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the Big Boy mascot Big Boy restaurant chain founder & inventor of double-decker hamburgers  Robert C. "Bob" Wian
born on 6-15-1914
expired 3-31-1992   age 77
chemist Dr.  Otto Wichterle   made first soft contact lenses (1961) using a toy Erector Set to process the HEMA material
born on 10-27-1913 in Prostějov, Moravia, Austria-Hungary
expired 8-18-1998 in Sdradisko, Czech Republic   age 84
physicist  Gian Carlo Wick
born on 10-15-1909
expired 4-19-1992   age 82
hog farmer  Claude Raymond Wickard   was FDR's Agriculture Secretary (1940-45) just in time to fuck up the Commerce Clause
born on 2-28-1893 in Carroll County, Indiana
expired 4-29-1967 in Delphi, Indiana (nearby)   age 74   cause: mashed; blew stop sign & got clobbered by truck full of crushed stone
columnist  Thomas Grey "Tom" Wicker   was riding in the presidential motorcade when Kennedy was assassinated; was an editor at the New York Times
born on 6-18-1926 in Hamlet, North Carolina
expired 11-25-2011 in Rochester, Vermont   age 85   cause: heart attack
actress  Mary Wickes
¤born: Mary Isabelle Wickenhauser 
born on 6-13-1910 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 10-22-1995 in Los Angeles, California   age 85   cause: renal failure; internal bleeding; sever hypotension; ischemic cardiomyopathy
Ohio death row inmate  William D. Wickline Jr.
born on 3-15-1952
expired 3-30-2004 in Lucasville, Ohio   age 52   cause: executed; lethal injection
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   Did  Not Score - insufficient category citations (zero to be exact)

Greyhound Bus Lines founder  Carl Eric Wickman
born on --1887 in Vamhus, Sweden
expired 2-5-1954 in Daytona Beach, Florida   age 67
movie director  Bo Widerberg   directed 1967 remake of Elvira Madigan (original filmed in 1943)
born on 6-8-1930 in Malmo, Skåne, Sweden
expired 5-1-1997 in Malmo, Skåne, Sweden   age 66   cause: cancer
actor  Richard Widmark
born on 12-26-1914 in Sunrise, Minnesota
expired 3-24-2008 in Roxbury, Connecticut   age 93   cause: complications from fractured vertabra
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2005ADWC, QKU8.7%
2006ADWC, QKU, WEP10.0%
2007ADWC, PCD, QKU, WEP12.9%
   Scored 3.2781 points

Chi-Chi's diner  Dineen M. Wieczorek   on October 6th ate contaminated scallions
born on 1-1-1952
expired 11-12-2003 in Cleveland, Ohio   age 53   cause: liver failure; Hepatitis A
botanist Dr.  George R. Wieland   discovered the Petrified Forest (cycads) in the Black Hills (South Dakota)
expired 1-18-1953 in New Haven, Connecticut   age 87
chemist  Heinrich Otto Wieland   won the 1927 Nobel prize in chemistry for work on cholic acids & Lobelin
born on 6-4-1877 in Pforzheim, Württemberg
expired 8-5-1957 in Starnberg, Germany   age 80
the ad, appearing on page 38 of the May 2nd, 1968 edition of the `New York Times' lawyer  Lawrence Arthur Wien   real estate investment syndicator; Columbia University trustee (1966-72); chairman of the Committee for a Reasonable World Trade Center that placed 1968 New York Times ad questioning the safety of the yet-to-be-built twin towers
born on 5-30-1905 in New York, New York
expired 12-10-1988 in Westport, Connecticut   age 83   cause: prostate cancer
physicist  Wilhelm Carl Werner Otto Fritz Franz Wien   discovered laws governing the radiation of heat & that there was a positively-charged particle with a mass equal to 1 hydrogen atom (the proton); awarded the 1911 Nobel physics prize
born on 1-13-1864 in Gaffken, East Prussia, Germany
expired 8-30-1928 in Müchen, Bavaria, Germany   age 64
serologist Dr.  Alexander Solomon Wiener   co-discoverer of the Rh factor of blood
born on 3-16-1907 in New York, New York
expired 11-6-1976 in New York, New York   age 69   cause: leaukemia
former MIT mathematician  Norbert Wiener   coined term cybernetics (1948)
born on 11-26-1894 in Columbia, Missouri
expired 3-18-1964 in Stockholm, Sweden   age 69
mathematician  Norbert Wiener   coined term cybernetics
¤nickname: "the father of automation" 
expired 3-18-1964 in Stockholm, Sweden   age 69
Nazi hunter  Simon Wiesenthal
¤born: Szymon Wiesenthal 
born on 12-31-1908 in Buczacz, Galicia, Austria-Hungary (now Buchach, Ukraine)
expired 9-20-2005 in Vienna, Austria   age 96
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2003DTM, JEDS, PCD16.7%
2004DTM, EOD, PCD16.7%
2005DTM, PCD, QKU, RIE, SPIT, TMD26.1%
   Scored 2.9781 points

AKS: Weisenthal Wiesental Weisental
to August 1982 Playmate of Monthto June 1982 Playmate of Month Playboy July 1982 Playmate of Month  Lynda Ann Wiesmeier
born on 5-30-1963 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 12-16-2012 in Ramona, California   age 49   cause: cancer of brain stem
AKS: Weismeier Wiesmeyer Wiesmyer
former U.N. ambassador (1968)  James Russel Wiggins   former editor of Ellsworth, Maine weekly newspaper & Washington Post (1961-68)
born on 12-4-1904 in Luverne, Minnesota
expired 11-19-2000 in Brooklin, Maine   age 95
autistic savant  Thomas Greene Wiggins   piano prodigy born a slave on a plantation near city of birth
born on 5-25-1849 in Columbia, Georgia
expired 6-13-1908 in Hoboken, New Jersey   age 59   cause: stroke
physicist & Manhattan Project co-inspirer  Eugene Wigner   was a 1963 Nobel physics co-laureate
born on 11-17-1902 in Budapest, Austria-Hungary
expired 1-1-1995 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 92
judge  Richard Orme Wilberforce
¤title: Lord Wilberforce 
born on 3-11-1907
expired 2-15-2003   age 95
Wilburn Brothers singer  Thurman Theodore "Teddy" Wilburn
born on 11-30-1931 in Hardy, Arkansas
expired 11-24-2003 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 71   cause: Parkinson's disease
Wilburn Brothers singer  Virgil Doyle Wilburn
born on 7-7-1930 in Hardy, Arkansas
expired 10-16-1984 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 54   cause: cancer
Collin Wilcox as Mayella Ewell character actress  Collin Wilcox   portrayed Mayella Ewell in To Kill a Mockingbird (1962), the character that falsely accused Tom Robinson of having raped her
¤Mrs. Scott Paxton 
born on 2-4-1935 in Cincinnati, Ohio
expired 10-14-2009 in Highlands, North Carolina   age 74   cause: brain cancer
actor  Frank Wilcox
born on 3-13-1907
expired 3-6-1974 in Los Angeles, California   age 66
movie director  Fred McLeod Wilcox   directed Forbidden Planet (1956)
born on 12-22-1907 in Tazewell, Virginia
expired 9-24-1964 in Beverly Hills, California   age 56
aerial view of the original HOLLYWOODLAND sign wheelchair-bound Kansas prohibitionist & California land developer  Harvey Henderson Wilcox   had polio as a child; plotted out 120 acres in Beachwood Canyon (February 1874); his wife Daeida named their "ranch" Hollywood after a ranch owned by a person she met on the train out to California; the name got applied to the whole development (1887), then town; in 1923 L.A. Times publisher Harry Chandler paid advertising executive John Roche $21,000 to build a big sign on Mount Lee promoting the development — it read HOLLYWOODLAND ("LAND" was removed in 1947)
born on --1832 in Lenawee County, Michigan
expired ??-??-1891 in Hollywood, California   age 59
movie producer/director  Herbert Wilcox   his films won 4 Academy Awards; made Dawn (1928) & remade it as Nurse Edith Cavell (1939); husband of Dame Anna Neagle
expired 5-15-1977 in London, England   age 84
piano virtuoso  Earl Wild
born on 11-26-1915 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 1-23-2010 in Palm Springs, California   age 94   cause: congestive heart disease
actor  Jack Wild   played the Artful Dodger in the movie musical Oliver! (1968); had lead role on H.R. Pufnstuf for a while until he hit the bottle
born on 9-30-1952 in Royton, Lancashire, England
expired 3-1-2006 in Tebworth, Bedfordshire, England   age 53   cause: oral cancer
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   Scored 9.7000 solo points

