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American Indian princess  Pocahontas   saved life of Captain John Smith; daughter of Powhatan; wife of John Rolfe
¤aka: Matoaka 
born on --1585 in North America (Virginia Colony)
expired 3-??-1617 in Gravesend, England   age 31
tenor saxophonist  John M. Pocisk   leader of the rock band Johnny & the Hurricanes; had hits with Crossfire, Red River Rock, Beatnik Fly & Reville Rock
¤aka: "Johnny Paris
born on 8-29-1940 in Wallbridge, Ohio
expired 5-1-2006 in Ann Arbor, Michigan   age 65
tunesmith  Lee Julian Pockriss   wrote a number of tunes (along with lyricist Paul Vance); his most famous would probably be Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (1960 hit for Brian Hyland)
born on 1-20-1924 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 11-14-2011 in Bridgewater, Connecticut   age 87   cause: complications from stroke
one-time "world wrestling champion"  Ivan Maximovich Poddubny
¤wrestled under the name "Ivan the Terrible" 
expired 8-8-1949 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 78
Soviet president  Nikolai Viktorovich Podgorney
born on 2-18-1903 in Karlovka, Ukraine, Russia
expired 1-11-1983   age 79
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1979 RR7.7%
1980 RR6.3%

author  Edgar Allan Poe   invented the modern detective story; wrote The Raven (1845), The Telltale Heart, Murders in the Rue Morgue
born on 1-19-1809 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 10-7-1849 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 40   cause: rabies (?)
action movie actor  Fernando Poe Jr.   ran for president of the Philippines; lost & wouldn't conceed defeat
¤born: Ronald Allan Kelley Poe 
born on 8-20-1939 in San Carlos City, Pangasinan, The Philippines
expired 12-14-2004 in Manilla, The Phillipines   age 65   cause: stroke
former pro wrassler  Randall Mario Poffo   was the ex-husband of "Miss Elizabeth" (1984-92)
¤aka: "Randy 'Macho Man' Savage
born on 11-15-1952 in Columbus, Ohio
expired 5-20-2011 in Largo, Florida   age 58   cause: car crash; heart attack while driving
lawyer  Lloyd Welch Pogue   headed the Civil Aeronautics Board in 1940s; helped write original civil aviation rules
born on 10-12-1899 in Grant, Iowa
expired 5-10-2003 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 103
writer  Ilse C. Pohl
born on 5-7-1907 in Berlin, Imperial Germany
expired 5-13-2010 in Hesse, Germany   age 103
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Minnesota Twins owner (1984-2009)  Carl Ray Pohlad
born on 8-23-1915 in Valley Junction, Iowa
expired 1-5-2009 in Edina, Minnesota   age 93
   Contest Selectors
2008DTM, PCD6.3%
2009DTM, PCD6.7%
   Scored 4.4500 points

mathematician  Jules Henri Poincaré
born on 4-29-1854 in Nancy, Lorraine, France
expired 7-17-1912 in Paris, France   age 58
AKS: Poincare
Van Buren Secretary of War (1837-40)  Joel Roberts Poinsett   first U.S. ambassador to Mexico (1825-29); an amateur botanist who developed the flower that bears his name (Poinsettia)
born on 3-2-1779 in Charleston, South Carolina
expired 12-12-1851 in Statesburg, South Carolina   age 72
Pointer Sisters singer  June Pointer
born on 11-30-1953 in East Oakland, California
expired 4-11-2006 in Santa Monica, California   age 52   cause: cancer
French movie producer  Alain Poiré   headed Gaumont International since 1960; produced Jean de Florette & Manon des Sources (1986)
born on 2-13-1917 in Paris, France
expired 1-14-2000 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France   age 82
writer/actor  Jean Poiret   wrote/original star of La Cage Aux Folles
¤born: Jean Poiré 
born on 8-17-1926 in Paris, France
expired 3-14-1992 in Paris, France   age 65   cause: heart attack
movie/tv composer  Basilis Poledouris   wrote music for lots of well-known tv/movie productions, like: Lonesome Dove, The Blue Lagoon (1980), Conan the Barbarian (1982), Summer Lovers (1982), Red Dawn 1984), Conan the Destroyer (1984), Robocop (1987), The Hunt for red October (1990), Free Willy (1993) & Starship Troopers (1997)
born on 8-21-1945 in Kansas City, Missouri
expired 11-8-2006 in Los Angeles, California   age 61   cause: cancer
former Beirut University business professor  Robert B. Polhill   kidnapped January 24, 1987 and held as a hostage until 1990
born on 6-3-1934 in Beacon, New York
expired 7-1-1999 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 65   cause: chemotherapy complications (had throat & bladder cancer)
actress  Charlene A. Polite   played the Troglyte xenite miner/resistance head Vanna in the original Star Trek episode "The Cloud Minders" (1969) & Anna Hawaii Five-O episode "The Second Shot"
¤ex-Mrs. Frank Polite 
born on 6-30-1943 in Ohio
expired 6-21-1999 in Youngstown, Ohio   age 55   cause: cancer
investigative reporter  Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaya   a harsh critic of Vladimir Putin
¤née: Mazepa 
born on 8-30-1958 in New York, New York
expired 10-7-2006 in Moscow, Russia   age 48   cause: assassinated
CBS Middle East correspondent  George Polk   disappeared 5-8-1948 while covering the Greek civil war; body found 5-16-1948; namesake of prestigious journalism award
born on --1913 in Texas
expired 11-9-1948 in Salonica, Greece   age 34   cause: executed; shot in back of head
retired General  James Hilliard Polk
born on 12-13-1911 in Camp McGraw, Philippines
expired 2-18-1992 in El Paso, Texas   age 80   cause: pneumonia; cancer
to next U.S. president: Zachary Taylorto previous U.S. president: John Tyler 11th U.S. president (1845-49)  James Knox Polk   led U.S. war against Mexico that annexed much of the southwest (1846-48)
born on 11-2-1795 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
expired 6-15-1849 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 53   cause: cholera?
a 1980s photo of Margaret Polk, flanked by R. Hanson (l) and Robert Morgan (r) Memphis-born "belle"  Margaret Polk   a direct descendant of the former U.S. president; her one-time fiance named a World War II B-17 bomber for her — they/she never married
born on 12-15-1922 in Memphis, Tennessee
expired 4-15-1990 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 67
movie director  Sydney Irwin Pollack   directed Out of Africa (1985; Best Director oscar)
born on 7-1-1934 in Lafayette, Indiana
expired 5-26-2008 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 73   cause: cancer
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   Scored 7.7000 solo points

