel   was a member of The Ink Spots (1971-80)
born on 7-21-1915 in Athens, Alabama
expired 7-22-1995   age 80
actress  Hattie McDaniel   won Academy Award for playing Mammy in Gone With The Wind (1939); played the maid Beulah on radio and tv
born on 6-8-1895 in Wichita, Kansas
expired 10-26-1952 in Woodland Hills, California   age 57   cause: breast cancer
singer  Eugene Booker McDaniels   had hits with A Hundred Pounds of Clay (1961), Chip, Chip (1962) & Tower of Strength (1961)
born on 2-12-1935 in Kansas City, Missouri
expired 7-29-2011 in Kittery Point, Maine   age 76   cause: "a brief illness"
last American Lusitania survivor  Barbara Winifred McDermott
¤née: Anderson 
born on 6-15-1912 in Connecticut
expired 4-12-2008 in Wallingford, Connecticut   age 95
geophysicist  Eugene B. McDermott   co-founded Geophysical Services, Inc. (1930) with Dr. J.C. Karcher
expired 8-24-1973 in Dallas, Texas   age 74
actress  Ruth McDevitt
¤born: Ruth Thane Shoecraft 
born on 9-13-1895 in Coldwater, Michigan
expired 5-27-1976 in Hollywood, California   age 80
crime novelist  Gregory Burke Christopher Mcdonald   a former Boston Globe reporter & editor; two-time Edgar Award winner for books about his created character Irwin Maurice Fletcher ("Fletch" — no relation to Jessica Fletcher)
born on 2-15-1937 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts
expired 9-7-2008 in Pulaski, Tennessee   age 71   cause: prostate cancer
actress  Marie McDonald   had screwed-up personal life: six husbands/seven marriages, the last being annulled after 48 hours
¤born: Marie Frye; aka: "The Body" 
born on 7-6-1923 in Burgin, Kentucky
expired 10-21-1965 in Calabasas, California   age 42   cause: drug overdose
retired Dallas police officer  Maurice "Nick" McDonald   on the day that JFK was asssassinated he was responding to a call from the manager of the Texas Theater who said that a man had ran into the theater auditorium without paying; as War Is Hell played on the screen he located the perpetrator in the back of auditorium & arrested him; later the perp was fingered for the hit on the president; was the lockermate of officer J.D. Tippit, slain by Oswald earlier that afternoon
born on 3-21-1928 in Camden, Arkansas
expired 1-27-2005 in Hot Springs, Arkansas   age 76   cause: complications from diabetes
AKS: MacDonald
burger chain co-founder  Maurice James "Mac" McDonald   built first store in San Bernardino, California (1948) sold out to Ray Kroc in 1961
born on 11-26-1902 in Manchester, New Hampshire
expired 12-11-1971 in Palm Springs, California   age 69
fast food pioneer  Richard J. "Dick" McDonald   founded eponymous burger chain with brother Maurice; designed the Golden Arches logo; sold out to Ray Kroc in 1961
born on 2-16-1909 in Manchester, New Hampshire
expired 7-14-1998 in Manchester, New Hampshire   age 89
tap dancer  Rufus "Flash" McDonald
born on 3-16-1919
expired 3-20-1991   age 72
kid actor  Thomas "Bud" McDonald   appeared in the Our Gang movie shorts (1929-31) as Buddy
born on 10-1-1922 in Coalinga, California
expired 9-25-2008 in Seal Beach, California   age 85   cause: congestive heart failure
former Bill & Hillary Clinton Whitewater business partner  James B. McDougal
born on 8-25-1940
expired 3-8-1998 in Fort Worth, Texas   age 57   cause: heart attack
AKS: MacDougal
actor  Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude "Roddy" McDowall   appeared in the Planet of the Apes movie series
born on 9-17-1928 in London, England
expired 10-3-1998 in Los Angeles, California   age 70   cause: cancer
comics & animation writer  Dwayne Glenn McDuffie   co-founder of Milestone Media
born on 2-20-1962 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 2-21-2011 in Burbank, California   age 49   cause: complications following emergency heart surgery
Titanic Chief Purser  Herbert Walter McElroy
expired 4-15-1912 in North Atlantic Ocean   age 37   cause: drowned
researcher Dr.  William David McElroy   director of the National Science Foundation (1970-72); discovered how bioluminescence works in fireflies (reaction between ATP and enzyme Luciferinase)
born on 1-22-1917 in Rogers, Texas
expired 2-17-1999 in San Diego, California   age 82
tv director  Bernard F. McEveety Jr.   brother of Vincent McEveety
born on 5-13-1924 in New Rochelle, New York
expired 2-2-2004 in Encino, California   age 79
cartoon & commercial "voice"  Robert H. "Bob" McFadden   the voice of Cool McCool & Milton the Monster
born on 1-19-1923 in East Liverpool, Ohio
expired 1-7-2000 in Delray Beach, Florida   age 76   cause: ALS
Our Gang child actor  George Emmett McFarland
¤aka: "Spanky
born on 10-2-1928 in Dallas, Texas
expired 6-30-1993 in Grapevine, Texas   age 64   cause: heart attack
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1979  7.7%

 Mary S. McFarland   one of the victims of the 1982 Chicago-area poisoned Tylenol murder spree
¤née: Eliason 
born on 12-7-1950
expired 9-30-1982 in Elmhurst, Illinois   age 31   cause: murdered; cyanide-laced Tylenol
former NBC correspondent  Robert D. McFarland
born on 12-1-1938 in Burnet, Texas
expired 7-25-2000 in Austin, Texas   age 61   cause: lymphoma
former president of Bell Canada  Lewis Brown McFarlane   assisted Alexander Graham Bell in making the first long distance call in 1876
expired 6-9-1943 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada   age 91
jazz trombonist  Robert Louis McGarity
born on 7-22-1917 in Athens, Georgia
expired 8-28-1971 in Alexandria, Virginia   age 54   cause: heart attack
folk singer  Kate McGarrigle    with sister Anna performed throughout North America & Europe; ex-wife of Loudon Wainwright III; mother of Rufus Wainwright
born on 2-6-1946 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
expired 1-18-2010 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada   age 63   cause: clear cell carcinoma; colon & liver cancer
author  Mark McGarrity   writer of Irish whodunits
¤pen name: Bartholomew Gill 
born on 7-21-1943 in Holyoke, Massachusetts
expired 7-4-2002   age 58   cause: fell and hit head trying to climb in apartment window
actor  Darren McGavin   star of The Night Stalker tv series (playing Carl Kolchak)
born on 5-7-1922 in Spokane, Washington
expired 2-24-2006   age 83   cause: "natural causes"
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2006CSI, GGG6.7%
   Scored 5.4500 points

NBC newman  Frank McGee   Today Show co-host (1971-74)
born on 9-12-1921 in Monroe, Louisiana
expired 4-17-1974 in New York, New York   age 52   cause: pneumonia; multiple myeloma
Grand Ole Opry guitarist (1925-75)  Sam McGee   performed with the "Fruit Jar Drinkers"
born on 5-1-1894
expired 8-21-1975 in Williams County, Tennessee   age 81   cause: run over by tractor
actress  Vonetta McGee   appeared in Blackula (1972), Shaft in Africa (1973), The Eiger Sanction (1975) & Repo Man
¤born: Lawrence Vonetta McGee 
born on 1-14-1945 in San Francisco, California
expired 7-9-2010 in Berkeley, California   age 65   cause: cardiac arrest; was on life support
former Green Bay Packers wide receiver (1954-67)  William Max McGee   scored the first touchdown in the first Super Bowl (January 1967); later helped develop the now-defunct Chi-Chi's restaurant chain
born on 7-16-1932 in Saxton City, Nevada
expired 10-20-2007 in Deephaven, Minnesota   age 75   cause: fall from home roof
blues guitarist and singer  Walter Brown "Brownie" McGhee
born on 11-30-1915 in Knoxville, Tennessee
expired 2-16-1996 in Oakland, California   age 80   cause: stomach cancer
   Contest Selectors
1980 DR6.3%

Texas death row inmate  Glen Charles McGinnis
born on 1-11-1973
expired 1-25-2000 in Huntsville, Texas   age 27   cause: executed; lethal injection
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2000 TEX14%
   Scored 12.3000 solo points

character actor  John McGiver   not the guy who makes bombs out of soda bottles
born on 11-5-1913 in New York, New York
expired 9-9-1975 in West Fulton, New York   age 61   cause: heart attack
former 1-term Pennsylvania congressman (1945-46)  Herbert Joseph McGlinchey
born on 11-7-1904 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 6-25-1992 in Galloway Township, Atlantic County, New Jersey   age 87
former PANAX Corp. president  John Peter McGoff
born on 6-28-1924
expired 1-21-1998 in Charlevoix, Michigan   age 73   cause: cancer
actor  Patrick Joseph McGoohan   best known for The Prisoner (Number 6)
born on 3-19-1928 in Astoria, Queens, New York, New York
expired 1-13-2009 in Santa Monica, California   age 80
World War II combat photographer  Daniel A. McGovern   immediately after the Japanese surrender he went to Hiroshima & Nagasaki to shoot movies/take photographs of the results of their bombing
born on 12-6-1909 in Ireland
expired 12-14-2005 in Laguna Woods, California   age 96   cause: cancer
 Eleanor McGovern   wife of George McGovern
¤née: Stegenberg 
born on 11-25-1921 in Woonsocket, South Dakota
expired 1-25-2007 in Mitchell, South Dakota   age 85   cause: heart failure
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   Scored 6.5000 solo points

Microwave Communications Inc. (MCI) co-founder (1968)  William George McGowan
born on 12-10-1927 in Ashley, Pennsylvania
expired 6-8-1992   age 64
actor  Benjamin Franklin McGrath
born on 2-2-1903 in Mound City, Missouri
expired 5-13-1967 in Hollywood, California   age 64   cause: heart attack
radio actor  Paul McGrath   host of The Inner Sanctum radio mystery series
born on 4-11-1904 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 4-13-1978 in London, England   age 74
former baseball pitcher  Frank Edwin "Tug" McGraw Jr.   father of Tim McGraw
born on 8-30-1944 in Martinez, California
expired 1-5-2004 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 59   cause: brain cancer
   Contest Selectors
2004ANG, LMLD11.1%
   Scored 7.8500 points

publisher  James H. McGraw   co-founder of McGraw-Hill Publishing
expired 2-21-1948 in San Francisco, California   age 87
jazz organist  James Harrell "Jimmy" McGriff
born on 4-3-1936 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 5-24-2008 in Voorhees, New Jersey   age 72   cause: complications from multiple sclerosis
syndicated political columnist  Mary McGrory
born on 8-22-1918 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 4-21-2004 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 85   cause: complications from stroke
educator  William Holmes McGuffey   published numerous Eclectic Readers (1836-57)
born on 9-23-1800 in Washington, Pennsylvania
expired 5-4-1873 in Charlottesville, Virginia   age 72
indigenous rights leader  Joe McGuiness
born on 7-2-1914 in Lucy Claim, Australia
expired 7-11-2003 in Cairns, Australia   age 89
subject of 20 Questions interview in April 1983 `Playboy Magazine' former Marquette basketball coach (1964-77)  Alfred James McGuire   starting in 1977 did game commentary for NBC & later CBS
born on 9-7-1928 in New York, New York
expired 1-26-2001 in Brookfield, Wisconsin   age 72   cause: acute leukemia
screenwriter  Don McGuire   adaped Howard Breslin's story Bad Time at Hondo into Bad Day at Black Rock (1955); co-wrote story (with Larry Gelbart) that became Tootsie
born on 2-28-1919
expired 4-13-1999 in Los Angeles, California   age 80
actress  Dorothy Hackett McGuire
¤widow of John Swope (1943-79) 
born on 6-14-1916 in Omaha, Nebraska
expired 9-13-2001 in Santa Monica, California   age 85   cause: cardiac arrest
legendary basketball coach  Frank McGuire
born on 11-8-1916 in New York, New York
expired 10-11-1994   age 77
actress  Dorothy McHugh   immortalized the commercial slogan "...I've fallen and I can't get up..."
born on 8-14-1907
expired 7-19-1995   age 87   cause: stroke
character actor  Francis Curray "Frank" McHugh
born on 5-23-1898 in Homestead, Pennsylvania
expired 9-11-1981 in Greenwich, Connecticut   age 83
song writer  Jimmy McHugh   co-wrote I'm in the mood for Love for the movie Every Night at Eight (1935)
born on 7-10-1894 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 5-23-1969 in Beverly Hills, California   age 74
former University of Notre Dame Medieval Studies professor  Ralph Matthew McInerny   created the "Father Dowling" mystery novel series (tv series on ABC 1989-91 with Tom Bosley in title role)
born on 2-24-1929 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
expired 1-29-2010 in Mishawaka, Indiana   age 80   cause: esophageal cancer
AKS: Mc Inerny
actor  John McIntire   husband of Jeanette Nolan
born on 6-27-1907 in Spokane, Washington
expired 1-30-1991 in Laguna Beach, California   age 83
Dow Chemical chemical engineer  Ray McIntire   inventor of Styrofoam® in the early 1940s
born on 8-24-1918 in Gardner, Kansas
expired 2-2-1996 in Midland, Michigan   age 77   cause: interstitial fibrosis
actor/playwright  George Cadogan Gardner McKay   played Capt. Adam Troy on Adventures in Paradise tv series (1959-61)
born on 6-10-1932 in New York, New York
expired 11-22-2001 in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii   age 69   cause: prostate cancer
retired ABC sportscaster  Jim McKay   known for the intro to ABC's Wide World of Sports: "Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sports. The thrill of victory ... the agony of defeat. The human drama of athletic competition. This is ABC's Wide World of Sports."; father of CBS News/Sports head Sean McManus
¤born: James Kenneth McManus 
born on 9-24-1921 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 6-7-2008 in Monkton, Maryland   age 86
   Contest Selectors
2006BOD, 4GUE6.7%
2007BOD, GOHI, 4GUE9.7%
2008BOD, GOHI, 4GUE9.4%
   Scored 4.5250 points

NASA research pilot  John B. McKay   flew the X-1B, X-1E & X-15
born on 12-8-1922 in Portsmouth, Virigina
expired 4-27-1975 in Lancaster, California   age 52   cause: complications from 1962 crash injuries
former football coach  John Harvey McKay   coached Southern Cal (1960-75) & Tampa Bay Buccaneers
born on 7-5-1923 in Everettsville, West Virginia
expired 6-10-2001 in Tampa, Florida   age 77   cause: kidney failure; diabetes
to next U.S. president: John Hansonto previous U.S. president: Samuel Huntington forgotten U.S. president  Thomas McKean   fifth (and last) president of the Continental Congress under the Declaration of Independence (7/10/1780-11/4/1781)
born on 3-19-1734 in New London, Pennsylvania
expired 6-24-1817 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 83
Andy wrestles the 'monster' into submission founder (1999)  Andrew J. McKelvey   got caught backdating stock options - forced out of the company & paid fines
born on 10-13-1934 in New York, New York
expired 11-27-2008 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 74   cause: pancreatic cancer
author  Richard Milton McKenna   wrote novel The Sand Pebbles
born on 5-9-1913 in Mountain Home, Idaho
expired 11-1-1964 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina   age 51
author, Marxist  Ruth McKenney   wrote short story collection My Sister Eileen (1938); ousted from U.S. Communist Party for "deviating from party line" (1946)
born on 11-18-1911 in Mishawaka, Indiana
expired 7-25-1972 in Columbus, Ohio   age 60   cause: heart ailment; diabetes
character actor/voice actor  Dallas R. McKennon   first voice of Tony the Tiger; also voiced Gumby & Buzz Buzzard
born on 7-19-1919 in LaGrande, Oregon
expired 7-13-2009 in Raymond, Washington   age 89
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   Scored 6.1000 solo points

 Maurice McKenzie   first motion picture censor
expired 10-25-1944   age 62
actor  Leo McKern   played Rumpole of the Bailey; Thomas Cromwell in A Man for All Seasons (1966)
¤born: Reginald McKern 
born on 3-16-1920 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
expired 7-23-2002 in Bath, Somerset, England   age 82   cause: complications from diabetes
respected jazz bassist  Alfred Benjamin McKibbon   worked with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, George Shearing, Cal Tjader, Thelonious Monk & Miles Davis
born on 1-1-1919 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 8-5-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 86
Louisiana governor (1964-72)  John Julian McKiethen   pushed for construction of the Louisiana Superdome
born on 5-28-1918 in Grayson, Louisiana
expired 6-4-1999 in Columbia, Louisiana   age 81
Warner Brothers cartoonist  Charles E. "Chuck" McKimson Jr.   brother of Bob
born on 12-20-1914 in Colorado
expired 5-6-1999 in Los Angeles, California   age 84
Warner Brothers cartoonist  Robert "Bob" McKimson   created Tasmanian Devil, Speedy Gonzales and Foghorn Leghorn; brother of Chuck
born on 10-13-1910
expired 9-27-1977   age 66   cause: coronary
William McKinley portrait on the $1,000 billto next U.S. president: Theodore Rooseveltto previous U.S. president: Grover Cleveland 25th U.S. president (1897-1901)  William McKinley   president during Spanish American War
born on 1-29-1843 in Niles, Ohio
expired 9-14-1901 in Buffalo, New York   age 58   cause: assassinated
character actor  William "Bill" McKinney   played the one of the hillbilly rapists in Deliverance (1972) & was the assassin in The Parallax View (1974); his website was
born on 9-12-1931 in Chattanooga, Tennessee
expired 12-1-2011 in Van Nuys, California   age 80   cause: esophageal cancer
former California congressman (1949-52)  Clinton Dotson McKinnon
born on 2-5-1906 in Dallas, Texas
expired 12-29-2001 in La Jolla, California   age 95
forgotten actress  Mona C. McKinnon   played Paula Trent in Plan 9 From Outer Space (1958)
¤née: Weddel 
born on 5-1-1929 in Tennessee
expired 3-12-1990 in Los Angeles, California   age 60
former CORE director (1966-67)  Floyd Bixler McKissick
born on 3-9-1922 in Ashville, North Carolina
expired 4-28-1991 in Durham, North Carolina   age 69
 Ruckins D. McKneely Jr.   Amelia Earhart's mechanic (didn't make the fateful flight)
born on 11-14-1908
expired 4-16-1998 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee   age 89
Dr.  Victor Almon McKusick   founder of the Johns Hopkins medical genetics department; recipient of the 1997 Lasker Award for Special Achievement in Medical Science; 1st to propose mapping of the human genome
¤"the father of medical genetics" 
born on 10-21-1921 in Parkman, Maine
expired 7-22-2008 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 86   cause: cancer
movie actor  Victor McLaglen   former boxer, promoted as the Great White Hope against Jack Johnson; won 1935 Academy Award for The Informer
born on 12-11-1886 in Tunbridge Wells, England
expired 11-7-1959 in Newport Beach, California   age 72
Insta Burger co-founder  James Whitman McLamore   changed name of the business to Burger King; created the Whopper
born on 5-30-1926
expired 8-8-1996   age 70
horticulturist  John McLaren   builder of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco
expired 1-12-1943 in San Francisco, California   age 96
shuck-n-jive band promoter/manager  Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren   managed the Sex Pistols
¤aka: "Malcolm Robert Andrew Edwards" 
born on 1-22-1946 in Stoke Narington, London, England
expired 4-8-2010 in Switzerland   age 64   cause: mesothelioma
Marlboro Man  Wayne McLaren
born on 9-12-1940 in Lake Charles, Louisiana
expired 7-22-1992 in Newport Beach, California   age 51
architect & graphic designer  Donal McLaughlin   principal designer of the United Nations Emblem (1945) — it started out as just a lapel pin for the founding conference & was eventually adopted as the organizations logo (1946)
born on 7-26-1907 in Manhattan, New York, New York
expired 9-27-2009 in Garrett Park, Maryland   age 102   cause: esophageal cancer
20th Century Fox film editor  Barbara "Bobby" McLean   confidante of studio head Daryl Zanuck
¤born: Barbara Pollut 
born on 11-16-1903 in Palisades Park, New Jersey
expired 3-28-1996 in Newport Beach, California   age 92
newspaper publisher  Edward Beale McLean   publisher of the Washington Post; purchased the Hope Diamond for his wife Evalyn
expired 7-27-1941 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 58   cause: complications from alcoholism
Washington D.C. socialite  Evalyn Walsh McLean   owner of the Hope Diamond until her death (purchased for her by husband Edward B.); her estate sold the gem to Harry Winston in 1949
born on 8-1-1886 in Denver, Colorado
expired 4-26-1947 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 60   cause: pneumonia
physician Dr.  Jay McLean   discoverer of heparin, an anti-coagulant
expired 11-14-1957 in Savannah, Georgia   age 67
novelist  Kathryn Forbes McLean   wrote Bell, Book and Candle
¤pen name: Kathryn Forbes 
born on 3-20-1908
expired 5-15-1966 in San Francisco, California   age 58
Sea-Land Services founder  Malcom Purcell McLean   popularized the use of cargo containers (1950s)
born on 11-14-1913 in Maxton, North Carolina
expired 5-25-2001 in New York, New York   age 87   cause: compliations from heart failure
golfer  Fred McLeod   won 1908 U.S. Open (1st prize: $300)
born on 4-25-1882
expired 5-8-1976 in Chevy Chase, Maryland   age 94
movie director  Norman Zenos McLeod   directed Marx Brothers comedies Monkey Business (1931) & Horse Feathers (1932), as well as The Pale Face (1948) & Road to Rio (1947)
born on 9-20-1898 in Grayling, Michigan
expired 1-27-1964 in Hollywood, California   age 65   cause: stroke
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in March 1969  Herbert Marshall McLuhan   "The medium is the message."; coined phrase "Global Village" in foreward to the book Explorations in Communication (1960)
born on 7-21-1911 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
expired 12-31-1980 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 69
first British high commissioner for Egypt Sir  Arthur Henry McMahon   his 1915-16 correspondence with Sherif Hussein of Mecca is a major basis for Arab claims to Palestine
expired 12-29-1949 in London, England   age 87
huckster  Edward Leo Peter McMahon Jr.   was Johnny Carson's sidekick on Tonight Show & host of Star Search
born on 3-6-1923 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 6-23-2009 in Los Angeles, California   age 86   cause: pneumonia; systemic bone cancer
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1979JW, YJ15.4%
2006BONY, GGG6.7%
2007ABRA, BONY6.5%
2008ADWC, ANG, GAS, 4GUE12.5%
   Scored 3.9781 points

