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former "spook"  George Russell Wackenhut Sr.   co-founded a small detective agency (1954) that expanded into security guard services & private prisons & all sorts of other stuff; retired in 2002
born on 9-3-1919 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 12-31-2004 in Vero Beach, Florida   age 85   cause: heart failure
Hall of Fame pitcher  George Edward "Rube" Waddell   played 1897, 1899-01
born on 10-13-1876 in Bradford, Pennsylvania
expired 4-1-1914 in San Antonio, Texas   age 37
Detroit homeless shelter operator  Charleszetta "Mother" Waddles   founder of Mother Waddles Perpetual Help Mission (1957)
born on 10-7-1912 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 7-12-2001 in Detroit, Michigan   age 88
actress  Ernestine Wade   played Sapphire Stevens on television Amos 'n' Andy series
born on 8-7-1906 in Jackson, Mississippi
expired 4-15-1983 in Los Angeles, California   age 76
retired Dallas County (Texas) District Attorney (1951-87)  Henry Menasco Wade   prosecuted Jack Ruby for the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald; defendant in the Roe v. Wade abortion case (decision announced January 21, 1973); companion case to Doe v. Bolton; prosecuted Randal Dale Adams for murder
born on 11-11-1914 in Rockwall, Texas
expired 3-1-2001 in Dallas, Texas   age 86   cause: Parkinson's disease
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2000 RR14%
2001 RR12½%
   Scored 6.4000 solo points

Robert with his brother  Robert Pershing Wadlow   purported to have been the tallest human to have ever lived at 8 feet 11.1 inches
born on 2-22-1918 in Alton, Illinois
expired 7-15-1940 in Manistee, Michigan   age 22   cause: infection
novelist  Walter Herman Wager   wrote 58 Minutes which became Die Hard 2, Telefon (1957) & Viper Three (1971; became Twilight's Last Gleaming 1977)
¤pseudonyms: Walter Harman, John Tiger 
born on 9-4-1924 in New York, New York
expired 7-11-2004 in New York, New York   age 79   cause: complications from brain cancer
reference work publisher  Adam Willis Wagnalls   co-founded Funk and Wagnalls (1890)
born on 9-24-1843 in Lithopolis, Ohio
expired 9-3-1924 in Northport, New York   age 80
World War I military veteran  Albert F. "Jud" Wagner   had been the oldest living Marine
born on 9-5-1899
expired 1-20-2007 in Smith Center, Kansas   age 107
former Boston Red Sox pitcher  Charles Thomas "Broadway" Wagner
born on 12-3-1912 in Reading, Pennsylvania
expired 8-30-2006 in Reading, Pennsylvania   age 93   cause: heart attack
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   Did Not Score - insufficient category citations (one to be exact)

music muckety-muck  Cosima Liszt Wagner   daughter of Franz Liszt; wife of Richard; mother of Siegfried; co-founder of the Bayreuth Festival
born on 12-25-1837 in Bellagio, Austria
expired 4-1-1930 in Bayreuth, Germany   age 92
well-know "professional wrestler"  George Raymond Wagner   an M.D. & psychiatrist before moving to the ring
¤aka: "Gorgeous George
born on 3-24-1915 in Seward, Nebraska
expired 12-26-1963 in Los Angeles, California   age 48   cause: heart attack; cancer
soap opera actress  Helen Wagner   had played Nancy Hughes on As The World Turns since 1956; she spoke the first lines of dialog of the series & was performing (live) when Walter Cronkite broke into the network feed with the bulletin announcing that president Kennedy had been shot (1963)
¤Mrs. Robert Willey 
born on 9-3-1918 in Lubbock, Texas
expired 5-1-2010   age 91
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   Scored 5.9000 solo points

Pittsburgh shortstop (1900-17)  John Peter "Honus" Wagner   his baseball card is the most expensive on the collectors market
born on 2-24-1874 in Mansfield, Pennsylvania
expired 12-5-1955 in Carnegie, Pennsylvania   age 81
former New York senator (1926-49)  Robert Ferdinand Wagner Sr.   sponsored the National Labor Relations Act
born on 6-18-1877 in Hesse-Nasseau, Germany
expired 5-4-1953 in New York, New York   age 75
former NYC mayor (1954-65)  Robert Ferdinand Wagner Jr.
born on 4-20-1910 in New York, New York
expired 2-12-1991   age 80
chorale founder  Roger Frances Wagner
born on 1-16-1914 in Le Puy, France
expired 9-17-1992   age 78
 Siegfried Helferich Wagner   son of Cosima of Richard; grandson of Franz Liszt; father of Wieland and Wolfgang by Winifred; dad wrote him an Idyll first performed Christmas morning 1869
born on 1-6-1869 in Stiebschen, Switzerland
expired 8-4-1930 in Bayreuth, Germany   age 61
lawyer, public notary  Walter Wagner   a casual acquaintence of Göbbels; was summoned to the bunker to perform a wedding (Adolf & Eva's) in the early hours of April 29, 1945
expired 5-2-1945 in Berlin, Germany   age 37   cause: shot in head
Bayreuth Festival co-director (1951-66)  Wieland Adolf Gottfried Wagner   son of Siegfried & Winifred; brother of Wolfgang; Bayreuth set designer
born on 1-5-1917 in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany
expired 10-16-1966 in München, Bavaria, Germany   age 49
opera composer  Wilhelm Richard Wagner   husband of Cosima; father of Siegfried; wrote the 4-opera "ring cycle" Das Ring der Niebelungen; co-founded the Bayreuth Festival
born on 5-22-1813 in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany
expired 2-13-1883 in Venice, Italy   age 69
Siegfried's widow  Winifred Wagner   head of Bayreuth Festival (1930-44); liked Hitler even more than Leni Riefenstahl
¤born: Winifred Williams 
expired 3-5-1980 in Uberlingen, Germany   age 82
Bayreuth Festival director (1966-2008)  Wolfgang Manfred Martin Wagner   had been co-director of the festival with brother Wieland (1951-66); son of Siegfried & Winifred; grandson of Richard & Cosima; great-grandson of Franz Liszt
born on 8-30-1919 in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany
expired 3-21-2010 in Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany   age 90
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   Scored 6.0000 solo points

Dr.  Julius Wagner-Jauregg   recipient of the 1927 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 3-7-1857 in Wels, Austria
expired 9-27-1940 in Vienna, Austria   age 83
Dolly & Porter Grand Ol Opre star  Porter Wayne Wagoner   one-time singing partner of Dolly Parton
born on 8-12-1927 in West Plains, Missouri (near)
expired 10-28-2007 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 80   cause: lung cancer
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   Scored 7.0000 solo points

