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The Francisco Franco Award

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The Francisco Franco Award The Francisco Franco Award is the recognition given to the entrant who's entry is the most futile ... that is, it has one or more painfully obviously already dead Victims of the Grim Reaper. It was first awarded at the start of the 1979 contest when contestant YJ failed to take notice of the Generalissimo's demise. It is only awarded in years when the futility of an entrant's "offending" stiff(s) is/are self evident (Elvis will never count, but his dad has). At the time of the creation of the award a running joke on the "Saturday Night Live" Weekend Update segment included notice that Francisco Franco was still dead ... hence the Franco Award. The winner receives a certificate of Award acknowledging their (lack of) performance. Past recipients of the award have been:

Year Award
1979 YJ for listing Francisco Franco
1980 no award
1981 no award
1982 KU
1983 KU
1984 DEB
1985 CCII
1988 no award
1989 FSB
1990 ANG
1991 SUE
1992 POD
1993 NC6
1994 NCW
1995 NPD
1996 NPD for listing Don Ameche, Myrna Loy, Vincent Price & Dinah Shore
2000 no award
2001 DTM for listing Leon Stukelj
2002 RAVN for listing Barry Goldwater
2003 DTM for listing Arthur Nielsen
2004 GHG for listing Bert Parks
2005 HH for listing Vernon Presley
2006 TBC for listing Alex Radcliffe
2007 no award
2008 ANG for listing Billy Graham Sr.
2009 GREB for listing Ingmar Bergman, Ladybird Johnson, Kurt Waldheim & Boris Yeltsin (all four died in 2007)
2010 BYE for listing Alfred Moen (died in 2001)
2012 ADWC for listing Andy Gibb (died in 1988)

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