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comedic character actor  Jack Oakie   played Napolini (Il Duce of Bacteria) in The Great Dictator (1940)
¤real name: Lewis Delaney Offield 
born on 11-12-1903 in Sedalia, Missouri
expired 1-23-1978 in Northridge, California   age 74   cause: aortic aneurysm
character actress  Victoria Horne Oakie   widow of Jack Oakie; appeared in The Great Dictator (1940) & as Myrtle Mae Simmons in Harvey (1950)
born on 11-1-1911 in New York, New York
expired 10-10-2003 in Beverly Hills, California   age 91
one-term Michigan congressman (1953-55)  Charles Gibb Oakman   introduced the legislation that put "under God" into the Pledge of Allegiance (1954); President Eisenhower signed it on Flag Day
born on 9-4-1903 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 10-28-1973 in Dearborn, Michigan   age 70
former Texas Rangers manager  Johnny Lane "Quaker" Oates
born on 1-21-1946 in Sylva, North Carolina
expired 12-24-2004 in Richmond, Virginia   age 58   cause: brain cancer
   Contest Selectors
2002DTM, JL18.2%
   Scored 6.7391 points

actor  Warren Oates
born on 7-5-1928 in Depoy, Kentucky
expired 4-3-1982 in Hollywood Hills, California   age 53
theologian Dr.  Wayne E. Oates   coined term workaholic (1971)
born on 6-24-1917 in Greenville, South Carolina
expired 10-21-1999 in Louisville, Kentucky   age 82
former Stockbridge, Massachusetts police chief  William J. Obanhein   arrested Arlo Guthrie for "littering", and immortalized in song Alice's Restaurant
¤aka: "Officer Obie
born on 10-19-1924
expired 9-11-1994   age 69
AIDs victim  Steve O'Banion   accused of "attempted murderer" after spitting blood at guards
born on 6-1-1951 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 9-??-1993 in Hawaii   age 42   cause: non-Hodgkins lymphoma; AIDS
screenwriter  Daniel Thomas O'Bannon   penned scripts for Dark Star (1974), Alien (1979) & Life Force (1985)
born on 9-30-1946 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 12-17-2009 in Santa Monica, California   age 63   cause: complications from Crohn's disease
Indiana governor (1997-2003)  Frank Lewis O'Bannon
born on 1-30-1930 in Louisville, Kentucky
expired 9-13-2003 in Chicago, Illinois   age 73   cause: complications from cerebral hemorrhage
one-time MTV game show host  Kenneth David Ober   hosted the Remote Control show (1987-9); was the Star Search Comedy category champion (1984-5); was a producer of Mind of Mencia (2006-7) & The New Adventures of Old Christine
¤born: Kenneth Oberding 
born on 7-3-1957 in Brookline, Massachusetts
expired 11-15-2009 in Santa Monica, California   age 52   cause: heart attack
actress  Merle Oberon
¤born: Estelle Merle O'Brien Thompson 
born on 2-19-1911 in Tasmania
expired 11-23-1979 in Los Angeles, California   age 68   cause: complications from stroke
   Contest Selectors
1979 VM 7.7%
   Scored 6 solo points

pioneering rocket scientist  Hermann Julius Oberth   wrote Die Rakete zu den Planeterraumen (1923); a technical advisor on Frau im Mond (1929); invented the "countdown" until rocket launch "... 10 .... 9 .... 8 .... 7 .... 6 .... 5 ...."
born on 6-25-1894 in Nagyszeben, Hungary, Austria-Hungary (now Sibiu, Romania)
expired 12-29-1989 in Nuremburg, Germany   age 95
movie director  Arch Oboler   made Bwana Devil (1952) & The Twonky (1953); produced/wrote radio's Lights Out horror program
born on 12-7-1907 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-19-1987 in Westlake Village, California   age 79   cause: heart failure; stroke
AKS: Obler
Ugandan leader Dr.  Apollo Milton Obote   Ugandan president 1966-71 & 1980-85; overthrown in coup by Idi Amin in 1971 and Okello in 1985; had been living in exile in Lusaka, Zambia
born on 12-28-1924 in Akokoro, Uganda
expired 10-10-2005 in Johannesburg, South Africa   age 80   cause: kidney failure; strokes
   Contest Selectors
1979  7.7%