AKS: Waggoner
former Indonesian president (1999-2002)  Abdurrahman Wahid
¤aka: "Gus Dur" 
born on 8-4-1940 in Denanyar, Jomgang, East Java, Dutch East Indies
expired 12-30-2009 in Jakarta, Indonesia   age 69   cause: circulatory & respiratory failure; renal failure
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   Scored 8.1000 solo points

recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor General  Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright   led U.S. & Philippine forces on Bataan & Corregidor after MacArthur left (1942); survivor of Bataan Death March; winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor
born on 8-23-1883 in Walla Walla, Washington
expired 9-2-1953 in San Antonio, Texas   age 70
long-distance runner  Grete Waitz   primarily a marathoner: won the Silver medal in the 1984 Olympics and won 9 New York City marathons (from 1978 thru 1988)
¤née: Andersen 
born on 10-1-1953 in Oslo, Norway
expired 4-19-2011 in Oslo, Norway   age 57   cause: cancer
   Contest Selectors
2007AUDC, DTM, LMLD9.7%
2008DTM, LMLD6.3%
2010DTM, LMLD7.4%

AKS: Greta
World War II French resistance fighter  Nancy Grace Augusta Wake   had been a Hearst reporter prior to the start of the war; recipient of numerous awards for heroism
¤widow of Henri Edmond Fiocca (1939-43) & John Forward (1957-97)
Gestapo nickname: "the White Mouse" 
born on 8-30-1912 in Wellington, New Zealand
expired 8-7-2011 in Richmond, London, England   age 98   cause: infection
noted baker  Ruth G. Wakefield   created the tollhouse chocolate chip cookie
born on --1905
expired ??-??-1977 in Plymouth, Massachusetts   age 72
1952 Nobel medicine laureate Dr.  Selman Abraham Waksman   one of the discoverers of streptomycin (he took all of the credit, however); coined term "antibiotic" (1941)
born on 7-22-1888 in Novaya Priluka, Ukraine, Russia
expired 8-16-1973 in Hyannis, Massachusetts   age 85   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
blind church organist  Helmut Walcha   known for his definitive recordings of Bach organ works
born on 10-27-1907 in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany
expired 8-11-1991 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany   age 83
   Contest Selectors
1979 RR7.7%
1980 RR6.3%

heavyweight boxer "Jersey"  Joe Walcott   champ 1951-52; lost title to Marciano
¤real name: Arnold Raymond Cream 
born on 1-31-1914 in Merchantville, New Jersey
expired 2-25-1994 in Camden, New Jersey   age 80
biochemist  George Wald   shared the 1967 Nobel prize in physiology for discoveries concerning the pysiological & chemical visual process in the eye
born on 11-18-1906 in Manhattan, New York, New York
expired 4-12-1997 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 90
screenwriter  Malvin Daniel Wald   co-wrote The Naked City (1948; took name from a photo collection by Weegee)
born on 8-8-1917 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 3-6-2008 in Sherman Oaks, California   age 90
AKS: Marvin Melvin
Another SFBMoFoto next U.N. Secretary General: Javier Perez de  Cuellarto previous U.N. Secretary General: U Thant former Nazi & Austrian president  Kurt Josef Waldheim   was a decorated Storm Trooper; fourth United Nations Secretary-General (1972-81)
born on 12-21-1918 in Sankt Andrä-Wördern, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary
expired 6-14-2007 in Vienna, Austria   age 88   cause: heart failure; infection
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2003RAVN, TAP11.1%
2004EOD, TAP11.1%
2005SLIM, SPIT8.7%
2006MOT, SPIT6.7%
   Scored 3.7781 points

cartoonist & onetime Max Fleischer animator  Myron Waldman   drew Happy the Humbug comic strip (1946-49)
born on 4-23-1908 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 2-4-2006 in Bethpage, New York   age 97   cause: congestive heart failure
jazz pianist  Malcolm Earl Waldron   composed Soul Eyes
born on 8-16-1925 in New York, New York
expired 12-2-2002 in Brussels, Belgium   age 77   cause: complications from cancer
Polish labor leader  Anna Walentynowicz   her August 7, 1980 firing as a crane operator in Gdansk's Lenin shipyard sparked a strike, which spawned a labor movement (the Solidarity union), which brought down the Polish Communist regime
born on 8-13-1929 in Rঋwne, Poland (now Rivne, Ukraine)
expired 4-10-2010 in Smolensk, Russia   age 80   cause: plane crash
drugstore chain founder (1916)  Charles Rudolph Walgreen Sr.
born on 10-9-1873 in Knox City, Illinois
expired 12-11-1939 in Chicago, Illinois   age 66
former drugstore chain president (1939-63)  Charles Rudolph Walgreen Jr.
born on 3-4-1906 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 2-11-2007 in Northfield, Illinois   age 100
   Contest Selectors
2003COCO, JL11.1%
   Scored 5.0000 solo points

gospel singer  Albertina Walker   founder/leader of The Caravans gospel singing group
¤Mrs. Reco Brooks 
born on 8-28-1929 in Chicago, Illinoia
expired 10-8-2010 in Chicago, Illinois   age 81   cause: respiratory failure; emphysema
R&B vocalist  Clarence "Tex" Walker   sang with the original Drifters and the Coasters
born on 1-24-1946 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
expired 8-8-2007 in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England   age 61   cause: heart attack
golfer  Cyril Walker   won 1924 U.S. Open (beating Bobby Jones); died penniless
expired 8-6-1948 in Hackensack, New Jersey   age 56
Shuttle STS-51--A, 30 53 & 69 astronaut  David Mathieson Walker
born on 5-20-1944 in Columbus, Georgia
expired 4-23-2001 in Houston, Texas   age 56   cause: cancer
nudist & inventor  Edward Craven Walker   created the Astro Lamp (1963) --- it was later rechristened the Lava Lamp
born on 7-4-1918 in Singapore, Malaysia
expired 8-15-2000 in Ringwood, England   age 82   cause: cancer
Southern Methodist University halfback  Ewell Doak Walker Jr.   winner of the Heisman Trophy (1948)
born on 1-1-1927 in Dallas, Texas
expired 9-27-1998 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado   age 71   cause: complications from skiing accident
   Contest Selectors
2000 ANG