actor  Cornel Wilde
born on 10-13-1915 in New York, New York
expired 10-16-1989 in Los Angeles, California   age 74
Titanic Chief officer  Henry Tingle Wilde
born on 9-21-1872 in Liverpool, England
expired 4-15-1912 in North Atlantic Ocean   age 39   cause: drowned
author  Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde   wrote The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Canterville Ghost and The Importance of Being Earnest; coined term "dude"
born on 10-16-1856 in Dublin, Ireland
expired 11-30-1900 in Paris, France   age 46
art dealer & horse racer  Alex Nathan Wildenstein   dumped plastic surgery-addicted freakish-looking wife after she walked in on him boinking his mistress
born on 8-5-1940 in Marseilles, France
expired 2-18-2008 in Paris, Île-de-France, France   age 67   cause: cancer
secretive and controversial art collector & gallery owner  Daniel Wildenstein   grandson of gallery founder Nathan; son of Georges; father of Guy & Alec
born on 9-11-1917 in Verrières-le-Buisson, France
expired 10-23-2001 in Paris, France   age 84
composer  Alexander Lafayette Chew "Alec" Wilder
born on 2-16-1907 in Rochester, New York
expired 12-24-1980 in Gainesville, Florida   age 73   cause: lung cancer
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in June 1963 director  Billy Samuel Wilder   director of The Lost Weekend (1945; oscar), Double Indemnity (1948; co-wrote script), Sunset Boulevard (1950) & The Apartment (1960; oscar)
born on 6-22-1906 in Sucha, Galicia Province, Austria-Hungary
expired 3-27-2002 in Beverly Hills, California   age 95   cause: pneumonia

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2001 DTM, RR25%
2002DTM, JAC, JL, RR36.4%
   Scored 3.3125 points

author  Laura Ingalls Wilder   author of Little House... children's books
expired 2-10-1957 in Mansfield, Ohio   age 90
playwright & novelist  Thornton Niven Wilder   winner of three Pulitzer prizes for novel Bridge on San Luis Rey (1928) & plays Our Town (1938) and Skin of Our Teeth (1942); a friend of Texas Guinan
born on 4-17-1897 in Madison, Wisconsin
expired 12-7-1975 in Hamden, Connecticut   age 78   cause: heart attack
actor  Michael Wilding   once married to Elizabeth Taylor
born on 7-23-1912 in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, England
expired 7-7-1979 in Chichester, West Sussex, England   age 66   cause: injuries suffered in fall
former New Jersey Attorney General  David Theodore Wilentz   co-prosecuted Bruno Hauptman for kidnapping Charles Lindbergh III
born on 12-21-1894 in Lithuania
expired 7-6-1988 in Long Branch, New Jersey   age 93
Harvard biologist Dr.  Don C. Wiley
born on 10-21-1944 in Akron, Ohio
expired 11-16-2001 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 57   cause: drowned in Mississippi River after fall from bridge
consumer product scientist  James Marshall Wiley   developed Fantastik spray cleaner in the 1960s
born on 3-29-1928 in Tulsa, Oklahoma
expired 10-9-2003 in Tulsa, Oklahoma   age 75
concertina-squeezing polka king "Whoopee"  John Anthony Wilfahrt Jr.
born on 5-11-1893 in New Ulm, Minnesota
expired 6-15-1961 in Saint Paul, Minnesota   age 68   cause: heart attack
AKS: Whoopie Wilfart Willfart Will Fart
cartoonist & blues authority  Francis Wilford-Smith   drew for Punch & Playboy (amongst others)
¤born: Francis Smith
aka: "Smilby" 
born on 3-12-1927 in Rugby, Warwickshire, England
expired 12-4-2009 in Ledbury, Hertfordshire, England   age 82
Great Lakes sailor  Blaine Howard Wilhelm   Oiler aboard the Edmund Fitzgerald
born on 8-12-1923
expired 11-10-1975 in Eastern Lake Superior, Canada   age 52   cause: drowned when ship foundered
Hall of Fame relief pitcher  James Hoyt Wilhelm Sr.
born on 7-26-1922 in Huntersville, North Carolina
expired 8-23-2002 in Sarasota, Florida   age 80   cause: heart failure
German  Kaiser Friedrich Victor Albert Wilhelm II   strongly imperialistic ruler from 1888 to 1918; abdicated as part of Armistice deal
born on 1-27-1859 in Berlin, Germany
expired 6-4-1941 in Doorn, The Netherlands   age 82
Dutch  Queen Wilhelmina   ruled from 1898 to 1948
¤full name: Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria 
expired 11-28-1962 in Het Loo, The Netherlands   age 82
early computer scientist  Maurice Vincent Wilkes   designer/builder of the EDSAC (Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator) — the first "stored program" computer (1949); 1967 recipient of the A.M. Turing Award
¤"The Father of British Computing"
amateur radio call sign: G5VF SK 
born on 6-26-1913 in Dudley, Worcestershire, England
expired 11-29-2010 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England   age 97
Lynyrd Skynyrd bass guitarist  Leon R. Wilkeson
born on 4-2-1952
expired 7-27-2001 in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida   age 49   cause: chronic liver & lung disease
1962 Nobel medicine co-laureate  Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins   slipped Watson & Crick the x-ray crystallgraphs they needed to prove that DNA was a double helical molecule (1958)
born on 12-15-1916 in Pongaroa, New Zealand
expired 10-5-2004 in London, England   age 87
former NAACP leader (1955-77)  Roy Wilkins
born on 8-30-1901 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 9-8-1981 in New York, New York   age 80   cause: uremia; heart problems
former University of Oklahoma football coach (1947-63)  Charles Burnham "Bud" Wilkinson
born on 4-23-1916 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
expired 2-9-1994   age 77
   Contest Selectors
1980 HA6.3%

Princeton physicist Dr.  David T. Wilkinson   Big Bang researcher
born on 5-13-1935 in Hillsdale, Michigan
expired 9-5-2002 in Princeton, New Jersey   age 67   cause: cancer
former L.A. housing official  Frank Wilkinson   jailed for refusing the demands of HUAC to testify — again, the Supreme Court went DUH (by a 5-4 vote) so he had to serve the time; made it his life mission to abolish the committee (his National Committee Against Repressive Legislation succeeded on January 14, 1975)
born on 8-16-1914 in Charlevoix, Michigan
expired 1-2-2006 in Los Angeles, California   age 91
Dr.  Geoffrey Wilkinson   shared the laureates for the 1973 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 7-13-1921 in Springside, Yorkshire, England
expired 9-26-1996   age 75
 James Hardy Wilkinson   recipient of the 1970 A.M. Turing Award
born on 9-27-1919 in Stroud, England
expired 10-5-1986   age 67   cause: heart attack
former Kentucky governor (1987-91)  Wallace G. Wilkinson   dogged by allegations of corruption during his administration
born on 12-12-1941 in Casey County, Kentucky
expired 7-5-2002 in Lexington, Kentucky   age 60   cause: stroke; lymphoma
cartoonist  Frank H. Willard   created the Moon Mullins comic strip
expired 1-12-1958 in Los Angeles, California   age 64
chemical engineer  Miles J. Willard   co-developed dehyrated potato flakes while working at the Department of Agriculture; came up with several snack foods: Tato Skins & O'Boises
born on 6-10-1924
expired 11-26-2004 in Idaho Falls, Idaho   age 80   cause: Alzheimer's disease
Cardinal  Johannes Gerardus Maria Willebrands
born on 9-4-1909 in Boven Karspel, The Netherlands
expired 8-1-2006 in Denekamp, The Netherlands   age 96
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   Scored 5.4000 solo points

