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1919 Chicago White Sox player  George Davis "Buck" Weaver   despite claims of innocence, banned for life from baseball for "involvement" in Black Sox scandal
born on 8-18-1890 in Stowe, Pennsylvania
expired 1-31-1956   age 65   cause: heart attack
 Jackson Weaver   one of Smokey the Bear's voices
born on 9-3-1920
expired 10-20-1992   age 72
roofing contractor  Sylvester Laflin Weaver Sr.   father of Doodles & Pat; grandfather of Sigourney
expired 9-12-1958 in Los Angeles, California   age 80
former NBC honcho  Sylvester Laflin "Pat" Weaver Jr.   son of Sylvester Sr.; father of Sigourney; created the Today, Tonight and Tomorrow shows for the network
born on 12-21-1908 in Los Angeles, California
expired 3-15-2002 in Santa Barbara, California   age 93   cause: pneumonia
actor  William Dennis Weaver   played deputy Chester Goode on Gunsmoke (1955-64), Tom Wedloe on Gentle Ben (1966-68) & Sam McCloud on McCloud (1970-77)
born on 6-4-1924 in Joplin, Missouri
expired 2-24-2006 in Ridgway, Colorado   age 81   cause: complications from cancer
comedian & actor  Winstead Sheffield "Doodles" Weaver   played Salty Sam in Kitten with a Whip (1965); brother of Pat; uncle of Sigourney
born on 5-11-1911 in Los Angeles, California
expired 1-17-1983 in Los Angeles, California   age 71   cause: suicide
Dr. Acer victim  Barbara Webb
¤aka: "Patient B" 
born on 3-3-1926
expired 12-17-1993 in Stuart, Florida   age 68   cause: AIDS
debonaire actor  Clifton Webb   played columnist Waldo Lydecker in Laura (1944) and Mr. Belvedere in three movies
¤real name: Webb Parmalee Hollenbeck 
born on 11-11-1889 in Indianapolis, Indiana
expired 10-13-1966 in Beverly Hills, California   age 76
hotel & casino owner  Del Webb   built Sun City, Arizona
born on 5-17-1899 in Fresno, California
expired 7-4-1974 in Rochester, Minnesota   age 75   cause: complications after surgery for lung cancer
aeronatuical engineer  Everette L. Webb   co-designer of the Boeing 747
born on 9-5-1921
expired 7-2-2002 in Seattle, Washington   age 80   cause: heart failure
discredited journalist  Gary S. Webb   in 1996 while working at the San Jose Mercury newspaper dreamed up a series of articles that claimed that the CIA was involved in the spread of crack cocaine in Los Angeles through Nicaraguan drug dealers
born on 8-31-1955
expired 12-9-2004 in Carmichael, California   age 49   cause: suicide; self-inflicted gunshot wound
stiff actor  Jack Webb   was married to Julie London 1947-53
born on 4-2-1920 in Santa Monica, California
expired 12-23-1982   age 62   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
1980 DR6.3%

NASA administrator (1961-68)  James Edwin Webb
born on 10-7-1906 in Granville City, North Carolina
expired 3-27-1992 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 85
screenwriter  James R. Webb   received 1963 oscar for How The West Was Won; also wrote Cape Fear
born on 10-4-1909 in Denver, California
expired 9-27-1974 in Los Angeles, California   age 64
industrialist  Jervis Bennett Webb   builder of conveyor equipment for mass production businesses (like the auto industry)
expired 12-21-1952 in Birmingham, Michigan   age 61
actor  Richard Webb   played Captain Midnight on tv
born on 9-9-1915 in Bloomington, Indiana
expired 6-10-1993 in Van Nuys, California   age 77   cause: suicide
Cannon Ball Express railroad fireman  Simon Taylor "Sim" Webb   jumped from train just before it plowed into a stalled freight in 1900 (engineer Casey Jones went down with the locomotive)
expired 7-13-1957 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 83
actor  Robert Webber
born on 10-14-1924 in Santa Ana, California
expired 4-19-1989 in Malibu, California   age 64
physicist Dr.  Joseph Weber   did pioneering work in Lasers & gravitational wave detection
born on 5-17-1919 in Paterson, New Jersey
expired 9-30-2000 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 81   cause: complications from treatment for non-Hodgkins lymphoma
pro bowler  Richard Anthony "Dick" Weber   father of bowler Pete Weber
born on 12-23-1929 in Indianapolis, Indiana
expired 2-13-2005 in Florissant, Missouri   age 75
AKS: Webber
actor  Benjamin Webster   husband of Dame May Whitty
expired 2-26-1947 in Hollywood, California   age 82   cause: complications following an operation
orator, Massachusetts senator (1826-50), Fillmore Secretary of State (1850-52)  Daniel Webster
born on 1-18-1782 in Salisbury, New Hampshire
expired 10-24-1852 in Marshfield, Massachusetts   age 70
two-time All-American football player  George Webster   lost a Supreme Court case to have his disability pension increased
born on 11-25-1945 in Anderson, South Carolina
expired 4-19-2007 in Houston, Texas   age 61   cause: heart failure
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boogie-woogie pianist & singer  Katie Webster
¤aka: "Swamp Boogie Queen"
born: Kathryn Jewel Thorne 
born on 1-11-1936 in Houston, Texas
expired 9-5-1999 in League City, Texas   age 63   cause: heart failure
former Steelers hall-of-fame center (1974-88)  Michael L. "Mike" Webster   suffered too many blows to the head
born on 3-18-1952 in Tomahawk, Wisconsin
expired 9-24-2002 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   age 50   cause: heart attack
tv documentary maker  Nicholas Webster   also directed Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)
born on 7-24-1912
expired 8-12-2006 in Santa Monica, California   age 94
Baja Marimba Band founder  Julius Wechter   composed Spanish Flea (Dating Game theme song) while with the Tijuana Brass
born on 5-10-1935 in Los Angeles, California
expired 2-1-1999 in Los Angeles, California   age 63   cause: lung cancer
AKS: Wechtner
Charlie at the 2001 Silicon Valley Bowl game ALS victim  Charles William "Charlie" Wedemeyer   youngest brother of Herman
born on 2-19-1946 in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaiian Territory
expired 6-3-2010 in San Jose, California   age 64   cause: pneumonia; ALS
   Contest Selectors
2002ANG, JAC18.2%
2003ANG, PCD11.1%
2004ANG, PCD11.1%
2005ANG, PCD8.7%
2006ANG, PCD6.7%
2007ANG, PCD6.5%
2008PCD, SPIT6.3%
2009GOHI, PCD6.7%
2010DTM, PCD7.4%
   Scored 7.3500 points

