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soprano  Edith Piaf
¤born: Edith Giovanna Gassion 
born on 12--1915 in Paris, Île-de-France, France
expired 10-11-1963 in Paris, Île-de-France, France   age 47
psychologist/educator  Jean Piaget
born on 8-9-1896 in Neuchâtel, Switzerland
expired 9-16-1980 in Geneva, Switzerland   age 84
   Contest Selectors
1980 GP6.3%
   Scored 3.6000 solo points

"prickly" film director  Maurice Pialat
born on 8-21-1925 in Cunlhat, Puy-de-Dôme, Auvergne, France
expired 1-11-2003 in Paris, France   age 77   cause: kidney failure
the 'Flying Banana' circa 1945 aeronautical engineer  Frank Nicholas Piasecki   founder of Piasecki Aircraft Corp.; flew the second successful helicopter in the U.S.. the PV-2; holder of the first helicopter pilots license; built the first viable tandem-rotor helicopter (aka: the Flying Banana; 1945) — it led to the development of the Chinook cargo helicopter (or, as we called them in 'nam, the "shit-hook"); created the Holi-Stat, a 343 foot long Frankenstein monstrosity made from a helium blimp and four surplus Sikorsky helicopters; ironically, in 1986 it crashed at Lakehurst Naval Air Station with one fatality (the pilot)
born on 10-24-1919 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 2-11-2008 in Havertown, Pennsylvania   age 88   cause: complications from strokes
cellist  Gregor Piatigorsky
born on 4-17-1903 in Yekaterinoslav, Russia
expired 8-6-1976 in Los Angeles, California   age 73
Argentinian composer  Astor Piazzolla   wrote for the Bandonion
born on 3-11-1921 in Mar del Plata, Argentina
expired 7-5-1992 in Buenos Aires, Argentina   age 71
mathematician  Charles Emil Picard   secretary to the French Academy of Sciences (1917-41)
born on 7-24-1856 in Paris, France
expired 12-11-1941 in Paris, France   age 85
controversial artist  Pablo Ruiz y Picasso   awarded 1962 Lenin Peace Prize
¤full name: Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Nepomuceno Paria de los Remedios de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Picasso 
born on 10-25-1881 in Malaga, Spain
expired 4-8-1973 in Mougins, France   age 91
scientist & inventor  Auguste Piccard   set world altitude record in balloon (1932); co-inventor of the bathyscaphe; set world deep-dive record in 1954 in it; twin brother of Jean-Felix
born on 1-28-1884 in Basel, Switzerland
expired 3-1-1962 in Lausanne, Switzerland   age 78
aquanaut  Jacques Piccard   son of Auguste; father of Bertrand; with Don Walsh dove to the bottom of the Mariana's Trench (January 23, 1960) in the bathyscape Trieste
born on 7-28-1922 in Brussels, Belgium
expired 11-1-2008 in Cully, Switzerland   age 86
chemist & balloonist  Jean-Felix Piccard   made first successful ascent into stratosphere; twin brother of Auguste
born on 1-28-1884 in Basel, Switzerland
expired 1-28-1963 in Minneapolis, Minnesota   age 78
Chicago Bears halfback  Brian Louis Piccolo   subject of made-for-tv movie Brian's Song
born on 10-24-1943 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts
expired 6-16-1970 in Chicago, Illinois   age 26   cause: cancer
to next Pope: Paul IIto previous Pope: Callistus III Catholic Church leader (1458-1464)  Enea Silvio de' Piccolomini   elected 211th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church August 19, 1458
¤Pope Pius II 
born on 10-18-1405 in Corsignano, Italy
expired 8-14-1464 in Ancona, Italy   age 58
to next Pope: Julis IIto previous Pope: Alexander VI Catholic Church leader (1503)  Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini   elected 216th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church September 22, 1503; lasted 26 days as Pope
¤Pope Pius III 
born on 5-29-1439 in Siena, Italy
expired 10-18-1503 in Rome, Italy   age 64
Character actor  Paul Picerni   portrayed FBI agent Lee Hobson opposite Robert Stack's Eliot Ness on The Untouchables (1960-63) & Scott Andrews in House of Wax (1953); during World War II had been a bombardier aboard one of the B-24s that attacked Bridge 277 on the River Kwai
¤born: Horace Paul Picerni 
born on 12-1-1922 in Corona, Queens, New York, New York
expired 1-13-2011 in Llano, California   age 88   cause: heart attack
movie actor & director  Irving Pichel   "discovered" Natalie Wood
born on 6-24-1891 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 7-13-1954 in La Cañada, California   age 63
actor  "Slim" Pickens   played Colonel "King" Kong in Dr. Strangelove & Hollis E. "Holly" Wood in 1941
¤born: Louis Bert Lindley Jr. 
