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it blows up real good Swedish dynamite inventor (1866)  Alfred Bernhard Nobel   funded prize foundation that gives out annual awards
born on 10-21-1833 in Stockholm, Sweden
expired 12-10-1896 in San Remo, Italy   age 63   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
aviator General  Umberto Nobile   second to fly over the North Pole (5/12/1926, 3 days after Byrd) with Amundsen & Lincoln Ellsworth in the dirigible Norge; a second trip (5/25/1928) in the dirigible Italia was a disaster - it crashed, and the resulting rescue effort was the subject of the book The Red Tent (1967; written by Nobile) & movie (1971)
born on 1-21-1885 in Lauro, Italy
expired 7-29-1978 in Rome, Italy   age 93
ex-slave  Clem Noble
¤nickname: "Uncle Pike" 
expired 3-18-1954 in Bellamy, Alabama   age 123
Life Savers candy mogul  Edward John Noble   with partner bought all rights to candy formula & name for $2,900 (1913); bought NBC's blue network when the FCC forced them to divest, renamed it ABC; FDR Commerce undersecretary (1939-40)
born on --1882 in Gouverneur, New York
expired 12-28-1958 in Greenwich, Connecticut   age 76
animation layout artist & designer  Maurice J. Noble   worked at Disney & Warner Brothers
born on 5-1-1910 in Spooner, Minnesota
expired 5-18-2001 in La Crescenta, California   age 91
bandleader  Ray Noble
born on 12-17-1903 in Brighton, Sussex, England
expired 4-3-1978 in London, England   age 74   cause: cancer
physicist  Walter Noddack   co-discovered (with his wife) the elements Rhenium and Masurium
expired 12-7-1960 in Bamberg, Germany   age 67
graphic artist  Martin "Marty" Nodell   co-created the Green Lantern comic book character (1941); first to draw Poppin' Fresh (the Pillsbury Doughboy)
¤aka: "Mart Dellon" 
born on 11-15-1915 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 12-9-2006 in Muskego, Wisconsin   age 91
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master Bourbon distiller  Frederick Booker Noe II   grandson of James Beauregard "Jim" Beam (1892-1944); grandson of company founder Johannes Jacob Boehm
born on 12-7-1929
expired 2-24-2004 in Bardstown, Kentucky   age 74   cause: "an extended illness"
United Kingdom member of parliament  Philip John Noel-Baker   received the 1959 Nobel peace prize
¤born: P.J. Noel 
born on 11-1-1889 in London, England
expired 10-8-1982 in London, England   age 92
political operative  Franklyn Curran "Lyn" Nofziger
born on 6-8-1924 in Bakersfield, California
expired 3-27-2006 in Falls Church, Virginia   age 81   cause: cancer
AKS: Noffziger Nofzinger Noffzinger
sculptor & architect  Isamu Noguchi
born on 11-17-1904 in Los Angeles, California
expired 12-30-1988 in New York, New York   age 84
not-so-rugged individualist  David Fraser Nolan   a co-founder of the Libertarian Party (1971)
born on 11-23-1943 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 11-21-2010 in Tucson, Arizona   age 66   cause: heart attack
actress  Jeanette Nolan   widow of John McIntire
born on 12-30-1911 in Los Angeles, California
expired 6-5-1998 in Los Angeles, California   age 86   cause: complications from stroke
actor  Lloyd Bendict Nolan
born on 8-11-1902 in San Francisco, California
expired 9-27-1985 in Los Angeles, California   age 83   cause: lung cancer
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postal worker  Leonardo J. Nole   model for the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink statue Prometheus
born on 4-1-1906
expired 2-22-1998 in Sacramento, California   age 91
sled dog musher  Edgar P. Nollner   had 10th leg (Whiskey Point to Galena) of the emergency Diphtheria Serum delivery trek in Alaska, January 27-Feb 2 1925, along the Iditarod Trail from Nenana to Nome; last surviving musher
born on 11-11-1904 in Old Village, Alaska
expired 1-15-1999 in Galena, Alaska   age 94
 Yashuhito Chichibu No Maya   brother of Hirohito
¤aka: Prince Chichibu 
expired 1-4-1953 in Kaguneuma, Japan   age 50
aircraft navigator  Frederick J. Noonan   disappeared along with Amelia Earhart during around-the-world flight
born on --1893
expired 7-2-1937 in Gardner Island, Phoenix Island group, Western Pacific Ocean   age 44   cause: plane crash / drowned / starvation???