Hawaii 5-0 actor  Herman John Wedemeyer   played Duke Lukela; oldest brother of Charlie Wedemeyer
born on 5-20-1924 in Hilo, Hawaii
expired 1-25-1999 in Honolulu, Hawaii   age 74   cause: heart attack
Met Opera baritone  Robert Weede   appeared in Broadway musicals including The Most Happy Fellow
¤real name: Robert Wiedefeld 
born on 2-22-1903 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 7-9-1972 in Walnut Creek, California   age 69
Eisenhower Commerce Secretary (1953-58)  Sinclair Weeks
born on 6-15-1893 in West Newton, Masachusetts
expired 2-7-1972 in Concord, Massachuestts   age 78
Scottsboro Boys defendant  Charlie Weems
born on --1911 in Chattanooga, Tennessee
expired ??-??-19??   age ??
bandleader  Wilfred Theodore "Ted" Weems
expired 5-6-1963 in Tulsa, Oklahoma   age 62
geologist & explorer  Alfred Lothar Wegener   expert on Greenland; proposed a now-accepted continental drift theory (1910)
born on 11-1-1880 in Berlin, Germany
expired 11-??-1930 in 119 miles east of Kamarujuk, Greenland   age 50   cause: hypothermia
former E.R. Squibb president  Lowell Palmer Weicker Sr.   father of former senator
born on 10-14-1903
expired 11-25-1978 in New York, New York   age 75
IFBB president  Benjamin Weider   IFBB co-founder
born on 2-1-1923 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
expired 10-17-2008 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada   age 85
novelist and playwright  Jerome Weidman   wrote book I Can Get It For You Wholesale (1937); co-author of Pulitzer prize-winning Broadway musical Fiorello
born on 4-14-1913 in New York, New York
expired 10-6-1998 in New York, New York   age 85
 Helene Weigel   widow of Bertold Brecht
born on 5-12-1900 in Vienna, Lower Austria, Austria-Hungary
expired 5-6-1971 in Berlin, Germany   age 70
Colorado clothier  Jack Arnold Weil   started Rockmount Ranch Wear (1946); creator of the "Western Shirt"
born on 3-28-1901 in Evansville, Indiana
expired 8-13-2008 in Denver, Colorado   age 107
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 4.3000 solo points

 Marjorie C. Weil   devised method to mass-produce Melba Toast
born on 2-5-1900
expired 4-18-1990   age 90
composer  Kurt Weill   wrote The Three-Penny Opera and Lost in the Stars; composed Mack the Knife on the spur of the moment to give his wife, Lotte Lenya, something to sing at a show
born on 3-2-1900 in Dessau, Germany
expired 4-3-1950 in New York, New York   age 50   cause: heart attack
stamp collector/dealer  Raymond H. Weill
born on 9-29-1913 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 4-21-2003 in New Orleans, Louisiana   age 89   cause: heart failure
One of Big Al's big boomers --- the MOAB (Massive Ordinance Air Burst «or» &Mother of All Bombs&) U.S. Air FOrce civilian engineer  Albert Lee Weimorts   designed the GBU-28 "bunker buster" bomb for the first Gulf War; designed the 21,000 pound M.O.A.B. bomb (Massive Ordinance Air Burst) bomb for the second Gulf war (aka: "Mother of All Bombs")
born on 3-6-1938 in DeFuniak Springs, Florida
expired 12-21-2005 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida   age 67   cause: brain cancer
Nixon/Ford H.E.W. Secretary (1973-5) & Reagan Defense Secretary (1981-7)  Caspar Willard Weinberger Sr.
born on 8-18-1917 in San Francisco, California
expired 3-28-2006 in Bangor, Maine   age 88   cause: pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
2005TBC, TMD8.7%
   Scored 6.2000 solo points

Chicago Seven defense attorney  Leonard Irving Weinglass
born on 8-27-1933 in Belleville, New Jersey
expired 3-23-2011 in The Bronx, New York, New York   age 77   cause: pancreatic cancer
AKS: Weinglas Wienglass Wienglas Wineglass Wineglas
Mercury Dime and Walking Liberty Half-Dollar, designed by Adolph Weinman in 1916 sculptor  Adolph A. Weinman   designed the 1916 dime and half-dollar coins
expired 8-8-1952 in Port Chester, New York   age 81   cause: heart attack
character/voice actor  Leonard "Lennie" Weinrib   gave voice to H.R. Pufnstuf (as well as being the head writer for the show)
born on 4-29-1935 in The Bronx, New York, New York
expired 6-28-2006 in Santiago, Chile   age 71   cause: stroke
tv & movie producer  Henry T. Weinstein
born on 7-12-1924 in New York, New York
expired 9-17-2000 in Boca Raton, Florida   age 76
urologist Dr.  Jack Weinstock   co-wrote How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (1961); got a Pulitzer Prize for it
expired 5-23-1969 in New York, New York   age 62
 Robert S. "Bob" Weinstock   founder of the Prestige jazz record label (1949)
born on 10-2-1928 in New York, New York
expired 1-14-2006 in Boca Raton, Florida   age 77   cause: complications from diabetes
tv director  Don Weis   husband of actress Rebecca Welles; directed The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966)
born on 5-13-1922 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
expired 7-26-2000 in Santa Fe, New Mexico   age 78
former DC Comics editor  Mortimer Weisinger   co-founder of The Time Traveller sci-fi fan magazine (1932; with Julius Schwartz & Forrest J. Ackerman)
born on 4-25-1915
expired 5-7-1978 in Great Neck, New York   age
Great Lakes sailor  David Elliot Weiss   (deck) Cadet aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald
born on 11-13-1953
expired 11-10-1975 in Eastern Lake Superior, Canada   age 21   cause: drowned when ship foundered
songwriter  George David Weiss   co-wrote a whole bunch of well-known songs, including: "Wheel of Fortune" (1952) & "Lullaby of Birdland" (both 1952), "Can't Help Falling in Love" & "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (both 1961) and "What A Wonderful World" (1967)
born on 4-9-1923 in Manhattan, New York, New York
expired 8-23-2010 in Oldwick, New Jersey   age 89
poet  Theodore Russell Weiss
born on 12-15-1916 in Reading, Pennsylvania
expired 4-15-2003 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 86
New York Representative (1976-87)  Theodore A. "Ted" Weiss
born on 9-17-1927 in Budapest, Hungary
expired 9-14-1992 in New York, New York   age 64
Olympic swimmer  John "Johnny" Weissmuller   most famous Tarzan actor; portrayed Jungle Jim; once married to Lupe Velez
¤born: Johann Weissmüller 
born on 6-2-1904 in Freidorf, Banat, Roumaina
expired 1-20-1984 in Acapulco, Mexico   age 79
   Contest Selectors
1980DO, DR, EB, GP, HA, JW, RR43.8%

