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south Boston congressman (1971-2001)  John Joseph "Joe" Moakley
born on 4-27-1927 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 5-28-2001 in Bethesda, Maryland   age 74   cause: leukemia
Sweedish geezer  Elsa Moberg
born on 6-30-1889 in Lysekil, Sweden
expired 11-27-2001   age 112
 Mary M. Moberly   sister of Babe Ruth
¤born: Mary M. Ruth 
born on 8-2-1900
expired 7-1-1992   age 91
mathematician & astronomer  August Ferdinand Möbius   discovered the eponymously-named one-sided topographic phenomenon --- the Möbius Strip (1858)
born on 11-17-1790 in Schulpforta, Saxony
expired 9-26-1868 in Leipzig, Germany   age 77
AKS: Mobius
 Mamie E. Till Mobley   mother of murdered teen Emmett Louis Till (1955)
¤née: Carthan 
born on 11-23-1921 in Hazelhurst, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi
expired 1-6-2003 in Chicago, Illinois   age 81   cause: heart attack; kidney failure
AKS: Mobly Moblie Moberly Moberley Moberlie
 Marie Antoinette "Mama" Mobutu   wife of Zaïre president Mobutu Sese Seko
expired 10-22-1977 in Genolier, Switzerland   age 45
former Zaïre (Congo) despot (1960-97)  Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu waza Banga   looted country's mineral resources & impoverished the people; overthrown by Laurent Kabila
¤born: Joseph Désiré Mobutu 
born on 10-14-1930 in Lisala, Belgian Congo
expired 9-7-1997 in Rabat, Morocco   age 66   cause: prostate cancer
newspaper columnist  Norton Mockridge   hosted radio program on CBS radio (1964-70)
born on 9-29-1915 in New York, New York
expired 4-18-2004 in San Antonio, Texas   age 88   cause: pneumonia
Napa Valley vintner  Robert Gerald Mondavi
born on 6-18-1913 in Virginia, Minnesota
expired 5-16-2008 in Yountville, California   age 94
retired MIT professor  Franco Modigliani   1985 Nobel economics laureate
born on 6-18-1918 in Rome, Italy
expired 9-25-2003 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 85
Bolobedu tribe "Rain Queen"  Mokope Modjadji V
born on --1936 in Modjadji, South Africa
expired 6-22-2001 in Pietersburg, South Africa   age 64   cause: renal & heart failure
Wagnerian soprano  Martha Mödl
born on 3-12-1912 in Nuremberg, Germany
expired 12-16-2001 in Stuttgart, Germany   age 89
single-handled faucet inventor  Alfred M. Moen
born on 12-27-1916 in Seattle, Washington
expired 4-17-2001 in Destin, Florida   age 84
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screen writer  Ivan R. Moffat   wrote screenplays for Giant (1956) & Black Sunday (1977)
born on 2-18-1918
expired 7-4-2002 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: stroke
operatic soprano & actress  Anna Moffo Sarnoff   widow of Robert W. Sarnoff
born on 6-27-1932 in Wayne, Pennsylvania
expired 3-10-2006 in New York, New York   age 73   cause: stroke; breast cancer
"prophet"  Mohammed   was to Islam what L. Ron Hubbard was to Scientology; like Ron, he is a popular author of fiction (The Koran)
born on 1-30-570 in Mecca, Arabia
expired 6-8-632 in Medina, Arabia   age 62
AKS: Muhammad Quran
Morrocan  King Mohammed V   reigned from 1957-61; father of Hassan II
¤full name: Youssef Sidi Mohammed ben Moulay 
expired 2-26-1961 in Rabat, Morocco   age 51
pork-eating terrorist  Fazul Abdullah Mohammed   planned al-Qaeda's 1998 embassy attacks in Africa
other possible dates of birth: 2/25/1974 & 12/25/1974

born on 8-25-1972 in Moroni, Comoros Islands
expired 6-7-2011 in Afgooye corridor, Somalia   age 38   cause: firefight at security checkpoint
 Warith Deen Mohammed   son of Elijah Muhammed, succeeding daddy as the head of the "family business"
¤born: Wallace Delaney Mohammed 
born on 10-30-1933
expired 9-9-2008 in Chicago, Illinois   age 74
radio & movie actor  Gerald Mohr   member of Orson Welles' Mercury Theater radio company; played title role in radio Adventures of Philip Marlowe series
born on 6-11-1914 in New York, New York
expired 11-10-1968 in Stockholm, Sweden   age 54
cinematographer  Harold "Hal" Mohr   husband of Evelyn Venable; won two oscars for A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935) & Phantom of the Opera (1943); also photographed The Jazz Singer (1927) and Captain Blood (1935)
born on 8-2-1894 in San Francisco, California
expired 5-10-1974 in Santa Monica, California   age 79
opera record producer  Richard Mohr   Texaco Met Opera intermission producer, succeeding Geraldine Souvaine (1981-93)
born on 6-13-1919 in Springfield, Ohio
expired 11-23-2002 in West Milford, New Jersey   age 83   cause: heart attack
minerologist  Friedrich Mohs   invented eponymous Hardness Scale (1812)
born on 1-29-1773 in Gernrode, Germany
expired 9-29-1839 in Agardo, Italy   age 66
chemist  Ferdinand-Frédéruco-Henri Moissan   received the 1906 Nobel prize in chemistry for the isolation of Fluorine
born on 9-28-1852 in Paris, France
expired 2-20-1907 in Paris, France   age 54
Mexican tenor & film star  José Mojica   abruptly quit the movies and became a Franciscan monk (1942)
expired 9-20-1974 in Lima, Peru   age 78   cause: heart ailment
former Khmer Rouge military commander (1975-78)  Ta Mok   last "leader" of the Khmer Rouge — had Pol Pot arrested (possibly had him killed); died awaiting trial for genocide
¤real surname: Choeun
real given name: Chhit «or» Oeung «or» Ek «or» Ung
aka: "The Butcher" 
born on --1926 in Takeo Province, Cambodia
expired 7-21-2006 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia   age 80   cause: respiratory complications; hypertension; tuberculosis
George with the Weinermobile former accountant  George A. Molchan   was one of the Oscar Meyer "Little Oscar" pitchmen (1951-87)
born on 6-5-1922 in Lanfair, Pennsylvania
expired 4-12-2005 in Hobart, Indiana   age 82   cause: Alzheimer's disease
FDR staffer  Raymond Charles Moley   one of several claiming to have coined phrase "New Deal"
born on 9-27-1886 in Berea, Ohio
expired 2-18-1975 in Phoenix, Arizona   age 88
former Purdue football coach (1955-69)  Jack Mollenkopf   lead team in their only Rose Bowl win (1967 over U.S.C.)
expired 12-4-1975 in Rochester, Minnesota   age 70   cause: cancer
The LINC computer electrical engineer Dr.  Charles Edwin Molnar   co-designed the first "PC", the LINC (Laboratory Instrument Computer), in 1962 at M.I.T.
born on 3-14-1935 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 12-13-1996 in Mountain View, California   age 61   cause: complications from diabetes
playwright  Ferenc Molnar
born on 1-12-1878 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 4-1-1952 in New York, New York   age 74
 Paulina Zhemchuzhina Molotov   wife of Vyacheslav
expired 5-1-1970 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 76
 Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Molotov   Stalin's Foreign Minister; namesake of gasoline bottle bomb "Molotov Cocktail"; negotiated the Non-Aggression Pact with Von Ribbentrop that carved up Poland at the start of World War II
born on 3-9-1890 in Kukarka, Russia
expired 11-8-1986 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 96
beer baron  Hartland de Montarville Molson   former owner of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team; also a former Canadian senator
born on 5-29-1907 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
expired 9-28-2002 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada   age 95
classical historian  Christian Matthias Theodor Mommsen   earliest-born of the Nobel laureates (he was the second Literature prize winner in 1902)
born on 11-30-1817 in Garding, Sleswick, Denmark
expired 11-1-1903 in Charlottenburg, Germany   age 85
former Sierra Leone president (1985-92)  Joseph Saidu Momoh   ousted in military coup
born on 1-26-1937
expired 8-2-2003 in Guinea   age 66
producer/screenwriter  Paul Monash   co-produced the Peyton Place tv series
born on 6-14-1917 in New York, New York
expired 1-14-2003 in Los Angeles, California   age 85
Fritz's daughter  Eleanor Jane Mondale
¤ex-Mrs. Keith Van Horne & Greg Thunder
Mrs. Chan Poling 
born on 1-19-1960 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
expired 9-17-2011 in Prior Lake, Minnesota   age 51   cause: glioblastoma; anaplastic astrocytoma
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singer  Domenico Mondugno   had 1958 hit Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu, more commonly known as Volare
born on 1-9-1928 in Polignano a Mare, Italy
expired 8-6-1994 in Lampadusa, Italy   age 66
AKS: Mondugo
Lombard League of Peace president  Ernesto Teodoro Moneta   shared the 1907 Nobel peace prize
born on 9-20-1833 in Milan, Austria-Hungary
expired 2-10-1918 in Milan, Italy   age 84   cause: pneumonia
author  Paul Monette
born on 10-16-1945 in Lawrence, Massachusetts
expired 2-10-1995 in West Hollywood, California   age 49
comedian  Matthew Corbett Monica
born on 6-1-1930
expired 7-22-1998 in North Miami, Florida   age 68
Cambodia  King Sisowath Monivong   regined from 1927 to 1941; was succeeded by his grandson
born on 12-27-1875 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
expired 4-24-1941 in Kampot, Cambodia   age 65
Portugese brain surgeon Dr.  António Caetano de Abreau Freire Egas Moniz   shared the 1949 Nobel prize in medicine for inventing the lobotomy ("prefrontal leucotomy"; 1935); became dictator Salazar's foreign minister
expired 12-13-1955 in Lisbon, Portugal   age 81
AKS: Antonio
musician's muse  Nellie Monk   widow of Thelonious
¤maiden name: Smith 
born on 12-27-1921 in Saint Petersburg, Florida
expired 6-25-2002 in New York, New York   age 80   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
jazz artist  Thelonius Sphere Monk Jr.
born on 10-17-1917 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina
expired 2-17-1982 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 64
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1980 DH6.3%

