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Sex Pistols electric bassist  Sid Vicious   died 13 hours after being released on bail after arrest for stabbing death of Go-Go dancer
¤real name: John Simon Richie 
born on 5-10-1957 in London, England
expired 2-2-1979 in New York, New York   age 21   cause: heroin overdose
   Contest Selectors
1979 DW, HFS, JW, MS, RR, VM, YJ53.8%
   Scored 8 points

to August 1959 Playmate of Monthto June 1959 Playmate of Month Playboy July 1959 Playmate of Month  Yvette Vickers   appeared in Attack of the 50-Foot Woman (1958) & Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)
She was found, mummified, in her home on 4/27/2011; she was last seen in late April of 2010 following her return from a trip "out East" ... she may have been dead for up to a year — we're using that as the basis for our age-at-death calculations; the L.A. Coroner's Office was unable to determine a date of death

¤born: Yvette Iola Vedder
ex-Mrs. Don Prell (1953-57), Leonard Burns (1959-59) & Tom Howland (1967-69) 
born on 8-26-1928 in Kansas City, Missouri
expired 4-27-2010+ in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California   age 81+   cause: heart failure; mummification; arterial sclerotic cardiovascular disease; hardening of the arteries
AKS: Lola
Columbia University economist  William Spencer Vickrey   shared the 1996 Nobel prize in economics
born on 6-21-1914 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
expired 10-11-1996 in Harrison, New York   age 82
electric washing machine inventor  Alexander F. Victor   also invented non-flammable safety film for movies
expired 3-29-1961 in Carmel, California   age 82
 Teresa A. Victor   longtime assistant to Leonard Nimoy; had a number of minor roles in the early Star Trek movies, most notably as the Enterprise NCC-1701 computer voice that counted down the auto-destruct sequence that ended the voyages of the original starship (it would be replaced by Enterprises NCC-1701-A, -B, -C, and -D)
born on --1943 in New York, New York
expired 12-29-2005 in Santa Monica, California   age 62
to next English ruler: Edward VIIto previous English ruler: William IV British  Queen Victoria   grand-daughter of George III; daughter of William IV; wife of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha (her cousin); mother of Edward VII; longest reign of any British monarch (1837-1901); last monarch from the House of Hannover
¤full name: Alexandrina Victoria Hanover 
born on 5-24-1818 in London, England
expired 1-22-1901 in Isle of Wight, England   age 82
movie director  Charles Vidor   made The Joker is Wild (1957)
born on 7-27-1900 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 6-4-1959 in Vienna, Austria   age 58   cause: heart attack
film maker  King Wallis Vidor   survived the great 1900 Hurricane; went on to be a top Hollywood director
born on 2-8-1894 in Galveston, Texas
expired 11-1-1982 in Paso Robles, California   age 88
   Contest Selectors
1979 HP, MS15.4%
1980 JH, RR12.5%

Guinea-Bissau president  João Bernardo "Nino" Vieira
born on 4-27-1939 in Bissau, Portugese Guinea
expired 3-2-2009 in Bissau, Guinea-Bissua   age 69   cause: assassinated; shot to death
AKS: Joao
mathematician  Leopold Vietoris
born on 6-4-1891
expired 4-9-2002   age 110
to the second President of the IOC  Demetrius Vikélas   first head of the International Olympic Committee (1894-96)
born on 2-15-1835 in Ermoupolis, Syros, Greece
expired 7-20-1908 in Athens, Greece   age 73
Mexican bandito  Francisco "Poncho" Villa   fought against dictator Porfirio Diaz & on behalf of Francisco Madera
¤born: Doroteo Arango 
born on 6-5-1878 in Durango, Mexico
expired 7-23-1923 in Parral, Mexico   age 45   cause: gunshot wounds
 Luz Corral de Villa   widow of Pancho
born on --1892 in Chihuahua, Mexico
expired 7-6-1981 in Chihuahua, Mexico   age 89
composer  Heitor Villa-Lobos
¤sometimes called "Hector" 
expired 11-17-1959 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   age 72
former Stanford University electrical engineering professor  Oswald Garrison Villard Jr.   developer of over-the-horizon radar (1959)
born on 9-17-1916 in Dobbs Ferry, New York
expired 1-7-2004 in Palo Alto, California   age 87   cause: pneumonia
actor  Thomas Louis Villard   following his Spring Break played Prylar Bek in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode The Collaborator (1994)
born on 11-19-1953 in Waipahua Ewa, Hawaii
expired 11-14-1994 in Los Angeles, California   age 40   cause: pneumonia; AIDS
explorer  Orlando Villas-Boas   with his brothers explored the interior of Brazil's rain forest (1940s); they advocated protected the indiginous peoples from exploitation
born on 1-12-1914 in Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, Brazil
expired 12-12-2002 in São Paulo, Brazil   age 88   cause: multiple organ failure; intestinal infection
Acoustic Research co-founder (1951)  Edgar Marion Villchur   came up with the acoustic suspension loudspeaker (1954); sold company & left to form the Foundation for Hearing Aid Research where he developed the multi-channel compression hearing aid (1967)
born on 5-28-1917 in Manhattan, New York, New York
expired 10-17-2011 in Woodstock, New York   age 94
diminutive actor  Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize   Tatoo on Fantasy Island ("look boss, da plane, da plane"); Nick Nack in The Man With The Golden Gun
born on 4-23-1943 in Paris, France
expired 9-4-1993 in North Hollywood, California   age 50   cause: suicide; gunshot to head
   Contest Selectors
1980 EK6.3%