AKS: Weismuller
actor  Dwight Weist
born on 1-16-1910 in Palo Alto, California
expired 7-16-1991 in Block Island, Rhode Island   age 81   cause: heart attack
former MIT professor  Joseph Weizenbaum   wrote the controversial "Eliza" interactive computer program (1966)
born on 1-8-1923 in Berlin, Germany
expired 3-5-2008 in Gröben, Germany   age 85   cause: complications from stomach cancer
former Israeli president  Ezar Weizman   nephew of Israel's first president
¤born: Ezer Weizmann 
born on 6-15-1924 in Tel Aviv, Palestine
expired 4-24-2005 in Caesarea, Israel   age 80   cause: pneumonia
organic chemist & first president of Israel  Chaim Weizmann   discovered how to synthesize acetone during World War I
expired 11-9-1952 in Rehovoth, Israel   age 77
the swimsuit in question actress/bikini designer  Marie Therese "Tessa" Welborn   designed the bikini that Ursula Andress was poured into for Dr. No
¤born: Marie Therese Prendergast 
born on 10-17-1928 in Jamaica
expired 7-??-2001 in London, England   age 72
cabaret singer  Elisabeth Welch   appeared in Broadway show Runnin' Wild (1923) where she sanng "Singing Charleston" to accompany the new dance
born on 2-27-1904 in New York, New York
expired 7-15-2003 in London, England   age 99
 Harry Foster Welch   provided the voice of Popeye the Sailor (1929-66)
born on 11-27-1893
expired 8-16-1973 in Blowing Rock, North Carolina   age 79
attorney  Joseph Nye Welch   during the Army-McCarthy witch-hunts confronted the senator publicly with the plea "... have you no decency?" McCarthy, obviously, had none; appeared in Anatomy of a Murder as the trial judge
born on 10-22-1890 in Pringhar, Iowa
expired 10-6-1960 in Hyannis, Massachusetts   age 69
1880s & 1890s 300 game winner pitcher  Michael Welch
¤nickname: "Smiling Mickey" 
expired 7-30-1941 in Nashua, New Hampshire   age 82
CIA Greece station chief  Richard S. Welch
expired 12-23-1975 in Athens, Greece   age 46   cause: shot to death
 Robert Henry Winborne Welch Jr.   founded the John Birch Society (12-1-1958)
born on 12-1-1899 in Chavan County, North Carolina
expired 1-6-1985 in Winchester, Massachusetts   age 85   cause: complications from stroke
 Fern V. Welk   widow of Lawrence
born on 8-26-1903 in Saint Anthony, North Dakota
expired 2-13-2002 in Santa Monica, California   age 98
bubbly band leader  Lawrence Welk
born on 3-11-1903 in Strasburg, North Dakota
expired 5-17-1992 in Santa Monica, California   age 89   cause: pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
1979 DW, RR15.4%
1980 DW, EB, JH, MM25.0%

virologist  Thomas Huckle Weller   shared the 1954 Nobel prize in medicine for his research work on the polio virus
born on 6-15-1915 in Ann Arbor, Michigan
expired 8-23-2008 in Needham, Massachusetts   age 93
   Contest Selectors

actress  Gwen Welles   did November 1972 & May 1975 Playboy pictorials; wife of Harris Yulin
born on 3-4-1951 in Chatanooga, Tennessee
expired 10-13-1993   age 42   cause: cancer
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in March 1967 writer/actor/producer/director/magician/glutton/wino  Orson Welles   co-founder of the Mercury Theater Company — it did the infamous Halloween-eve 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds; co-wrote, directed Citizen Kane (1941) and The Magnificent Ambersons (1942); later, Orson was in San Antonio, Texas --- a man drove up and asked him directions --- it was H.G. Wells, author War of the Worlds; played The Shadow on the radio; once married to Rita Hayworth; ate 18 hotdogs in one sitting at Pink's
¤born: George Orson Welles
nickname: Mahatma Kane Jeeves (given to him by W.C. Fields
born on 5-6-1915 in Kenosha, Wisconsin
expired 10-10-1985 in Hollywood, California   age 70   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
1979 MS, YJ15.4%
1980 DW, EB, HA, HP, MM31.3%