comedian/actor  Robert Alan "Bob" Monkhouse
born on 6-1-1928 in Beckenham, Kent, England
expired 12-29-2003 in Eggington, Bedfordshire, England   age 75
novelist/screenwriter  John Cherry Monks Jr.   co-wrote play Brother Rat; his most memorable line: "Live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse" (spoken by character Nick Romano in Knock on Any Door; 1949)
born on 2-24-1910 in Pleasantville, New York
expired 12-10-2004 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 91
molecular/cellular biologist  Jacques Lucien Monod   shared the 1965 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 2-9-1910 in Paris, France
expired 5-31-1976 in Cannes, France   age 66
naturalist  Théodore André Monod   co-inventor of the bathyscaphe; set world deep-dive record in 1954 in it
born on 4-9-1902
expired 11-21-2000 in Versailles, France   age 98
character actor  Delbert L Monroe   played seaman Kowski in the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea movie & seaman Kowalski in the subsequent tv series
born on 4-7-1936 in Santa Barbara, California
expired 6-5-2009 in Oceanside, California   age 73   cause: leukemia
AKS: Del Monroe
to next U.S. president: John Quincy Adamsto previous U.S. president: James Madison 5th U.S. president (1817-25)  James Monroe   promulgated the Monroe Doctrine on non-interference in western-hemisphere affairs by Europe
born on 4-28-1758 in Westmoreland, Virginia
expired 7-4-1831 in New York, New York   age 73
electrical engineer  Jay Monroe   graduated/received his B.S.E.E. from Cornell at age 18; invented the Tensor lamp, the low-voltage but high-intensity minilamp (1959)
¤born: Jay Monroe Shapiro 
born on 12-15-1926 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 6-12-2007 in Sands Point, New York   age 80
cover of the December 2012 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with actress Marilyn Monroecover of the December 2005 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with actress Marilyn Monroecover of the January 1999 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with Rob Silvers' tiled collage of playmate/actress Marilyn
Monroecover of the January 1997 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with actress Marilyn Monroecover of the September 1955 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate/actress Marilyn Monroecover of the December 1953 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with Sweetheart of the Month Marilyn Monroeto January 1954 Playmate of Month sexy but troubled actress  Marilyn Monroe   first Playboy Sweetheart of the Month (December 1953); appeared in numerous movies, including Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Some Like It Hot and The Seven Year Itch; was married to James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller; had affair with JFK during his presidency; allegedly died by an overdose of sleeping pills — the debate rages over whether it was accidental, intentional, or forced
¤born: Norma Jeane Mortensen Baker 
born on 6-1-1926 in Los Angeles, California
expired 8-5-1962 in Brentwood, California   age 36   cause: barbituate overdose
AKS: Jean Mortenson
Willow Run World War II B-29 & B-24 riveter  Rose Will Monroe   photo model for Rosie the Riveter
born on 3-2-1920
expired 5-31-1997 in Clarksville, Indiana   age 77
sleepy-toned singer  Vaughn Monroe   had hit with Ghostriders in the Sky
born on 10-7-1911 in Akron, Ohio
expired 5-21-1973 in Stuart, Illinois   age 61
former NBC News correspondent  William Blanc "Bill" Monroe Jr.   also moderated "Meet The Press" (1975-84), succeeding Lawrence Spivak
born on 7-17-1920 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 2-17-2011 in Potomac, Maryland   age 90   cause: complications from hypertension
bluegrass mandolin player  William Smith "Bill" Monroe
born on 9-13-1911 in Rosine, Kentucky
expired 9-9-1996 in Springfield, Tennessee   age 84
despised First Lord of Admiralty (1771-82)  John Montagu   wrecked the English navy; invented what we call the sandwich
¤title: Fourth Earl of Sandwich 
born on 11-3-1718 in Wiltshire, England
expired 4-30-1792 in London, England   age 73
anthropologist  Monatgue Francis Ashley Montagu
¤born: Israel Ehrenberg 
born on 6-28-1905 in London, England
expired 11-26-1999 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 94   cause: cardiovascular disease
Ricardo's actor brother  Carlos Montalbán
born on 6-5-1903 in Mexico City, Mexico
expired 3-28-1991 in New York, New York   age 87
actor & "fine Corinthian leather" pitchman  Ricardo Conzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino   played Mr. Rourke on original Fantasy Island (1978-83) and Khan Nooninan Singh on original series Star Trek episode Space Seed (1967) and in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982); brother-in-law of Loretta Young (wife Georgiana's sister)
born on 11-25-1920 in Mexico City, Mexico
expired 1-14-2009 in Los angeles, California   age 88
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2003ABRA, JEDS, OGGI, TAP22.2%
2004ADWC, TAP11.1%
2005ADWC, SLIM, WORM13.0%
2007ABRA, AUDC, GOHI9.7%

