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Watergate bag man  Anthony T. Ulasewicz
born on 12-14-1918
expired 12-17-1997 in Glens Falls, New York   age 79
former Costa Rican president (1949-53)  Utilio Ulate Blanco
expired 10-27-1973 in San José, Costa Rica   age 82   cause: complications from stroke
autocratic Stalinist East German leader (1950-71)  Walter Ulbright   built Berlin Wall (August 1961); deposed in 1971
¤alternate spelling: Ulbricht 
born on 6-30-1893 in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany
expired 8-1-1973 in Dollnsee, Germany   age 80   cause: heart failure; complications from stroke
medical researcher  Dmitri Uliánov   brother of V.I. Lenin
expired 7-16-1943 in Gorki, Russia, USSR   age 69
brutal commie opportunist  Vladimir Ilich Uliánov   Stalin's mentor; his pickled corpse is still on display in Red Square in Moscow
¤better known as V.I. Lenin 
born on 4-22-1870 in Simbirsk, Russia (now Ulyanovsk, Russia)
expired 1-21-1924 in Gorki, Russia, USSR   age 53
el-cheapo movie producer & director  Edgar G. Ulmer   set designer for Metropolis (1927)
born on 9-17-1904 in Vienna, Austria
expired 9-30-1972 in Woodland Hills, California   age 68
former Italian  King Umberto II   last King of Italy (5/9-6/2/1946); son of Vittorio Emanuele III
¤full name: Umberto Nicola Giovanni Maria of Savoy 
born on 9-15-1904 in Château de Racconigi, Piedmont, Italy
expired 3-18-1983 in Geneva, Switzerland   age 78
actress  Miyoshi Umeki   widow of Randall Hood (d.1976); had lead female role (Mei Li) in Flower Drum Song (Broadway 1958 & movie 1961; Tony nomination); played Katsumi in Sayonara (1957; Best Supporting Actress oscar) & Mrs. Livingston in the tv version of The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1969-72)
¤aka: "Nancy Umeki" 
born on 5-8-1929 in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan
expired 8-28-2007 in Licking, Missouri   age 78   cause: cancer
USC Information Science Institute founder  Keith William Uncapher   did pioneering work on Internet packet-switching & high level domain naming (.com, .edu, .gov, .mil, .net, .org)
born on 4-1-1922 in Denver, Colorado
expired 10-10-2002 in aboard D.C. to L.A. aircraft   age 80   cause: heart attack
two-time West Virginia governor  Cecil Harland Underwood
born on 11-5-1922 in Joseph Mills, West Virginia
expired 11-24-2008 in Charleston, West Virginia   age 86
 Sigrid Undset   was the 1928 Nobel prize winner for literature
born on 5-20-1882 in Kalundburg, Denmark
expired 6-10-1949 in Lillehammer, Norway   age 67
first editor of Daily Variety (1933-50)  Arthur Ungar
expired 7-24-1950 in Delmar, California   age 64
defense lawyer  Abraham Unger   lead defense lawyer for the Scottsboro Boys in their fourth trial
born on 3-25-1899
expired 7-16-1975 in New York, New York   age 76
enterprising lawyer  Milton Unger   had the Graf Zeppelin "arrested" to satisfy a court judgement
born on 5-14-1886
expired 6-9-1976 in Summit, New Jersey   age 90
former NFL quarterback  John Constantine "Johnny" Unitas
born on 5-7-1933 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 9-11-2002 in Timonium, Maryland   age 69   cause: heart attack
momma's boy mass-murderer  Howard Barton Unruh   on September 9, 1949 killed 13 in Camden, New Jersey with his trusty luger; ruled insane, had been rotting in the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital ever since
born on 1-20-1921 in Haddonfield, New Jersey
expired 10-19-2009 in Trenton, New Jersey   age 88
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AKS: Unrah
stock car racer  Jerry Unser
expired 5-17-1959 in Indianapolis, Indiana   age 26   cause: car wreck at the speedway
author & editor  Louis Untermeyer
born on 10-1-1885 in New York, New York
expired 12-18-1977 in Newtown, Connecticut   age 92
publishing house head (1968-90)  Rayner Stephens Unwin   when he was 10 years old his father paid him a shilling to read an author's manuscript & write a report on it; his enthusiastic review convinced dad to print The Hobbit (1938); later, as head of the firm convinced Tolkien to write a sequel — it was called The Lord of the Rings
born on 12-23-1925
expired 11-23-2000 in Berkhamsted, England   age 74   cause: cancer
book publisher Sir  Stanley Unwin   founder of George Allen & Unwin Ltd.; published The Hobbit (1938)
born on 12-19-1884 in London, England
expired 10-13-1968 in London, England   age 83

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