AKS: Wells
Titanic survivor  Mary C. Wellman
born on 7-27-1895 in Mount Vernon, New York
expired 11-23-1975 in Topsfield, Massachusetts   age 80
movie director  William Augustus Wellman   directed High and Mighty (1954)
born on 2-29-1896 in Brookline, Massachusetts
expired 12-9-1975 in Los Angeles, California   age 79   cause: leukemia
screenwriter  George Wells   won oscar for script of Designing Woman (1957)
born on 11-3-1909 in New York, New York
expired 11-29-2000 in Newport Beach, California   age 91
aviatrix & journalist  Helen Fay Gillis Wells
born on 10-15-1908 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
expired 12-2-2002 in Fairfax, Virginia   age 94
Wells Fargo co-founder (1852)  Henry Wells
born on 12-12-1805 in Thetford, Vermont
expired 12-10-1878 in Glasgow, Scotland   age 72
science fiction author  Herbert George Wells   wrote The Time Machine (1895), The Island of Doctor Moreau, Things to Come, The Invisible Man (1897), First Men in the Moon and War of the Worlds (1898); advocate of "Free Love"; in his story The World Set Free (1914) he coined the term "atomic bomb"; the plot of 1980s movie Time After Time has H.G. Wells pursuing Jack the Ripper forward in time to San Francisco
born on 9-21-1866 in Bromley, England
expired 8-13-1946 in London, England   age 79
blues harmonica player  Junior Wells
¤born: Amos Blackmore 
born on 12-9-1934 in West Memphis, Arkansas
expired 1-15-1998 in Chicago, Illinois   age 63   cause: coma following heart attack
Motown singer  Mary Wells
born on 5-13-1943 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 7-26-1992 in Los Angeles, California   age 49
soap opera actress  Mary K. Wells
born on 12-1-1920 in Omaha, Nebraska
expired 8-14-2000 in New York, New York   age 79   cause: colon infection
lyricist & composer  Robert Wells   wrote lyrics for The Christmas Song (to music by Mel Torme)
born on 10-15-1922
expired 9-23-1998 in Santa Monica, California   age 75   cause: cancer
frequently-beaned Negro League baseball player  William James Wells   invented the batting helmet
born on 8-10-1906 in Austin, Texas
expired 1-22-1989 in Austin, Texas   age 82
former Carleton College political science professor (1969-90)  Paul David Wellstone   senator from Minnesota (1991-2002)
born on 7-21-1944 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 10-25-2002 in Eveleth, Minnesota   age 58   cause: plane crash
rock keyboardist  Vince Welnick   last keyboard player for the Grateful Dead (1990-95; succeeding Brent Mydland)
born on 2-21-1951 in Phoenix, Arizona
expired 6-2-2006 in Santa Rosa, California   age 55   cause: suicide; slit own throat with knife
writer  Eudora Welty   awarded 1973 Pulitzer prize; gave name to E-mail program
born on 4-13-1909 in Jackson, Mississippi
expired 7-23-2001 in Jackson, Mississippi   age 92
1920s Our Gang child actor  George T. Wendelken   played Freckles
born on 11-27-1916
expired 1-3-1998 in Toms River, New Jersey   age 81
Letterman announcer  Bill Wendell
¤born: William Joseph Wenzel Jr. 
born on 3-22-1924 in New York, New York
expired 4-14-1999 in Boca Raton, Florida   age 75   cause: complications from cancer
actress  Annemarie Wendl-Kleinschmidt
born on 12-26-1914 in Trostberg an der Alz, Upper Bavaria, Germany
expired 9-3-2006 in München, Bavaria, Germany   age 91   cause: heart failure
   Contest Selectors
   Did Not Score - insufficient category citations (two to be exact)

AKS: Wendel
actor's father  George Robert Wendt Sr.
born on 1-8-1923
expired 6-15-1993   age 70
New York Time puzzle editor (1968-78)  Will C. Weng
born on 2-25-1907 in Terre Haute, Indiana
expired 5-2-1993 in New York, New York   age 86
former Tonka Toys executive (1961-77)  Russell L. Wenkstern   developed many of the company's favorite toy trucks
born on 10-1-1912 in Garber, Iowa
expired 1-18-2000 in Spring Park, Minnesota   age 87
songwriter  Percy Wenrich   wrote music for Put on Your Old Gray Bonnet, When You Wore a Tulip and Moonlight Bay
expired 3-18-1952 in New York, New York   age 72
former oldest ex-major league baseball player  William Murray "Billy" Werber Sr.   in college he was Duke's first All-American (in basketball); was the last surviving team-mate of Babe Ruth; while playing for Cincinnati became the first baseball player to come to bat on television (at Ebbetts field on August 26, 1939)
born on 6-20-1908 in Berwyn Heights, Maryland
expired 1-22-2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina   age 100
   Contest Selectors
2009BYE, DTM, PCD10.0%
   Scored 3.1250 points

former New York Jets owner  David Abraham "Sonny" Werblin
born on 3-17-1910 in New York, New York
expired 11-21-1991 in New York, New York   age 81
 Alfred Werner   Nobel chemistry prize winner in 1913
born on 12-12-1966 in Mülhausen, Alsace, Germany
expired 11-15-1919 in Zürich, Switzerland   age 52
1910s-40s victrola/concert/radio singer  Reinald Werrenrath Sr.   NOT associated with Ding Dong School (but his son was)
¤aka: "Edward Hamilton" 
born on 8-7-1883 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 9-12-1953 in Plattsburgh, New York   age 70
former CBS reporter/writer/producer  Joseph "Joe" Wershba   was Ed Murrow's lead producer on the Milo Radulovich expose of McCarthy's smear tactics; later worked as a 60 Minutes producer; produced a special report - "Gideon's Trumpet"
born on 8-19-1920 in Manhattan, New York, New York
expired 5-14-2011 in New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York   age 90   cause: pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
2008CSI, DGW, RR9.4%
2009DGW, RR6.7%
2010CSI, DGW, RR11.1%

