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character actor  Christian Rub   provided the artist's likeness for and voice of Geppetto in Pinocchio (1940)
born on 4-13-1887 in Austria
expired 4-14-1956 in Germany   age 69
onetime Studio 54 co-owner  Steve Rubell   turned an old Manhattan tv studio at 254 West 54th Street into the Studio 54 nightclub; did 13 months in the Federal pen for tax evasion
born on 12-6-1943 in New York, New York
expired 7-25-1989 in New York, New York   age 45   cause: complications from AIDS
tv writer/director/producer  Aaron J. Ruben   produced the Andy Griffith Show (1960-65); created Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C
born on 3-1-1914 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 1-30-2010 in Beverly Hills, California   age 95   cause: pneumonia
AKS: Rubin
 Raymond Rubicam   Philadelphia ad agency co-founder (1923; Young & Rubicam)
born on 6-16-1892 in New York, New York
expired 5-8-1978 in Scottsdale, Arizona   age 85   cause: heart condition
Jewish Defense League leader  Irving D. Rubin
born on 4-12-1945 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
expired 11-13-2002 in Los Angeles, California   age 57   cause: suicide; slashed neck with razor
lawyer & futurist  Jerome Sanford Rubin   guided the development of the Lexis legal database (1973) as well as the Nexis news database; joined MIT's Media Lab (1992); co-founded E Ink (1997); predicted that the book would become obsolete (1989); predicted electronic newspapers (2000)
born on 3-9-1925 in New York, New York
expired 1-9-2012 in New York, New York   age 86   cause: stroke
Yippies co-founder  Jerry Rubin   on of the Chicago Seven
born on 7-14-1938 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 11-28-1994 in Los Angeles, California   age 56
pianist  Artur Rubinstein
born on 1-28-1887 in Łódź, Poland
expired 12-20-1982 in Geneva, Switzerland   age 95
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1979 HFS, HP, RR, YJ30.8%
1980 DH, GP, HP, JH, MM, RR, VA43.8%

cosmetics maker  Helena Rubinstein
expired 4-1-1965 in New York, New York   age 94
medical lab technician-turned-character actress  Zelda M. Rubinstein   played Tangina in Poltergeist I, II & III
born on 5-28-1933 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 1-27-2010 in Los Angeles, California   age 76   cause: multiple organ failure
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2010JCM, RAVN, WEP11.1%
   Scored 5.5250 points

AKS: Rubenstein Rubinstine Rubenstine
playboy  Porfirio Rubirosa   had been married to Doris Duke and Barbara Hutton
expired 7-5-1965 in Paris, France   age 56
songwriter  Harry Ruby   collaborated with lyricist Bert Kalmar; composed Hooray for Captain Spaulding for Cocoanuts
born on 1-27-1895 in New York, New York
expired 2-23-1974 in Woodland Hills, California   age 79
Bob Jackson's photo of Ruby shooting Oswald
(left to right) Dallas police detective James Leavelle, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby
Photo ©Copyright 1963 Robert H. Jackson
Dallas nightclub owner  Jack Ruby   killed Lee Harvey Oswald on national tv
¤born: Jacob Rubenstein 
born on 3-23-1911 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 1-3-1967 in Dallas, Texas   age 55   cause: cancer
former CBS news correspondent  Hughes Day Rudd
born on 9-14-1921 in Wichita, Kansas
expired 10-13-1992 in Toulouse, France   age 71
MIT electrical engineering professor  Reinhold Rudenberg   inventor of the electron microscope
expired 12-25-1961 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 67
astrologer & composer  Dane Rudhyar   "the father of karmic astrology"
born on 3-23-1895 in Paris, France
expired 9-13-1985   age 90
   Contest Selectors
1980 GP6.3%

tv personality  Edna Marie Rudisill   the Tonight Show fruitcake lady; aunt of Truman Capote who helped to raise him
¤née: Faulk 
born on 3-13-1911 in Monroeville, Alabama
expired 11-3-2006 in Hudson, Florida   age 95
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   Scored 5.5000 solo points