AKS: Montalban
poet  Eugenio Montale   won 1975 Nobel Prize in Literature
born on 10-12-1896 in Genoa, Italy
expired 9-12-1981 in Milan, Italy   age 84   cause: heart failure
comic strip author  Bob Montana   drew the Archie comic books from characters created by John Goldwater
born on 10-23-1920 in Stockton, California
expired 1-4-1975 in Meredith, New Hampshire   age 54   cause: heart attack
yodeling country singer  Patsy Montana
born on 10-30-1908 in Hot Springs, Arkansas
expired 5-3-1996 in San Jacinto, California   age 87
Army Land Warfare Laboratory researcher  Nicholas Montanarelli   was the co-developer of Kevlar bulletproof vest/body armor (1970s)
born on 5-21-1905
expired 9-??-1978 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 73
actor  Yves Montand
¤born: Ivo Livi 
born on 10-13-1921 in Monsummano Alto, Italy
expired 11-9-1991 in Senlis, France   age 70
Grand Iatollah  Hossein Ali Montazeri
born on --1922 in Najafabad, Persia
expired 12-20-2009 in Qom, Iran   age 87   cause: heart failure
1950s/60s roller derby star  Ken Monte
born on 6-16-1929 in Wautoma, Wisconsin
expired 6-24-2004 in Alameda, California   age 75   cause: cancer
educator  Maria Montessori
born on 8-31-1870 in Chiaraville, Ancona province, Italy
expired 5-6-1952 in Noordwijk, The Netherlands   age 81
 Mario Montessori
expired 2-10-1982   age 83
actress  Maria Montez   movie career came to an end when she started putting on "weight"; wife of Jean-Pierre Aumont
¤real name: Maria Antonia Garcia Vidal de Santo Silas 
born on 6-6-1918 in Barahona, Dominican Republic
expired 9-7-1951 in Paris, France   age 31   cause: died in the bathtub, drowned during a heart attack
Aztec emperor  Montezuma I   rebuilder of Tennochtitlan (1446)
born on --1390 in Tennochtitlan, Mexico
expired ??-??-1464 in Tennochtitlan, Mexico   age 74
Aztec emperor  Montezuma II   conquered by Cortez
born on --1480 in Tennochtitlan, Mexico
expired 6-30-1520 in Tennochtitlan, Mexico   age 40   cause: executed
ballooning pioneer  Jacques Étienne Montgolfièr   brother of Joseph Michel; co-invented first practical hot air balloon (1783); built balloon used in first human flight in November, 1783
born on 1-7-1745 in Vidalon les Annonay, France
expired 8-2-1799 in Serrieres, France   age 54
ballooning pioneer  Joseph Michel Montgolfièr   brother of Jacques Étienne; co-invented first practical hot air balloon (1783)
born on 8-26-1740 in Vidalon les Annonay, France
expired 6-26-1810 in Balaruc les Baines, France   age 69
World War II British Field Marshall  Bernard Law Montgomery   beat Rommel at El Alamein, Egypt in 1942
born on 11-17-1887 in Kennington Oval, England
expired 3-24-1976 in Isington, England   age 88
Today Show stage hand  Campbell Theron Montgomery
expired 8-31-1994 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 33   cause: murdered; shot to death
actress  Elizabeth Montgomery   played Samantha Stevens on Bewitched (1964-72)
born on 4-15-1933 in Los Angeles, California
expired 5-18-1995 in Los Angeles, California   age 57
former Michigan State representative  George Montgomery
born on 1-13-1909 in Ionia, Michigan
expired 3-10-1981   age 72
   Contest Selectors
1980 MM6.3%

Western movie actor  George Montgomery   Mr. Dinah Shore (1943-63)
¤born: George Montgomery Letz 
born on 8-29-1916 in Brady, Montana
expired 12-12-2000 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 84   cause: heart failure
former Mississippi Rep. (1967-96)  Gillespie V. "Sonny" Montgomery   was a big shot in veterans affairs
¤born without middle name
assumed the "V" during World War II 
born on 8-5-1920 in Meridian, Mississippi
expired 5-12-2006 in Meridian, Mississippi   age 85   cause: long-term complications from bowel obstruction surgery; could no longer get his shit together
recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor World War II Medal of Honor recipient  Jack Cleveland Montgomery
born on 7-23-1917 in Long, Oklahoma
expired 6-11-2002 in Muskogee, Oklahoma   age 84
jazz guitarist  John Leslie "Wes" Montgomery
born on 3-6-1923 in Indianapolis, Indiana
expired 6-15-1968 in Indianapolis, Indiana   age 45
jazz singer  Marion Montgomery
¤born: Maud Runnells
Mrs. Laurie Holloway 
born on 11-17-1934 in Natchez, Mississippi
expired 7-22-2002 in Bray, Berkshire, England   age 67   cause: lung cancer
Lightcrust Dough Boys banjo picker (1935-2001)  Marvin "Smokey" Montgomery   took stage name from actor Robert Montgomery
¤real name: Marvin D. Wetter 
born on 3-7-1913 in Rinard, Iowa
expired 6-6-2001 in Dallas, Texas   age 88   cause: leukemia
Scottsboro Boys defendant  Olen Montgomery   nearly blind, was enroute to purchase glasses so that he could see when arrested
born on --1914 in Monroe, Georgia
expired ??-??-19??   age ??
actor  Robert Montgomery   father of actress Elizabeth Montgomery
¤born: Henry Montgomery Jr. 
born on 5-21-1904 in Beacon, New York
expired 9-27-1981 in New York, New York   age 77   cause: cancer
actress  Carlotta R. Monti   mistress of W.C. Fields; allegedly won the Miss America pageant prior to coming to Hollywood; wrote W. C. Fields and Me about her relationship; film roles include: girl patron in coffee shop in King Kong (1933), Priestess of Zar in Tarzan the Fearless (1933, with Buster Crabbe) and as a receptionist in Never Give a Sucker and Even Break
¤born: Carlotta Montijo 
born on 1-20-1907
expired 12-8-1993 in Woodland Hills, California   age 86
to next Pope: John Paul Ito previous Pope: John XXIII Catholic Church leader (1963-1978)  Giovanni Battista Montini   elected 263rd Pope of the Roman Catholic Church June 21, 1963
¤Pope Paul VI 
born on 9-26-1897 in Concesio, Brescia, Italy
expired 8-6-1978 in Castel Gandolfo, Italy   age 80
Sir  Arnold Geoffroy de Montmorency
born on 7-27-1908
expired 12-23-2003 in Balcombe Place, England   age 95
blind jazz pianist  Tete Montoliu
¤real name: Vincenç Montoliu Massana 
born on 3-28-1933 in Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain
expired 8-24-1997 in Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain   age 64   cause: lung cancer
flamenco guitarist  Carlos Montoya
born on 12-13-1903 in Madrid, Spain
expired 3-3-1993 in Wainscott, New York   age 89
New Mexico senator (1965-76)  Joseph Manuel Montoya   member of the Senate Watergate Committee in 1973
born on 9-24-1915 in Peña Blanca, New Mexico
expired 6-5-1978 in Georgetown, Maryland   age 62   cause: kidney & liver failure
composer/music critic  Xavier Montsalvatge
born on 3-11-1912 in Gerona, Spain
expired 5-7-2002 in Barcelona, Spain   age 90
tv director/producer  Gloria Monty   was executive producer of General Hospital (1978-87 & 1991-92)
¤born: Gloria Montemuro 
born on 8-12-1921 in Allenhurst, New Jersey
expired 3-30-2006 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 84   cause: cancer
Harry Monty as an Oz flying monkey midget actor  Harry Monty   in The Wizard of Oz (1939) he played a munchkin and the Flying Monkey that carried Dorothy away from the Haunted Forest to the witch's castle
¤born: Hymie Lichenstein 
born on 4-15-1904 in Dallas, Texas
expired 12-28-1999 in Beverly Hills, California   age 95
old time tennis star  Helen Wills Moody   won eight Wimbledon titles in the 1920s and 30s; married financier Frederick Moody
¤Mrs. Helen Newington Wills Moody Roark 
born on 10-6-1905 in Centerville, California
expired 1-1-1998 in Carmel, California   age 92
jazz saxophonist  James Moody
born on 3-26-1925 in Savannah, Georgia
expired 12-9-2010 in San Diego, California   age 85   cause: pancreatic cancer
Titanic 6th officer  James Paul Moody
born on 8-21-1887 in Scarborough, England
expired 4-15-1912 in North Atlantic Ocean   age 24   cause: drowned
investment information publisher  John Moody   founded Moody's Investors Service in 1900
expired 2-16-1958 in La Jolla, California   age 89
professional golfer  Orville Moody   won the 1969 U.S. Open
born on 12-9-1933 in Chickasha, Oklahoma
expired 8-8-2008 in Sulphur Springs, Texas   age 74   cause: complications from multiple myeloma
eponymous synthesizer inventor (1963)  Robert Arthur Moog   got his start building Theremins; earned a PhD in engineering physics from Cornell
¤moog rhymes with vogue 
born on 5-23-1934 in New York, New York
expired 8-21-2005 in Ashville, North Carolina   age 71   cause: glioblastoma multiforme
U.S. Bureau of Standards scientist  Charles Moon   helped establish the Ohm as the standard unit of electrical resistance
expired 1-31-1953 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 67
The Who drummer  Keith Moon
born on 8-23-1946 in Wembly, England
expired 9-7-1978 in London, England   age 32   cause: drug overdose
 Robert Aurand Moon   invented the Zoning Improvement Plan Codes in 1950s (introduced in 1963)
¤aka: "Mr. Zip Code
born on 4-15-1917 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania
expired 4-10-2001 in Leesburg, Florida, 34748   age 83
comics artist  James Hoel "Jim" Mooney   worked on Supergirl, Spider-man, Batman, The Hulk, ...; his sister Julia had been a Ziegfeld Girl
born on 8-13-1919
expired 3-29-2008 in Port Salerno, Florida   age 88
former light-heavyweight boxing titleist  Archie Moore
¤born: Archibald Lee Wright 
born on 12-13-1913 in Benoit, Mississippi
expired 12-9-1998 in San Diego, California   age 84
blues singer  Arnold Dwight "Gatemouth" Moore
born on 11-8-1913 in Topeka, Kansas
expired 5-19-2004 in Yazoo City, Mississippi   age 90
interior decorator  Bethene Miller Moore   one of 54 survivors of history's worst plane crash (2 jumbo jets collided on the runway at Tenerife); her husband died rescuing people before the plane blew up
born on 7-19-1909 in Kansas City, Missouri
expired 10-3-2004 in Carmel Village, California   age 95
Klan murder victim  Charles Eddie Moore   with friend Henry Dee was kidnapped, beaten, mutilated and dumped in the Mississippi River to die
born on 8-10-1944
expired 5-2-1964 in Tallulah, Louisiana (near)   age 19   cause: drowned; mutilated; severe beating
Lone Ranger tv actor (1949-56)  Clayton Moore   preceeded on the radio by Stenius, Graser & Beemer
¤born: Jack Carlton Moore 
born on 9-14-1914 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 12-28-1999 in West Hills, California   age 85   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
2000 ANG