2005 NFL Hall of Fame inductee  Frederick Douglass "Fritz" Pollard Sr.   was the first black coach of in the American Professional Football Association (1921) — the APFA was renamed to the National Football League in 1922
born on 1-27-1894 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 5-11-1986 in Silver Spring, Maryland   age 92
silent film comedian  Harry "Snub" Pollard
¤born: Harold Fraser 
born on 11-9-1889 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
expired 1-19-1962 in Burbank, California   age 72   cause: cancer
early movie director  Harry A. Pollard   directed The Invisible Ray serial (1920) & Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927)
born on 1-23-1883 in Republic City, Kansas
expired 7-6-1934 in Pasadena, California   age 51   cause: cancer
 Abraham "Abe" Pollin   owner of the Washington Wizards
born on 12-3-1923 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 11-24-2009   age 85   cause: complications from progressive supranuclear palsy
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   Scored 6.5000 solo points

13th century Venetian explorer  Marco Polo   his accounts of his journey to Cathay and residence at the court of Kubla Khan formed the bulk of the west's knowledge of the east for several centuries
born on --1254 in Venice, Italy
expired 1-9-1324 in Venice, Italy   age 69
blacklisted film writer & director  Abraham Lincoln Polonsky
born on 12-10-1910 in New York, New York
expired 10-26-1999 in Beverly Hills, California   age 88
genocidal Khmer Rouge despot  Pol Pot   good riddance; used end of Vietnam War to take over Cambodia; brother of Nhep, Roeung & Seng
¤born: Saloth Sar 
born on 5-19-1925 in Prek Sbov, Cambodia
expired 4-15-1998 in Anlong Veng, Cambodia   age 73   cause: heart attack (or smothered with a pillow, depending upon who's story you believe)
   Contest Selectors
1979 MS, RR15.4%
1980 EK, VA12.5%

the I.G. Farben Building (now Poelzig-Bau) Bauhaus architect  Hans Pölzig   designed the I.G. Farben Building in downtown Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany
born on 4-30-1869 in Berlin, Germany
expired 6-14-1936 in Berlin, Germany   age 67
AKS: Polzig Poelzig
film producer  Eric Pommer   produced Metropolis (1927) for Ufa
born on 7-20-1889 in Hildesheim, Germany
expired 5-8-1966 in Hollywood, California   age 76
Roman statesman and army officer  Pompeius Magnus   member of Rome's First Triumvirate with Julius Caesar and Marcus Crassus in 60 BC; son-in-law of Julius Caesar
¤aka: Pompey the Great 
born on 9-30-106 BC in Rome, Italy
expired 9-29-48 BC in Alexandria, Egypt   age 57
French president (1969-74)  Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou   protégé of Charles de Gaulle
born on 7-5-1911 in Montboudif, Auvergne, France
expired 4-2-1974 in Paris, France   age 62
Spanish explorer  Juan Ponce de Leon   discovered Florida (right where the Indians left it) in 1513 while searching for the Fountain of Youth
born on 4-8-1460 in Leon, Spain
expired ??-??-1521 in Havana, Cuba   age 60
composer  Amilcare Ponchielli   wrote La Gioconda (1876) which contained the Dance of the Hours
born on 8-31-1834 in Paderno, Italy
expired 1-16-1886 in Milan, Italy   age 51
Texas death row inmate  Willie Earl Pondexter Jr.
born on 3-5-1974 in Livingston, Texas
expired 3-4-2009 in Huntsville, Texas   age 34   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 9.1781 points

AKS: Poindexter
AMPEX founder  Alexander M. Poniatoff   corporate acronym stands for "Alexander M. Poniatoff - Excellence"
born on 3-25-1892
expired 10-24-1980   age 88
Met Opera soprano (1931-60)  Lily Pons   wife of Andre Kostelanetz
born on 4-12-1904 in Cannes, France
expired 2-13-1976 in Dallas, Texas   age 71
Metropolitan Opera soprano (1918-37)  Rosa Ponselle
¤Mrs. Carle A. Jackson 
born on 1-22-1894 in Meriden, Connecticut
expired 5-25-1981 in Stevenson, Maryland   age 87   cause: heart attack; complications from stroke
   Contest Selectors
1980 GP6.3%

producer  Carlo Ponti   won 1956 oscar for La Strada; husband of Sophia Loren
born on 12-14-1913 in Magenta, Lombardy, Italy
expired 1-9-2007 in Geneva, Switzerland   age 93   cause: pulmonary failure
   Contest Selectors
2002DTM, JAC, RR27.3%
2003OGGI, PCD, RR16.7%
2004ADWC, PCD, RR16.7%
2005ADWC, PCD, QKU, RR17.4%
2006ADWC, QKU, RR, WEP13.3%
2007ADWC, PCD, QKU, RR12.9%
   Scored 3.5125 points