AKS: Rudisell
 Margaret Fogarty Rudkin   founded Pepperidge Farms bakeries
born on 9-14-1897
expired 6-1-1967 in New Haven, Connecticut   age 69
character actor  Herbert Rudley   played Herb Hubbard on The Mothers-in-Law tv sitcom (1967-69)
born on 3-22-1911 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 9-9-2006 in Los Angeles, California   age 95   cause: heart attack
Saturn rocket developer (under Wernher Von Braun)  Arthur Louis Hugo Rudolph
born on 11-9-1906 in Stepfershausen, Meiningen, Germany
expired 12-31-1995 in Hamburg, Germany   age 89
NBA referee  Marvin "Mendy" Rudolph
born on 3-8-1926
expired 7-5-1979 in New York, New York   age 53   cause: heart attack
Krispy Kreme founder (1937)  Vernon Carter Rudolph Sr.   bought original donut recipe from "Joe LeBeau" (1933)
born on 7-30-1915 in Marshall County, Kentucky
expired 8-16-1973   age 58
to 1962 award winnerto 1960 award winner sprinter  Wilma Glodean Rudolph   won 1961 Sullivan Award
born on 6-23-1940 in Clarksville, Tennessee
expired 11-12-1994 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 54
sleazebag beltway lawyer  Charles Frederick Carson Ruff   Clinton's legal pitbull during impeachment & Lewinski smear campaign
born on 8-1-1939 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 11-19-2000 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 61   cause: heart attack
ex-Temptations lead singer  David Eli Ruffin
born on 1-18-1941 in Meridian, Mississippi
expired 6-1-1991 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 50   cause: drug overdose
character actor & wine cooler shill  David Joseph Rufkahr   played Frank Bartles in tv commercials (opposite with "Ed Jaymes")
born on 9-1-1934
expired 4-23-1996   age 61   cause: heart attack
AKS: Rufkhar
former M.I.T. engineering professor  Arthur Claude Ruge   invented SR-4 electronic strain gauge (1938)
born on 7-28-1905 in Tomah, Wisconsin
expired 4-3-2000 in Lexington, Massachusetts   age 94
firearm company co-founder  William Batterman Ruger Sr.   co-founded Sturm, Ruger & Company (1949)
born on 6-21-1916 in New York, New York
expired 7-6-2002 in Prescott, Arizona   age 86
former Desilu/Paramaount special effects artist  Jim Rugg   worked on original Star Trek series (1966-69)
born on 1-29-1919 in Lidgerwood, North Dakota
expired 2-13-2004 in Vista, California   age 85   cause: Alzheimer's disease
composer of dissonant drech  Carl Ruggles   the least odious of his "works" was called Sun Treader
born on 3-11-1876 in Marion, Massachusetts
expired 10-24-1971 in Bennington, Vermont   age 95
character actor  Charles "Charlie" Ruggles
born on 2-8-1886 in Los Angeles, California
expired 12-23-1970 in Santa Monica, California   age 84   cause: cancer
movie actor/director  Wesley Ruggles   brother of Charlie; former Keystone Kop; won 1931 Best Director oscar for Cimarron
born on 6-11-1889 in Los Angeles, California
expired 1-8-1972 in Santa Monica, California   age 82   cause: stroke
Sir  John Archibald Ruggles-Brise
born on 6-13-1908 in Finchingfield, Essex, England
expired 2-20-2007 in Finchingfield, Essex, England   age 98
Kosovo president  Ibrahim Rugova   leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo
born on 12-2-1944 in Cerrce, Kosovo
expired 1-20-2006 in Pristina, Kosovo, Servia-Montenegro   age 61   cause: lung cancer
   Contest Selectors
2006RAVN, TBC6.7%
   Scored 7.6500 points

former Cincinnati pitching coach  Vernon Gerald Ruhle
born on 1-25-1951 in Coleman, Michigan
expired 1-20-2007 in Houston, Texas   age 55   cause: multiple myeloma
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   Scored 9.5000 solo points

former Mexican president (1952-58)  Adolfo Ruiz Cortines
born on 12-30-1890 in Veracruz, Mexico
expired 12-3-1973 in Mexico City, Mexico   age 82   cause: heart attack
cosmonaut  Nikolai Nikolaevich Rukavishnikov   flew aboard Soyuz 10, 16 & 33
born on 9-19-1932 in Tomsk, Siberia
expired 10-19-2002   age 70   cause: heart attack
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in April 1987subject of 20 Questions interview in March 1982 `Playboy Magazine' former PBS Wall Street Week host  Louis Richard Rukeyser   intemperate remarks got him booted off the air; cancer kept him off
born on 1-30-1933 in New York, New York
expired 5-2-2006 in Greenwich, Connecticut   age 73   cause: multiple myeloma; extreme "bear" life futures market
   Contest Selectors
2005BYE, RAVN8.7%
2006ANG, BYE, DFFC, DTM, RAVN16.7%
   Scored 5.3563 points

