Richard A. Fritz
Second grade student, Bombing victim & sibling of victim
May 18, 1919 in Dewitt Township, Clinton County, Michigan
May 10, 1928 in Bath Township, Clinton County, MichiganRichard's death record

Francis M. Fritz (2/20/1889-1/7/1941)
Fern Mary (Warden Fritz) Green (1/27/1890-2/9/1978)
Marjorie Fritz (bombing victim),
Charles Max Fritz (4/19/1921-12/28/1988),
Norma Jean (Fritz) Osborne (5/17/1925-5/7/1980)

Place of Burial:
Mount Hope Cemetery, City of Lansing, Ingham County.
Section Z, Lot 325, Sub 4
Interred Monday, May 14, 1928

Consecreation of Marker service:
Tuesday September 16, 2014, 11:00 a.m.

Information of Note:
The burial site is East & North of the "Shipman" lot marker in that row. His plot is between sister Marjorie & aunt Ethel Jones' markers.

The school bombing occurred the day of his 8th birthday. He would die eight days shy of the first anniversary of the bombing.

In a March 2010 conversation with his sister Norma Jean's son Danny it was learned that he had died as a result of the lingering injuries that he had sustained in the blast, 358 days after the incident. This was one of the few family recollections of that era that she had passed on to others.

a view of the southern and of Section Z, location of
   Fern Fritz's burial plot
Looking south from the cemetery's west border drive, along Section A.
This is a view of the southern end of Section Z, location of Richard A. Fritz's burial plot.

Ricahrd's burial site
Richard's burial location (looking east from the cemetery's west border drive).

Richard's burial plot
Richard's burial plot; it is behind and to the right of the the Shipman marker. In this photo there is a brownish-looking marker in the row behind the Shipman marker, to it's right; Richard's plot is immediately behind that marker (where the shadow is falling).
His plot is immediately south (right) of sister Marjorie's plot and north (left) of his aunt Ethel Jones' plot.

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