AKS: McMahan
character actor  Horace McMahon
born on 5-17-1907 in South Norwalk, Connecticut
expired 8-17-1971 in Norwalk, Connecticut   age 64   cause: "heart ailment"
 Patrick Henry McMahon   wounded PT-109 sailor saved by JFK
born on 1-24-1906
expired 2-18-1990   age 84
former pro wrassler & promoter  Vincent Kennedy McMahon Sr.   father of the WWF promoter
born on 7-6-1914
expired 5-17-1984   age 69   cause: cancer
cartoonist  George McManus   created the Bringing Up Father comic strip in 1912
born on 1-23-1884 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 10-22-1954 in Santa Monica, California   age 70
the Emmy statuette film artist  Louis M. McManus   designer of the Emmy award statuette (1948; using his wife as the model); was awarded one of the first 6 for his efforts (1949)
born on 5-23-1898
expired 4-17-1968 in Hollywood, California   age 69
preschool founder  Virginia S. McMartin   victim of child molestation villification hysteria craze of 1980's
born on 7-23-1907
expired 12-17-1995   age 88
irascible former Teamster's Union official  Rolland McMaster   once an ally of Jimmy Hoffa (they had a falling-out in 1967) has been considered a person of "interest" in his disappearance; based upon an informant's tip the FBI dug up what had been his horse farm in Milford, MI looking for a body — they came up empty
born on 3-23-1914
expired 10-25-2007 in Fenton, Michigan   age 93
former Arkansas governor (1949-52)  Sidney Sanders McMath
born on 6-14-1912 in Columbia City, Arkansas
expired 10-4-2003 in Little Rock, Arkansas   age 91   cause: heart failure
 Ted W. McMichael   co-wrote (with Leo Killion & Jack Owens) the Hut Sut Song (1941)
born on 4-4-1908 in Marshalltown, Iowa
expired 2-27-2001 in Camarillo, California   age 92
Nobel prize-winning chemist  Edwin Mattison McMillan   co-discoverer of Plutonium (with Glenn Seaborg); discoverer of Neptunium
born on 9-12-1907 in Redondo Beach, California
expired 9-7-1991 in El Cerrito, California   age 83
actor  Kenneth McMillan
born on 7-2-1932 in New York, New York
expired 1-8-1989 in Santa Monica, California   age 56   cause: liver failure
geezer  John Ingram McMorran
born on 6-19-1889 in Goodland Township, Lapeer County, Michigan
expired 2-23-2003 in Lakeland, Florida   age 113   cause: pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
2003JL, KLS11.1%
   Scored 2.4500 points

sports team owner  John Joseph McMullen Sr.   former owner of the Houston Astros baseball team & the New Jersey Devils hockey team
born on 5-10-1918 in Jersey City, New Jersey
expired 9-16-2005 in Montclair, New Jersey   age 87
1919 Chicago White Sox player  Frederick William McMullin   involved in the Black Sox scandal
born on 10-13-1891 in Scammon, Kansas
expired 11-21-1952 in Los Angeles, California   age 61
actress  Barbara Joan McNair   did October 1968 Playboy pictorial
born on 3-4-1934 in Racine, Wisconsin
expired 2-4-2007 in Los Angeles, California   age 72   cause: throat cancer
child murder victim  Carole Denise McNair   killed by KKK goons in church bombing
born on 11-17-1951 in Birmingham, Alabama
expired 9-15-1963 in Birmingham, Alabama   age 11   cause: murdered; bomb explosion
Shuttle STS-41--B & 51--L astronaut  Ronald Erwin McNair
born on 10-12-1950 in Lake City, South Carolina
expired 1-28-1986 in Cape Canaveral, Florida   age 35   cause: Shuttle Challenger explosion
retired NFL quarterback  Steve LaTreal McNair   killed by mistress (presumably when she learned that he had no intention of dumping wifey for her)
born on 2-14-1973 in Mount Olive, Mississippi
expired 7-4-2009 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 36   cause: murdered; gunshots to head (both temples) & chest
printing firm co-founder (1956)  Andrew McNally Sr.   started printing maps in 1872
expired 5-7-1904 in Pasadena, California   age 68   cause: pneumonia
map publisher  Andrew McNally Jr.   son of company co-founder; president of Rand, McNally & Co. 1932-48, chairman 1948-54
expired 5-20-1954 in Chicago, Illinois   age 67
former Rand, McNally & Co. president (1948-74) & chairman (1974-93)  Andrew McNally III   grandson of company co-founder
born on 8-17-1909 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 11-15-2001 in Chicago, Illinois   age 92
former Baltimore/Montreal pitcher (1962-75)  David Arthur "Dave" McNally   successfully challenged baseball's reserve clause
born on 10-31-1942 in Billings, Montana
expired 12-1-2002 in Billings, Montana   age 60   cause: cancer
Boston College professor  Raymond Thomas McNally   researcher - proposed several explanations for the origins of the Dracula legend; wrote In Search of Dracula: A True History of Dracula and Vampire Legends (1972), Dracula: A Biography of Vlad the Impaler, 1431-1476 (1973) & Dracula Was A woman: In Search of the Blood Countess of Transylvania (1983)
born on 4-15-1931 in Cleveland Heights, Ohio
expired 10-2-2002 in Newton, Massachusetts   age 71   cause: cancer
 Frank X. McNamara   co-founded the Diners' Club (1950)
expired 11-9-1957 in Manhasset, New York   age 40
actress  Maggie McNamara   played Patty O'Neill in The Moon is Blue (1953)
born on 6-18-1928 in New York, New York
expired 2-18-1978 in New York, New York   age 49   cause: suicide; pill overdose
Michigan senator (1955-66)  Patrick Vincent McNamara
born on 10-4-1894 in North Weymouth, Massachusetts
expired 4-30-1966 in Bethesda, Maryland   age 71
Kennedy/Johnson Defense secretary (1961-68)  Robert Strange McNamara   his naïve (fog-bound?) political bumbling lead to a lot of misery in Vietnam
born on 6-9-1916 in San Francisco, California
expired 7-6-2009 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 93   cause: irreversible sphincter cranium capture
   Contest Selectors
2005ANG, RR, WORM13.0%
2006ANG, RR6.7%
2007ANG, AUDC, BYE, DGW12.9%
2008BYE, DGW, OIE, QKU12.5%
2009ADWC, BYE, DGW, QKU13.3%
   Scored 3.5125 points

AKS: MacNamera
NBC sports announcer  Graham McNamee   did play-by-play announcing of first NFL Thanksgiving football game (1934)
born on 7-10-1888 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 5-9-1942 in New York, New York   age 53   cause: brain embolism
former biology teacher  Margaret Craig McNamera   wife of former Defense Secretary; developed idea for Reading Is Fundamental program (1966)
born on 8-22-1915 in Seattle, Washington
expired 2-3-1981 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 65   cause: cancer
morning radio show host  Don McNeill   hosted the Breakfast Club from 1933 to 1968
born on 12-23-1907 in Galena, Illinois
expired 5-7-1996 in Evanston, Illinois   age 88
king of the cue cards  Bernard Joseph "Barney" McNulty Jr.   invented cue cards (1949); Bob Hope called them "idiot cards"; younger brother of Penny Singleton
born on 6-15-1923 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 12-17-2000 in Studio City, California   age 77   cause: heart attack
 Robert J. McNulty
born on 12-1-1921
expired 6-30-1996 in Minneapolis, Minnesota   age 74   cause: congestive heart failure
Chicago jazz artist  Jimmy Dugald McPartland
born on 3-15-1907 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-13-1991 in New York, New York   age 83
pianist & composer  Lindsay McPhail   first husband of Addie Oakley Dukes McPhail Arbuckle Sheldon
born on 11-19-1895 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-3-1965 in Tupper Lake, New York   age 69
"Dream Doctor"  Charles Lambert McPhee
born on 4-24-1962 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 5-8-2011 in Woodland Hills, California   age 49   cause: Bulbar ALS
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populist Los Angeles evangelist  Aimee Semple McPherson   "disappeared" for a while; was she kidnapped, wandering aimlessly, or just out having a good time?
born on 10-9-1890 in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada
expired 9-27-1944 in Oakland, California   age 53
Peace, love, whatever ... actor  Stephen Terence "Steve" McQueen   played title role in Bullitt and Hilts in The Great Escape (1963)
born on 3-24-1930 in Indianapolis, Indiana
expired 11-7-1980 in Juarez, Mexico   age 50   cause: heart attack following tumor surgery; mesothelioma
Gone With The Wind actress  Thelma "Butterfly" McQueen   played Prissy, the adle-brained house slave ("...I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' babies...")
born on 1-7-1911 in Tampa, Florida
expired 12-22-1995 in Augusta, Georgia   age 84   cause: burns suffered while attempting to light a kerosene heater
   Contest Selectors
1980 EB6.3%

singer  Carmen McRae
born on 4-8-1920 in New York, New York
expired 11-10-1994 in Beverly Hills, California   age 74
bluegrass musician  James Monroe "Jim" McReynolds
born on 2-13-1927 in Carfax, Virginia
expired 12-31-2002 in Gallatin, Tennessee   age 75   cause: cancer
jazz pianist/bandleader  James Columbus "Jay" McShann   lead a band for over 60 years; introduced Charlie Parker
¤nickname: "Hootie" 
born on 1-12-1916 in Muskogee, Oklahoma
expired 12-7-2006 in Kansas City, Missouri   age 90
baseball umpire  John McSherry
born on 9-11-1944 in New York, New York
expired 4-1-1996   age 51
Great Lakes sailor  Ernest Michael McSorley   Captain of the Edmund Fitzgerald
expired 11-10-1975 in Eastern Lake Superior, Canada   age 63   cause: drowned when ship foundered
child molestation victim  Patrick M. McSorley   one of the accusers of defrocked priest John Geoghan
born on 7-6-1974
expired 2-23-2004 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 29
former Greenpeace head  David Fraser McTaggart   a co-founder of the group
born on 6-23-1932 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
expired 3-23-2001 in Perugia, Umbria, Italy   age 68   cause: head-on car crash
lawyer  John Tripp McTernan   made a name for himself defending communists — accused and otherwise; got a number of dubious laws tossed by the Supreme Court
born on 11-25-1910 in White Plains, New York
expired 3-28-2005 in Santa Monica, California   age 94
hapless sea captain  George McVay   master of the Larchmont which sank in 1907 with 130-50 lives lost; captain of the Mackinac --- it blew up in 1925 with a loss of 55
expired 11-16-1951 in Providence, Rhode Island   age 71
tenor saxophonist/bandleader  Jack McVea   had novelty hit with Open the Door, Richard (1947)
born on 11-5-1914
expired 12-27-2000 in Los Angeles, California   age 86
the perp, following his initial arrest Oklahoma City bomber  Timothy James McVeigh
born on 4-23-1968 in Pendleton, New York
expired 6-11-2001 in Terre Haute, Indiana   age 33   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2001 ANG, BOD25%
2001 ANG, BOD, DTM, RR, TEX62½%
   Scored 9.3563 points

Guinness Book of World Records co-editor (with his twin brother)  Alan Ross McWhirter
born on 8-12-1925 in London, England
expired 11-27-1975 in London, England   age 49   cause: IRA bomb
former Guinness Book of World Records co-editor (with his twin brother)  Norris Dewar McWhirter   was the track announcer when Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile
born on 8-12-1925 in London, England
expired 4-19-2004 in Kington Langley, Wiltshire, England   age 78   cause: heart attack
actress  Caroline Margaret McWilliams   ex-wife of Michael Keaton; played Sally on Soap, Marcy Hill on Benson & LuAnn Pruit on Beverly Hills 90210
born on 4-4-1945 in Seattle, Washington
expired 2-11-2010 in Los Angeles, California   age 64   cause: multiple myeloma
self-help book author  Peter Alexander McWilliams   proponent of medical marijuana use
born on 8-5-1949 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 6-14-2000 in Los Angeles, California   age 50   cause: AIDS; non-Hodgkins lymphoma
retired MSU English Department professor  Carl David Mead   cracked the Japanese Administrative Code during World War II (April 1943)
born on 5-4-1913 in Cadiz, Ohio
expired 8-17-2005 in East Lansing, Michigan   age 92
irrigation engineer Dr.  Elwood Mead   was commissioner of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (1924-36); has a big lake behind a big dam named for him
born on 1-16-1858 in Patriot, Indiana
expired 1-26-1936 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 78   cause: coronary thrombosis
anthropology fraud  Margaret Mead   wrote Coming of Age in Samoa (1926)
¤Mrs. Gregory Bateson 
born on 12-16-1901 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 11-5-1978 in New York, New York   age 76   cause: cancer
 James Edward Meade   co-recipient of the 1977 Nobel prize in Economics
born on 6-23-1907 in Swanage, Dorsetshire, England
expired 12-22-1995 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   age 88
Vaughn as the right reverend Dr. Oral Sacrifice in `Linda Lovelace for President' pianist & one-time comedian  Abbott Vaughn Meader   in 1962/63 had a smash hit with album The First Family; career bottomed-out with Linda Lovelace for President (1975)
born on 3-20-1936 in Waterville, Maine
expired 10-29-2004 in Auburn, Maine   age 68   cause: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; emphysema
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   Scored 8.2000 solo points

early "astronaut" & Honeymooners actress  Audrey Meadows   played Alice Kramden; (despite Ralph's promises, she never did make it to the moon...)
¤born: Audrey Cotter 
born on 2-8-1922 in Wuchang, China
expired 2-3-1996 in Los Angeles, California   age 73   cause: lung cancer
AFL-CIO president  William George Meany
born on 8-16-1894 in New York, New York
expired 1-10-1980 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 85
   Contest Selectors
1979 DW, HFS, MS23.1%
1980 BD, DH, DR, DW, EB, GP, JH, JW, MM, RR62.5%
   Scored 1.5000 points

Aussie geezer  Beatrice Mears
born on 3-4-1888
expired 12-3-2001 in Kensington Park, South Australia, Australia   age 113
former kid actor  Shirley Jean Rickert Measures   appeared in five Our Gang comedies (1931) then did five Mickey McGuire comedies (1933-34) as Tomboy Taylor; after the movies she became a burlesque stripper in the 1950s (as "Gilda" & "Her Crowning Glory") and then went into industrial hardware sales
born on 3-25-1926 in Seattle, Washington
expired 2-6-2009 in Saratoga Springs, New York   age 82   cause: cardiovascular disease
former auto dealer & Arizona governor (1987-8)  Evan Mecham   was impeached & removed from office in 1988
born on 5-12-1924 in Duchesne, Utah
expired 2-21-2008 in Phoenix, Arizona   age 83   cause: Alzheimer's disease
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   Scored 6.7000 solo points

AKS: Meacham
former New Mexico governor & senator (1962-4)  Edwin Leard Mechem
born on 7-2-1912 in Alamagordo, Otero County, New Mexico
expired 11-27-2002 in Albuquerque, New Mexico   age 90
Dr.  Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov   shared the 1908 Nobel prize in medicine for his work on immunity
born on 5-16-1845 in Kharkoff, Russia
expired 7-16-1916 in Paris, France   age 71   cause: heart failure
Dr.  Peter Brian Medawar   shared the 1960 Nobel prize in medicine for the discovery of acquired immunological tolerance
born on 2-28-1915 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
expired 10-2-1987 in London, England   age 72   cause: strokes
Texas death row inmate  Jose Ernesto Medellin
¤number: 999134 
born on 3-4-1975 in Mexico
expired 8-5-2008 in Huntsville, Texas   age 33   cause: executed; lethal injection
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actress  Kay Medford
born on 9-14-1920 in New York, New York
expired 4-17-1980 in New York, New York   age 59
to next Pope: Paul Vto previous Pope: Clement VIII Catholic Church leader (1605)  Alessandro Ottaviano de Medici   elected 233rd Pope of the Roman Catholic Church March 31, 1605; was Pope for only 27 days after his election
¤Pope Leo XI 
born on --1535 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy
expired 4-27-1605 in Rome, Italy   age 69
to next Pope: Pius Vto previous Pope: Paul IV Catholic Church leader (1559-1565)  Giovanni Angelo Medici   elected 225th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church December 26, 1559
¤Pope Pius IV 
born on 3-31-1499 in Milan, Italy
expired 12-9-1565 in Rome, Italy   age 66   cause: fever
to next Pope: Adrian VIto previous Pope: Julius II Catholic Church leader (1513-1521)  Giovanni de' Medici   elected 218th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church March 11, 1513
¤Pope Leo X 
born on 12-11-1475 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy
expired 12-1-1521 in Rome, Italy   age 45   cause: malaria
to next Pope: Paul IIIto previous Pope: Adrian VI Catholic Church leader (1523-1534)  Giulio de' Medici   elected 220th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church November 18, 1523
¤Pope Clement VII 
born on --1478 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy
expired 9-25-1534 in Rome, Italy   age 56
Oklahoma death row inmate  Floyd Allen Medlock
born on 10-9-1971
expired 1-16-2001 in McAlester, Oklahoma   age 29   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2001 TEX12½%
   Did  Not Score - insufficient category citations (only 2 of the minimum 3 needed)

Doo-wop singer/music arranger/record producer  Henry "Hank" Medress   as a member of The Tokens sang backup on The Lion Sleeps Tonight (1961); was producer (or co-producer) on a raft of hits: "One Fine Day (1963), He's So Fine (1963) & Sweet Talkin' Guy (1966) for The Chifons, The Happening, See You In September, I Got Rhythm, Tony Orlando's big hits Candida, Knock Three Times and Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree (1973) & Hot Hot Hot (1987) for Buster Poindexter
born on 11-19-1938 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 6-18-2007 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 68   cause: lung cancer
baseball Hall of Fame member  Joseph Michael "Ducky Joe" Medwick   played ball from 1932 to 1948 with "Gashouse Gang"
born on 11-24-1911 in Carteret, New Jersey
expired 3-21-1975 in Saint Petersburg, Florida   age 63   cause: heart attack
boxer  Eugene Walcott "Willie" Meehan   won 1918 fight decision over Jack Dempsey
expired 2-9-1953 in San Francisco, California   age 79
World War II Port Chicago ammunition loader  Freddie Meeks   one of 50 sailors courts-martialed after catastrophic ship explosions; pardoned by Bubba (1999)
born on 10-24-1919 in Natchez, Mississippi
expired 6-19-2003 in West Los Angeles, California   age 83   cause: heart failure; gangrene; complications from diabetes
ESPN sportscaster  Thomas E. "Tom" Mees
born on 10-13-1949
expired 8-14-1996 in Southington, Connecticut   age 46   cause: drowned in swimming pool
cartoon voice actor  Don Messick   provided the voice of Uniblab (from a Jetsons episode first broadcast 11/25/1962)
born on 9-7-1927 in Buffalo, New York
expired 10-24-1997   age 70   cause: stroke
retired Marine General  Vernon Megee
born on 6-5-1900 in Broken Arrow, Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
expired 1-14-1992 in Albuquerque, New Mexico   age 91
graphic designer  Philip B. Meggs   wrote definitive history of graphic & advertising design
born on 5-30-1942 in Newberry, South Carolina
expired 11-20-2002 in Richmond, Virginia   age 60   cause: leukemia
last pure-blood Kaw Indian tribe member  William A. Mehojah   his tribe, also known as the Kanza or Kansa gave their name to the state of Kansas
¤Indian name: "Little Star" 
born on 8-6-1916 in Washunga, Oklahoma
expired 4-23-2000 in Omaha, Nebraska   age 83   cause: lung failure
tribal warlord  Baitullah Mehsud
born on --1974 in Landi Dhok, Bannu Region, Khyber, Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan
expired 8-23-2009 in South Waziristan   age 35   cause: assassinated; injuries suffered in 8/5/09 Predator drone missle attack
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Michigan retailer  Frederik Gerhard Hendrik Meijer   "Why pay more?" (To get more, fool.); ironically (or appropriately) he died on (retail) Black Friday ("Why live more?")
born on 12-7-1919 in Greenville, Michigan
expired 11-25-2011 in Grand Rapids, Michigan   age 91   cause: stroke
   Contest Selectors
1979 YJ7.7%

Hedrick's widow  Gezina Meijer   co-founder of Michigan retailer (1934)
born on 7-11-1886 in Overijssel, The Netherlands
expired 2-1-1978 in Miami Beach, Florida   age 91
geezer  Marie-Louise Fébronie Meilleur
born on 8-29-1880 in Kamouraska, Quebec, Canada
expired 4-16-1998 in North Bay, Ontario, Canada   age 117
violent Marxist "revolutionary" & crackpot bimbo  Ulrike Marie Meinhof   had pretenses of being a journalist; member of Germany's "Baader-Meinhof" gang of the late 1960s and early 1970s; took the coward's way out of prison
born on 10-7-1934 in Oldenburg, Germany
expired 5-9-1976 in Stuttgart, Germany   age 41   cause: suicide; hanged
former Israeli Prime Minister  Golda Meir   3rd Prime Minister of Israel (1964-74)
¤born: Golda Mabovitz
aka: Golda Myerson 
born on 5-3-1898 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia
expired 12-8-1978 in Jerusalem, Israel   age 80   cause: leukemia
character actor  Günter Meisner   played Hitler a lot; best remembered for playing the Everlasting Gobstopper-seeking Artur Slugworth/Mr. Wilkinson in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)
born on 4-18-1926 in Bremen, Germany
expired 12-5-1994 in Berlin, Germany   age 68   cause: heart failure
AKS: Gunter
German Reich minister and Chancellery head  Otto Meissner   held the posts under Egbert, von Hindenburg and Hitler
expired 5-27-1953 in München, Germany   age 73
 Bill Meistrell   co-founded neoprene wetsuit maker Body Glove with his twin brother Bob (1965)
born on 7-30-1928 in Boonville, Missouri
expired 7-25-2006 in Rancho Palos Verdes, California   age 77   cause: Parkinson's disease
physicist and mathematician  Lise Meitner   co-discovered (with Otto Hahn) of Protactinium (element 91 — 1918); co-discovered of nuclear fission (1938) — wuz robbed by the Nobel Committee over da prize
born on 11-17-1878 in Vienna, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary
expired 10-27-1968 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   age 89
opera diva Dame  Nellie Melba   famous for foods named in her honor: Peaches Melba and Melba Toast
¤born: Helen Porter Mitchell
Mrs. Charles Nesbitt Armstrong 
born on 5-19-1859 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
expired 2-23-1931 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   age 71
record producer & songwriter  Terry Melcher   son of Doris Day (by Al Jorden)
¤born: Terry Jorden 
born on 2-8-1942 in New York, New York
expired 11-19-2004 in Beverly Hills, California   age 62   cause: melanoma
Wagnerian tenor  Lauritz Lebrecht Hommel Melchior
born on 3-20-1890 in Copenhagen, Denmark
expired 3-18-1973 in Santa Monica, California   age 82   cause: liver tumor
animator  José Cuauhtémoc "Bill" Meléndez   animated the Peanuts tv cartoons; povided the voice of Snoopy & Woodstock
born on 11-15-1916 in Hermosilla, Sonora, Mexico
expired 9-2-2008 in Santa Monica, California   age 91
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AKS: Jose Cuautemoc Melendez
Wham-O co-founder (1948)  Arthur K. "Spud" Melin   company bought rights to Pipco Flying Saucer (1955), later renamed the Pluto Platter (1957), finally the Frisbee (1958; named for character in 1950s Mr. Frisbie comic strip)
born on 12-30-1924 in Los Angeles, California
expired 6-28-2002 in Costa Mesa, California   age 77   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
pianist/bandleader  José Melis   Jack Paar's bandleader on Tonight Show (1957-62)
¤full name: José Melis Guiu 
born on 2-27-1920 in Havana, Cuba
expired 4-7-2005 in Sun City, Arizona   age 85   cause: respiratory infection
AKS: Jose
actress  Marisa Mell   played Eva Kant in Diabolik (1968)
¤born: Marlies Theres Moitzi 
born on 2-24-1939 in Graz, Austria
expired 5-6-1992 in Vienna, Austria   age 53   cause: throat cancer
rickets researcher Sir  Edward Mellanby   his work led to the discovery of vitamin D
born on --1884 in Hartepool, England
expired 1-30-1955 in London, England   age 70
Frederick's of Hollywood founder  Frederick N. Mellinger
born on 11-26-1913 in New York, New York
expired 6-2-1990 in Los Angeles, California   age 76   cause: pneumonia
soccer player & sometime movie actor  Breno Mello   had the title role in Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus; 1959)
born on 9-7-1931 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
expired 7-11-2008 in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil   age 76   cause: heart attack
Harding/Coolidge/Hoover Treasury Secretary (1921-1932)  Andrew William Mellon   had peripheral involement in Teapot Dome scandal
born on 3-24-1855 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 8-26-1937 in Southampton, New York   age 82
1993 Kentucky Derby winner's owner  Paul Mellon   son of Andrew W.
born on 6-11-1907 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 2-1-1999 in Upperville, Virginia   age 91
banking family member  William Larimer Mellon   founder of Gulf Oil Company
expired 10-8-1949 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 81
jazz/blues singer  Alan George Heywood Melly   lived a lively, if disolute, life; turned author later on in life
born on 8-17-1926 in Liverpool, England
expired 7-5-2007 in London, England   age 80   cause: lung cancer; vascular dementia
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   Scored 7.0000 solo points

polio researcher Dr.  Joseph Louis Melnick   earned Ph.D. in physiological chemistry (1936)
born on 10-9-1914 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 1-7-2001 in Houston, Texas   age 86   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
character actor  Sid Melton   played Ichabod Mudd on the Captain Midnight tv series (1950s) & Alf Monroe on Green Acres
¤born: Sidney Meltzer 
born on 5-22-1917 in New York, New York
expired 11-2-2011 in Burbank, California   age 94   cause: pneumonia
author  Herman Melville   wrote Moby Dick (1851), Billy Budd, Typee and Bartleby, the Scrivener
born on 8-1-1812 in New York, New York
expired 9-28-1891 in New York, New York   age 79   cause: heart failure
actor  Sam Melville   played officer Mike Danko on The Rookies tv series
born on 8-20-1936 in Fillmore, Utah
expired 3-9-1989   age 52   cause: heart failure
Melville Corp. president (1030-56) & chairman (1956-77)  Ward Melville   originated the Thom McAn shoe line (1922; named for Scottish golf pro Thomas McCann)
born on 1-5-1887 in New York, New York
expired 6-9-1977 in New York, New York   age 90
character actor  Allan Melvin   appeared on Broadway in the original cast of Stalag 17 as Reed (1951-2); played Cpl. Henshaw on The Phil Silvers Show as Sgt. Bilko's right-hand man & was Archie Bunker's neighbor & friend Barney on All In The Family and voiced Magilla Gorilla for Hanna/Barbera
born on 2-18-1923 in Kansas City, Missouri
expired 1-17-2008 in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: cancer
AKS: Alan
singer & band leader  Harold Melvin   leader of the Blue Notes band
born on 6-25-1939 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 3-24-1997 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 57   cause: stroke
author, journalist, social critic  Henry Lewis Mencken   wrote The American Language; coined term ecdysiast
born on 9-12-1880 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 1-29-1956 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 75
physicist  Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev   created the Period Table of the Elements (1869)
born on 2-7-1834 in Tobolsk, Siberia, Russia
expired 1-20-1907 in Saint Petersburg, Russia   age 72   cause: pneumonia
mob mouthpiece  Hiram Zaph Mendow   one of Capone's lawyers
born on 8-6-1893 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
expired 5-11-2001 in La Jolla, California   age 107
Chilean general  César Mendoza Durán   part of Pinochet's junta
born on 9-11-1918 in Santiago, Chile
expired 9-13-1996 in Santiago, Chile   age 78   cause: pancreatic cancer
Ethiopian  King Menelik II   became King (Negus) of Bezehob (1865); ruled 1889-1913
¤born: Sahle Mirian 
born on 8-17-1844 in Ankober, Shewa, Ethiopia
expired 12-12-1913 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   age 69
Ethiopian Empress  Wolzero Waizeur Menen   wife of Emperor Haile Selassie I; outlawed child marriage and harems
expired 2-15-1962 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   age 71
Dutch orchestra conductor  Joseph Willem Mengelberg   exiled for collaborating with Nazis
born on 3-28-1871 in Utrecht, Netherlands
expired 3-22-1951 in Zuort, Switzerland   age 79
Josef Mengele in 1971 hunted Nazi  Josef Mengele
¤pseudonym: Wolfgang Gerhard 
born on 3-16-1911 in Gunzburg, Bavaria, Germany
expired 2-7-1979 in Bertioga Beach, Brazil   age 67   cause: drowned; stroke
   Contest Selectors
1979 JW7.7%
   confirmation of death came almost a decade later — no points scored