AKS: Rukyser
ex-ABC network chief  Elton H. Rule
born on 6-13-1917
expired 5-5-1990 in Beverly Hills, California   age 72   cause: cancer
lesbian writer/"role model"  Jane Vance Rule   penned Desert of the Heart (1961) that was made into the movie Desert Hearts (1986)
born on 3-28-1931 in Plainfield, New Jersey
expired 11-27-2007 in Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada   age 76   cause: complications from liver cancer; arthritis
former actress  Janice Rule   appeared in Bell, Book and Candle (1958) & The Ambushers (1967); after retiring from acting became a psychoanalyst
born on 8-15-1931 in Norwood, Ohio
expired 10-17-2003 in New York, New York   age 72   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
character actor  Sig Ruman
¤born: Siegfried Albon Rumann 
born on 10-11-1884 in Hamburg, Germany
expired 2-14-1967 in Julian, California   age 82   cause: cancer
economist  Beardsley Ruml   came up with the idea of withholding tax deductions from paychecks (1942); New York Federal Reserve Bank president (1941-47); R.H. Macy & Co. president (1945-49)
expired 4-18-1960 in Danbury, Connecticut   age 65
former archbishop of Canterbury  Robert Alexander Kennedy Runcie
born on 10-2-1921 in Liverpool, England
expired 7-11-2000 in Saint Albans, Hertfordshire, England   age 78   cause: prostate cancer
Sir  Steven Runciman
born on 7-7-1903
expired 11-1-2000   age 97
former American League umpire (1954-70)  Edward Paul Runge
born on 5-12-1915 in Buffalo, New York
expired 7-26-2002 in San Diego, California   age 87
former pro golfer  Paul Runyan   two-time winner of PGA championship (1934 & 1938); played in first Masters Golf Tournament (1934)
¤nickname: "Little Poison" 
born on 7-12-1908 in Hot Springs, Arkansas
expired 3-17-2002 in Palm Springs, California   age 93   cause: pneumonia
graphic designer  Robert Miles Runyan   designed 1984 L.A. Olympic Games logo
born on 4-18-1925 in Falls City, Nebraska
expired 7-27-2001 in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico   age 76   cause: Shy-Drager syndrome
newspaperman & short story writer  Alfred Damon Runyon   wrote Guys and Dolls (1932), Little Miss Marker, Pocket Full of Miracles and The Lemon Drop Kid
born on 10-4-1884 in Manhattan, Kansas
expired 12-10-1946 in New York, New York   age 62
radio dj/performer  James "Jim" Runyon   provided the narration for the Chicken Man serial while at WCFL in Chicago; father of actress Jennifer Runyon
born on 1-8-1931
expired 4-13-1973 in Cleveland. Ohio   age 42   cause: cancer
former Postmaster General (1992-98)  Marvin Travis Runyon   spent 37 years at Ford Motor Company
born on 9-16-1924 in Fort Worth, Texas
expired 5-3-2004 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 79   cause: pulmonary fibrosis
college basketball coach  Adolph Frederick Rupp   spent 42 years as coach of the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team (1931-72)
born on 9-2-1901 in Halstead, Kansas
expired 12-10-1977 in Lexington, Kentucky   age 76   cause: cancer of spine; diabetes
former Peace Corps head (1981-89)  Loret Miller Ruppe   heiress to the Miller Brewery fortune
born on 1-3-1936 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
expired 8-6-1996 in Bethesda, Maryland   age 60   cause: ovarian cancer
former Montgomery, Alabama police chief  Goodwyn Jones Ruppenthal   following bus driver complaint had Rosa Parks arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger
born on 5-16-1908
expired 4-8-2002   age 93
 Boyd Rush   recipient of a chimpanzee heart in the first (experimental) heart transplant procedure
born on 7-5-1895
expired 1-23-1964   age 69   cause: transplanted heart failure
Yeow ... that's one butt-ugly granny purported super-geezer  Sarkhat Ibrahimovna Rushidova
born on --1875 in Verkhny Zidian, Dagestan, Russian Empire
expired 1-15-2007 in Verkhny Zidian, Dagestan Province, Degestan, Russian   age 131
AKS: Sarkat Rashidova
blues singer  Jimmy Rushing
born on 8-26-1903 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
expired 6-8-1972 in New York, New York   age 68
Kennedy/Johnson Secretary of State (1961-69)  David Dean Rusk
born on 2-9-1909 in Cherokee County, Georgia
expired 12-20-1994 in Athens, Georgia   age 85
   Contest Selectors
1980 GP6.3%