Ottawa  Chief Pontiac   led attack on Detroit (1763); namesake for General Motors auto line
born on --1720 in Ohio
expired 4-20-1769 in Missouri   age 48
French/Italian World War I veteran  Lazare Ponticelli   had been the oldest man in Italy and France
¤born: Lazarro Ponticelli 
born on 12-7-1897 in Bettola, Piaceriza, Italy
expired 3-12-2008 in Kremlin-Bicêtre, Île-de-France, France   age 110
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 4.0000 solo points

writer  Henrik Pontoppidan   shared the 1917 Nobel prize in literature
born on 7-24-1857 in Fredericia, Jutland, Denmark
expired 8-21-1943 in Ordrup, Denmark   age 86
eponymous pyramid scheme swindler  Charles Ponzi   infamous for his International Postal Union Reply Coupon scheme in Boston (1919-20); died penniless
¤born: Carlo Pietro Giovanni Guglielmo Tebaldo Ponzi 
born on 3-3-1882 in Lugo, Italy
expired 1-15-1949 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   age 66   cause: cerebral blood clot
Lehmi-Shoshone Indian  Marlene Tendoy Poog   descendant of Sacagawea
born on 7-5-1912
expired 3-26-2000 in Fort Hall, Idaho   age 87
actor  Kent Poole   played Merle Webb (number 12) in Hoosiers
born on 12-9-1963 in Advance, Indiana
expired 9-11-2003 in Crawfordsville, Indiana   age 39   cause: suicide; hanged
Sylvania Electric Products founder  Frank A. Poor
expired 6-17-1956 in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire   age 76
Il Progresso publisher  Generoso Paul Pope Sr.   managed of WHOM radio
expired 4-28-1950 in New York, New York   age 59
National Enquirer founder  Generoso Paul Pope Jr.
born on 1-13-1927 in New York, New York
expired 10-2-1988 in Lantana, Florida   age 61
Titanic survivor  Louise Gretchen Kink-Heilmann Pope
born on 9-30-1903
expired 4-??-1992   age 88
inventor  Samuel J. Popeil   co-founded Popeil Bros. (1939); invented the Veg-O-Matic & Pocket Fisherman; father of Ron
born on 1-22-1915
expired 7-17-1984 in Miami, Florida   age 69
carpenter  Cedric Bassett Popkin   as a machine gunner during World War I fired the bullet that killed the Red Barron
born on --1889 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
expired 1-??-1968   age 78
mathematician Sir  John Anthony Pople   winner of the 1998 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 10-31-1925 in Burnham-on-Sea, England
expired 3-15-2004 in Chicago, Illinois   age 78   cause: liver cancer
early radio experimenter  Alexander Stepanovitch Popov   one of the claimants for inventor of radio (along with Marconi & de Forest)
born on 3-16-1859 in Turinsk District, Russia
expired 1-13-1906   age 46
AKS: Popoff
Vostok 4 cosmonaut  Pavel Romanovich Popovich   became the 6th person (4th Soviet) to orbit the earth (August 1962)
born on 10-5-1929 in Uzin, Ukraine, USSR
expired 9-30-2009 in Gurzuf, Crimea, Ukraine   age 79   cause: stroke
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   Scored 7.1000 solo points

rock band Toto's drummer  Jeffrey T. Porcaro
born on 4-1-1954
expired 8-5-1992   age 38
former Panamanian president (1912-16, 1918-24)  Belisario Porras
expired 8-28-1942 in Panama City, Panama   age 85
Volkswagon "Beetle" designer and founder (at Hitler's behest)  Ferdinand Porsche Sr.   also designed race cars
born on 9-3-1875 in Maffersdorf, Bohemia
expired 1-30-1951 in Stuttgart, Germany   age 75
sports car firm founder  Ferdinand Porsche Jr.   helped his dad develop the Volkswagon "Beetle" for Hitler
¤nickname: "Ferry" 
born on 9-19-1909 in Wiener-Neustadt, Austria
expired 3-27-1998 in Zell am See, Austria   age 88
World War II Victoria Cross recipient  Patrick Anthony Porteous
born on 1-1-1918 in India
expired 10-9-2000   age 82
Broadway songwriter  Albert Cole Porter   did music for Anything Goes and Kiss Me Kate
born on 6-9-1892 in Peru, Indiana
expired 10-15-1964 in Santa Monica, California   age 71
actor  Don C. Porter   Gidget's tv dad
born on 9-24-1912 in Oklahoma
expired 2-11-1997 in Beverly Hills, California   age 84
author  Eleanor Emily Hodgman Porter   wrote Pollyanna (1913)
born on 12-19-1868 in Littleton, New Hampshire
expired 5-21-1920 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 51
chemistry researcher  George Porter   shared the 1967 Nobel Chemistry prize
born on 12-6-1920 in Stainforth, Yorkshire, England
expired 8-31-2002 in Canterbury, Kent, England   age 81
Texas death row inmate  James Porter
¤number 999378 
born on 8-15-1971
expired 1-4-2005 in Huntsville, Texas   age 33   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2005BOD, DTM, KLS, PCD, QKU, RIE26.1%
   Scored 9.2781 points

convicted pedophile priest  James Robert Porter   despite completion of full sentence was still in custody, awaiting "competancy hearing" to see if the state could pull the same crap on him that Soviet Gulag quack psychiatrists did to disssidents in the 1950s and 1960s
born on 1-2-1935 in Revere, Massachusetts
expired 2-11-2005 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 70   cause: cancer
author  Katherine Anne Maria Veronica Callista Russel Porter   wrote Pulitzer prize-winning book Ship of Fools (1962)
born on 5-15-1890 in Indian Creek, Texas
expired 9-18-1980 in Silver Spring, Maryland   age 90
   Contest Selectors
1980 GP6.3%
   Scored 3.0000 solo points

