Marjorie Fritz
Fourth Grade Student
Marjorie Fritz
October 3, 1917 in Dewitt Township, Clinton County
May 18, 1927 at Bath Marjorie's death record

Francis M. Fritz (2/20/1889-1/7/1941)
Fern Mary (Warden Fritz) Green (1/27/1890-2/9/1978)
Richard A. Fritz (bombing victim),
Charles Max Fritz (4/19/1921-12/28/1988),
Norma Jean (Fritz) Osborne (5/17/1925-5/7/1980)
Andrew Fritz (paternal uncle)
Mellissa A. (Fritz) Drexler (paternal aunt; 5/30/1901-10/12/1983)
Helen (Warden) Bowyer (maternal aunt; 11/1/1895-10/__/1987)
Ethel P. (Warden) Jones (maternal aunt; 1888-5/__/1982)
James Warden (maternal uncle)
Rosalie E. (Drexler) Wager (paternal 1st cousin; 4/21/1924-4/27/1993)

Saturday May 21, 1927, 10:00 a.m.View the funeral home's record of the order for her casket and burial, placed by Marjorie's mother
Jarvis-Estes Funeral Home
Listen to a recording of the service by


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Rev. Charles W. Bragg officiating
Pastor of the Main Street Methodist Protestant Church, Lansing
Consecreation of Marker service:
Wednesday May 21, 2008, 10:00 a.m.
Rev. Mark Johnson officiating
Pastor of the Bath United Methodist Church

Place of Burial:
Mount Hope Cemetery, City of Lansing, Ingham County.
Section Z, Lot 325, Sub 3

Information of Note:
Page One of the Thursday, May 22nd, 2008 'Lansing State Journal' The burial site is along the North-South line from just right of the tree seen left and above the center of the photo. The site is between a large "Shipman" marker on the west and "Green" marker on the east. Marjorie's grave is immediately south of her mother's and separate by one grave from her aunt Ethel Jones' marked grave.

In late April 2008 a marker was placed at her gravesite through the generosity of Kelly & Tom Stottman of California.

During our research we learned that the "Ethel P. Jones" that was interred two sub-plots over (#5) from Marjorie's sub-plot (#3) is actually her mother's sister; the cemetery staff had been operating under the assumption that the plot had been sold to someone outside of the family.

Marjorie died on brother Richard's eighth birthday; the following year he would be dead eight days shy of his nineth birthday & the first anniversary of the bombing. He died of myocarditis.

a view of the southern and of Section Z, location of
   Marjorie Fritz's burial plot
Looking south from the cemetery's west border drive, along Section A. This is a view of the southern end of Section Z, location of Marjorie Fritz's burial plot.

Marjorie's burial site
Marjorie's burial location (looking east from the cemetery's west border drive). It is just to the left of the tree.

Marjorie's burial plot

Marjorie's burial plot; it is immediately behind the Shipman marker and to the right of the "Green" marker (seen in the background).

Marjorie's new marker (photographed the afternoon that it was placed)
The marker was purchased through the generosity of Kelly & Tom Stottman.

Memorial Brick for Marjorie Fritz
Memorial Brick for Marjorie Fritz
(using the phonetic spelling of Marjorie's name found in the Ellsworth book)

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