Our Gang child actor  Harold Eugene Wertz Jr.   played "Bouncy", the fat kid predecessor to "Spanky," in three 1930s films
born on 8-3-1927 in Denison, Texas
expired 11-21-1999 in Los Angeles, California   age 72   cause: complications from stroke
child murder victim  Cynthia Diane Wesley   killed by KKK goons in church bombing
born on 4-30-1949 in Birmingham, Alabama
expired 9-15-1963 in Birmingham, Alabama   age 14   cause: murdered; bomb explosion
theoretical physicist Dr.  Julius Wess   with Dr. Bruno Zumino published a paper in 1973 that layed out the Theory of Supersymetry — it described two general classes of elemental particles (bosons & fermions) that were described as vibrating strings
born on 12-5-1934 in Austria
expired 8-8-2007 in Hamburg, Germany   age 72   cause: stroke
country singer  Dorothy Marie "Dottie" West
¤born: Dorothy Marie Marsh 
born on 10-11-1932 in McMinnville, Tennessee
expired 9-4-1991 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 58
Evelyn West former burlesque stripper  Evelyn "Treasure Chest" West   appeared in A Night at the Follies (1956)
¤born: Amy May Coomer
Mrs. Al Charles 
born on 1-21-1907 in Adair, Kentucky
expired 11-11-2004 in Hollywood, Florida   age 97   cause: "natural causes"
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in January 1971 horny actress  Mae West
born on 8-17-1893 in New York, New York
expired 11-22-1980 in Hollywood, California   age 87   cause: "natural causes"
   Contest Selectors
1979 DO, DW, HA, MM, MS, SB, VM53.8%
1980 BD, DO, DR, EB, JH, MM37.5%
   Scored 1.3000 points

author  Morris Langlo West   wrote Children of the Sun and Shoes of the Fisherman
born on 4-26-1916 in Saint Kilda, Australia
expired 10-2-1999 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   age 83   cause: heart failure
author (& H.G. Wells' lover) Dame  Rebecca West
¤born: Cecily Isolbel Fairfield Andrews 
born on 12-25-1892 in County Kerry, Ireland
expired 3-15-1983 in London, England   age 90
steel-guitarist  Wesley Webb "Speedy" West
born on 1-25-1924 in Springfield, Missouri
expired 11-15-2003 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma   age 79
retired carillonneur  Wendell James Westcott   had performed on MSU's Beaumont Tower Carillon (1941-2007)
born on 1-20-1911 in Jackson, Michigan
expired 4-30-2010 in Lansing, Michigan   age 99
Titanic survivor  Barbara Joyce WestDainton
born on 5-12-1911 in Bournemouth, Dorset, England
expired 10-16-2007 in Cambourne, Cornwall, England   age 96
   Contest Selectors
2002JAC, JL, RR27.3%
2003JL, PCD, RR16.7%
2004PCD, RR11.1%
2005KLS, PCD, RR, SLIM17.4%
2006KLS, PCD, RR10.0%
2007KLS, PCD, RR9.7%
   Scored 3.5250 points

character actor  James Westerfield   played a policeman in The Magnificent Ambersons (1942), pier boss Big Mac in On The Waterfront (1954) & Bug Tussle mayor Amos Wentworth Hogg on The Beverly Hillbillies (1967)
born on 3-22-1913 in Nashville, Tennessee
expired 9-20-1971 in Woodland Hills, California   age 58   cause: heart attack
 David Westheimer   wrote My Sweet Charlie & Von Ryan's Express
born on 4-11-1917 in Houston, Texas
expired 11-8-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 88   cause: heart failure
businessman  Irvin F. Westheimer   founded the Big Brothers organization (1903)
born on 9-19-1879 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 12-30-1980 in Cincinnati, Ohio   age 101
inventor & industrialist  George Westinghouse Jr.   Civil War veteran; invented the air brake (1868); bought Tesla's AC electric patents back when $1,000,000 was some serious money
born on 10-6-1846 in Central Bridge, New York
expired 3-12-1914 in New York, New York   age 67
mystery writer  Donald Edwin Edmund Westlake   recipient of 3 Edgar Awards: for Best novel — "God Save the Mark" (1968); for Best Short Story — "Too Many Crooks" (1990); and for Best Screenplay — "The Grifters" (1991; also received an Oscar nomination)
born on 7-12-1933 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 12-31-2008 in Mexico   age 75   cause: heart attack
Hollywood makeup man  George Westmore   founded the first studio makeup department; father of makeup artists Bud, Ern, Frank, Monty, Perc & Wally Sr.
born on 6-27-1879 in Isle of Wight, England
expired 7-12-1931 in Hollywood, California   age 52
head Universal makeup man (1947-71)  George Hamilton Westmore   part of Hollywood makeup dynasty
¤nickname: "Bud" or "Buddy" 
born on 1-13-1918 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 6-23-1973 in Sherman Oaks, California   age 55   cause: heart attack
Hollywood makeup artist  Percival Westmore
born on 10-29-1904
expired 9-30-1970 in North Hollywood, California   age 65   cause: heart attack
Paramount makeup artist  Walter James Westmore Sr.   part of Hollywood makeup dynasty; father of Wally Jr.
born on 2-13-1906
expired 7-3-1973 in Hollywood, California   age 67   cause: stroke
retired Army General  William Childs Westmoreland   commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam 1964-68; Army Chief of Staff 1968-72
born on 3-26-1914 in Saxon, South Carolina
expired 7-18-2005 in Charleston, South Carolina   age 91
   Contest Selectors
2003MB, RAVN11.1%
2004EOD, LMLD11.1%
2005BOD, MOT8.7%
   Scored 4.6500 points

actor  Jack Weston
¤real name: Morris Weinstein 
born on 8-21-1925 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 5-3-1996 in New York, New York   age 71   cause: lymphoma
 Kenneth William Weston   shared 2001 Best Sound oscar for Gladiator (2000)
born on 5-30-1947 in Finsbury Park, England
expired 9-13-2001 in London, England   age 54   cause: kidney cancer
   Contest Selectors
2002 TMTX
2003 TMTX

photographer  Theodore Brett Weston
born on 12-16-1911
expired 1-22-1993   age 81
record producer/executive  Gerald "Jerry" Wexler   an early partner of Ahmet Ertegun at Atlantic Records; coined term Rhythm and Blues (R&B)
born on 1-10-1917 in Manhattan, New York, New York
expired 8-15-2008 in Sarasota, Florida   age 91   cause: congestive heart failure
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   Scored 5.9000 solo points