to next English ruler: William IIto previous English ruler: Harold II Norman conqueror and English king (1066-1087)  William I the Conquerer   bastard son of the Duke of Normandy (Robert I) and Arletta; defeated the army of Harold II at the Battle of Hastings (October 14, 1066); instituted the survey of England (1085-86) that produced the Domesday Book
born on --1027 in Falaise, Normandy, France
expired 9-9-1087 in Rouen, France   age 60   cause: riding accident
to next English ruler: Henry Ito previous English ruler: William I English king (1087-1100)  William II   son of William the Conquerer; brother of Henry I; nephew of Odo of Bayeux
¤aka: William Rufus 
born on --1056
expired 8-2-1100   age 44   cause: "hunting accident" (possibly arranged by his brother)
to next English ruler: Anneto previous English ruler: James II joint English monarch (1689-1702)  William III   ruled with Mary II (1689-1694)
born on 11-4-1650 in The Hague, The Netherlands
expired 3-8-1702 in London, England   age 51   cause: pneumonia
to next English ruler: Victoriato previous English ruler: George IV British king (1830-1837)  William IV   son of George III
born on --1765
expired ??-??-1837   age 72
jazz drummer & composer  Anthony "Tony" Williams
born on 12-12-1945 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 2-23-1997 in Daly City, California   age 51   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
1980 DO6.3%

Kit Carson actor  Bill Williams   husband of Barbara Hale; father of William Katt
¤real name: Herman Katt 
born on 5-15-1916 in New York, New York
expired 9-12-1992 in Burbank, California   age 76   cause: brain tumor
CenturyTel chairman  Clarke M. Williams Sr.   his parents started rural Oak Ridge Telephone Company; later gave it to him; incorporated as Century Telephone and Electronics (1968) it changed name to Century Telephone Enterprises (1971)
born on 2-6-1922
expired 6-5-2002 in Monroe, Louisiana   age 80   cause: kidney failure
jazz violinist  Claude Gabriel "fiddler" Williams
born on 2-22-1908 in Muskogee, Oklahoma
expired 4-25-2004 in Kansas City, Missouri   age 96   cause: pneumonia
Chicago White Sox pitcher  Claude Preston "Lefty" Williams   banned from baseball for his involvement in the 1919 World Series (Black Sox) scandal
born on 3-9-1893 in Aurora, Maryland
expired 11-4-1959 in Laguna Beach, California   age 66
Gemini astronaut  Clifton C. Williams   killed on training mission in T-38
born on 9-26-1932 in Mobile, Alabama
expired 10-5-1967 in Tallahassee, Florida   age 35   cause: plane crash
weapons designer  David M. Williams   worked on the design of the M-1 carbine
born on 11-13-1900
expired 1-8-1975 in Raleigh, North Carolina   age 74   cause: bronchial pneumonia
Drowning Pool lead singer  David Wayne Williams
born on 2-29-1972
expired 8-14-2002 in Manassas, Virginia   age 30   cause: concentric left ventricular hypertrophy; cardiomyopathy
country music bandleader  "Doc" Williams
¤born: Andrew John Smik Jr. 
born on 6-26-1914 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 1-31-2011 in Wheeling, West Virginia   age 96
lawyer & Baltimore Orioles owner  Edward Bennett Williams
born on 5-31-1920 in Hartford, Connecticut
expired 8-13-1988 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 68
paint company co-founder (1873)  Edward Porter Williams
born on 5-10-1843 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 5-4-1903 in Glenville, Ohio   age 59
historian  Eric Eustace Williams   prime minister of Trinidad and Tobago (1963-81)
expired 3-29-1981 in Saint Anne, Trinidad   age 69
Scottsboro Boys defendant  Eugene Williams
born on --1918
expired ??-??-19??   age ??
singer & dancer  Frances Williams   introduced the Charleston dance in Scandals (1920s); appeared in Cocoanuts (1925); introduced As Time Goes By in the Broadway play Everybody's Welcome (1931)
¤born: Frances Jellinek 
born on 11-3-1901 in Saint Paul, Minnesota
expired 1-27-1959 in New York, New York   age 57   cause: cancer
stage actress  Frances Williams   appeared in Life Begins at 8:40 (1934), Big Lake, Martine, The Three Sisters, Cradle Song, Casey Jones and The Enchanted (1950)
born on --1902
expired 1-27-1959   age 56
actress  Frances E. Williams   appeared on Frank's Place tv series
born on 9-17-1905
expired 1-2-1995 in Los Angeles, California   age 89   cause: complications from stroke
illustrator  Garth Williams   did Charlotte's Web, Little House on the Prairie
born on 4-16-1912
expired 5-8-1996   age 84
 George Emlyn Williams
born on 11-26-1905 in Mostyn, Wales
expired 9-21-1987 in London, England   age 70
former Michigan governor (1949-61)  Gerhard Mennen Williams   an heir to the Mennen toiletries "fortune"
¤nickname: "Soapy
born on 2-23-1911 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 2-2-1988   age 76
   Contest Selectors
1979 RR7.7%

actor  Guy Williams   tv Zorro; Prof. John Robinson on Lost In Space
¤born: Armand Joseph Catelano 
born on 1-14-1924 in New York, New York
expired 4-29-1989 in Buenos Aires, Argentina   age 65   cause: brain aneurysm
former New Jersey senator (1959-70; 1971-82)  Harrison Arlington Williams Jr.   convicted of accepting bribes in the ABSCAM sting
born on 12-10-1919 in Plainfield, New Jersey
expired 11-17-2001 in Denville, New Jersey   age 81   cause: cancer
"hillbilly" singer  Hiram King "Hank" Williams Sr.
born on 9-17-1923 in Mount Olive West, Alabama
expired 1-1-1953 in Oak Hill, West Virginia   age 29   cause: heart attack
former Southern Christian Leadership Conference executive director  Hosea Williams   with John Lewis lead March 7, 1965 ("Bloody Sunday") voting rights march over Selma's Edmund Pettus bridge
born on 1-5-1926 in Attapulgus, Georgia
expired 11-16-2000 in Atlanta, Georgia   age 74   cause: cancer
British Lt.Colonel  James Howard Williams   commander of the World War II Burmese Elephant Corps; the ultimate celebrity death match ... Africa Corps vs. Elephant Corps, Rommel vs. Williams!
expired 7-30-1958 in Cornwall, England   age 63
voice actress  Jean Hughes Williams   known for shrieking "Hey, Culligan Man" in countless commercials
born on 12-9-1914
expired 4-5-1985 in Burbank, California   age 70   cause: cancer
blues singer  Joe Williams   performed with the Count Basie band
¤born: Joseph Goreed 
born on 12-12-1918 in Cordele, Georgia
expired 3-29-1999 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 80
common sense-challenged offspring  John Henry Williams   had his deceased father's head sawed off & put "on ice"
born on 8-26-1968
expired 3-6-2004 in Los Angeles, California   age 35   cause: acute myelogenous leukemia
   Contest Selectors
2004LMLD, PCD11.1%
   Scored 10.2500 points

