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Societé du Stochastic Morbidité Graduate Fellowship
Best All-Around Performance by a Rookie Entrant

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Rookie of the Year Award The Societé du Stochastic Morbidité Graduate Fellowship is the recognition given to the rookie entrant who's overall performance is the best ... not only amongst other rookies but comparible to seasoned veterans of the contest. It was first awarded after the 1982 contest to recognize the outstanding performance of contest newcomer KU. The winner receives a certificate of Award acknowledging their exceptional first-time performance. Past recipients of the award have been:

Year Award
1982 KU
1983 no award
1984 CCII
1985 no award
1988 CGB
1989 FSB
1990 KLS
1991 RMW
1992 LAS
1993 SJB
1994 BHS
1995 LIQ
1996 SAS
2000 no award
2001 DTM
2002 JL
2003 MB
2004 RIE
2005 QKU
2006 OIE
2007 AUDC
2008 OED
2009 MoFa
2010 no award

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