Daryl Hannah's stepfather Dr.  Jerrold Wexler
born on 6-27-1924
expired 11-??-1992   age 68
manic depressive screenwriter  Norman Wexler   wrote scripts for Serpico (1973, co-written with Waldo Salt), Saturday Night Fever (1977) and Mandingo
born on 8-16-1926 in New Bedford, Massachusetts
expired 8-23-1999 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 73   cause: heart attack
movie director  James Whale   openly homosexual in 1940s and 50s Hollywood; directed Frankenstein (1931) & Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Show Boat (1936) and The Invisible Man (1933); subject of the movie Gods and Monsters (1998)
born on 7-22-1889 in Dudley, England
expired 5-29-1957 in Pacific Palisades, California   age 67   cause: suicide; drowned in swimming pool
1930s swimming champion  Eleanor H. Holm Whalen   completed in 1928 & 1932 games; won backstroke gold in 1932; expelled from 1936 games by U.S. Olympic dictator Avery Brundage for "carousing" & breaking curfew; appeared in Tarzan's Revenge (1938)
¤successively: Mrs. Art Jarrett, Billy Rose & Thomas Whalen 
born on 12-6-1912 in New York, New York
expired 1-31-2004 in Miami, Florida   age 91   cause: kidney failure
diplomat  Clifton Reginald Wharton Sr.
born on 5-11-1899
expired 4-23-1990   age 90
author  Edith Newbold Wharton   wrote The House of Mirth (1905) & The Age of Innocence (1921; Pulitzer prize winner)
¤maiden name: Jones 
born on 1-24-1862 in New York, New York
expired 8-11-1937 in Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt, France   age 75   cause: stroke
World War I doughboy  Dennis F. Whatley
born on 11-19-1895 in Higbee, Colorado
expired 8-31-2001 in Cypress Gardens, California   age 105
Brooklyn Dodger Hall-of-Fame outfielder 91909-26)  Zachary Davis Wheat
born on 5-23-1888 in Hamilton, Missouri
expired 3-11-1972 in Sedalia, Missouri   age 83   cause: heart attack
scientist & inventor Sir  Charles Wheatstone   invented the Concertina (1829) & the Wheatstone Bridge (1843; measures electrical resistance)
born on 2-6-1802 in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England
expired 10-19-1875 in Paris, France   age 73
movie comedian  Albert Jerome Wheeler   teamed with Robert Woolsey in numerous films; appeared in Diplomaniacs (1933)
born on 4-7-1895
expired 1-18-1968 in New York, New York   age 72
former Montana senator (1922-46)  Burton Kendall Wheeler   was prosecutor in the Teapot Dome scandal; isolationist prior to World War II
born on 2-27-1882 in Hudson, Massachusetts
expired 1-6-1975 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 92   cause: stroke
former Joint Chiefs of Staff chief (1964-70) General  Earle Gilmore Wheeler
born on 1-13-1908 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 12-18-1975 in Frederick, Maryland   age 67
theoretical physicist  John Archibald Wheeler   coined the terms "wormhole" (1957) & "Black Hole" (1967)
born on 7-9-1911 in Jacksonville, Florida
expired 4-13-2008 in Highstown, New Jersey   age 96   cause: pneumonia
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   Scored 5.4000 solo points

political scientist/writer  John Harvey Wheeler   co-author of Fail-Safe (1962; based upon his own 1950s article on the same subject)
born on 10-17-1918 in Waco, Texas
expired 9-6-2004 in Carpenteria, California   age 85   cause: cancer
Sir  John Hieron Wheeler
born on 7-22-1905
expired 4-21-2005   age 99
oscar-winning art director  Lyle Wheeler   won five oscars for Gone With The Wind (1939), The Diary of Anne Frank (1959), The Robe and The King and I
born on 2-12-1905 in Woburn, Massachusetts
expired 1-10-1990 in Woodland Hills, California   age 84   cause: pneumonia
terrorist  Thero Wheeler   member of the SLA
¤SLA name: "Bayo" 
born on 1-28-1945
expired 3-2-2009 in San Francisco, California   age 64
Hayes vice president (1877-81)  William Alrnon Wheeler
born on 6-30-1819 in Malone, New York
expired 6-4-1887 in Malone, New York   age 67
 George William Wheelwright III   co-founded Land Wheelwright Laboratories (1932); it changed it's name to Polaroid Corp. in 1937
born on 3-12-1903 in Ware, Massachusetts
expired 2-27-2001 in Tiburon, California   age 97
astronomer  Fred Lawrence Whipple   originated theory that comets are "dirty snowballs" (ice with rock mixed in; 1950); during World War II came up with idea for radar-confusing chaff; devised a micrometeorite shield for spacecraft
born on 11-5-1906 in Red Oak, Iowa
expired 8-30-2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts   age 97
Dr.  George Hoyt Whipple   shared the 1934 Nobel prize in medicine
born on 8-28-1878 in Ashland, New Hampshire
expired 2-1-1976 in Rochester, New York   age 97
tv character actor  Sampson E. Whipple   played naer-do-well son Terry Feester on Open All Night (1981) & time travel sphere inventor Dr. Ballard on Seven Days tv series
born on 9-25-1960 in Venice, California
expired 6-3-2002 in Los Angeles, California   age 41   cause: cancer
World War II Canadian military hero  William Denis Whitaker
born on 2-27-1915 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
expired 5-30-2001 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada   age 86
subject of 20 Questions interview in April 2000 `Playboy Magazine' mellow-voiced Arby's shill  Barry Eugene White   answered 17 questions for a February 1980 Playboy interview
born on 9-12-1944 in Galveston, Texas
expired 7-4-2003 in Los Angeles, California   age 58   cause: kidney failure; hypertension
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2003MB, RAVN11.1%
   Scored 7.9500 points

former Supreme Court justice (1962-93)  Byron Raymond White   played pro football with the Detroit Lions
¤aka: "whizzer" 
born on 6-8-1917 in Fort Collins, Colorado
expired 4-15-2002 in Denver, Colorado   age 84   cause: complications from pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
1980 JH6.3%
2002 RAVN9.1%
   Scored 6.6000 solo points