born on 6-29-1919 in Kingsburg, California
expired 12-8-1983 in Modesto, California   age 64   cause: brain tumor
folk-rock singer/guitarist  Nigel Pickering   a founding member of the group Spanky and Our Gang
¤born: Fredy Ray Pickering 
born on 6-15-1930 in Pontiac, MIssouri
expired 5-5-2011 in Saint Augustine, Florida   age 81   cause: liver cancer
electrical engineer Dr.  William Hayward Pickering   former director of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (1954-76); instrumental in the January 31, 1958 launch of Explorer I (the US's first satellite; it carried James Van Allen's geiger counter)
born on 12-24-1910 in Wellington, New Zealand
expired 3-15-2004 in La Cañada Flintridge, California   age 93   cause: pneumonia
Cover of 'Monster Mash' 45 rpm record sleeve singer  Robert George Pickett   had 1960s novelty hit with Monster Mash
¤aka: Bobby "Boris" Pickett 
born on 2-11-1938 in Somerville, Massachusetts
expired 4-25-2007 in Los Angeles, California   age 69   cause: leukemia
"wicked" soul singer  Wilson Pickett   had hits with Mustang Sally & In the Midnight Hour
born on 3-18-1941 in Prattville, Alabama
expired 1-19-2006 in Reston, Virginia   age 64   cause: heart attack
silent film actress  Lottie Pickford   sister of Mary
¤born: Charlotte Smith 
born on 6-9-1895 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
expired 12-9-1936 in Los Angeles, California   age 41   cause: heart attack
actress  Mary Pickford   co-founder of United Artists studio
¤born: Gladys Mary Smith 
born on 4-9-1893 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
expired 5-29-1979 in Santa Monica, California   age 86   cause: stroke
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO, HA, RR, VM30.8%
   Scored 2 points
1980 JH

former Texas rep. (1963-94)  James Jarrell "Jake" Pickle   one of the weasels that started stripping boomers of their Social Security retirment benefits
born on 10-11-1913 in Roscoe, Texas
expired 6-18-2005 in Austin, Texas   age 91
brief record holder  Eva Pickles   Guinness (erroneously) declared her Britain's oldest woman following the death of Eva Morris
¤born: Eva Ponting 
born on 6-20-1891
expired 11-28-2000 in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England   age 109
Yiddish actress  Molly Picon
born on 6-1-1898 in New York, New York
expired 4-5-1992 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania   age 93
actor  Walter Pidgeon   Professor Morbius (conjurer of the Id Monster) in Forbidden Planet (1956) & Admiral Harriman Nelson in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
born on 9-23-1898 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
expired 9-25-1984 in Santa Monica, California   age 86
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO7.7%
1980 DO, GP12.5%

jazz pianist  Billie Goodson Pierce   1960s Preservation Hall jazz band co-leader (with husband De De)
expired 10-10-1974 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 67
investment brokerage co-founder  Edward Allen Pierce   last survivor of group that founded Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Beane (later Beane replaced by Smith)
born on 8-31-1874 in Orrington, Maine
expired 12-16-1974 in New York, New York   age 100
to next U.S. president: James Buchananto previous U.S. president: Millard Fillmore 14th U.S. president (1853-57)  Franklin Pierce
born on 11-23-1804 in Hillsboro, New Hampshire
expired 10-8-1869 in Concord, New Hampshire   age 64
electrical engineer Dr.  John Robinson Pierce   headed the Bell Labs teams that invented the transistor (he gave it it's name) & the first communications satellite, Echo I