movie director  Hal Walker   directed The Road to Utopia (1946) & The Road to Bali (1952); associate director on The Road to Zanzibar (1941) & The Road to Morroco (1942)
born on 3-20-1896 in Ottumwa, Iowa
expired 7-3-1972   age 76
 Harold W. "Hal" Walker   former CBS & ABC news correspondent
born on 7-2-1933 in South Carolina
expired 11-25-2003 in Reston, Virginia   age 70   cause: prostate cancer
distiller  Hiram Walker
born on 7-4-1816 in East Boston, Massachusetts
expired 1-12-1899 in Detroit, Michigan   age 82
dapper politician  James John Joseph "Jimmy" Walker   mayor of New York City (1926-32); wrote Sidewalks of New York; played by Bob Hope in the movie Beau James (1957)
¤nickname: "Beau James" 
born on 6-19-1881 in New York, New York
expired 11-18-1946 in New York, New York   age 65
sax player & band leader (the All Stars)  "Junior" Walker   had 1960s hit Shotgun
¤real name: Autry DeWalt Jr. 
born on 6-14-1942 in Blythesville, Arkansas
expired 11-23-1995 in Battle Creek, Michigan   age 53
recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor Congressional Medal of Honor recipient (1865) Dr.  Mary Edwards Walker   first woman physician in U.S.
born on 11-26-1832 in Oswego, New York
expired 2-21-1919 in Oswego, New York   age 86
actress  Nancy Walker   Bounty paper towel shill
¤real name: Anna Myrtle Swoyer 
born on 5-10-1921 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 3-25-1992 in Studio City, California   age 70
movie actor  Robert Walker   (first) ex-husband of Jennifer Jones
born on 10-13-1918 in Salt Lake City, Utah
expired 8-28-1951 in Hollywood, California   age 32
Polk Treasury secretary (1845-49)  Robert James Walker   helped create the Interior Department (1849)
born on 7-23-1801 in Northumberland, Pennsylvania
expired 11-11-1869 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 68
Southern Harmony and Musical Companion pubisher (1835)  William Walker   set the words of Amazing Grace to a folk melody ("Harmony Grove")
born on --1809
expired ??-??-1875 in Spartanburg, South Carolina   age 66
pro golfer  Arthur J. Wall Sr.   winner of the 1957 Masters tournament
born on 11-25-1923
expired 10-31-2001 in Scranton, Pennsylvania   age 77   cause: respiratory failure
carpenter  Forrest A. Wall   model for Andrew Wyeth's "Man from Maine"
born on 3-31-1896 in Togus, Maine
expired 3-7-1980 in Togus, Maine   age 83
chemist Dr.  Monroe Eliot Wall   co-discoverer of anti-cancer tumor drugs Taxol (paclitaxel) & camptothecin
born on 7-25-1916 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 7-6-2002 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina   age 85   cause: heart & kidney failure
physician  Alfred Russell Wallace   independently proposed a theory of evolution in 1858
born on 1-8-1823 in Usk, England
expired 11-7-1913 in Broadstone, England   age 90
gangsta rapper  Christopher G. Wallace
¤known in the "hood" as "Notorious B.I.G." (now known as "Notorious D.E.A.D.")
aka: "Biggie Smalls" 
born on 5-21-1972 in New York, New York
expired 3-9-1997 in Los Angeles, California   age 24   cause: shot to death
former Alabama 1st lady  Cornelia Ellis Snively Wallace   George's second wife (1971-78)
born on 1-28-1939 in Alba, Alabama
expired 1-8-2009 in Sebring, Florida   age 69   cause: cancer
   Contest Selectors

interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in November 1964 former Alabama governor (1962-65, 1970-73, 1974-77, 1982-87)  George Corley Wallace Jr.   husband of Lurleen and Cornelia; ran as independent for president in 1968 (with LeMay); shot by Arthur Bremer while campaigning at a Maryland shopping center (5/15/1972)
born on 8-25-1919 in Clio, Alabama
expired 9-13-1998 in Montgomery, Alabama   age 79   cause: respiratory & cardiac arrest
   Contest Selectors
1979 HA, HP, JH, JW, MM, VM46.2%
1980 EK, JH, MM18.8%

actor  George D. Wallace   in his long career had three main sci-fi roles: Commando Cody in Radar Men From the Moon serial (1952), the Bosun on Forbidden Planet (1956) & Admiral Simons on the Star Trek: Next Generation episode Man of the People (October 1992)
born on 6-8-1917 in New York, New York
expired 7-22-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 88   cause: complications from fall
SSAN 117-14-1664 Rec# 001a10121838 State=23 LRZ=49738 (Grayling) lived in Grayling in summers; E.L. in winters DyODth fm 3/10/86 LSJ pg 2B - full paid obit & news obit retired MSU zoology professor Dr.  George J. Wallace PhD.   as campus ornithologist conducted studies of DDT in the environment in the later 1950s that became a significant part of Rachel Carson's book The Silent Spring (1962)
born on 12-9-1906 in Waterbury, Vermont
expired 3-8-1986 in East Lansing, Michigan   age 79
FDR 3rd term vice president (1941-45)  Henry Agard Wallace   Truman Commerce Secretary (1945-46); ran for president in 1948 on the Progressive Party banner
born on 10-7-1888 in Adair County, Iowa
expired 11-18-1965 in Danbury, Connecticut   age 77
author  Irving Wallace
¤real name: Irving Wallechinsky 
born on 3-19-1916 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 6-29-1990 in Los Angeles, California   age 74
Ben Hur author (1880)  Lewis Wallace   was a Union Army general in the Civil War
born on 4-10-1827 in Brookville, Indiana
expired 2-15-1905 in Crawfordsville, Indiana   age 77
Reader's Digest co-founder (1921) and editor (1921-65)  Lila Bell Acheson Wallace
born on 12-25-1889 in Virden, Manitoba, Canada
expired 5-8-1984 in Mount Kisco, New York   age 94
Alabama governor (1967-68)  Lurleen Burns Wallace   first wife of George C. Wallace
born on 9-19-1926 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
expired 5-7-1968 in Montgomery, Alabama   age 41   cause: cancer
 Peter Jon Wallace   son of newsman Mike
expired 8-31-1962 in Corinth, Greece   age 19   cause: murdered
former lumberjack  Ray L. Wallace   prankster: responsible for many of the 1950s & 1960s Bigfoot "sightings"
born on 4-21-1918
expired 11-26-2002 in Centralia, Washington   age 84   cause: heart failure
Micro Soft's ninth employee (1978)  Robert C. "Bob" Wallace   left in 1983 to form Quicksoft which marketed his shareware word processing program PC-Write; in 1960s worked on the Fress (file retrieval and editng system) hypertext editing system under Ted Nelson & Andries van Dam
born on 5-29-1949 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 9-20-2002 in San Rafael, California   age 53
1920s blues singer  Sippie Wallace
¤real name: Beulah Thomas
nickname: "The Texas Nightingale" 
born on 11-1-1898 in Houston, Texas
expired 11-1-1986 in Detroit, Michigan   age 88
   Contest Selectors
1980 DH6.3%

Reader's Digest co-founder (1921)  William Roy Dewitt Wallace
born on 11-12-1889 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
expired 3-30-1981 in Mount Kisco, New York   age 91   cause: pneumonia
 Otto Wallach   1910 Nobel chemistry prize winner
born on 3-27-1847 in Königsberg, East Prussia, Germany
expired 2-26-1931 in Göttingen, Germany   age 83
Swedish banker  Marcus Wallenberg
born on 10-5-1899 in Stockholm, Sweden
expired 9-13-1982 in Stockholm, Sweden   age 82
Swedish diplomat  Raoul Gustav Wallenberg   saved over 20,000 Hungarian Jews during World War II; arrested by Soviet Army, carted back to Russia & thrown into Lubyanka prison
born on 8-4-1912 in Stockholm, Sweden
expired 7-17-1947 in Moscow, Russia, USSR   age 34   cause: heart attack (or shot by KGB)
aerialist  Angel Elizabeth Wallenda
¤born: Elizabeth Pintye 
born on 3-20-1968
expired 5-3-1996 in Sayre, Pennsylvania   age 28   cause: cancer
aerialist & matriarch of the clan  Helen Kreis Wallenda   Karl's widow; last member of original troupe - she had the top spot on the pyramid
born on 12-11-1910 in Germany
expired 5-9-1996 in Sarasota, Florida   age 85
aerialist & patriarch of the clan  Karl Wallenda   leader of the "Flying Wallendas" high wire act; ultimately, in Dead Pool circles, they became known as the "Falling Wallendas"
born on 1-21-1905 in Magdeburg, Germany
expired 3-22-1978 in San Juan, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico   age 73   cause: 100 foot fall
tv writer  Ernest Ferrin Wallengren   wrote for The Waltons, Touched By An Angel, Baywatch, Little House on the Prairie, Falcon Crest, Knight Rider & others
born on 12-15-1952 in Heber City, Utah
expired 5-27-2003 in Calabasas, California   age 50   cause: ALS
conductor  Alfred Franz Wallenstein
born on 10-7-1898 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 2-10-1983 in New York, New York   age 84
   Contest Selectors
1980 GP6.3%