 Ernst August Freidrich Ruska   designed the first electron microscope; shared the 1986 Nobel prize in physics
born on 12-25-1906 in Heidelberg, German
expired 5-25-1988 in Berlin, Germany   age 81
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in March 1963 way-too self-important philosopher Earl  Bertrand Arthur William Russell   won 1950 Nobel prize for Literature
born on 5-18-1872 in Ravenscroft, Trelleck, Monmouthshire, Wales
expired 2-2-1970 in Penrhyndeudraeth, Merionethshire, Wales   age 97
songwriter  Bobby Russell   wrote Little Green Apples, The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia & Honey
born on 4-19-1941 in Nashville, Tennessee
expired 11-19-1997 in Nicholasville, Kentucky   age 56   cause: coronary artery disease
 Charles Taze Russell   founded Russellites (1878) ... they became the Jehovah's Witnesses (1931)
born on 2-16-1852 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 10-31-1916 in Pampa, Texas   age 64
death row inmate  Clifton Russell
expired 1-31-1995 in Huntsville, Texas   age 33   cause: executed; lethal injection
writer  Edith Russell   survived the Titanic sinking; was a fashion writer and World War I correspondent
expired 4-3-1975 in London, England   age 98
horror movie actress  Elizabeth Russell   the original "cat woman" in Cat People (1942) & Barbara Ferrin in the sequel, The Curse of the Cat People (1944)
born on 8-12-1906 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 5-4-2002 in Los Angeles, California   age 95
movie & tv actress  Gail Russell   had severe alcohol problem; married to Guy Madison (1949-54)
born on 9-21-1924 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 8-26-1961 in Los Angeles, California   age 36   cause: heart attack (alcohol-induced)
Oscar-winning actor  Harold Russell   the best years of his life were before 1942 (lost his hands in stateside training accident)
born on 1-14-1914 in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
expired 1-29-2002 in Needham, Massachusetts   age 88   cause: heart attack
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2002 JAC9.1%
   Scored 6.2000 solo points

director  Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell   unleashed Lisztomania (1975), Tommy (1976) & Lair of the White Worm (1988) on an unsuspecting public
born on 7-3-1927 in Southampton, Hampshire, England
expired 11-27-2011 in Lymington, Hampshire, England   age 84   cause: strokes
tea-totaler  Howard Hyde Russell   founder of the Anti-Saloon League
expired 6-30-1946 in Westerville, Ohio   age 90
1970 Kent State University graduate  James Dennis Russell   a survivor of the May 4, 1970 shootings at KSU
born on 3-27-1947 in New Jersey
expired 6-23-2007 in Deer Island, Oregon   age 60   cause: heart attack
actress  Jane Russell   was the titular star of the breast western of 1943 — The Outlaw; also appeared in The Paleface (1948), Son of Paleface (1952) & Gentlemen Prefere Blonds (1953); during the 1970s & 80s was the celebrity spokesperson for Playtex bras
¤full name: Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell 
born on 6-21-1921 in Bemidji, Minnesota
expired 2-28-2011 in Santa Maria, California   age 89   cause: respiratory illness
   Contest Selectors
2008ADWC, GOHI6.3%
2010ADWC, DGW, NFG11.1%

Boston Celtics first coach  John "Honey" Russell   also coached at Seaton Hall
born on 5-31-1902
expired 11-15-1973 in Livingston, New Jersey   age 71
musician/songwriter  John Bright "Johnny" Russell   wrote Act Naturally; appeared on Hee-Haw tv series
born on 1-23-1940 in Moorhead, Mississippi
expired 7-3-2001   age 61   cause: complications from diabetes; leukemia
   Contest Selectors
2003 MB