born on 3-27-1910 in Des Moines, Iowa
expired 4-2-2002 in Sunnyvale, California   age 92
jazz trumpeter  Joseph de la Croix "De De" Pierce   1960s Preservation Hall jazz band co-leader (with wife Billie)
born on 2-18-1904
expired 11-23-1973 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 69   cause: pneumonia; cancer of esophagus
former CBS News photographer  Laurens Pierce   photographed Arthur Bremer's May 1972 attempted assassination of George Wallace
born on 11-19-1915
expired 8-26-1982   age 66   cause: heart attack
former Forham football player  Nathaniel J. Pierce   Seven Blocks of Granite guard (class of 1937)
born on 1-19-1913 in Biddleford, Maine
expired 7-28-1975 in Biddleford, Maine   age 62
former Reagan H.U.D. secretary (1981-89)  Samuel Riley Pierce Jr.
born on 9-8-1922 in Glen Cove, New York
expired 10-31-2000 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 78   cause: complications from stroke
country singer  Webb Pierce
born on 8-8-1921 in West Monroe, Louisiana
expired 2-23-1991 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 69
physicist/white supremecist Dr.  William Luther Pierce   wrote The Turner Diaries under pen name Andrew Macdonald (1978)
born on 9-11-1933 in Atlanta, Georgia
expired 7-23-2002 in Mill Point, West Virginia   age 68   cause: cancer
former CBS News White House correspondent  Robert Charles "Bob" Pierpoint
born on 5-16-1925 in Redondo Beach, California
expired 10-22-2011 in Santa Barbara, California   age 86   cause: complications for surgery; broken hip
surviving World War I military veteran  Antonio Pierro   last surviving U.S. combat veteran of that war
born on 2-15-1896 in Forenza, Italy
expired 2-8-2007 in Salem, Massachusetts   age 110
Detroit tv travel host  George Pierrot
born on 1-11-1898
expired 2-16-1980   age 82
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO, JW, RR23.1%
1980 DO, DR, JW, RR25.0%
   Scored 1.8000 points

ex-football player  Nick Pietrosante
expired 2-6-1988   age 50
to next Pope: Clement XIto previous Pope: Alexander VIII Catholic Church leader (1691-1700)  Antonio Pignatelli   elected 243rd Pope of the Roman Catholic Church July 12, 1691
¤Pope Innocent XII 
born on 3-13-1615 in Spinazzolo, Italy
expired 9-27-1700 in Rome, Italy   age 85
Princess  Conchita Sepulveda Pignatelli   society columnist for Los Angeles, Examiner; her dad was namesake of L.A.'s Sepulveda Boulevard
born on 5-2-1898 in Mexico City, Mexico
expired 7-6-1972 in Los Angeles, California   age 84   cause: heart attack
former NY Rangers hockey player  Alfred George Pike   member of their 1940 Stanley Cup-winning team (during the off-season worked in a mortuary)
¤aka: "The Embalmer" 
born on 9-15-1917 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
expired 3-1-2009 in Calgary, Albert, Canada   age 91
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 5.9000 solo points

U.S. Army explorer  Zebulon Montgomery Pike   first set sight on his eponymous peak November 15, 1806
born on 2-5-1779 in Lamberton, New Jersey
expired 4-27-1813 in York, Ontario, Canada   age 34   cause: war wounds
exercise guru  Joseph Hubertus Pilates
born on --1880 in Mönchengladbach, Germany
expired 10-??-1967 in New York, New York   age 87   cause: complications from smoke inhalation
pioneering balloonist  Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozière   on November 21, 1783 became first person to ascend in an untethered balloon (built by the Montgolfièr brothers, Jacques Étienne and Joseph Michel); he was accompanied by his friend Marquis d'Arlandes for the 25 minute 5½ mile flight originating in Paris, ascending to over 3,000 feet