1950s Bank of America executive  Joseph P. Williams   created the BankAmericard credit card (it was renamed Visa in 1976)
born on 2-12-1915 in Newark, New Jersey
expired 11-8-2003 in Atlantis, Florida   age 88
game show announcer  Kenneth "Kenny" Williams   did a lot of the Heatter-Quigley game shows like Video Village (1960-62), Hollywood Squares (1966-81), Gambit (1972-81) & High Rollers (1974-80)
born on --1913
expired 2-16-1984   age 70
Ohio death row inmate  Lewis Williams Jr.   hauled kicking and screaming to the execution
expired 1-14-2004 in Lucasville, Ohio   age 45   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2004BOD, PCD5.6%
   Did  Not Score - insufficient category citations (one to be exact)

gospel singer  Marion Williams
born on 8-29-1927
expired 7-2-1994   age 66
jazz pianist/composer  Mary Lou Williams
¤born: Mary Elfrieda Scruggs 
born on 5-8-1910 in Atlanta, Georgia
expired 5-28-1981 in Durham, North Carolina   age 71   cause: cancer
actor  Michael Leonard Williams   played Duc d'Alencon in the BBC production of Elizabeth R (1971) & Brian in Educating Rita (1983); husband of Judi Dench
born on 7-9-1935 in Manchester, England
expired 1-11-2001 in Surrey, England   age 65   cause: lung cancer
saxophonist/bandleader  Paul Williams   had 1949 hit with The Huckle-buck
born on 7-13-1915 in Lewisburg, Tennessee
expired 9-14-2002 in New York, New York   age 87
model, singer, actress  Rachela Andrea Williams   did February 1992 Playboy pictorial
born on 4-29-1967 in New York, New York
expired 1-9-2001 in Los Angeles, California   age 33   cause: motorcycle accident
Texas death row inmate  Richard Head Williams
¤aka: number 999251 
born on 7-19-1969
expired 2-25-2003 in Huntsville, Texas   age 33   cause: executed; lethal injection
   Contest Selectors
2003DTM, RR, TMTX16.7%
   Scored 9.6250 points

Hall of Fame baseball player & manager  Richard Hirschfeld "Dick" Williams   managed the Boston Red Sox, Oakland A's & San Diego Padres
born on 5-27-1929 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 7-7-2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 82   cause: brain aneurysm
tennis champion  Richard Norris Williams 2nd   survior of the Titanic sinking
born on 6-2-1891
expired 6-2-1968 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania   age 77
black "revolutionary"  Robert F. Williams   spent years on-the-lam in Cuba, China and North Korea avoiding arrest on kidnapping charges
born on 2-26-1925 in Monroe, North Carolina
expired 10-15-1996 in Grand Rapids, Michigan   age 71   cause: Hodgkins disease
schmaltzy pianist  Roger Williams
¤born: Louis Jacob Weertz 
born on 10-2-1924 in Omaha, Nebraska
expired 10-8-2011 in Los Angeles, California   age 87   cause: pancreatic cancer
   Contest Selectors

the Mickey Mouse Club's "Big Mooseketeer"  Roy Williams   although he had never acted Walt Disney personally added him to the cast; he designed the mouse ears worn by everyone in the "club"
born on 7-30-1907 in Coleville, Washington
expired 11-7-1976   age 59
former Teamster's Union president (1981-83)  Roy Lee Williams
born on 3-22-1915 in Ottumwa, Iowa
expired 4-28-1989 in Leeton, Missouri   age 74
actor  Spencer Williams   played Andrew Hogg "Andy" Brown on television Amos 'n' Andy series
born on 7-14-1893 in Vidalia, Louisiana
expired 12-13-1969   age 76
self-described megalomaniac  Stanley Tookie Williams III   member of the L.A. protection racket gang the Crips; by his own admission he beat, robbed & shot the innocent
born on 12-29-1953 in New Orleans, Louisiana
expired 12-13-2005 in San Quentin, California   age 51   cause: executed; lethal injection
to May 1965 Playmate of Monthto March 1965 Playmate of Month Playboy April 1965 Playmate of Month  Sue Williams   with Karla Conway was the shortest Playmate (4'11"); typecast as Peanut in How to Stuff a Wild Bikini (1965), Robot in Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965), Sue in The Ghost inthe Invisible Bikini (1966) & the Farmer's Daughter in Fireball 500 (1966); Playboy had her date of birth as 5-13-1945
¤real name: Karen Susan Hamilton 
born on 11-14-1945 in Glendale, California
expired 9-2-1969 in Hollywood, California   age 23   cause: suicide
Hall-of-Fame baseball player  Theodore Samuel "Ted" Williams   last player to bat .400 for a season
¤nickname: "The Splendid Splinter" 
born on 8-30-1918 in San Diego, California
expired 7-5-2002 in Crystal River, Florida   age 83   cause: heart attack; congestive heart failure; strokes
   Contest Selectors
2002 JEDS, JL18.2%
   Scored 5.4500 points

interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in April 1973 author  Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" Williams
born on 3-26-1911 in Columbus, Mississippi
expired 2-25-1983 in New York, New York   age 71
   Contest Selectors
1980 DR, EK12.5%

retired steelworker  Wallace Ignatius "Bucky" Williams   played in the Negro Baseball Leagues in the 1930s for the Pittsburgh Crawfords & the Homestead Grays
born on 12-15-1906 in Baltimore, Maryland
expired 11-16-2009 in Penn Hills, Pennsylvania   age 102
   Contest Selectors
   Scored 4.8000 solo points