AKS: Joseph
dapper actor  Adolph Jean Menjou
born on 2-8-1890 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 10-29-1963 in Beverly Hills, California   age 73
Bergen-Belson concentration camp survivor  Irma Sonnenberg Menkel   in July 21, 1997 Newsweek article she claimed to be last person to see Anne Frank alive
born on 4-21-1897 in Germany
expired 12-21-1998 in Charlottesville, Virginia   age 101
animal trainer  Carmine "Bud" Mennella   J. Fred Muggs personal trainer
born on 8-12-1921
expired 3-10-2002 in Tampa, Florida   age 80   cause: Parkinson's disease; Alzheimer's disease
Jiffy Pop founder  Frederick C. Mennen
born on 5-27-1928 in LaPorte, Indiana
expired 3-19-1991 in LaPorte, Indiana   age 62
psychiatrist Dr.  Charles Frederick Menninger   co-founder of the Menninger Clinic (1920); brother of Karl & William
expired 11-28-1953 in Topeka, Kansas   age 91
psychiatrist  Karl Menninger   co-founder of the Menninger Clinic (1920); brother of Charles & William
born on 7-23-1893 in Topeka, Kansas
expired 7-18-1990 in Topeka, Kansas   age 96
physician Dr.  William C. Menninger   co-founder of the Menninger Clinic (1920); brother of Charles & Karl
born on 10-15-1899 in Topeka, Kansas
expired 9-6-1966 in Topeka, Kansas   age 66
actress  Gypsy Marpessa Dawn Menor   played role of Eurydice in Orfeu Negro (Black Orpheus; 1959)
born on 1-3-1934 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (near)
expired 8-25-2008 in Paris   age 72   cause: heart attack
composer  Gian-Carlo Menotti   wrote Amahl and the Night Visitors; cofounder of the Spoleto Festival
born on 7-7-1911 in Cadigliano, Italy
expired 2-1-2007 in Monte Carlo, Monaco   age 95
   Contest Selectors
2007NFG, PCD6.5%
   Scored 4.2500 points

1979 Mr. Olympia bodybuilder  Mike Mentzer
born on 11-15-1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 6-10-2001 in Rolling Hills Estates, California   age 49   cause: heart attack
pianist  Yaltah Menuhin   Yehudi's younger sister
born on 10-7-1921 in San Francisco, California
expired 6-9-2001 in London, England   age 79
classical violinist & conductor Sir  Yehudi Menuhin
¤brother of Hephzibah 
born on 4-22-1916 in New York, New York
expired 3-12-1999 in Berlin, Germany   age 82   cause: heart failure
Soviet OGPU (Unified State Political Directorate) head (1926-34)  Vyacheslav R Menzhinski   succeeded Dzerzhinski
born on --1874
expired ??-??-1934   age 60
former Australian prime minister (1939-41; 1949-66) Sir  Robert Gordon Menzies
born on 12-20-1894 in Jeparit Township, Victoria, Australia
expired 5-15-1978 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia   age 83
British Secret Intelligence Service head (1939-51) Major General Sir  Stewart Graham Menzies   Ian Fleming used him as the model for "M" in the James Bond book series
expired 5-30-1968 in London, England   age 78
 William Cameron Menzies   art director of 1933 live action Alice in Wonderland; production designer for Gone With the Wind (also 2nd unit director) and Invaders from Mars (1953; also directed); director of Things to Come (1936)
born on 7-29-1896 in New Haven, Connecticut
expired 3-5-1967 in Hollywood, California   age 70
Spanish assassin  Ramón Mercader   assassinated Leon Trotsky in Mexico on 8/20/1940 on orders of Stalin
¤aka: Frank Jacson 
born on --1914
expired 10-18-1978 in Havana, Cuba   age 64
song writer & movie composer  John Herndon "Johnny" Mercer   wrote lyrics for Hooray For Hollywood (1937 — from Hollywood Hotel; music by Dick Whiting) & Moon River (1961; music by Henry Mancini); won four Academy Awards; co-founded Capitol Records
born on 11-18-1909 in Savannah, Georgia
expired 6-25-1976 in Bel Air, California   age 66
cabaret artist  Mabel Mercer
born on 2-1-1900 in Burton-on-Trent, England
expired 4-20-1984 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts   age 84
blues singer & actress  Mary Ruth "Mae" Mercer   appeared in The Beguiled & Dirty Harry
born on 6-12-1932 in Battleboro, North Carolina
expired 10-29-2008 in Northridge, California   age 76   cause: stroke
radio dj & CBS network announcer  William Roscoe Mercer
¤air name: "Rosko
born on 5-25-1927 in New York, New York
expired 8-1-2000 in New York, New York   age 73   cause: cancer
movie producer  Ismail Merchant   partnered with James Ivory & Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
¤born: Ismail Noormohamed Abdul Rehman 
born on 12-25-1936 in Bombay, India (now Mumbai)
expired 5-25-2005 in London, England   age 68   cause: complications following surgery for stomach ulcers
greedy financier  Adolf Merckle   short-sold a bunch of VW stock but it went up in value, so he lost a bundle, leaving his business in shambles
born on 3-18-1934 in Dresden, Germany
expired 1-5-2009 in Blaubeuren, Germany   age 74   cause: suicide; stepped in front of a train
Never On Sunday actress  Melina Mercouri
¤born: Maria Amalia Mercouri 
born on 10-18-1925 in Athens, Greece
expired 3-6-1994   age 71
Queen lead singer  Frederick Bulsara "Freddie" Mercury   sang Another One Bites the Dust (eventually, we all do)
born on 9-8-1946 in Zanzibar, Zanzibar
expired 11-24-1991 in Kensington, England   age 45
Monday Night Football's Don Meredith, Howard Cosell & Frank Giffordinterviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in February 1978 former sports broadcaster  Joseph "Dandy" Don Meredith   an original announcer on Monday Night Football show (with Cosell & Gifford)
born on 4-10-1938 in Mount Vernon, Texas
expired 12-5-2010 in Santa Fe, New Mexico   age 72   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
actor  Oliver Burgess Meredith   tv Batman's The Penguin; movies included: Of Mice and Men, Rocky, Advise and Consent and Grumpy Old Men
born on 11-16-1907 in Lakewood, Ohio
expired 9-9-1997 in Malibu, California   age 89   cause: complications from melanoma; Alzheimer's disease
   Contest Selectors
1979 MM7.7%
1980 EB, MM12.5%

geologist  Hans Merensky   discovered South African diamond and platinum deposits
born on 3-16-1871
expired 10-21-1952 in Diuwelskloof, South Africa   age 81
Linotype inventor (1884)  Ottmar Mergenthaler
born on 5-11-1854 in Hachtel, Germany
expired 10-28-1899 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 45
Chilean Admiral  José Toribio Merino   part of Pinochet's junta
expired ??-??-19??   age ??
singer/actress  Ethel Merman
¤born: Ethel Agnes Zimmerman 
born on 1-16-1909 in Astoria, New York
expired 2-15-1984 in New York, New York   age 75   cause: glioblastoma
Broadway producer  David Merrick   produced Fanny (1954), The World of Suzie Wong (1958), Destry Rides Again (1958), Gypsy (1958), Irma La Douce (1960), Becket (1960), I Can Get It For You Wholesale (1961), Stop the World --- I Want to Get Off (1962), Oliver (1962), Hello, Dolly (1964), The Roar of the Greasepaint --- the Smell of the Crowd (1965), Cactus Flower (1965), 42nd Street (1980), ....
¤born: David Margulois 
born on 11-27-1911 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 4-25-2000 in London, England   age 88
disease victim  Joseph Carey Merrick   afflicted with genetic disease (originally thought to be neurofibramatosis; now diagnosed as Proteus Syndrome) that caused large bone tumors, resulting in severe disfigurment; life was basis for play and movie The Elephant Man
¤aka: "The Elephant Man
born on 8-5-1862 in Leicester, England
expired 4-11-1890 in London, England   age 27   cause: asphyxiation/suffocation
 Marion Eliza Merrick   sister of Joseph; afflicted with same disease
born on 9-28-1867 in Leicester, England
expired ??-??-1891 in Leicester, England   age 24   cause: mylitis
1984 Nobel laureate  Robert Bruce Merrifield   won in the chemistry category
born on 7-15-1921 in Fort Worth, Texas
expired 5-14-2006 in Cresskill, New Jersey   age 84
lyricist  Bob Merrill   wrote lyrics for Funny Girl and the songs How Much is that Doggie in the Window, Mairzy Doats and If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake
¤born: Henry Robert Merrill Levan 
born on 5-17-1921 in Atlantic City, New Jersey
expired 2-17-1998 in Culver City, California   age 76   cause: suicide; gunshot
investment brokerage co-founder  Charles Edward Merrill   in 1914 co-founded Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Beane; (later Beane got bumped by Smith)
born on 10-19-1885 in Green Cove, Florida
expired 10-6-1956 in Southampton, New York   age 70
World War II "Merrill's Marauders" leader Major General  Frank Dow Merrill
born on 12-4-1903
expired 12-11-1955 in Fernandina Beach, Florida   age 51
actor  Gary Merrill
born on 8-2-1914 in Hartford, Connecticut
expired 3-5-1990 in Falmouth, Maine   age 75   cause: lung cancer
radio/tv writer  Howard Merrill   co-creator of the I've Got A Secret game show (1952)
born on 3-27-1916 in New York, New York
expired 4-20-2002 in Los Angeles, California   age 86
actress & singer  Joan Merrill
born on 1-2-1918 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 5-10-1992 in New York, New York   age 74   cause: stroke
former opera baritone  Robert Merrill
¤born: Moishe Miller
intermediate name change: Merrill Miller 
born on 6-4-1917 in New York, New York
expired 10-23-2004 in New Rochelle, New York   age 87
sociologist  Robert King Merton   coiner of such terms as "self-fulfilling prophecy" & "role models"
¤born: Meyer R. Schkolnick 
born on 7-4-1910 in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 2-23-2003 in New York, New York   age 92
Trappist monk & author  Thomas Merton   wrote The Seven Story Mountain (1948); influenced by a meeting with Hindu scholar Mahanambrata Brahmachari
born on 1-31-1915 in Prades, France
expired 12-9-1968 in Bangkok, Thailand   age 53   cause: accident
physician  Franz Anton Mesmer   did early studies of hypnotism; the effect of being "put under" came to be known as being mesmerized
born on 5-23-1734 in Baden-Baden, Germany
expired 3-5-1815 in Merseburg, Germany   age 80
former Philips Electronics executive  John Carl Messerschmitt   involved in the introduction of the laser video disc, compact disc & CD-ROM to the U.S. market; cousin of plane designer Willie Messerschmitt
born on 5-24-1922 in New York, New York
expired 4-8-2004 in New York, New York   age 81   cause: pancreatic cancer
German industrialist  Wilhelm "Willy" Messerschmitt   designed & built aircraft
born on 6-26-1898 in Augsburg, Germany
expired 9-15-1978 in München, Germany   age 80   cause: complications following surgery
French composer  Olivier Eugene Prosper Charles Messiaen
born on 12-10-1908 in Avignon, France
expired 4-28-1992 in Paris, France   age 83
   Contest Selectors
1980 GP6.3%

former Brenda Starr cartoonist  Dalia "Dale" Messick   created comic strip in 1940
born on 4-11-1906 in South Bend, Indiana
expired 4-5-2005 in Penngrove, California   age 98
   Contest Selectors
2003COCO, JL, PCD16.7%
2004DTM, PCD11.1%
2005DTM, PCD8.7%
   Scored 3.9500 points

former French prime minister (July 1972-May 1974)  Pierre August Joseph Messmer
born on 3-20-1916 in Vincennes, France
expired 8-29-2007 in Paris, France   age 91
weepy PTL hustler  Tamara Faye LaValley Bakker Messner   ex-wife of Jim Bakker; her second marriage was to the builder of PTL headquarters & "theme park" Roe Messner
¤aka: Tammy Faye 
born on 3-7-1942 in International Falls, Minnesota
expired 7-20-2007 in Loch Lloyd, Missouri   age 65   cause: lung cancer; colon cancer
   Contest Selectors
2005ANG, QKU, WORM13.0%
   Scored 6.0000 points

renowned political party giver  Perle Skirvin Mesta   U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg (1949-53); Irving Berlin wrote Call Me Madam about her; called the "Hostess with the Mostess"
¤born: Pearl Fried Skirvin 
born on 10-12-1891 in Sturgis, Michigan
expired 3-16-1975 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma   age 83
free diver  Audrey Mestre   attempted to set new world record (561 ft).
born on 8-11-1974 in Saint-Denis, Île-de-France, France
expired 10-12-2002 in La Romana, Dominican Republic   age 28   cause: drowned; blacked out hundreds of feet down
author  Grace de Rapentigny Metalious   wrote Peyton Place (1956)
born on 9-8-1924 in Manchester, New Hampshire
expired 2-25-1964 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 39
Greek dictator General  John Metaxas   "ruled" from August 1936 until his death
¤real name: Ioannis Metaxas 
born on 4-12-1871 in Cephalonia, Greece
expired 1-29-1941 in Athens, Greece   age 69   cause: throat infection
Greenpeace co-founder  E. Bennett Metcalfe   first chairman of the organization
born on 10-31-1919 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
expired 10-14-2003 in Shawnigan Lake, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada   age 83   cause: heart attack
1940s & 50s "mad bomber"  George P. Metesky   paranoid schizophrenic with impulses to martyrdom; spent 17 years in Matteawan booby hatch for 37 blasts he set off in New York City
¤aka: "F.P." (Fair Play) 
born on 11-2-1903 in Waterbury, Connecticut
expired 5-23-1994 in Waterbury, Connecticut   age 90
oncologist Dr.  Georges Methé   was the first to perfom a bone marrow transplant (1959)
born on 7-9-1922 in Sermages (Nievre), France
expired 10-15-2010 in Villejuif, France   age 88
Humphrey Bogart's first wife actress  Mayo Methot
born on 3-3-1904 in Portland, Oregon
expired 6-9-1951 in Multhomek, Oregon   age 47   cause: complications from surgery
mathematician  Nicholas C. Metropolis   early participant in the Manhattan Project; famous for statistical probability "Monte Carlo" method; used a colleague's stored program concept in leading teams that constructed the Maniac and Maniac II (Mathematical and Numerical Integrator And Computer) computers at Los Alamos Lab; founded the Institute for Computer Research at the University of Chicago (1957)
born on 6-11-1915 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 10-17-1999 in Los Alamos, New Mexico   age 84
minstrel show & vaudeville bandleader  Theodore August Metz   said to have ushered in jazz with his 1886 composition Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight
born on 3-14-1848 in Hannover, Prussia, Germany
expired 1-12-1936 in New York, New York   age 87
former Ohio Senator (1975-95)  Howard Morton Metzenbaum   co-founded APCOA, the overpriced airport parking company
born on 6-4-1917 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 3-12-2008 in Aventura, Florida   age 90
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former Dannon Co. president and chairman  Juan E. Metzger   came up with idea of putting fruit in the yogurt cup
born on 11-4-1918 in Barcelona, Spain
expired 9-6-1998 in New York, New York   age 79   cause: heart failure
New York Yankees left fielder  Robert William "Bob" Meusel   batted fifth in Murderers' Row
born on 7-19-1896 in San Jose, California
expired 11-28-1977 in Downey, California   age 81
CIA agent (1951-77)  Cord Meyer Jr.   involved in the MK-Ultra LSD program; his ex-wife, Mary Pinchot Meyer, was JFK's last mistress; brother-in-law of Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee
born on 11-10-1920 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 3-13-2001 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 80   cause: lymphoma
cover of the February 1956 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Eve Meyerto July 1955 Playmate of Monthto May 1955 Playmate of Month Playboy June 1955 Playmate of Month  Eve Turner Meyer   wife of Russ (1952-70); appeared in The Immoral Mr. Teas (1959)
¤born: Evelyn Eugene Turner
aka: Eve Turner Flores 
born on 12-13-1928 in Griffin, Georgia
expired 3-27-1977 in Tenerife, Islas Canarias (Canary Islands)   age 48   cause: jumbo jet collision
pediatric virologist Dr.  Harry Martin Meyer Jr.   a developer of the rubella (German measles) vaccine (1966)
¤nickname: "Hank" 
born on 11-25-1928 in Palestine, Texas
expired 8-19-2001 in Kenmore, Washington   age 72   cause: T-cell lymphoma
former Dell Publishing head  Helen Honig Meyer   started with the firm as a clerk in 1923
born on 12-4-1907 in New York, New York
expired 4-21-2003 in Livingstone, New Jersey   age 95
songwriter  Joseph Meyer   wrote If You Knew Susie (1925) & Crazy Rhythm (1928)
born on 3-12-1894 in Modesto, California
expired 9-24-1987 in New York, New York   age 93
former DePaul basketball coach (1942-84)  Raymond Joseph "Ray" Meyer   coached George Mikan in college
born on 12-18-1913 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-17-2006   age 92   cause: congestive heart failure
Russ, with Roger Ebert, at the premier of `Beyond the Valley of the Dolls' in 1970 nudie movie director  Russell Albion Meyer   made The Immoral Mr. Teas (1959), Mondo Topless (1966), Vixen (1969) and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls; also shot several early Playboy Playmate gatefolds; a tale told to E.M. Nathanson became the basis for the book The Dirty Dozen
¤nickname: "King Leer"
aka: "E.E. Meyer" and "B. Callum" 
born on 3-21-1922 in San Leandro, California
expired 9-18-2004 in Hollywood Hills, California   age 82   cause: complications from pneumonia; dementia
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2003ABRA, CSI11.1%
   Scored 6.8000 solo points

AKS: Russ
Dr.  Otto Fritz Meyerhof   shared the 1921 Nobel prize in medicine for his work on the glycogen to lactic acid cycle in cells
born on 4-12-1884 in Hannover, Germany
expired 10-6-1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 67   cause: heart attack
1930s & 40s jazz clarinetist  Milton "Mezz" Mezzrow   had a serious drug problem
born on 11-9-1899 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 8-5-1972 in Paris, France   age 72   cause: arthritis of spinal cord
neo-romantic music composer  Nikolai Yakovievich Miaskovsky   studied with Glière, Liadoff, Witol & Rimsky-Korsakov at the St. Petersburg Conservatory; professor of theory at Moscow Conservatory
born on 4-20-1881 in Novogeorgievsky, Poland, Russian Empire
expired 8-9-1950 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 69
D.C.-area tv sports yakker  George Michael   was the host of the Sports Machine clip show (1984-2007)
¤born: George Gimpel 
born on 3-24-1939 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 11-24-2009 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 70   cause: lymphocytic leukemia
chemist & journalist  Anthony Rowland Michaelis   was the science correspondent for The Daily Telegraph; while interviewing Nobel Laureate Antony Hewish about a new type of "pulsing" star invented the word pulsar
¤born: Kurt Otto Adolf Michaelis 
born on 8-22-1916 in Berlin, Germany
expired 10-18-2007 in Heidelberg, Germany   age 91
film noir actress  Beverly Michaels   played the Amazonian Felice Blackett in East Side, West Side (1949); widow of screen writer Russell Rouse; mother of film editor Christopher Rouse
born on 12-28-1928 in New York, New York
expired 6-??-2007 in Phoenix, Arizona   age 78   cause: stroke
art/design studio operator  Doug Michaels   designed the "public art" piece Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo (1974)
born on 6-29-1943 in Seattle, Washington
expired 6-12-2003 in Eden, Australia   age 59   cause: fall while climbing
classical pianist  Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli
born on 1-5-1920 in Brescia, Italy
expired 6-12-1995 in Lugano, Switzerland   age 75
Renaissance artist  Michelangelo
¤full name: Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni 
born on 3-6-1475 in Capese, Tuscany, Italy
expired 2-18-1564 in Rome, Italy   age 88   cause: a slow fever
cover of May 1964 issue of 'Playboy' magazine featuring Donna's famous `rabbit head' posecover of December 1963 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Donna Michelleto January 1964 Playmate of Monthto November 1963 Playmate of Month Playboy December 1963 Playmate of Month & 1964 Playmate of the Year  Donna Michelle   became a photographer after posing for Playboy
¤born: Donna Michelle Fick
ex-Mrs. David M. Ronne (1963-67) 
born on 12-8-1945 in Los Angeles, California
expired 4-9-2004 in Boonesville, California   age 58   cause: heart attack
physicist  Albert Abrahama Michelson   received the 1907 Nobel prize in physics for his work in precision optical instruments like the interferometer, his measurements of the speed of light and the measurement of the diameter of the star Betelgeuse
born on 12-19-1852 in Strelno, Prussia, Germany
expired 5-9-1931 in Pasadena, California   age 78
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1981 author  James Albert Michener   wrote Tales of the South Pacific, basis for Broadway play South Pacific
born on 2-3-1907 in New York, New York
expired 10-16-1997 in Austin, Texas   age 90   cause: renal failure
   Contest Selectors
1979 HP, VM15.4%
1980 HP6.3%

AKS: Michner
Ideal Toy and Novelty Company co-founder (1903)  Morris Michtom   inspired to create the first Teddy Bear (1902; initially called "Teddy's Bear")
born on --1870 in Russia
expired 8-21-1938 in New York, New York   age 68
Ideal Toy and Novelty Company co-founder (1903)  Rose Michtom   sewed the first Teddy Bear (1902)
born on --1867 in Russia
expired 8-27-1937 in New York, New York   age 70
South Dakota Governor (1987-93)  George Speaker Mickelson
born on 1-31-1941 in Mobridge, South Dakota
expired 4-19-1993 in Dubuque, Iowa   age 52   cause: plane crash
first CBS tv News president (1949-61)  Sigfried Mickelson   hired Walter Cronkite & Fred Friendly; co-founder & first president of RTNDA (1948-49)
born on 5-24-1913
expired 3-24-2000 in San Diego, California   age 86   cause: complications from pneumonia
dentist & pro golfer  Emmett Cary Middlecoff
born on 1-6-1921 in Halls, Tennessee
expired 9-1-1998 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 77   cause: congestive heart failure
to next U.S. president: Peyton Randolphto previous U.S. president: Peyton Randolph forgotten U.S. president  Henry Middleton   second president of the Continental Congress under the Articles of Association (10/22/1774-5/10/1775)
born on --1717 in The Oaks, near Charleston, South Carolina
expired 6-13-1784 in Charleston, South Carolina   age 67
former CBS News producer  Leslie Grant Midgley
born on 1-18-1915 in Salt Lake City, Utah
expired 6-19-2002 in White Plains, New York   age 87   cause: pneumonia
chemist  Thomas Midgley Jr.   invented Ethyl gasoline additive; pioneer synthetic rubber researcher
born on 5-18-1889 in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
expired 11-2-1944 in Columbus, Ohio   age 55
 Mie Ishiguro
born on 6-2-1888
expired 8-14-2001   age 113
former East German Stasi head (1957-89)  Erich Mielke
born on 12-28-1907 in Berlin, Germany
expired 5-21-2000 in Berlin, Germany   age 92
to next U.S. president: Richard Henry Leeto previous U.S. president: Elias Boudinot Third U.S. president  Thomas Mifflin   third president of the Continental Congress under the Articles of Confederation (11/3/1783-11/29/1784)
born on 4-3-1744 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 1-20-1800 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania   age 55
Japanese movie star  Toshiro Mifune   played the submarine commander in 1941; was in The Seven Samurai and Rashomon
born on 4-1-1920 in Qingdao, China
expired 12-24-1997 in Mitaka, Japan   age 77   cause: organ failure
retired basketball center  George Lawrence Mikan   played college basketball for DePaul (1941-45); was with the NBL/BAA/NBA Minnesota Lakers as a player (1947-54) and coach (1957); was the first ABA Commissioner
born on 6-18-1924 in Joliet, Illinois
expired 6-1-2005 in Scottsdale, Arizona   age 80   cause: kidney failure; diabetes
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   Scored 7.0000 solo points