 Clement Clarke Moore   wrote A Visit from Saint Nicholas (1823; "Twas the night before Christmas....")
born on 7-15-1779 in New York, New York
expired 7-10-1863 in Newport, Rhode Island   age 83
former actress  Constance Moore   portrayed W.C. Fields' daughter Victoria Whipsnade in You Can't Cheat an Honest Man (1939) & Wilma Deering in the Buck Rogers movie serial (1939)
¤Mrs. John Maschio 
born on 1-18-1920 in Sioux City, Iowa
expired 9-16-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 85   cause: heart failure; heart diease
Texas death row inmate  Curtis Moore
born on 2-26-1968
expired 1-14-2009 in Huntsville, Texas   age 40   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 8.5195 points

interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 1983 musician and comedian  Dudley Stuart John Moore   partnered with Peter Cook; pursued Lillian Lust in Bedazzled (1967) & Bo Derek in 10
born on 4-19-1935 in Dagenham, England
expired 3-27-2002 in Plainfield, New Jersey   age 66   cause: pneumonia; progressive supranuclear palsy
   Contest Selectors
2000 ANG, TEX29%
2001 ANG, BOD, DTM, KLS, TEX62½%
2002 ANG, BOD, CMH, JAC, JL, TMTX45.5%
   Scored 5.9781 points

Milwaukee blues bar owner  Everett L. "Boobie" Moore   proprietor of Boobie's Place (NOT a strip club)
born on 6-2-1931 in Louisiana
expired 12-7-2003 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin   age 72   cause: lung infection
Texas death row inmate  Frank Moore
born on 5-16-1959
expired 1-21-2009 in Huntsville, Texas   age 47   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 7.5098 points

former game & variety show host  Garry Moore
¤real name: Thomas Garrison Morfit 
born on 1-31-1915 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 11-28-1993 in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina   age 78   cause: emphysema
AKS: Gary
World War II Corregidor commander (during siege) Major General  George Fleming Moore
expired 12-2-1949 in Carolands, California (near)   age 62   cause: suicide; pistol
retired Aussie horse trainer  George Thomas Donald Moore
born on --1923 in Mackay, Queensland, Australia
expired 1-8-2008 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   age 84   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 6.6000 solo points

CART racecar driver  Greg Moore
born on 4-22-1975 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
expired 10-31-1999 in Fontana, California   age 24   cause: car crash ("massive head injuries")
vaudeville star and tv actor  Harry R. Moore   played George "Kingfish" Stevens on Amos 'n' Andy tv series
born on --1888 in Rock Island, Illinois
expired 12-13-1958 in Los Angeles, California   age 70   cause: tuberculosis
peace crusader  Hugh Moore   co-founder & Board Chairman of Dixie Cup Co.
born on 4-27-1887
expired 11-25-1972 in New York, New York   age 85
character actor  Jack A. "Alvy" Moore   played county agent Hank Kimball on Green Acres
born on 12-5-1921 in Vincennes, Indiana
expired 5-4-1997 in Palm Desert, California   age 75   cause: heart failure
NYC restauranteur  James H. "Dinty" Moore   took nickname from friend's comic strip (Bringing Up Father)
expired 12-25-1952 in New York, New York   age 83   cause: embolism
actress  Joanna Cook Moore   mother of Tatum O'Neal & Griffin O'Neal
born on 11-10-1934
expired 11-22-1997 in Indian Wells, California   age 63   cause: lung cancer
Texas death row inmate  Johnathan Bryant Moore   a self-proclaimed facist (apparently didn't get the memo about that whole World War II thing)
¤number 999216 
born on 4-4-1974 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida
expired 1-17-2007 in Huntsville, Texas   age 32   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 9.3012 points

AKS: Jonathon
The Drifters lead singer  Johnny Moore   had hits with Under the Boardwalk, Up on the Roof and On Broadway
born on 12-14-1934
expired 12-30-1998 in London, England   age 64   cause: Princess Di syndrome ("enroute to a hospital")
Titanic survivor  Margaret Graham Moore
expired 4-3-1976 in Greenwich, Connecticut   age 83
Texas death row inmate  Michael Patrick Moore
¤aka: number 999126 
born on 9-16-1963 in Onondaga County, New York
expired 1-9-2002 in Huntsville, Texas   age 38   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2001 BOD, DTM, RR25%
2002 BOD, DTM, RR, TMTX36.4%
   Scored 9.0125 points