 Walter Williams   claimed to have been a Civil War veteran
born on 11-14-1854
expired 12-19-1959 in Houston, Texas   age 105
former Plasmatics singer  Wendy Orleans Williams   as part of a music video, she stood atop a school bus as it drove through a wall of televisions; played a gameshow contestant in a Gong Show parody in the movie Candy Goes to Hollywood (her "talent" involved ping pong balls); did October 1986 Playboy pictorial
born on 5-28-1946 in Rochester, New York
expired 4-6-1998 in Storrs, Connecticut   age 51   cause: suicide; cranial gunshot
death row inmate  Willie Ray Williams
expired 1-31-1995 in Huntsville, Texas   age 38   cause: executed; lethal injection
Playboy film critic  Bruce S. Williamson
born on 12-31-1926 in Cadillac, Michigan
expired 10-6-1998 in New York, New York   age 71   cause: bladder cancer
pioneering undersea photographer  John Ernest Williamson   did special undersea movie photography for the 1916 production of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
born on --1882 in Liverpool, England
expired 7-15-1966 in Nassau, Bahamas   age 84
science fiction writer  John Steward "Jack" Williamson   his first story, published in 1928 in the Amazing Stories pulp magazine, was The Metal Man; The Ultimate Earth novella (2001) earned both Hugo & Nebula Awards
born on 4-29-1908 in Bisbee, Arizona Territory
expired 11-10-2006 in Portales, New Mexico   age 98
pianist, organist, composer  Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher Williamson   Master of the Queen's Music (1975-2003)
born on 11-21-1931 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
expired 3-2-2003 in London, England   age 71
actor  Nicol Williamson   played Merlin in Excaliber (1981) & Sherlock Holmes in The Seven-per-cent Solution
born on 9-14-1938 in Hamilton, Scotland
expired 12-16-2011 in Amsterdam, Holland   age 73   cause: esophageal cancer
character actor  Noble Willingham   played C.D. Parker on Walker, Texas Ranger (1993-99) & Texas on Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Royale" (1989)
born on 8-31-1931 in Mineola, Texas
expired 1-17-2004 in Palm Springs, California   age 72
to  1970 Playmate of Monthto June 1970 Playmate of Month Playboy July 1970 Playmate of Month  Carol J. Willis
born on 4-17-1949 in Bowie County, Texas
expired 11-24-1971 in Laguna Beach, California   age 20   cause: automobile accident
1940 Republican candidate for president  Wendell L. Willkie
expired 10-4-1944 in New York, New York   age 52
The burning hulk of the Morro Castle, washed to within 100 yards of the Asbury Park, NJ convention center Morro Castle captain  Robert Renison Willmott   died about 8 hours before fatal fire started aboard ship
expired 9-7-1934 in North Atlantic Ocean   age 58   cause: heart attack
AKS: Wilmott Willmot Wilmot
character actor  Chill Theodore Wills   provided the voice for Francis, the Talking Mule
born on 7-18-1902 in Seagoville, Texas
expired 12-15-1978 in Encino, California   age 76   cause: cancer
one-time Watergate security guard  Frank Wills   on June 17, 1972 discovered breakin in progress at Democratic National Committee offices and called the cops
born on 2-4-1948
expired 9-27-2000 in Augusta, Georgia   age 52   cause: brain tumor
Texas Playboys founder  James "Bob" Wills   worked as a barber until 1929; Country Music Hall-of-Famer; wrote San Antonio Rose
born on 3-6-1905
expired 5-13-1975 in Fort Worth, Texas   age 70   cause: bronchial pneumonia
composer  Meredith Willson   wrote The Music Man (1958)
born on 5-18-1902 in Mason City, Iowa
expired 6-15-1984 in Santa Monica, California   age 82
AKS: Wilson
chemist  Richard Martin Willstätter   1915 Nobel laureate in chemistry for the invention of chromatography
born on 8-13-1872 in Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany
expired 8-3-1942 in Muroalto, Switzerland   age 69   cause: heart attack
auto firm founder (1907)  John North Willys
born on 10-25-1873 in Canadaigua, New York
expired 8-26-1935 in Riverdale-on-Hudson, New York   age 61   cause: cerebral embolism
Palm Beach socialite  Mollie Wilmot   Rose Kennedy's next door neighbor; best remembered for the Venezuelan freighter (the Mercedes) that went aground in her back yard (Thanksgiving 1984)
¤born: Mollie Netcher
formerly Mrs: Eddie Bragno, Albert Bostwick & Paul Wilmot 
born on 5-9-1923 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 9-17-2002 in New York, New York   age 79
 Franklin D. Wilsey   was a ground crewman beneath the Hindenburg when it burned and crashed in Lakehurst, N.J.
born on 2-8-1914
expired 7-4-2006 in Morehead City, North Carolina   age 92
singer  Allen Wilson   had 1974 hit with Show and Tell
born on 6-19-1939 in Meridian, Mississippi
expired 4-21-2008 in Fontana, California   age 68   cause: kidney failure; prostate cancer
AKS: Al Wilson
playwright  August Wilson
¤born: Frederick August Kittel 
born on 4-27-1945 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
expired 10-2-2005 in Seattle, Washington   age 60   cause: liver cancer
Mississippi super-geezer  Bettie Antry Wilson
¤née: Rutherford 
born on 9-13-1890 in Benton County, Mississippi
expired 2-13-2006 in New Albany, Mississippi   age 115   cause: congestive heart failure
   Contest Selectors
2005KLS, PCD, QKU, RIE, RR21.7%
2006KLS, PCD, RIE, RR13.3%
   Scored 1.3125 points

Beach Boys co-founder  Carl Dean Wilson
born on 12-2-1946 in Hawthorne, California
expired 2-6-1998 in Los Angeles, California   age 51   cause: lung cancer
 Charles Wilson   part of British gang that committed the 1963 "Great" train robbery
expired 4-23-1990 in Costa del Sol   age 58   cause: assassinated; shot to death by hit man
GE president (1940-42 & 1944-50)  Charles Edward Wilson
born on 11-18-1886 in New York, New York
expired 1-3-1972 in Scarsdale, New York   age 85
Eisenhower Defense Secretary (1953-57)  Charles Erwin Wilson   General Motors president (1941-53)
born on 7-18-1890 in Minerva, Ohio
expired 9-26-1961 in Norwood, Louisiana   age 71
realtor & motel executive  Charles Kemmons Wilson Jr.   opened first Holiday Inn motel (1952; named for fictional lodging in 1942 Bing Crosby movie)
born on 1-5-1913 in Osceola, Arkansas
expired 2-12-2003 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 90
former Texas representative (1973-97)  Charles Nesbitt "Charlie" Wilson   subject of 2007 movie; received a heart transplant in September 2007
born on 6-1-1933 in Trinity, Texas
expired 2-10-2010 in Lufkin, Texas   age 76   cause: cardio-pulmonary arrest
physicist  Charles Thomson Rees Wilson   shared 1927 Nobel physics prize for invention of the cloud chamber
born on 2-14-1869 in Glencourse, Midlothian, Scotland
expired 11-15-1959 in Carlops, Pebblesshire, Scotland   age 90
comedian  Clerow "Flip" Wilson   his character Geraldine would say "what you see is what you get"
born on 12-8-1933 in Jersey City, New Jersey
expired 11-25-1998 in Malibu, California   age 64   cause: liver cancer
Beach Boys co-founder  Dennis Wilson   his body was buried at sea
born on 12-4-1944 in Hawthorne, California
expired 12-28-1983 in Marina del Rey, California   age 39   cause: drowned
BBC writer/producer  Donald Boyd Wilson   adapted The Forsyte Sagafor tv (1967)
born on 9-1-1910 in Dunblane, Perthshire, Scotland
expired 3-6-2002 in Gloucestershire, England   age 91
Jack Benny's announcer  Donald Harlow Wilson
born on 9-1-1900 in Lincoln, Nebraska
expired 4-25-1982 in Palm Springs, California   age 81
   Contest Selectors
1979 RR7.7%

pianist, actor  Dooley Wilson   piano player Sam at Rick's Cafe who sang As Time Goes By in Casablanca (1942)
born on 4-3-1894 in Tyler, Texas
expired 5-30-1953 in Los Angeles, California   age 59
presidential widow  Edith Bolling Wilson   accused of running the government after her husband had a debilitating stroke
expired 12-28-1961 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 89
black actor  Frank H. Wilson   originated role of Porgy in 1927 play of same name
expired 2-16-1956 in New York, New York   age 70
electrocardiography pioneer Dr.  Frank Norman Wilson   professor in the University of Michigan Medical School
expired 9-11-1952 in Stockbridge, Michigan   age 61
former Detroit Lions coach  George Wilson   led team to their last NFL championship (1957)
born on 2-3-1914
expired 11-23-1978 in Detroit, Michigan   age 64   cause: heart attack
publisher  Halsey William Wilson   founded the H.W. Wilson Co., publisher of Reader's Guide and other indicies
expired 3-1-1954 in Croton Heights, New York   age 85
 Helen Charis Wilson Weston   muse to her photographer husband (Edward Weston)
born on 5-5-1914 in San Francisco, California
expired 11-20-2009 in Santa Cruz, California   age 95
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   Scored 5.5000 solo points