Stalin/Putin stooge  Sergei Vladimirovich Mikhalkov   co-wrote lyrics to Soviet/current Russian national anthem; persecuted musicians that Stalin didn't like; a real old-style commie ass-kiss
born on 3-18-1913 in Moscow, Russian Empire
expired 8-27-2009 in Moscow, Russian Empire   age 96   cause: hypotrophic epididymal infarction
Austrian politician  Wilhelm Miklas   Austrian President (1928 to 1938) who refused Anschulss with Hitler's Germany; later forced to resign
expired 3-20-1956 in Vienna, Austria   age 83
USSR president (1964-65)  Anastas Ivanovich Mikoyan   served under every Kremlin leader from Lenin to Brezhnev
born on 11-25-1895 in Sanain, Russia
expired 10-22-1978 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 82
aircraft designer  Artem Ivanovich Mikoyan   co-designed the MiG Fighter aircraft with Mikhail Gurevich; younger brother of Anastas
born on --1905 in Armenia
expired 12-9-1970 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 65
AP photo of J.W. Milam with wife, Carolyn, and Roy Bryant, at their trial for the murder of Emmett Till acquitted/admitted murderer  John William Milam   co-kidnapper & murderer of Emmett Till
born on 2-10-1919 in Charleston, Mississippi
expired 12-31-1980 in Jackson, Mississippi   age 61   cause: spinal cancer
AKS: J. W.
Nazi Field Marshall  Erhard Milch   Lufthansa co-founder; close associate of Hitler and Göring; organized the Luftwaffe and headed the German World War II aeronautics industry; spent 1947-54 in prison for hypothermia experiments conducted on unwilling prisoners
born on 3-30-1892 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany
expired 1-25-1972 in Wuppertal, Germany   age 79
U.S. Navy Captain  Alfred Hart Miles   co-author of Anchors Aweigh (1906)
expired 10-6-1956 in Norfolk, Virginia   age 72
drummer  George "Buddy" Miles Jr.   played with Jimi Hendrix, Ruby & the Romantics, the Delfonics and The Band of Gypsys; did the California Raisins commercials
born on 9-5-1947 in North Omaha, Nebraska
expired 2-26-2008 in Austin, Texas   age 60
white supremacist  Robert E Miles
born on 1-28-1925
expired 8-16-1992   age 67
actor/director  Lewis Milestone   directed Ocean's Eleven (1960); won oscars for directing Two Arabian Knights (1928) & All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
¤born: Lewis Milstein 
born on 9-30-1895 in Chisnau, Russia
expired 9-25-1980 in Los Angeles, California   age 84
oscar-winning film editor  Arthur E. Milford
born on 1-19-1902
expired 12-23-1991   age 89
character actor  John Milford
born on 9-7-1929 in Johnstown, New York
expired 8-14-2000 in Santa Monica, California   age 70   cause: melanoma
psychologist Dr.  Stanley Milgram   while at Harvard he came up with the "Six Degrees of Separation" theory (1967) of social separation (published in Psychology Today 2, pgs 60-67, 1967)
born on 8-15-1933 in New York, New York
expired 12-20-1984 in New York, New York   age 51   cause: heart attack
French composer  Darius Milhaud
born on 9-4-1892 in Aix-en-Provence, France
expired 6-22-1974 in Geneva, Switzerland   age 81
French magician and movie producer/director  Marie-Georges-Jean Míliès   produced the first great science fiction special effects epic A Trip to the Moon (1902)
born on 12-8-1861 in Paris, Île-de-France, France
expired 1-21-1938 in Paris, Île-de-France, France   age 76
AKS: George Milies Melies
Russian politician  Paul Nikolaivitch Miliukov   head of the opposition in the Imperial Duma; Foreign Minister in Kerensky's Provisional Government in 1917
expired 3-31-1943 in Aix-les-Bains, France   age 84
San Francisco supervisor (1977-78)  Harvey Bernard Milk
¤born: Glimpy Milch 
born on 5-22-1930 in Woodmere, New York
expired 11-27-1978 in San Francisco, California   age 48   cause: assassinated; shot to death
actor  Raymond Alton Milland
¤born: Reginald Alfred John Truscott-Jones 
born on 1-3-1905 in Neath, Vale of Glemorgan, Wales, United Kingdom
expired 3-10-1986 in Torrance, California   age 78   cause: lung cancer
bandleader  Alton Glenn Miller   apocryphly said to have died when his plane, flying at a lower altitude, was "bombed" by a returning higher-altitude RAF bomber that was dumping bombs not used in a raid
born on 3-1-1904 in Clarinda, Iowa
expired 12-15-1944 in English Channel   age 40   cause: plane crash ("friendly fire")?
actress/dancer  Ann Miller   her father was a lawyer for Bonnie & Clyde and Baby Face Nelson
¤born: Johnnie Lucille Ann Collier 
born on 4-12-1923 in Chireno, Texas
expired 1-22-2004 in Los Angeles, California   age 80   cause: lung cancer
 Anne Sheafe Miller   first person to be saved by penicillin:streptococcus infection following scarlet fever & miscarriage (March, 1942)
born on 10-13-1908
expired 5-27-1999 in Salisbury, Connecticut   age 90
United Mine Workers president (1972-79)  Arnold Ray Miller
born on 4-25-1923 in Leewood, West Virginia
expired 7-16-1985 in Charleston, West Virginia   age 62
   Contest Selectors
1980 GP, JW, RR18.8%

playwright  Arthur Miller   wrote Death of a Salesman (1949) and The Crucible (1953); briefly married to Marilyn Monroe
born on 10-17-1915 in New York, New York
expired 2-10-2005 in Roxbury, Connecticut   age 89   cause: congestive heart failure; pneumonia, cancer
   Contest Selectors
2002JAC, MORB18.2%
2003DTM, PCD, TAP16.7%
2004ADWC, DTM, EOD, RIE, TAP27.8%
   Scored 3.6391 points

jazz and blues singer  Clarence "Big" Miller
born on 12-18-1922 in Sioux City, Iowa
expired 6-9-1992 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   age 69   cause: heart attack
film & tv director  David Miller
born on 11-28-1909 in Paterson, New Jersey
expired 4-14-1992 in Los Angeles, California   age 82   cause: cancer
retired U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge (1965-77)  Don C. Miller   1923/24 Notre Dame "Four Horsemen" halfback
born on 3-30-1902 in Defiance, Ohio
expired 7-28-1979 in Cleveland, Ohio   age 77
Texas death row inmate  Donald Anthony Miller
¤number 728 
born on 6-12-1962
expired 2-27-2007 in Huntsville, Texas   age 44   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 8.1098 points

comedian  George W. Miller
¤born: George Wade Dornberger 
born on 10-28-1941 in Seattle, Washington
expired 3-5-2003 in Los Angeles, California   age 61   cause: complications from cerebral blood clot; leukemia
money-monger  George William Miller   former chairman of the Federal Reserve (3/78-8/79); left that post to be Jimmy Carter's last treasury secretary (8/79-1/81)
born on 3-9-1925 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma
expired 3-17-2006 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 81   cause: idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1964 author  Henry Miller   wrote Tropic of Cancer
born on 12-26-1891 in New York, New York
expired 6-7-1980 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 88   cause: circulatory failure
   Contest Selectors
1979 JW7.7%
1980 DH, DW12.5%
   Scored 1.2000 points

furniture company namesake  Herman Miller   after loaning his son-in-law the money to purchase the Michigan Star Furniture Company in 1923 had the company named after him; never took an active role in running the operation
expired ??-??-19?? in Zeeland, Michigan   age ??
psychiatrist  James Grier Miller   coined term "behavioral science"
born on 7-17-1916 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 11-7-2002 in La Jolla, California   age 86
writer  James Pinckney Miller Sr.   wrote Days of Wine and Roses (1958) for Philco Theater tv series; adapted Helter Skelter for tv movie (1976)
born on 12-18-1919 in San Antonio, Texas
expired 11-1-2001 in Flemington, New Jersey   age 81   cause: pneumonia
playwright & actor  Jason Miller   portrayed Father Damien Karras in The Exorcist (1971); won 1973 Pulitzer Drama prize for That Championship Season; father of Jason Patric & Joshua Miller (with Sue Bernard)
¤born: John Anthony Miller 
born on 4-22-1939 in Scranton, Pennsylvania
expired 5-14-2001 in Scranton, Pennsylvania   age 62   cause: heart failure
John Filo's May 4, 1970 photo of Mary Ann Vecchio wailing over the body of Jeffrey Miller Kent State University student  Jeffrey Glenn Miller   one of four students killed by Ohio National Guard troops during campus rioting; had just recently transfered to Kent State from Michigan State
born on --1949 in Plainview, Long Island, New York
expired 5-4-1970 in Kent, Ohio   age 21   cause: bullet to head
J. Howard Miller's poster (drawn from a photo of Geraldine Hoff Doyle) graphic artist  John Howard Miller   created the World War II "We Can Do It" poster (1942)
born on 3-19-1918
expired 2-21-2004 in Evart, Michigan   age 85
AKS: J Howard Miller 1918 2004
murder victim  Joy Audrey Miller   murdered during the killing spree known as the Wonderland Murders (1981)
born on 5-14-1935
expired 7-1-1981 in Los Angeles, California   age 46   cause: bludgeoned to death with lead pipe
used car dealer  Lawrence Horne 'Larry H." Miller   was the owner of the Utah (formerly New Orleans) Jazz NBA basketball team
¤born: Lawrence Horne West 
born on 4-26-1944 in Salt Lake City, Utah
expired 2-20-2009 in Salt Lake City, Utah   age 64   cause: complications from Type II diabetes; calciphylaxis
Mrs.  Lillian D. Miller   the "professional audience"
born on 5-26-1897
expired 4-1-1990   age 92
younger sister of Ernest Hemingway  Madelaine Hemingway Mainland Miller
born on 11-28-1904
expired 1-15-1995   age 90
Robby the Robot in `Forbidden Planet' actor & narrator  Marvin Miller   the voice of Robby the Robot in Forbidden Planet; played Michael Anthony, the personal assistant to John Beresford Tipton on The Millionaire tv series (1955-60)
¤born: Marvin Müeller 
born on 7-18-1913 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 2-8-1985 in Santa Monica, California   age 71   cause: heart attack
1990 Nobel economics award winner  Merton Howard Miller   shared award with Markowitz & Sharpe
born on 5-16-1923 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 6-3-2000 in Chicago, Illinois   age 77   cause: lymphoma
sing-along tv host  Mitchell William Miller
born on 7-4-1911 in Rochester, Minnesota
expired 7-31-2010 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 99
   Contest Selectors
2005NFG, WORM8.7%
2006ANG, CSI, NFG, RR13.3%
2007GOHI, NFG6.5%
2008CSI, GOHI, JCM, NFG, PCD, RR18.8%
2009ADWC, CSI, JCM, NFG, PCD, RR20.0%
2010ADWC, CSI, JCM, NFG, PCD, RR22.2%
   Scored 2.6781 points

actress  Patricia Ruth "Patsy" Miller   played the dancer Esmeralda in 1923's Hunchback of Notre Dame
born on 1-17-1904 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 7-16-1995 in Palm Desert, California   age 91   cause: heart failure
retired Campbell's Soup Co. research chemist (1950-91)  Ralph A. Miller   helped to develop Spaghetti-Os (1965) & Prego Spaghetti Sauce (1981)
born on 2-12-1928
expired 6-9-2001 in Ormond Beach, Florida   age 73
singer/songwriter  Roger Dean Miller
born on 1-2-1936 in Fort Worth, Texas
expired 10-25-1992   age 56
Motown songwriter & producer  Ronald N. Miller   with Orlando Murden wrote For Once In My Life
born on 10-5-1932 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 7-23-2007 in Santa Monica, California   age 74   cause: cardiac arrest; emphysema; cancer
U.S. Circuit Judge  William E. Miller   in a 1959 Tennessee legislative redistricting case he issued a ruling requiring "one man, one vote" in legislative reapportionment, later upheald by the U.S. Supreme Court; presided over the 1962 conspiracy trial of Jimmy Hoffa
expired 4-12-1976 in Cincinnati, Ohio   age 69
1964 Republican Vice Presidential candidate  William Edward Miller   Barry Goldwater was at the top of the ticket that year
born on 3-22-1914 in Lockport, New York
expired 6-24-1983   age 68
ex-House doorman (1948-76)  William Moxley "Fishbait" Miller
born on 7-20-1909 in Pascagoula, Mississippi
expired 9-12-1989   age 80
original BBC "Goon"  Terence Alan "Spike" Milligan   appeared with Michael Bentine, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe on the Goon Show; knighted ("Sir Goon"???)
born on 4-16-1918 in Ahmadnagar, India
expired 2-27-2002 in Rye, Sussex, England   age 83   cause: kidney failure
   Contest Selectors
2001 RR12½%

1923 Nobel prize-winning physicist  Robert Andrews Millikan   isolated and measured the electron; cosmic ray researcher
born on 3-22-1868 in Morrison, Illinois
expired 12-19-1953 in San Marino, California   age 85
singer  Donald Mills   one of the Mills Brothers
born on 4-29-1915 in Piqua, Ohio
expired 11-13-1999 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: pneumonia
singer  Harry Mills   one of the Mills Brothers
born on 8-19-1913 in Piqua, Ohio
expired 6-28-1982   age 68
singer  Herbert Mills   one of the Mills Brothers
born on 4-2-1912 in Piqua, Ohio
expired 4-12-1989   age 77
distinguished actor Sir  John Mills   played Pip as a young man in Great Expectations (1946); awarded Best Supporting actor oscar for portraying Michael, the mute village idiot in Ryan's Daughter (1970)
¤born: Lewis Ernest Watts Mills 
born on 2-22-1908 in Felixstowe, Suffolk, England
expired 4-23-2005 in Denham, Buckinghamshire, England   age 97   cause: chest infection
   Contest Selectors
2003 KOHD5.6%
2005RIE, SPIT, WORM13.0%
   Scored 3.4250 points

singer  John Mills Sr.   father of the Mills Brother (Donald, John Jr., Harry & Herbert)
born on 2-11-1889 in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
expired 12-8-1967 in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania   age 78
singer  John Mills Jr.   one of the Mills Brothers
born on --1911 in Piqua, Ohio
expired 1-??-1936   age 24   cause: tuberculosis
Carolina Panthers assistant coach  Sam Mills Jr.
born on 6-3-1959 in Neptune, New Jersey
expired 4-18-2005 in Charlotte, North Carolina   age 45   cause: intestinal cancer
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 10.5000 solo points

Proctor & Gamble chemical engineer  Victor Mills   lead team that developed the first mass-market disposable diapers — Pampers (1961); also created the process that forms/stacks potato "crisps", leading to Pringles
born on 3-28-1897 in Milford, Nebraska
expired 11-1-1997 in Tucson, Arizona   age 100
falling-down-drunk former Arkansas congressman (1939-77)  Wilbur Daigh Mills   made a big splash in the D.C. Tidal Basin with stripper Fanny Fox (not his wife)
born on 5-24-1909 in Kensett, Arkansas
expired 5-2-1992 in Searcy, Arkansas   age 82
   Contest Selectors
1979 MM, VM15.4%
1980 JH, MM12.5%

author  Alan Alexander Milne   wrote Winnie the Pooh (1926) and The House at Pooh Corner (1928)
born on 1-18-1882 in London, England
expired 1-31-1956 in Hartfield, Sussex, England   age 73
 Christopher Robin Milne   son of A.A. Milne
born on 8-21-1920 in London, England
expired 4-22-1996 in London, England   age 75
computer scientist  Arthur John Robin Gorell Milner   1991 A.M. Turing Award winner
born on 1-13-1934 in Plymouth, England
expired 4-20-2010 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   age 76
Mets & Pittsburgh outfielder  John David Milner
born on 12-28-1949 in Atlanta, Georgia
expired 1-4-2000 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 50   cause: cancer
former Bosnian Serb leader (1989-2000)  Slobodan Milosevic   an eager practitioner of "etničko čišćenje" ("ethnic cleansing"); indicted as a war criminal; was being tried in The Hague when he died
¤"The Butcher of the Balkans" 
born on 8-20-1941 in Pozarevac, Yugoslavia
expired 3-11-2006 in Scheveningen, The Netherlands   age 64   cause: cardiac arrest; hypertension; heart disease; acute hypotrophic epididymal infarction
   Contest Selectors
2000ANG, IVY29%
   Scored 8.6000 solo points

UC Berkeley Slavic languages professor  Czeslaw Milosz   won 1980 Nobel prize in literature
born on 6-30-1911 in Szeteiniani, Lithuania, Russian Empire
expired 8-14-2004 in Kraków, Poland   age 93   cause: cardiovascular disease
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 5.7000 points

I feel divine! 300 pound transvestite  Harris Glenn Milstead   appeared in John Waters' Pink Flamingos
¤aka: "Divine
born on 10-19-1945 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 3-7-1988 in Los Angeles, California   age 42   cause: suffocation; sleep apnea; obesity
immunologist  César Milstein   shared the 1984 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 10-8-1927 in Bahia Blanca, Argentina
expired 3-24-2002 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   age 74
AKS: Cesar Caesar
Burlington Coat Factory co-founder (1972)  Henrietta Milstein
born on 6-9-1929 in Vienna, Austria
expired 8-17-2001 in New York, New York   age 72   cause: ovarian cancer
violinist  Nathan Mironovich Milstein
born on 12-31-1904 in Odessa, Russia
expired 12-21-1992 in London, England   age 87
   Contest Selectors
1980 DH6.3%

early auto racer  Tommy Milton   winner of the Indianapolis 500 in 1921 & 1923
expired 7-10-1962 in Mount Clemens, Michigan   age 68
supergeezer  Yone Minagawa   had been the world's oldest person since January 2007
born on 1-4-1893 in Fukuchi, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
expired 8-13-2007 in Fukuchi, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan   age 114
   Contest Selectors
2007KLS, RPRM6.5%
   Scored 2.3500 points

Hungarian Cardinal  Jozsef Mindszenty   after World War II he was arrested (accused of treason), tortured for months by Communist Party goons, tried in a kangaroo court and sentenced to life in prison; the army Major that released him in 1956 was shot when Russian tanks rolled into Budapest
¤born: Jozsef Pehm 
born on 3-29-1892 in Mindszent, Hungary
expired 5-7-1975 in Vienna, Austria   age 83   cause: heart failure following prostate surgery
actor  Salvatore Minèo Jr.
born on 1-10-1939 in New York, New York
expired 2-12-1976 in Hollywood, California   age 37   cause: stabbed to death
actress/dish soap shill  Janice Miner   played Madge the Manicurist in Palmolive dish liquid commercials
born on 10-15-1917 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 2-15-2004 in Bethel, Connecticut   age 86
   Contest Selectors
2004NFG, TAP11.1%
   Scored 5.1500 points

educator  Joshua Lewis Miner   introduced the Outward Bound program to the U.S. (1961)
born on 7-11-1920 in Plainfield, New Jersey
expired 1-29-2002 in Andover, Massachusetts   age 81   cause: prostate cancer
movie director  Anthony Minghella   directed The English Patient (1996; Best Director oscar) & Cold Mountain (2003)
born on 1-6-1954 in Ryde, Isle of Wight, England
expired 3-18-2008 in London, England   age 54   cause: hemorrhage; complications from tonsil cancer surgery
a pre-Mad Alfred button illustrator  Norman Mingo   adapted an existing character image into the now-recognizable Alfred E. Neuman for Mad Magazine (1954)
born on 1-20-1896 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 5-8-1980 in White Plains, New York   age 84
AKS: Alfred E. Newman
jazz bass player  Charles Mingus
born on 4-22-1922 in Nogales, Arizona
expired 1-5-1979 in Cuernavaca, Mexico   age 56   cause: heart attack; ALS
   Contest Selectors
1979 JW 7.7%
   Scored 7 solo points

Hawaiian rep. (1965-1976; 1990-2002)  Patsy Takemoto Mink
born on 12-6-1927 in Paia, Maui, Hawaii
expired 9-28-2002 in Honolulu, Hawaii   age 74   cause: viral pneumonia; chickenpox
movie director  Vincente Minnelli   second husband of Judy Garland (1945-51); father of Liza Minnelli; directed Gigi (1958; Best Director oscar) & The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1963)
¤born: Lester Anthony Minnelli 
born on 2-28-1913 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 7-25-1986 in Beverly Hills, California   age 73   cause: Alzheimer's disease
AKS: Vincent Minelli Minneli Mineli
writer  Meade Minnigerode   co-authored the lyrics for the Yale University Whiffenpoof Song
born on 6-19-1887
expired 10-27-1967 in Essex, Connecticut   age 80
Guinness Book record holder  Jon Brower Minnoch   was world's heaviest person (at 629Kg)
born on 9-29-1940
expired 9-10-1983   age 42
 Georg Richards Miot   shared the 1934 Nobel prize in Medicine
born on 12-2-1885 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 2-25-1950 in Brookline, Massachusetts   age 64
burlesque chain opeator  Abraham Bennett Minsky   son of Louis Minsky
born on 3-1-1881 in New York, New York
expired 9-5-1949 in New York, New York   age 68
Gaiety Burlesque theater co-owner  Harold Minsky   son of Abraham Minsky
born on 3-14-1915 in New York, New York
expired 12-25-1977 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 62   cause: cancer
burlesque theater chain owner (with his brothers)  Herbert Kay Minsky   last theater closed in 1937 because of "civic disapproval" by New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia
expired 12-21-1959 in New York, New York   age 68
New Amsterdam governor (1626-31)  Peter Minuit   said to have purchased Manhattan Island for $24 worth of beads and trinkets (played in the movies by Groucho)
born on --1580 in Wesel, German
expired 6-??-1638   age 58
singer/actress  Aurora Miranda da Cunha   sister of Carmen; portrayed Estela Monteiro in Phantom Lady (1944; in that movie she sang "Chica-Chica-Boom-Boom") & "danced" with Donald Duck in The Three Caballeros (1944)
born on 4-20-1915 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
expired 12-22-2005   age 90
"vegan" singer and dancer  Carmen Miranda   danced in movies with a pile of fruit on her head
¤born: Maria do Carno Miranda da Cunha 
born on 2-9-1915 in Marco de Canavezes, Portugal
expired 8-5-1955 in Beverly Hills, California   age 41   cause: heart attack
day laborer/career criminal  Ernesto Arturo Miranda   subject of 1966 Supreme Court ruling that produced the so-called Miranda Warning: "You have the right to remain silent. Anything that you say may used against you in a court of law. You have a right to an attorney...."
born on 3-9-1941 in Mesa, Arizona
expired 1-31-1976 in Phoenix, Arizona   age 34   cause: knife wound
actress  Soledad Redón Miranda   played the lusty Countess Nadia Cadory in Vampyros Lesbos(1970)
¤née: Bueno
Mrs. José Manuel de Conceiçao Simões
aka: "Susann Korda" «or» "Susan Korday" 
born on 7-9-1943 in Seville, Spain
expired 8-18-1970 in Lisbon, Portugal   age 27   cause: car crash
movie producer  Harold J. Mirisch   co-founded the Mirisch Company - it did a number of Pink Panther movies
born on 5-4-1907 in New York, New York
expired 12-5-1968 in Beverly Hills, California   age 60
movie producer  Marvin Elliot Mirisch   with brothers co-founder of the Mirisch Company
born on 3-19-1918 in New York, New York
expired 11-17-2002 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: heart attack
 Joan Miro
born on 4-20-1893 in Barcelona, Spain
expired 12-25-1983 in Palma de Majorca, Spain   age 90
General  Iskander Mirza   first president of Pakistan (1956-58); deposed by Gen. Ayub Khan
born on 11-13-1899 in Bombay, India
expired 11-13-1969 in London, England   age 70   cause: heart attack
undocumentable peasant supergeezer  Shirali Mislimov   claimed to be world's oldest person; the Guinness Book people couldn't find any documentation to back up the claim
born on 5-19-1805 in Barzavu, Ukraine, USSR
expired 9-1-1973 in Barzavu, Ukraine, USSR   age 168
writer  Frédéric Mistral   shared the 1904 Nobel prize in literature with Echegaray
born on 9-8-1830 in Maillane, Bouches-du-Rhône, France
expired 3-25-1914 in Maillane, Bouches-du-Rhône, France   age 83
AKS: Frederic
Chilean poet  Gabriela Mistral   won 1945 Nobel prize in Literature for Sonnets of Death
¤real name: Lucila de Maria del Perpetuo Socorro Godoy y Alcayaga 
born on 4-7-1889 in Vicuña, Chile
expired 1-10-1957 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York   age 67
porno producer  Artie Jay Mitchell   with brother Jim founded the O'Farrell Theater in San Francisco (1969); co-produced Behind the Green Door (1972); shot to death by his brother
born on 12-17-1945 in Lodi, California
expired 2-27-1991 in Corte Madera, Marin County, California   age 45   cause: shot to death
tenor saxophonist  Billy Mitchell
born on 11-3-1926 in Kansas City, Missouri
expired 4-15-2001 in Rockville Centre, New York   age 74   cause: lung cancer
actor  Cameron Mitchell
¤born: Cameron Mizell 
born on 11-4-1918 in Dallastown, Pennsylvania
expired 7-6-1994   age 75
actor  Chuck Mitchell   played title role in Porky's (1981)
born on 11-28-1927 in Connecticut
expired 6-22-1992 in Hollywood, California   age 64   cause: cirrhosis of liver
original Boston Red Sox team pitcher  Frederick Francis Mitchell   also manages Chicago Cubs, leading them to National League pennant in 1918
born on 6-5-1878 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
expired 10-13-1970 in Newton, Massachusetts   age 92
beefcake bodybuilder  Gordon Mitchell   a member of Mae West's troupe of boy toys; did a bunch of grade-z sword and sandal movies like Giant of Metropolis (1961)
¤born: Charles Pendleton 
born on 7-29-1923 in Denver, Colorado
expired 9-20-2003 in Marina del Rey, California   age 80   cause: heart attack
big band trombonist  Grover C. Mitchell   played in the Count Basie Orchestra; ended up leading it
born on 3-17-1930 in Whatley, Alabama
expired 8-6-2003 in New York, New York   age 73
1950s singer  Guy Mitchell
¤born: Albert George Cernick 
born on 2-27-1927 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 7-1-1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 72   cause: complications following surgery
Another SFBMoFo virulently racist Black Supremecist  Hulon Mitchell Jr.   ran the Nation of Yahweh "religion"; did 11 years in the federal pen for recketeering and homicide (you had to kill "whitey" & tithe one of the victim's bodyparts to gain entrance to the land of mammalian secretions and bee vomit)
¤aka: "Yahweh ben Yahweh
born on 10-27-1935 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma
expired 5-7-2007 in Opa-Locka, Florida   age 71   cause: acute hypotrophic epididymal infarction; prostate cancer
actor  James Mitchell   played Palmer Cortlandt on the All My Children soap opera (1979-2009); also appeared on Broadway in Brigadoon (1947), Paint Your Wagon (1951), Carnival (1961) & Mack and Mabel (1971)
born on 2-29-1920 in Sacramento, California
expired 1-22-2010 in Los Angeles, California   age 89   cause: pneumonia; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
prono producer  James Lowell "Jim" Mitchell   with brother Artie founded the O'Farrell Theater in San Francisco (1969); co-produced Behind the Green Door (1972); convicted of voluntary manslaughter for shotting brother Artie to death (did 3 years of a 7 year sentence)
born on 11-30-1943 in Stockton, California
expired 7-12-2007 in Two Rock, Sonoma County, California (near)   age 63
Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer  John "Mitch" Mitchell
born on 7-9-1947 in Ealing, Middlesex, England
expired 11-12-2008 in Portland, Oregon   age 61
Nixon Attorney General (1969-72)  John Newton Mitchell   did time for his role in Watergate
born on 9-15-1913 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 11-9-1988 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 75
   Contest Selectors
1979 HFS, MM, VM23.1%
1980 DH, HP, JW, MM, VA31.3%