AKS: Herve
former Honduran president (1957-63) Dr.  Ramón Villeda Morales
expired 10-8-1971 in New York, New York   age 62   cause: heart attack
Cardinal  Jean Villot   Vatican secretary of state
born on 10-11-1905 in Saint-Amant-Tallende, France
expired 3-9-1979 in Rome, Italy   age 73   cause: bronchial pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
1979 JW 7.7%
   Scored 5 solo points

sound archivist  G. Robert Vincent   created sound/voice library at Michigan State University
born on 7-17-1898
expired 11-13-1985   age 87
oceanographer  Allyn Collins Vine   was an engineer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (1940-his death); was the inspiration for the name of the first deep submersible — the Alvin (Allyn Vine)
born on 6-1-1914 in Garretsville, Ohio
expired 1-4-1996 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts   age 81
former Georgia representative (1914-64)  Carl Vinson
born on 11-18-1883 in Milledgeville, Georgia
expired 6-1-1981 in Milledgeville, Georgia   age 97   cause: heart failure
Chief Justice (1946-58)  Frederick Moore Vinson   Truman Sec. of Treasury (1945-46)
expired 9-8-1958 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 63
former Finland prime minister (1964-66)  Johannes Virolainen
born on 1-31-1914 in Vyborg, Karelia, Finland
expired 12-11-2000 in Lohja, Finland   age 86
Dr.  Artturi Ilmari Virtanen   winner of the 1945 Nobel prize in chemistry
born on 1-15-1895 in Helsinki, Finland
expired 11-11-1973 in Helsinki, Finland   age 78
biologist & photographer  Roman Vishniac
born on 8-19-1897 in Saint Petersburg, Russia
expired 1-22-1990 in New York, New York   age 92   cause: colon cancer
cover of the September 1976 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Carol Vitale (in collage)cover of the August 1972 issue of 'Playboy' magazine with playmate Carol Vitaleto August 1974 Playmate of Monthto June 1974 Playmate of Month Playboy July 1974 Playmate of Month  Carol Ann Marie Vitale   also did February 1997 pictorial
born on 11-14-1946 in Elizabeth, New Jersey
expired 7-23-2008 in Aventura, Florida   age 61   cause: complications from lupus, scleroderma & osteoporosis
character actor  Joe Vitarelli   played Jelly in Analyze This (1999) & Analyze That (2002)
born on 3-10-1937 in New York, New York
expired 1-29-2004 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 66   cause: stomach hemorrhage during heart surgery
AKS: Vitarelli
sculptor  Frank Vittor   taught at the Carnegie Institute of Technology; designed the Gettysburg Commemorative half dollar (1936); his nude sculpture "America Venus" got the 1935 Miss America "fired"
born on 1-6-1888 in Mozzato, Italy
expired 1-??-1968 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age
former Italian  King Victor Emmanuel III   husband of Queen Ioanna
¤full name: Victor Emmanuel Ferdinand Marie Janvier 
born on 11-11-1869 in Naples, Italy
expired 12-28-1947 in Alexandria, Egypt   age 78   cause: pneumonia
classical composer  Antonio Lucio Vivaldi   wrote The Four Seasons
¤aka: "The Red Priest" 
born on 3-4-1675 in Venice, Italy
expired 7-27-1741 in Vienna, Austria   age 66

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