Grant 2ndt term vice president (1873-75)  Henry Wilson
born on 2-16-1812 in Farmington, New York
expired 11-10-1875 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 63
British Civil Service head Sir  Horace Wilson   along with Neville Chamberlain thought he could appease Hitler at München
expired 5-26-1972 in London, England   age 89
 Hugh Robert Wilson   last U.S. Ambassador to Germany before the its entry into World War II
expired 12-28-1946 in Bennington, Vermont   age 61
singer  Jackie Wilson   had hit with Higher and Higher
¤real name: Jack Leroy Wilson 
born on 6-9-1934 in Detroit, Michigan
expired 1-21-1984   age 49   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
1979 JW7.7%
1980 DR, JW, MM18.8%

former British Prime Minister (1964-70 & 1974-76) Sir  James Harold Wilson
born on 3-11-1916 in Huddersfield, England
expired 5-24-1995 in London, England   age 79
   Contest Selectors
1979 RR7.7%
1980 DH6.3%

former slave  James Walter Wilson
¤nickname: "Uncle Jim" 
expired 12-22-1945 in Vidalia, Georgia   age 120
interviewed by `Playboy Magazine' in September 1974 author  John Anthony Burgess Wilson   wrote A Clockwork Orange
¤pen name: "Anthony Burgess" 
born on 2-25-1917 in Manchester, England
expired 11-25-1993   age 76
pro wrassler  John M. "Jack" Wilson   worked under the names Kurt von Braun, Hans von Schupp, The Masked Marvel, The Mystery Man & Mr. Zero (in Japan)
born on 6-17-1918
expired 3-13-2001 in Phoenix, Arizona   age 82
Xerox Corp. founder  Joseph C. Wilson   assumed control of family-owned Haloid Co. in 1946 & bought rights to Chester Carlson's xerography process
born on 12-13-1909
expired 11-22-1971 in New York, New York   age 61
cajun chef  Justin E. Wilson
born on 4-24-1914 in Roseland, Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana
expired 9-5-2001 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana   age 87
playwright  Lanford Eugene Wilson   author or "Hot l Baltimore" (1973), "Fifth of July" (1978) & "Talley's Folly" (1979)
born on 4-13-1937 in Lebanon, Missouri
expired 3-23-2011 in Wayne, New Jersey   age 73   cause: pneumonia
home run slugger  Lewis R. "Hack" Wilson
expired 11-23-1948 in Baltimore, Maryland   age 48   cause: internal hemorrhaging from a fall
voice actor  Lionel Wilson   gave voice to Tom Terrific, Mighty Manfred (the Wonder Dog), Crabby Appleton, et. al
¤born: Lionel Lazarus Salzer 
born on 3-22-1924 in New York, New York
expired 4-30-2003 in New York, New York   age 79   cause: pneumonia
helium-voiced "dumb blond" actress  Marie Katherine Elizabeth Wilson   played My Friend Irma on radio & tv
born on 8-19-1916 in Anaheim, California
expired 11-23-1972 in Hollywood Hills, California   age 56   cause: cancer
blacklisted screen writer  Michael Wilson   shared 1952 oscar for A Place in the Sun with Harry Brown; also wrote screenplays for Salt of the Earth (1954), Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) & Planet of the Apes (1968)
born on 7-1-1914 in McAlester, Oklahoma
expired 4-9-1978 in Beverly Hills, California   age 63   cause: heart attack
former Fabulous Coasters singer  Nathaniel "Buster" Wilson   parts of his dismembered body were dumped near Hoover Dam & in a ravine near Modesto California
expired 4-??-1980 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age ??   cause: shot in head
actor, writer, director  Richard Wilson   co-founded Mercury Theater with Orson Welles
born on 12-25-1915 in McKeesport, Pennsylvania
expired 8-21-1991 in Santa Monica, California   age 75
Mr. Whipple fondling the merchandise character actor  Richard "Dick" Wilson   played Charmin pitchman Mr. Whipple (1964-90) — "Please don't squeeze the Charmin"
born on 7-30-1916 in Preston, England
expired 11-19-2007 in Woodland Hills, California   age 91
   Contest Selectors
2003 COCO5.6%

writer  Richard Lawson Wilson   won 1954 Pulitzer prize for national reporting
born on 9-3-1905 in Galesburg, Illinois
expired 1-18-1981 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 75   cause: mycosis fungoides
astrophysicist Sir  Robert Wilson   got the International Ultraviolet Explorer launched by NASA (1978)
born on 4-16-1927 in County Durham, England
expired 9-2-2002 in Chelmsford, England   age 75
How'd ya like to do a book report on THIS?! author  Robert Anton Wilson   a former associate editor at Playboy (1966-71); wrote The Book of the Breast (1974), The Book of the Sub-Genius (1987), the Schrodinger's Cat trilogy & was co-author of Illuminatus! trilogy
¤aka: "Pope Bob
born on 1-18-1932 in Brooklyn, New York, New York
expired 1-11-2007 in Capitola, California   age 74   cause: heart attack
   Contest Selectors
2007AUDC, RR6.5%
   Scored 6.3500 points

former Boston, Detroit & San Diego pitcher  Robert Earl Wilson   was in the starting rotation for the Tigers' 1968 World Series championship team
¤born: Earl Lawrence Wilson 
born on 10-2-1934 in Ponchatoula, Louisiana
expired 4-23-2005 in Southfield, Michigan   age 70   cause: heart attack
Manhattan Project physicist Dr.  Robert Rathbun Wilson   developed the electromechanical method of separating uranium isotopes; designer & director of Fermilab
born on 3-4-1914 in Frontier, Wyoming
expired 1-16-2000 in Ithaca, New York   age 85
caption: 'You'll not get a proper trophy that way, Bassington', from the April 1971 issue of Playboy watercolor artist  Rowland Bragg Wilson   known for his wry cartoons that were published in Playboy (since 1967), The Saturday Evening Post, Esquire & The New Yorker
born on 8-3-1930 in Dallas, Texas
expired 6-28-2005 in Encinitas, California   age 74   cause: heart failure
writer  Sloan Wilson   author of The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit (1955) & A Summer Place (1958); wrote August 1972 article for Playboy (The Happiest Days)
born on 5-8-1920 in Norwalk, Connecticut
expired 5-25-2003 in Colonial Beach, Virginia   age 83   cause: complications from Alzheimer's disease
jazz pianist  Theodore "Teddy" Wilson
born on 11-24-1912 in Austin, Texas
expired 7-31-1986 in New Britain, Connecticut   age 73
actor  Theodore Roosevelt Wilson
born on 12-10-1943 in New York, New York
expired 7-21-1991 in Los Angeles, California   age 47
former American Greetings executive  Thomas Albert "Tom" Wilson Sr.   was also the Ziggy cartoonist (strip taken over by son)
born on 8-1-1931 in Grant Town, West Virginia
expired 9-16-2011 in Cincinnati, Ohio   age 80   cause: pneumonia
Woodrow Wilson portrait on the $100,000 billto next U.S. president: Warren G. Hardingto previous U.S. president: William Howard Taft 28th U.S. president  Thomas Woodrow Wilson   won 1919 Nobel Peace Prize for the Versailles Treaty; husband of Edith
born on 12-28-1856 in Staunton, Virginia
expired 2-3-1924 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 67
former Boeing chairman & CEO (1972-87)  Thornton A. Wilson
born on 2-8-1921 in Sikeston, Missouri
expired 4-10-1999 in Palm Springs, California   age 78
actor  Trey Wilson
¤real name: Donald Yearnsley Wilson III 
born on 1-21-1948 in Houston, Texas
expired 1-16-1989 in New York, New York   age 40   cause: cerebral hemorrhage
 Waldon O. Wilson   oscar-winning sound engineer
born on 1-20-1907
expired 8-15-1986 in Fullerton, California   age 79
 William Griffith Wilson   co-founded Alcoholics Anonymous (1935)
born on 11-26-1895 in East Dorset, Vermont
expired 1-24-1971 in Miami Beach, Florida   age 75   cause: pneumonia; cardiac disease
to 1951 award winnerto 1949 award winner amateur distance runner  Fred Wilt   won 1950 Sullivan Award
born on 12-14-1920 in Pendleton, Indiana
expired 9-5-1994   age
advertising executive  Robert W. "Bob" Wilvers   gave us the immortal Alka-Seltzer jingle "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. Oh, what a relief it is."
born on 4-2-1932
expired 12-10-1997 in New Milford, Connecticut   age 65   cause: lung cancer
Gospel singing family patriarch  David Glenn "Pop" Winans
born on 4-20-1934
expired 4-8-2009 in Nashville, Tennessee   age 74   cause: complications from strokes & heart attacks
gospel singer  Ronald Winans
born on 7-1-1956
expired 6-17-2005 in Detroit, Michigan   age 48   cause: heart failure
tvwriter/Broadway playwright  Shimon Wincelberg   wrote the Time Tunnel pilot ("Rendezvous with Yesterday"; 1966); for the original Star Trek series wrote Dagger of the Mind (1966) & The Galileo Seven (1967)
¤aka: S. Bar-David 
born on 9-26-1924 in Kiel, Germany
expired 9-29-2004 in Los Angeles, California   age 80
AKS: Simon
ventriloquist  Paul Winchell   known for his characters Jerry Mahoney and Nucklehead Smiff; inventor of an early artificial heart device (1963); more recently provided voices for Smurf character Gargamel & Disney cartoon Pooh character Tigger
¤born: Paul Wilchin 
born on 12-21-1922 in New York, New York
expired 6-24-2005 in Moorpark, California   age 82
Winchell Doughnuts founder (1948)  Verne H. Winchell   sold out to Denny's (1968); took stock; became Denny's chairman (1970)
born on 10-30-1915 in Bloomington, Indiana
expired 11-26-2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada   age 87   cause: cardiac arrest
newspaper columnist  Walter Winchell   narrated The Untouchables tv series
born on 4-7-1897 in New York, New York
expired 2-20-1972 in Los Angeles, California   age 74   cause: prostate cancer
child actor  Robert Winckler
¤stage name: Robert Winkler 
born on 2-12-1927 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 12-28-1989 in Woodland Hills, California   age 62
sex hormone researcher  Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus   received the 1928 Nobel prize in chemistry
born on 12-25-1876 in Berlin, Germany
expired 6-9-1959 in Göttingen, Germany   age 82
to November 1977 Playmate of Monthto September 1977 Playmate of Month Playboy October 1977 Playmate of Month  Kristine Winder   
according to Wikipedia her posing name was a pseudonym
it was said in the June 2011 issue that she had died "recently" (meaning any time from around her birthday and the date of printing, probably around early April)