actress  Nyree Dawn Porter   played Irene on BBC production of The Forsyte Saga & Contessa Caroline di Contini in The Protectors tv series (1972)
¤original first name: Ngaire (Maori name of a flowering shrub) 
born on 1-22-1940 in New Zealand's north island
expired 4-9-2001 in London, England   age 61   cause: complications from foot surgery
biochemist  Rodney Robert Porter   shared the 1972 Nobel prize in physiology
born on 10-8-1917 in Newton-le-Willows, St. Helens, Lancashire, England
expired 9-6-1985 in Winchester, Hampshire, England   age 67   cause: auto accident
financial reporter  Sylvia Field Porter
born on 6-18-1913 in Patchogue, New York
expired 6-5-1991 in Pound Ridge, New York   age 77
author  William Sydney Porter   wrote The Ransom of Red Chief and The Sacrifice (1909, also known as The Gift of the Magi)
¤pen name: O. Henry 
born on 9-11-1862 in Greensboro, North Carolina
expired 6-5-1901 in New York, New York   age 38
 Raymond Eugene Portwood Jr.   co-creator of the Carmen Sandiego computer game (with Lauren Elliott) in 1985
born on 9-16-1933 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 7-17-2000 in Windsor, California   age 66   cause: heart attack
U.S. Air Force Major  Eugene Posa   Cold War U-2 spy plane pilot
expired 7-??-1960 in Barents Sea   age ??   cause: shot down by missile
"glamour" photographer  Pompeo Posar   has photographed numerous Playboy centerfolds & covers
born on 2-21-1921 in Trieste, Italy
expired 3-20-2004 in Chicago, Illinois   age 83
peckerwood numbnuts  Billy Wayne Posey   part of the Klan goon gang that murdered Chaney, Goodman & Schwerner
born on 12-2-1936
expired 8-13-2009 in Meridian, Mississippi   age 72
vulture capitalist  Victor Posner   strip-mined corporate assets & threw away the empty husks; his decades of unrepentant rapaciousness contributed to the ongoing attractiveness of Marxist/socialist/communist claptrap
born on 9-18-1918 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 2-11-2002 in Miami, Florida   age 83   cause: pneumonia
Postum Co. founder (1897)  Charles William Post   also invented Grape Nuts and Post Toasties cereals; father of Marjorie
born on 10-26-1854 in Springfield, Illinois
expired 5-9-1914 in Santa Barbara, California   age 59
"actress"  Edith Sedgwick Post   her 15 minutes of fame came as Andy Warhol's "star" (1965-66)
¤aka: "Edie Sedgwick" 
expired 11-16-1971 in Santa Barbara, California   age 28   cause: barbituate overdose
etiquette authority  Emily Price Post   unlikely originator of the bad vaudeville joke "May chicken be eaten with the fingers? No, the fingers should be eaten separately."
born on 10-3-1873 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 9-25-1960 in New York, New York   age 86
heiress  Marjorie Merriweather Post   inherited the Postum Ceral Co. (1914); mother of Dina Merrill (by second husband E.F. Hutton)
born on 3-15-1887 in Springfield, Illinois
expired 9-12-1973 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 86
aviator  Wiley Post   the passenger with him was Will Rogers
born on 11-22-1900 in Grand Saline, Texas
expired 8-15-1935 in Point Barrow, Alaska   age 34   cause: plane crash
computer scientist  Jonathan Bruce Postel   a creator and administrator of the Internet's (IP) address system — the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority; also the editor of the Internet's Request for Comments proposals
born on 8-6-1943 in Altadena, California
expired 10-16-1998 in Santa Monica, California   age 55   cause: complications from heart surgery
Pete ... Lear-ing at his audience character actor  Peter William Postlethwaite   portrayed Keyser Söze's lawyer Kobayashi in The Usual Suspects (1995) & big game hunter Roland Tembo in The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
born on 2-16-1946 in Warrington, Cheshire, England
expired 1-2-2011 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England   age 64   cause: cancer
media critic  Neil M. Postman
born on 3-8-1931
expired 10-5-2003 in Flushing, New York   age 72   cause: lung cancer
actor  Thomas Gordon "Tom" Poston   had been Mr. Suzanne Pleshette (5/11/2001-4/30/2007)
born on 10-17-1921 in Columbus, Ohio
expired 4-30-2007 in Los Angeles, California   age 85
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 6.5000 solo points