actor  Edmond O'Brien
born on 9-10-1915 in New York, New York
expired 5-16-1985 in Inglewood, California   age 69
Great Lakes sailor  Eugene William O'Brien   Wheelsman aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald
born on 7-17-1925
expired 11-10-1975 in Eastern Lake Superior, Canada   age 50   cause: drowned when ship foundered
 Lawrence Francis "Larry" O'Brien Jr.   former NBA Commissioner
born on 7-7-1917 in Springfield, Massachusetts
expired 9-27-1990 in New York, New York   age 73
Texas Christian University quarterback  Robert David "Davey" O'Brien   winner of the Heisman Trophy (1938)
born on 6-22-1917 in Dallas, Texas
expired 11-18-1977 in Fort Worth, Texas   age 60   cause: cancer
Knute Rockne actor  William Joseph Patrick O'Brien
born on 11-11-1899 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
expired 10-15-1983 in Santa Monica, California   age 83
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO7.7%
1980 DO6.3%

movie stop-motion special effects wizard  Willis Harold O'Brien   led teams that created the visual effects for King Kong (1933), Son of Kong (1933) and Mighty Joe Young (1949); trained a young Ray Harryhausen in his techniques
born on 3-2-1886 in Oakland, California
expired 11-8-1962 in Hollywood, California   age 76
former Japanese prime minister (1998-99)  Keizo Obuchi
born on 6-25-1937 in Nakanojo, Gumma Prefecture, Japan
expired 5-14-2000 in Tokyo, Japan   age 62   cause: complications from stroke
Dr.  Severo Ochoa   shared the 1959 Nobel prize in physiology for discovery of the mechanisms in the biological synthesis of ribonucleaic acid and deoxyribonucleaic acid
born on 9-24-1905 in Luarca, Asturias, Spain
expired 11-1-1993 in Madrid, Spain   age 88
Chatanooga newspaper publisher  Adolph Simon "Punch" Ochs   bought the New York Times in 1896; was its publisher until 1935
born on 3-12-1858 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 4-8-1935 in Chattanooga, Tennessee   age 77
folk singer  Philip David Ochs   pacifist; Vietnam War protester
born on 12-19-1940 in El Paso, Texas
expired 4-9-1976 in Far Rockaway, New York   age 35
AKS: Phil
Flemish liturgical composer  Johannes Ockeghem   composed a Missa Caput
born on --1410 in Saint-Ghislain, Hainaut Province, Duchy of Burgundy
expired 2-6-1497 in Tours, France   age 86
AKS: Okeghem, Ogkegum, Ockegham, Okhegem
character actor  Arthur O'Connell
born on 3-29-1905 in New York, New York
expired 5-18-1981 in Woodland Hills, California   age 76   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 1973 actor  Carroll O'Connor   played Archie Bunker on All in the Family
born on 8-2-1924 in New York, New York
expired 6-21-2001 in Culver City, California   age 76   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
1979 HFS, MS, SB23.1%

educator  David C. O'Connor   founded the school system in the Panama Canal Zone (1905)
born on --1859
expired 2-13-1955 in Interlaken, New York   age 95
hoofer/actor  Donald O'Connor   played Cosmo Brown in Singin' In The Rain (1952) & Peter Stirling in six Francis the Talking Mule movies (1950-55)
¤real name: David Dixon O'Connor 
born on 8-28-1925 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 9-27-2003 in Los Angeles, California   age 78   cause: heart failure
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 7.2000 solo points

actor  Hugh Edward Ralph O'Connor   adopted son of Carroll
born on 4-7-1962 in Rome, Italy
expired 3-28-1995 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 32   cause: suicide; gunshot to head
lawyer  John Jay O'Connor III   husband of retired supreme court justice
born on 1-10-1930 in San Francisco, California
expired 11-11-2009 in Phoenix, Arizona   age 79   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
   Contest Selectors
2006ADWC, MOT6.7%
2007ADWC, MOT6.5%
2008ADWC, MORB6.3%
   Scored 7.1000 solo points

New York Cardinal  John Joseph O'Connor
born on 1-20-1920 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 5-3-2000 in New York, New York   age 80   cause: cardio-pulmonary failure; brain cancer/tumor
   Contest Selectors
2000 TEX14%
   Scored 7.0000 solo points

longtime Hugh Hefner secretary  Mary Eugenia O'Connor   appeared on the Girls Next Door cable tv series
¤née: Feuchtinger 
born on 8-8-1928 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 1-27-2013 in Sherman Oaks, California   age 84   cause: lymphoma
short-time Pittsburgh mayor  Robert E. O'Connor Jr.   only served from January 3 to September 1, 2006 beforehis death
born on 12-9-1944 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 9-1-2006 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 61   cause: primary central nervous system lymphoma
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big band singer  Anita O'Day   worked with Gene Krupa's band
¤born: Anita Belle Colton 
born on 10-18-1919 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 11-23-2006 in West Los Angeles, California   age 87   cause: cardiac arrest; pneumonia; Alzheimer's disease
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 6.3000 solo points