B movie actress  Pauline Moore
born on 6-14-1914 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
expired 12-7-2001 in Sequim, Washington   age 87
former Thin Lizzy guitarist  Robert William "Gary" Moore
born on 4-4-1952 in Belfast, Northern Ireland
expired 2-6-2011 in Estepona, Costa del Sol, Spain   age 58
author  Robin Moore   wrote The Green Berets (1965), The French Connection (1969) & co-wrote The Happy Hooker (1972); also co-wrote lyrics to the song The Ballad of the Green Berets (1966)
¤real name: Robert Lowell Moore Jr. 
born on 10-31-1925 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 2-21-2008 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky   age 82
biochemist  Stanford Moore   shared the 1972 Nobel prize in chemistry
born on 9-4-1913 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 8-23-1982 in New York, New York   age 68
actor  Victor Moore   famous for playing vice-president Alexander Throttlebottom in 1932 musical Of Thee I Sing
born on 2-24-1876 in Hammonton, New Jersey
expired 7-23-1962 in East Islip, New York   age 86
actress  Agnes Moorehead   played Endora (Samantha's mother) on Bewitched
born on 12-6-1906 in Clinton, Massachusetts
expired 4-30-1974 in Rochester, Minnesota   age 67   cause: cancer
retired Admiral  Thomas Hinman Moorer   chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1970-74)
born on 2-9-1912 in Mount Willing, Alabama
expired 2-5-2004 in Bethesda, Maryland   age 91
1974 Reuben Award winner cartoonist  Richard Arnold "Dick" Moores   took over drawing the Gasoline Alley strip (1959-86); received the 1974 Reuben Award
born on 12-12-1909 in Lincoln, Nebraska
expired 4-22-1986 in Fairview, North Carolina   age 76
RAND Corp. employee  Richard H. Moorsteen   one of the authors of the Pentagon Papers
expired 4-12-1975 in Malibu, California   age 49
sports team owner  Anthony J. Morabito   organizer (in 1946) and chief owner of the San Francisco 49ers football team
expired 10-27-1957 in San Francisco, California   age 47
sports team owner  Victor Morabito   chief owner of the San Francisco 49ers football team from 1958 to 1964
expired 5-10-1964 in San Francisco, California   age 45
poet  Marcus Vinícius da Cruz de Mello Moraes   co-wrote Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema; 1962)
born on 10-19-1913 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
expired 7-9-1980 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   age 61   cause: died in bathtub
Village People co-creator  Jacques Morali   had the idea for show group featuring a Cowboy, Indian, Soldier, Construction Worker, Police Officer & Biker
born on --1947 in France
expired 11-15-1991 in New York, New York   age 44   cause: AIDS
vaudeville comedian  George Moran   half of the Mack & Moran 2 Black Crows comedy team
¤real name: George Searcy 
born on --1882 in Elwood, Kansas
expired 8-1-1949 in Oakland, California   age 67   cause: stroke
gangster  George C. "Bugs" Moran   Chicago rival of Al Capone; escaped the 1929 St. Valentine's Day Massacre
born on --1893 in Minnesota
expired 2-25-1957 in Leavenworth, Kansas   age 64
1930s/40s movie scream queen  Marie Jeanette "Peggy" Moran   appeared in The Mummies Hand (1940), One Night in the Tropics (1940) & Hello, Sucker (1941)
born on 10-23-1918 in Clinton, Iowa
expired 10-25-2002 in Camarillo, California   age 84   cause: complications from injuries suffered in car accident
author  Elsa Morante
born on --1918 in Rome, Italy
expired 11-27-1985 in Rome, Italy   age 67
author and cleric Sir  Thomas More   wrote Utopia (1516); had major run-ins with Henry VIII
born on 2-7-1478 in London, England
expired 7-6-1535 in London, England   age 57
AKS: Moor Moore
Navy Admiral  Ben Moreell   organized the World War II Seabee construction battalions
born on 9-14-1892
expired 7-30-1978 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 85
retired U.S. diplomat  Richard Henry Morefield   had been Consul General of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran — taken hostage for 444 days
born on 9-9-1929 in Venice, California
expired 10-11-2010 in Raleigh, North Carolina   age 81   cause: pneumonia
industrialist  John Motley Morehead   a co-founder of Union Carbide
born on 11-3-1870
expired 1-7-1965 in Rye, New York   age 94
Another SFBMoFo accused Jewish post-World War II human rights violator  Salomon Morel   lost his family in German concentration camps; made a Communist Concentration Camp commandant in post-war Poland; accused of starving German prisoners (pay-back time); Israel refused his extradition back to Poland (more than a bit of a double standard on their part)
¤born: Schlomo Morel 
born on 11-15-1919 in Garbów, Powiat Lubelki, Poland
expired 2-14-2007 in Tel Aviv, Israel   age 87
   Contest Selectors
2003ANG, COCO11.1%

AKS: Solomon
Texas death row inmate  James Walter Moreland
born on 5-15-1960
expired 1-27-2000 in Huntsville, Texas   age 39   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2000 TEX14%
   Scored 11.1000 solo points

operatic tenor  Barry Morell
born on 3-30-1927 in Manhasset, New York
expired 12-4-2003 in East Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts   age 75   cause: esophageal cancer
AKS: Berry Morrell
jazz drummer  Joseph A. "Joe" Morello   a member of the Dave Brubeck Quartet (1956-67), performing on such classics as "Take Five", "strange Meadowlark" and "Blue Rhondo à la Turk"
born on 7-17-1928 in Springfield, Massachusetts
expired 3-12-2011 in Irvington, New Jersey   age 82
ventriloquist  Wenceslao Moreno
¤better known as Señor Wences 
born on 4-17-1896 in Salamanca, Castilla y León, Spain
expired 4-20-1999 in New York, New York   age 103
radio/tv producer & playwright  Albert Edward Morgan   wrote The Great Man (1955), Cast of Characters & Oh Captain!; produced the Today Show from 1961 to 1968
born on 1-16-1920 in Queens, New York, New York
expired 3-3-2011 in Brattleboro, Vermont   age 91
former Antioch College president (1920-33)  Arthur E. Morgan   first chariman of the TVA (1933-38)
born on 6-20-1878 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 11-16-1975 in Xenia, Ohio   age 97
character actor  Frank Morgan   appeared in The Wizard of Oz as Professor Marvel, Emerald City door guard, Taxi driver (with the horse of a different color), Wizard's Hall door guard and the Wizard
¤born: Francis Philip Wuppermann 
born on 6-1-1890 in New York, New York
expired 9-18-1949 in Beverly Hills, California   age 59   cause: heart attack
son of ex-slaves  Garrett Augustus Morgan   invented an early gas mask (1914) & traffic signal (1923)
born on 3-4-1877 in Paris, Kentucky
expired 8-27-1963 in Cleveland, Ohio   age 86
4077 MASH commanding officer Col. Sherman Potter (Harry Morgan) actor  Harry Morgan   appeared on Dragnet (1967-70) and M*A*S*H (1975-83)
¤born: Harry Bratsburg 
born on 4-10-1915 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 12-7-2011 in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California   age 96   cause: pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
2000BOD, SPAM29%
2001BOD, NFG, ROTS37½%
2002BOD, RAVN18.2%
2003OGGI, RAVN11.1%
2004BOD, LMLD, NFG16.7%
2005BOD, NFG8.7%
2006BOD, LMLD, NFG, TFM, 4GUE16.7%
2009BOD, GAS, NFG, RPRM, TFM16.7%

torch singer and actress  Helen Riggins Morgan
born on 8-2-1900 in Danville, Illinois
expired 10-8-1941 in Chicago, Illinois   age 41   cause: liver failure
radio satirist & game show panelist  Henry Morgan
born on 3-31-1915 in New York, New York
expired 5-19-1994 in New York, New York   age 79
   Contest Selectors

financier  John Pierpont Morgan Sr.   chairman of J.P. Morgan & Co.; founded U.S. Steel
born on 4-17-1837 in Hartford, Connecticut
expired 3-31-1913 in Rome, Italy   age 75
financier  John Pierpont Morgan Jr.   chairman of J.P. Morgan & Co. and U.S. Steel; indirectly owned the Titanic; was scheduled to depart on its maiden voyage but changed his plans at the last minute
born on 9-7-1867 in Irvington, New York
expired 3-13-1943 in Boca Grande, Florida   age 75
British Women's Auxiliary Corps officer  Kay Summersby Morgan   "confidential secretary" and driver for Gen. Dwight Eisenhower during World War II; alleged to have been his mistress during the war
¤born: Kathleen McCarthy-Morrogh
more generally known as Kay Summersby 
born on 11-23-1908 in Inish Beg Island, County Cork, Ireland
expired 1-20-1975 in Southampton, New York   age 66   cause: liver cancer
sports car manufacturer  Peter Henry Geoffrey Morgan   son of company founder
born on 11-3-1919 in Malvern Link, Worcestershire, England
expired 10-20-2003 in Malvern Link, Worcestershire, England   age 83
stage/screen actor  Ralph Morgan   co-founder of the Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity; brother of Frank
¤real name: Raphael Kuhner Wuppermann 
born on 7-6-1883 in New York, New York
expired 6-11-1956 in New York, New York   age 72
actor  Richard Morgan
born on 8-12-1958 in Hobart, Australia
expired 12-23-2006 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia   age 48   cause: motor neuron disease
   Contest Selectors