rabbi, author  Herman Harold Potok   wrote The Chosen (1967)
¤Hebrew/professional name: Chaim 
born on 2-17-1929 in New York, New York
expired 7-23-2002 in Merion, Pennsylvania   age 73   cause: brain cancer
movie director  H. C. Potter   directed Mr. Lucky (1943), The Farmer's Daughter (1947) & Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948)
born on 11-13-1904 in New York, New York
expired 8-31-1977 in New York, New York   age 72
author  Helen Beatrix Potter   wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit (1902)
born on 7-6-1866 in London, England
expired 12-22-1943 in Sawrey, England   age 87
former Army Air Corps Col.  Henry A. Potter   navigator aboard Jimmie Doolittle's bomber on first Tokyo raid (4/18/1942)
born on 9-22-1918 in Pierre, South Dakota
expired 5-30-2002 in Austin, Texas   age 83
character actress  Luz Potter   played a Munchkin Villager in The Wizard of Oz (1939), played the Martian Intelligence in Invaders From Mars (1953) & appeared in The Incredible Shrinking Man (1957)
¤née: Villalobo 
born on 12-15-1914 in Chihuahua, Mexico
expired 11-21-2005 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 90   cause: Alzheimer's disease
Sesame Street musical director (1974-78)  Samuel H. Pottle   had also worked on the Captain Kangaroo show (1962-69)
born on 5-8-1934
expired 7-4-1978 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts   age 44   cause: heart attack
tree hugger  Richard Hooper Pough   a founder of the Nature Conservancy
born on 4-19-1904 in New York, New York
expired 6-24-2003 in Chilmark, Massachusetts   age 99
French composer  François Poulenc   member of Les Six
born on 1-7-1899 in Paris, France
expired 1-30-1963 in Paris, France   age 64
poet  Ezra Weston Loomis Pound   supported Facism; indicted for treason in 1943
born on 10-30-1885 in Hailey, Idaho
expired 11-1-1972 in Venice, Italy   age 87   cause: intestinal blockage
Great Lakes sailor  John Joseph Poviach   Wheelsman aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald
born on 6-6-1916
expired 11-10-1975 in Eastern Lake Superior, Canada   age 59   cause: drowned when ship foundered
Washington Post sports columnist (1924-1998)  Shirley Povich   father of Maury; once listed in Who's Who in American Women
born on 7-15-1905 in Bar Harbor, Maine
expired 6-4-1998 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 92   cause: heart attack
corrupt New York Democratic representative (1945-69)  Adam Clayton Powell Jr.   briefly expelled from congress in 1967
born on 11-29-1908 in New Haven, Connecticut
expired 4-4-1972 in Miami, Florida   age 63   cause: complications from prostate surgery
British literature chronicler  Anthony Dymoke Powell   wrote 12-volume A Dance to the Music of Time
born on 12-21-1905 in London, England
expired 3-28-2000 in Frome, Somerset, England   age 94
1950 Nobel physics laureate  Cecil Frank Powell   discovered the predicted pi-meson particles; developed photographic methods to record nuclear decay processes
born on 12-5-1903 in Tonbridge, Kent, England
expired 8-9-1969 in Milan, Italy   age 65
pre-1900 baseball player, team manager & innovator  Charles Abner Powell   originated rain checks and "Ladies Days" at the ballpark
born on 12-15-1860 in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
expired 8-7-1953 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 92
 Eleanor Powell
born on 11-21-1912 in Springfield, Massachusetts
expired 2-11-1982 in Beverly Hills, California   age 69
pianist, composer, racist eugenecist  John Powell   crackpot co-founder of the Anglo-Saxon Clubs of America (1922); along with Walter Placker got the Virginia legislature to pass the Racial Integrity Act (1924), a law that strictly enforced anti-miscegenation amongst the races; it was finally struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court by a 9-0 vote in Loving et al v. Virginia (1967)
born on 9-6-1882 in Richmond, Virginia
expired 8-15-1963 in Charlottesville, Virginia   age 80
Carter press secretary  Joseph Lester "Jody" Powell   was mainly a public relations flack
born on 9-30-1943 in Cardele, Georgia
expired 9-14-2009 in Cambridge, Maryland   age 65   cause: heart attack
retired Supreme Court Justice (1971-87)  Lewis Franklin Powell Jr.
born on 9-19-1907 in Suffolk, Virginia
expired 8-25-1998 in Richmond, Virginia   age 90   cause: pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
1980 JH6.3%

movie director  Michael Latham Powell   co-directed Thief of Bagdad (1940); directed Black Narcissus (1947) & The Red Shoes (1948)
born on 9-30-1905 in Bekesbourne, Kent, England
expired 2-19-1990 in Avening, Gloucestershire, England   age 84   cause: cancer
Scottsboro Boys defendant  Ozie Powell   survived being shot in head by sheriff's deputy during attack on that deputy
born on --1916 in near Atlanta, Georgia
expired ??-??-19??   age ??
movie & tv actor  Richard Ewing "Dick" Powell   made several movies for Busby Berkeley co-starring Ruby Keeler; head of Four Star Television production company; directed The Conquerer (1956), the radiation-plagued production that was shot downwind from A-bomb test sites (91 crew members contracted cancer; 46 died)
born on 11-24-1904 in Mountain View, Arkansas
expired 1-3-1963 in West Los Angeles, California   age 58   cause: lymph cancer
movie actor  William Horatio Powell   played Nick Charles in numerous Thin Man movies and Florenz Ziegfeld in The Great Ziegfeld (1936)
born on 7-29-1892 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 3-5-1984 in Palm Springs, California   age 91
   Contest Selectors
1980 DO6.3%

Lynyrd Skynyrd keyboard player  William Norris "Billy" Powell
born on 6-3-1952 in Corpus Christi, Texas
expired 1-28-2009 in Orange Park, Florida   age 56   cause: heart attack
University Microfilms founder  Eugene Barnum Power
born on 6-4-1905 in Traverse City, Michigan
expired 12-6-1993   age 88
actor  Tyrone Power Sr.
¤born: Frederick Tyrone Edmond Power 
born on 5-2-1869 in London, England
expired 12-23-1931 in Hollywood, California   age 62   cause: heart attack
actor  Tyrone Power Jr.
¤born: Frederick Tyrone Edmond Power Jr. 
born on 5-5-1914 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 11-15-1958 in Madrid, Spain   age 44   cause: heart attack
Irish actor  Tyrone William Grattan Power   grandfather of Sr. movie actor
born on 11-2-1797 in Kilmarthomas, Ireland
expired 3-??-1841 in North Atlantic Ocean   age 43   cause: lost at sea en route from New York City to Liverpool
former CIA contract employee  Francis Gary Powers   the U-2 spy plane he was piloting was shot down over Svedlovsk, U.S.S.R. (5/1/1960), causing a summit between Khrushchev and Eisenhower to be cancelled; later swapped for Soviet spy Rudolf Abel
born on 8-17-1929 in Jenkins, Kentucky
expired 8-1-1977 in Encino, California   age 47   cause: helicopter crash
World War I veteran  Gladys Winifred Stokes Luxford Powers   had been the surviving member of the British forces — the WAAF & WRAF
born on 5-10-1899 in Lewisham, County of London, England
expired 8-15-2008 in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada   age 109   cause: complications from broken hip
   Contest Selectors
2008SBAP, WEP6.3%
   Scored 2.8500 points