born on 3-30-1754 in Metz, France
expired 6-15-1785 in English Channel   age 31   cause: balloon caught fire, exploded, crashed
lip-sync artist  Robert W. Pilatus   half of the Milli Vanilli duo
born on 6-8-1964 in New York, New York
expired 4-4-1998 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany   age 33   cause: heart attack; (drug induced)
tv writer/producer  Michael Piller   author of phrase "...resistance is futile..." (from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Best of Both Worlds, Part I; 1990); co-creator of the Dead Zone tv series; co-creator of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & Star Trek: Voyager tv series
born on 5-30-1948 in Port Chester, New York
expired 11-1-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 57   cause: head and neck cancer
Pillsbury Mills director  Alfred Fiske Pillsbury   son of company co-founder
expired 3-12-1950 in Minneapolis, Minnesota   age 81
original "dough-boy"  Charles Alfred Pillsbury   invented improved method of wheat milling (1889); co-founded Pillsbury Mills
born on 12-3-1842 in Warner, New Hampshire
expired 9-17-1899 in Minneapolis, Minnesota   age 56
calypso musician  Lancelot Victor Edward Pinard   help to introduce calypso music to the U.S.
¤stage name: "Sir Lancelot" 
born on 5-24-1902 in Cumuto, Trinidad
expired 3-12-2001 in Anaheim, California   age 98
musicologist  Marc Pincherle   developed the catalog on Antonio Vivaldi's works
born on 6-13-1888 in Constantine, Algeria
expired 6-20-1974 in Paris, France   age 86   cause: heart attack
tv writer/producer  Irving Pincus   creator/co-developer of The Real McCoys tv series (1957-63)
born on 3-14-1914 in New York, New York
expired 5-13-1984 in Santa Monica, California   age 70   cause: cancer
tv writer/producer  Norman Pincus   co-developer of The Real McCoys tv series (1957-63)
born on 3-27-1906 in New York, New York
expired 10-30-1978 in West Hollywood, California   age 72
first Bahamian prime minister (1967-92) Sir  Lynden Oscar Pindling
born on 3-22-1930 in Nassau, Bahamas
expired 8-26-2000 in Nassau, Bahamas   age 70   cause: prostate cancer
character actor  Phillip E. Pine   portrayed psychotic megalomaniac Colonel Green in original Star Trek series episode The Savage Curtain
born on 7-16-1920 in Hanford, California
expired 12-22-2006 in Van Nuys, California   age 86
Columbian dictator (1953-57) General  Gustavo Rojas Pinilla   overthrew president Laureano Gómez to gain power; lost power when overthrown by Laureano Gómez
born on 3-12-1900 in Tunja, Columbia
expired 1-17-1975 in Bogotá, Columbia   age 74
Pink's hotdog stand L.A. hotdog seller  Paul L. Pink   founded famed establishment (Pink's) at corner of Melrose & LaBrea (1939)
born on 3-23-1908 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
expired 2-29-1996 in Los Angeles, California   age 87   cause: heart attack
awful movie writer/director/producer  Sidney W. Pink   associate producer of Bwana Devil (1952) & The Twonky (1953); co-wrote & produced Angry Red Planet (1959) & Man from O.R.G.Y. (1970); "discovered" Dustin Hoffman
born on 3-6-1916 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 10-12-2002 in Pompano Beach, Florida   age 86   cause: "a long illness"
jazz composer  Maceo Pinkard   co-wrote Sweet Georgia Brown (December, 1925), theme of the Harlem Globetrotters; wrote music & lyrics to Broadway show Liza (1922) that introduced the Charleston dance
born on 6-27-1897 in Bluefield, West Virginia
expired 7-19-1962 in New York, New York   age 65
classical composer/musician  Daniel Pinkham   played the organ & harpsichord; great grandson of Lydia Pinkham