former foreign service officer  Robert C. Ode   held hostage in Iran (1979-81)
born on 12-10-1915 in Plano, Illinois
expired 9-8-1995 in Sun City, Arizona   age 79
former Burma Vita Corp. president  Allan G. Odell   developed Burma Shave's roadside rhymes on sequential signs; Here I Lay, Broken-Hearted, Wanted to Live, But now Departed, Burma Shave
born on 5-6-1903
expired 1-17-1994 in Minneapolis, Minnesota   age 90
one of the original Matchbox Toys designed by Odell Matchbox Toys co-founder  John William "Jack" O'dell   he's the partner that designed the dinky vehicles
born on 3-19-1920 in London, England
expired 7-7-2007 in Barnet, Hertfordshire, England   age 87
visual jingle writer  Leonard C. Odell   with older brother wrote the Burma Shave roadside signs
born on 10-22-1907
expired 10-4-1991 in Minneapolis, Minnesota   age 83
to next Pope: Alexander VIIIto previous Pope: Clement X "Blessed" Catholic Church leader (1676-1689)  Benedetto Odescalchi   elected 241st Pope of the Roman Catholic Church September 21, 1676
¤Pope Innocent XI 
born on 5-16-1611 in Como, Italy
expired 8-11-1689 in Rome, Italy   age 78
playwright  Clifford Odets
born on 7-18-1906 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 8-15-1963 in Los Angeles, California   age 57
Atlas Corp. CEO (1923-60)  Floyd Bostwick Odlum   chairman of RKO Pictures (1937-48)
born on 3-30-1892 in Union City, Michigan
expired 6-17-1976 in Indio, California   age 84
adrenoleukodystrophy victim  Lorenzo MichaelMurphy Odone   his mom & dad came up with an "oil" that they claimed kept him alive; subject of 1992 movie
born on 5-29-1978
expired 5-30-2008 in Fairfax, Virginia   age 30   cause: aspiration pneumonia
desperate mother  Michaela Murphy Odone   with husband developed treatment for son's brain disease (adrenoleukodystrophy); basis for movie Lorenzo's Oil (1992)
born on 1-10-1939 in Yonkers, New York
expired 6-10-2000 in Fairfax, Virginia   age 61   cause: lung cancer
Wheel of Fortune announcer  Charles John "Charlie" O'Donnell   also was the announcer for American Bandstand, The Joker's Wild, Tic-Tac-Dough, Card Sharks, The Gong Show, The Dating Game & The $100,000 Pyramid
born on 8-12-1932 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 10-31-2010 in Sherman Oaks, California   age 78   cause: heart failure
AKS: O'Donell O'Donnel O'Donel ODonnell ODonell ODonnel ODonel
 Madeline Foy O'Donnell   one of The Seven Little Foys
born on 9-21-1903 in New York, New York
expired 7-5-1988 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: kidney failure
writer  Peter O'Donnell   creator of the Modest Blaise character; the strip ran from 1963 through 2001
¤aka: "Madeleine Brent" 
born on 4-11-1920 in Lewisham, London, England
expired 5-3-2010 in Brighton, Sussex, England   age 90   cause: complications from stroke; Parkinson's disease
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in May 1977 as part of SNL cast original SNL writer & occasional actor  Michael Henry O'Donoghue   appeared with Belushi in the very first skit on SNL
born on 1-5-1940
expired 11-8-1994   age 54
U of Georgia zoology professor  Eugene Pleasants Odum   author of "Fundamentals of Ecology" (1953)
¤"father of modern ecology
born on 9-17-1913 in Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire
expired 8-9-2002 in Athens, Georgia   age 88   cause: heart attack
environmental sciences professor  Howard Thomas Odum   with his brother founded the science of ecology
born on 9-1-1924
expired 9-11-2002 in Gainesville, Florida   age 78   cause: cancer
former Nigerian military officer  Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu   led the breakaway Nigerian province named the Republic of Biafra (1967-70)
born on 11-4-1933 in Zungeru, Nigeria
expired 11-26-2011 in London, England   age 78   cause: complications from stroke
forme NYC mayor (1946-50)  William O'Dwyer   Brooklyn District Attorney who put an end to the "Murder, Inc." gang
born on 7-11-1890 in Bohola, Ireland
expired 11-24-1964 in New York, New York   age 74

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