Yo-yo purveyor  Luther Jackson "Jack" Russell   sold over a half-billion of them over his career
born on 8-30-1920 in Kentucky
expired 3-17-2004 in Stuart, Florida   age 83
comedian  Nipsey Russell   described as "the poet laureate of television"; played Officer Anderson on Car 54, Where Are You? tv series & the Tin Woodsman in The Wiz (1978)
born on 10-13-1923 in Atlanta, Georgia
expired 10-2-2005 in New York, New York   age 81   cause: cancer
former Playboy executive editor turned horror writer  Ray Russell   wrote novellette Sardonicus (published in January 1961 Playboy) which was made into the film Mr. Sardonicus (1961); also wrote screenplays for Zotz (1962) & X (1963)
born on 9-4-1924 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-15-1999 in Los Angeles, California   age 74   cause: complications from stroke
Georgia senator (1933-71)  Richard Brevard Russell   member of the Warren Commission
born on 11-2-1897
expired 1-21-1971 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 73   cause: respiratory failure
singer, songwriter, tv producer  Robert "Bob" Russell   help create Name that Tune; host of the Miss America Pageant (1940-54); when it was first televised (1954) he rejected the song There She Is... in favor of several of his own; recommended his replacement; later hosted the Miss Universe pageant for six years
born on 1-1-1908
expired 1-24-1998 in Sarasota, Florida   age 90
stage & movie actress  Rosalind Russell
born on 6-4-1911 in Waterbury, Connecticut
expired 11-28-1976 in Beverly Hills, California   age 65   cause: cancer
NBC political yakker  Timothy John Russert Jr.   moderator of Meet the Press (1991-2008)
born on 5-7-1950 in Buffalo, New York
expired 6-13-2008 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 58   cause: heart attack
aeronatical engineer  Anthony J. Russo   the "shaggy-haired policy wonk" who photocopied the Pentagon Papers with Daniel Ellsberg; the charges againsthim (and Ellsberg) were dropped by Judge William M. Byrne when he learned of government misconduct against them — the burglarization of Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office, the possiblity of illegal FBI wiretaps (the records were destroyed) and a ham-handed bribe attempt of the judge (How'd ya like to be FBI director if you play ball ...)
born on 10-14-1936 in Suffolk, Virginia
expired 8-6-2008 in Suffolk, Virginia   age 71
inventor  John Daniel Rust   invented the mechanical cotton picker
expired 1-20-1954 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas   age 61
civil rights activist  Bayard Rustin   co-founded CORE (1942)
born on 3-17-1910 in West Chester, Pennsylvania
expired 8-24-1987 in New York, New York   age 77
baseball great  George Herman "Babe" Ruth   batted third in Murderers' Row
¤aka: "The Bambino" and "The Sultan of Swat
born on 2-6-1895 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 8-16-1948 in New York, New York   age 53   cause: throat cancer
Watergate attorney  Henry Swartley Ruth Jr.   was an assistant to Archibald Cox when he was fired
born on 4-16-1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 3-16-2012 in Tucson, Arizona   age 80   cause: stroke
Florida death row inmate  Arthur D. Rutherford
¤number 105314 
born on 3-16-1949
expired 10-18-2006 in Starke, Florida   age 57   cause: executed; lethal injection
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   Scored 6.8781 points

