Whats New in the website

  November 26, 2011  
Our sabbatical is over — the 2012 Contest is on! Get those lists compiled & submitted.

  September 22, 2011  
Two new Playboy-related databases have been posted. They combine the lists of Full Interview & 20 Questions Interview Subjects and the Interviewers.

  February 5, 2011  
A new email account has been added to concentrate all of the questions & comments about our Playboy-related databases.

  January 20, 2011  
We've started the process of redesigning the Book of the Dead's main page (index.htm). The idea is to put all of the information about a single group of names (eg. all of the people who's name begins with "A") in one location. The provisional starting point for that process is a new version of the page — it may be examined by [ CLICKING HERE ]

  January 1, 2011  
We've started our sabbatical year. With the stress the economy has placed upon our time & earning potential it has become necessary to step back and take a year's breather. We hope to be back for a 2012 contest.

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