writer  Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell   wrote Gone With The Wind (garnered 1936 Pulitzer prize)
¤Mrs. John Marsh 
born on 11-8-1900 in Atlanta, Georgia
expired 8-16-1949 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 48   cause: injuries from being run over by automobile
loudmouthed  Martha Mitchell   estranged wife of former Attorney General John; leaked lots of juicy Watergate tidbits to press
¤born: Martha Elizabeth Beall 
born on 9-2-1919 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas
expired 5-31-1976 in New York, New York   age 56   cause: bronchial pneumonia; multiple myeloma
tabloid journalism victim  Nellie Mitchell   won $1,000,000 suing the Sun tabloid for their 1990 story, illustrated with a picture of her, about a 100 year old woman with a paper route being fired for being pregnant; the tabloid's excuse: "we thought she was dead" (insulating them from liability, they thought)
born on 7-2-1895
expired 12-29-1998 in Mountain Home, Arkansas   age 103
researcher  Peter Dennis Mitchell   recipient of the 1978 Nobel prize in chemistry
born on 9-29-1920 in Mitcham, Surrey, England
expired 4-10-1992 in Bodmin, Cornwall, England   age 71
character actor  Thomas Mitchell   won Academy Award for his role in Stagecoach; played Scarlett O'Hara's father in Gone With The Wind; played Uncle Billy in Its a Wonderful Life
born on 7-11-1892 in Elizabeth, New Jersey
expired 12-17-1962 in Beverly Hills, California   age 70
former General Foods research chemist (1941-76)  William A. Mitchell   invented a tapioca subsitute (1940s) & Pop Rocks (1956)
born on 10-21-1911 in Raymond, Minnesota
expired 7-26-2004 in Stockton, California   age 92   cause: congestive heart failure
former Clovers singer  William Joseph "Billy" Mitchell Jr.   had hit with Love Potion No. 9
born on 1-30-1931 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 11-5-2002 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 71   cause: strokes; colon cancer
lawyer  Marvin Morris Mitchelson   argued Douglas v. California (1963; gave indigent people the right to free counsel); pioneered the "palimony" lawsuit (on behalf of Michelle Triola Marvin); did two years in the Federal pen for tax fraud
born on 5-7-1928 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 9-18-2004 in Beverly Hills, California   age 76   cause: malignant melanoma
character actor  John N. Mitchum   brother of Robert
born on 9-6-1919
expired 11-27-2001 in Los Angeles, California   age 82
actor  Robert Charles Duran Mitchum   movies include: River of No Return; The Enemy Below; Cape Fear; The Longest Day; Scrooged
born on 8-6-1917 in Bridgeport, Connecticut
expired 7-1-1997 in Santa Barbara, California   age 79   cause: lung cancer & emphysema
   Contest Selectors
1980 HP, VA12.5%

writer  Jessica Mitford   sister of Deborah, Diana (Mrs. Oswald Mosley), Nancy, Pamela and Unity; wrote "The American Way of Dying" (1963)
¤nickname: "Decca" 
born on 9-11-1917 in Batsford Mansion, Gloucestershire, England
expired 7-23-1996 in Oakland, California   age 78   cause: cancer
pollster  Warren J. Mitofsky   while working in CBS News' polling unit came up with the idea of the "exit poll" (first used in 1967)
born on 9-17-1934 in The Bronx, New York, New York
expired 9-1-2006 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 71   cause: aortic aneurysm
geezer  Mitoyo Kawate   briefly held "title" of world's oldest person (at least according to the drunks at Guinness)
born on 5-15-1889
expired 11-11-2003 in Hiroshima, Japan   age 114   cause: pneumonia
former KGB archivist (1948-92)  Vasili Nikitich Mitrokhin   defected to British Intelligence with 6 trunks full of documents
¤living under assumed name 
born on 3-3-1922 in Yurasaovo, Ryazan Province, Russia
expired 1-23-2004 in «undisclosed location», England   age 81
AKS: Vasily Mitrokin
former French President  François Maurice Marie Mitterand
born on 10-26-1916 in Jarnac, France
expired 1-8-1996 in Paris, France   age 79   cause: prostate cancer
 David Mitton   a co-creator of the Thomas the Tank Engine kiddie tv series (1984)
expired 5-16-2008 in London, England   age 69   cause: heart attack
early movie cowboy  Thomas Erwin "Tom" Mix
¤born: Thomas Hezikiah Mix 
born on 1-6-1880 in Mix Run, Pennsylvania
expired 10-12-1940 in Florence, Arizona   age 60
surfer/board maker  Wayne Kazunori Miyata   maker of hand-crafted surfboards; one of the first surfers to be filmed performing a "tube ride" — his ride at Ohahu's Ala Moana beach appeared in The Endless Summer (1966)
born on 2-17-1942 in Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii
expired 3-20-2005 in Hermosa Beach, California   age 63   cause: esophageal cancer
former Japanese prime minister (1991-93)  Kiichi Miyazawa   had been a longtime finance ministry aparachik that made "good"; had to resign as finance minister because of scandal but rebounded into the prime minister position; it was at a dinner with him that Bush the Elder barfed
born on 10-8-1919 in Tokyo, Japan
expired 6-28-2007 in Tokyo, Japan   age 87
Run-DMC dj  Jason Mizell Sr.
¤aka: "Jam Master Jay" 
born on 1-21-1965 in New York, New York
expired 10-30-2002 in New York, New York   age 37   cause: assassinated; shot in head
Thong bikini photographer  Robert Henry "Bob" Mizer   invented the "posing strap" (predecessor of the thong) to preserve the "modesty" of the beefcake that posed for his Athletic Model Guild
born on 3-27-1922 in Hailey, Idaho
expired 5-12-1992 in Los Angeles, California   age 70
master billiards player  Stephen "Steve" Mizerak Jr.   has appeared in movies & the early Miller Lite Beer commercials
born on 10-12-1944 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey
expired 5-29-2006 in Boca Raton, Florida   age 61   cause: heart ailment; complications from gall bladder surgery; stroke
movie/tv composer  Victor Mizzy   started his career on the Major Bowes Amateur Hour; wrote theme songs for The Addams Family & Green Acres (also sang them)
born on 1-9-1916 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 10-16-2009 in Bel Air, Los Angeles, California   age 93   cause: heart failure
anto-aparthied organizer  Wilton S. Mkwayi   founded and lead the African National Congress' armed wing — Umkhonto We Sizwe (Spear of the Nation); spent 20 years in the Robben Island with Nelson Mandela
born on 12-24-1923 in Middledrift, East Cape, South Africa
expired 7-23-2004 in King Williams Town, South Africa   age 80   cause: cancer
AKS: Wilton Z
south Boston congressman (1971-2001)  John Joseph "Joe" Moakley
born on 4-27-1927 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 5-28-2001 in Bethesda, Maryland   age 74   cause: leukemia
Sweedish geezer  Elsa Moberg
born on 6-30-1889 in Lysekil, Sweden
expired 11-27-2001   age 112
 Mary M. Moberly   sister of Babe Ruth
¤born: Mary M. Ruth 
born on 8-2-1900
expired 7-1-1992   age 91
mathematician & astronomer  August Ferdinand Möbius   discovered the eponymously-named one-sided topographic phenomenon --- the Möbius Strip (1858)
born on 11-17-1790 in Schulpforta, Saxony
expired 9-26-1868 in Leipzig, Germany   age 77
AKS: Mobius
 Mamie E. Till Mobley   mother of murdered teen Emmett Louis Till (1955)
¤née: Carthan 
born on 11-23-1921 in Hazelhurst, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi
expired 1-6-2003 in Chicago, Illinois   age 81   cause: heart attack; kidney failure
AKS: Mobly Moblie Moberly Moberley Moberlie
 Marie Antoinette "Mama" Mobutu   wife of Zaïre president Mobutu Sese Seko
expired 10-22-1977 in Genolier, Switzerland   age 45
former Zaïre (Congo) despot (1960-97)  Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu waza Banga   looted country's mineral resources & impoverished the people; overthrown by Laurent Kabila
¤born: Joseph Désiré Mobutu 
born on 10-14-1930 in Lisala, Belgian Congo
expired 9-7-1997 in Rabat, Morocco   age 66   cause: prostate cancer
newspaper columnist  Norton Mockridge   hosted radio program on CBS radio (1964-70)
born on 9-29-1915 in New York, New York
expired 4-18-2004 in San Antonio, Texas   age 88   cause: pneumonia
Napa Valley vintner  Robert Gerald Mondavi
born on 6-18-1913 in Virginia, Minnesota
expired 5-16-2008 in Yountville, California   age 94
retired MIT professor  Franco Modigliani   1985 Nobel economics laureate
born on 6-18-1918 in Rome, Italy
expired 9-25-2003 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 85
Bolobedu tribe "Rain Queen"  Mokope Modjadji V
born on --1936 in Modjadji, South Africa
expired 6-22-2001 in Pietersburg, South Africa   age 64   cause: renal & heart failure
Wagnerian soprano  Martha Mödl
born on 3-12-1912 in Nuremberg, Germany
expired 12-16-2001 in Stuttgart, Germany   age 89
single-handled faucet inventor  Alfred M. Moen
born on 12-27-1916 in Seattle, Washington
expired 4-17-2001 in Destin, Florida   age 84
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screen writer  Ivan R. Moffat   wrote screenplays for Giant (1956) & Black Sunday (1977)
born on 2-18-1918
expired 7-4-2002 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: stroke
operatic soprano & actress  Anna Moffo Sarnoff   widow of Robert W. Sarnoff
born on 6-27-1932 in Wayne, Pennsylvania
expired 3-10-2006 in New York, New York   age 73   cause: stroke; breast cancer
"prophet"  Mohammed   was to Islam what L. Ron Hubbard was to Scientology; like Ron, he is a popular author of fiction (The Koran)
born on 1-30-570 in Mecca, Arabia
expired 6-8-632 in Medina, Arabia   age 62
AKS: Muhammad Quran
Morrocan  King Mohammed V   reigned from 1957-61; father of Hassan II
¤full name: Youssef Sidi Mohammed ben Moulay 
expired 2-26-1961 in Rabat, Morocco   age 51
pork-eating terrorist  Fazul Abdullah Mohammed   planned al-Qaeda's 1998 embassy attacks in Africa
other possible dates of birth: 2/25/1974 & 12/25/1974

born on 8-25-1972 in Moroni, Comoros Islands
expired 6-7-2011 in Afgooye corridor, Somalia   age 38   cause: firefight at security checkpoint
 Warith Deen Mohammed   son of Elijah Muhammed, succeeding daddy as the head of the "family business"
¤born: Wallace Delaney Mohammed 
born on 10-30-1933
expired 9-9-2008 in Chicago, Illinois   age 74
radio & movie actor  Gerald Mohr   member of Orson Welles' Mercury Theater radio company; played title role in radio Adventures of Philip Marlowe series
born on 6-11-1914 in New York, New York
expired 11-10-1968 in Stockholm, Sweden   age 54
cinematographer  Harold "Hal" Mohr   husband of Evelyn Venable; won two oscars for A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935) & Phantom of the Opera (1943); also photographed The Jazz Singer (1927) and Captain Blood (1935)
born on 8-2-1894 in San Francisco, California
expired 5-10-1974 in Santa Monica, California   age 79
opera record producer  Richard Mohr   Texaco Met Opera intermission producer, succeeding Geraldine Souvaine (1981-93)
born on 6-13-1919 in Springfield, Ohio
expired 11-23-2002 in West Milford, New Jersey   age 83   cause: heart attack
minerologist  Friedrich Mohs   invented eponymous Hardness Scale (1812)
born on 1-29-1773 in Gernrode, Germany
expired 9-29-1839 in Agardo, Italy   age 66
chemist  Ferdinand-Frédéruco-Henri Moissan   received the 1906 Nobel prize in chemistry for the isolation of Fluorine
born on 9-28-1852 in Paris, France
expired 2-20-1907 in Paris, France   age 54
Mexican tenor & film star  José Mojica   abruptly quit the movies and became a Franciscan monk (1942)
expired 9-20-1974 in Lima, Peru   age 78   cause: heart ailment
former Khmer Rouge military commander (1975-78)  Ta Mok   last "leader" of the Khmer Rouge — had Pol Pot arrested (possibly had him killed); died awaiting trial for genocide
¤real surname: Choeun
real given name: Chhit «or» Oeung «or» Ek «or» Ung
aka: "The Butcher" 
born on --1926 in Takeo Province, Cambodia
expired 7-21-2006 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia   age 80   cause: respiratory complications; hypertension; tuberculosis
George with the Weinermobile former accountant  George A. Molchan   was one of the Oscar Meyer "Little Oscar" pitchmen (1951-87)
born on 6-5-1922 in Lanfair, Pennsylvania
expired 4-12-2005 in Hobart, Indiana   age 82   cause: Alzheimer's disease
FDR staffer  Raymond Charles Moley   one of several claiming to have coined phrase "New Deal"
born on 9-27-1886 in Berea, Ohio
expired 2-18-1975 in Phoenix, Arizona   age 88
former Purdue football coach (1955-69)  Jack Mollenkopf   lead team in their only Rose Bowl win (1967 over U.S.C.)
expired 12-4-1975 in Rochester, Minnesota   age 70   cause: cancer
The LINC computer electrical engineer Dr.  Charles Edwin Molnar   co-designed the first "PC", the LINC (Laboratory Instrument Computer), in 1962 at M.I.T.
born on 3-14-1935 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 12-13-1996 in Mountain View, California   age 61   cause: complications from diabetes
playwright  Ferenc Molnar
born on 1-12-1878 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 4-1-1952 in New York, New York   age 74
 Paulina Zhemchuzhina Molotov   wife of Vyacheslav
expired 5-1-1970 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 76
 Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Molotov   Stalin's Foreign Minister; namesake of gasoline bottle bomb "Molotov Cocktail"; negotiated the Non-Aggression Pact with Von Ribbentrop that carved up Poland at the start of World War II
born on 3-9-1890 in Kukarka, Russia
expired 11-8-1986 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 96
beer baron  Hartland de Montarville Molson   former owner of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team; also a former Canadian senator
born on 5-29-1907 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
expired 9-28-2002 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada   age 95
classical historian  Christian Matthias Theodor Mommsen   earliest-born of the Nobel laureates (he was the second Literature prize winner in 1902)
born on 11-30-1817 in Garding, Sleswick, Denmark
expired 11-1-1903 in Charlottenburg, Germany   age 85
former Sierra Leone president (1985-92)  Joseph Saidu Momoh   ousted in military coup
born on 1-26-1937
expired 8-2-2003 in Guinea   age 66
producer/screenwriter  Paul Monash   co-produced the Peyton Place tv series
born on 6-14-1917 in New York, New York
expired 1-14-2003 in Los Angeles, California   age 85
Fritz's daughter  Eleanor Jane Mondale
¤ex-Mrs. Keith Van Horne & Greg Thunder
Mrs. Chan Poling 
born on 1-19-1960 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
expired 9-17-2011 in Prior Lake, Minnesota   age 51   cause: glioblastoma; anaplastic astrocytoma
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singer  Domenico Mondugno   had 1958 hit Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu, more commonly known as Volare
born on 1-9-1928 in Polignano a Mare, Italy
expired 8-6-1994 in Lampadusa, Italy   age 66
AKS: Mondugo
Lombard League of Peace president  Ernesto Teodoro Moneta   shared the 1907 Nobel peace prize
born on 9-20-1833 in Milan, Austria-Hungary
expired 2-10-1918 in Milan, Italy   age 84   cause: pneumonia
author  Paul Monette
born on 10-16-1945 in Lawrence, Massachusetts
expired 2-10-1995 in West Hollywood, California   age 49
comedian  Matthew Corbett Monica
born on 6-1-1930
expired 7-22-1998 in North Miami, Florida   age 68
Cambodia  King Sisowath Monivong   regined from 1927 to 1941; was succeeded by his grandson
born on 12-27-1875 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
expired 4-24-1941 in Kampot, Cambodia   age 65
Portugese brain surgeon Dr.  António Caetano de Abreau Freire Egas Moniz   shared the 1949 Nobel prize in medicine for inventing the lobotomy ("prefrontal leucotomy"; 1935); became dictator Salazar's foreign minister
expired 12-13-1955 in Lisbon, Portugal   age 81
AKS: Antonio
musician's muse  Nellie Monk   widow of Thelonious
¤maiden name: Smith 
born on 12-27-1921 in Saint Petersburg, Florida
expired 6-25-2002 in New York, New York   age 80   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
jazz artist  Thelonius Sphere Monk Jr.
born on 10-17-1917 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina
expired 2-17-1982 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 64
   Contest Selectors
1980 DH6.3%

comedian/actor  Robert Alan "Bob" Monkhouse
born on 6-1-1928 in Beckenham, Kent, England
expired 12-29-2003 in Eggington, Bedfordshire, England   age 75
novelist/screenwriter  John Cherry Monks Jr.   co-wrote play Brother Rat; his most memorable line: "Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse" (spoken by character Nick Romano in Knock on Any Door; 1949)
born on 2-24-1910 in Pleasantville, New York
expired 12-10-2004 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 91
molecular/cellular biologist  Jacques Lucien Monod   shared the 1965 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 2-9-1910 in Paris, France
expired 5-31-1976 in Cannes, France   age 66
naturalist  Théodore André Monod   co-inventor of the bathyscaphe; set world deep-dive record in 1954 in it
born on 4-9-1902
expired 11-21-2000 in Versailles, France   age 98
character actor  Delbert L Monroe   played seaman Kowski in the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea movie & seaman Kowalski in the subsequent tv series
born on 4-7-1936 in Santa Barbara, California
expired 6-5-2009 in Oceanside, California   age 73   cause: leukemia
AKS: Del Monroe
to next U.S. president: John Quincy Adamsto previous U.S. president: James Madison 5th U.S. president (1817-25)  James Monroe   promulgated the Monroe Doctrine on non-interference in western-hemisphere affairs by Europe
born on 4-28-1758 in Westmoreland, Virginia
expired 7-4-1831 in New York, New York   age 73
electrical engineer  Jay Monroe   graduated/received his B.S.E.E. from Cornell at age 18; invented the Tensor lamp, the low-voltage but high-intensity minilamp (1959)
¤born: Jay Monroe Shapiro 
born on 12-15-1926 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 6-12-2007 in Sands Point, New York   age 80
cover of the December 2012 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with actress Marilyn Monroecover of the December 2005 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with actress Marilyn Monroecover of the January 1999 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with Rob Silvers' tiled collage of playmate/actress Marilyn
Monroecover of the January 1997 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with actress Marilyn Monroecover of the September 1955 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate/actress Marilyn Monroecover of the December 1953 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with Sweetheart of the Month Marilyn Monroeto January 1954 Playmate of Month sexy but troubled actress  Marilyn Monroe   first Playboy Sweetheart of the Month (December 1953); appeared in numerous movies, including Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Some Like It Hot and The Seven Year Itch; was married to James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller; had affair with JFK during his presidency; allegedly died by an overdose of sleeping pills — the debate rages over whether it was accidental, intentional, or forced
¤born: Norma Jeane Mortensen Baker 
born on 6-1-1926 in Los Angeles, California
expired 8-5-1962 in Brentwood, California   age 36   cause: barbituate overdose
AKS: Jean Mortenson
Willow Run World War II B-29 & B-24 riveter  Rose Will Monroe   photo model for Rosie the Riveter
born on 3-2-1920
expired 5-31-1997 in Clarksville, Indiana   age 77
sleepy-toned singer  Vaughn Monroe   had hit with Ghostriders in the Sky
born on 10-7-1911 in Akron, Ohio
expired 5-21-1973 in Stuart, Illinois   age 61
former NBC News correspondent  William Blanc "Bill" Monroe Jr.   also moderated "Meet The Press" (1975-84), succeeding Lawrence Spivak
born on 7-17-1920 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 2-17-2011 in Potomac, Maryland   age 90   cause: complications from hypertension
bluegrass mandolin player  William Smith "Bill" Monroe
born on 9-13-1911 in Rosine, Kentucky
expired 9-9-1996 in Springfield, Tennessee   age 84
despised First Lord of Admiralty (1771-82)  John Montagu   wrecked the English navy; invented what we call the sandwich
¤title: Fourth Earl of Sandwich 
born on 11-3-1718 in Wiltshire, England
expired 4-30-1792 in London, England   age 73
anthropologist  Monatgue Francis Ashley Montagu
¤born: Israel Ehrenberg 
born on 6-28-1905 in London, England
expired 11-26-1999 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 94   cause: cardiovascular disease
Ricardo's actor brother  Carlos Montalbán
born on 6-5-1903 in Mexico City, Mexico
expired 3-28-1991 in New York, New York   age 87
actor & "fine Corinthian leather" pitchman  Ricardo Conzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino   played Mr. Rourke on original Fantasy Island (1978-83) and Khan Nooninan Singh on original series Star Trek episode Space Seed (1967) and in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982); brother-in-law of Loretta Young (wife Georgiana's sister)
born on 11-25-1920 in Mexico City, Mexico
expired 1-14-2009 in Los angeles, California   age 88
   Contest Selectors
2003ABRA, JEDS, OGGI, TAP22.2%
2004ADWC, TAP11.1%
2005ADWC, SLIM, WORM13.0%
2007ABRA, AUDC, GOHI9.7%