Lt.General  Calvin A.H. Waller   was deputy commander of U.S. forces in the Persian Gulf war
born on 12-17-1937
expired 5-9-1996   age 58
bluegrass guitarist  Charles O. "Charlie" Waller
born on 1-19-1935 in Joinerville, Texas
expired 8-18-2004 in Gordonsville, Virginia   age 69   cause: heart attack
 Frederick Waller   invented the Cinerama 3-D process; patented the first water skis
born on 3-10-1886 in New York, New York
expired 5-18-1954 in Huntington, New York   age 68
 Gordon Trueman Riviere Waller   half of the 1960s singing duo Peter and Gordon
born on 6-4-1945 in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
expired 7-16-2009 in Connecticut   age 64   cause: cardiac arrest
author  Leslie Elson Waller   wrote The Banker (1963) & Dog Day Afternoon
born on 4-1-1923 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 3-29-2007 in Rochester, New York   age 83
jazz pianist  Thomas Wright "Fats" Waller   wrote Ain't Misbehavin' and Honeysuckle Rose
born on 5-21-1904 in New York, New York
expired 12-15-1943 in Kansas City, Missouri   age 39
actress  Deborah Walley   played Gidget in Gidget Goes Hawaiian (1961)
born on 8-13-1943 in Bridgeport, Connecticut
expired 5-10-2001 in Sedona, Arizona   age 57   cause: esophageal cancer
movie producer  Hal Brent Wallis   produced The Maltese Falcon (1941) and Casablanca (1942)
born on 9-14-1899 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 10-5-1986 in Rancho Mirage, California   age 87
ocean navigator  Samuel Wallis   discoverer of Easter Island and Tahiti during a round-the-world voyage (1766-68)
born on 4-23-1728 in Fentonwoon, England
expired 1-21-1795 in London, England   age 66
playwright  John Douglas Wallop III   wrote play The Year The Yankees Lost The Pennant (1954) that was the basis of the Broadway musical Damn Yankees! (1955) & 1958 movie
born on 3-8-1920 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 4-1-1985 in Georgetown, Maryland   age 65
child crime victim  Adam Walsh   in July of 1981 was kidnapped in Hollywood, Florida; in August his severed head was found in nearby Vero Beach; son of John Walsh
born on 11-14-1974
expired 7-27-1981 in Hollywood, Florida   age 6   cause: murdered
cartoonist & songwriter  J. Brandon Walsh   created the Little Annie Rooney comic strip
expired 1-13-1955 in New York, New York   age 72
movie actor  J. T. Walsh
¤real name: James Patrick Walsh 
born on 9-28-1943 in San Francisco, California
expired 2-27-1998 in La Mesa, California   age 54   cause: heart attack
character actress  Kathleen "Kay" Walsh   twice married: to David Lean (1940-49) & Elliot Jaques
born on 8-27-1911 in London, England
expired 4-16-2005 in London, England   age 93
Tenneco CEO  Michael Walsh
born on 7-8-1942
expired 5-6-1994   age 51
movie director  Raoul Walsh
¤born: Albert Edward Walsh 
born on 3-11-1887 in New York, New York
expired 12-31-1980 in Simi Valley, California   age 93   cause: heart attack
Montana senator (1913-33)  Thomas James Walsh   uncovered the Teapot Dome scandal (1923)
born on 6-12-1859 in Two Rivers, Wisconsin
expired 3-2-1933 in Wilson, North Carolina   age 73
director  William "Bill" Walsh   original director of the Mickey Mouse Club tv show; also directed The Absent-Minded Professor (1961) & Son of Flubber (1963)
born on 9-30-1913 in New York, New York
expired 1-27-1975 in Los Angeles, California   age 61   cause: cardiac arrest
college & pro football coach  William Ernest "Bill" Walsh   coached the San Francisco 49ers to three Super Bowl championships (1979-88)
born on 11-30-1931 in Fremont, California
expired 7-30-2007   age 75   cause: leukemia
   Contest Selectors
2007GOHI, MOT, OIE, QKU, RAVN16.1%
   Scored 5.1563 points

University of Maine hockey coach  William Sean Walsh   started his coaching career under Ron Mason at MSU
born on 6-21-1955 in White Plains, New York
expired 9-24-2001 in Bangor, Maine   age 46   cause: pneumonia; renal cell carcinoma
character actor and longtime Starfleet Academy groundskeeper  Ray Walston   won 1955 Tony for Damn Yankees!; played Uncle Martin (the Martian) on My Favorite Martian tv series (1963-66); played Boothby on Star Trek: Next Generation & Voyager
born on 12-2-1914 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 1-1-2001 in Beverly Hills, California   age 86   cause: lupus
   Contest Selectors
2001 NFG12½%
   Scored 6.4000 solo points

conductor  Bruno Walter   protege of Mahler
born on 9-15-1876 in Berlin, Germany
expired 2-17-1962 in Beverly Hills, California   age 85
handwriting expert  Herbert J. Walter   linked the Lindbergh ransom note to Bruno Hauptman
expired 7-16-1958 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada   age 78
architect  Thomas Ustick Walter   designed the U.S. Capitol Building's legislative wings and Dome
born on 9-4-1804 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
expired 10-30-1887 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 83
retired Herman Miller office furniture executive  Glenn Maurice Walters   developed the cubical concept for offices (1967)
born on 5-13-1924
expired 4-18-2010 in Grand Rapids, Michigan   age 85
truck driver  Larry Walters   known for attaching 45 weather balloons to a lawn chair in 1982; wearing a parachute and carrying a CB radio, pellet gun and water bottle ballast he rocketed to 16,000 feet, amazing airline pilots and pissing-off the FAA; after shooting out several balloons (then dropping the gun) he gently floated to a soft landing in some power lines; was ineligible to win a Darwin Award: he survived the stunt
born on 4-19-1949 in Los Angeles County, California
expired 10-6-1993 in Angeles National Forest, California   age 44   cause: suicide; gunshot to heart
NYC Latin Quarter owner (1942-67)  Lou Walters   father of ABC News person Barbara
expired 8-15-1977 in Miami, Florida   age 81   cause: heart attack
former Deputy Director of the CIA General  Vernon Anthony Walters   also U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. (1985-89)
born on 1-3-1917 in New York, New York
expired 2-11-2002 in West Palm Beach, Florida   age 85
physicist  Ernest Thomas Sinton Walton   shared the 1951 Nobel prize in physics
born on 10-6-1903 in Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland
expired 6-25-1995 in Belfast, Northern Ireland   age 91
Walmart co-founder  Helen Robson Walton   mother of Alice, Jim, John & S.R.
born on 12-13-1919 in Claremore, Oklahoma
expired 4-19-2007 in Bentonville, Arkansas   age 87
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2007DGW, KLS6.5%
   Scored 5.0500 points

