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The Malcolm Baldrige/Jack Kevorkian Award

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The Malcolm Baldridge/Jack Kevorkian Award The Malcolm Baldrige/Jack Kevorkian Award for Excellence in Actuarial Prognostication is the name of the annual award given to the entrant who's list had the highest "Quality" per Kill (for entrants who's Kill total equals or exceeds 50% of the highest Kill total for the contest). It was first used in the 1984 contest, and reintroduced for the 1993 contest. It is named in honor of the Secretary of Commerce who started an award for the "Quality" of U.S. made products AND the "retired" Oakland County (Michigan) pathologist who's own list of kills was quite impressive.

The winner receives a certificate of award acknowledging their performance. Recipients of the award have been:

   Year    Winner
1984 DLW      5.7521 pts/kill
1993 BM      8.2914 pts/kill
1994 BM      7.0302 pts/kill
1995 RMW      6.9218 pts/kill
1996 SAS      6.3107 pts/kill
2000 TEX     9.4191  current
2001 BOD      8.5618 pts/kill
2002 BOD      7.6319 pts/kill
2003 TMTX      6.9436 pts/kill
2004 BOD      7.2245 pts/kill
2005 RAVN      6.6869 pts/kill
2006 BOD      7.7246 pts/kill
2007 OIE      8.2243 pts/kill
2008 RAVN      7.3049 pts/kill
2009 RAVN      7.7608 pts/kill
2010 RAVN      7.0939 pts/kill
Color Codes 5th 4th 3rd 2nd 1st place

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