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Caskets On Parade ... Unknown Victims

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artists rendering of D.B. Cooper airline hijacker popularly known as  D. B. Cooper   purchasing a ticket under the name of "Dan Cooper" this individual boarded Northwest flight 305 on Thanksgiving Eve (Nov. 24) 1971; He claimed that he had a bomb and demanded $200,000 (which the FBI supplied in $20 bills) plus four parachutes; he then ordered the plane to take off; at 10,000 feet over Washington state he bailed out of the back access ramp, into a storm, and into history. His remains have never been located, but $6,000 of the loot was found in the Columbia river years later.
expired 11-24-1971 in somewhere in Washington State   age 48   cause: presumed impalement on a tree «or» hypothermia from jump/storm «or» failed parachute
19th century serial killer  Jack the Ripper   murdered prostitutes near Whitechapel Road in London's east end; his identity has never been established; main suspects: Montague Druitt; Aaron Kosminski; Francis Tumblety
¤aka: "Redjack" 
expired ??-??-????   age ??
unknown  Robot Victim   first known human to be killed by a robot (well, so much for Asimov's laws)
expired 7-21-1984 in Jackson, Michigan   age ??

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