author, trout fisherman  Izaak Walton   wrote a biography of John Donne & The Compleat Angler (1676)
born on 8-9-1593 in Staffordshire, England
expired 12-15-1683 in Winchester, England   age 90
Walmart billionaire  John Thomas Walton   was a Special Forces medic in Vietnam, earning the Silver Star
born on 10-8-1946
expired 6-27-2005 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming   age 58   cause: ultra-light plane crash
Great Lakes sailor  Ralph Grant Walton   Oiler aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald
born on 7-22-1917
expired 11-10-1975 in Eastern Lake Superior, Canada   age 58   cause: drowned when ship foundered
Sam's true legacy WalMart co-founder  Samuel Moore Walton
born on 3-29-1918 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma
expired 4-5-1992 in Little Rock, Arkansas   age 74
composer Sir  William Turner Walton
born on 3-29-1902 in Oldham, England
expired 3-8-1983 in Ischia, Italy   age 80
to May 1955 Playmate of Monthto February 1955 Playmate of Monthto May 1954 Playmate of Monthto March 1954 Playmate of Monthto March 1954 Playmate of Monthto January 1954 Playmate of Month  Marilyn Ardith Waltz   Playboy February 1954 Playmate of Month (under assumed name) and April 1954 & April 1955 Playmate of Month (under real name); Playboy had listed her Date/Place Of Birth as 4/7/1926 in Chicago; DOB used from her obituary & SSDI
¤married name: Marilyn Ardith Jordan
Mrs. Breck Jordan
aka: Margaret Scott 
born on 11-5-1931 in Waukesha, Wisconsin
expired 12-23-2006 in Medford, Oregon   age 75
actor, director  Sam Wanamaker
born on 6-14-1919 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 12-18-1993   age 74
orchestra conductor  Günter Wand
born on 1-7-1912 in Elberfeld, Germany
expired 2-14-2002 in Ulmiz, Switzerland   age 90
legendary pool hustler  Rudolf Walter Wanderone
¤aka: "Minnesota Fats" 
born on 1-19-1900 in New York, New York
expired 1-18-1996 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 95   cause: congestive heart failure
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1980 BD6.3%

magnetic computer core inventor  An Wang   founded Wang Laboratories (1951)
born on 2-7-1920 in Shanghai, China
expired 3-2-1990 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 70
movie producer  Walter Wanger   one-time husband of Joan Bennett
¤real name: Walter Feuchtwanger 
born on 7-11-1894 in San Francisco, California
expired 11-18-1968 in New York, New York   age 74   cause: heart attack
Hondo Carpenter (synchophantic sports nut/anchor), Suzanne 'Page' (news anchor) & Keith Thompson (the weather forcaster who does all of his reports on tape after being microwaved in from Kalamazoo where he is based at the CBS affiliate WWMT that also operates WLAJ - he can't do the weather 'live' and be interactive on both stations so WLAJ gets a 'talking head' weather forcast) troubled tv journalist  Suzanne M. Wangler   worked here in Lansing as a weekend news anchor for WILX tv in 1990, then went on to anchor/report for a number of Detroit-area stations; after her divorce she found herself charged with shoplifting $600 worth of groceries, a DUI conviction, lost custody of her kids and charges of embezzlement of an ex-boyfriend/client's money ($149,000 worth; she had been licensed to sell annuities); in September 2007 she was back in Lansing, this time slumming for the low-rent WLAJ tv news department as their weeknight news anchor (at least, until she was charged in the embezzlement — she resigned 2/14/08 "for personal reasons"); WXYZ tv in Detroit aired a story about her arrest on Friday 2/22, she went to the Royal Oak cop shop on Saturday to blow her required blood alcohol test, then went back to her home and hanged herself in the basement (all of the utilities had been turned off, the indoor temperature was 32° & the house was about to be foreclosed)
¤née: Pagella
aka: "Suzanne Page" 
born on 4-4-1964 in Beaver, Pennsylvania
expired 2-23-2008 in Royal Oak, Michigan   age 43   cause: suicide; hanged
AKS: The day after she resigned we were treated to a newscast anchored by Bill Albin — hey there, dude ... bet you never thought you'd be working as a tabloid tv cameraman/reporter! Sure beats being a computer hacker, army grunt or security guard.
radical Maoist  Wang Li   architect of China's "Cultural Revolution" debacle; eventually Mao turned on him
expired 10-21-1996 in Beijing, China   age 75   cause: stomach cancer
rotary combustion engine inventor  Felix Heinrich Wankel
born on 8-13-1902 in Lahr,Swabia, Germany
expired 10-9-1988 in Lindau, Germany   age 86
journalista  Jude T. Wanniski   coined the term "supply-side economics" (1974)
born on 6-17-1936 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania
expired 8-30-2005 in Morristown, New Jersey   age 69   cause: heart attack
Dr.  Otto Heinrich Warburg   was the 1931 Nobel medicine laureate
born on 10-8-1883 in Freiburg, Baden, Germany
expired 8-1-1970 in Berlin, Germany   age 86
mail order merchandising company founder (1872)  Aaron Montgomery Ward
born on 2-17-1844 in Chatham, New Jersey
expired 12-8-1913 in Chicago, Illinois   age 69   cause: pulmonary edema
cartoonist  Bill Ward   worked on Captain America comic book & Cracked magazine
born on 3-6-1919
expired 11-17-1998   age 79
Rocky & Bullwinkle producer  Jay Troplong Ward
¤born: J Troplong Ward 
born on 9-21-1920 in San Francisco, California
expired 10-12-1989 in Los Angeles, California   age 69
World War II Marine  Philip Ward   part of the first Marine patrol that reached the summit of Mt. Suribachi and hoisted an American flag; a second, large flag was taken up & it's raising was shot by AP photographer Joe Rosenthal
born on 3-10-1926 in Linnsburg, Indiana
expired 12-28-2005 in McAllen, Texas   age 79
former race car driver  Rodger Ward Sr.   won 1959 & 1962 Indianapolis 500
born on 1-10-1921 in Beloit, Wisconsin
expired 7-5-2004 in Anaheim, California   age 83
church organist  Samuel Augustus Ward   in 1882 wrote church hymn O Mother Dear Jerusalem (aka Materna) inspired by a day with his family at Coney Island; it was eventually paired with the poem America the Beautiful
born on 12-28-1847 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 9-28-1903 in Newark, New Jersey   age 55
actor  Jack Warden   played both Fuchs Brothers (Roy & Luke) in Used Cars (1980) & athletic trainer Max Corkle in the remake of Here Comes Mr. Jordan (Heaven Can Wait)
¤born: John H. Lebzelter 
born on 9-18-1920 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 7-19-2006 in New York, New York   age 85
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   Scored 6.5000 solo points