AKS: Montalban
poet  Eugenio Montale   won 1975 Nobel Prize in Literature
born on 10-12-1896 in Genoa, Italy
expired 9-12-1981 in Milan, Italy   age 84   cause: heart failure
comic strip author  Bob Montana   drew the Archie comic books from characters created by John Goldwater
born on 10-23-1920 in Stockton, California
expired 1-4-1975 in Meredith, New Hampshire   age 54   cause: heart attack
yodeling country singer  Patsy Montana
born on 10-30-1908 in Hot Springs, Arkansas
expired 5-3-1996 in San Jacinto, California   age 87
Army Land Warfare Laboratory researcher  Nicholas Montanarelli   was the co-developer of Kevlar bulletproof vest/body armor (1970s)
born on 5-21-1905
expired 9-??-1978 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 73
actor  Yves Montand
¤born: Ivo Livi 
born on 10-13-1921 in Monsummano Alto, Italy
expired 11-9-1991 in Senlis, France   age 70
Grand Iatollah  Hossein Ali Montazeri
born on --1922 in Najafabad, Persia
expired 12-20-2009 in Qom, Iran   age 87   cause: heart failure
1950s/60s roller derby star  Ken Monte
born on 6-16-1929 in Wautoma, Wisconsin
expired 6-24-2004 in Alameda, California   age 75   cause: cancer
educator  Maria Montessori
born on 8-31-1870 in Chiaraville, Ancona province, Italy
expired 5-6-1952 in Noordwijk, The Netherlands   age 81
 Mario Montessori
expired 2-10-1982   age 83
actress  Maria Montez   movie career came to an end when she started putting on "weight"; wife of Jean-Pierre Aumont
¤real name: Maria Antonia Garcia Vidal de Santo Silas 
born on 6-6-1918 in Barahona, Dominican Republic
expired 9-7-1951 in Paris, France   age 31   cause: died in the bathtub, drowned during a heart attack
Aztec emperor  Montezuma I   rebuilder of Tennochtitlan (1446)
born on --1390 in Tennochtitlan, Mexico
expired ??-??-1464 in Tennochtitlan, Mexico   age 74
Aztec emperor  Montezuma II   conquered by Cortez
born on --1480 in Tennochtitlan, Mexico
expired 6-30-1520 in Tennochtitlan, Mexico   age 40   cause: executed
ballooning pioneer  Jacques Étienne Montgolfièr   brother of Joseph Michel; co-invented first practical hot air balloon (1783); built balloon used in first human flight in November, 1783
born on 1-7-1745 in Vidalon les Annonay, France
expired 8-2-1799 in Serrieres, France   age 54
ballooning pioneer  Joseph Michel Montgolfièr   brother of Jacques Étienne; co-invented first practical hot air balloon (1783)
born on 8-26-1740 in Vidalon les Annonay, France
expired 6-26-1810 in Balaruc les Baines, France   age 69
World War II British Field Marshall  Bernard Law Montgomery   beat Rommel at El Alamein, Egypt in 1942
born on 11-17-1887 in Kennington Oval, England
expired 3-24-1976 in Isington, England   age 88
Today Show stage hand  Campbell Theron Montgomery
expired 8-31-1994 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 33   cause: murdered; shot to death
actress  Elizabeth Montgomery   played Samantha Stevens on Bewitched (1964-72)
born on 4-15-1933 in Los Angeles, California
expired 5-18-1995 in Los Angeles, California   age 57
former Michigan State representative  George Montgomery
born on 1-13-1909 in Ionia, Michigan
expired 3-10-1981   age 72
   Contest Selectors
1980 MM6.3%

Western movie actor  George Montgomery   Mr. Dinah Shore (1943-63)
¤born: George Montgomery Letz 
born on 8-29-1916 in Brady, Montana
expired 12-12-2000 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 84   cause: heart failure
former Mississippi Rep. (1967-96)  Gillespie V. "Sonny" Montgomery   was a big shot in veterans affairs
¤born without middle name
assumed the "V" during World War II 
born on 8-5-1920 in Meridian, Mississippi
expired 5-12-2006 in Meridian, Mississippi   age 85   cause: long-term complications from bowel obstruction surgery; could no longer get his shit together
recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor World War II Medal of Honor recipient  Jack Cleveland Montgomery
born on 7-23-1917 in Long, Oklahoma
expired 6-11-2002 in Muskogee, Oklahoma   age 84
jazz guitarist  John Leslie "Wes" Montgomery
born on 3-6-1923 in Indianapolis, Indiana
expired 6-15-1968 in Indianapolis, Indiana   age 45
jazz singer  Marion Montgomery
¤born: Maud Runnells
Mrs. Laurie Holloway 
born on 11-17-1934 in Natchez, Mississippi
expired 7-22-2002 in Bray, Berkshire, England   age 67   cause: lung cancer
Lightcrust Dough Boys banjo picker (1935-2001)  Marvin "Smokey" Montgomery   took stage name from actor Robert Montgomery
¤real name: Marvin D. Wetter 
born on 3-7-1913 in Rinard, Iowa
expired 6-6-2001 in Dallas, Texas   age 88   cause: leukemia
Scottsboro Boys defendant  Olen Montgomery   nearly blind, was enroute to purchase glasses so that he could see when arrested
born on --1914 in Monroe, Georgia
expired ??-??-19??   age ??
actor  Robert Montgomery   father of actress Elizabeth Montgomery
¤born: Henry Montgomery Jr. 
born on 5-21-1904 in Beacon, New York
expired 9-27-1981 in New York, New York   age 77   cause: cancer
actress  Carlotta R. Monti   mistress of W.C. Fields; allegedly won the Miss America pageant prior to coming to Hollywood; wrote W. C. Fields and Me about her relationship; film roles include: girl patron in coffee shop in King Kong (1933), Priestess of Zar in Tarzan the Fearless (1933, with Buster Crabbe) and as a receptionist in Never Give a Sucker and Even Break
¤born: Carlotta Montijo 
born on 1-20-1907
expired 12-8-1993 in Woodland Hills, California   age 86
to next Pope: John Paul Ito previous Pope: John XXIII Catholic Church leader (1963-1978)  Giovanni Battista Montini   elected 263rd Pope of the Roman Catholic Church June 21, 1963
¤Pope Paul VI 
born on 9-26-1897 in Concesio, Brescia, Italy
expired 8-6-1978 in Castel Gandolfo, Italy   age 80
Sir  Arnold Geoffroy de Montmorency
born on 7-27-1908
expired 12-23-2003 in Balcombe Place, England   age 95
blind jazz pianist  Tete Montoliu
¤real name: Vincenç Montoliu Massana 
born on 3-28-1933 in Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
expired 8-24-1997 in Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain   age 64   cause: lung cancer
flamenco guitarist  Carlos Montoya
born on 12-13-1903 in Madrid, Spain
expired 3-3-1993 in Wainscott, New York   age 89
New Mexico senator (1965-76)  Joseph Manuel Montoya   member of the Senate Watergate Committee in 1973
born on 9-24-1915 in Peña Blanca, New Mexico
expired 6-5-1978 in Georgetown, Maryland   age 62   cause: kidney & liver failure
composer/music critic  Xavier Montsalvatge
born on 3-11-1912 in Gerona, Spain
expired 5-7-2002 in Barcelona, Spain   age 90
tv director/producer  Gloria Monty   was executive producer of General Hospital (1978-87 & 1991-92)
¤born: Gloria Montemuro 
born on 8-12-1921 in Allenhurst, New Jersey
expired 3-30-2006 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 84   cause: cancer
Harry Monty as an Oz flying monkey midget actor  Harry Monty   in The Wizard of Oz (1939) he played a munchkin and the Flying Monkey that carried Dorothy away from the Haunted Forest to the witch's castle
¤born: Hymie Lichenstein 
born on 4-15-1904 in Dallas, Texas
expired 12-28-1999 in Beverly Hills, California   age 95
old time tennis star  Helen Wills Moody   won eight Wimbledon titles in the 1920s and 30s; married financier Frederick Moody
¤Mrs. Helen Newington Wills Moody Roark 
born on 10-6-1905 in Centerville, California
expired 1-1-1998 in Carmel, California   age 92
jazz saxophonist  James Moody
born on 3-26-1925 in Savannah, Georgia
expired 12-9-2010 in San Diego, California   age 85   cause: pancreatic cancer
Titanic 6th officer  James Paul Moody
born on 8-21-1887 in Scarborough, England
expired 4-15-1912 in North Atlantic Ocean   age 24   cause: drowned
investment information publisher  John Moody   founded Moody's Investors Service in 1900
expired 2-16-1958 in La Jolla, California   age 89
professional golfer  Orville Moody   won the 1969 U.S. Open
born on 12-9-1933 in Chickasha, Oklahoma
expired 8-8-2008 in Sulphur Springs, Texas   age 74   cause: complications from multiple myeloma
eponymous synthesizer inventor (1963)  Robert Arthur Moog   got his start building Theremins; earned a PhD in engineering physics from Cornell
¤moog rhymes with vogue 
born on 5-23-1934 in New York, New York
expired 8-21-2005 in Ashville, North Carolina   age 71   cause: glioblastoma multiforme
U.S. Bureau of Standards scientist  Charles Moon   helped establish the Ohm as the standard unit of electrical resistance
expired 1-31-1953 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 67
The Who drummer  Keith Moon
born on 8-23-1946 in Wembly, England
expired 9-7-1978 in London, England   age 32   cause: drug overdose
 Robert Aurand Moon   invented the Zoning Improvement Plan Codes in 1950s (introduced in 1963)
¤aka: "Mr. Zip Code
born on 4-15-1917 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania
expired 4-10-2001 in Leesburg, Florida, 34748   age 83
comics artist  James Hoel "Jim" Mooney   worked on Supergirl, Spider-man, Batman, The Hulk, ...; his sister Julia had been a Ziegfeld Girl
born on 8-13-1919
expired 3-29-2008 in Port Salerno, Florida   age 88
former light-heavyweight boxing titleist  Archie Moore
¤born: Archibald Lee Wright 
born on 12-13-1913 in Benoit, Mississippi
expired 12-9-1998 in San Diego, California   age 84
blues singer  Arnold Dwight "Gatemouth" Moore
born on 11-8-1913 in Topeka, Kansas
expired 5-19-2004 in Yazoo City, Mississippi   age 90
interior decorator  Bethene Miller Moore   one of 54 survivors of history's worst plane crash (2 jumbo jets collided on the runway at Tenerife); her husband died rescuing people before the plane blew up
born on 7-19-1909 in Kansas City, Missouri
expired 10-3-2004 in Carmel Village, California   age 95
Klan murder victim  Charles Eddie Moore   with friend Henry Dee was kidnapped, beaten, mutilated and dumped in the Mississippi River to die
born on 8-10-1944
expired 5-2-1964 in Tallulah, Louisiana (near)   age 19   cause: drowned; mutilated; severe beating
Lone Ranger tv actor (1949-56)  Clayton Moore   preceeded on the radio by Stenius, Graser & Beemer
¤born: Jack Carlton Moore 
born on 9-14-1914 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 12-28-1999 in West Hills, California   age 85   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
2000 ANG

 Clement Clarke Moore   wrote A Visit from Saint Nicholas (1823; "Twas the night before Christmas....")
born on 7-15-1779 in New York, New York
expired 7-10-1863 in Newport, Rhode Island   age 83
former actress  Constance Moore   portrayed W.C. Fields' daughter Victoria Whipsnade in You Can't Cheat an Honest Man (1939) & Wilma Deering in the Buck Rogers movie serial (1939)
¤Mrs. John Maschio 
born on 1-18-1920 in Sioux City, Iowa
expired 9-16-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 85   cause: heart failure; heart diease
Texas death row inmate  Curtis Moore
born on 2-26-1968
expired 1-14-2009 in Huntsville, Texas   age 40   cause: executed; lethal injection
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   Scored 8.5195 points

interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 1983 musician and comedian  Dudley Stuart John Moore   partnered with Peter Cook; pursued Lillian Lust in Bedazzled (1967) & Bo Derek in 10
born on 4-19-1935 in Dagenham, England
expired 3-27-2002 in Plainfield, New Jersey   age 66   cause: pneumonia; progressive supranuclear palsy
   Contest Selectors
2000 ANG, TEX29%
2001 ANG, BOD, DTM, KLS, TEX62½%
2002 ANG, BOD, CMH, JAC, JL, TMTX45.5%
   Scored 5.9781 points

Milwaukee blues bar owner  Everett L. "Boobie" Moore   proprietor of Boobie's Place (NOT a strip club)
born on 6-2-1931 in Louisiana
expired 12-7-2003 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin   age 72   cause: lung infection
Texas death row inmate  Frank Moore
born on 5-16-1959
expired 1-21-2009 in Huntsville, Texas   age 47   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 7.5098 points

former game & variety show host  Garry Moore
¤real name: Thomas Garrison Morfit 
born on 1-31-1915 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 11-28-1993 in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina   age 78   cause: emphysema
AKS: Gary
World War II Corregidor commander (during siege) Major General  George Fleming Moore
expired 12-2-1949 in Carolands, California (near)   age 62   cause: suicide; pistol
retired Aussie horse trainer  George Thomas Donald Moore
born on --1923 in Mackay, Queensland, Australia
expired 1-8-2008 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   age 84   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 6.6000 solo points

CART racecar driver  Greg Moore
born on 4-22-1975 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
expired 10-31-1999 in Fontana, California   age 24   cause: car crash ("massive head injuries")
vaudeville star and tv actor  Harry R. Moore   played George "Kingfish" Stevens on Amos 'n' Andy tv series
born on --1888 in Rock Island, Illinois
expired 12-13-1958 in Los Angeles, California   age 70   cause: tuberculosis
peace crusader  Hugh Moore   co-founder & Board Chairman of Dixie Cup Co.
born on 4-27-1887
expired 11-25-1972 in New York, New York   age 85
character actor  Jack A. "Alvy" Moore   played county agent Hank Kimball on Green Acres
born on 12-5-1921 in Vincennes, Indiana
expired 5-4-1997 in Palm Desert, California   age 75   cause: heart failure
NYC restauranteur  James H. "Dinty" Moore   took nickname from friend's comic strip (Bringing Up Father)
expired 12-25-1952 in New York, New York   age 83   cause: embolism
actress  Joanna Cook Moore   mother of Tatum O'Neal & Griffin O'Neal
born on 11-10-1934
expired 11-22-1997 in Indian Wells, California   age 63   cause: lung cancer
Texas death row inmate  Johnathan Bryant Moore   a self-proclaimed facist (apparently didn't get the memo about that whole World War II thing)
¤number 999216 
born on 4-4-1974 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida
expired 1-17-2007 in Huntsville, Texas   age 32   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 9.3012 points

AKS: Jonathon
The Drifters lead singer  Johnny Moore   had hits with Under the Boardwalk, Up on the Roof and On Broadway
born on 12-14-1934
expired 12-30-1998 in London, England   age 64   cause: Princess Di syndrome ("enroute to a hospital")
Titanic survivor  Margaret Graham Moore
expired 4-3-1976 in Greenwich, Connecticut   age 83
Texas death row inmate  Michael Patrick Moore
¤aka: number 999126 
born on 9-16-1963 in Onondaga County, New York
expired 1-9-2002 in Huntsville, Texas   age 38   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2001 BOD, DTM, RR25%
2002 BOD, DTM, RR, TMTX36.4%
   Scored 9.0125 points

B movie actress  Pauline Moore
born on 6-14-1914 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
expired 12-7-2001 in Sequim, Washington   age 87
former Thin Lizzy guitarist  Robert William "Gary" Moore
born on 4-4-1952 in Belfast, Northern Ireland
expired 2-6-2011 in Estepona, Costa del Sol, Spain   age 58
author  Robin Moore   wrote The Green Berets (1965), The French Connection (1969) & co-wrote The Happy Hooker (1972); also co-wrote lyrics to the song The Ballad of the Green Berets (1966)
¤real name: Robert Lowell Moore Jr. 
born on 10-31-1925 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 2-21-2008 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky   age 82
biochemist  Stanford Moore   shared the 1972 Nobel prize in chemistry
born on 9-4-1913 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 8-23-1982 in New York, New York   age 68
actor  Victor Moore   famous for playing vice-president Alexander Throttlebottom in 1932 musical Of Thee I Sing
born on 2-24-1876 in Hammonton, New Jersey
expired 7-23-1962 in East Islip, New York   age 86
actress  Agnes Moorehead   played Endora (Samantha's mother) on Bewitched
born on 12-6-1906 in Clinton, Massachusetts
expired 4-30-1974 in Rochester, Minnesota   age 67   cause: cancer
retired Admiral  Thomas Hinman Moorer   chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1970-74)
born on 2-9-1912 in Mount Willing, Alabama
expired 2-5-2004 in Bethesda, Maryland   age 91
1974 Reuben Award winner cartoonist  Richard Arnold "Dick" Moores   took over drawing the Gasoline Alley strip (1959-86); received the 1974 Reuben Award
born on 12-12-1909 in Lincoln, Nebraska
expired 4-22-1986 in Fairview, North Carolina   age 76
RAND Corp. employee  Richard H. Moorsteen   one of the authors of the Pentagon Papers
expired 4-12-1975 in Malibu, California   age 49
sports team owner  Anthony J. Morabito   organizer (in 1946) and chief owner of the San Francisco 49ers football team
expired 10-27-1957 in San Francisco, California   age 47
sports team owner  Victor Morabito   chief owner of the San Francisco 49ers football team from 1958 to 1964
expired 5-10-1964 in San Francisco, California   age 45
poet  Marcus Vinícius da Cruz de Mello Moraes   co-wrote Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema; 1962)
born on 10-19-1913 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
expired 7-9-1980 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   age 61   cause: died in bathtub
Village People co-creator  Jacques Morali   had the idea for show group featuring a Cowboy, Indian, Soldier, Construction Worker, Police Officer & Biker
born on --1947 in France
expired 11-15-1991 in New York, New York   age 44   cause: AIDS
vaudeville comedian  George Moran   half of the Mack & Moran 2 Black Crows comedy team
¤real name: George Searcy 
born on --1882 in Elwood, Kansas
expired 8-1-1949 in Oakland, California   age 67   cause: stroke
gangster  George C. "Bugs" Moran   Chicago rival of Al Capone; escaped the 1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre
born on --1893 in Minnesota
expired 2-25-1957 in Leavenworth, Kansas   age 64
1930s/40s movie scream queen  Marie Jeanette "Peggy" Moran   appeared in The Mummies Hand (1940), One Night in the Tropics (1940) & Hello, Sucker (1941)
born on 10-23-1918 in Clinton, Iowa
expired 10-25-2002 in Camarillo, California   age 84   cause: complications from injuries suffered in car accident
author  Elsa Morante
born on --1918 in Rome, Italy
expired 11-27-1985 in Rome, Italy   age 67
author and cleric Sir  Thomas More   wrote Utopia (1516); had major run-ins with Henry VIII
born on 2-7-1478 in London, England
expired 7-6-1535 in London, England   age 57
AKS: Moor Moore
Navy Admiral  Ben Moreell   organized the World War II Seabee construction battalions
born on 9-14-1892
expired 7-30-1978 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 85
retired U.S. diplomat  Richard Henry Morefield   had been Consul General of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran — taken hostage for 444 days
born on 9-9-1929 in Venice, California
expired 10-11-2010 in Raleigh, North Carolina   age 81   cause: pneumonia
industrialist  John Motley Morehead   a co-founder of Union Carbide
born on 11-3-1870
expired 1-7-1965 in Rye, New York   age 94
Another SFBMoFo accused Jewish post-World War II human rights violator  Salomon Morel   lost his family in German concentration camps; made a Communist Concentration Camp commandant in post-war Poland; accused of starving German prisoners (pay-back time); Israel refused his extradition back to Poland (more than a bit of a double standard on their part)
¤born: Schlomo Morel 
born on 11-15-1919 in Garbów, Powiat Lubelki, Poland
expired 2-14-2007 in Tel Aviv, Israel   age 87
   Contest Selectors
2003ANG, COCO11.1%

AKS: Solomon
Texas death row inmate  James Walter Moreland
born on 5-15-1960
expired 1-27-2000 in Huntsville, Texas   age 39   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2000 TEX14%
   Scored 11.1000 solo points

operatic tenor  Barry Morell
born on 3-30-1927 in Manhasset, New York
expired 12-4-2003 in East Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts   age 75   cause: esophageal cancer
AKS: Berry Morrell
jazz drummer  Joseph A. "Joe" Morello   a member of the Dave Brubeck Quartet (1956-67), performing on such classics as "Take Five", "strange Meadowlark" and "Blue Rhondo à la Turk"
born on 7-17-1928 in Springfield, Massachusetts
expired 3-12-2011 in Irvington, New Jersey   age 82
ventriloquist  Wenceslao Moreno
¤better known as Señor Wences 
born on 4-17-1896 in Salamanca, Castilla y León, Spain
expired 4-20-1999 in New York, New York   age 103
radio/tv producer & playwright  Albert Edward Morgan   wrote The Great Man (1955), Cast of Characters & Oh Captain!; produced the Today Show from 1961 to 1968
born on 1-16-1920 in Queens, New York, New York
expired 3-3-2011 in Brattleboro, Vermont   age 91
former Antioch College president (1920-33)  Arthur E. Morgan   first chariman of the TVA (1933-38)
born on 6-20-1878 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 11-16-1975 in Xenia, Ohio   age 97
character actor  Frank Morgan   appeared in The Wizard of Oz as Professor Marvel, Emerald City door guard, Taxi driver (with the horse of a different color), Wizard's Hall door guard and the Wizard
¤born: Francis Philip Wuppermann 
born on 6-1-1890 in New York, New York
expired 9-18-1949 in Beverly Hills, California   age 59   cause: heart attack
son of ex-slaves  Garrett Augustus Morgan   invented an early gas mask (1914) & traffic signal (1923)
born on 3-4-1877 in Paris, Kentucky
expired 8-27-1963 in Cleveland, Ohio   age 86
4077 MASH commanding officer Col. Sherman Potter (Harry Morgan) actor  Harry Morgan   appeared on Dragnet (1967-70) and M*A*S*H (1975-83)
¤born: Harry Bratsburg 
born on 4-10-1915 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 12-7-2011 in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California   age 96   cause: pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
2000BOD, SPAM29%
2001BOD, NFG, ROTS37½%
2002BOD, RAVN18.2%
2003OGGI, RAVN11.1%
2004BOD, LMLD, NFG16.7%
2005BOD, NFG8.7%
2006BOD, LMLD, NFG, TFM, 4GUE16.7%
2009BOD, GAS, NFG, RPRM, TFM16.7%

torch singer and actress  Helen Riggins Morgan
born on 8-2-1900 in Danville, Illinois
expired 10-8-1941 in Chicago, Illinois   age 41   cause: liver failure
radio satirist & game show panelist  Henry Morgan
born on 3-31-1915 in New York, New York
expired 5-19-1994 in New York, New York   age 79
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financier  John Pierpont Morgan Sr.   chairman of J.P. Morgan & Co.; founded U.S. Steel
born on 4-17-1837 in Hartford, Connecticut
expired 3-31-1913 in Rome, Italy   age 75
financier  John Pierpont Morgan Jr.   chairman of J.P. Morgan & Co. and U.S. Steel; indirectly owned the Titanic; was scheduled to depart on its maiden voyage but changed his plans at the last minute
born on 9-7-1867 in Irvington, New York
expired 3-13-1943 in Boca Grande, Florida   age 75
British Women's Auxiliary Corps officer  Kay Summersby Morgan   "confidential secretary" and driver for Gen. Dwight Eisenhower during World War II; alleged to have been his mistress during the war
¤born: Kathleen McCarthy-Morrogh
more generally known as Kay Summersby 
born on 11-23-1908 in Inish Beg Island, County Cork, Ireland
expired 1-20-1975 in Southampton, New York   age 66   cause: liver cancer
sports car manufacturer  Peter Henry Geoffrey Morgan   son of company founder
born on 11-3-1919 in Malvern Link, Worcestershire, England
expired 10-20-2003 in Malvern Link, Worcestershire, England   age 83
stage/screen actor  Ralph Morgan   co-founder of the Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity; brother of Frank
¤real name: Raphael Kuhner Wuppermann 
born on 7-6-1883 in New York, New York
expired 6-11-1956 in New York, New York   age 72
actor  Richard Morgan
born on 8-12-1958 in Hobart, Australia
expired 12-23-2006 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia   age 48   cause: motor neuron disease
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former Army Air Corps Colonel  Robert K. "Bob" Morgan   pilot of the Memphis Belle B-17 bomber (11-7-1942 to 5-17-1943); the plane was named for his fiance at that time
born on 7-13-1918 in Ashville, North Carolina
expired 5-15-2004 in Ashville, North Carolina   age 85   cause: complications from broken neck; fall in his home
typographer  Stanley Arthur Morgan   developed the Times New Roman typeface for The London Times (1932)
expired 10-11-1967 in London, England   age 78
Dr.  Thomas Hunt Morgan   won the 1933 Nobel medicine prize for his discoveries concerning the role of chromosomes in heredity
born on 9-25-1866 in Lexington, Kentucky
expired 12-4-1945 in Pasadena, California   age 79   cause: arterial aneurysm; heart failure
Hubble telescope photo on another galaxy - NOT OURS you boob! astronomer  William Henry Morgan   discovered the Milky Way galaxy's spiral structure
born on 1-3-1906
expired 6-21-1994   age 88
game theory & mathematical economics pioneer  Oskar Morgenstern   colleague of John von Neumann
born on 1-24-1902
expired 7-26-1977 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 75
FDR Treasury secretary (1934-45)  Henry Morgenthau Jr.
born on 5-11-1891 in New York, New York
expired 2-6-1967 in Poughkeepsie, New York   age 75
Japanese land mogul  Taikichiro Mori
born on --1904 in Tokyo, Japan
expired 1-30-1993 in Tokyo, Japan   age 88
New Orleans' first black mayor (1978-1986)  Ernest Nathan Morial
born on 10-9-1929 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 12-24-1989 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 60
historian  Samuel Eliot Morison
born on 7-9-1887 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 5-15-1976 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 88   cause: complications from stroke
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in August 1982 Sony co-founder (1946), president (1950-71) & chairman (1976-94)  Akio Morita   gave the world the Walkman
born on 1-26-1921 in Nagoya, Japan
expired 10-3-1999 in Tokyo, Japan   age 78   cause: pneumonia
actor  Noriuki "Pat" Morita   the owner of Arnold's Drive-In on Happy Days & the Karate Kid's mentor
born on 6-28-1932 in Isleton, California
expired 11-24-2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 73
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 7.7000 solo points