born on 6-5-1923 in Lynn, Massachusetts
expired 12-9-2006 in Natick, Massachusetts   age 83   cause: chronic lymphocytic leukemia
vocalist  Willie "Bill" Pinkney   last member of the original Drifters group; he left the group in 1958, prior to their biggest hits; he also played in the Negro Baseball Leagues New York Blue Sox team as a pitcher (1940s & 1950s)
born on 8-15-1925 in Dalzell, South Carolina
expired 7-4-2007 in Daytona Beach, Florida   age 81
I am *SUCH* a sack of excrement! former Chilean army General & junta leader  Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte   along with General Gustavo Guzmán, General César Mendoza and Admiral José Toribio Merino overthrew Salvadore Allende in September 1973; Chilean "president" (1973-90)
born on 11-25-1915 in Valparaiso, Chile
expired 12-9-2006 in Santiago, Chile   age 91   cause: heart failure; complications from stroke
   Contest Selectors
2001ANG, DTM, KLS, RR50%
2002ANG, JAC, MORB, RAVN, RR45.5%
2003ANG, KLS, MB, PCD, RAVN, RR33.3%
   Scored 3.4003 points

AKS: Jose Ramon
ex-baseball player  Vada Edward Pinson
born on 8-8-1938 in Memphis, Tennessee
expired 10-21-1995 in Oakland, California   age 57
playwright  Harold Pinter   recipient of the 2005 Nobel Prize in literature
born on 10-10-1930 in Hackney, London, England
expired 12-24-2008 in London, England   age 78   cause: esophageal cancer
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 4.7024 points

opera & Broadway musical singer  Ezio Pinza
¤born: Fortunato Pinza 
born on 5-18-1892 in Rome, Italy
expired 5-9-1957 in Stamford, Connecticut   age 64
aviation firm founder  William Thomas Piper   designer of the popular Piper "Cub" aircraft
born on 1-8-1881 in Knapps Creek, New York
expired 1-15-1970 in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania   age 89
author  Luigi Pirandello   received the 1934 Nobel prize in literature
born on 6-28-1867 in Girgenti, Sicily, Italy
expired 12-10-1936 in Rome, Italy   age 69
Dominican priest  Georges Charles Clement Ghislain Pire   winner of the 1958 Nobel peace prize
born on 2-10-1910 in Dinant, Belgium
expired 1-30-1969 in Brussels, Belgium   age 58   cause: complications following surgery
tire maker  Alberto Pirelli   built the Norge dirigible for Nobile
expired 10-19-1971 in Casciano, Italy   age 89
industrialist  Piero Pirelli   manufactured tires & racy calendars
expired 8-7-1956 in Milan, France   age 75
commercial artist  George V. Pisani   drew Elsie the Cow for Borden Dairy
born on 9-5-1912 in New Rochelle, New York
expired 10-9-1999 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan   age 87   cause: cancer
composer  Walter Hamor Piston   awarded Pulitzer Prize in music 1948 & 1961
born on 1-20-1894 in Rockland, Maine
expired 11-12-1976 in Belmont, Massachusetts   age 82
 Edward John Piszek   (with bread salesman John Paul) co-founded Mrs. Paul's Kitchens (1946)
born on 10-24-1916 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-27-2004 in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania   age 87   cause: bone cancer
tv actor & director  Noam Pitlik   won a 1979 Emmy for directing episodes of Barney Miller
born on 11-4-1932 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 2-18-1999 in Los Angeles, California   age 66   cause: lung cancer
Titanic 3rd officer  Herbert John Pitman
born on 11-20-1877 in Sutton Montis, Somerset, England
expired 12-7-1961 in Pitcomb, Somerset, England   age 84   cause: subarachnoid hemorrhage
songwriter/singer  Gene Francis Alan Pitney   wrote Hello Mary Lou & Rubber Ball (1961); recorded Town Without Pity & Only Love Can Break a Heart