 Carl White   lead singer of the Rivingtons --- everyone's heard about The Bird
expired 1-9-1980   age 48
Guinness Book record geezer  Carrie White
born on 11-18-1874
expired 2-14-1991   age 116
actor  Charles White
born on 8-29-1917 in Perth Amboy, New Jersey
expired 6-25-2005 in Sarasota, Florida   age 87
former San Francisco police officer & supervisor  Daniel James White   assassinated San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk & mayor George Moscone; his psychiatrist claimed that a diet of Twinkies made him do it
born on 9-2-1946
expired 10-21-1985 in San Francisco, California   age 39   cause: suicide
   Contest Selectors
1979 YJ7.7%

actor  David White
born on 4-4-1916 in Denver, Colorado
expired 11-27-1990 in North Hollywood, California   age 74   cause: heart attack
light music composer  Edward George. White   composed "Puffin' Billy" (aka: the theme song of the Captain Kangaroo kids tv show; 1955-74)
born on --1910 in London, England
expired ??-??-1994   age 84
Gemini IV and Apollo 1 astronaut  Edward Higgins White II   died on launching pad during a systems test
born on 11-14-1930 in San Antonio, Texas
expired 1-27-1967 in Cape Canaveral, Florida   age 36   cause: flash fire in capsule
former Arkansas governor (1981-83)  Frank White   beat Bubba for the job
¤born: Durward Frank Kyle 
born on 6-4-1933
expired 5-21-2003 in Little Rock, Arkansas   age 69   cause: heart attack
master chef  Franklin L. White   claimed that a photograph taken of him in Chicago in 1900 was used as the model for Rastus, the Cream of Wheat chef (1901-25); buried in plot #310 of the Woodlawn Cemetery in Leslie, MI
born on --1867 in Barbados
expired 2-15-1938 in Leslie, Michigan   age 70
Broadway producer  George White   produced a series of "Scandals" shows in the 1920s and 30s
born on 3-12-1892 in New York, New York
expired 10-11-1968 in Hollywood, California   age 76
toymaker  Harrie Clinton White   introduced the kiddie kar
expired 9-29-1954 in North Bennington, Vermont   age 78
actor  Jesse Marc White   original Maytag Repairman on tv; also appeared in Harvey, Its a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and Death of a Salesman
¤born: Jesse Marc Weidenfeld 
born on 1-3-1919 in Buffalo, New York
expired 1-8-1997 in Los Angeles, California   age 79
radio's Death Valley Days Lonesome Cowboy singer  John I. White
born on 4-12-1902
expired 11-26-1992   age 90
Three Stooges producer  Jules J. White
¤born: Jules Weiss 
born on 9-17-1900 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 4-30-1985 in Van Nuys, California   age 84
hard-luck humor comedian  Melvin "Slappy" White   was a former dance partner with Redd Foxx
born on 9-20-1921 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 11-7-1995 in Brigantine, New Jersey   age 74   cause: heart attack
 Patrick Victor Martindale White   received the 1973 Nobel prize in literature
born on 5-28-1912 in London, England
expired 9-30-1990 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   age 78   cause: complications from asthma
cardiologist Dr.  Paul Dudley White
born on 6-6-1886 in Boston, Massachusetts
expired 12-1-1973 in Boston, Massachusetts   age 87   cause: complications from stroke
first CBS News chief  Paul W. White
expired 7-9-1955 in San Diego, California   age 53
Perils of Pauline movie serial actress  Pearl Fay White
born on 3-4-1889 in Green Ridge, Missouri
expired 8-4-1938 in Paris, France   age 49
former NFL defensive end  Reginald Howard "Reggie" White   played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers & Carolina Panthers
¤aka: "the Minister of Defense" 
born on 12-9-1961 in Chattanooga, Tennessee
expired 12-26-2004 in Huntersville, North Carolina   age 43   cause: cardiac arrhythmia; sarcoidosis; sleep apnea
retired Air Force major general  Robert Michael White   set four records in the X-15 rocket plane: first to exceed Mach 4 (3/7/1961); first to exceed Mach 5 (6/23/1961); first to exceed Mach 6 (4,094mph; 11/9/1961); and first pilot to earn astronaut wings by flying into space (314,750 ft-59.6 miles on July 17, 1962)
born on 7-6-1924 in New York, New York
expired 3-17-2010 in Orlando, Florida   age 85
Miracles vocalist  Ronnie White   discovered Stevie Wonder
born on 4-5-1939 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 8-26-1995 in Detroit, Michigan   age 56   cause: leukemia
teenage AIDS victim  Ryan White
born on 12-6-1971 in Kokomo, Indiana
expired 4-8-1990 in Indianapolis, Indiana   age 18
architect  Stanford White   got caught having an affair with another man's wife & was fatally shot by the cuckolded husband
born on 11-9-1853 in New York, New York
expired 6-25-1906 in New York, New York   age 52   cause: bullet wounds
Thelma corrupts America's youth with the demon weed! vaudeville/stage/movie actress, agent, producer  Thelma White   her most notorious role: Mae Colman the demon weed pusher in Reefer Madness (1936); her most notorious client: Robert Blake
¤born: Thelma Wolpa 
born on 12-4-1910 in Lincoln, Nebraska
expired 1-11-2005 in Woodland Hills, California   age 94   cause: pneumonia
Billboard magazine editor in chief  Timothy White
born on 1-25-1952 in Paterson, New Jersey
expired 6-27-2002 in New York, New York   age 50   cause: heart attack
Emporia Gazette publisher & editor  William Allen White   won two Pulitzer Prizes (1922 & 1946)
born on 2-10-1868 in Emporia, Kansas
expired 1-29-1944 in Emporia, Kansas   age 75
Emporia Gazette publisher & editor  William Lindsay White   war correspondent; wrote They Were Expendable
born on 6-17-1900 in Emporia, Kansas
expired 7-26-1973 in Emporia, Kansas   age 73   cause: cancer
geosynchronous stiff  Clay Thomas "Tom" Whitehead   earned a B.S. in electrical engineering & PhD. in management (1967) from MIT; worked for the RAND Corporation; became the first head of the White House Office on Telecommunications Policy (1970-73), proposed opening up the parking slots to all competitors (busting the monopoly COMSAT had); became the founding president of the Hughes Communications division of Hughes Aircraft where he spearheaded the "Galaxy" satellite project (Galaxy I launeched in 1983); founder of what became SES Astra in Europe
born on 11-13-1938 in Neodesha, Kansas
expired 7-23-2008 in Georgetown, Maryland   age 69   cause: prostate cancer
AP war correspondent  Donald Ford Whitehead   won 2 Pulitzer prizes for international reporting (1951 & 53)
born on 4-8-1908 in Inman, Virginia
expired 1-12-1981 in Knoxville, Tennessee   age 72   cause: lung cancer
former Rhodesian prime minister (1957-62) Sir  Edgar Cuthbert Fremantle Whitehead
born on 2-8-1905 in Berlin, Germany
expired 9-22-1971 in Newbury, Berkshire, England   age 66
poet & teacher  James Tillotson Whitehead   author of Joiner (1971)
born on 3-15-1936 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 8-15-2003 in Fayetteville, Arkansas   age 67   cause: ruptured aortic aneurysm
Broadway producer  Robert Whitehead   cousin of Hume Cronyn
born on 3-3-1916 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
expired 6-15-2002 in Pound Ridge, New York   age 86   cause: cancer
World War II naval Commander  Walter Edward Whitehead   former chairman of Schweppes USA Ltd. (1967-71)
born on 5-20-1908 in Aldershot, England
expired 4-16-1978 in Petersfield, England   age 69
bandleader  Paul "Pops" Whiteman
¤aka: "The King of Jazz" 
born on 3-28-1890 in Denver, Colorado
expired 12-29-1967 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania   age 77
Motown songwriter & producer  Norman Jesse Whitfield
born on 5-12-1940 in Harlem, New York, New York
expired 9-16-2008 in Los Angeles, California   age 67   cause: complications from diabetes
singer  Margaret Eleanor Whiting   was married to a gay porn stud; know for singing "That Old Black Magic", "Moonlight in Vermont", "It Might As Well Be Spring", "Come Rain or Come Shine", "Far Away Places" & "Baby, Its Cold Outside"
born on 7-22-1924 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 1-10-2011 in Englewood, New Jersey   age 86
composer  Richard A. "Dick" Whiting   wrote music for Hooray for Hollywood (1937; lyrics by Johnny Mercer)
born on 11-12-1891 in Peoria, Illinois
expired 2-10-1938 in Beverly Hills, California   age 46   cause: heart disease
movie visual effects master  Albert J. Whitlock   received oscars for Earthquake and Hindenburg
born on 9-15-1915 in London, England
expired 10-26-1999 in Santa Barbara, California   age 84   cause: Parkinson's disease
New York Times obituary writer  Alden Whitman   a prince amongst men
born on 10-27-1913 in New Albany, Nova Scotia, Canada
expired 9-4-1990 in Monte Carlo, Monaco   age 76
former Marine sharpshooter  Charles J. Whitman Jr.   killed 18 from atop the University of Texas clock tower before being killed by police (the last victim died in 2001)
born on 6-24-1941
expired 8-1-1966 in Austin, Texas   age 25   cause: shot to death
poet  Walter Whitman
expired 3-27-1928 in Camden, New Jersey   age 68
actor  James Whitmore Sr.   played police Sgt. Ben Peterson in Them! (1954); former pitchman for Miracle-Gro plant suppositories & Meijer food/merchandise stores
born on 10-1-1921 in White Plains, New York
expired 2-6-2009 in Malibu, California   age 87   cause: lung cancer
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2003DTM, OGGI11.1%
2005BYE, NFG8.7%
2006BYE, DTH, NFG, TFM13.3%
2007BYE, NFG, PUD, TFM12.9%
2008BYE, NFG, TFM9.4%
2009BYE, NFG, TFM10.0%
   Scored 4.4250 points