movie actor & producer  Thomas Patrick "Tommy" Noonan
born on 4-29-1921
expired 4-24-1968 in Hollywood, California   age 46
computer industry executive  Raymond John Noorda   one-time boss at Novell (1983-95)
born on 6-19-1926 in Ogden, Utah
expired 10-9-2006 in Oren, Utah   age 82   cause: Alzheimer's disease
retired Indiana University professor of Tibetan language & culture  Thubten Jigme Norbu   eldest brother of the Dali Lama; recognized as the reincarnation of lama Takster Rinpoche; date of birth also described as the 16th day of the eighth month of the Water Dog year
¤born: Tashi Tsering 
born on 8-16-1922 in Tengster, Amdo Province, Tibet
expired 9-5-2008 in Bloomington, Indiana   age 86
AKS: Jigme means "fear not" and Norbu means "jewel"
remote sensing pioneer Dr.  William Nordberg
¤real name: Wilhelm Nordberg 
born on 3-31-1930 in Fehring, Austria
expired 10-3-1976 in Greenbelt, Maryland   age 46   cause: cancer
World War II bombsight inventor  Carl Lukas Norden
born on 4-23-1880 in Semarang, Dutch East Indies
expired 6-14-1965 in Zürich, Switzerland   age 85
author  Charles Bernard Nordhoff   co-wrote Mutiny on the Bounty, Men Against the Sea, Pitcairn's Island and Forbidden Paradise (Hurricane)
born on 2-1-1887 in London, England
expired 4-11-1947 in Santa Barbara, California   age 60   cause: heart attack
one-time Tougaloo Christian College student  Memphis L. Norman   participant in a lunch counter segregation protest (sit-it) that turned violent (he was punched, burned, shoved off his stool & repeatedly kicked in the face); after doing a stint in Vietnam went back to school, eventually earning a PhD; was retired from the Office of Management and Budget as a budget examiner for a number of Federal agencies (1971-99)
born on 7-23-1942 in Monroeville, Alabama
expired 1-4-2005 in Falls Church, Virginia   age 62   cause: heart attack
silent film comedienne  Mabel Ethelreid Normand   "The Female Chaplin"; credited with throwing the first custard pie in the movies (1913)
¤born: Mabel Fortesque 
born on 11-9-1894 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 2-23-1930 in Monrovia, California   age 35   cause: tuberculosis
Cambodian  King Norodom Suramarit   father of Norodom Sihanouk; succeeded his son to throne in 1955
expired 4-3-1960 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia   age 64
former Detroit Red Wings owner  Bruce Norris
born on 2-19-1924
expired 12-31-1985   age 80
last surviving Scottsboro Boys defendant  Clarence Norris   subject of Norris v. Alabama Supreme Court ruling barring exclusion of blacks from juries; received pardon from George Wallace (1976)
born on 7-12-1912 in Warm Springs, Georgia
expired 1-23-1989 in New York, New York   age 76   cause: Alzheimer's disease
Time magazine editor  Frank Norris   created Smokey the Bear artwork for the forest fire campaign
born on 3-3-1907
expired 8-8-1967 in Siasconset, Massachusetts   age 60
comics artist  Paul L. Norris   co-creator of Aquaman (1940; with writer Mort Weisinger); wrote/drew the Brick Bradford strip (1952-87)
born on 4-26-1914 in Greenville, Ohio
expired 11-5-2007 in Oceanside, California   age 93   cause: complications from stroke
 William Charles Norris   a co-founder of the Control Data Corp. (1957)
born on 7-14-1911 in Red Cloud, Nebraska
expired 8-21-2006 in Bloomington, Minnesota   age 95   cause: complications from Parkinson's disease
researcher  Ronald George Wreyford Norrish   shared the 1967 Nobel Chemistry prize
born on 11-9-1897 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
expired 6-7-1978 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   age 80
character actor  Alan North   co-starred as a detective on Police Squad
born on 12-23-1920 in New York, New York
expired 1-19-2000 in Port Jefferson, New York   age 79   cause: kidney & lung cancer
film composer  Alex North   wrote the music for the movie Unchained (1955); it featured a song (with lyrics by Hy Zaret) that went on to have a life of its own — Unchained Melody
born on 12-4-1910 in Chester, Pennsylvania
expired 9-8-1991 in Los Angeles, California   age 80
circus owner  John Ringling North   circus president (1947-67)
born on 8-14-1903 in Baraboo, Wisconsin
expired 6-4-1985 in Brussels, Belgium   age 81
actress  Sheree North   played Lou Grant's girlfriend Charlene Maguire on the Mary Tyler Moore Show & Kramer's mother Babs on Seinfeld
¤born: Dawn Bethel 
born on 1-17-1933 in Los Angeles, California
expired 11-4-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 72   cause: complications following surgery
 John Howard Northrop   shared the 1946 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 7-5-1891 in Yonkers, New York