born on 2-17-1940 in Hartford, Connecticut
expired 4-5-2006 in Cardiff, Wales   age 66
Ingrid, cleaning up after a sloppy night of 'dining' Hammer Films horror queen  Ingrid Pitt   appeared in Where Eagles Dare (1968); The Vampire Lovers as Marcilla (1970), Countess Dracula as Countess Elizabeth Nodosheen (1971), The Wicker Man as the Librarian (1973) as well as a number of episodes of Dr. Who as Dr. Solow and Queen Galleia (1972 & 1984)
¤born: Ingoushka Petrov 
born on 11-21-1937 in Poland
expired 11-23-2010 in London, England   age 73   cause: heart failure
1960s Chicago Bears running back  Elijah Eugene Pitts
born on 2-3-1938 in Mayflower, Arkansas
expired 7-10-1998 in Buffalo, New York   age 60   cause: abdominal cancer
character actress  Eliza Susan Pitts
¤nickname: "Zasu
born on 1-3-1900 in Parsons, Kansas
expired 6-7-1963 in Hollywood, California   age 63
brutal conquistador  Francisco Pizarro   founded Lima, Peru; destroyed the Incan Civilization
born on ??-??-1470 in Trujilo, Spain
expired 6-26-1541 in Lima, Peru   age 70
frontier school marm/bimbo  Etta «or» Ethel Place   shacked-up with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; went with them to South America; recently an alternate history has been developed for her: born Ann Bassett in Brown's Park, Utah on 5/25/1878 she used Etta or Ethel Place as an alias (Pinkerton records initial have her as Ethel). After returning from South America she married Frank Wilis (1923) and died in Leeds, Utah in 1956. We'll see if we can gain further verification of this theory.
born on --1878
expired ??-??-1909 in San Vincente, Bolivia   age 31
author  Belva Plain   widow of Irving Plain; wrote numerous novels, such as Evergreen (1978) & The Golden Cup
¤née: Offenberg 
born on 10-9-1915 in New York, New York
expired 10-12-2010 in Short Hills, New Jersey   age 95
insurance salesman  Ralph Summers Plaisted   lead a team to the North Pole on snowmobiles — became the first undisputed people to reach the pole over the ice (April 19, 1968)
born on 9-30-1927 in Bruno, Minnesota
expired 9-8-2008 in Wyoming, Minnesota   age 80   cause: heart attack
quantum theory physicist  Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck   won the 1918 Nobel physics prize
born on 4-23-1858 in Kiel, Germany
expired 10-4-1947 in Göttingen, Germany   age 89
troubled former child actress  Dana Michelle Plato   played Kimberly Drummond on Diff'rent Strokes (1978-84); did June 1989 Playboy pictorial; her son (Tyler Lambert) committed suicide in May of 2010
born on 11-1-1963 in Maywood, California
expired 5-8-1999 in Moore, Oklahoma   age 35   cause: multidrug intoxication; an intentional overdose of carisoprodol & hyrdrocodone/acetaminophen
actor  Edward Platt   was Control on Get Smart tv series
born on 2-14-1916 in Staten Island, New York
expired 3-19-1974 in Santa Monica, California   age 58
actor  Donald Pleasence   played villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld in You Only Live Twice & Colin 'the forger' Blythe in The Great Escape
born on 10-5-1919 in Worksop, England
expired 2-2-1995 in Saint Paul de Vence, France   age 75
crackpot eugenicist physician  Walter Ashby Plecker   named Virginia's first registrar of their "Bureau of Vital Statistics" (1912-46) — a vigorous enforcer of anti-miscegenation laws; so vigorous that he classified native Americans as "Black", Asian Americans as "Black", etc.; a co-founder of the Anglo-Saxon Clubs of America (1922); along with John Powell got the Virginia legislature to pass the Racial Integrity Act (1924), one of the biggest diaper loads of racist claptrap ever put to paper (eventually struck down in Loving et al v. Virginia, 1967)