former Army Air Corps Colonel  Robert K. "Bob" Morgan   pilot of the Memphis Belle B-17 bomber (11-7-1942 to 5-17-1943); the plane was named for his fiance at that time
born on 7-13-1918 in Ashville, North Carolina
expired 5-15-2004 in Ashville, North Carolina   age 85   cause: complications from broken neck; fall in his home
typographer  Stanley Arthur Morgan   developed the Times New Roman typeface for The London Times (1932)
expired 10-11-1967 in London, England   age 78
Dr.  Thomas Hunt Morgan   won the 1933 Nobel medicine prize for his discoveries concerning the role of chromosomes in heredity
born on 9-25-1866 in Lexington, Kentucky
expired 12-4-1945 in Pasadena, California   age 79   cause: arterial aneurysm; heart failure
Hubble telescope photo on another galaxy - NOT OURS you boob! astronomer  William Henry Morgan   discovered the Milky Way galaxy's spiral structure
born on 1-3-1906
expired 6-21-1994   age 88
game theory & mathematical economics pioneer  Oskar Morgenstern   colleague of John von Neumann
born on 1-24-1902
expired 7-26-1977 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 75
FDR Treasury secretary (1934-45)  Henry Morgenthau Jr.
born on 5-11-1891 in New York, New York
expired 2-6-1967 in Poughkeepsie, New York   age 75
Japanese land mogul  Taikichiro Mori
born on --1904 in Tokyo, Japan
expired 1-30-1993 in Tokyo, Japan   age 88
New Orleans' first black mayor (1978-1986)  Ernest Nathan Morial
born on 10-9-1929 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 12-24-1989 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 60
historian  Samuel Eliot Morison
born on 7-9-1887 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 5-15-1976 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 88   cause: complications from stroke
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in August 1982 Sony co-founder (1946), president (1950-71) & chairman (1976-94)  Akio Morita   gave the world the Walkman
born on 1-26-1921 in Nagoya, Japan
expired 10-3-1999 in Tokyo, Japan   age 78   cause: pneumonia
actor  Noriuki "Pat" Morita   the owner of Arnold's Drive-In on Happy Days & the Karate Kid's mentor
born on 6-28-1932 in Isleton, California
expired 11-24-2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 73
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 7.7000 solo points

author  Christopher Darlington Morley   wrote Kitty Foyle (1939); co-founded the Baker Street Irregulars (1934)
born on 5-5-1890 in Haverford, Pennsylvania
expired 3-28-1957 in Roslyn Heights, New York   age 66
Titanic "survivor"  Ellen Mary Phillips Walker Morley   only child conceived aboard the Titanic to have made the later part of the crossing; mother (Kate Florence Phillips) had run off with her boss (Henry Samuel Morley) & booked 2nd Class passage as "Mr. and Mrs. Marshall"; it is purported that the story of her parents was the basis for the plot of Titanic (1997)
born on 1-11-1913 in Worcester, England
expired 10-??-2005 in Worcester, England   age 92   cause: Alzheimer's disease
   Contest Selectors
2005KLS, RR8.7%
   Did Not Score - insufficient category citations (zero to be exact)

promoter  Eric Douglas Morley   created the Miss World Festival Bikini Girl pageant (1951); the next year they changed the name to Miss World pageant
born on 9-26-1918 in London, England
expired 11-9-2000 in London, England   age 82
confection shop owner  Henry Samuel Morley   abandoned his famil & ran off with his mistress aboard the Titanic as "Mr. and Mrs. Marshall"; conceived a child during the early part of the passage
born on 5-3-1873 in England
expired 4-15-1912 in North Atlantic Ocean   age 38   cause: drowned
blacklisted actress  Karen Morley   ran afoul of the slug-brained U.S. Congress' commie witch hunt hysteria idiocy (1947)
¤born: Mildred Linton 
born on 12-12-1909 in Ottumwa, Iowa
expired 3-8-2003 in Woodland Hills, California   age 93   cause: pneumonia
actor  Robert Morley
born on 5-26-1908 in Semley, England
expired 6-3-1992 in Reading, England   age 84
   Contest Selectors
1979 RR7.7%
1980 HP6.3%

old quadruplet  Helen D. Morlok   identical sister of Edna A. Morlock, Wilma B. Morlock & Sarah C. Cotton
born on 5-19-1930 in Lansing, Michigan
expired 10-31-2003 in Lansing, Michigan   age 73
AKS: Morlock
old quadruplet  Wilma B. Morlok   identical twin sister of Edna A. Morlok, Sarah C. Cotton & Helen D. Morlok
born on 5-19-1930 in Lansing, Michigan
expired 1-2-2002 in Lansing, Michigan   age 71
AKS: Morlock
former Italian prime minister (1963-67, 1974-76)  Aldo Moro
born on 9-23-1916 in Maglie, Apulia, Italy
expired 5-9-1978 in Rome, Italy   age 61   cause: murdered by Red Brigades kidnappers
Virgin Island Commissioner of Education  Alonzo Graseano Morón   Note the name/job combination.
expired 10-31-1971 in San Juan, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico   age 62
former Miami-Dade judge (1971-91)  Ellen James "Maximum" Morphonios   one-time model & beauty contest winner; before elevation to the bench prosecuted Jim Morrison for indecent exposure
born on --1929 in Ponzer, North Carolina
expired 12-22-2002 in Miami, Florida   age 73   cause: stomach cancer
AKS: Morphonious Morphonius
actor/comedian  Michael Morra
¤stage name: "Rockets Redglare" 
born on 5-8-1949
expired 5-28-2001 in New York, New York   age 52   cause: complications from kidney/liver failure; cirrhosis; hepatitis C
Dr.  Theodore Morrell   Hitler's personal physician
expired 6-1-1948 in Giessen, Germany   age 62
Ruthless People actress  Anita Rose Morris
born on 3-14-1943 in Durham, North Carolina
expired 3-2-1994 in Los Angeles, California   age 50   cause: cancer
actor  Chester Morris   portrayed detective Boston Blackie in movies
born on 2-16-1901 in New York, New York
expired 9-11-1970 in New Hope, Pennsylvania   age 69   cause: barbituate overdose
Guinness Book geezer  Eva Morris
born on 11-18-1885 in Newcastle-under-Lyme, England
expired 11-2-2000 in Stone, Staffordshire, England   age 114
character actress  Frances Morris   on 1950s Adventures of Superman tv series portrayed Sarah "Ma" Kent (Supie's adoptive mother)
born on 8-3-1908 in Springfield, Massachusetts
expired 12-2-2003   age 95
to 1937 award winnerto 1935 award winner  Glenn Morris   1936 Olympic Decathelon champion; won 1936 Sullivan Award; appeared in a few movies as Tarzan
born on 6-18-1912 in Simla, California
expired 1-31-1974 in Palo Alto, California   age 61
Mission Impossible actor (Barney Collier)  Greg Morris   father of actor Phil Morris
born on 9-26-1934 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 8-27-1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 61   cause: lung & brain cancer
crackpot hydraulics engineer  Henry Madison Morris   co-authored "The Genesis Flood: The Biblical Record and it's Scientific Implications" (1961); founder of the Institute for Creation Research; spent the last several decades flogging 'Intelligent Design' theology
born on 10-6-1918 in Dallas, Texas
expired 2-25-2006 in Santee, California   age 87   cause: strokes
character actor/tv director  Howard Jerome "Howie" Morris   Ernest T. Bass on the Andy Griffith Show; the voice of Gerald McBoing-Boing, Fred's boss Mr. Slate on The Flintstones, The Hamburglar & the Quantas Koala Bear; directed With Six You Get Eggroll (1968), Don't Drink The Water (1969) & the Get Smart pilot
born on 9-4-1919 in New York, New York
expired 5-21-2005 in Hollywood, California   age 85   cause: heart ailment
   Contest Selectors
2004ADWC, NFG11.1%
2005ADWC, NFG8.7%
   Scored 5.2500 points

Texas death row inmate  Kenneth Wayne Morris
¤aka: number 999117 
born on 3-4-1971
expired 3-4-2009 in Huntsville, Texas   age 38   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2003 DTM, RR, TMTX16.7%

to the seventh President of the IOCto the fifth President of the IOC journalist & film producer  Michael Morris   sixth head of the International Olympic Committee (1972-80)
¤3rd Baron Killanin 
born on 7-30-1914 in London, England
expired 4-25-1999 in Dublin, Ireland   age 84
   Contest Selectors
1980 RR6.3%

super-geezer  Neva Morris   had been the oldest U.S. resident
¤née: Freed 
born on 8-3-1895 in Ames, Iowa
expired 4-6-2010 in Ames, Iowa   age 114
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 3.60009 solo points