character actress  Herta Ware   first wife of Will Geer; played Jean-Luc Picard's grandmother on Star Trek: The Next Generation
born on 6-9-1917 in Wilmington, Delaware
expired 8-15-2005 in Topanga, California   age 88
egghead barrister  Lancelot Lionel Ware   co-founded Mensa (1946); the group's original name: "the High IQ Club")
born on 6-5-1915 in Mitcham, Surrey, England
expired 8-15-2000 in Surrey, England   age 85
philathropist  Harry P. Wareham   coined term Community Chest (1919) for use with public fund drives
expired 6-11-1951 in Westport, Connecticut   age 68
bass-baritone singer  William C. Warfield   known for portraying Porgy; had been married to Leontyne Price (1952-72)
born on 1-22-1920 in West Helena, Arkansas
expired 8-25-2002 in Chicago, Illinois   age 82   cause: complications from a broken neck
pop culture artist  Andy Warhol   shot by wacko Valerie Solanis (6/3/1968); notable quote: "In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes."
¤born: Andrew Warhola 
born on 8-6-1928 in Forest City, Pennsylvania
expired 2-22-1987 in New York, New York   age 58   cause: complications from gall bladder surgery
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1979 DW, JH15.4%
1980 DW6.3%

bandleader & blender inventor  Fred Malcolm Waring
born on 6-9-1900 in Tyrone, Pennsylvania
expired 7-29-1984 in State College, Pennsylvania   age 84
to 1943 award winnerto 1941 award winner former world-class pole vaulter  Cornelius Anthony Warmerdam   first to clear 15 feet (April 1940); won 1942 Sullivan Award
born on 6-22-1915 in San Joaquin Valley, California
expired 11-13-2001 in Fresno, California   age 86   cause: Alzheimer's disease
acting ship's captain  William F. Warms   placed in command of the Morro Castle hours before fire began
expired 5-14-1953 in New York, New York   age 66
movie pioneer  Albert Warner   co-founded the Warner Brothers studio (1923) with Harry, Jack & Samuel
¤born: Albert Eichelbaum 
born on 7-23-1883
expired 11-26-1967 in Miami Beach, Florida   age 84
industrialist  Arthur Pratt Warner   co-inventor of the automobile speedometer in 1904; co-founder of Warner Instruments (1912; it later became Stewart-Warner Co.)
born on 4-18-1870 in Jacksonville, Florida
expired 3-22-1957 in Beloit, Wisconsin   age 86
industrialist  Charles Henry Warner   co-inventor of the automobile speedometer in 1904; co-founder of Warner Instruments (1912; it later became Stewart-Warner Co.)
born on 3-13-1872 in Wisconsin
expired 1-6-1944 in San Marino, California   age 71
former City College forward  Edward L. Warner Sr.   member of only team to win both the NCAA & NIT championships in same year (1950); later convicted in point shaving scandal
born on 7-5-1929
expired 9-7-2002 in New York, New York   age 73
college football coach  Glenn Scobey "Pop" Warner
born on 4-5-1871 in Springville, New York
expired 9-7-1954 in Palo Alto, California   age 83
movie pioneer  Harry Morris Warner   co-founded the Warner Brothers studio (1923) with Albert, Jack & Samuel
¤born: Harry Morris Eichelbaum 
born on 12-12-1881 in Krasnosielc, Poland, Russian Empire
expired 7-25-1958 in Hollywood, California   age 76
character actor  Henry Byron Charles Stewart Warner
¤born: Henry Byron Charles Stewart Warner-Lickford 
born on 10-26-1875 in St. John's Wood, London, England
expired 12-21-1958 in Hollywood, California   age 83
movie pioneer  Jack L. Warner   co-founded the Warner Brothers studio (1923) with Albert, Harry & Samuel
¤born: Jack L. Eichelbaum 
born on 8-2-1892 in London, Ontario, Canada
expired 9-9-1978 in Los Angeles, California   age 86   cause: heart inflamation
movie pioneer  Samuel Louis Warner   co-founded the Warner Brothers studio (1923) with Albert, Harry & Jack; was married to actress Lina Basquette; acknowledged as the "Father of Talking Pictures" --- he convinced his siblings to go into a partnership with Western Electric, forming the Vitaphone Company --- the result was The Jazz Singer with Al Jolson; Sam died the night before the movie's premiere
¤born: Samuel Louis Eichelbaum 
born on 8-10-1887 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 10-5-1927   age 40
Liberty Records founder (1955)  Simon Waronker   featured artists like Julie London, Martin Denny, Eddie Cochran, Gene McDaniels, Buddy Knox, The Rivingtons & Alvin and the Chipmunks (NOTE: the Chipmunks were named after Liberty president Alvin Bennett, Waronker and chief engineer Theodore Keep)
born on 3-4-1915 in Los Angeles, California
expired 6-7-2005 in Beverly Hills, California   age 90
inventor  David Ronald de Mey Warren   inventor of the "black box" flight data recorder (the Aeronautical Reasearch Laboratories Flight Memory Unit; 1956)
born on 3-20-1925 in Groote Eylandt, Australia
expired 7-19-2010 in Melbourne, Australia   age 85
former Chief Justice (1953-69)  Earl Warren   California governor (1942-53); led court that issued the Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education & Miranda rulings; headed Commission that investigated the assassinatin of JFK
born on 3-19-1891 in Los Angeles, California
expired 7-9-1974 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 83   cause: congestive heart failure
musical composer  Harry Warren   partnered with Al Dubin on numerous Busby Berkeley musicals; also wrote songs for Cinderfella (1961); won iscars for Lullaby of Broadway (1935), You'll Never Know (1940) & On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe (1946)
¤born: Salvatore Guaragna 
born on 12-24-1893 in New York, New York
expired 9-22-1981 in Los Angeles, California   age 83
former U.S. Poet Laureate (1986-87)  Robert Penn Warren   wrote All The King's Men (1946)
born on 4-24-1905 in Guthrie, Kentucky
expired 9-15-1989 in Stratton, Vermont   age 84
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1980 GP6.3%

architect  Whitney Warren   designed Grand Central Terminal in New York City
born on 1-29-1864 in New York, New York
expired 1-24-1943 in New York, New York   age 78
Dow Corning chemist Dr.  Earl L. Warrick   a claimant for co-inventor of Silly Putty
born on 9-23-1911 in Butler, Pennsylvania
expired 11-15-2002 in Loma Linda, California   age 91
Harley celebrates the completion of another barn with a mouth full of chaw. Yummy!  Harley E. Warrick   painted barns with Mail Pouch Tobacco advertising
born on 10-5-1924 in Belmont County, Ohio
expired 11-24-2000 in Wheeling, West Virginia   age 76   cause: abdominal aneurism
character actress  Ruth Warrick   played Emily Monroe Norton Kane, first wife of Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane (1941), Sally, the mother in Song of the South (1946) & Phoebe English Tyler Wallingford on All My Children soap opera (1970-2005)
born on 6-29-1916 in Saint Joseph, Missouri
expired 1-15-2005 in New York, New York   age 88   cause: complications from pneumonia
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2005NFG, RR8.7%
   Scored 4.9500 points