born on 4-2-1861 in Augusta County, Virginia
expired 8-??-1947 in Richmond, Virginia   age 86   cause: run over by a car (he always refused to look before he stepped into the street)
actress  Suzzane Pleshette   best known for playing Emily Hartley on the Bob Newhart Show (1972-78); being treated for lung cancer (8/2006); widow of Tom Poston
born on 1-31-1937 in Brooklyn Heights, New York, New York
expired 1-19-2008 in Los Angeles, California   age 70   cause: respiratory failure
   Contest Selectors
2007LMLD, MOT, OIE, RAVN12.9%
2008LMLD, MORB, NFG, RAVN12.5%
   Scored 5.8125 points

AKS: Pleschette
ruthless commie General  Nicolae Plesita   was head of the Roumanian Secret Police for Nicolae Ceausescu; employed Carlos the Jackal to assassinate people; violently put the "dictate" in dictatorship
born on 4-16-1929
expired 9-28-2009 in Bucharest, Roumania   age 80
 Albert Plesman   a founder of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
born on --1889
expired 12-31-1953 in The Hague, The Netherlands   age 64   cause: abdominal arterial hemorrhage
7/8 caucasian "colored" man  Homer Adolph Plessy   in 1892 convicted of violating Louisiana's railroad Separate Car Act for refusing to move to the "colored" car; in Plessy v. Ferguson (1896 #210) the Supreme Court ruled that separate-but-equal accomodations were constitutional
born on 3-17-1862 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 3-1-1925 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 62
AKS: Adolf Plessey Plessie
concert pianist  Ignaz Joseph Pleyel   wrote numerous symphonies & sonatas; founded a piano factory (1797); alleged to have composed a familiar theme
born on 6-1-1757 in Ruppertsthal, Austria
expired 11-14-1831 in Paris, France   age 74
author  George Ames Plimpton   did January 1975 Playboy pictorial attempting to photograph a playmate
born on 3-18-1927 in New York, New York
expired 9-25-2003 in New York, New York   age 76   cause: heart attack
safe shipping crusader (1878)  Samuel Plimsoll   namesake of amidship load line on cargo vessels
born on 2-10-1824 in Bristol, Avon, England
expired 6-3-1898 in London, England   age 74
historian  Pliny the Elder   sailed his ship into the harbor to "get a better view" of the Vesuvius eruption & got caught in a pyroclasic flow
¤aka: Gaius Plinius Secundus 
born on --23 in Como, Italy
expired 8-24-79 in Stabiae, Italy   age 56   cause: asphyxiation
bacteriologist Dr.  Harry Plotz   discovered the typhus bacillus & a typhus vaccine
expired 1-6-1947 in New York, New York   age 55
ill-fated auto driver  Leslie Ann Pluhar   gale force winds contributed to her 1987 blue Yugo's "jump" over the guard rail of the Mackinac Bridge to the Straits of Mackinac below (a 140 foot upside-down plunge to the water, then 100 feet more to the bottom of the channel); first driver to die in a plunge from the bridge
expired 9-22-1989 in Straits of Mackinac, Michigan   age 31   cause: drowned; blunt force trauma
World War II flier  Desmond Lancelot Plunkett   an organizer of the "Great Escape" from Stalag Luft III (3/24/1944)
born on 2-21-1915 in India
expired 2-14-2002 in Storrington, England   age 86
duPont research chemist Dr.  Roy Joseph Plunkett   while working with freon discovered that a cylinder of it had polymerized into polytetrafluoroethylene resin (1938); he was able to duplicate the process, opening the way for the mass production of what was trade named Teflon
born on 6-26-1910 in New Carlisle, Ohio
expired 5-12-1994 in Corpus Christi, Texas   age 83

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