expired 5-27-1987 in Wickenberg, Arizona   age 95
aviation pioneer  John Knudsen Northrop   co-founded Lockheed Aircraft (1927) and Northrop Aircraft (1939); designed the Lockheed Vega & the Flying Wing
born on 11-10-1895 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 2-18-1981 in Glendale, California   age 85
retired Tigers outfielder  James Thomas "Jim" Northrup
born on 11-24-1939 in Breckenridge, Michigan
expired 6-8-2011 in Grand Blanc, Michigan   age 71   cause: seizure; Alzheimer's disease
tv news producer  Robert J. Northshield   creator of the CBS News' Sunday Morning program (1979)
¤nickname: "Shad" 
born on 7-21-1922 in Oak Park, Illinois
expired 8-21-2000 in Croton-on-Hudson, New York   age 78
science fiction writer  Andre Norton
¤born: Alice Mary Norton 
born on 2-17-1912 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 3-17-2005 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee   age 93   cause: congestive heart failure
jazz vibraphonist  Kenneth "Red" Norvo
¤born: Kenneth Norville 
born on 3-31-1908 in Beardstown, Illinois
expired 4-6-1999 in Santa Monica, California   age 91
dentist  Charles Whitlow Norwood Jr.   served as a U.S. rep. from Georgia (1995-2007)
born on 7-27-1941 in Valdosta, Georgia
expired 2-13-2007 in Augusta, Georgia   age 65   cause: complications from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis; metastatic non-small cell lung cancer
actor, vaudevillian, lyricist  Jack Norworth   was a Ziegfeld Follies song-and-dance man; wrote the lyrics to "Take Me Out To the Ball Game" (music by Albert von Tilzer; 1908); didn't actually attend his first baseball game until 1940
born on 1-5-1879 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 9-1-1959 in Laguna Beach, California   age 80   cause: heart attack
Japanese Commie  Sanzo Nosaka
born on 3-30-1892
expired 11-13-1993   age 101
physician, astrologer & all-knowing seer  Nostradamus   on the night of his own death he predicted his own death for that night (AMAZING!)
¤born: Michel de Notredame 
born on 12-14-1503 in Saint Remy de Provence, France
expired 7-2-1566 in Salon, France   age 62   cause: predestination
off-Broadway's Fantasticks producer  Lore Note   it ran from 5/3/1960-1/13/2002
born on 6-9-1923 in New York, New York
expired 7-8-2002 in New York, New York   age 79   cause: cancer
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in April 2000 Chicago Sun-Times political columnist  Robert David Sanders "Bob" Novak   used to co-host a CNN gabfest; "outed" Valerie Plame as CIA "agent"
born on 2-26-1931 in Joliet, Illinois
expired 8-18-2009 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 78   cause: brain cancer
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1920s silent screen "latin lover"  Ramon Novarro   the Rock Hudson of his era; cousin of Dolores Del Rio
(an apocryphal account has the two teenagers that killed him using a "large silver dildo" as the weapon)

¤born: José Ramón Samaniegos 
born on 2-6-1899 in Durango, Mexico
expired 10-28-1968 in Hollywood Hills, California   age 69   cause: bludgeoned to death during robbery
AKS: Navarro
 Jay Novello
born on 8-22-1904 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 9-2-1982 in North Hollywood, California   age 78
former Czech Communist Party dictator (1953-68)  Antonin Novotny
born on 12-10-1904 in Letnany, Czechoslovakia
expired 1-28-1975   age 70   cause: blood clot
novella author  Philip Francis Nowlan   created engineer Anthony Rogers in Armageddon 2419 A.D. (August 1928) & The Airlords of Han (March 1929) for Amazing Stories; wrote stories for Buck Rogers daily comic strip
¤aka: "Frank Philips" 
born on 1-??-1888 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 2-1-1940 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 52   cause: stroke
Intel co-founder (1968)  Robert Morton Noyce
born on 12-12-1927 in Burlington, Iowa
expired 6-3-1990 in Austin, Texas   age 62
former Washington Evening Star president  Frank Brett Noyes   co-founder of the Associated Press; its president (1900-38)
born on 7-7-1863 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 12-1-1948 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 85
retired Paramount art director  Albert Nozaki   interred in Manzanar Camp during World War II; worked on When Worlds Collide (1951), The War of the Worlds (1953) & The Ten Commandments
born on 1-1-1912 in Tokyo, Japan
expired 11-16-2003 in Los Angeles, California   age 91   cause: complications from pneumonia
Burundi president (1994)  Cyprien Ntaryamira
born on 3-6-1955 in Mageyo, Mubimbi, Bujumbura, Burundi
expired 4-6-1994 in Kigali, Rwanda   age 39   cause: plane crash

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