academician  Eugene C. Warriner   was president of Central Michigan College )1918-39)
born on --1866 in Earlville, Dixon County, Illinois
expired 7-20-1945 in Petoskey, Michigan   age 78
Dr.  Myron A. Warriner   created a scandal in 1935 by killing a "hopelessly wounded" patient in North Brookfield, Massachusetts (paging Dr. Kevorkian)
expired 12-18-1943 in Bridgeport, Connecticut   age 87
scientist  Booker Taliaferro Washington
born on 4-5-1856 in Franklin City, Virginia
expired 11-14-1915 in Tuskegee, Alabama   age 59
blues singer  Dinah Washington   sang with the Lionel Hampton Band (1943-49); wife of Detroit Lions player Dick Lane
¤born: Ruth Jones 
born on 8-29-1924 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama
expired 12-14-1963 in Detroit, Michigan   age 39   cause: overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol
oscar-winning songwriter  Edward "Ned" Washington   wrote When You Wish Upon a Star for Pinocchio (1940) & the theme for High Noon (1952)
born on 8-15-1901 in Scranton, Pennsylvania
expired 12-20-1976 in Los Angeles, California   age 75   cause: heart ailment
to next U.S. president: John Adamsto previous U.S. president: Cyrus Griffin Revolutionary War Commanding General (1775-83)  George Washington   first U.S. president under Constitution of 1789 (May 1, 1789-97); namesake of Washington, District of Columbia and the state
born on 2-22-1732 in Westmoreland, Virginia
expired 12-14-1799 in Mount Vernon, Virginia   age 67   cause: infected epiglottis
jazz saxophonist  Grover Washington Jr.
born on 12-12-1943 in Buffalo, New York
expired 12-17-1999 in New York, New York   age 56   cause: heart attack
subject of 20 Questions interview in February 1988 `Playboy Magazine'; published posthumously former Chicago mayor  Harold Washington
born on 4-15-1922 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 11-25-1987 in Chicago, Illinois   age 65   cause: heart attack
UCLA (1937-39) & L.A. Rams football player  Kenneth "Kenny" Washington
born on 8-31-1918
expired 6-24-1971 in Los Angeles, California   age 52   cause: polyarteritis
actor  Lamont Washington   starred in original Broadway cast of Hair
born on 7-4-1943
expired 8-25-1968 in New York, New York   age 25
1920s & 30s Black athlete  Ora Mae Washington   won ATA women's singles title (1924); played basketball with Philadelphia Hustle women's barnstorming team; inducted into Black Athletes Hall of Fame (1976)
¤born: Ora Belle Washington 
born on 1-16-1899 in Caroline County, Virginia
expired 5-28-1971   age 72
violent crimimal  Raymond Lee Washington   founder of the L.A. protection racket gang the Crips
born on 8-14-1953 in Texas
expired 8-9-1979 in Los Angeles, California   age 26   cause: shotgun blast to gut
NRA president (1994-95)  Thomas L. Washington
born on 7-15-1937
expired 12-5-1995   age 58
former Washington D.C. mayor (apointed & elected)  Walter Edward Washington
born on 4-15-1919 in Dawson, Georgia
expired 10-27-2003 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 84
S.African businessman  Louis Washkansky   first heart transplant recipient December 3, 1967 (performed by Dr. Christiaan Barnard)
born on --1913 in Lithuania
expired 12-21-1967 in Capetown, South Africa   age 54   cause: double pneumonia; failure of transplanted heart
former prosepector  Frank Hinman Waskey   Alaska's first territorial representative in congress (1906-7)
born on 4-20-1875 in Lake City, Minnesota
expired 1-25-1964 in Oakville, Washington   age 88
filmmaker & tv documentarian  Albert Wasserman   won a Best Documentary Short Subject oscar for First Steps (1947); worked as a 60 Minutes producer (1976-86)
born on 2-9-1921 in New York, New York
expired 3-31-2005 in New York, New York   age 84   cause: lung cancer
playwright  Dale Wasserman   wrote novel Man of La Mancha (1965) which was based upon his earlier tv drama I, Don Quixote (1959); also wrote the stage version of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - it bombed when produced
born on 11-2-1914 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin
expired 12-21-2008 in Paradise Valley, Arizona   age 94   cause: congestive heart failure
former MCA president (1946-95)  Lewis Robert Wasserman
born on 3-15-1913 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 6-3-2002 in Beverly Hills, California   age 89   cause: complications from stroke
plywright  Wendy Wasserstein   wrote The Heidi Chronicles (1989)
born on 10-18-1950 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 1-30-2006 in New York, New York   age 55   cause: lymphoma
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2006DTM, LMLD, QKU, TBC13.3%
   Scored 7.3125 points