NASA spokesman Col.  John A. "Shorty" Powers
born on 8-30-1922
expired 1-1-1980 in Phoenix, Arizona   age 57   cause: gastro-intestinal hemorrhage; chronic alcoholism
modeling agency founder  John Robert Powers
born on 9-14-1892
expired 7-19-1977 in Glendale, California   age 84
actress  Mary Ellen "Mala" Powers   played Roxanne opposite Jose Ferrer's Cyrano de Bergerac (1950)
¤Mrs. M. Hughes Miller 
born on 12-20-1931 in San Francisco, California
expired 6-11-2007 in Santa Monica, California   age 75   cause: complications from leukemia
former NBA referee (1956-79)  Richard F. "Richie" Powers
born on 10-14-1930
expired 7-31-1998 in Allentown, Pennsylvania   age 67   cause: stroke
American Indian chief  Powhatan   father of Pocahontas
born on --1550
expired 4-??-1618   age 68
terrorist gang leader  Vellupillai Prabhakaran   founder of the "Liberation Tigers of Tamil (Eelam; aka: "Tamil Tigers"); had carried out numerous political assassinations, including Rajiv Gandhi; hopefully the civil war in Sri Lanka will now end
born on 11-26-1954 in Velvettithurai, Sri Lanka
expired 5-18-2009 in Nanthikadal lagoon, Mullaitivo, Sri Lanka   age 54   cause: gunfire
Hare Krishna cult founder Swami  A. C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada   founded International Society for Krishna Consciousness (1965)
expired 11-14-1977 in Vridaban, India   age 82
 Otto Praeger   founded U.S. Air Mail Service May 15, 1918
expired 2-4-1948 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 77
former Thai Prime Minister (1975-6)  Mom Rajawong Kukrit Pramoj   played the role of the premier in the movie The Ugly American
born on 4-20-1911 in Chao Phaya River, Sing Buri Province, Thailand
expired 10-9-1995   age 84
real Killing Fields survivor  Dith Pran   was an aide to Sydney Schanberg in Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge holocaust; became a New York Times photojournalist; credited with coining the term "killing fields"
born on 9-27-1942 in Angkor Wat, Siem Riap Province, Cambodia
expired 3-30-2008 in New Brunswick, New Jersey   age 65   cause: pancreatic cancer
Sam and Dave vocalist  Dave Prater
born on 5-9-1937 in Ocilla, Georgia
expired 4-9-1988 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 50
 Anthony Ernest Pratt   inventor of the board game Clue (1943); original game name "Cluedo"
born on 8-10-1903
expired 4-9-1994 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England   age 90
Great Lakes sailor  James A. Pratt   Second Mate of the Edmund Fitzgerald
born on 1-29-1931
expired 11-10-1975 in Eastern Lake Superior, Canada   age 44   cause: drowned when ship foundered
auto customizer  Heinz Christian Prechter   founded American Sun Roof (1965)
born on 1-19-1942 in Kleinhöbing, Germany
expired 7-6-2001 in Grosse Ile, Michigan   age 59   cause: suicide; hanged
distance runner  Steve Roland Prefontaine
born on 1-25-1951 in Coos Bay, Oregon
expired 5-30-1975 in Eugene, Oregon   age 24
1923 Nobel chemistry laureate  Fritz Pregl
born on 9-3-1869 in Laibach, Austria-Hungary (now Lubljana, Slovenia)
expired 12-13-1930 in Graz, Austria   age 61
digital publishing pioneer  Byron C. Preiss
born on 4-11-1953 in New York, New York
expired 7-9-2005 in East Hampton, New York   age 52   cause: injuries sustained in car crash
character actor  Wolfgang Preiss   specialized in playing Nazi officers: Major von Klemment in Von Ryan's Express (1965), Ebernach in Is Paris Burning? (1966), Field Marshall von Runstedt in A Bridge Too Far (1977) & Lofquist in The Boys From Brazil (1978)
born on 2-24-1910 in Nuremburg, Germany
expired 11-27-2002 in Bühl, Germany   age 92
Dr.  Vladimir Prelog   shared 1975 Nobel prize in chemistry
born on 7-23-1906 in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Austro-Hungarian Empire
expired 1-7-1998 in Zürich, Switzerland   age 91
agent/movie producer  Ingo Preminger   brother of Otto; as an agent represented Dalton Trumbo & Ring Lardner Jr.; produced M*A*S*H (1970)
¤born: Ingwald Preminger 
born on 2-25-1911 in Czernowitz, Austria-Hungary
expired 6-7-2006 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 95
movie producer/director/actor  Otto Ludwig Preminger   made Laura (1944), The Moon is Blue (1953), Anatomy of a Murder (1959) & Exodus (1960)
born on 12-5-1906 in Vienna, Austria
expired 4-23-1986 in New York, New York   age 79
to August 1968 Playmate of Monthto June 1968 Playmate of Month Playboy July 1968 Playmate of Month  Melodye Prentiss
¤born: Melodye Panchesin
married surname: Rose 
born on 12-14-1944 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-3-2009 in Los Angeles, California   age 64   cause: asphyxiation
Filmation Studio co-founder (1956)  Norman Prescott   did an early Superman cartoon, as well as the 1973/4 Star Trek cartoon series (won a 1975 Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Entertainment Children's Series)
born on 1-31-1927 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 7-2-2005 in Encino, California   age 78
World War II fighter pilot with Chennault's Flying Tigers  Robert W. Prescott   founded the National Skyways Freight Corporation (1945) - it changed its name to Flying Tiger Line (1947)
born on 5-3-1913 in Fort Worth, Texas
expired 3-3-1978 in Palm Springs, California   age 64   cause: cancer
rock singer  Elvis Aaron Presley   had still-born twin brother (Jesse Garan Presley)
born on 1-8-1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi
expired 8-16-1977 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 42   cause: cardiac arrhythmia
AKS: Presly Pressly Pressly
 Gladys Presley   Elvis' mom
expired 8-14-1958 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 42
Elvis' dad  Vernon Presley
born on 4-10-1916 in Tupelo, Mississippi
expired 6-26-1979 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 63   cause: heart attack
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singer & actor  George Harvey "Harve" Presnell   appeared in The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964) and Paint Your Wagon (1969) movies; played Mr. Parker on The Pretender tv series; played patriarch Albert Soady in Escanaba in da Moonlight (2000); played Colonel Q on Star Trek: Voyager episode The Q and the Grey (1996)
born on 9-14-1933 in Modesto, California
expired 6-30-2009 in Santa Monica, California   age 75   cause: pancreatic cancer
long-ago pro football player  Glenn E. Presnell   was a back for the Portsmouth (Ohio) Spartans (1931-33) & their successor — the Detroit Lions — when radio station owner George Richards bought the team & moved it (1934); with first wife Liz picked out the teams colors: Honolulu blue and silver; he retired after the 1936 season; he coached at Nebraska (1942) then at Eastern Kentucky
born on 7-28-1905 in Gilead, Nebraska
expired 9-13-2004 in Ironton, Ohio   age 99
Teamsters Union president  Jackie Presser
born on 8-6-1926 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 7-9-1988 in Lakewood, Ohio   age 61
haberdasher  Barney Pressman   founded Barney's clothing store (1923)
born on 12-14-1894
expired 8-24-1991 in Miami, Florida   age 96
presidential widow  Frances Folsom Cleveland Preston   married Grover in the White House June 2, 1886 (at age 22!); suggested the names for the Sweetwater Triplets (Faith, Hope and Charity Cardwell); remarried archaeologist Thomas Preston Jr.
expired 10-29-1947 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 83
actor  Robert Preston   best-known for portraying con man Harold Hill in The Music Man
¤real name: Robert Preston Meservey 
born on 6-8-1918 in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts
expired 3-21-1987 in Santa Barbara, California   age 68   cause: lung cancer
actor  Wayde Preston
¤born: William Erskine Strange 
born on 9-10-1929 in Denver, Colorado
expired 2-6-1992 in Lovelock, Nevada   age 62   cause: colon cancer
keyboard musician  William Everett "Billy" Preston   wrote the song "You are so beautiful"; performed with the Beatles
born on 9-9-1946 in Houston, Texas
expired 6-6-2006 in Scottsdale, Arizona   age 59   cause: kidney failure; malignant hypertension
   Contest Selectors
2005DTM, RAVN8.7%
2006DTM, LMLD6.7%
   Scored 7.8500 points