born on 10-15-1955 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
expired 10-15-2010+   age 55+   cause: breast cancer
big band musician  Kai Chresten Winding
born on 5-18-1922 in Aarhus, Denmark
expired 5-7-1983 in Yonkers, New York   age 60
 Princess Alice Windsor   widow of the Duke of Gloucester; aunt of Elizabeth II
¤full name: Alice Christabel Montagu Douglas Scott
title: Duchess of Gloucester 
born on 12-25-1901 in London, England
expired 10-29-2004 in London, England   age 102
   Contest Selectors
2000ANG, KLS, RR43%
2001DTM, KLS, RR37½%
2002DTM, RR18.2%
2003COCO, CSI, DTM, JL, KLS, RR33.3%
2004CSI, DTM, KLS, RIE, RR27.8%
   Scored 2.4563 points

silent screen actress  Claire Windsor   had one of those squeaky voices that sounded really bad when talkies arrived
¤born: Clara Viola Cronk 
born on 4-14-1892
expired 10-24-1972 in Hollywood, California   age 80   cause: heart attack
ex-Princess  Diana Frances Spencer Windsor   crash injuries exacerbated by subsequent slow transport to hospital
born on 7-1-1961 in Sandringham, Norfolk, England
expired 8-31-1997 in Paris, France   age 36   cause: auto crash
the  Duchess of Windsor   widow of ex-King Edward VIII (married him in 1937)
¤born: Bessiewallis Warfield; formerly: Wallace Warfield Spencer, then Wallace Warfield Simpson 
born on 6-19-1896 in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania
expired 4-24-1986 in Paris, France   age 89
   Contest Selectors
1980 DR6.3%

to next English ruler: George VIto previous English ruler: George V the  Duke of Windsor   son of George V; 11-month English King (1936); abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson; self-exiled to France
¤title: King Edward VIII 
born on 6-23-1894 in Richmond, England
expired 5-28-1972 in Paris, France   age 77   cause: throat cancer
Lady  Elizabeth Angela Marquerite Bowes-Lyon Windsor   widow of King George VI; sister of Princess Alice; mother of British Queen Elizabeth II; last Enpress of India
¤aka: The Queen Mother 
born on 8-4-1900 in Hertfordshire, England
expired 3-30-2002 in Windsor, England   age 101
   Contest Selectors
1979DO, HFS15.4%
1980 DO, DW12.5%
2000ANG, KLS, RR43%
   Scored 2.4098 points

Film Noir actress  Marie Windsor
¤born: Emily Merie Bertelsen; Mrs. Jack Rodney Hupp 
born on 12-11-1914 in Marysvale, Utah
expired 12-10-2000 in Beverly Hills, California   age 85
troubled singer  Amy Jade Winehouse   it didn't help that she got involved with Pete Doherty; in June, 2008 was diagnosed with emphysema — doctors told her to knock off smoking the drugs (lest she drop dead); in 2009 had a ginormous set of plastic boobies installed ... boy, that convinced everyone that she got her act together!
born on 9-14-1983 in Enfield, Middlesex, England
expired 7-22-2011 in London, England   age 27   cause: alcohol poisoning
   Contest Selectors

actor  Paul Edward Winfield   played Reliant Captain Terrell in Star Trek II: The Wath of Khan & Dathon in Star Trek: Next Generation episode Darmok (1991)
born on 5-22-1941
expired 3-7-2004 in Los Angeles, California   age 62   cause: heart attack; diabetes
1930s actress & pinup girl  Martha Virginia "Toby" Wing
born on 7-14-1915 in Amelia Court House, Virginia
expired 3-23-2001 in Matthews, Virigina   age 85
1932/36 Olympic swimming medalist  Lenore Kight Wingrad
born on 9-26-1911 in Frostburg, Maryland
expired 2-9-2000 in Cincinnati, Ohio   age 88
noted jockey  James "Jimmy" Winkfield   won 1901 & 1902 Kentucky Derby aboard "His Eminence" and "Alan-a-Dale" (came in second in 1903)
¤nickname: "Wink" 
born on 4-12-1880 in Chilesburg, Kentucky
expired 3-23-1974 in Maisons-Laffitte, France   age 93
inventor  James Earl Winner Jr.   invented "The Club" automobile anti-theft device (1985)
born on 7-12-1929 in Transfer, Pennsylvania
expired 9-14-2010 in Highland, Clarion County, Pennsylvania (nearby)   age 81   cause: car crash
Sir  Francis Salwey William Winnington
born on 6-24-1907
expired 4-26-2003   age 95
cellist/symphony conductor  Arthur Winograd   co-founder of the Juilliard String Quartet (1946) with Robert Mann, Raphael Hillyer and Robert Koff
born on 4-22-1920 in New York, New York
expired 4-22-2010 in Morristown, New Jersey   age 90   cause: complications from pneumonia
machinist union leader  William W. Winpisinger
¤nickname: "Wimpy" 
born on 12-10-1924 in Cleveland, Ohio
expired 12-11-1997 in Ellicott City, Maryland   age 73   cause: cancer
author  Kathleen Winsor   wrote Forever Amber (1944); once married to Artie Shaw (1946-48)
born on 10-16-1919 in Olivia, Minnesota
expired 5-26-2003 in New York, New York   age 83
AKS: Windsor
retired L.A. Metropolitan Transit Authority bus maintenance attendant  Arthur Winston   the U.S. Labor Department believes that he set the record for continuous employment (1/24/1934 to 3/21/2006)
born on 3-22-1906 in Oklahoma Territory
expired 4-13-2006 in South Los Angeles, California   age 100   cause: congestive heart failure
jeweler  Harry Winston   donated the 44½ carat Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution (1958) after having purchased it from the Evalyn Walsh McLean estate (1949)
born on 3-1-1896 in New York, New York
expired 12-8-1978 in New York, New York   age 82   cause: heart attack
Star Trek "super fan"  Joan M. Winston   an organizer of the first Star Trek Convention, January 1972, at the Statler Hilton hotel in New York City — they expected 500 to show, but got over 3,000; co-authored Star Trek Lives (1975; with Jacqueline Lichtenberg & Sondra Marshak)
born on 6-19-1931 in Washington State
expired 9-10-2008 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 77   cause: Alzheimer's disease
movie visual effects whiz  Stanley Winston   won 4 oscars for: Aliens (1986), Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991: Makeup and Visual Effects) & Jurassic Park (1993)
born on 4-7-1946 in Arlington, Virginia
expired 6-15-2008 in Malibu, California   age 62   cause: multiple myeloma
character actor  Edward D. Winter   best known for playing the nutty Army intelligence officer Colonel Flagg on M*A*S*H tv series
born on 6-3-1937 in Ventura, California
expired 3-8-2001 in Woodland Hills, California   age 63   cause: Parkinson's disease
lawyer  Elmer Louis Winter   with partner Aaron Scheinfeld (d.1970) started the Manpower Temp agency (1948)
born on 3-6-1912 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
expired 10-29-2009 in Mequon, Wisconsin   age 97
pop-music conductor/arranger  Hugo Winterhalter
born on 8-15-1909
expired 9-17-1973 in Greenwich, Connecticut   age 64   cause: cancer
surviving World War I military veteran  Charlotte Louise Winters   had been the oldest female veteran
¤née: Berry 
born on 11-10-1897 in Washington, District of Columbia
expired 3-27-2007 in Boonsboro, Maryland   age 109
film editor  Ralph E. Winters   won Editing oscars for King Solomon's Mines (1950) & Ben Hur (1959)
born on 6-17-1909 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
expired 2-26-2004 in Los Angeles, California   age 94
World War II veteran  Richard Davis "Dick" Winters   was commander of Company E, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne Division ("Easy Company"); immortalized in Band of Brothers
born on 1-21-1918 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
expired 1-2-2011 in Campbelltown, Pennsylvania   age 92   cause: complications from Parkinson's disease
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Charlie Chan tv actor  Roland Winters
born on 11-22-1904
expired 10-22-1989   age 84
actress  Shelley Winters   received two Best Supporting Actress oscars: for playing Mrs. Van Dann in Diary of Anne Frank (1959) & Rye-Ann D'Arcy in A Patch of Blue (1965)
¤born: Shirley Schrift 
born on 8-18-1920 in Saint Louis, Missouri
expired 1-14-2006 in Beverly Hills, California   age 85   cause: heart failure
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1979JH, MS15.4%
   Scored 4.0781 points