author  Christopher Darlington Morley   wrote Kitty Foyle (1939); co-founded the Baker Street Irregulars (1934)
born on 5-5-1890 in Haverford, Pennsylvania
expired 3-28-1957 in Roslyn Heights, New York   age 66
Titanic "survivor"  Ellen Mary Phillips Walker Morley   only child conceived aboard the Titanic to have made the later part of the crossing; mother (Kate Florence Phillips) had run off with her boss (Henry Samuel Morley) & booked 2nd Class passage as "Mr. and Mrs. Marshall"; it is purported that the story of her parents was the basis for the plot of Titanic (1997)
born on 1-11-1913 in Worcester, England
expired 10-??-2005 in Worcester, England   age 92   cause: Alzheimer's disease
   Contest Selectors
2005KLS, RR8.7%
   Did Not Score - insufficient category citations (zero to be exact)

promoter  Eric Douglas Morley   created the Miss World Festival Bikini Girl pageant (1951); the next year they changed the name to Miss World pageant
born on 9-26-1918 in London, England
expired 11-9-2000 in London, England   age 82
confection shop owner  Henry Samuel Morley   abandoned his famil & ran off with his mistress aboard the Titanic as "Mr. and Mrs. Marshall"; conceived a child during the early part of the passage
born on 5-3-1873 in England
expired 4-15-1912 in North Atlantic Ocean   age 38   cause: drowned
blacklisted actress  Karen Morley   ran afoul of the slug-brained U.S. Congress' commie witch hunt hysteria idiocy (1947)
¤born: Mildred Linton 
born on 12-12-1909 in Ottumwa, Iowa
expired 3-8-2003 in Woodland Hills, California   age 93   cause: pneumonia
actor  Robert Morley
born on 5-26-1908 in Semley, England
expired 6-3-1992 in Reading, England   age 84
   Contest Selectors
1979 RR7.7%
1980 HP6.3%

old quadruplet  Helen D. Morlok   identical sister of Edna A. Morlock, Wilma B. Morlock & Sarah C. Cotton
born on 5-19-1930 in Lansing, Michigan
expired 10-31-2003 in Lansing, Michigan   age 73
AKS: Morlock
old quadruplet  Wilma B. Morlok   identical twin sister of Edna A. Morlok, Sarah C. Cotton & Helen D. Morlok
born on 5-19-1930 in Lansing, Michigan
expired 1-2-2002 in Lansing, Michigan   age 71
AKS: Morlock
former Italian prime minister (1963-67, 1974-76)  Aldo Moro
born on 9-23-1916 in Maglie, Apulia, Italy
expired 5-9-1978 in Rome, Italy   age 61   cause: murdered by Red Brigades kidnappers
Virgin Island Commissioner of Education  Alonzo Graseano Morón   Note the name/job combination.
expired 10-31-1971 in San Juan, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico   age 62
former Miami-Dade judge (1971-91)  Ellen James "Maximum" Morphonios   one-time model & beauty contest winner; before elevation to the bench prosecuted Jim Morrison for indecent exposure
born on --1929 in Ponzer, North Carolina
expired 12-22-2002 in Miami, Florida   age 73   cause: stomach cancer
AKS: Morphonious Morphonius
actor/comedian  Michael Morra
¤stage name: "Rockets Redglare" 
born on 5-8-1949
expired 5-28-2001 in New York, New York   age 52   cause: complications from kidney/liver failure; cirrhosis; hepatitis C
Dr.  Theodore Morrell   Hitler's personal physician
expired 6-1-1948 in Giessen, Germany   age 62
Ruthless People actress  Anita Rose Morris
born on 3-14-1943 in Durham, North Carolina
expired 3-2-1994 in Los Angeles, California   age 50   cause: cancer
actor  Chester Morris   portrayed detective Boston Blackie in movies
born on 2-16-1901 in New York, New York
expired 9-11-1970 in New Hope, Pennsylvania   age 69   cause: barbituate overdose
Guinness Book geezer  Eva Morris
born on 11-18-1885 in Newcastle-under-Lyme, England
expired 11-2-2000 in Stone, Staffordshire, England   age 114
character actress  Frances Morris   on 1950s Adventures of Superman tv series portrayed Sarah "Ma" Kent (Supie's adoptive mother)
born on 8-3-1908 in Springfield, Massachusetts
expired 12-2-2003   age 95
to 1937 award winnerto 1935 award winner  Glenn Morris   1936 Olympic Decathelon champion; won 1936 Sullivan Award; appeared in a few movies as Tarzan
born on 6-18-1912 in Simla, California
expired 1-31-1974 in Palo Alto, California   age 61
Mission Impossible actor (Barney Collier)  Greg Morris   father of actor Phil Morris
born on 9-26-1934 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 8-27-1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 61   cause: lung & brain cancer
crackpot hydraulics engineer  Henry Madison Morris   co-authored "The Genesis Flood: The Biblical Record and it's Scientific Implications" (1961); founder of the Institute for Creation Research; spent the last several decades flogging 'Intelligent Design' theology
born on 10-6-1918 in Dallas, Texas
expired 2-25-2006 in Santee, California   age 87   cause: strokes
character actor/tv director  Howard Jerome "Howie" Morris   Ernest T. Bass on the Andy Griffith Show; the voice of Gerald McBoing-Boing, Fred's boss Mr. Slate on The Flintstones, The Hamburglar & the Quantas Koala Bear; directed With Six You Get Eggroll (1968), Don't Drink The Water (1969) & the Get Smart pilot
born on 9-4-1919 in New York, New York
expired 5-21-2005 in Hollywood, California   age 85   cause: heart ailment
   Contest Selectors
2004ADWC, NFG11.1%
2005ADWC, NFG8.7%
   Scored 5.2500 points

Texas death row inmate  Kenneth Wayne Morris
¤aka: number 999117 
born on 3-4-1971
expired 3-4-2009 in Huntsville, Texas   age 38   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2003 DTM, RR, TMTX16.7%

to the seventh President of the IOCto the fifth President of the IOC journalist & film producer  Michael Morris   sixth head of the International Olympic Committee (1972-80)
¤3rd Baron Killanin 
born on 7-30-1914 in London, England
expired 4-25-1999 in Dublin, Ireland   age 84
   Contest Selectors
1980 RR6.3%

super-geezer  Neva Morris   had been the oldest U.S. resident
¤née: Freed 
born on 8-3-1895 in Ames, Iowa
expired 4-6-2010 in Ames, Iowa   age 114
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   Scored 3.60009 solo points

1940s radio star  Bret Morrison   voice of The Shadow
born on 5-5-1912
expired 9-25-1978 in Hollywood, California   age 66
Morrison-Knudsen co-founder (1912)  Harry W. Morrison
born on 2-23-1885 in Kenney, Illinois
expired 7-9-1971 in Boise, Idaho   age 86
Hindenburg crash WLS radio announcer  Herbert O. Morrison   on May 6th, 1937 described Hindenburg Zeppelin crash at Lakehurst, New Jersey to a (later) radio audience; tearfully uttered the phrase "... oh, the humanity ..." as people burned to death before him
born on 5-14-1905
expired 1-10-1989 in Cheat Lake, West Virginia   age 83
The Doors (of Perception) vocalist  James Douglas "Jim" Morrison   busted for indecent exposure during a Miami concert
born on 12-8-1943 in Melbourne, Florida
expired 7-3-1971 in Paris, France   age 27   cause: drug abuse-induced heart attack
former Louisiana congressman  James Hobson Morrison
born on 12-8-1908 in Hammond, Louisiana
expired 7-20-2000 in Hammond, Louisiana   age 91   cause: heart attack; stroke
soap opera actor  Michael D. Morrison
born on 1-1-1960
expired 2-18-1993   age 33
MIT professor emeritus  Philip Morrison
born on 11-7-1915 in Somerville, New Jersey
expired 4-22-2005 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 89
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   Scored 6.1000 solo points

Walter with his Pluto Platter from 1957 former building inspector  Walter Frederick Morrison   co-founded Partners in Plastic (1948), aka Pipco; created the "Flying Saucer" (1948); the second version (the Pluto Platter) was licensed to Wham-O in 1955
born on 1-23-1920 in Richfield, Utah
expired 2-9-2010 in Monroe, Sevier County, Utah   age 90
AKS: frisbe frisbee frisbie
character actress  Anna Karen Morrow   widow of ; played housekeeper nak on Payton Place tv series (1960s) & "Sarpidon woman" on original series Star Trek episode All Our Yesterdays (1969)
born on 9-20-1914 in New Jersey
7-1-2009 in Woodland Hills, California   age 94
trombonist/bandleader  Buddy Morrow
¤born: Muni Zudekoff 
born on 2-8-1919 in New Haven, Connecticut
expired 9-27-2010 in Maitland, Florida   age 91
 Elizabeth Cutter Morrow   mother of Anne Morrow Lindburgh; widow of U.S. Mexican ambassador Dwight W. Morrow
expired 1-23-1955 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 81
personal computing pioneer  George C. Morrow   a member of UC Berkeley's Homebrew Computer Club; founder of MicroStuf
born on 1-30-1934 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 5-7-2003 in San Mateo, California   age 69   cause: aplastic anemia
Jeff Morrow as Exeter (appearing on an Interociter screen) actor  Jeff Morrow   played the alien Exeter in This Island Earth (1954); also appeared in Kronos (1957) and The Giant Claw (1957)
¤born: Irving Morrow 
born on 1-13-1907 in New York, New York
expired 12-26-1993 in Canoga Park, California   age 86
actor  Vic Morrow
born on 2-14-1929 in New York, New York
expired 7-23-1982 in Castaic, California   age 53   cause: decapitated by (crashing) helicopter rotor blade
character actor  William Byron Morrow   twice played senior Starfleet officers on the original Star Trek series: Admiral Komak in Amok Time (1967) & Admiral Westervliet in For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (1968)
born on 9-8-1911 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 5-11-2006 in Woodland Hills, California   age 94
Lt. Gerard looks on as Richard Kimble wrestles with the one-armed man actor  Barry Morse   played Lt. Philip Gerard on original The Fugitive tv series
¤real name: Herbert Morse 
born on 6-10-1918 in London, England
expired 2-2-2008 in London, England   age 89   cause: stroke
One Man's Family creator and writer  Carlton E. Morse
born on 7-4-1901 in Jennings, Louisiana
expired 5-24-1993   age 91
1940s/50s singer  Ella Mae Morse   had hits with Cow-Cow Boogie (1942), House of Blue Lights (1946) and The Blacksmith Blues (1952)
born on 9-12-1924 in Mansfield, Texas
expired 10-16-1999 in Bullhead City, Arizona   age 75   cause: respiratory failure
inventor  Samuel Finley Breese Morse   invented the telegraph code that bears his name
born on 4-27-1791 in Charlestown, Massachusetts
expired 4-2-1872 in New York, New York   age 80
former Oregon senator (1945-68)  Wayne Lyman Morse   one of two senators to vote against the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
born on 10-20-1900 in Madison, Wisconsin
expired 7-22-1974 in Portland, Oregon   age 73   cause: kidney failure
geezer  Thomas Peter Thorvald Kristian Ferdinand Mortensen
born on 8-16-1882 in Skaarup, Denmark
expired 4-25-1998 in San Rafael, California   age 115
barrister/playwright Sir  John Clifford Mortimer   created the Rumpole of the Bailey character
born on 4-21-1923 in Hampstead, London, England
expired 1-16-2009 in Turville Heath, Buckinghamshire, England   age 85
restauranteur  Arnold J. "Arnie" Morton   founded Morton's Steakhouse (1978); helped launch the Taste of Chicago festival (1985); with Hefner & Lownes started the first Playboy Club (1960)
born on 5-23-1922 in Chicago, Illinois
5-28-2005 in Deerfield, Illinois   age 83   cause: cancer; Alzheimer's disease
former U.S Treasurer (1977-81)  Azie Taylor Morton
born on 2-1-1936 in Dale, Texas
expired 12-7-2003 in Austin, Texas   age 67   cause: complications following stroke
character actor  Clive Morton   played butler Makepeace on Upstairs, Downstairs tv series (1970-75)
born on 3-16-1904 in London, England
expired 9-24-1975 in London, England   age 71
great jazz musician & songwriter  Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton
¤born: Ferdinand Joseph Lamothe 
born on 9-20-1885 in Gulfport, Louisiana
expired 7-10-1941 in Los Angeles, California   age 55
tv producer  Gary Morton   last husband of Lucille Ball
¤born: Morton Goldaper 
born on 12-19-1924 in New York, New York
expired 3-30-1999 in Palm Springs, California   age 74   cause: lung cancer
accomplished person Dr.  Jay Morton   played Stinky in silent Our Gang comedies; as a writer/artist for Fleischer Studios coined a number of Superman's best-known catchphrase (intoned by a stentorian announcer): "Look; up in the sky; it's a bird; it's a plane; it's ... Superman" & "Faster than a speeding bullet; more powerful than a locomotive; able to leap tall buildings in a single bound..."; inventor of the pop-top aluminum beverage can
born on 6-27-1911 in Hollywood, California
expired 9-6-2003 in Charlotte, North Carolina   age 92   cause: cerebral aneurysm
salt company co-founder  Joy Morton
born on 9-27-1855 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 5-9-1934 in Lisle, Illinois   age 78
to August 1978 Playmate of Monthto June 1978 Playmate of Month Playboy July 1978 Playmate of Month  Karen Elaine Morton   cousin of Playmate Elaine Morton
born on 10-3-1958 in Palmdale California
expired 2-11-2014 in Burbank, California   age 53   cause: complications from Stevens-Johnson syndrome
Harrison vice president (1889-93)  Levi Parsons Morton   also New York governor from 1895-97
born on 5-16-1824 in Shoreham, Vermont
expired 5-16-1920 in Rhinebeck, New York   age 96
salt company co-founder  Mark Morton   company known for the slogan "When it rains, it pours"
born on 11-22-1858 in Omaha, Nebraska
expired 6-25-1951 in Chicago, Illinois   age 92
 Nathan P. Morton   founded SoftWarehouse in 1984 — it became CompUSA
born on 9-25-1948
expired 11-30-2005 in Dallas, Texas   age 57   cause: pneumonia; heart attack
Nixon/Ford Interior Secretary (1971-75) & Ford Commerce Secretary (1975-76)  Rogers Clark Ballard Morton   brother of Thruston
born on 9-19-1914 in Louisville, Kentucky
expired 4-19-1979 in Easton, Maryland   age 64   cause: cancer
Kentucky rep. (1947-53) & senator (1957-69)  Thurston Ballard Morton
born on 8-19-1907 in Louisville, Kentucky
expired 8-14-1982 in Louisville, Kentucky   age 74
Bush (the elder) Commerce Secretary (1989-92)  Robert Adam Mosbacher Sr.
born on 3-11-1927 in Mount Vernon, New York
expired 1-24-2010 in Houston, Texas   age 82   cause: prostate cancer
San Francisco mayor (1976-78)  George Richard Moscone
born on 11-24-1929 in San Francisco, California
expired 11-27-1978 in San Francisco, California   age 49   cause: assassinated; shot to death (
professional billiards player  William Joseph "Willie" Mosconi   12-time world champion
born on 6-27-1913 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 9-16-1993 in Haddon Heights, New Jersey   age 80
   Contest Selectors
1980 EB6.3%

AKS: Moscone
former New Jersey beat AP reporter  Seth H. Moseley   got exclusive interview with Lindbergh hours after his son was kidnapped; covered the Morro Castle & Hindenburg disasters
born on 3-26-1909
expired 8-11-2001 in Torrington, Connecticut   age 92
mathematician  Jürgen Moser
born on 7-4-1928 in Königsburg, Germany
expired 12-17-1999 in Schwerzenbach, Switzerland   age 71   cause: prostate cancer
geriatric painter  Anna Mary Robertson "Grandma" Moses   started her "career" at age 78
born on 9-7-1860 in Greenwich, Connecticut
expired 12-13-1961 in Hoosick Falls, New York   age 101
autocratic NYC public works czar (1924-68)  Robert Moses
born on 12-18-1888 in New Haven, Connecticut
expired 7-29-1981 in West Islip, New York   age 92   cause: heart failure
tv writer/producer  Robert "Bob" Mosher   co-creator of Leave It To Beaver (1957-63) & The Munsters
born on 1-18-1915
expired 12-??-1972   age 57
Nazi-lover  Diana Mosely   widow of Oswald Mosley (Hitler was a guest at her wedding in Göbbels drawing room)
¤born: Diana Freeman-Mitford 
born on 6-10-1910
expired 8-11-2003 in Paris, France   age 93   cause: complications from stroke
Texas death row inmate  Kenneth Mosley
born on 9-7-1958
expired 1-7-2010 in Huntsville, Texas   age 51   cause: executed; lethal injection
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   Scored 7.4195 points

slide saxophone inventor  Lawrence Leo "Snub" Mosley   played with Louis Armstrong & Fats Waller
born on 12-29-1905 in Little Rock, Arkansas
expired 7-21-1981 in New York, New York   age 75   cause: pneumonia; complications from stroke
British Nazi Sir  Oswald Ernald Mosley Sr.   founded the British Union of Facists (1932-43); brother-in-law of Unity Freeman-Mitford
born on 11-16-1896 in Staffordshire, England
expired 12-2-1980 in Orsay, France   age 84
actor  Arnold Moss
born on 1-28-1911 in New York, New York
expired 12-15-1989 in New York, New York   age 78
 Eugene Harold Moss   co-wrote the Roger Ramjet cartoon series (1965); provided voice for Smokey the Bear (1979-88)
¤born: Eugene Harold Moshontz 
born on 10-3-1926 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 7-15-2002 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 75   cause: cancer
Boston Celtics announcer  John M. "Johnny" Most
born on 6-15-1923
expired 1-3-1993   age 69
record producer  Mickie Most
¤real name: Michael Peter Hayes 
born on 6-20-1938 in Aldershot, Hampshire, England
expired 5-30-2003 in London, England   age 64   cause: cancer
Broadway and Hollywood comedy star actor  Samuel Joel "Zero" Mostel   played Tevye on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof (1964) and Max Bialystock in the movie The Producers (1968); given nickname by press agent
born on 2-28-1915 in New York, New York
expired 9-8-1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 62   cause: cardiac arrest; complications from viral infection
Harvard statistician  Charles Frederick Mosteller   co-authored "Probability and Statistics" (1961; with Rourke & Thomas)
born on 12-24-1916 in Clarksburg, West Virginia
expired 7-23-2006 in Falls, Church, Virginia   age 89
jazz drummer, bandleader, composer  Stephen Paul Motian   performed with the Bill Evans trio & with Keith Jarrett
born on 3-25-1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 11-22-2011 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 80   cause: complications from myelodisplastic syndrome
death row inmate  Jeffrey Dean Motley
born on 9-17-1965
expired 2-7-1995   age 29
Cleveland Browns hall of fame fullback (1946-53)  Marion Motley
born on 6-5-1920 in Leesburg, Georgia
expired 6-27-1999 in Cleveland, Ohio   age 79   cause: prostate cancer
major GM stockholder  Charles Stewart Mott Sr.
born on 6-2-1875 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 2-18-1973 in Flint, Michigan   age 97   cause: influenza
1946 Nobel peace co-laureate  John Raleigh Mott
born on 5-25-1865 in Livingston Manor, New York
expired 1-31-1955 in Orlando, Florida   age 89
Sir  Nevill Francis Mott   shared the 1977 Nobel physics prize
born on 9-30-1905 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
expired 8-8-1996 in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England   age 90
AKS: Neville
 Ruth Rawlings Mott   widow of Charles; mother of Stewart; oversaw the Mott charities
born on 10-18-1901 in El Paso, Texas
expired 1-25-1999 in Flint, Michigan   age 97
philanthropist  Stewart Rawlings Mott   son of Charles
born on 12-4-1937 in Flint, Michigan
expired 6-12-2008 in Mount Kisco, New York   age 70   cause: cancer
guitarist  Tony Mattola   played with Sinatra; was in the old Tonight Show band when it was in New York City
born on 4-18-1918 in Kearney, New Jersey
expired 8-9-2004 in Denville, New Jersey   age 86   cause: double pneumonia; stroke
AKS: Mattola Motola Matola Mottolah Mattolah Motolah Matolah Mottoluh Mattoluh Motoluh Matoluh
Stanford University computer science professor  Rajeev Motwani   mentored graduate students Brin & Page in database search algorithms, but didn't invest in their little startup venture (Google)
born on 3-24-1962 in Jammu, India
expired 6-5-2009 in Atherton, California   age 47   cause: drown in his swimming pool; he couldn't swim
Lebanese President  Rene Mouawad
expired 11-22-1989   age 64
sports writer  Anson Mount   wrote for Playboy
born on 11-24-1925
expired 10-11-1986   age 60
ornithologist  Guy Reginald Mountfort   a co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund (1961)
born on 12-5-1905 in London, England
expired 4-23-2003 in Bournemouth, Dorsetshire, England   age 97
movie actor  Alan Cedric Mowbray   a co-founder of the Screen Actor's Guild
born on 8-18-1897 in London, England
expired 3-25-1969 in Hollywood, California   age 71   cause: heart attack
former British Northern Ireland Secretary  Marjorie "Mo" Mowlam   helped negotitate the 1998 Good Friday peace settlement
born on 9-18-1949 in Watford, England
expired 8-19-2005 in Canterbury, Kent, England   age 55   cause: dehydration; starvation; irreversible coma; head injury suffered in fall; brain tumor
AKS: Mowlan
newspaper correspondent  Edgar Ansel Mowrer   won 1933 Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the rise of Adolf Hitler
born on 3-8-1892 in Bloomington, Indiana
expired 3-2-1977 in Madeira, Portugal   age 84
 Dale Moyer   former "oldest twin"
born on 6-20-1895 in Alvordton, Ohio
expired 7-17-2004 in Alvordton, Ohio   age 109
   Contest Selectors
2002 JL9.1%
2003 COCO, JL11.1%

 Glen Moyer   former "oldest twin"
born on 6-20-1895 in Alvordton, Ohio
expired 4-16-2001 in Alvordton, Ohio   age 105
interviewed again by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1998interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in March 1977 former New York senator (1977-2001)  Daniel Patrick Moynihan
born on 3-16-1927 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
expired 3-26-2003 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 76   cause: infection following surgery for ruptured appendix
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   Scored 7.4000 solo points

composer  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   wrote over 600 works, including 41 symphonies, the Don Giovanni opera, sonatas, quartets and concerti
¤born: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart 
born on 1-27-1756 in Salzburg, Austria-Hungary
expired 12-5-1791 in Vienna, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary   age 35   cause: trichinosisp; bad pork cutlets
Dr.  Richard Dyer Mudd   Saginaw, Michigan descendant of Dr. Samuel Mudd tried to get his ancestor "cleared"
born on 1-24-1901 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 5-21-2002 in Saginaw, Michigan   age 101
   Contest Selectors
2001 ANG, RR25%
2002 ANG, JAC, JL, RR36.4%
   Scored 2.7125 points