1940s radio star  Bret Morrison   voice of The Shadow
born on 5-5-1912
expired 9-25-1978 in Hollywood, California   age 66
Morrison-Knudsen co-founder (1912)  Harry W. Morrison
born on 2-23-1885 in Kenney, Illinois
expired 7-9-1971 in Boise, Idaho   age 86
Hindenburg crash WLS radio announcer  Herbert O. Morrison   on May 6th, 1937 described Hindenburg Zeppelin crash at Lakehurst, New Jersey to a (later) radio audience; tearfully uttered the phrase "... oh, the humanity ..." as people burned to death before him
born on 5-14-1905
expired 1-10-1989 in Cheat Lake, West Virginia   age 83
The Doors (of Perception) vocalist  James Douglas "Jim" Morrison   busted for indecent exposure during a Miami concert
born on 12-8-1943 in Melbourne, Florida
expired 7-3-1971 in Paris, France   age 27   cause: drug abuse-induced heart attack
former Louisiana congressman  James Hobson Morrison
born on 12-8-1908 in Hammond, Louisiana
expired 7-20-2000 in Hammond, Louisiana   age 91   cause: heart attack; stroke
soap opera actor  Michael D. Morrison
born on 1-1-1960
expired 2-18-1993   age 33
MIT professor emeritus  Philip Morrison
born on 11-7-1915 in Somerville, New Jersey
expired 4-22-2005 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 89
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 6.1000 solo points

Walter with his Pluto Platter from 1957 former building inspector  Walter Frederick Morrison   co-founded Partners in Plastic (1948), aka Pipco; created the "Flying Saucer" (1948); the second version (the Pluto Platter) was licensed to Wham-O in 1955
born on 1-23-1920 in Richfield, Utah
expired 2-9-2010 in Monroe, Sevier County, Utah   age 90
AKS: frisbe frisbee frisbie
character actress  Anna Karen Morrow   widow of ; played housekeeper nak on Payton Place tv series (1960s) & "Sarpidon woman" on original series Star Trek episode All Our Yesterdays (1969)
born on 9-20-1914 in New Jersey
7-1-2009 in Woodland Hills, California   age 94
trombonist/bandleader  Buddy Morrow
¤born: Muni Zudekoff 
born on 2-8-1919 in New Haven, Connecticut
expired 9-27-2010 in Maitland, Florida   age 91
 Elizabeth Cutter Morrow   mother of Anne Morrow Lindburgh; widow of U.S. Mexican ambassador Dwight W. Morrow
expired 1-23-1955 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 81
personal computing pioneer  George C. Morrow   a member of UC Berkeley's Homebrew Computer Club; founder of MicroStuf
born on 1-30-1934 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 5-7-2003 in San Mateo, California   age 69   cause: aplastic anemia
Jeff Morrow as Exeter (appearing on an Interociter screen) actor  Jeff Morrow   played the alien Exeter in This Island Earth (1954); also appeared in Kronos (1957) and The Giant Claw (1957)
¤born: Irving Morrow 
born on 1-13-1907 in New York, New York
expired 12-26-1993 in Canoga Park, California   age 86
actor  Vic Morrow
born on 2-14-1929 in New York, New York
expired 7-23-1982 in Castaic, California   age 53   cause: decapitated by (crashing) helicopter rotor blade
character actor  William Byron Morrow   twice played senior Starfleet officers on the original Star Trek series: Admiral Komak in Amok Time (1967) & Admiral Westervliet in For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky (1968)
born on 9-8-1911 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 5-11-2006 in Woodland Hills, California   age 94
Lt. Gerard looks on as Richard Kimble wrestles with the one-armed man actor  Barry Morse   played Lt. Philip Gerard on original The Fugitive tv series
¤real name: Herbert Morse 
born on 6-10-1918 in London, England
expired 2-2-2008 in London, England   age 89   cause: stroke
One Man's Family creator and writer  Carlton E. Morse
born on 7-4-1901 in Jennings, Louisiana
expired 5-24-1993   age 91
1940s/50s singer  Ella Mae Morse   had hits with Cow-Cow Boogie (1942), House of Blue Lights (1946) and The Blacksmith Blues (1952)
born on 9-12-1924 in Mansfield, Texas
expired 10-16-1999 in Bullhead City, Arizona   age 75   cause: respiratory failure
inventor  Samuel Finley Breese Morse   invented the telegraph code that bears his name
born on 4-27-1791 in Charlestown, Massachusetts
expired 4-2-1872 in New York, New York   age 80
former Oregon senator (1945-68)  Wayne Lyman Morse   one of two senators to vote against the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
born on 10-20-1900 in Madison, Wisconsin
expired 7-22-1974 in Portland, Oregon   age 73   cause: kidney failure
geezer  Thomas Peter Thorvald Kristian Ferdinand Mortensen
born on 8-16-1882 in Skaarup, Denmark
expired 4-25-1998 in San Rafael, California   age 115
barrister/playwright Sir  John Clifford Mortimer   created the Rumpole of the Bailey character
born on 4-21-1923 in Hampstead, London, England
expired 1-16-2009 in Turville Heath, Buckinghamshire, England   age 85
restauranteur  Arnold J. "Arnie" Morton   founded Morton's Steakhouse (1978); helped launch the Taste of Chicago festival (1985); with Hefner & Lownes started the first Playboy Club (1960)
born on 5-23-1922 in Chicago, Illinois
5-28-2005 in Deerfield, Illinois   age 83   cause: cancer; Alzheimer's disease
former U.S Treasurer (1977-81)  Azie Taylor Morton
born on 2-1-1936 in Dale, Texas
expired 12-7-2003 in Austin, Texas   age 67   cause: complications following stroke
character actor  Clive Morton   played butler Makepeace on Upstairs, Downstairs tv series (1970-75)
born on 3-16-1904 in London, England
expired 9-24-1975 in London, England   age 71
great jazz musician & songwriter  Ferdinand "Jelly Roll" Morton
¤born: Ferdinand Joseph Lamothe 
born on 9-20-1885 in Gulfport, Louisiana
expired 7-10-1941 in Los Angeles, California   age 55
tv producer  Gary Morton   last husband of Lucille Ball
¤born: Morton Goldaper 
born on 12-19-1924 in New York, New York
expired 3-30-1999 in Palm Springs, California   age 74   cause: lung cancer
accomplished person Dr.  Jay Morton   played Stinky in silent Our Gang comedies; as a writer/artist for Fleischer Studios coined a number of Superman's best-known catchphrase (intoned by a stentorian announcer): "Look; up in the sky; it's a bird; it's a plane; it's ... Superman" & "Faster than a speeding bullet; more powerful than a locomotive; able to leap tall buildings in a single bound..."; inventor of the pop-top aluminum beverage can
born on 6-27-1911 in Hollywood, California
expired 9-6-2003 in Charlotte, North Carolina   age 92   cause: cerebral aneurysm
salt company co-founder  Joy Morton
born on 9-27-1855 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 5-9-1934 in Lisle, Illinois   age 78
to August 1978 Playmate of Monthto June 1978 Playmate of Month Playboy July 1978 Playmate of Month  Karen Elaine Morton   cousin of Playmate Elaine Morton
born on 10-3-1958 in Palmdale California
expired 2-11-2014 in Burbank, California   age 53   cause: complications from Stevens-Johnson syndrome
Harrison vice president (1889-93)  Levi Parsons Morton   also New York governor from 1895-97
born on 5-16-1824 in Shoreham, Vermont
expired 5-16-1920 in Rhinebeck, New York   age 96
salt company co-founder  Mark Morton   company known for the slogan "When it rains, it pours"
born on 11-22-1858 in Omaha, Nebraska
expired 6-25-1951 in Chicago, Illinois   age 92
 Nathan P. Morton   founded SoftWarehouse in 1984 — it became CompUSA
born on 9-25-1948
expired 11-30-2005 in Dallas, Texas   age 57   cause: pneumonia; heart attack
Nixon/Ford Interior Secretary (1971-75) & Ford Commerce Secretary (1975-76)  Rogers Clark Ballard Morton   brother of Thruston
born on 9-19-1914 in Louisville, Kentucky
expired 4-19-1979 in Easton, Maryland   age 64   cause: cancer
Kentucky rep. (1947-53) & senator (1957-69)  Thurston Ballard Morton
born on 8-19-1907 in Louisville, Kentucky
expired 8-14-1982 in Louisville, Kentucky   age 74
Bush (the elder) Commerce Secretary (1989-92)  Robert Adam Mosbacher Sr.
born on 3-11-1927 in Mount Vernon, New York
expired 1-24-2010 in Houston, Texas   age 82   cause: prostate cancer
San Francisco mayor (1976-78)  George Richard Moscone
born on 11-24-1929 in San Francisco, California
expired 11-27-1978 in San Francisco, California   age 49   cause: assassinated; shot to death (
professional billiards player  William Joseph "Willie" Mosconi   12-time world champion
born on 6-27-1913 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 9-16-1993 in Haddon Heights, New Jersey   age 80
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1980 EB6.3%