mogul  Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney   co-acquired Pan American Airways (1928); horse breeder (of Equipoise)
born on 2-20-1899 in Roslyn, New York
expired 12-13-1992 in Saratoga Springs, New York   age 93
mystery writer  Phyllis Ayame Whitney
born on 9-9-1903 in Yokohama, Japan
expired 2-8-2008 in Faber, Virginia   age 104   cause: pneumonia
   Contest Selectors
2007DTM, KLS6.5%
2008DTM, KLS, RPRM9.4%
   Scored 2.7250 points

Supreme Court justice (1957-62)  Charles Evans Whittaker
born on 2-22-1901 in Troy, Kansas
expired 11-26-1973 in Kansas City, Missouri   age 72   cause: ruptured abdominal aneurism
former Mississippi congressman (1941-95)  Jamie Lloyd Whitten
born on 4-18-1910 in Cascilla, Mississippi
expired 9-9-1995 in Oxford, Mississippi   age 85
lawyer  John Wallace Whitten Jr.   brother of Jamie Whitten; part of Bryant & Milam's defense "dream team" at their trial for the murder of Emmett Till
born on 2-26-1919 in Cascilla, Mississippi
expired 2-18-2003 in Sumner, Mississippi   age 83   cause: Parkinson's disease
British engineer Sir  Frank Whittle   developed the British centrifugal-flow jet engine during World War II (patented in 1932; first prototype made in 1937); Ohain's axial flow design was eventually used by others
born on 6-1-1907 in Coventry, Warwickshire, England
expired 8-8-1996 in Columbia, Maryland   age 89   cause: lung cancer
actress Dame  May Whitty   started as an actress in 1881; played Miss Froy in The Lady Vanishes (1938); also in Mrs. Miniver (1942), Lassie Come Home (1943) and Gaslight (1944)
¤born: May Webster 
born on 6-19-1865 in Liverpool, England
expired 5-29-1948 in Hollywood, California   age 82
movie & tv actor & director  Richard Baker Whorf   he is NOT a Klingon
born on 6-4-1906 in Winthrop, Massachusetts
expired 12-14-1966 in Santa Monica, California   age 60
award-winning pioneering aviatrix  Edna Gardner Whyte
born on 11-3-1902
expired 2-15-1992   age 89

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