radio actor  Willard Waterman   played Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve
born on 8-14-1914 in Madison, Wisconsin
expired 2-2-1996 in Burlingame, California   age 81   cause: bone marrow disease
jazz sax & clarinetist  Benny Waters
born on 1-23-1902 in Brighton, Maryland
expired 8-11-1998   age 96
desperado  David Roland Waters   one of the gang that murdered/dismembered Madalyn Murray O'Hair
born on --1947 in Peoria, Illinois
expired 1-27-2003 in Butler, North Carolina   age 55   cause: lung cancer; hepatitis
actress and blues & gospel singer  Ethel Waters
born on 10-3-1896 in Chester, Pennsylvania
expired 9-1-1977 in Chatsworth, California   age 80   cause: kidney & heart failure
former MSU football coach  Franklin D. "Muddy" Waters II
born on 1-30-1923 in Wallingford, Connecticut
expired 9-20-2006 in Saginaw, Michigan   age 83   cause: congestive heart failure
blues artist  "Muddy" Waters
¤real name: McKinley Morganfield 
born on 4-4-1915 in Rolling Fork, Mississippi
expired 4-30-1983 in Chicago, Illinois   age 68
W.Carolina football coach  Robert Lee "Bob" Waters
born on 6-22-1938 in Millen, Georgia
expired 5-29-1989 in Callowhee, North Carolina   age 50   cause: ALS
assassination plotter  Georges Watin   novel & movie Day of the Jackal based upon his involvement in the attempt to assassinate French President Charles de Gaulle on 8-22-62
expired 2-19-1994 in Asuncion, Paraguay   age 71   cause: heart attack
former Utah senator (1947-58)  Arthur V. Watkins   chairman of committee that censured Joe McCarthy for "contemptuous, contumacious, denunciatory, unworthy, inexcusable and reprehensible" conduct
born on 12-18-1886 in Midway, Utah
expired 9-1-1973 in Orem, Utah   age 86
former IBM executive  Arthur Kittredge Watson   son of Thomas J. Sr.
born on 4-23-1919 in Summit, New Jersey
expired 7-26-1974 in Norwalk, Connecticut   age 55
(mainly) child actor  Bobs Watson   played Pee Wee in Boys Town (1938) & Hitler in short subject The Devil With Hitler (1942)
born on 11-16-1930 in Los Angeles, California
expired 6-27-1999 in Laguna Beach, California   age 68   cause: prostate cancer
Bruce - from the first-broadcast 'Star Trek' episode: 'The Man Trap' "expendable" character actor  Bruce E. Watson   was the nephew of Gene Lockhart and cousin of June Lockhart; played crewman Green in original Star Trek epsiode The Man Trap (1966; first episode to air) — he "died" even though he wasn't wearing a red shirt
born on 7-27-1940
expired 6-11-2009 in Albuquerque, New Mexico   age 68   cause: suicide; gunshot; mental illness
kid actor-turned-news photographer  Delmar Watson   appeared in four Our Gang shorts (1930s), as boy with slingshot in You Can't Cheat An Honest Man (1939) & A Christmas Carol (1938; as snowballer in gang)
born on 7-1-1926 in Los Angeles, California
expired 10-26-2008 in Glendale, California   age 82   cause: prostate cancer
dedicated herbivore  Donald Watson   founder of the Vegan Society (he coined the term "vegan")
born on 9-2-1910 in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, England
expired 11-16-2005 in Keswick, England   age 95
blues musician  Johnny "Guitar" Watson
born on 2-3-1935 in Houston, Texas
expired 5-17-1996 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan   age 61   cause: myocardial infarction
Ziegfeld Follies girl  Marion Wilson Watson   one of the "Ladies in Black" that visited Rudolph Valentino's grave on the anniversary of his death
¤born: Marion Benda 
expired 11-30-1951 in Hollywood, California   age 45
Bell assistant  Thomas Augustus Watson   received first telephone call on March 10, 1876
born on 1-18-1854 in Salem, Massachusetts
expired 12-13-1934 in Pass-Grille Key, Florida   age 80   cause: heart disease
IBM founder  Thomas John Watson Sr.   renamed the successor of Hollerith's tabulating machine company
born on 2-17-1874 in Campbell, New York
expired 6-19-1956 in New York, New York   age 82
former IBM chairman  Thomas John Watson Jr.   son of its founder
born on 1-8-1914 in Dayton, Ohio
expired 12-31-1993 in Greenwich, Connecticut   age 79
Sir  Robert Watson-Watt   inventor of the first "practical" radar system
born on 4-13-1892 in Brechlin, Angusshire, Scotland
expired 12-5-1973 in Inverness, Scotland   age 81
Zen Buddhist hippie icon  Alan Wilson Watts   in his youth he was inspired by the Dr. Fu Manchu detective stories
born on 1-6-1915 in Chislehurst, Kent, England
expired 11-16-1973 in Mill Valley, California   age 58   cause: heart failure
Another SFBMoFo confessed serial killer  Coral Eugene Watts   admitted to having killed Jeanne Clyne (10/31/1979), Linda Tilley (9/5/1981), Elizabeth Montgomery (9/13/1981), Susan Wolf (9/12/1981), Phyllis Tamm (1/4/1982), Margaret Fossi (1/17/1982), Alice Martell (1/29/1982), Edna Semander (2/7/1982), Emily LaQua (3/20/1982), Edith Ledet (3/27/1982), Yolanda Gracia (4/15/1982), Carrie Jefferson (4/16/1982), Suzanne Searles (4/21/1982) & Michelle Maday (5/23/1982); also admitted trying to kill Julia Sanchez (1/17/1982), Patty Johnson (1/30/1982), Glenda Kirby (3/27/1982), Lori Lister (5/23/1982) & Melinda Aguilar (5/23/1982); convicted of the murder of Helen Dutcher in Michigan — sentenced to life without parole for that murder as well as the 1974 stabbing death of Western Michigan University student Gloria Steele (age 19; stabbed 30 times)
born on 11-7-1953 in Fort Hood, Texas
expired 9-21-2007 in Jackson, Michigan   age 53   cause: prostate cancer
mystery writer  Hillary Waugh
born on 6-22-1920 in New Haven, Connecticut
expired 12-8-2008 in Torrington, Connecticut   age 88
inventor  Elmer H. Wavering   with Bill Lear built the first commercial car radio (called the Motorola by Paul Galvin); developed first car alternator; later became president of Motorola
born on 4-22-1907 in Quincy, Illinois
expired 11-20-1998 in Naples, Florida   age 91
character actor  Albert Samuel Waxman   had title role in Canadian tv series King of Kensington (1975); played Lt. Bart Samuels in Cagney and Lacey tv cop series (1982-88)
born on 3-2-1935 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
expired 1-17-2001 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 65   cause: heart failure during heart surgery
movie composer  Franz Waxman
born on 12-24-1906 in Köonigsbutte, Silezia, Germany (now Chorzow, Poland)
expired 2-24-1967 in Los Angeles, California   age 60   cause: cancer
Sidney and the Seven Dwarf Trees horticulturalist Dr.  Sidney Waxman   using the cones from "witches's brooms" on evergreens developed numerous dwarf pine varieties ("Sand Castle," "Sea Urchin," "Blue Shag")
born on 11-13-1923 in Providence, Rhode Island
expired 2-10-2005 in Storrs, Connecticut   age 81   cause: transitional cell carcinoma
former Sierra Club president (1961-64 & 1967-69) Dr.  Edgar A. Wayburn
born on 9-17-1906 in Macon, Georgia
expired 3-5-2010 in San Francisco, California   age 103
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character actress  Kellie Suzanne Waymire   appeared on Star Trek: Voyager (as Lanya in the episode Muse), Star Trek: Enterprise (as Elizabeth Cutler) and Six Feet Under
born on 7-27-1967 in Columbus, Ohio
expired 11-13-2003 in Venice, California   age 36   cause: cardiac arrhythmia; mitral valve prolapse
songwriter  Bernie Wayne   wrote Blue Velvet and There She Is, Miss America (1954)
born on 3-6-1919
expired 4-18-1993 in Marina del Rey, California   age 74
Art Fern and the Tea-Time Movie lady (Johnny Carson and Carol Wayne) busty Tonight Show "Tea-Time Movie" lady  Carol Wayne   sister of Nina Wayne; did February 1984 Playboy pictorial; last person to see her alive: Edward Durston --- people saw Ed & Carol having a fight; he says she went for a walk down by the beach to "cool off" (she was afraid of the water); she turns up floating in the bay three days later, but he checked out of the hotel three days earlier... hmmm, the alibi appears to be weak
born on 9-6-1942 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 1-10-1985 in Manzanillo, Mexico   age 42   cause: "drowned" (an assisted non-suicide?)
actor  David Wayne
¤born: Wayne David McKeeken 
born on 1-30-1914 in Traverse City, Michigan
expired 2-10-1995 in Santa Monica, California   age 81
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in May 1971 actor  John Wayne Sr.   irradiated during production of The Conquerer (1956); directed The Alamo (1960)
¤born: Marion Robert Morrison
nickname: "The Duke" 
born on 5-26-1907 in Winterset, Iowa
expired 6-12-1979 in Los Angeles, California   age 72   cause: stomach & lung cancer
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1979 DW, HA, HFS, HP, MS, SB, VM, YJ61.5%
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Canadian comedian  Johnny Wayne   of Wayne and Shuster
born on 5-28-1918 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
expired 7-18-1990 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada   age 72
movie producer  Michael Wayne   son of the Duke
¤born: Michael Anthony Morrison 
born on 11-23-1934 in Los Angeles, California
expired 4-2-2003 in Burbank, California   age 68   cause: heart failure; complications from lupus

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