actress  Gloria Winters-Vernon   played Penny, Sky King's niece & was the first Babs Riley on the original version of The Life of Riley (1949-50)
born on 11-28-1931 in Los Angeles, California
expired 8-14-2010 in Vista, California   age 78   cause: complications from pneumonia
early auto manufacturer  Alexander Winton
born on 6-20-1860 in Grangemouth, Scotland
expired 6-21-1932 in Lakewood, Ohio   age 72
German Weimar Republic chancellor (1921-22)  Karl Joseph Wirth
expired 1-3-1956 in Freiburg, Germany   age 76
businessman  Joseph Bitner Wirthlin   was also a member of the LDS Quorum of the 12 Apostles
born on 6-11-1917 in Salt Lake City, Utah
expired 12-1-2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah   age 91
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former Brigham Young University economist  Richard Bitner "Dick" Wirthlin   son of Mormon "apostle" Joseph L. Wirthlin; got into polling; helped the Gipper in his presidential run (1980)
born on 3-15-1931 in Salt Lake City, Utah
expired 3-16-2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah   age 80   cause: renal failure
businessman  William Wadsworth "Bill" Wirtz   former owner of the Chicago Black Hawks hockey team (1954-95)
born on 10-5-1929 in Chicago, Illinois
expired 9-26-2007 in Evanston, Illinois   age 77
JFK/Johnson Secretary of Labor (1962-69)  William Willard Wirtz
born on 3-14-1912 in DeKalb, Illinois
expired 4-24-2010 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 98
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   Scored 5.2000 solo points

AKS: Wertz
 Henry Wirz   commander of Confederate prisoner of war camp in Andersonville, Georgia
born on --1822 in Zürich, Switzerland
expired 11-10-1865 in Washington, District of Columbia   age 43   cause: hanged
actor Sir  Norman Joseph Wisdom   played Chick Williams in The Night They Raided Minsky's (1968)
¤born: Norman Wisden 
born on 2-4-1915 in London, England
expired 10-4-2010 in Ballasalla, Isle of Man, England   age 95   cause: complications from strokes; dementia
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2008ANG, SPIT6.3%
2010ANG, DTM7.4%
   Scored 4.2500 points

home saleswoman  Brownie Mae Wise   came up with the idea for Tupperware Parties
¤née: Humphrey 
born on 5-25-1913 in Buford, Georgia
expired 12-24-1992 in Kissimmee, Florida   age 79
the oscar winners from 'West Side Story': George Chakiris, Jerome Robbins, Robert Wise and Rita Moreno movie director  Robert Earl Wise Sr.   was film editor of Citizen Kane (1941) & The Magnificent Ambersons (1942); won directing oscars for West Side Story (1961) and The Sound of Music (1965); didn't win oscars for directing The Curse of the Cat People (1944), The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951), Run Silent, Run Deep (1958) or Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)
born on 9-10-1914 in Winchester, Indiana
expired 9-14-2005 in Los Angeles, California   age 91   cause: heart failure
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musician  Robert Russell "Chubby" Wise   co-wrote Orange Blossom Special
born on 10-2-1915 in Lake City, Florida
expired 1-6-1996 in Bowie, Maryland   age 80
actor  Joseph Wiseman   played James Bond villain Dr. Julius No; uncredited voice of Ernst Stavro Blofeld in Thunderball (1965)
born on 5-15-1918 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
expired 10-19-2009 in Manhattan, New York, New York   age 91   cause: complications from aneurysm
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   Scored 5.9000 solo points

exploitation movie producer/director  Doris Wishman   directed Deadly Weapons (1973) & Double Agent 73 (1974), amongst others
born on 4-23-1920 in New York, New York
expired 8-10-2002 in Miami, Florida   age 82   cause: complications from lymphoma
movie/tv sound editor  William H. "Bill" Wistrom   worked on To Catch a Thief, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Ten Commandments, Funny Face, Vertigo, Hatari! (1962), Falcon Crest (1982-86) and the last four Star Trek tv series: The Next Generation (1987-92), Deep Space Nine (1993-95), Voyager (1995-2001) & Enterprise (2001-5)
born on 12-20-1935 in Los Angeles, California
expired 3-10-2010 in Valencia, California   age 74
Moses Wright identifies the perps civil rights photographer  Ernest C. Withers   in defiance of the judge's order, took the photograph of Moses Wright identifying Milam & Bryant as Emmett Till's kidnappers.
born on 8-7-1922 in Memphis, Tennessee
expired 10-15-2007 in Memphis, Tennessee   age 85
blues and jazz singer  Jimmy Witherspoon
¤nickname: "spoon" 
born on 1-13-1923 in Gurdon, Arkansas
expired 9-18-1997 in Los Angeles, California   age 74
prolific movie/tv director  William Nuelson Witney   directed several Lone Ranger serials (1938/39) & the 1940 Adventures of Red Ryder serial
¤aka: William Whitney 
born on 5-15-1915 in Lawton, Oklahoma
expired 3-17-2002 in Pioneer, California   age 86   cause: complications from stroke
chemist Dr.  George Wittig   shared 1979 Nobel chemistry prize
born on 6-16-1897 in Berlin, Germany
expired 8-26-1987 in Heidelberg, Germany   age 90

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