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Links to Obituary / Dead Pool Sites

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Dead Pools ... Predicting mortality, one stiff at a time

Death Registries ... Definitely Dead

Status Directories ... is whats-their-name Alive or Dead?

The Dead People Server's Laurie Mann

  • The Dead Australian People Server
    WARNING: this site produces a shitload of popup windows (full of the usual crap)
  • Dead or Alive
    Kent's database — he get's lots of early tips of celebrity deaths (many true) for which he will post a query about on the alt.obituaries newsgroup for confirmation (has a pretty good accuracy rate)
  • The Dead People Server Laurie Mann's long-time site; one of the earliest on the 'net
  • The Famous Dead website
    a kinda lame website created by iEntry ... they look to be selling stuff
  • A database of NOTABLE NAMES — part of the universe of websites
  • The Whatever happened to ...? website
  • Who's Alive and Who's Dead David Carson's online databases

    And, don't forget our own Book of the Dead database

Blogs & Newsgroups ... like looking beneath a bridge (you'll find lots of trolls)

Playboy-related Websites

Other Websites

link to the Ghoul Pool website link to the Dead People Server website
link to Kaufman's Dead Pool website link to the Political Graveyard website
Look Up Dead Geezers
Get the dirt on the notorious

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