Dr.  Samuel Alexander Mudd   treated John Wilkes Booth's broken leg; convicted of being in on the plot to assassinate Lincoln
born on 12-20-1833 in Bryantown, Maryland
expired 1-10-1883 in Charles County, Virginia   age 49   cause: pneumonia
retired university executive Dr.  Milton Epke Muelder
born on 8-27-1908 in Boody, Illinois
expired 5-6-2010 in Lansing, Michigan   age 101   cause: complications from pneumonia
former NBC reporter  Merrill Mueller
¤nickname: "Red" 
born on 1-27-1916
expired 11-30-1980 in Santa Monica, California   age 64
 Sally Mugabe   wife of Zimbabwean president Robert
¤née: Hayfron 
born on --1933 in Ghana
expired 1-27-1992   age 60   cause: kidney failure
journalist  Malcolm Muggeridge
born on 3-24-1903 in Sanderstead, England
expired 11-14-1990 in London, England   age 87
murderous Hezbollah terrorist  Imad Mughniyeh   mastermind behind U.S. Embassy bombing in Beirut; hijacked TWA flight 847 in 1985 — murdered U.S. Navy diver Robert Stetham
born on 12-7-1967 in Tair Debba, Lebanon
expired 2-12-2008 in Damascus, Syria   age 40   cause: car bomb
white-hating Nation of Islam leader (1934-75)  Elija Muhammad   the son of slaves; succeeded Nation of Islam founder Farad Muhammad; spent 4 years in Federal Prison for exhorting draft evastion during World War II;
¤born: Robert Elijah Poole 
born on 10-7-1897 in Sandersville, Georgia
expired 2-25-1975 in Chicago, Illinois   age 77   cause: congestive heart failure; bronchitis; asthma; diabetes
AKS: Mohammed
Another SFBMoFo convicted 2002 D.C.-area serial sniper/killer  John Allen Muhammad   alleged to have killed or been involved in the killing of James Martin (10/2), James Buchanan (10/3), Prem Walekar (10/3), Sarah Ramos (10/3), Lori Ann Lewis-Rivera (10/3), Pascal Charlot (10/3), Dean Harold Meyers (10/9), Kenneth Bridges (10/11), Linda Franklin (10/14) & Conrad Johnson (10/22); his teenaged co-hort in crime: Lee Boyd Malvo
¤born: John Allen Williams 
born on 12-31-1960 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 11-10-2009 in Jarratt, Greensville County, Virginia   age    cause: lethal injection
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AKS: Jon Allan Alen Alan Mohammad Mohammed Muhammed
virulently racist hate-monger  Khallid Abdul Muhammad   Louis Farrakhan's anti-semitic lapdog
¤born: Harold Moore Jr. 
born on 1-12-1948 in Houston, Texas
expired 2-17-2001 in Marietta, Georgia   age 53   cause: complications following brain aneurism hemorrhage
oldster  Ruby Macie Muhammad
¤née: Graier
current surname: Pittman 
born on 3-20-1907 in Sandersville, Georgia
expired 3-2-2011 in Sacramento, California   age 103
   Contest Selectors
2007AUDC, GOHI, KLS9.7%
2009ANG, KLS, RPRM10.0%
2010GAS, KLS, RPRM11.1%

AKS: Grayer
actor  Ulrich Mühe   star of The Lives of Others (2006); his wife is reputed to have been a STASI agent sent "underground" to spy on dissidents in the E.German film industry
born on 6-20-1953 in Grimma, Saxony, German Democratic Republic
expired 7-22-2007 in Walbeck, Börde, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany   age 54   cause: stomach cancer
AKS: Muehe
Brooklyn license clerk & western writer  Clarence Edward Mulford   created Hopalong Cassidy character (1910)
born on 2-3-1883 in Streator, Illinois
expired 5-10-1956 in Portland, Maine   age 73
actor  Edward Mulhare   played Captain Daniel Gregg in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir on tv; Devon Miles on original tv Knight Rider
born on 4-8-1923 in County Cork, Ireland
expired 5-22-1997 in Van Nuys, California   age 74   cause: lung cancer
former L.A. Water Department head  William Mulholland   subject of movie Chinatown; quit after St. Francis Dam collapse (1928)
born on 9-11-1855 in Belfast, Ireland
expired 7-??-1935 in Los Angeles, California   age 79
geneticist  Hermann Joseph Muller   won 1946 Nobel prize in physiology for his discoveries of mutation by means of X-ray radiation
born on 12-21-1890 in New York, New York
expired 4-5-1967 in Indianapolis, Indiana   age 76
chemist  Paul Herman Müller   won 1948 Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery that DDT was an effective contact poison against several arthropods
born on 1-12-1899 in Olsten, Solothurn, Switzerland
expired 10-12-1965 in Basel, Switzerland   age 66
AKS: Muller
ice hockey goaltender  Robert Müller
born on 6-25-1980 in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany
expired 5-21-2009 in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany   age 28   cause: brain cancer
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 12.2000 solo points

AKS: Muller Mueller
World War I veteran  Haroutun "Harry" Mullian
born on 4-6-1895 in Armenia, Turkey
expired 4-6-2001 in Grand Rapids, Michigan   age 106
jazz saxophonist  Gerald Joseph "Gerry" Mulligan
born on 4-6-1927 in New York, New York
expired 1-20-1996 in Darien, Connecticut   age 68   cause: liver cancer
Soap/Empty Nest actor  Richard Mulligan   played movie producer Felix Farmer in S.O.B.
born on 11-13-1932 in New York, New York
expired 9-26-2000 in Los Angeles, California   age 67   cause: colon cancer
movie director  Robert Patrick Mulligan   directed Fear Strikes Out (1957), To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) & Summer of '42 (1971)
born on 8-23-1925 in The Bronx, New York, New York
expired 12-20-2008 in Lyme, Connecticut   age 83   cause: heart disease
 Robert Sanderson Mulliken   Nobel laureate in chemistry (1966)
born on 6-7-1896 in Newburyport, Massachusetts
expired 10-31-1986 in Arlington, Virginia   age 90   cause: congestive heart failure
electrical engineer  John T. "Jack" Mullin   brought German Magnetophon players back from Europe after World War II; used them as the basis for the AMPEX 200, the first commercial audio tape recorder; did work for Bing Crosby Enterprises (later sold to 3M in 1956)
born on 10-5-1913 in San Francisco, California
expired 6-24-1999 in Camarillo, California   age 85
1954 Reuben Award winner sports cartoonist  Willard Harlan Mullin   received the 1954 Reuben Award
born on 9-14-1902 in Columbus, Ohio
expired 12-21-1978 in Corpus Christi, Texas   age 76
former U-Miss football player  Roy Lee "Chucky" Mullins
born on 3-8-1969
expired 5-6-1991 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 22
Munch's `The Scream' Norwegian expressionist painter  Edvard Munch   known for his painting "The Scream" (1884); recent research speculates that the vivid sunset in the picture was a result of the 1883 Krakatoa eruption & that the figure was meant to represent "Nature" reacting in horror to the sight
born on 12-12-1863 in Loyten, Norway
expired 1-22-1944 in Oslo, Norway   age 80
AKS: Edward
South Dakota representative (1938-48) & senator (1949-72)  Karl Earl Mundt   anti-communist crusader
born on 6-3-1900 in Humboldt, South Dakota
expired 8-16-1974 in Georgetown, Maryland   age 74
former Dodgers & Giants pitcher (1931-45)  Van Lingle Mungo Sr.   immortalized in Dave Frischberg's song "The Dodger Blues" (aka "Van Lingle Mungo"; 1968)
born on 6-8-1911 in Pageland, South Carolina
expired 2-12-1985 in Pageland, South Carolina   age 73
actor  Paul Muni
¤born: Meshilen Meier Weisenfreund 
born on 9-22-1895 in Lemberg, Austria-Hungary (now Lviv, Ukraine)
expired 8-25-1967 in Montecito, California   age 71   cause: heart ailment
intercollegiate athletics big-wig  Clarence Lester "Biggie" Munn   MSC football coach (1947-53); MSU Athletic Director (1953-71)
born on 9-11-1908
expired 3-18-1975   age 66   cause: complications from stroke
Broadway & movie actor  Jules Munshin
born on 2-22-1915 in New York, New York
expired 2-19-1970 in New York, New York   age 54
baseball catcher  Thurman Munson
born on 6-7-1947 in Akron, Ohio
expired 8-2-1979 in Canton, Ohio   age 32   cause: private plane crash
former NFL quarterback (1963-79)  William A. "Bill" Munson   played with the Lions, Rams, Seahawks, Chargers and Bills
born on 8-11-1941
expired 7-9-2000 in Lodi, California   age 58   cause: drowned in swimming pool
former Yankee player & broadcaster  Bobby Ray Murcer
born on 5-20-1946 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
expired 7-12-2008 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma   age 62   cause: brain cancer
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2007DFFC, OIE, QKU, RAVN12.9%
2008DFFC, PCD, QKU9.4%
   Scored 6.9250 points

business executive  Clinton Williams Murchison Sr.
born on 4-11-1895 in Tyler, Texas
expired 6-20-1969 in Athens, Texas   age 74
former Dallas Cowboys owner  Clinton Williams Murchison Jr.   founded Dallas Cowboys football team
born on 9-12-1923 in Dallas, Texas
expired 3-30-1987   age 63
songwriter  Orlando Murden   with Ron Miller wrote For Once In My Life
born on 8-23-1925
expired 11-29-1994 in Chicago, Illinois   age 69
pharmacist  Colin Albert Murdoch   invented the disposable syringe (1956), the animal tranquilizer gun/dart (10159), the silent burglar alarm (1966) & the childproof medicine bottle (1976)
born on 2-6-1929 in Christchurch, New Zealand
expired 5-4-2008   age 79   cause: cancer
poet  Jean Iris Murdoch
born on 7-15-1919 in Dublin, Ireland
expired 2-8-1999 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England   age 79   cause: Alzheimer's disease
Titanic 1st officer  William McMaster Murdoch
born on 2-28-1873 in Dalbeattie, Kirkendbrightshire, Scotland
expired 4-15-1912 in North Atlantic Ocean   age 79   cause: drowned
conservationist  Margaret Elizabeth Murie   involved in the creation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (1960) and the Wilderness Act
¤née: Thomas 
born on 8-18-1902 in Seattle, Washington
expired 10-19-2003 in Moose, Wyoming   age 101
silent screen director  Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau   made such classics as Nosferatu (1922); World War I combat pilot
¤born: Friedrich Wilhelm Plumpe 
born on 12-28-1889 in Bielefeld, Germany
expired 3-11-1931 in Santa Barbara, California   age 41   cause: car crash
former Lansing (Michigan) mayor (1965-69)  Max E. Murninghan
born on 8-18-1924 in Saint Johns, Michigan
expired 7-13-2000 in Lansing, Michigan   age 75   cause: pneumonia; Alzheimer's disease
former Esso researcher  Eger Vaughn Murphree   co-developer of the catalytic cracking process (1942)
expired 10-29-1962 in Summit, New Jersey   age 63
Variety/Hollywood Reporter reporter  Arthur D. Murphy   first to report box office grosses; founded USC's Peter Stark Motion Picture Producing program (1979)
born on 12-20-1932 in Worcester, Massachusetts
expired 6-16-2003 in San Luis Obispo, California   age 70   cause: lung cancer
World War II hero  Audie Murphy
born on 6-20-1924 in Kingston, Texas
expired 5-28-1971 in Roanoke, Virginia   age 46   cause: plane crash
baseball Hall-of-Fame broadcaster  Bob Murphy   called the NY Mets games (1962-2003)
born on 9-19-1924 in Oklahoma
expired 8-3-2004 in West Palm Beach, Florida   age 79   cause: lung cancer
actress  Brittany Anne Murphy   appeared as Lisa Swenson in Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999), Daisy Randone in Girl Interrupted (1999), Alex in 8 Mile (2002), Shellie in Sin City (2005), Gloria the penguin in Happy Feet (2006) and as Luanne Platter on King of the Hill tv cartoon (1999-2009); husband Simon Monjack died 5 months later (5/23/10) at age 39 of acute pneumonia & severe anemia
¤born: Brittany Bertolotti 
born on 11-10-1977 in Atlanta, Georgia
expired 12-20-2009 in Los Angeles, California   age 32   cause: cardiac arrest; pneumonia; anemia; multiple prescription drug intoxication
famed law-giver U.S. Air Force Captain  Edward A. Murphy Jr.   an assistant to Col. John Stapp
expired ??-??-19??   age ??
former Michigan governor (1936-37)  Francis William "Frank" Murphy   FDR Attorney General (1939-40); Associate Justice of U.S. Supreme Court (1940-49)
born on 4-23-1890 in Harbor Beach, Michigan
expired 7-19-1949 in Detroit, Michigan   age 59
former actor & California Senator (1965-70)  George Lloyd Murphy
born on 7-4-1902 in New Haven, Connecticut
expired 5-3-1992 in Palm Beach, Florida   age 89
nuclear chemist  George Moseley Murphy   co-discoverer of Deuterium (Hydrogen with a neutron)
born on 6-1-1903
expired 12-7-1968 in New York, New York   age 65
former Miller brewery president (1972-84)  John Arthur Murphy Sr.   helped introduce Miller Lite beer (1975)
born on 12-15-1929 in New York, New York
expired 6-16-2002 in Glen Cove, New York   age 72   cause: complications following surgery for a ruptured aortic aneurysm
illustrator  John Cullen Murphy   succeeded Hal Foster as artist of the Prince Valiant weekly comic strip (1971-2004); succeeded by Gary Gianni
born on 5-3-1919 in New York, New York
expired 7-2-2004 in Greenwich, Connecticut   age 85
cartoonist  Martin Joseph "Marty" Murphy Jr.   his worked appeared in Playboy (July 1963-June 2009); also did production design on Wait 'til Your Father Gets Home (1972-74) & Hong Kong Fooey (1974)
born on 9-20-1933
expired 8-26-2009 in Los Angeles, California   age 76
accountant/former General Motors chairman (1974-80)  Thomas Aquinas Murphy Sr.
born on 12-10-1915 in Hornell, New York
expired 1-18-2006 in Boynton Beach, Florida   age 90
inventor  William L. Murphy   inventor of the eponymous folding bed
born on --1876 in Stockton, California
expired 5-23-1957 in Saint Petersburg, Florida   age 81
Dr.  William Parry Murphy Sr.   shared the 1934Mobel prize in medicine
born on 2-6-1892 in Stoughton, Wisconsin
expired 10-9-1987 in Brookline, Massachusetts   age 95
Episcopal priest Dr.  Anna Pauline "Pauli" Murray   co-founder of NOW — the National Organization for Women (1966)
born on 11-20-1910 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 7-1-1985 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 74   cause: cancer
ballroom dance king  Arthur Murray   with wife Kathryn ran dance instruction business
¤full name: Arthur Murray Teichman 
born on 4-4-1895 in New York, New York
expired 3-3-1991 in Honolulu, Hawaii   age 95
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1979 DO7.7%
1980 DO6.3%

Los Angeles Times sportswriter (1961-98)  James "Jim" Murray   won 1990 Pulitzer prize for general commentary
born on 12-29-1919
expired 8-16-1998 in Los Angeles, California   age 78   cause: cardiac arrest
stand-up comedian  Jan Murray   was the creator & host of the Treasure Hunt game show (1956-59)
¤born: Murray Janofsky 
born on 10-4-1916 in The Bronx, New York, New York
expired 7-2-2006 in Beverly Hills, California   age 89
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   Scored 6.1000 solo points

early tv dance teacher  Kathryn Murray   widow of Arthur
¤born: Kathryn Kohnfelder 
born on 9-15-1906 in Jersey City, New Jersey
expired 8-6-1999 in Honolulu, Hawaii   age 92
actor  Ken Murray
¤real name: Don Court 
born on 7-14-1903 in New York, New York
expired 10-12-1988 in Burbank, California   age 85
silent-era actress  Mae Murray   one for the founders of the Motion Picture Fund; a series of bad marriages left her broke
¤born: Marie Koenig 
born on 5-10-1889 in Virginia
expired 3-23-1965 in Woodland Hills, California   age 75   cause: complications from dementia
former Hershey's Chocolate president  William F. R. Murrie   originated the Hershey Bar; co-"inventor" of M&Ms
expired 9-7-1950 in Plainfield, New Jersey   age 77
CBS News correspondent  Edward Roscoe Murrow   headed CBS' European bureau, hiring a legendary team of correspondents to cover the war; USIA head (1961-64)
¤born: Egbert R. Murrow 
born on 4-25-1908 in Greensboro, North Carolina
expired 4-27-1965 in Pawling, New York   age 57   cause: lung & brain cancer
Ed's widow  Janet Brewster Murrow
born on 9-18-1910 in Middletown, Connecticut
expired 12-18-1998 in Needham, Massachusetts   age 88
retired Pittsburgh Pirates manager (1957-76)  Daniel Edward "Danny" Murtaugh   lead team to World Series championships in 1960 & 1971
born on 10-8-1917 in Chester, Pennsylvania
expired 12-2-1976 in Chester, Pennsylvania   age 59   cause: complications from stroke
Another SFBMoFo integrity-challenged Pennsylvania representative (1975-2010)  John Patrick "Jack" Murtha Jr.   an un-indicted co-conspirator in the ABSCAM congressional bribery probe (he fondled the money but didn't take it with him ... but indicated on tape that he might be willing to in the future)
born on 6-17-1932 in New Martinsville, West Viriginia
expired 2-8-2010 in Arlington, Virginia   age 77   cause: infection; gallbladder surgery
AKS: Murtha-Fukhr
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in February 1971 criminologist  Thomas O. Murton   fired as superintendent of Arkansas' Cummins Prison Farm (1969); co-author of Accomplice to the Crime (1969)
born on 3-15-1928
expired 10-10-1990   age 62
Angelo Muscat diminutive character actor  Angelo Muscat   stood 4' 3" tall; played an Oompa-Loompa in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971) and Number 1's mute butler in The Prisoner
born on 9-24-1930 in Malta
expired 10-10-1977 in England   age 47
movie actor  Clarence Muse   appeared in 219 films; first black actor to star in a film (Way Down South) as Uncle Caton (1939)
born on 10-7-1889 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 10-13-1979 in Perris, California   age 89   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
cartoonist  Joseph "Joe" Musial   drew the Katzenjammer Kids comic strip for 25 years (1952-77)
born on 1-15-1905 in Yonkers, New York
expired 6-6-1977 in Manhasset, New York   age 72
tv writer &; voice actor  Lorenzo Music   the voice of Carlton the Doorman on Rhoda (1974-78), Garfield the Cat on tv cartoons & Larry the crash test dummy in auto safety commericals
¤born: David Gerard Music 
born on 5-2-1937 in New York, New York
expired 8-4-2001 in Los Angeles, California   age 64   cause: lung & bone cancer
former Maine Senator  Edwin Sixtus Muskie
born on 3-28-1914 in Rumford, Maine
expired 3-26-1996 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 81
council for Sacco and Vanzetti (1920-26)  Michael Angelo Musmanno   Nuremburg war crimes prosecutor
born on 7-7-1897 in Stowe Township, Pennsylvania
expired 10-12-1968 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 71
college/pro basketball coach  William Clifford "Bill" Musselman
born on 8-13-1940 in Wooster, Ohio
expired 5-5-2000 in Rochester, Minnesota   age 59   cause: heart & liver failure; multiple myeloma; amyloidoisis
former Mackinac Island Grand Hotel owner  Robert Daniel "Dan" Musser II   had owned all 682 feet of its veranda (purchased from his uncle in 1979)
born on 4-29-1932
expired 4-13-2013 in Lansing, Michigan   age 80   cause: congestive heart failure
Chicago Bears Hall-of-Fame lineman (1933-44)  George "Moose" Musso   one of the Bear's "Monsters of the Midway"; while at James Millikin University played against two future presidents: Ford (Michigan) & Reagan (Eureka)
born on 4-8-1910 in Collinsville, Illinois
expired 9-5-2000 in Edwardsville, Illinois   age 90
Fascist dictator  Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini   founded Italian Fascist Party (1919); Italian Prime Minister (1922-43); captured after Italy's surrender & German occupation; along with mistress was shot, hanged, body mutilated by mobs of disgruntled constituents; played in the movies by Jack Oakey in The Great Dictator and Three Stooges shorts by Curley
¤aka: "Il Duce
born on 7-29-1883 in Predappio, Italy
expired 4-29-1945 in Milan, Italy   age 61   cause: executed
Benito's third son Captain  Bruno Mussolini
expired 8-7-1941 in Pisa, Italy   age 23   cause: plane crash
 Rachele Guidi Mussolini   widow of Il Duce
born on --1890 in Forlí, Romagna, Italy
expired 10-30-1979 in Forlí, Romagna, Italy   age 89
jazz pianist  Romano Mussolini   a son of Il Duce
born on 9-26-1927 in Carpena di Forli, Italy
expired 1-31-2006 in Rome, Italy   age 78
 Vittorio Orlando Benito Mussolini   second son of Benito
born on 9-27-1916
expired 6-12-1997 in Rome, Italy   age 80
 Abu Ali Mustafa   head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
¤real name: Mustafa el-Zabri 
born on --1938 in Arraba, Palestine
expired 8-27-2001   age 63   cause: assassinated; Israeli rocket
elderly character actor  Burt Mustin
born on 2-8-1882 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 1-28-1977 in Glendale, California   age 94
Fleer Corp. leader  Gilbert Barclay Mustin   grandson of company founder Frank Fleer
born on 7-17-1921 in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania
expired 7-28-1999 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania   age 78   cause: pneumonia
Bugandan (Ugandan) King (1939-53, 1955-66)  Mutesa II   deposed in 1966; exiled to England; son of Mutesa I
¤aka: "King Freddie"
full name: Sir Edward Frederick William Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula Mutesa 
born on 11-19-1924 in Kampala, British Uganda
expired 11-21-1969 in London, England   age 45
Malawi president (1999-2012)  Bingu was Mutharika   2
¤born: Ryson Webster Thom
aka: "The Big Kahuna" (term usage banned in Malawi) 
born on 24-1934-Thyolo, Nyasaland British Protectorate in 4
expired 5-2012-Lilongwe, Malawi in heart attack   age    cause: 78
AKS: bingo
landscape photographer  Eadweard Muybridge   at behest of Leland Stanford did photographic studies of horses in motion (1872)
¤born: Edward James Muggeridge 
born on 4-9-1830 in Kingston-on-Thames, England
expired 5-8-1904 in Kingston-upon-Thames, England   age 74
AKS: Mybridge
Zimbabwean co-vice president (1987-2003)  Simon Vengayi Muzenda
born on 10-28-1922 in Gutu District, Rhodesia
expired 9-20-2003 in Harare, Zimbabwe   age 80   cause: Kidney failure; coronary disease
Bishop  Abel Tendekayi Muzorewa   Rhodesian/Zimbabwean political leader; first black prime minister (Jun-Dec 1979)
born on 4-14-1925 in Old Umtali Mission, Rhodesia
expired 4-8-2010 in Harare, Zimbabwe   age 84
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1979 7.7%

Zambian president  Levy Patrick Mwanawasa
born on 9-3-1948 in Muflira, Norther Rhodesia
expired 8-19-2008 in Clamart, Île-de-France, France   age 59   cause: complications from stroke
Carl's famous photo of MacArthur wading ashore, returning to the Philippines original Life Magazine photographer  Carl Mydans   took famous photo of General MacArthur coming ashore on Luzon (1-9-1945)
born on 5-20-1907 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 8-16-2004 in Larchmont, New York   age    cause: heart failure
   Contest Selectors
2003 JL5.6%

Hughes Aircraft Co. experimental physicist  Jon H. Myer   a developer of the supermarket price scanner
born on 9-29-1922 in Heilbronn, Germany
expired 8-30-2001 in Woodland Hills, California   age 78
novelist/screenwriter  Charles Farrell Myers   wrote the novel Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (1960); wrote novel & co-wrote screenplay for Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964)
¤pen name: "Henry Farrell" 
born on 9-27-1920 in Madera, California
expired 3-29-2006 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 85
(L to R) Russ Meyers, Cynthia Myers, Dolly Read & Hugh Hefnercover of the December 1968 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Cynthia Myersto January 1969 Playmate of Monthto November 1968 Playmate of Month Playboy December 1968 Playmate of Month  Cynthia Jeanette Myers   appeared in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls
¤ex-Mrs. Michael Blodgett
widow of: Michael Eugene Spence 
born on 9-12-1950 in Toledo, Ohio
expired 11-3-2011 in Lancaster, California   age 61   cause: lung cancer
rapper  Dwight Arrington Myers
¤aka: "Heavy D
born on 5-24-1967 in Mandeville, Jamaica
expired 11-8-2011 in Los Angeles, California   age 44   cause: pulmonary embolism; deep leg thrombosis
AKS: Errington
inventive patent attorney  George Francis Myers   parachute designer; early helicopter designer
expired 4-5-1961 in Elmhurst, New York   age 96
songwriter  James E. Myers   under pseudonym "Jimmy DeKnight" co-wrote Rockabilly classic Rock Around the Clock (1953)
born on 10-26-1919 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 5-9-2001 in Bonita Springs, Florida   age 81   cause: leukemia
actuary  Robert Julius Myers   was hired into what became the Social Security Agency (1934); he's the one who set the retirement age ... initially at 67 but changed by congress to 65 when the enabling legislation was passed in 1935 (he beat out his own original estimate by 30 years); at one time was the agency's chief actuary (1947-70)
born on 10-31-1912 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
expired 2-13-2010 in Silver Spring, Maryland   age 97   cause: respiratory failure
diplomat  Alva Myrdal   wife of Gunnar; shared 1982 Nobel Peace prize
¤née: Reimer 
born on 1-13-1902 in Uppsala, Uppsala län, Sweden
expired 2-1-1986 in Ersta, Sweden   age 84
sociologist  Gunnar Karl Myrdal   shared the 1974 Nobel prize in economics
born on 12-6-1898 in Gustaf's Parish, Dalarna, Sweden
expired 5-17-1987 in Stockholm, Sweden   age 88
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1980 GP6.3%

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