airship commander Captain  Max Preuss   commanded the Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg
expired 11-28-1960 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany   age 69
1930s and 40s French poet and screenwriter  Jacques Prévert   wrote lyrics to Les Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves; music by Joseph Kosma); collaborated with Marcel Carne on Les Enfants du Paradis, Le Jour Se Leve and six other films; not one of the "preverts" involved in the alleged "Ripper preversions" at Burfleson Air Force Base
expired 4-11-1977 in Omonville-La-Petite, France   age 77
former Neshoba County (Mississippi) deputy sheriff  Cecil R. Price   on June 21, 1964 arrested civil rights workers Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner & James Chaney then delivered them to the Klan
born on 4-15-1938
expired 5-6-2001 in Jackson, Mississippi   age 63   cause: skull fracture
cartoonist  George Price
born on 6-9-1901 in Coytesville, New York
expired 1-11-1995 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 93
former insurance salesman  Lee L. Price   one of the jurors in the "trial" of J.W. Milam & Roy Bryant for the murder of Emmett Till
born on 8-24-1888
expired 3-??-1985 in Charleston, Mississippi   age 96
busy soprano session singer  Loulie Jean Norman Price   widow of Norman Henry Price; sang backup in The Tokens 1961 hit The Lion Sleeps Tonight; sang the wordless melody in the original Star Trek series' opening theme (1966-67); provided the voice of the Disney theme park's Haunted Mansion ride Crazy Soprano Ghost
born on 3-12-1913 in Birmingham, Alabama
expired 8-2-2005 in Studio City, California   age 92
pioneering big-box retailer  Sol Price   co-founder of Fed-Mart (1954) & Price Club (1976; merged with Costco in 1993)
born on 1-23-1916 in New York, New York
expired 12-14-2009 in La Jolla, California   age 93
disreputable Scottsboro "rape victim"  Victoria Price
¤aka: Katherine Queen Victory Street 
born on --1904 in Fayettesville, Tennessee
expired ??-??-1982   age 78
horror actor  Vincent Price   star of The Tingler, The Fly (1958) & Return of the Fly (as François Delambre) and Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965); played the Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971); he rose Again in 1972; husband of Coral Browne
born on 5-27-1911 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 10-25-1993   age 82
   Contest Selectors
1979 SB7.7%
1980 BD, DR12.5%

Winky Dink graphic artist  Harry William Prichett Sr.   co-created "interative" tv cartoon Winky Dink and You (1954-58; hosted by Jack Barry)
born on 1-31-1921 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 2-5-2000 in New York, New York   age 79
U.S. Treasurer under Eisenhower (1953-61)  Ivy Maude Baker Priest   mother of Munsters actress Pat Priest
born on 9-7-1905 in Kimberley, Utah
expired 6-23-1975 in Santa Monica, California   age 69   cause: cancer
1920 Olympic bronze medal platform diver  Hal Haig Prieste   acted in the first Keystone Kops movies
born on 11-23-1896 in Fresno, California
expired 4-19-2001 in Camden, New Jersey   age 104
dramatist  John Boynton Priestly   wrote The Edwardians
born on 9-13-1894 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England
expired 8-14-1984 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England   age 89
   Contest Selectors
1980 GP6.3%