AKS: Moscone
former New Jersey beat AP reporter  Seth H. Moseley   got exclusive interview with Lindbergh hours after his son was kidnapped; covered the Morro Castle & Hindenburg disasters
born on 3-26-1909
expired 8-11-2001 in Torrington, Connecticut   age 92
mathematician  Jürgen Moser
born on 7-4-1928 in Königsburg, Germany
expired 12-17-1999 in Schwerzenbach, Switzerland   age 71   cause: prostate cancer
geriatric painter  Anna Mary Robertson "Grandma" Moses   started her "career" at age 78
born on 9-7-1860 in Greenwich, Connecticut
expired 12-13-1961 in Hoosick Falls, New York   age 101
autocratic NYC public works czar (1924-68)  Robert Moses
born on 12-18-1888 in New Haven, Connecticut
expired 7-29-1981 in West Islip, New York   age 92   cause: heart failure
tv writer/producer  Robert "Bob" Mosher   co-creator of Leave It To Beaver (1957-63) & The Munsters
born on 1-18-1915
expired 12-??-1972   age 57
Nazi-lover  Diana Mosely   widow of Oswald Mosley (Hitler was a guest at her wedding in Göbbels drawing room)
¤born: Diana Freeman-Mitford 
born on 6-10-1910
expired 8-11-2003 in Paris, France   age 93   cause: complications from stroke
Texas death row inmate  Kenneth Mosley
born on 9-7-1958
expired 1-7-2010 in Huntsville, Texas   age 51   cause: executed; lethal injection
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   Scored 7.4195 points

slide saxophone inventor  Lawrence Leo "Snub" Mosley   played with Louis Armstrong & Fats Waller
born on 12-29-1905 in Little Rock, Arkansas
expired 7-21-1981 in New York, New York   age 75   cause: pneumonia; complications from stroke
British Nazi Sir  Oswald Ernald Mosley Sr.   founded the British Union of Facists (1932-43); brother-in-law of Unity Freeman-Mitford
born on 11-16-1896 in Staffordshire, England
expired 12-2-1980 in Orsay, France   age 84
actor  Arnold Moss
born on 1-28-1911 in New York, New York
expired 12-15-1989 in New York, New York   age 78
 Eugene Harold Moss   co-wrote the Roger Ramjet cartoon series (1965); provided voice for Smokey the Bear (1979-88)
¤born: Eugene Harold Moshontz 
born on 10-3-1926 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 7-15-2002 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 75   cause: cancer
Boston Celtics announcer  John M. "Johnny" Most
born on 6-15-1923
expired 1-3-1993   age 69
record producer  Mickie Most
¤real name: Michael Peter Hayes 
born on 6-20-1938 in Aldershot, Hampshire, England
expired 5-30-2003 in London, England   age 64   cause: cancer
Broadway and Hollywood comedy star actor  Samuel Joel "Zero" Mostel   played Tevye on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof (1964) and Max Bialystock in the movie The Producers (1968); given nickname by press agent
born on 2-28-1915 in New York, New York
expired 9-8-1977 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 62   cause: cardiac arrest; complications from viral infection
Harvard statistician  Charles Frederick Mosteller   co-authored "Probability and Statistics" (1961; with Rourke & Thomas)
born on 12-24-1916 in Clarksburg, West Virginia
expired 7-23-2006 in Falls, Church, Virginia   age 89
jazz drummer, bandleader, composer  Stephen Paul Motian   performed with the Bill Evans trio & with Keith Jarrett
born on 3-25-1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 11-22-2011 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 80   cause: complications from myelodisplastic syndrome
death row inmate  Jeffrey Dean Motley
born on 9-17-1965
expired 2-7-1995   age 29
Cleveland Browns hall of fame fullback (1946-53)  Marion Motley
born on 6-5-1920 in Leesburg, Georgia
expired 6-27-1999 in Cleveland, Ohio   age 79   cause: prostate cancer
major GM stockholder  Charles Stewart Mott Sr.
born on 6-2-1875 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 2-18-1973 in Flint, Michigan   age 97   cause: influenza
1946 Nobel peace co-laureate  John Raleigh Mott
born on 5-25-1865 in Livingston Manor, New York
expired 1-31-1955 in Orlando, Florida   age 89
Sir  Nevill Francis Mott   shared the 1977 Nobel physics prize
born on 9-30-1905 in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
expired 8-8-1996 in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, England   age 90
AKS: Neville
 Ruth Rawlings Mott   widow of Charles; mother of Stewart; oversaw the Mott charities
born on 10-18-1901 in El Paso, Texas
expired 1-25-1999 in Flint, Michigan   age 97
philanthropist  Stewart Rawlings Mott   son of Charles
born on 12-4-1937 in Flint, Michigan
expired 6-12-2008 in Mount Kisco, New York   age 70   cause: cancer
guitarist  Tony Mattola   played with Sinatra; was in the old Tonight Show band when it was in New York City
born on 4-18-1918 in Kearney, New Jersey
expired 8-9-2004 in Denville, New Jersey   age 86   cause: double pneumonia; stroke
AKS: Mattola Motola Matola Mottolah Mattolah Motolah Matolah Mottoluh Mattoluh Motoluh Matoluh
Stanford University computer science professor  Rajeev Motwani   mentored graduate students Brin & Page in database search algorithms, but didn't invest in their little startup venture (Google)
born on 3-24-1962 in Jammu, India
expired 6-5-2009 in Atherton, California   age 47   cause: drown in his swimming pool; he couldn't swim
Lebanese President  Rene Mouawad
expired 11-22-1989   age 64
sports writer  Anson Mount   wrote for Playboy
born on 11-24-1925
expired 10-11-1986   age 60
ornithologist  Guy Reginald Mountfort   a co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund (1961)
born on 12-5-1905 in London, England
expired 4-23-2003 in Bournemouth, Dorsetshire, England   age 97
movie actor  Alan Cedric Mowbray   a co-founder of the Screen Actor's Guild
born on 8-18-1897 in London, England
expired 3-25-1969 in Hollywood, California   age 71   cause: heart attack
former British Northern Ireland Secretary  Marjorie "Mo" Mowlam   helped negotitate the 1998 Good Friday peace settlement
born on 9-18-1949 in Watford, England
expired 8-19-2005 in Canterbury, Kent, England   age 55   cause: dehydration; starvation; irreversible coma; head injury suffered in fall; brain tumor
AKS: Mowlan
newspaper correspondent  Edgar Ansel Mowrer   won 1933 Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the rise of Adolf Hitler
born on 3-8-1892 in Bloomington, Indiana
expired 3-2-1977 in Madeira, Portugal   age 84
 Dale Moyer   former "oldest twin"
born on 6-20-1895 in Alvordton, Ohio
expired 7-17-2004 in Alvordton, Ohio   age 109
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2002 JL9.1%
2003 COCO, JL11.1%

 Glen Moyer   former "oldest twin"
born on 6-20-1895 in Alvordton, Ohio
expired 4-16-2001 in Alvordton, Ohio   age 105
interviewed again by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1998interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in March 1977 former New York senator (1977-2001)  Daniel Patrick Moynihan
born on 3-16-1927 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
expired 3-26-2003 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 76   cause: infection following surgery for ruptured appendix
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composer  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   wrote over 600 works, including 41 symphonies, the Don Giovanni opera, sonatas, quartets and concerti
¤born: Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart 
born on 1-27-1756 in Salzburg, Austria-Hungary
expired 12-5-1791 in Vienna, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary   age 35   cause: trichinosisp; bad pork cutlets

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