chemist  Ernest Rutherford   recipient of the 1908 Nobel prize in chemistry
born on 8-30-1871 in Nelson, New Zealand
expired 10-19-1937 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   age 66
actress Dame  Margaret Taylor Rutherford   appeared in numerous stage and screen productions of Agatha Christie mysteries
born on 5-11-1882 in London, England
expired 5-22-1972 in Chalfont Saint Peter, Buckinghamshire, England   age 90
 Maude Russell Rutherford   claimed to have introduced The Charleston dance in the Broadway show Liza (1923) as leader of the show's chorus girls
born on 1-30-1902 in Texas
expired 3-8-2001 in Atlantic City, New Jersey   age 99
Supreme Court justice (1943-49)  Wiley Blout Rutledge
expired 9-10-1949 in Tork, Maine   age 55
St.Louis, Missouri Gazette editorial writer  Chris L. Rutt   co-invented Aunt Jemima pancake mix (1889; with flour milling expert Charles G. Underwood); based name upon song sung by vaudeville team Baker & Farrell
expired ??-??-19??   age ??
 Leopold Stephen Ruzicka   shared the 1939 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 9-3-1887 in Vukovar, Croatia, Austria-Hungary
expired 9-26-1976 in Zürich, Switzerland   age 89
musician-songwriter  Charles Ryan   wrote Hot Rod Lincoln (1955); in Rockabilly Hall of Fame
born on 12-19-1915 in Graceville, Minnesota
expired 2-16-2008 in Spokane, Washington   age 92   cause: heart disease
former Quebec Liberal Party leader  Claude Ryan
born on 1-26-1925
expired 2-9-2004 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada   age 79   cause: stomach cancer
D-Day war correspondent & novelist  Cornelius John Ryan   wrote The Longest Day (1959) & A Bridge To Far (1974)
born on 6-5-1920 in Dublin, Ireland
expired 11-23-1974 in New York, New York   age 54   cause: cancer
tennis pro  Elizabeth Ryan   won 19 Wimbledon titles (1914-34)
born on 2-5-1891 in Los Angeles, California
expired 7-6-1979 in London, England   age 88
actress  Fran Ryan   played Doris Ziffel on Green Acres (1969-71)
born on 11-26-1926 in Los Angeles, California
expired 1-16-2000 in Burbank, California   age 83
former Nazi death camp guard  Hermine Braunsteiner Ryan   deported to Germany after it was discovered that she had lied about her conviction for two deaths in the Maidanek Camp in Poland (she had whipped women to death, hanged children & stomped old women to death); later convicted of assassination, infanticide & manslaughter for her actions at the Ravensbrück Women's Camp in 1941 & 1942 — that conviction earned her life inprisonment
¤nickname: "The Stomping Mare" 
born on 7-16-1919 in Vienna, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary
expired 4-19-1999   age 79   cause: complications from diabetes
actress  Irene Noblette Ryan   played Daisy Moses (granny) on The Beverly Hillbillies
born on 10-17-1903 in El Paso, Texas
expired 4-26-1973 in Santa Monica, California   age 69   cause: complications from stroke
Barbie Doll inventor  John W. "Jack" Ryan   fwiw Barbie's last name is "Roberts"
born on 11-12-1926
expired 8-13-1991   age 64
California congressman (1973-78)  Leo Joseph Ryan   ambushed by People's Temple thugs after leaving the cult compound with disaffected cult members
born on 5-5-1925 in Lincoln, Nebraska
expired 11-18-1978 in Port Kaituma, Guyana   age 53   cause: gunshot wounds
political spouse  Lura Lynn Ryan   former 1st lady of Illinois (wife of George Ryan)
¤née: Lowe 
born on 7-5-1934 in Aroma Park, Illinois
expired 6-27-2011 in Kankakee, Illinois   age 76   cause: respirator removed; pulmonary fibrosis; lung cancer
ultimate method acting devotee, radio actress  Patricia Ryan   was playing the role of a woman with severe head pains in a radio drama when she died
¤born: Patricia Gibson 
expired 2-15-1949 in New York, New York   age 27   cause: severe head pains
actor  Robert Ryan   appeared in Berlin Express
born on 11-11-1909 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 7-11-1973 in New York, New York   age 63   cause: lung cancer
author  Terry E. Ryan   wrote "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio" (2001)
¤nickname: "Tuffy" 
born on 7-14-1946 in Defiance, Ohio
expired 5-16-2007 in San Francisco, California   age 60   cause: brain cancer; lung cancer
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 9.0000 solo points

Mackinac Island fudge magnate  Harry Ryba
born on 6-19-1907 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 3-4-1996 in Warren, Michigan   age 88
actor  Alfred Ryder   played Professor Robert Crater on first original series Star Trek episode ever broadcast (The Man Trap)
¤born: Alfred Jacob Corn 
born on 1-5-1919 in New York, New York
expired 4-16-1995   age 76
Ryder Trucking Co. co-founder (1933)  Ralph Bennett Ryder
born on 3-17-1910
expired 12-28-2000 in Coral Gables, Florida   age 90   cause: heart failure
radio astronomer Sir  Martin Ryle   devised aperature synthesis along the way to co-discovering pulsars; it earned him half of the 1974 Nobel physics prize
born on 9-27-1918 in Brighton, Sussex, England
expired 10-14-1984 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   age 66
Polish Resistance fighter  Stanislaw Ryniak   was first registered Jewish inmate of Auschwitz Death Camp (June 14, 1940); tattooed with number 31 (30 German criminals were numbers 1-30)
born on 11-21-1915 in Sanok, Poland
expired 2-??-2004 in Wroclaw, Poland   age 88
World War II German seaman  Bruno Rzonca   one of the few remaining living surviving crew members of the battleship Bismarck (sunk 5-27-1941); a retired Blaw-Knox machinist
born on 5-19-1918 in Marienwerder, East Prussia, Germany
expired 7-23-2004 in Schererville, Indiana   age 86   cause: cancer
AKS: Bismark

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