1977 Nobel chemistry laureate  Ilya Romanovich Prigogine
born on 1-25-1917 in Moscow, Russia
expired 5-28-2003 in Brussels, Belgium   age 86
jazz trumpeter  Louis Prima   Mr. Keely Smith (1953-61)
born on 12-7-1912 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 8-24-1978 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 65   cause: pneumonia; last 3 years spent in coma following surgery for brain tumor
   Contest Selectors
1980 HA

airline stewardess  Paula Prince   one of the victims of the 1982 Chicago-area poisoned Tylenol murder spree
expired 9-29-1982 in Chicago, Illinois   age 35   cause: cyanide-laced tylenol (murder)
actor  William Prince
born on 1-26-1913 in Nichols, New York
expired 10-8-1996 in Tarrytown, New York   age 83
Black Hand assassin  Gavrilo Princip   shot Austrian Archduke Ferdinand & Countess Sophie, triggering World War I
born on 7-25-1894 in Oblijaj, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Austro-Hungarian Empire
expired 4-28-1918 in Prague, Czechoslovakia   age 23   cause: tuberculosis
conniving teenage slut  Eunice Pringle   in deathbed confession admitted that Joe Kennedy was behind her August 9, 1929 false rape accusation against Alex Pantages
born on --1912
expired ??-??-1938   age 26
comedian  Freddie Prinze Sr.   co-starred on Chico and the Man tv series
born on 6-22-1954 in New York, New York
expired 1-29-1977 in Los Angeles, California   age 22   cause: suicide; gunshot to temple
crusader  Laura B. Prisk   led the effort to get June 14th declared "Flag Day" in the U.S.
¤aka: "The Mother of Flag Day" 
expired 5-30-1950 in New York, New York   age 75
"man of letters" Sir  Victor Sawdon Pritchett   wrote some of those "letters" for Playboy
born on 12-16-1900 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England
expired 3-20-1997 in London, England   age 96
low-fat diet proponent  Nathan Pritikin
born on 8-29-1915 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 2-21-1985 in Albany, New York   age 69   cause: suicide; exsanguination; severed arm veins; liver & kidney failure; leukemia; heart disease; anemia
Hyatt Hotel chain founder  Jay Pritzker
born on 8-26-1922
expired 1-23-1999 in Chicago, Illinois   age 76   cause: cardiac arrest
clarinetist & saxophonist  Russell Procope   played in a number of big/jazz bands
born on 8-11-1908
expired 1-21-1981 in New York, New York   age 72   cause: heart attack
New York mob leader  Joseph S. Profaci   informed on the mob
¤born: Joseph Profact 
born on 10-2-1898 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy
expired 6-6-1962 in Bay Shore, New York   age 64
former British War minister  John Dennis "Jack" Profumo   got caught with his pants down with call girl Christine Keeler in 1963; widower of actress Valerie Hobson
born on 1-30-1915 in Warwickshire, England
expired 3-9-2006 in London, England   age 91   cause: stroke
   Contest Selectors
2005RR, TMD8.7%

guy in a rubber suit  Janos Prohaska   on original Star Trek tv series was the guy inside of the Horta, Mugatu & Yarnek; he also did lots or fake bear & gorilla roles, and was Clyde on Bikini Beach (1964)
born on 10-10-1919 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 3-13-1974 in Bishop, California   age 54   cause: plane crash
cartoonist  Antonio B. Prohias   created Spy vs. Spy for MAD Magazine
born on 1-17-1921 in Cienfuegos, Cuba
expired 2-24-1998 in Miami, Florida   age 77   cause: lung cancer
1964 Nobel physics laureate  Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov   his research lead to the development of the MASER & LASER
born on 7-11-1916 in Atherton, Queensland, Australia
expired 1-8-2002 in Moscow, Russia   age 85
AKS: Mikhaylovich
composer  Sergei Sergeevich Prokofiev   wrote Peter and the Wolf
born on 4-23-1891 in Sontsovka, Russia
expired 3-4-1956 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 61
character actor  Robert Prosky   on Hill Street Blues played desk seargant Stan Jablonski & on Cheers played Rebecca Howe's father
¤born: Robert Joseph Porzuczek 
born on 12-13-1930 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 12-8-2008 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 77   cause: complications from a heart procedure
former pro football coach  Thompson "Tommy" Prothro Jr.
born on 7-20-1920
expired 5-14-1995   age 74
Vermont senator (1958-71)  Winston L. Prouty
born on 9-1-1906 in Newport, Vermont
expired 9-10-1971 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 65   cause: stomach cancer
children's book illustrator  Martin Provensen   designed the dancing hippos & crocodiles in Dance of the Hours sequence of Fantasia (1940); designed Tony the Tiger for Kellogg's
born on 7-10-1916 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-27-1987 in Clinton Corners, New York   age 70   cause: heart attack
mobster  Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano
born on 5-24-1917
expired 12-12-1988   age 71
actress  Dorothy Provine   played Pinky Pinham on The Roaring 20s tv series & as Emeline Finch was first to find the BIG W in Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963)
born on 1-20-1935 in Deadwood, South Dakota
expired 4-25-2010 in Bremerton, Washington   age 75   cause: emphysema
dancer  Juliet Prowse
born on 9-25-1936 in Bombay, India
expired 9-14-1996 in Los Angeles, California   age 59   cause: pancreatic cancer
grandstanding former Wisconsin senator (1957-88)  Edward William Proxmire   he replaced Joe McCarthy; in a quest for publicity created the "Golden Fleece Awards"
born on 11-11-1915 in Lake Forest, Illinois
expired 12-15-2005 in Sykesville, Maryland   age 90   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
   Contest Selectors
2004RAVN, TAP11.1%
2005BOD, RAVN, TBC13.0%
   Scored 4.1250 points

author  René François Armand "Sully" Prudhomme   first recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature (1901)
born on 3-16-1839 in Paris, France
expired 9-6-1907 in Châtenay, France   age 68
AKS: Rene Francois
bluesman  James Edward "Snooky" Pryor
born on 9-15-1921 in Lambert, Mississippi
expired 10-18-2006 in Ullin, Louisiana   age
   Contest Selectors

comedian  Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor III
born on 12-1-1940 in Peoria, Illinois
expired 12-10-2005 in San Fernando Valley, California   age 65   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
1979DW, HA, JW, MM, MS38.5%
1980DW, HP, JW, MM25.0%
2000ANG, BOD, IVY, RR, TEX71.0%
2001ANG, BOD, KLS, NFG, TEX62½%
2002ANG, BOD, DTM, TMTX36.4%
   Scored 6.0012 points

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